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Honest Brothers




uh and Yu live with their father in a tiny one-room apartment in a large city in Taiwan. The brothers’ mother died when they were small. Their father feels bad that he can’t work at a steady job and provide well for his boys. Often they go to school hungry. But the boys love their father and don’t want to live with someone else. After classes, Duh and Yu go to the after-school center in the Adventist church across the street from the school. There volunteer teachers help children with their homework and provide a hot meal. “I like coming to the after-school center,” Yu said. “It’s fun to play games when our work is done, and the food is good, too.”

Duh and Yu aren’t Adventists. But on Sabbath the children from the after-school center return to the center to attend children’s church. “I like learning about God,” Duh says. “And we get lunch, too,” he adds with a smile. The brothers stay at church all afternoon for worship, Pathfinders, and an after-sunset playtime. They especially enjoy Pathfinders and are proud of the honors that they’ve earned. Although their father isn’t a Christian, he gladly allows them to attend 2 t h e c h u r c h ’s programs because he knows that 1


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Mission 360˚ Magazine - August 2015  

Mission 360˚ Magazine - August 2015