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Welcome. Included in this deck: Ideas. Thoughts. Countless Hours. Maybe Some Blood. Definitely Tears. A Culmination of a Journey. Enjoy.



We believe in the Spirit of Competition. We deliver results in hours, not days. Like the results, we are straight-forward. We showcase your Growth and archive your Triumphs. These results are not just numbers -- they are evidence of all your Hard Work, the hours of training, the bruises and blisters, sore legs and ice baths. Let's share your Victories with the world. Be it by pedal, swimsuit or running shoe, we'll meet you at the Finish Line. Your event might be solo, but your experience doesn't have to be.

We Take Racing Seriously So You Don't Have To.

Brand Guide



Interstate Interstate is a nice, simple font that is used in all of the print materials.

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Voice Competitively Playful


Media Choices

Print Print ads would be able to reach our target audience with a presence in magazines and newspapers. These are the go-to reading material for news and event discovery.

Guerilla Guerilla techniques would reach the target audience at race events where the participatants are following the route where the signs are located.

Internet Radio An internet radio advertisement is a viable medium to promote Athletepath to our target audience as a majority listen to internet radio as they prepare or are racing an event.




Pit Stains: The Mark of a Champion.

Push it. Push it Real Good.

At Least You Haven’t

Pooped Your Pants...

Keep Going. Those Blisters Need Friends.

Bragging Rights Ahead

We Take Racing Seriously So You Don’t Have To.


Signs are placed along the race route to help motivate, inspire, and get a chuckle out of people. The race is all about experience so why not give them something to remember? Each sign has a different motivational quote with the Athletepath logo in the bottom corner for brand recognition.

Mile 4: You’ve Earned the Right to Pick That Wedgie.

*Running sounds, feet on pavement, breathing* It's mile seventeen. You've made it this far, but you still have 9.2 long miles ahead of you. This is what you've trained for. All those mornings getting up before the sun. The sweat. The tears. The cross-training and interval loops. The hydrating and carboloading. It all comes down to this... How subtlely can you pick that wedgie without losing too much time? The pick and stride is a complicated maneuver. Hit it at the right moment and you're in the cotton clear. Picking at the wrong moment could cause tripping, injury, embarrassment, or worseยบfurther cotton embedment. Pick cautiously. We know that racing isn't always a totally solemn experience, so here at Athletepathยบ We take racing seriously so you don't have to.

Internet Radio

Thank You!

Team Bios

Andrew Eddie is a senior at the University of Oregon studying advertising and minoring in lack of sleep. Spends hours reading Digiday, AdWeek, surfing Twitter, working on projects. Won't find without coffee or laptop. Constantly searching for that breakthrough moment and is constantly inspired by the people and work around him.

Maddie Culhane is a senior at the University of Oregon studying advertising and public relations and minoring in business. She enjoys writing and keeping up on current events and world news. An unrepentant coffee addict and Hot Tamale connoisseur, you can catch Maddie at the gym or spending time with friends when she's not working on homework and group projects or catching up on sleep.

Stacey Katlain is a senior at the University of Oregon studying advertising. She also broadcasts stellar tunes on KWVA as DJ Thunderbunny, is a member of a local modern dance company, and serves as Gallery Coordinator and Board Secretary for the Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts. You can make her day by asking her questions about her two adorable cats, Carter and Howard.

Athletepath Deck  
Athletepath Deck  

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