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community block vote influences local government er T




County, Town, and Village Democrats celebrated their victories Tuesday Night at the Crown To better serve our patients, Plaza hotel. Many of the winDr. Baldinger has ners addressed the audience increased his hours. and expressed appreciation for He is now available everytheThursday. community support in this primary election. The numbers came in a little after 10pm Tuesday Night, and after months Dr. B. Albetter of campaigning in the mostly suggests you Democratic County, they triumphantly rejoiced. LEARN MORE ABOUT: Among the crowd was Sherri Eisenpress who won the Demanemia, ocratic primary for Rockland and how Family Court. Although Karen to control it Riley won in four out of the five towns, Eisenpress finished with page 14 over 8,100 votes. Eisenpress said she was proud of her vicvaccines for children page 14 advocate speaks By: A. Moeller


when is it an eating disorder? page 15

‫פרשת כי תבא‬

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with county legislator soskin

By: A. Tendler

By: Rabbi Yisroel Greenwald

I'm still in shock, reeling over the impact of the sudden tragic petira of my friend, Moshe Yosef ZT'L. His final act of mesiras nefesh - literally - to rush to save a child's life from electrocution with disregard to his personal welfare, transcends the realm of human nature and comprehension. The Medrash (Kohelles Rabba, 9:10) says that someone who gives up their life in order to save the life of others merits the highest level in Olam Haboh. My Rebbi, Reb Mendel Kaplan, would call such a person a true kodosh. I first became friends with Moshe Yosef when I left Lakewood Yeshiva to come to Ohr Somayach in Monsey. I was a single bochur in my upper twenties at the time, and I felt that I could be more productive if I would be in an environment where aside from my personal learning, I would also be able to teach and give to others. It was there I got to know and become close with Moshe Yosef who was then a talmid at Ohr Somayach. I may

Democratic primary for Rockland County Sheriff. The race put Falco up against former Clarkstown Detective Sgt. Tim O'Neill. Falco, who won by a little over 2000, votes, (he had 10,069, compared to O’Neill’s 7,285, will face retired New York City police Officer Matt Brennan, who is running on the Republican line, in November. Falco also won a write-in for the Working Families line. Republican Sheriff James Kralik will not be seeking reelection this year. O'Neill, will be challenging Falco again while his name will appear on the November ballot on the Conservative line. Falco thanked his family and

see votes page 7

Remembering Reb Moshe Yosef Reichenberg zt'l

Legislator for two terms already, Phil Soskin is running for a third. Born in New York City, Mr. Soskin moved to Monsey in 1968. He's been serving our town for almost nine years now, and The Advocate decided it was time to sit down, and ask him a few questions about all that he does for our town, and its people. Advocate: When were you first elected Legislator? Soskin: I was first elected in January of 2003, and was reelected the next term, too. This will be my third term as District Legislator. Advocate: What made you decide to become involved in politics? Soskin: I always wanted to help people, my whole life. So I would do volunteer work, and such. Then, when I moved here, someone mentioned how there was a need for someone Orthodox in the politics world; someone with a yarmulke. So I gave it a try, and found that, as see soskin page 7

tory Tuesday, and told the Advocate that her myriad of signs around town will remain there until the general election when she will face Republican candidate Paul Chiaramonte of Valley Cottage. "The votes are from various ethnic group around Rockland County, Eisenpress said. "I look forward to serving children and families of Rockland County." Riley followed with 5,830 votes. Kallen's tally was 2,016 and Yeager's 413. A write-in candidate received 150 votes. The new Family Court judge will serve a 10-year term. Sheriff's Chief of Patrol Louis Falco on Tuesday won the

have been a positive influence on him, but to a greater extent I benefited from his friendship and his special qualities. Moshe Yosef had a magnetic spiritual energy about him. I remember once sitting with him in the midst of our discussion, a couple of students came to our table and tearfully asked us for guidance and advice how to do what is good and proper in the eyes of man and G-d. Moshe Yosef was able to talk their language and inspire them on their level. I can’t remember ever seeing him angry - even at times where the situation may have called for it. The harshest reaction I ever received from him was when I once told him something which was clearly improper, and which I later regretted. His only reaction was his raising an eyebrow for a brief moment, which fleetingly hinted to his annoyance. I have observed him in the most trying of circumstances. Circumstances that a lesser person would have been perfectly jussee Reichenberg page 8

monsey woman celebrates 100'th birthday By: A. Moeller

Rose Grossberg was born in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, N.Y. on September 10, 1911. Born to Russian Immigrants, Rose’s father served in the Russian Czars Army and her mother was from a family of Jewish mercantiles. Rose was the second of seven children and was the eldest daughter, therefore making her responsible for her younger siblings. In 1934 Rose married. Rose was a strong woman who always did her best to provide what she could for her only son. Stanley. “Times were tough, but I always remember my mother was able to put food on the table,” recalls Stanley. In 1958 Rose was involved in a near fatal auto accident in where she was ejected from her vehicle through the windshield and left in critical condition for three days. Although she suffered a concussion, fractured ribs and elbow and multiple stitches. Throughout the years, Rose maintained see 100 page 8


9/15/2011 4:48:05 PM

THE ADVOCATE September 15, Important contact info regarding Hurricane damage Representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency have already begun visiting residents who have registered with FEMA, requesting individual assistance. The Rockland Co. Office of Fire & Emergency Services would like to warn residents to be cautious about letting unfamiliar visitors into their homes even though they may introduce themselves as inspectors. Inspectors are required to display their picture identification badges at all times. In order to verify the inspectors' credentials, it is imperative that residents request the inspector to provide the following information: ---The individual's registration case number that was provided to them during the registration process ---The inspector's identification number Authorized inspectors will only confirm personal detailed information that has been provided previously during the registration process.



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9.15.11.indd 2

‫דער אדוואקאט‬

Publisher's Desk A Weekly Editorial By:

There are two ‘blocks’ in town, one with slightly more voters, one with less. The scales are tipped to the side of the majority needs. One side offers clear ideas and growth the other has an agenda that is not well defined. In last week’s editorial we discussed the needs of communities. The Democratic Primaries allowed us to glimpse into the minds of voters, accurately representing who they feel deserves a chance to lead local Government. As you can see by the district by district polling data everyone voted for what and who they wanted. The right to vote should not be misrepresented with the idea that people are blindly led to a block vote.

Mendel Hoffman

ramapo block vote

Everyone citizen who votes has a need. And these needs are organized into respective parties or committees, giving there agendas strength as they hope to see this po R ama wish fulfilled, at the very least at a County or Town level. In many cases, as in e v r e s the Town of Ramapo’s Democratic race, the candidates state very clearly what Pre they are offering, (or not offering), and voters make sound decisions on who to choose based on these proposals. There happens to exist two majorities’ in Ramapo. What makes a democracy an American ideal is the fact that anyone over the age of 18 can go out and vote. Every single member of society is included and rightfully represented. The art of a block vote, is not so much a matter of numbers as it is a matter of priorities. Shared values, bright ideas that resonate within the Town and overall competence in Government leadership will naturally lead to votes.


Comm un



WRITE TO US The Advocate welcomes Letters to the Editor & the Action Desk about relevant topics and issues. Letters must include the writer’s name, address and phone number, although the name may be withheld from publication at the writer’s request. The Advocate reserves the right to edit for clarity and good taste. To voice your opinion, call: 845-770-1950, Fax: 845-352-5290, or e-mail

Advocate Action Desk

If additional verification of the inspector is necessary, individuals may contact the FEMA Help Line at 1-800-621-3362.


‫כי תבא תשע״א‬

Dear Action Desk, First of all, I'd just like to state a public 'congratulations' to the winners of this week's primaries. I feel our town has chosen their local government well, so far. I'd also just like to remind the winning candidates of why they've wonit's because we, the people, believe in you, and your ability to help our County. So now that the shakiest part is behind you, we're asking you to fulfill all that you've said you will, i.e. sidewalks, paved roads, and tax cuts, as promised. Thank you, and good luck! S.G. Spring Valley, NY

Dear Editor, I was particularly pleased with the outcome of this past Tuesday's Democratic primaries. I do feel that the Advocate, as well as other informants, have had a big part in that outcome. They helped us to get to know the candidates, and therefore, to vote wisely. I think for the most part, we've done just that, thank G-d. So thank you Advocate, and keep doing what you do! L. W. New Hempstead, Ny

The Advocate Action Desk. If you have something to report going on in or around the Town or County, or if you are generally alarmed or concerned on any issue involving laws, policies, or anything else -we want to hear your opinion! please write, to the Action Desk at: editor@

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THE ADVOCATE September 15, 2011

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‫דער אדוואקאט כי תבא תשע״א‬

9/15/2011 4:48:11 PM

THE ADVOCATE September 15,



‫כי תבא תשע״א‬

‫דער אדוואקאט‬

Sincerest condolences to Rabbi Yehuda Herbst, Mrs. Chava Leah Herbst & Family on the tragic loss of their beloved son, Reuven Dovid ‫ע ה‬

The R.C.D.C. Senior Women’s Group S. Adams E. Biller S. Censor T. Eizik S. Fischer R. Gitlitz L. Glazer Z. Gondelman

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L. Reisman A. Shapiro R. Smith H. Steinfeld R. Tilson D. Weidman R. Weiss M. Zinstein

R. Berman, P. Weinstein, Program Coordinators

RCDC WOMEnS’ SEniOR GROUP PROGRAM SCHEDULE: MOnDAY & WED. 12:30-3:00PM nutritious lunch served, stimulating program, & musical entertainment.

FREE T R A n S P O R T A T i O n




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THE ADVOCATE September 15, 2011

9.15.11.indd 5


‫דער אדוואקאט כי תבא תשע״א‬

9/15/2011 4:48:15 PM

9.15.11.indd 6

0 2 15 0 1 1 0 6 10 5 19 3 2 2 0 7 13 24 10 8 12 8 29 41 25 62 20 11 12 8 59 51 91 78 74 120 138 44 16 52 27 29 43 72 83

legislative County voters District 8 434 217 275

legislative County voters in District 13 312 394 178

lEgiSlator, diStrict 13



11 11 17 94 78

82 8 11 28 30

36 23 8 18 15

19 17 11 35 29

21 28 18 99 69 84

16 4 6 35 7 14 5 5 31 5 13 10 9 9 1 87 104 123 53 101 73 97 112 51 94

50 34 12 36 17

139 0 1 0 0 135 0 2 0 0 15 5 3 2 1 33 309 272 280 189 33 303 269 278 187

5 70 110 1 1 1 2 512 43 48 308 269 188 275

3 1 7 508 491

546 38 39 312 272 282 191 3 21 157 2 2 0 0

0 7 24 0 0 0 0 12 75 94 2 1 2 0 447 34 42 306 273 246 290

801 3562

555 450 253 4086 3808

4131 525

116 565 3214

622 3805


‫כי תבא תשע״א‬




43 53 17 20 9


3 92 116 11 7 4 2 506 32 53 302 267 278 189


new square 3 67 55 58 98




28 30 7 61 51

13 34 58 19 8 11 14 36 42 50 74 19 16 34 16 86 55 106 86 83 136 162 52 34 53 35 37 44 71 92

24 3 2 9 1 26 3 1 5 1 36 2 0 6 3 143 105 104 143 207 115 105 101 137 194

lEgiSlator diStrict 8

16 33 44 7 44 55 119 317

1 9 17 0 1 8 1 10 17 0 1 11 5 8 13 5 6 11 259 85 154 316 130 89 245 73 137 298 111 75

Village of Spring Valley voters: 746 773 765


2 5 2 10 20 11 94 67 72

272 87 121 343 131 18 4 114 109 157 212 66 27 95 93 38 51 94 109 126 78 106 2 14 22 1 0 22 40 4 1 6 3 30 55 15 28 21 11 16 5 8 27 9

2 6 2 0 11 10 19 8 43 54 118 151

SpriNg VallEy truStEE



ramapo towN JuSticE

64 71 74

15 7 20 1 3 8 29 3 4 11 8 21 49 9 63 25 16 23 9 14 33 16 47 77 141 303 102 88 143 101 94 143 185 69 24 86 50 25 47 86 102 106 72 87

spring valley 30 41 84 85 88 96 93 60 57 40 34 6 26 36 49






ramapo towN couNcil



ramapo SupErViSor




family court JudgE




Voting district:

monsey 21 25 28 35 number of votes

how the community voted the Sept 13th democratic primary

THE ADVOCATE September 15,

‫דער אדוואקאט‬

9/15/2011 4:48:17 PM

‫דער אדוואקאט כי תבא תשע״א‬


THE ADVOCATE September 15, 2011

votes FROM PAGE 1 supporters for their dedication at the 'After Primary Party' at Crowne Plaza Hotel."I pledge to you that no one is going to be a leader. We're going to work together to keep Rockland County safe," Falco said. In Spring Valley, Aron Wieder defeated incumbent Jacques Michel for District 13. Wieder had 394 votes compared to Michel’s 312. A third candidate, Joseph Desmaret, dropped out of the campaign and supported Michel. But his name remained on the ballot, this seemed to have split the vote in favor of Wieder. In District 8, Toney Earl came out in front as he sought reelection with 434 votes, compared to his opponents, Alexandre, 275, and Fonvil 217. He thanks the community for all the support he had, and told the Advocate he looks forward to sitting down again to discuss future plans for the Village. In the Town of Ramapo race

Dr. Albetter says; Christopher St. Lawrence, who is seeking his sixth term as Supervisor, was able easily overcome what looked like a opponent Robert Rhodes of Preserve Ramapo who pulled in 3,761 votes. The

heavily concentrated areas of Monsey and New Square seem to have influenced St. Lawrence’s astounding 6,098 vote count. The election is not over as Rhodes will be running again on the November ballot on the Preserve Ramapo line. Councilman Daniel Friedman of New Hempstead won the

Democratic line came in first out of five with 5,530 votes. Planning Board member Brendel Logan also won with 4,764 votes. Patricia Wooters had 3,281 and Emilia White, got 3,345. Scott Goldman got 1,151 votes. Town Justice was won by Alan Simon who, received 5,634 votes in the Democratic primary. Veteran Ramapo Justice Arnold Etelson, who received 3,509 votes. Simon told the Advocate that he plans to close his private practice to adjust to his new Judgeship position as he also acts as Village Justice in the Village of Spring Valley. The Village of Spring Valley saw a very close race for Trustees as all three candidates showed respectable numbers. But it was incumbent Dameza Delhomme who won with 773 votes compared with incumbent Leon’s 746, and new comer community activist Jacques Charlot’s 765. Delhome has been active in the Main Street housing projects, and told the Advocate that he enjoys working with Mayor Naramie Jasmin in the efforts of community improvement.

not have to display their social security numbers on the tops of their checks and government documents.This way, everyone's personal information is much more secure. I also became involved with the highways- Route 306 was promised sidewalks, and I helped

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Monsey Family Medical Center 40 Robert Pitt Dr., Monsey, NY 10952 845.352.6800

soskin FROM PAGE 1 an elected official, I was able to do so much more for the people. Advocate: What have you accomplished in your time as legislator? Soskin: Well, I'm glad to say there's alot. Regarding security, to begin with, I passed legislation that people should

back to school special

to complete that- now they go all the way to Grandview. I've also participated with other legislators to make sure that single family homes are only taxed for their one kitchen, if they have another that they hardly use. I'm also Chairman of Multi Services Committee, we deal with health problems; making sure the Department of Health is up to par. We make sure there are pellets in catch spaces, in mosquito infested buildings. We're also working on Stonehouse Road- even though it is not in my district, but it deals with terrible flooding. Mothers are afraid to let their children play, for fear of electric wires dragging in the water. They are afraid of an accident like the one that just occured on Merrick and Union, unfortunately. We also deal with Department of Social Services, hospitals, mental health units, the Youth Bureau, and the Human Rights Department. I also was part of looking into the building of a new Tappen Zee Bridge, and the idea of the Light Rail System, for Monsey. In the end the idea was vetoed as not worthwhile for our Town. I'm also a member of the Workers Compensation Self Insurance Committee, since 2005. This provides insurance the staff of the county, and some members of the villages and towns. There's also the Future Budget and Finance Committee, where we take care of most financial matters in the county. We review the financial expenditures that excede one hundred thousand dollars, and we see if it is, in fact, necessary; if it is needed in the county. We

ben gilman Spring Valley

Family Medical Center 175 Rt. 59 Spring Valley, NY 10977 845.426.5800

Reliable Brokerage Insurance *******************

Henry Kellner 845-783-6286

can either approve it, or ammend it to be cutting back more. We let go one hundred and fifty employees, and this saved us money to make large, important changes. There was only a two percent increase in tax, on a county level. In Rockland, the greatest tax is the school tax- the county tax is the smallest. There is a very sunbstantial deficit- fifty one million dollars, so we're trying to find ways to cut that deficit. I also represent the Solid Waste Management Authority- we take care of recycable wastes that go out, and review the texts that go out. I'm an accountant by trade, so I'm able to provide valuable insight. I am also a war veteran. I was drafted, and overseas in France for two years, during Korea. So now I am the veteran liasion for the people.

Advocate: Are you endorsed by any other parties? Soskin: I am endorsed by the Democratic , the Conservatives, and the Independent Family Parties. Advocate: Does your political expertise pertain to your district, alone? Soskin: Absolutely not. My door is always open to the members of our community, district residents, or not. I will help anyone, to the best of my abilities. Advocate: Do you have a message you would like to relay? Soskin: Yes. I'd like to tell the people to go out there, and vote! Here is your chance to pick whom you want representing you. Here's your chance to have a say in whom should lead our town. So please, go out there, on November 8th, and vote!

9/15/2011 4:48:22 PM

THE ADVOCATE September 15,



‫כי תבא תשע״א‬

‫דער אדוואקאט‬

Reichenberg FROM PAGE 1 tified in exploding or throwing in the towel, Moshe Yosef reacted with calmness, equanimity, and with his everpresent smile. He would go to great lengths helping others. For years he spent his entire Purim eve and day performing Purim Shpiels in the homes of numerous Monsey residents raising money for the Monsey G'mach, Keren Hachesed. I recall once spending the entire Ta'anis Esther with him preparing for such a shpiel and hurrying together with him to shul just moments before Megilah leining. His professional performances always delighted his audiences and helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for tzadakah each year. Moshe Yosef was a true friend, the type you feel totally comfortable with and always there for you when you need him. On more than one occasion, when he noticed I was going through a difficult period in shidduchim, he would invite me to his home for a weekday meal, or offer to go out and do a recreational pastime together. When Moshe Yosef first came to Ohr Somayach, he left behind a rich and satisfying life. In those early years he was popular with rebbeim and students alike. Even outside the yeshiva he had a bit of a fan club. I remember when we would go swimming at the local pool, the young cheder boys would gather around to watch him make impressive dives from the near ceiling high diving board. With his talent, intelligence, athletic abilities, and warm endearing nature, I felt confident that Moshe Yosef’s future held much promise. After the week of shiva, I called Rabbi Yochonon Wosner, who was one the rebbeim he was close with at Ohr Somayach. The first thing Rabbi Wosner asked me was, "Did you ever see Moshe Yosef without a smile?" To come to think of it, I haven't. But what is truly remarkable is that his infectious joy and optimism was not the product of a life blessed with material happiness and success. On the contrary, his life was beset with extreme financial and personal hardships. Whether it was a fire that destroyed all his material possessions or raising a child with autism, Moshe Yosef faced each extreme challenge with an

equally extreme level of bitochon and simcha. In a rare letter from the Chofetz Chaim, he gives chizuk to a young student who faced seemingly insurmountable difficulties. In it he writes: "I have received your pure letter and my heart goes out exceedingly for your pain. Just know my beloved one, there is a general principle that anything that is more holy is more desolate during the time of its destruction. The land of Israel is desolate, Yerusholayim all the more so, and the place of the holy Temple most of all. And the same principle applies to the bodies of the Jewish people. Whoever is closer to Hashem is more desolate. But know that in the end, the place of the holy Temple will be elevated before the eyes of the entire world. The same applies regarding people as well. In the end Hashem will make known before the eyes of all men the honor due to the people who held steadfastly to Him; in the time of their pain and affliction. . . " Chazal say that in the time of the future redemption, each person's reward will be comparable to a light. A person who helps members of the community will shine like the sky, teachers of children will be like stars. Some people will be like the sun in the early morning hours, others will be like the sun in the later hours of the morning. The highest level is when the sun is at its brightest peak; a level the Sages say is reserved for true Torah scholars. Chazal say that the sun in its midday glory is granted to another class of people as well. Not necessarily the scholar or person of notable achievement. Rather it is for those people who accept their suffering with joy and love of Hashem. Unto them the sages apply the verse, "And those who love Him will be like the sun going out in its full glory." I don't know many people who aptly fit the above description as our beloved friend, Reb Moshe Yosef Reichenberg, zaycher tzadik v'kodosh I'vracha. Yehi zichro baruch. Rabbi Greenwald is a former faculty member at Yeshivas Ohr Somayach in Monsey, and author of Reb Mendel and His Wisdom and We Want Life!

Dr. Albetter asks;


Dr. Renata Witkowska & Dr. David Menchell CAN HELP YOU. For an immediate appointment with the Depar tment of Allergy and Immunology Call 352-6800 today. Aaron Muller Melech Speech Therapists There is not&need to hideKarp, from the air and flowers. Monsey Family Medical Center 40 Robert Pitt Dr., Monsey, NY 10952 845.352.6800

ben gilman Spring Valley

Family Medical Center 175 Rt. 59 Spring Valley, NY 10977

100 FROM PAGE 1 an independent and nurturing lifestyle, prepared to give and unchanged by the challenges faced with throughout her life. Rose currently resides at Northern Metropolitan, a facility that provides nursing and therapy. Rose’s warm disposition, positive attitude and inviting personality make her a friend and advisor to residents and staff. “This is a wonderful celebration, one that truly

illustrates a story of hope, courage and endurance. We are honored to be a part of it!” stated Jeremy B. Strauss of Centers for Specialty Care Groups, the facility's consultants. Northern Metropolitan is located at 225 Maple Ave, in Monsey, N.Y. 10952. The facility can be reached by phone at (845) 352-9000 or on the web at http://

A letter about Moshe Yosef Riechenberg from a neighbor.

All of your family are in my prayers that G-d gives you the strength to get through this hurtfull time. More people should be as your husband and your children's father was. He helped another human being, not thinking about ethnic or religious status. He only saw a man and child needed help, and he just went to help. More people

9.15.11.indd 8

need to be as he and our world would be a better place. I am nobody special, just a person in Spring Valley that wanted to let you and your family know there are many in this town who share your loss with you. Though we aren't of the Jewish faith, we are your neighbors who care. JoAnn Masucci

9/15/2011 4:48:28 PM


THE ADVOCATE September 15, 2011

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‫דער אדוואקאט כי תבא תשע״א‬

News around the region ENGEL ANNOUNCES

County is taking

ANTI-CRIME GRANT out an emergency FOR SPRING VALLEY The Village of Spring Valley was awarded a $20,117 grant from the Department of Justice to help to prevent and control crime in the village, Congressman Eliot Engel announced today. Rep. Engel said, “This grant money will go directly to protecting the people of Spring Valley. First, a youth initiative program pairs police with young people and secondly by deploying police to high crime areas. Here is an area where federal aid helps communities across the country work towards a common goal, making our streets safe.” The money is from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG). In this case the JAG funds will support Operation "Safe Streets" and Youth, Police Initiative (YPI) which pairs youth and police officers in a program that improves police/youth communication and decreases crime. The Operation Safe Streets Program will deploy additional police officers to high, violent crime areas of the Village to decrease violent crime rate. The JAG program allows local governments to support a broad range of activities to prevent and control crime based on their own needs and conditions. Grant funds can be used for initiatives such technical assistance, training, personnel, equipment, supplies, and information systems. These may be used to include programs in law enforcement, prosecution and courts, prevention and education, corrections, drug treatment and enforcement, programs, planning, evaluation, and technology improvement, and crime victim and witness protection.

loan to pay bills

Acting Commissioner of Finance and Budget Stephen DeGroat says the county will borrow $40 million to create cash flow until the state repays the tens of millions that it owes. The loan must be repaid in a year. With interest rates at under 2 percent, he says, it will likely cost taxpayers less than $800,000. The Rockland Legislature unanimously approved the emergency loan last week. It will pay the county’s bills and cover expenses, including payroll. The county faces a $52 million budget deficit.

F16 Escort Flight After Passengers Locked in Bathroom Two fighter jets escorted a New York-bound American Airlines flight from Los Angeles after three passengers locked themselves in the bathroom Sunday, the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, officials said. A law enforcement official said it wasn’t thought to be terrorism, and American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith said, “In our eyes, it’s a big nothing.”

Administration said in a statement. The nature of the incident was unclear, but the passengers locked themselves in the bathroom and were still inside when the plane landed, the law enforcement official said. The official was not authorized to speak publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. Law enforcement met the flight and will interview passengers, the TSA statement said. The FBI responded to the airport. The jets intercepted the flight about 100 miles west of New York and shadowed it until it landed, said John Cornelio, spokesman for the North American Aerospace Defense Command. He described the measure as precautionary. Smith said a “security concern” was brought to the airline’s attention but the plane’s captain never declared any sort of security threat and never requested law enforcement help. He said the crew used “normal procedures” to assess the circumstances and the plane landed as planned. New York has been in a heightened state of security after federal officials received a credible but uncorroborated tip of a car bomb plot on the anniversary in either New York or Washington.

Obama marks Sept. 11 Reading Tehillim 46

The North American Aerospace Defense Command scrambled two F-16 jets to shadow Flight 34 until it landed safely at New York’s Kennedy Airport at 4:10 p.m. Sunday, the Transportation Security

Text of President Barack Obama’s remarks at New York City’s commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, as provided by the White House. He read from Tehillim 46.

9/15/2011 4:48:31 PM

THE ADVOCATE September 15,



‫כי תבא תשע״א‬

‫דער אדוואקאט‬

A health crisis in ‘slow motion’

ThatÕs how U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon describes the effects of chronic diseases, which account for nearly two-thirds of deaths worldwide. The U.N. will hold its first summit on the issue starting Sept. 19.

Noncommunicable disease threat

36 million


people died in 2008 from NCDs; cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases were the top killers

of NCD deaths in low-and middle-income countries in 2008 occurred before age 60


of premature NCD deaths are preventable, caused by bad habits, such as smoking, exercising too little, eating too much

Highest death rates from NCDs for men

Highest death rates from NCDs for women

Worldwide deaths from NCDs

Top health problems, by world region

More than 800 deaths per 100,000 men, 2008

More than 700 deaths per 100,000 women, 2008

Dr. B. Albetter asks;

“Did your child act out in school last year?”

In millions, 2008

Cardiovascular Cancer Respiratory Diabetes Other

Europe, North America 7.6 4.2 1.3

© 2011 MCT Source: World Health Organization Graphic: Pat Carr


17 Asia China India

Lung disease, high blood pressure Diabetes, high blood pressure

Central, South America Africa*

Heart disease, diabetes


Infectious diseases, maternal-infant health problems, poor nutrition

*Despite high death toll from NCDs, Africa remains only region where they are not the top causes of death

Healthy Living

Know your whole grains SCHOOL IS HERE! ...How well can your Find child out what the read issues are. Helthe p your chichalk ld get ahead this yearboard?" and look forward to a happy and successful school year. Dr.Schedule Samuel Wong a confidential consultation with Ophthalmologist Dr. Zvi Weisstuch, Psychiatrist

Call the Department of Behavioral Health at 352-6800 today. Monsey Family Medical Center 40 Robert Pitt Dr., Monsey, NY 10952 845.352.6800

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ben gilman Spring Valley

Family Medical Center 175 Rt. 59 Spring Valley, NY 10977 845.426.5800

Eating more whole grains is an easy way to add valuable nutrients to your diet.

What and why

• Unlike ÒrefinedÓ wheat products, in which the outer layer of bran is stripped away, a whole grain includes all its edible layers, including bran, germ and endosperm, the nutritive part of the seed • Whole grains are rich in B vitamins, fiber and antioxidants; diets rich in them promote colon health and can reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers • Whole grains include whole oats/oatmeal, brown rice, wild rice, bulgar, millet and quinoa

• Labels such as 100 percent wheat, multigrain, bran or organic do not indicate whole grain

© 2011 MCT Source: Web MD, World’s Healthiest Foods, MCT Photo Service

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THE ADVOCATE September 15, 2011

‫דער אדוואקאט כי תבא תשע״א‬

Lander CoLLege for

Women a place to be inspired Academic Excellence with Torah Values

Learn more about us at our

open House sunday, september 18th from 1:00pm - 4:00pm

The Anna Ruth and Mark Hasten School A Division of Touro College

For more information or to RSVP, please contact: Sarah Klugmann at 212-520-4263 or


Lander CoLLege for Women 227 West 60th Street New York, NY 10023 Touro College is an equal opportunity institution.

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A ative orm ! f s n Tra Year

A Personal Message from



irn ,frcu ,mknvc t”yhka hexchbe j”rdv

rbhnx The N.Y. ,hkg ,tu

EMINARY A unique one-year program suited for the serious Bas Yisroel

Opening Sep. 2012/ Elul 5772 in Brooklyn, NY

Under the dynamic leadership of

Rebbetzin Ruthy Assaf Menaheles

Rebbetzin Kanievsky

Mrs. Bella Weinreb Director

Applications available as of November 1, 2011

Develop a sense of the primacy of Torah in your life.

For information & inquiries please call

9.15.11.indd 11

1-855-THE-NYSEM 8 4 3 - 6 9 7 3

917-599-6016 Email us at: or

...My warmest blessings to the chashuve Rebbetzin and to the entire staff that will assist her, and especially to Reb. Bella Aidel Weinreb, who is her partner in leading the Seminary. May it be His will that you continue to advance in your holy work, and that all the talmidos who learn in your school be zoche to establish batim ne'emanim beyisrael, in holiness, purity, elation and joy.

With much love and wishes for hatzlacha, B. Kanievsky

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THE ADVOCATE September 15,



‫כי תבא תשע״א‬

‫דער אדוואקאט‬

“BACK TO SCHOOL” •Bullying •peer pressure •Quality time with your children •Homework •new friendships

Real issues. Real Solutions

Project Ohr Dept. of Behavioral Health Monsey Family Medical Center

845-352-6800 ext. 6849

Unemployed and under 35 High All Jobless rates have (in age group) school nearly doubled between the end of 18.8 14.9 2007 and the second quarter of 2011 for 10.1 younger adults.


Age 20-24

9.15.11.indd 12

8.6 5.4

Õ07 Õ11

Õ07 Õ11

Õ07 Õ11


Age 25-34 © 2011 MCT Source: U.S. Department of Labor Graphic: Minneapolis Star Tribune

College grad

9.4 4.7% Õ07 Õ11



6.3 2.2 Õ07 Õ11



Õ07 Õ11

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‫דער אדוואקאט כי תבא תשע״א‬


THE ADVOCATE September 15, 2011

Dr. Albetter asks;

“Dieting not working out?”

Don’t call it a diet, call it a weigh of life. Help yourself feel better, by eating better. Tuesday, September 20th IN

8:30pm – 9:45pm


Preparing Ships to Set Sail: Fostering Classwork and Homework Independence

Interactive instructional session presented by Eliezer Vilinsky, followed by open questions and discussion Location: Cong. Bais Torah Library 89 Carlton Road W. Suffern, NY

For all parents and/or educators men and women, separate seating $5.00 participation fee

The Chinuch Forum is a division of Educational Support Services, Inc. Eliezer Vilinsky, M.A. Miryam Vilinsky, M.Ed. Call 426-3673 or visit for more information. Dr. Albetter asks;

Schedule a consultation with Hanna Raice. Call the Department of Nutrition at 845-352-6800 today. Monsey Family Medical Center 40 Robert Pitt Dr., Monsey, NY 10952 845.352.6800

ben gilman Spring Valley

Family Medical Center 175 Rt. 59 Spring Valley, NY 10977 845.426.5800


Dr. Renata Witkowska & Dr. David Menchell CAN HELP YOU. For an immediate appointment with the Depar tment of Aller gy and Immunology Call 352-6800 today.

There is not need to hide from the air and flowers. Monsey Family Medical Center 40 Robert Pitt Dr., Monsey, NY 10952 845.352.6800

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ben gilman Spring Valley

Family Medical Center 175 Rt. 59 Spring Valley, NY 10977

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THE ADVOCATE September 15,






Hepatitis A




Measles, Mumps, Rubella8


Inactivated Poliovirus6



Haemophilus influenzae type b


Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis


• The supplemental dose of PCV13 should be administered at least 8 weeks after the previous dose of PCV7. See MMWR 2010:59(No. RR-11). • Administer PPSV at least 8 weeks after last dose of PCV to children aged 2 years or older with certain underlying medical conditions, including a cochlear implant.



HepA Series

Varicella see footnote 9

HepA (2 doses)

MMR see footnote 8


Range of recommended ages for certain high-risk groups






Hib4 Hib





see footnote3



Influenza (Yearly)




Range of recommended ages for all children

4–6 years 2–3 years

RV 2

1. Hepatitis B vaccine (HepB). (Minimum age: birth) At birth: • Administer monovalent HepB to all newborns before hospital discharge. • If mother is hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg)-positive, administer HepB and 0.5 mL of hepatitis B immune globulin (HBIG) within 12 hours of birth.

Symptoms of anemia Often, no symptoms Paleness Feeling tired Unusual shortness of breath during exercise Unusual food cravings (known as pica) Fast heartbeat Cold hands and feet Brittle nails or hair loss Headaches Dizziness or lightheadedness

This schedule includes recommendations in effect as of December 21, 2010. Any dose not administered at the recommended age should be administered at a subsequent visit, when indicated and feasible. The use of a combination vaccine generally is preferred over separate injections of its equivalent component vaccines. Considerations should include provider assessment, patient preference, and the potential for adverse events. Providers should consult the relevant Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices statement for detailed recommendations: pubs/acip-list.htm. Clinically significant adverse events that follow immunization should be reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) at or by telephone, 800-822-7967.

• • • • • • • • • •


Pregnancy. Women who are pregnant or nursing need more iron than women who are not pregnant or nursing. That's why pregnant women often are tested for anemia and why they need to eat more iron-rich foods or take a daily iron pill.


Growth spurts. Children younger than 3 years of age grow so fast that their bodies may have a hard time keeping up with the amount of iron they need.


Inability to absorb iron. The iron in your food is absorbed by the body in the small intestine. Diseases that affect your small intestine’s ability to absorb nutrients, such as Crohn’s disease or celiac disease, may cause low iron levels in your body. Some foods or medicines, including milk, antacids or stomach acidlowering medicines, also can prevent your body from absorbing iron.

Hepatitis B1

Diet. You may have low iron levels if you don’t eat enough foods high in iron . This is mostly a problem for children, young women who follow “fad” diets and people who don’t eat meat.

2 4 6 12 15 18 19–23 months months months months months months months

There are several other types of anemia, but iron deficiency anemia is the most common. According to Doctor James Israel of Monsey Family Medical Center a number of factors may cause low iron levels in your body:

1 month

People who have anemia don’t have enough hemoglobin. A common cause of anemia is when your body doesn’t make enough hemoglobin because it doesn’t have enough iron. This is called iron deficiency anemia.


Anemia is a condition that affects your red blood cells. Your red blood cells carry oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body. Hemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells that allows them to carry oxygen. Your body needs iron in order to make hemoglobin.

Recommendations about when to have your child vaccinated change from time to time vaccination schedules from an organization such as the American Academy of Family Physicians or the American Academy of Pediatrics, or you can ask your family doctor. Vaccinations usually start when your child is 2 months old and most are finished by the time he or she is 6 years old. According to Dr. Paul Bloom, a pediatrician at Monsey Family Medical Center, most children need to be vaccinated before they start school, but in some cases the school allows parents to wait until October to submit records.

Age ►

Department of Adult Medicine


Vaccine ▼

When Low Iron Is the Cause

Recommended Immunization Schedule for Persons Aged 0 Through 6 Years—United States • 2011 For those who fall behind or start late, see the catch-up schedule


Blood loss. Internal bleeding, usually in the digestive tract, also can cause blood loss. A stomach ulcer, ulcerative colitis, cancer, or taking aspirin or similar medicine for a long time can cause bleeding in your stomach or intestines.

schedule your appointment today: Monsey Family Medical Center 40 Robert Pitt Dr. Monsey, NY 10952 (845) 352-6800

‫דער אדוואקאט‬


Sponsored By Monsey Medical & Dental Center 40 Robert Pitt Drive, Monsey, NY 845-352-6800

DEPARTMENT OF PEDIATRIC MEDICINE DEPARTMENT OF Dr. Esther Bekritsky PEDIATRIC MEDICINE: Dr. Paul BloomBekritsky Dr. Esther Dr. Gerson Gluck Dr. Paul Bloom Dr. Gerson Gluck ADULT MEDICINE Dr. James Israel Dr. ADULT Arthur Landau MEDICINE: Dr. Debra Grohman Dr. James Israel BrianDr. Blitz, PA Landau Arthur Elana Dr.Klein, DebraPAGrohman Dr. Eric Goldman FAMILY MEDICINE Brian Blitz, PA Dr. Ryan Banach FAMILY MEDICINE: OB/GYN Dr. Ryan Banach Dr. Joel W. Allen Dr. DebraOB/GYN: Kirschner Dr. Karina Zhuravleva Dr. Joel W. Allen Melissa A. Carco, PA Dr. Debra Kirschner Dr. Karina Zhuravleva DENTAL Melissa A. Carco, PA Dr. Genady Benyaminov Dr. Leonard Kundel DENTAL Dr.Dr. Stacey Lubetsky Genady Benyaminov Dr. Ramin Kashani Dr. Leonard Kundel Dr. Jacklyn Tadros Dr. Stacey Lubetsky Dr. Mark Raider Tadros Dr. Jacklyn Dr. Sarah HannaRaider Dr. Mark Jana Barkin, Hygienist Dr. Sarah Hanna Jana Barkin, Hygienist SPECIALTY Dr. Harry Baldinger - Podiatry SPECIALTY: Dr. Stuart Birnbaum--Podiatry Podiatry Dr. Harry Baldinger David Schwalb Dr. Stuart Birnbaum- Urology - Podiatry Dr. Dr.David DavidMenchellSchwalb -Allergy Urology Dr. Renata Renata Witkowska Witkowska --Allergy Allergy Dr. Dr. Samuel Wong Ophthalmology Dr. Samuel Wong - OphthalmolDr. Alfred Hellreich ogy- Dermatology Philip Fried - Dermatology Dr. Alfred Hellreich - DermatolDr. Yoel Kantor - Endocrinology ogy Hanna Raice - Nutrition Counseling Dr. Philip Fried - Dermatology Aaron Therapy Dr. YoelMuller, KantorSpeech - Endocrinology Melech Karp,- Nutrition Speech Therapy Hanna Raice Counsel-

‫כי תבא תשע״א‬

To discuss this and other healthcare issues with our pediatricians; Dr. Esther Bekritsky, DDr. Paul Bloom, or Dr. Gerson Gluck, please call the Medical Center at 845.352.6800

please visit us on the web at WWW. CMADC.COM

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‫דער אדוואקאט כי תבא תשע״א‬

Behavioral Health

eating disorders explained Reviewed By: Esther Rothbaum, LMSW An eating disorder is an obsession with food and weight that harms a person's well-being. Although we all worry about our weight sometimes, people who have an eating disorder go to extremes to keep from gaining weight. There are 2 main eating disorders: anorexia nervosa and bulimia. People who have anorexia are obsessed with being thin. They don't want to eat, and they are afraid of gaining weight. They may constantly worry about how many calories they take in or how much fat is in their food. They may take diet pills, laxatives or water pills to lose weight. They may exercise too much. People who have anorexia usually think they're fat even though they're very thin. They may get so thin that they look like they're sick. Bulimia is eating a lot of food at once (called bingeing), and then throwing up or using laxatives to remove the food from the body (called purging). After a binge, some bulimics fast (don't eat) or overexercise to keep from gaining weight. People who have bulimia may also use water pills, laxatives or diet pills to "control" their weight. People who have bulimia often try to hide their bingeing and purging. They may hide food for binges. People who have bulimia are usually close to normal weight, but their weight may go up and down. Possible causes include feeling stressed out or upset about something in your life, or feeling like you need to be "in control." Society also puts a lot of pressure on people to be thin. This pressure can contribute to this obsession. It's healthy to watch what you eat and to exercise. What isn't healthy is worrying all the time about your weight and what you eat. People who have eating disorders do harmful things to their bodies because of their obsession about their weight. If it isn't treated, anorexia can cause the following health problems: • Stomach problems • Heart problems • Fine hair all over the body, including the face • Dry, scaly skin

If it isn't treated, bulimia can cause the following health problems: • Stomach problems • Heart problems • Kidney problems • Dental problems • Dehydration (not enough water in the body) For people who have anorexia, the first step is getting back to a normal weight. If you're malnourished or very thin, you may be put in the hospital. Your doctor will probably want you to see a dietitian to learn how to pick healthy foods and eat at regular times. For both people who have anorexia and bulimia, family and individual counseling (talking about your feelings about your weight and problems in your life) is helpful. The following are possible warning signs of anorexia and bulimia: • Unnatural concern about body weight (even if the person is not overweight) • Obsession with calories, fat grams and food • Use of any medicines to keep from gaining weight (diet pills, laxatives, water pills)

PROJECT OHR Department of Behavioral Health Seymour Kushnir, MD ADULT PSYCHIATRY Allan Flaggman, MD ADULT PSYCHIATRY Zvi Weisstuch, MD CHILD PSYCHIATRY SOCIAL WORK Individual, Couple Child & Family Therapy Malka Susswein, LCSW Yael Kahan, LMSW Gelly Asovski, LCSW Child Therapy Gila Zelinger, LCSW

More serious warning signs may be harder to notice because people who have an eating disorder try to keep it secret. Watch for these signs: • Throwing up after meals • Refusing to eat or lying about how much was eaten • Fainting • Overexercising • Increased anxiety about weight • Denying that there is anything wrong Did you know? • 8,000,000 or more people in the United States have an eating disorder. • 90% are women. • Victims may be rich or poor. • Eating disorders usually start in the teens but may begin as early as age 8.

Chana Simmonds, LCSW Rabbi Aryeh Frankel, LMSW Sharon Kronenberg, LMSW Naomi Franklin, LMSW Child Therapy Avi Riber, LMSW Esther Rothbaum, LMSW Child Therapy Tziporah Spira, LMSW For a confidential consultation call

PROJECT OHR Tel. 845.352.6800 Ext. 6849

P r o j e c t O h r Behavioral Health Tips Supporting Children’s Mental Health: Tips for Parents and Educators • Practice the back to school routine a few times before the first day (e.g., go to bed, get up, dress, eat breakfast, brush teeth, and be out the door by 8am). • Have your child help prepare what you can the night before (pick out clothes, pack healthy lunch your child likes, pack school bag, etc). • Talk to your child's school and find out what the routines are. Help your child to understand what is expected – practice new or difficult skills at home before school starts.

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THE ADVOCATE September 15,

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‫כי תבא תשע״א‬

‫דער אדוואקאט‬

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THE ADVOCATE September 15, 2011


RCDC Housing, Inc. would like to help you...

We have a certified foreclosure counselor on staff who can assist you Call us for more information

(845) 352-1400 ext. 3243

‫דער אדוואקאט כי תבא תשע״א‬


• Have an occasional family meeting to discuss ways you can save energy at home. • Make a game out of saving energy by paying small rewards for coming up with new energy saving tips in the home. • Keep track of your utility bills to see how much you can save. water. On the other hand, lighting and appliances and everything else account for only 10 to 30% of the energy used in most residences. Turn lights and appliances off



RCDC HOUSING DEPARTMENT The following information is provided to the community by the RCDC Housing Department as a public service

Emergency Cooling Program for Low-Income NY Residents and Building Owners

Hot weather can be DANGEROUS! if you have a medical condition that puts you at risk in a heat wave... If you have young children or if you are elderly and suffer from the heat... Help is available at no cost.

Effective Immediately, you can receive a free, energy efficient air conditioner and we will install your new AC at no charge. Requirements: * Proof of medical need * Income requirement * Permission from your landlord You cannot own another working AC

Extremely limited supply call: RCDC Housing - 845-352-1400 for more information

9.15.11.indd 17

Rockland County has been declared as one of the affected areas from hurricane Irene and therefore residents of Rockland County are eligible for disaster assistance. You can either call FEMA at 1-800-621-3362 or go online to

to see if you are eligible.

Fall tips A good way to start is to air-out your homes. Did you know that our indoor air quality is 5-10 times worse than the outdoor? Yes, most people are surprised to hear this fact. Open all windows and let fresh air in on those cool fall days when your heating and cooling system is getting a much needed break. This will help minimize mold, asthma and allergies in the fall and winter months. Replace your air filters. This provides multiple benefits. Your heater will work more efficiently and it won’t be recirculating nasty mold, mildew and allergens into your home. Your indoor air quality improves as well. It’s also a good idea to get your heating system inspected by a professional to identify and fix any potential problems ahead of time.

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THE ADVOCATE September 15,



‫כי תבא תשע״א‬

‫דער אדוואקאט‬


Since 1989

f o s r a e “21 Y essful c c ” u g S n i n i a Tr

professional coMpuTer Training cenTer Under the Directorship of Mrs. Henny Frankel • Monsey, New York • Brooklyn, New York

Training cenTers now in Monsey anD Brooklyn

Accepting Registration Now for

FALL Schedule

fall courses Beginning october 31, 2011

graphics: • graphics

• graphics advanced

adobe inDesign adobe illustrator adobe photoshop

layout photostyling packaging, etc.

office aDMinisTraTion: • word processing Microsoft word

• spreadsheets Microsoft excel

• computerized Bookkeeping QuickBooks premier

for further information and registration, please call: 845•425•0884 800•425•0884 • Separate classes for men and women •

. . . Training for success

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THE ADVOCATE September 15, 2011


To place a classified ad please call 845.770.1950 • or E-mail

Medical Center seeks Early Morning Or Late Evening Receptionist Immediate Opening Yiddish or Spanish speaking VERY helpful must have customer service experience and be able to multi-task morning position /be available for work at 7:30am for, evening position up to 9pm for P/T or F/T Please Call 845-352-6800 x 6834, or Email CONDOS FOR RENT-SALE


Immed Occup 2400 sf flex space 14 ft ceiling, suitable warehouse, light mfg, showroom. Incl 400 sf office 5 min from Main St Monsey. 845-558-2600


• Needle Point • Oil Painting • Portraits

Free Estimates • Fully licensed & Insured

Learn Quickbooks Fast and Easy


I have taught many men and women and now you can learn Quickbooks quickly and easily. Whether you have a business or are looking for a job, you need to know Quickbooks. Private lessons from an experienced Instructor. Please call (845) 445-8844

1 or 2 bedrooms available . Please call Yaakov Miller 914.414.3619 or Rivky Kagan 845.659.2056.

A & M Gar finkel

situation needed

Kagan Realty

Looking to buy or sell-? Give the Kagan Team a call -Rivky Kagan 845.659.2056 Yaakov Miller 914.414.3619 Kagan Realty



Value is in the land, over a half an acre. For more info please call Rivky Kagan 845.659.2056.

We start with design • Continue with quality • End with satisfaction!


Custom Framing and Matting



845.352.1400 x 3245

Kagan Realty

*interns for newspaper* ...wanted to help newspaper grow, WANNA SEE YOUR writing IN PRINT? must be hard working. flexible hours. call 845-770-1950 or email: this is exp. only, un-paid internship.

TAXI AVAILABLE Cheapest In Town Mini Vans Available Pay after Shabbos or Yom Tov 24 hour service Local or Long Distance 425-4411 la familia taxi




MONSEY BLUEBERRY HILL Apartments for rent

star 1 transportation CAR SERVICE & AIRPORT SHUTTLE

1 Bedroom from $1,140 2 Bedrooms from $1,595 3 Bedrooms from $2,025



9.15.11.indd 19

House for sale-Forshay

Professional service & quality. That’s all you get.



Free Room & Board for mature student or adult in the home of a respectable female senior citizen. Limited assistance may be required. Character references must be provided. Call Rachel at RCDC 845352-1400 ext 3245.

Commercial Industrial • Residential

Help Wanted

‫דער אדוואקאט כי תבא תשע״א‬

Local and Long Distance Service 15 Passenger Van, Minivan, Town Car $7 Monsey to 222 Rt. 59, Suffern - $9 Monsey to Good Sam Hospital $11 Monsey to Palisades Mall - $14Monsey to Nyack Hospital $5 Monsey to College Road

Pay after Shabbos or Yom Tov 845-356-2602

To place a classified ad please call 845.770.1950 or E-mail

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THE ADVOCATE September 15,



‫כי תבא תשע״א‬

‫דער אדוואקאט‬

DATED MATERIAL post master please deliver same day

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O r t h o t i c s Vol. 26 No. 33 • Rockland’s Independent Jewish Community Newspaper Since 1985 • 17 Ellul - 5771 September 15, 2011 ia anem...