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early 50,000 copies of this magazine were initially mailed to Adventist churches and church members across North America. But Mission 360° is more than a traditional print magazine. It was also distributed electronically to tablets around the world. To date it is available on three of the largest e-reader platforms, Apple’s iPad, Google’s Android tablets, and Amazon’s Kindle*, absolutely free.

How to get Mission 360° for your tablet 1. Visit 2. Look for the three app links near

the bottom of the page.

3. Pick the one for your device: · App Store for an iPad · Google Play for an Android device · Amazon Kindle for a Kindle HD 4. Download the app.

5. It should automatically install on

your tablet. You may need to sync your tablet with your computer. 6. Alternatively, you can search for “Mission 360” in the app store on your device.

7. Once you have the app on your

device and you have opened it, you will need to tap on the library icon near the bottom of the screen to see the available issues. You will

need to tap “Download” just below the issue icon to have it delivered to your device. 8. Watch for bonus features in the tablet version of Mission 360° such as embedded videos, which can’t be included in the print version.

How to use Mission 360° on a tablet 1. Tap with one finger to show/hide the Table

of Contents icon (top left corner), bookmark tool (top right), and the thumbnail icons and scrolling control (bottom). 2. Swipe left and right to move between stories in the magazine. Swiping left and right will also slide the thumbnail icons when they are displayed. 3. Swipe up and down to scroll story content. Pages displaying a “Slide up to read more” message along the bottom edge contain copy and images not initially displayed.

Even if you don’t have a tablet, you can still get Mission 360° electronically. Visit to read it online. *The Mission 360° Kindle app only works on Kindle HD.

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