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here should I start? Which is my favorite story this time? Whenever I hand someone a copy of the latest issue of Mission 360°, I just can’t hold back. I can’t wait for the reader to get into the magazine, so I tend to point out the choicest stories. In our last issue, I just had to recommend ‘The Bloodstained Bible” and “The House With No Flags.” In the issue prior to that, it was “The Pancake Church,” a story that people are still talking about. In this issue we’ve gathered another great selection of stories about missionaries, volunteers, Global Mission pioneers, and ADRA workers. For instance, the plight of refugees is prominent in world news these days.


Be sure to check out “Reaching Out to Atlanta’s Refugees” on page 6. You’ll also appreciate seeing the rare photos from the Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research in “Lost Treasures From Turkey” on page 18. This is an important record of the early work of the Seventh-day Adventist church before World War I. Perhaps the most poignant feature is entitled “Ultimate Sacrifice.” Since 1874, missionaries and their families have been sent to the far corners of the world. In some cases they were never able to return to loved ones in their homeland. In the past five years alone, we have lost more than a dozen missionaries, including young children and babies. We pay tribute to them on page 16.

As I read about the service of dedicated individuals who pledge to go wherever God sends them, I am encouraged and thankful. They have told us many times that they appreciate your prayers. Thank you for remembering them.

Nancy Kyte Office of Adventist Mission P.S. If you’ve missed previous issues of Mission 360°, it’s not too late. Visit to catch up on all of the mission stories.

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Mission 360˚ Magazine - February 2016  

Mission 360˚ Magazine - February 2016