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Gift of the “I


have a surprise for you,” I announced to my midwife students at Gimbie Adventist College of Health, where I volunteered as a nurse-midwife instructor in Ethiopia. “The chaplain just called to tell me that the hospital has Bibles for you—.” That was as far as I got before a joyful roar drowned out



my voice. My students were clapping their hands, stomping their feet, and gleefully pounding each other on the back. I had never seen anyone so excited about receiving a Bible. But I understood why. Literacy in any language is often elusive in rural Ethiopia, and my students considered their ability

to read a blessing. Finally, they would be able to read God’s Word for themselves. Furthermore, all of my students were struggling financially. Tolessa, for example, did not have money for


Profile for Adventist Mission

Mission 360˚ Magazine - February 2015  

Mission 360˚ Magazine - February 2015