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The Ultimate Call Centre System The Core Product is AeroComms’ standard range of CTIbased communication software for Call Centre applications. The product is of the highest quality and completely stable. It is currently being used in numerous Call Centres in South Africa and has repeatedly demonstrated its reliability. CCE is fully expandable both in the number of seats and in enhanced functionality – extra features may be added in stages as and when required. The product is based on seven basic building blocks: • A PABX providing a CTI enabled telephony platform. • The CCE Server with CTI Middleware that provides Call Control, Skills Based Call Distribution, and Interactive Voice Response functionality. • A system database server containing the Call Centre related data that is stored and processed as part of the Call Centre business process. • Agent workstations on which CC Agent Phone software is installed • Digital Phone sets. • Supervisor Workstation(s) on which CC Config and CC Agent View software is installed. • A TCP/IP Network linking the above mentioned modules.

Component Details The CCE Server PC This server, pre-installed with Microsoft Windows Operating System and CCE Server Software, is the heart of the product. It provides a CTI link to the PABX and also provides a common messaging platform for the various applications used within the Call Centre. The CCE Server is linked to the PABX via a hard wire CTI link. Messaging connections to the rest of the Call Centre system are through a TCP/IP LAN.

CCE Soft-Phone Agent Workstation Software

Soft- Phone functionality on the agent’s workstation screen allows for a PC based telephone control solution that is efficient yet extremely user-friendly. Soft-Phone allows agents to perform standard call functions including consultation, conference and transfer on the workstation screen - all at the click of a mouse. It allows agents to Log In/Out/ Go Ready/Not Ready/ Go Wrap-up. The Soft-Phone also integrates seamlessly to AeroComms’ Specialized User Screen (ACSUS), increasing agent efficiency and ease of operation even further. The software is delivered preinstalled on the CT Main Server and is installed locally on the agent’s PC during the setting up of the call centre.

Advanced Call Distribution (ACD) The Advanced Call Distribution distributes queued callers correctly to agents. This is set up based on call priorities and agent skill requirements. 64 essential skills and 64 optional skills are allocated to each agent. Queue answering requirements are then set up taking these into consideration. The skills allocation function is provided for by an easy-to-use graphics-based Agent Skills interface. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) • The IVR feature has good “Caller Friendly” inbound call-handling and queuing capabilities and provides auto-attendant functionality for the Call Centre system:

• A welcoming announcement identifying the Call Centre service, the selection of the required service and the subsequent allocation of the caller to a call agent. • Maintenance of a queue if all the call agents are busy. This includes playing prerecorded music and announcements to assure the caller that the call is still active. • The caller can “break out” of the queue to voice mail or other telephone numbers. • If queue is full or the caller calls after-hours, an announcement asks the caller to phone back again later or during working hours. • The IVR script is designed in a logical and informative way so as to prompt callers to make the correct desired choices at all stages. All announcements and music are recorded prior to installation - 30 minutes of recordings are included in the package price. • As with the ACD Management software, the editing function is provided for by an easy-to-use graphics-based IVR Management interface. There is no need to shut the Call Centre down during or after alterations. • Customer pre-identification and screen-pop functionality is also available. This ensures automatic identification of the caller and allocation to a suitably skilled agent. Priority customers can also be pulled to the front of the queue.

CC Agent View and CC Reports These agent supervision packages give Supervisors both real-time and historical data on the availability of agents, their workload efficiency as well as the efficiency of the Call Centre in general. It allows the Supervisor to see each Agent’s current and historical availability status and the number of calls in an Agent.

CC Reports provide statistical reports per agent, detailing: • Number of call taken or made over a period. • Average talk time. • Available/Idle/Not ready time. • Times when Agents have logged-in and logged–out. Overall Call Centre reports are also available, detailing: • Calls offered/handled/abandoned. • Average talk and average wait time • Speed to answer

Optional Features and Functions Higher-level features are available as optional extras during the installation phase or later during expansion, as the need may be. AC Multimedia Agent This provides multimedia functions, such as e-mail and fax handling, to the Contact Centre Elite Call Centre. This component polls a separately supplied fax and e-mail server for Call Centre inbound traffic and queues the Call Centre inbound faxes and emails for the Agents’ attention. AC Voicemail Agent This stores voice messages that are left by callers. The messages are distributed to the correct agents as set up through the Advanced Call Distribution (ACD) feature. AC Wallboard An on-screen wallboard gives operators and supervisors a constant overview of the Call Centre status. Conventional wallboards for conventional displays are also catered for. AC Specialized User Screen AeroComms has the skills to develop customized front-end screens to the individual needs of customers. These screens prompt call centre agents to ask the right questions at the right time for speedy but accurate capturing of business data. Integration to other Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software packages is also possible.

AC Power/Predictive Dialer The AC Power/Predictive Dialer allows for the simultaneous dialing of multiple numbers. On any number being answered, the surplus calls are either transferred to other available agents or terminated. This is an extremely powerful tool that will result in a 200 to 300% increase in efficiency over that of a conventional outbound Call-Centre. Aero Logger Voice Recording System AeroComms Aero Logger is a recording solution for those who need a permanent record of telephone conversations. It allows for the recording, management and easy retrieval, of spoken transactions and using a fast and easy-to-use search and playback interface. Aero Logger interfaces to almost any blend of recording inputs and media outputs. It is fully scalable from a single desktop recorder to a large geographically-distributed system. Recording files are encrypted to prevent post-recording tampering and call files and data can be archived to CD/DVD or remote servers.

The Ultimate Logging System AeroCOMMS’ Logger has always offered the market a flexible set of computer based recording solutions for enterprises which need a permanent record of telephone and radio conversations Now AC Logger ver 6.4 offers even more fantastic features to benefit your organization: Full API FREE

FREE agent FREE, unlimited play back stations

This feature offers you the following benefits: • Integration into CRM’s. • Integration into an Agent Evaluation System: o List voice recordings (VR’s) with filters. o Extract recordings, in decrypted form, to a zip file Update user and transaction fields on entries A limited agent evaluation module is available with AC Logger. However, a full third party agent evaluation module is available. You may have as many playback stations as you need.

SMDR & ACI on most PABX’s

AC Logger recording controller provides additional information crucial to your business. The controller facilitates easy retrieval of files, free seating for agents and provides accurate filtering of recordings. Also you obtain: •Now you can record selected extensions with a trunk side recorder. • Other party information on analog. • Extension information. • Agent information (login).

Web based playback

Recordings can be played from anywhere over the internet, provided the computer has a Microsoft Internet Explorer, Internet connectivity and depending on your company firewall settings.

Grouped Transfers

Now you have access to the transfer history of trunk side recordings. By clicking on the recording you can see all the extensions to which the call was transferred.

Live listen-in

Supervisors can listen in on agent/client conversations for evaluation and QA purposes.

Optional 3rd party screen recording

All the actions on an agent’s screen are captured to video. This is a powerful tool for agent evaluations. You can see what the agent was doing on the screen while listening to their conversation with the client.

Central Storage

Multiple loggers can be viewed as one complete system.

Multiple and Selective • Archives can be written to multiple destinations – Archiving remote server, CD and DVD. • Selective Archiving can be done according to filters setup on the server. For example, archives can be made per agent or team. Diverse Statistics

• A vast range of information can be viewed: o For specified or all agents and teams. o According to total or average in- or outbound calls plus other criteria. o In the form of reports or graphs per hour/day/month.

Very Secure System

• All recordings are encrypted to be tamper-proof and can only be accessed via playback stations. • Recordings can be extracted to a .wav file on your local machine, for e-mailing purposes. • Extensive user rights options prevent unauthorized usage of your company’s recordings. For example, an agent can be restricted to only listening to their own recordings or those of their peers, but to no one else on the system. • Secure lockdown on the server.

Alarm Notifications

Other Logger Features

• Record digital and analog extensions as well as VoIP. • Analog and PRI/BRI trunk side recordings. • Record up to 120 channels per platform.

AC Logger enables you to easily record, manage, retrieve and analyze spoken transactions for whatever purpose, such as: • Staff Training and Quality Control • Business Processes • Dispute Resolution • Compliance Obligations • Emergency Incident Recording and Analysis AC Logger has been developed to satisfy the needs of the modern organization, ranging from the small office or department to large corporations and emergency services. Recording files are encrypted to prevent post-recording tampering and call files and data can be archived to CD/DVD or remote servers. The AC Logger product range is exceptionally versatile and can be used in a number of roles: •AEROCorder USB – a single channel stand-alone office telephone recording solution. • AC Logger – a fully expandable recording solution for medium to large applications. Multi-site connectivity is supported.

Features AEROCorder USB

AC Logger



Handset cord

Trunkside - PRI, BRI, Analogue Extension - Digital, Analogue, VoIP (selected protocols)






Same unit

LAN connected PC

Playback security

Basic – one level only

Multilevel – fixed rights per user level or for a specific user

Manual to CD

Automatic to CD/DVD/ remote archive platform



Single unit – no LAN connectivity

Multiple recorders can be connected together to form recording system Multi-site centralized option is possible

Recorder type Max. No. of channels Connection Method Encrypted recording ACI link to PABX (allows PABX data to be logged)

(who can listen and delete?)

Archiving Method Web based playback Multiple station connectivity

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