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“To The Moon and Back” By Conrad Lee P.4 “Future Is Coming” By Petr Kozlik P.22 “Cosmic Colours” By Natella Kiseleva P.32 “The Veil” By Evalurell Photography P.42 “Future Me” By Mattia Attorre P.52 “Fragmented Futurism” By Kendra Paige P.62 “Fusion-X” By Miko Colon P.70 “Parachute” By Xtriman Photo P.78 “Pleat” By Yvonne Sieber P.84 “Nebular” By Egle Vasi P.90 “Dream On” By Va Rya P.94 “Stardust” By Gala Regnault P.102 “Neon Demon” By Chieh Kai P.112

INTERVIEWS Vilune Daunoraite - Vilu Dau P.18 Laura Thapthimkuna P.40 Johanna Urbais - Me Dic Al P.76 Boyd Baten - Diavamp couture P.110

EVENTS Kaoska Fashion Show 2017 P.58


STYLE Enter the space race! P.20


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Contributors Mattia Attorre, Boyd Baten, Miko Colon, Vilune Daunoraite, Petr Kozlik, Chieh Kai, Natella Kiseleva, Conrad Lee, Evalurell Photography, Xtriman Photo, Kendra Paige, Gala Regnault, Va Rya, Yvonne Sieber, Laura Thapthimkuna, Egle Vasi, Johanna Urbais


Guest Editors: Stef Carter Jay Hofman






editor's Note Buckle up, as you are about to enter a very special issue of afi. It is our first anniversary issue and we have a ton of really exciting shoots and interview features to share with you! Inspired from the space-age fashion trends seen this year, we have decided to go with the theme “To the Future” to celebrate the coming years of afi and to mark our next journey to explore the vast universe of infinite creative possibilities. Indeed, the space fashion trends has really taken off this year; from the rocket launch at Chanel’s Fall 2017 Show at Grand Palais, to Gucci’s FW 2017 campaign invaded by retro space aliens – Silver metallic clothing, shoes, bags and astronomical print designs hit this seasons runway like a comet. Designers and artists are always looking at the cosmos for inspirations. I wanted to see how this trend can be translated into creative fashion editorial stories.

ON THE COVER Set Design, Photography & Retouching: CONRAD LEE @conradleephotography | Model: LIZA MOLNAR @ perksofbeingliza | Model Agency: BODY LONDON @bodylondon | Makeup: BRYANNA-ANGEL ALLEN @bryanna_angel_mua | Hair Styling: KELLY SUMMERFIELD @kelly.summerfield | Stylist & Designer: LISA JAYNE @lisajaynestyles | Fashion Designer: DAVID JURADO CIFUENTES @roxas1996 | Fashion Designer: VILUNE DAUNORAITE @viludau | Videography: CASTIEL WILKIN @castiel_wilkin | Assistants: MARK RYDER & RIMANTE WILKIN


Copyright ©. All rights reserved. No content within this publication is to be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission from afi magazine. Opinions and views of contributors are their own and not necessarily those of the publishers. Afi magazine reserves the right to edit any submitted material if required and is not liable for any errors/omissions.

So what’s with the new found obsession with space-age fashion? Perhaps NASA’s recent discovery of earth-like planets at TRAPPIST-1 sparked the enthusiasm into space and intergalactic travel; perhaps the tribulations of life on earth have led to a feeling of escapism that fuelled us to look out of this planet. Either way, the galaxy and the cosmos has always been a place for dreams and imagination. As Bill Nye the Science Guy said, “Space brings out the best in people, because it’s inherently optimistic. You’re dipping your toes in the cosmic ocean. We’re exploring, and when you explore, you’re going to have an adventure. That’s what fashion is all about.” So here it is. In this issue, we are about to take a giant leap into a world of imagination, from the post-apocalyptic beauty editorial by Miko Colon, to the futuristic sci-fi whites in the editorial by Petr Kozlik. To celebrate this issue, we pushed our imaginative boundaries to create an editorial that is completely out of this world (literally). “To The Moon And Back” pays a tribute to the moon landing and the continuous strive for knowledge and discovery. Thanks to an extremely talented team and cover model Liza Molnár, this surreal vision from my mere distant dream came to reality. In this issue, we also have some inspiring interview features that will give you an insight into the minds of some of the most stunning designers that indulges into futuristic designs. Designer Laura Thapthimkuna shares her journey using 3D printing technology in her experimental “Vortex Dress”. Boyd Baten of Divamp Couture, well known for his world famous metallic body suits also tells us his story. Lastly, our guest writer and stylist Steph Cater shows us her treasure wardrobe finds from her space travels. Last but not least, fashion writer and singer Jay Hofman will take you to the glamorous red carpets at the 2017 Kaoska fashion show held at London Marble Arch Hilton Hotel during London Fashion Week. A year ago, afi was created with the aim to showcase some of the most creative fashion and beauty photography work around the globe; looking back at what we have achieved from the last 6 issues, I can say afi has indeed grown from strength to strength. We are getting more and more submissions, readers and followers every day which is a very encouraging sign for better things to come in the future. I thank all of you for your support and I hope you enjoy this issue.

Conrad (Editor-In-Chief) and Afi team

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Set Design, Photography & Retouching: CONRAD LEE @conradleephotography | Model: LIZA MOLNAR @perksofbeingliza | Model Agency: BODY LONDON @bodylondon | Makeup: BRYANNA-ANGEL ALLEN @bryanna_angel_mua | Hair Styling: KELLY SUMMERFIELD @kelly.summerfield | Stylist & Designer: LISA JAYNE @lisajaynestyles | Fashion Designer: DAVID JURADO CIFUENTES @roxas1996 | Fashion Designer: VILUNE DAUNORAITE @viludau | Videography: CASTIEL WILKIN @castiel_wilkin | Assistants: MARK RYDER & RIMANTE WILKIN Location: Sea of Tranquility

Shot with Nikon D750, Tamron 24-70mm 2.8

to the


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Silver Dress: LISA JAYNE MILLINERY, Silver Leather Top: VILU DAU, Cuffs: BOOHOO, Bracelets: STYLEXTRAZ

6 afi

Silver Dress: LISA JAYNE MILLINERY, Silver Leather Top: VILU DAU, Earrings and Cuffs: BOOHOO, Bracelets: STYLEXTRAZ, Frosted mirror sunglasses: NEW LOOK

afi 7

Leather & Fibre Optic Dress: VILU DAU, Necklace: LISA JAYNE MILLINERY, Silver metallic leather mega platform ankle boots: TERRY DE HAVILLAND, Finger ring: STYLEXTRAZ

8 afi

Blue tie-up canvas dress: DAVID JURADO CIFUENTES, Necklace: LISA JAYNE MILLINERY

afi 9

Silver Dress: NEW LOOK, White & silver metallic buckle wedges: PULL & BEAR, Accessorised Goggles: LISA JAYNE MILLINERY, Chainmail collar: LISA JAYNE MILLINERY, Jewellery: STYLEXTRAZ, Leather Bag: VILU DAU

10 afi

Silver Dress: NEW LOOK, White & silver metallic buckle wedges: PULL & BEAR, Accessorised goggles: LISA JAYNE MILLINERY, Chainmail collar: LISA JAYNE MILLINERY, Jewellery: STYLEXTRAZ

afi 11

Silver leather dress: VILU DAU, Headwear/choker/cuffs: LISA JAYNE MILLINERY, Knee high gladiator heel: Anna from BOOHOO

12 afi

Silver leather dress: VILU DAU, Headwear/choker/ cuffs: LISA JAYNE MILLINERY, Knee high gladiator heel: Anna from BOOHOO

afi 13

Leather Skirt & Leather Top: VILU DAU, Mask, Necklace & Shoulder art: LISA JAYNE MILLINERY, Bracelets: DEBENHAMS

14 afi

Leather Skirt & Leather Top: VILU DAU, Necklace & accessorised sunglasses: LISA JAYNE MILLINERY, Handbag (left): ACCESSORIZE, Handbag (right): PER UNA M&S

afi 15

16 afi

Behind the Scenes

to the

moon and back

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Intricately handcrafted leather-wear with a modern twist – London College of Fashion MA graduate VILUNE DAUNORAITE shows the true power of femininity Tell us a bit about your brand. THE OLD MEETS THE NEW – the ideology of VILU DAU when the opposites face each other – when one of the oldest materials LEATHER shines into the new shapes and textures to create luxurious fashion garments. Detail is no longer a detail – it makes the design – one of the most important highlights at VILU DAU. Have you always wanted to become a designer? What was your life journey to come to where you are now? I always knew since a little girl

18 afi

Most brands have a particular facet to their clothes that are unique to that brand – what is yours?

VILU DAU clothes are based – I WILL BE A DESIGNER NO on use of leather and its handMATTER WHAT. I did not like craft which promotes recycling playing with dolls but making and use of eco-friendly materilittle dresses to them with my als. Twisting this up with mother’s help who used to do tailoring and who I Detail is modern manipulations of learn from at the begin- no longer the material, creating new textures and adding the ning. I had never even a detail – masculine details to spice considered of any othit up – this is the facet of it makes er option, I have always been so passionate about the design VILU DAU. creating garments. After several high school level compeYour collection has a very unique titions in fashion, I started and style, where do you get your inspiracompleted BA course in Women tions from? Fashion Design and then later Fashion – in my point of views on – MA at Fashion Technology. has become a reflection of the soI have been confidently reaching ciety’s life style and different inout my dreams.

Vilu Dau terests, merging past and present together to create a concept of a wearable art.

lation to Bézier curve which is taken as the main inspirational pattern to create the structures of the dresses. The choice of material and silver tones represents Tell us more about your “Feminine that strength of MOTOR MAID Power” collection. women who were fighting for the equality between Collection FEMININE VILU DAU both sexes. VILU DAU POWER is based on modern leather hand- woman – full woman – full of faith, self-confidence and craft where every detail of faith, most important – femis hand-cut and manipininity – which is her ulated, the leather is selfmain power. specially created and produced – all that to confidence reflect the story of inspiand most Can you describe the ration which begins in 40s based on the group important - process of making one of your designs? How do of women from North you start? femininity America that were riding motorbikes doing The leather used for crazy tricks and called themselves VILU DAU pieces is always spe‘MOTOR MAIDS’. The pattern cially treated and designed acof motorbike axes has a close recording the concepts of collec-

tions. The creativity begins from the design of the hide to the final wearable garments. What is the biggest challenge about designing fashion, in particular using leather? Leather handcraft is a dying skill and there are not too many people following this pathway. It comes to a difficulty to find passionate and skilled leather craftsmen when manufacturing the collections. @vilu_dau @viludau

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“Wish upon a shooting star” earrings - £125


Enter the Space Race! by Steph Carter @future_bloom

This season fashion is taking OFF... to the future! A trend that has swept the runways at Chanel, Mui Mui, Saint Laurent, Paco Rabanne, Balenciaga to name but a few. If trends have taught us anything it’s that if the power fashion houses are doing it, it’s only a matter of time before it trickles into our wardrobe. This is one of those versatile trends you can embrace as much or as little as you please depending on your personal style; go full on space man, or add a hint of sophisticated shimmer.


Square shoulder blazer - £593

This trend goes beyond just metallic fabrics; think pointy shoulders, fashion tech, space prints, stylised glasses, or unique accessories. Get creative too! Spritz up a plain black blazer with the addition of star brooches on the shoulders!


Metallic faux suede jacket - £69.99


“I feel love” embellished bodycon dress- £273

Here a few of my favourites to take you to infinity and beyond!

FLEUR DU MAL Galaxy mini skirt - £504


Mary Mirrors mini skirt £95

MARKS AND SPENCERS Star brooch - £12


Ankle length boots - £181

20 afi

BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE Lucent frost pouch - £190


Mirrored glasses in clear/ gold - £235

WHISTLES Star constellation trousers - £119


Pewter bonded Puffer jacket - £120


Cap sleeve reverse sequin dress - £80



Space patch turn lock clutch - £295

“Vigor” Patent leather boots in white - £485

BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB AOP Space hooded sweatshirt - £195

ZADIG AND VOLTAIRE ZV1747 Stars Sneakers - £310

afi 21

uture F is coming

Photographer: PETR KOZLIK @petrkozlik_photographer | Model: BARBORA P. | Model agency: SCOUTEEN MODEL MANAGEMENT @scouteen_sro | Hair and Makeup: TEREZA HRDLICKOVA @tercahrdlickova | Fashion designer / stylist: NIKOL PAVLOVA @fashiondesigner_nikolpavlova | Retoucher supervisor: ELISKA HARAPATOVA | Special thanks: MONIKA PODANA Location: AP Fotostudio, Prague Shot with Hasselblad H4D-40, Fomei Digitalis Pro lights, Bowens beauty dish and softboxes, Lenses: Hasselblad 80/2.8 and Hasselblad 50-110

22 afi

afi 23

24 afi

afi 25

26 afi

afi 27

28 afi

afi 29

30 afi

afi 31

Cosm 32 afi



Photographer: NATELLA KISELEVA @natella_kiseleva | Wardrobe stylist, Makeup and Hair: ASDA PEREKREST @ bbteam.asya.p | Model: NINA represented by RBLESK MODELS @rblesk


afi 33


34 afi

Makeup: TOM FORD

afi 35

Dress: stylists own, Makeup: TOM FORD

36 afi

Jacket: ARMANI, Makeup: TOM FORD

afi 37


Laura Thapthimkuna Blending art, fashion and science – Chicago based designer LAURA THAPTHIMKUNA takes on highly conceptual fashion designs using state-of-the-art three-dimensional printing technology Tell us a bit about yourself. I am a fashion designer who also has a background in engineering. I been exploring 3D printing in my design work for a while now. In my work I have always tried to create very sculptural shapes and discovered 3D printing as a way to achieve a certain level of symmetry and accuracy that’s nearly impossible by hand. I become fascinated by the universe after watching a documentary on black holes in space, I think I may have had a mini existential crisis at a certain point while trying to fathom such complexities and unknowing-ness of space itself. I had to find a way to channel my inspiration and feelings into a fashion design piece, so I began sketching and forming these shapes in my head. From that point on it was only a matter of finding the right people to collaborate with. Tell us a bit more about your “Vortex Dress”. I think what makes the dress different is the concept behind it and the overall design. I really tried to doing something quite different and very sculptural. I wanted to create a dress with no apparent beginning or end to it structurally. Something organic feeling with mathematical elements. The Dress was inspired by the theory of space and time combined together to create a fourth dimension and how black holes distort and work in space-time.

40 afi

Can you give us a little insight into how 3D printing works? Does it have any specific advantages compared to conventional methods of fashion design. 3D printing is form addictive in which a digital files is used to create a solid 3 dimensional object. There are many advantages that include high level of accuracy, symetry and control over form. What were the most challenging aspects of making 3D printed designs such as the “Vortex Dress” The biggest challenge is not knowing how something is going to look till you see it printed, which can be scary aspect in regards to high cost of prints this size. Things can look and feel very different in real life as opposed to how a design looks on the computer screen. Learning to let go of the notion that I have to do everything myself was challenging for me initially. As an artist I’ve always done everything myself from start to finish, with 3D printing I need to work with others and let them interpret my vision to an extent, which turned out to be very rewarding in the end. How do you see the role of 3D printing in the future of fashion? I’m so inspired by the enthusiasm young designers have towards the new technological applications today. I think its so import-

ant to look forward with design and for me I’m really enjoying using technology to create wearable art forms. Also I think that especially in terms of the impact old ways of manufacturing has on the environment, I think we as a planet will not have a choice but to change and technology can help us do that. I hope that with technological advances-that people’s attitude towards fashion will change as well and fast fashion will find a way to take less of a toll on the planet. I think traditional fashion may have a hard time seeing how it fits into their world because it may appear as a threat to old ways of working. I think there is room for both and hopefully with the right mind sets great things can be accomplished through the power of collaboration. What would be your dream collaboration? There are so many talented people I would love to collaborate with to name a few, Guilimero Del Tora, Giger (if he was still alive), Bjork, George Miller...I’m sure there is many more but that I all I can think of off the top of my head. Outside of work, what do you love to do? I really enjoy traveling and being in nature, this summer I took a

trip to Lofoten, an archipelago in Norway above the Arctic circle. It was one of the most incredible place I have ever been, really incredible landscape and mythology in that part of the world, a truly inspiring experience. What would be your top tips for new designers, especially those wishing to use 3D printing? When I went to fashion design school, I didnt really have alot of training in 3D programs or technology like that. I think its good for students to learn the traditional ways of tailoring and constructing garments, but definitely dont limit yourself to what is put in front of you. I had to go out and learn programs and many aspects of 3D printing on my own, I didn’t have anyone to teach me these things but I would definitely encourage younger designers to seek out people in tech fields and learn how to branch out in fashion design. I think its important to be self motivated in that aspect. @Laura.takataka.designs @laurathapthimkuna

afi 41

Photographer / retoucher: EVALURELLPHOTOGRAPHY @photographybyevalurell | Model: MATILDA rep by NORDIC MODEL AGENCY @nordicmodelagency | Wardrobe Styling, Hair and Makeup: JARA @styledbyjara rep by NORDIC MODEL AGENCY @nordicmodelagency Location: Sandhammaren, Simrishamn, Sweden Shot with Canon EOS 5 MARK 111

The Veil

Silver top: Stylist own, Black shiny trousers: H&M, Golden earrings: UROPENN

42 afi

Trousers: stylists own, Black polo body: ZARA., Golden/ Grey Sweather: ZARA. Golden earrings: UROPENN

afi 43

Jacket: MLIBYSVENSSON, bras: stylist own, plack polo body: ZARA, Black shiny trousers: H&M. Golden earrings: UROPENN.

44 afi

Trousers: Black shiny trousers H&M, Black polo body: ZARA, Jacket: MLIBYSVENSSON, Golden earrings: UROPENN

afi 45

Golden top: GINA TRICOT. Bras: Stylist own, Golden earrings: UROPENN

46 afi

Golden top: GINA TRICOT. Bras: Stylist own, Golden earrings: UROPENN Hat: MLIBYSVENSSON

afi 47

Black polo body: ZARA, Golden earrings: UROPENN

48 afi

Jacket: MLIBYSVENSSON, Bras golden: H&M, Trousers H&M, Shoes: Stylists own. Golden earrings: UROPENN

afi 49


50 afi

afi 51

52 afi

afi 53

54 afi

afi 55

56 afi

afi 57



Fashion Cocktail A review of Kaoska Fashion Show SS18

oco Chanel once said: ‘In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different’, and different is certainly what’s trending at London Fashion Week SS18.

nounced for young designers, and selected few gets the chance to showcase their hard work amongst giants such as Burberry, Fyodor Golan or JW Anderson.

September as always transforms the British capital into a true Fashionland. Prestigious magazines are flashing adverts of well-established labels, lavish department stores attracting with supportive promotions, morning programs compare street styles and Instagram is exploding with hashtags involving Vogue, style and Carrie Bradshaw.

How exciting to experience months (or even years) of hard work paid off once stunning models walk down the catwalk causing thrilled audience to fill their gazes with the desire of presented collection?

Various competitions are an-

58 afi

British Fashion Council might have their hands full with LFW shows but luckily the spirit of this iconic event encourages the others to create spots for more talented individuals. One of the

By Jay Hofman Fahion writer & singer/song writer @jayhofmanstyle

Top left - Creative hair team “Rich Hair” led by Kate Hoxhaj. Top middle - Makeup team with lead makeup artist Bryanna-Angel Allen and model Roxana Gavrau. Top right - Model Dagmara Džurbová at the catwalk rehearsal. Bottom right - Designer Sarah Ding preparing model Tiana Sidor for catwalk.

organisations that help launching the career for debuting collections is Kaoska Fashion House. This year, CEO Nomy Khan offered a spotlight to four fashion designers and two jewellery makers. I was pleased when Mr Khan has asked me to come back to

On Saturday, Sep 16th, Double Tree Hilton Hotel in Marble Arch, for the fourth time in a row, became a host to glamorous and multicultural crowd eager to witness Kaoska Fashion Show SS18. The guest list included designers, fashion influencers, department stores buyers, celebrities, press, private investors and bloggers. Afi Magazines’ Editor in chief and photographer, Conrad Lee attended the event and got a sneak peek at the preparations throughout the day, capturing the explosion of creative minds at the backstage. Designers ironing the outfits, Makeup Team working wonders under experienced makeup artist Bryanna-Angel Allen, Kate Hoxhaj and her team from RichHair salon creating stunning hair styles using Inoar products, models trained on the catwalk by choreographer Barbod Mayr-

Left to right: Creative PR promoter - Evrin Bashak, CEO of Kaoska Fashion House - Nomy Khan, London Ambassador of Northern Cyprus - Mrs Zehra Basaran and businessmen - Per Morten.

Below: Designer Margarida Silva with model Ann Milik and choreographer Barbod Mayriz.

Above: Designer Tomasz Kociuba and his assistant Alice Leggi preparing garments. Below: Makeup artist Bryanna-Angel Allen with makeup team: Zk Gabby, and Esra Cin, with event creative director Jay Hofman.

iz, production site overlooked by alluring Event Coordinator Anna Nedza of Haus Of Hofman and best beats provided by the mesmerising DJ Vita. Whilst the catwalk was getting ready the guests were entertained by jazz singer Stanley Volk. Around 8pm the Catwalk doors opened and resident host Diana Ellis Jones brought the audience attention to the show opener – Lidau. Beautiful scarves wrapped unusually around models portrayed majestic oriental influences of Sarah Ding Kun’s Chinese Design. The vibrant warm shades were a perfect

match for modern patterns and silky fabric. Aside from this glorious collection, guests had a chance to meet Ms Kun and learn more about her background at one of sponsor’s stands prior to the show. Lidao featured also men accessories presenting ties enriched with colourful body paint by Bryanna-Angel Allen’s Left: Designer Sarah Ding interviewed by Turkish ATV Channel.

the show as Creative Director. During our planning sessions, I could easily recognise the potential in this year’s collections.

afi 59

Events Below: (from left to right) - Choreographer Barbod Mayriz. Event coordinator Anna Nedza, Creaive director Jay Hofman and Designer Tomasz Kociuba.

Catwalk line up Designers: Lidao, Margarida Silva, Tomasz Kociuba @tomaszkociuba, Adriana Subda @adriana.subda_designer | Jewellery designers: Louqa @louqa_jewellery, Ka-Viva Jewel @kaviva.jewels

right hand, MUA Esra Cin. Secondly on the catwalk, a Portuguese raising star Margarida Silva devoted to her European roots. A folkish selection of Lisboan colourful add-ons and floral arrangements perfectly fit Spring/Summer theme. Her collection reminded me of Desigual, Ralph Lauren or this year’s LFW discovery – Bora Aksu whose collection got entirely bought out by Domenic Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Margarida, you’re on the right track! The half-show break is a time to focus on this year’s Charity support – British Heart Foundation. Fundraising Manager, Karl Coppack, encouraged the audience to donate to fund lifesaving research. Tears were spotted whilst projection of emotional story of Laura, a girl who underwent life changing heart surgery thanks to Charity’s efforts. The second act of the show was launched by International School of Costume and Fashion Design graduate – Tomasz Kociuba. With the attention to details and current trends Tomasz introduced very relevant line featuring popular leopard print mixed with classic black leather, chiffon and wool. The print has been a huge inspiration to Prada, Givenchy, Celine or Saint Laurent so that can tell you a thing or two about Kociuba’s calibre of quality. The collection paired with the jewellery provider, Ka-Viva. The brands’ Director Ritu Sharma has selected original pieces to enhance strong message of the collection. The final designer, Adriana Subda presented her ‘World of the Second Millennium’ project featuring stylish dresses and gowns made mainly of tulle (a symbol of current times damaged by internet and false facts) and plastic bags (as

60 afi

Above: (middle) - Designer Tomasz Kociuba and model Dagmara Džurbová. (lower) - model and actress Nicholle Hembra.

Left (from the top): Model Nicholle Hembra getting makeup. Model Catherine Moss with RichHair hairstyling team. Designer Adriana Subda with model cholle Hembra. Model Tiana Sidor with makeup artist Lore Ioana Serban. Model Rahab Inghalwa at backstage.

a recycling motif and a sign of changing the world for better). The truly modern collection with a strong social message to masses, was complemented by up and coming jewellery maker, Louqa. The creative duo of Claas Henning-Hemmer and Dominika Firth have previewed silver and gold pieces from their debut bamboo and honeycomb collections. This magnificent event with a great focus on charities’ support is growing every year and gives fashion admirers a great chance to breathe in the new talents and get truly inspired.

What I appreciate in Kaoska Fashion Shows is its diversity. It is a Fashion Cocktail, a mix of eclectic outfits, sophisticated fabrics, dandy accessories and sweet music that will caress the pallets of every Fashion admirer.

afi 61

62 afi


ragmented uturism

Photography: KENDRA PAIGE @kendrapaigephoto, Models: KIKI BARTH @kikibarth rep by FRONT MANAGEMENT @frontmanagement, JYLL MARIE @jyllmarie, ELENA LEE @ elennlee | Beauty & Designer: BERNARD HOLLEY @bernar_holley2.0 | Hair: SHAY HAIR COUTURE @shayhaircouture1| Stylist & Production Coordinator: TATIANA AN’PARISE @anparise |Retoucher: SVETLANA PASECHNIK @psretouching | Videographer: DARRYL OMAR @darrylomar | Assistant: CHRIS BRODSKY @chrisassist

afi 63

64 afi

afi 65

66 afi

afi 67

68 afi

afi 69

FUSION-X Photographer: MIKO COLON @mikocolon | Model: KRIZIA BISCOCHO @_krisaa_ | Makeup, Hair and wardrobe styling: J.CHAKRA ALARIAO @msjchakra | Assistant: JERICO RYAN MAGPANTAY @jecoinodeal

Location: Al-Jubail, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia CANON 7D, Canon 50mm lens, Godox ad360, Beauty Dish, Octa box

70 afi

Foundation: CINEMA SECRETS, Face powder: KRYOLAN, Lip kit: NYX COSMETICS, Eye Shadow: FLORMAR

afi 71

Foundation: CINEMA SECRETS, Face powder: KRYOLAN, Lip kit: NYX COSMETICS, Eye Shadow: FLORMAR

72 afi

Foundation: CINEMA SECRETS, Face powder: KRYOLAN, Lip kit: NYX COSMETICS, Eye Shadow: FLORMAR

afi 73

Foundation: CINEMA SECRETS, Face powder: KRYOLAN, Lip kit: NYX COSMETICS, Eye Shadow: FLORMAR

74 afi

Foundation: CINEMA SECRETS, Face powder: KRYOLAN, Lip kit: NYX COSMETICS, Eye Shadow: FLORMAR

afi 75


76 afi

Me Dic Al Tell us a bit about your brand (where it is based, how it started) My brand is based in germany and i started Me Dic Al about a year ago. Before that i had a brand called URB Clothing. What is unique about the style of your collections? Before creating new clothes i always like to think of what people might wear in the streets in 2040, and i always try to make stuff that i haven’t seen before and thats what people say is unique about my stuff and i guess i agree.

Looking for spaceship loungewear? Inspired by the future, videogames and streetstyle, Germany based designer JOHANNA URBAIS has just the right “Hardware” for you

Where are you getting your inspiration from? My inspiration mostly comes from video games and movies, but also futuristic 3D art. Tell us a bit more about your “Hardware” collection The hardware collection is made out of faux leather but is more cut like leisure wear, so instead of skin tight leather stuff i thought of casual leisure wear to chill out in. Any particular dream client or collaboration? I seriously would love to collab with Space X, making like overall suits for their mars mission, like casual wear they could chill and party in. They would need that on mars too. But adidas would be cool, too What would be your top tips to others wanting to start up their own brand? Top tip, do what you feel is right even if people tell you not to, just do it. @m3d1c4l @me_dic_al

afi 77

Parachu Photographer: XTRIMAN PHOTO @Xtriman_Photo | Model: SARA VELA @sarawbewrry | Model Agency - CIAO MODELS @ciaomodels | Hair and Makeup: PIA QUIN @Quin.Makeup | Assistant Makeup- ALMUDENA GARCIA @Almua_Makeup | Wardrobe Stylist: SUZANA KRALOVA @kralova_design | Shoes BY MARE SHOES @bymareshoes_shop | Video - MIGUEL MERINO @Pro_Photo_Film Location: Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain

78 afi

ute afi 79

80 afi

afi 81

82 afi

afi 83

84 afi


Photographer: YVONNE SIEBER | Makeup Artist/ Hair Stylist: NELLY MORENA @nellymorena_official | Model: JENNIFER DÃœNGFELDER @jenny__jeyjey | Fashion Designer: LAURA DEINLEIN

afi 85

86 afi

afi 87

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NEBULAR Photographer: EGLE VASI @eglevasi_ | Models: SIAN SENSENG WONG @siassen | Makeup: SUZANNE PEPPARD @suzannemua | Wardrobe Stylist: JANINE MARINO @janine_marino_hair | Nail Artist: MARRIE-LOUISE COSTER @mlcnailartist | Wardrobe Stylist: VICTORIA ELLIS @ vixellis Location: Somerset, UK Shot with Canon 5D iii, sigma 24-70mm 2.8, Elinchrome RX studio lighting kit

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Foundation and translucent powder: KRYOLAN, Highlighter: STILA HEAVENS HUE, Brows: EYLURE BROW GEL, Eye Shadow: MAC SEMI-SWEET TIMES NINE PALETTE, Blusher: KRYOLAN, Eye Foils: MAKE UP REVOLUTION AWESOME METALS EYE FOILS IN GREEN, Mascara: ARBONNE, Lashes: EYLURE, Lipstick: KRYOLAN NAILS: Ring finger: Orly Epix in Cameo with Swarovski Crystal Pixie in Tropical Seafoam. Other fingers and thumb:Orly in White Tips with metal studs from Miss Cat Nails

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Foundation and translucent powder: KRYOLAN, Highlighter: STILA HEAVENS HUE, Brows: EYLURE BROW GEL, Eye Shadow: MAC SEMI-SWEET TIMES NINE PALETTE, Blusher: KRYOLAN, Eye Foils: MAKE UP REVOLUTION AWESOME METALS EYE FOILS IN GREEN, Mascara: ARBONNE, Lashes: EYLURE, Lipstick: KRYOLAN NAILS: Ring finger: Orly Epix in Cameo with Swarovski Crystal Pixie in Tropical Seafoam. Other fingers and thumb:Orly in White Tips with metal studs from Miss Cat Nails

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Dream on Photographer: VA RYA @artistvarya | Model: VARVARA @vaareshka | Wardrobe Styling, Hair and Makeup: ALEKSANDRA IZVEKOVA @aleksandra__izvekova Location: Simferopol, Crimea

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Pants and shirt: ZARA, Cocktail dress: LIPSY

Dress: MANGO, Shirt: OGGI

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Trench coats: MANGO, Clutch: ASOS

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Parka and suit: MZYCYM

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Leather jacket: ZARA, Dress: ALICE PALMER

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Leather jacket: ZARA,

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Stardust Photographer: GALA REGNAULT @gala_photographer | Models: ALBA MIRAYO @albamirayo & MARIA JOSE DURAN @meryyyyyyy___ | Hair and Makeup: LIDIA HERNÁNDEZ @vitadinamita | Wardrobe Stylist: LIDIA HERNÁNDEZ @vitadinamita | Art director: ANDRÉS DE LA TORRE @ andresdelatorre | Wardrobe Stylist: CARLOS DE BERENGUER @cdeberenguer Location: Espacio Sonambula Madrid @sonambulamadrid Shot with Canon 5D MARK II, LENS 24-70 AND 50MM CANON

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Bowie Jacket: DSQUARED2, Pink dress: DSQUARED2, Blackthunderbolt dress: DSQUARED2

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Bowie Jacket: DSQUARED2, Pink dress: DSQUARED2, Blackthunderbolt dress: DSQUARED2

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Whole outfit: MISSONI

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Black and white pixel dress : DSQUARED2, Blue dress: DSQUARED2, Blackthunderbolt dress: DSQUARED2

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Model: Ophelia Overdose @ophelia_overdose, Photographer: Moritz Maibaum @ moritzmaibaum

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Divamp Couture From the performance stage of Nikki Minaje, to the major runways of New York – Barcelona-based designer BOYD BATEN tells his journey in creating some of the most extraordinary and unique avant garde costumes to-date Tell us a bit about yourself. My name is Boyd Baten born in The Netherlands, designer for Divamp Couture. Dropped out of Art school on the 2nd week , have been teaching myself ever since. Who / what were the influences /inspirations that started off your brand? About 25 years ago I started a brand called Bionic wear when the Acid and House scene was coming up in Holland.I looked upto Jean Paul Gaultier and Thierry Muggler .Attended all the under ground parties and painted surreal pictures on t-shirts for my friends.From tees it grow into complete collections,which I sterted offering to shops. This was a hugh success.Years passed on and my wife and me opened upto 4 shops in the city center of Barcelona,Spain.My gear became more orientatated to the main public as I had to adapt to what was coming into our shops.I lost interest in fashion fast,as my job as designer became borring, as we had to servive and compete with the big chains. We sold our shops and I decided to come back to where I once left off .This was with Divamp Couture…revamp older designs with techniques of today. How would you describe the style of your designs? Futuristic /sculptured /organic Is research and planning important to your work? Where do you start? No not at all..I do not get inspired by looking at what others do... I get inspirations from the most awkward things…mostly from nature. When ever I have a spare moment I try to design and invent new tecniques… I put my hand to drawing and most of the times something really surprising comes from it! What is the most challenging part of making one of your designs? When I am involved in the process of making a piece, I start of with making half of it.. cutting glueing etc.. I often forget patterning it before attaching it… I have no patience for it, as I want to

see results fast…. then the other mirror side is really difficult to copy . What has been the proudest moment in your career so far? When my daughter wore my gear at NY fashionweek on last years show and ofcourse being asked to design for major artists. Looking back at the years of incredible work, do you feel your work has evolved or changed? I only started Divamp 3 years ago.Yes it has changed, in the beginning it was more designing, nowadays it is more remaking of what I designed before…this is dangerous I know… as I could loose interest again! The pieces are so exclusive I have to make a big part myself of each piece... Divamp is going so well that I keep on busy building these pieces and have few time left for the new design. Outside of work, what do you love to do? That’s a hard one as my job is still my hobby. I love to wakeboard with one of my sons I found out recently. What would you like to accomplish in the next 10 years? I do not want to be famous for sure or become very rich or have a big business. I could have choosen this pad at some points in my life, but choose not. I can not delegate and love to work by myself… with my music, my dog and a cup of coffee. Any wise words to fellow designers out there? Do not try to imitate what others do, do your own stuff ..look around you and be creative with different tecniques. Keep on trying and believe in yrself, never ever give up! @divamp.couture @divampcouture

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Neon demon Photographer: CHIEH KAI | Makeup Artist: STYLIST MINA | Model: YILING ZHONG @as22434ling | Haute Couture and print design: IVAN SHIH @ivanshih_7 Location: Taiwan

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