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urfing is big in Brazil. And so is mission. It was a joy to see these two passions of my homeland come together in the ministry of Pastor Vinícius Metzker. Pastor Vini is an avid surfer who has a burning desire to share Jesus with other surfers. Several years ago, he began offering free lessons to anyone who expressed an interest. He gets so many requests to join his classes, he can’t accommodate them all. Pastor Vini spends a lot of time forging friendships. He mingles with people, lends a listening ear, and tries to help them with their needs.

The local Adventist conference has embraced this mission as well, buying surfboards for people to borrow during their lessons. The results? Amazing! People who may have never come to know Jesus any other way are discovering the Creator of the waves they love and the Friend they’ve been longing for. Many have requested Bible studies, started going to church, given their hearts to Jesus, and even been baptized! You can read about Pastor Vini’s unique mission in a story called “Waterproof Faith” on page 26. I hope it inspires you as much as it inspired me.

Earley Simon, Video and TV producer Office of Adventist Mission Seventh-day Adventist Church world headquarters


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Mission 360˚ Magazine - May 2016  

Mission 360˚ Magazine - May 2016