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At FF News we work with thought leaders in the fintech, insurtech and financial services industries, all over the world.

In addition to publishing a constant stream of online news and coverage from the most prominent industry events, we produce video episodes and bespoke content tackling a range of topics, as well as quarterly digital and print publications.

Our clients receive marketing content with a long shelf life and ‘evergreen’ appeal. It helps them to package, deliver and broadcast their message and it’s shared through our extensive network (ffnews. com, LinkedIn,Twitter and YouTube as well as our magazines and newsletters) and their own channels.

Our products are consumed by key financial decision-makers so that they can gain reliable and accurate intelligence on emerging trends, breakthrough technologies and industry disruptors, helping them to make dependable and informed choices.

A breakdown of these engaged leadership figures by geography, job role and the organisations they represent can be found on pages 16 - 20.

2 | Fintech Finance News Media Pack
FINTECH SHOW PAYTECH SHOW INSURTECH SHOW FINTECH MAGAZINE INSURTECH MAGA ZINE PAYTECH MAGAZINE CARPOOL FINT ECH FINANCE CONTENTS Video Production 04 Magazines 10 Online 12 Newsletters 14 Press Releases 20 Audience 16 Targeted Campaigns 21 Our Global Audience 19 FF Awards 22 Fintech Finance News Media Pack | 3



Our flagship products are our thought leadership-style, documentary episodes where we highlight industry pioneers through Q & A, storytelling and structured conversation.

When filming an episode, we can travel to your office, wherever it is in the world, or host your speaker in our London studio for a high-production, in-depth interview aimed at contextualising your place within the industry.


Video Episode from £10,900

Video Episode + Magazine from £14,500

We then combine this with footage from an interview on the same topic with a current or potential partner, where we’ll cover the challenges the industry is facing to demonstrate the solutions to these challenges that your technology can provide and highlight why you are the perfect partner of choice.

We take footage shot for the episodes to produce micro-content which we use to promote the full length videos online and our editorial team can also use a transcript of the interviews to write a DPS feature in the magazine.

4 | Fintech Finance News Media Pack

The FF Virtual Arena format was developed to respond to the challenges of the pandemic after in-person filming was restricted. The success of the Virtual Arena continues, as it allows for a lively, moderated panel discussion. Similar to our


Virtual Arena from £5,000 Virtual Arena + Magazine from £7,000

work on The Insurtech Show , the FF Virtual Arena episodes focus on thought leaders and industry disruptors in a Q&A panel format. It’s recorded remotely and streamed as live to our engaged social following before being published and promoted across all FF News channels.

Through the FF Virtual Arena , we can host multiple executives from various organisations; banks, insurance companies, PSPs, insurtechs, influencers, analysts, etc, which we will arrange and organise through our network. Topics for discussion and third parties are chosen during the production process to craft a bespoke narrative.

Fintech Finance News Media Pack | 5


We’re renowned for producing engaging, evergreen and creative video content. When it comes to delivering your message to your audience, or approaching you with new angles, we’re well-versed and able to apply our industry knowledge for practical gain.

During the production process, we can use a mixture of storyboarding and pre-visualisation to present ideas to you, before shooting and editing the footage and we also operate a policy of including as many edits as you require.

With bespoke video production for obvious reasons, it’s very much price on application. However whatever we quote will be all-encompassing, with zero creep cost and no additional charges for travel etc. Our production crew will travel anywhere in the world that you want to film, or alternatively, we can use our dedicated studio space in the heart of London.

We’re often tasked with the production of bespoke videos for a wide variety of clients and for multiple purposes, from Quarterly Results, Customer Testimonials, Sales Kick-Off Videos, Pitch Videos, CSR pieces, VR, Drone, TV & Web Adverts, Quiz Events to even rap videos!

These projects are also sometimes white-labelled and we can carry out work under an NDA if required.

6 | Fintech Finance News Media Pack


We have produced a number of whitepaper reports and case-studies with clients, but all too often, what we found missing from the process was suitable promotion. With this in mind we created the Bespoke Whitepaper Promotional Video.

The primary goal of these videos is to increase downloads by building curiosity and overcoming hesitancy; teasing the content and providing a call-to-action. By fulfilling the ‘what’s in it for me?’prospects are assured the content is valuable and are much more likely to part with their details in return.

Our production team will travel anywhere in the world to film the interview with your speaker for the video, or you also have the option of using our dedicated studio space in the heart of London.

Fintech Finance News Media Pack | 7


Companies spend an absolute fortune at events.

Anecdotally, we have heard of a company paying more than £4 million (!) for a booth in 2019. And yet, a few years later, there is little to no online footprint of this presence. We look to change that with our event interviews. They typically involve us preparing questions in advance to align with your messaging and the reason you’re attending the event.

During the event, we will have a multi-camera set-up and can film on location, at your booth, or at our static pop-up studio on site. We also shoot a variety of B-roll which will include your branding and representatives and attendees at your booth, before combining all of this footage to create the video. Once approved, as well as giving you full access to all of the raw footage, we also publish the interview on the FF News homepage and through our social channels.


Priority Video at Event from £5,000

Priority Video at Event + Magazine from £6,000

For bespoke, white labelled event coverage please contact us about our bespoke video solutions.

8 Fintech Finance News Media Pack


We love to get creative with the bespoke coverage we produce. Sometimes having a contextual, fun twist can bring out the best conversations and make a real impact at an event.

In 2022, we launched Carpool Conversations and filmed the first series at ITC Vegas . Each episode features a one-on-one interview, recorded using multiple camera angles, whilst carpooling to an event in a high performance, electric, sports car. The interviews aren’t scripted, allowing for free-flowing conversation covering a range of topics, and during each episode we periodically cut to B-roll footage of the car, aerial footage and the local landmarks.

Pre-pandemic, we ran The Payments Race at Money20/20 for six seasons and we hope to be firing the starting gun again in the future.

Other approaches under the FF Presents banner have included The FF Salon at Fintech Week London and SIBOS , which was delivered as both short-form video clips and long-form audio podcasts and Cocktail Conversations from the FF Cocktail Club at Fintech Talents . Costing for all of these is on a by-request basis, as no two events are the same.

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Throughout the year, we produce magazines exploring various topics within the financial services industry, which complement our Episodes and Virtual Arenas.

We feature interviews with thought leaders and experts from around the world, and dig deep into ideas, people and technology. From banks and insurance firms to financial technology companies, we uncover the pressing issues, opportunities and challenges they face.

Our magazines are available for free to anyone who registers, and are released in both physical and digital editions.

In addition to being sent via email to our subscribers and published and promoted via our extensive network, physical editions of the magazines are distributed at various events and trade shows such as Insurtech Insights Europe and USA and ITC Vegas .

Alongside our flagship publications such as The Insurtech Magazine , we produce a series of special supplements, including guides for some of the biggest shows and subject-specific publications, which have looked at, for example, AI, Blockchain and (big) Data .

We also regularly celebrate individuals with our Swashbucklers and Buckaroos special edition.

Contact us if you have a specific idea for a bespoke issue and our team will help piece it together with you.

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Pagination: 50-150 approx pages per magazine

Print run: 20,000 plus, worldwide

Full Page Ad

Double page Spread Ad

Average pages loaded 943,000 per digital issue:

Average time spent reading 10:56 per digital issue:

319 average reads per 1000 impressions


Front Cover Package from £25,000

Two-page Article from £4,000


Single Page from £2,500

Double-page Spread from £4,000

Single Page – Inside Cover, Front or Back from £4,000

Single Page – Outside Back Cover from £5,500

All of our magazines are made from FSC materials. Our envelopes are also manufactured using recycled plastics or are manually reused (excuse any previous sticker residue)

420mm 210mm 280mm
Fintech Finance News Media Pack | 11


Our primary distribution channel is ffnews.com.

Here, our press team edit and curate all the latest insurtech and insurance news stories from around the world, adding context and insight to create a meaningful, rich news experience consumed by, on average, 150,000+ visitors a month.

Our global audience has full and free access to read press release articles and editorial pieces and watch all of our video episodes, bespoke content and international event coverage.

Our content is regularly syndicated and it’s found at the top of Google News, among other aggregators. All the published content is mirrored to our ~70,000 LinkedIn and ~27,000 Twitter followers, from which ~20 per of our traffic arrives.

Detailed visitor stats are available at the back of the media kit.

12 | Fintech Finance News Media Pack


Leaderboard ~140k IPM* from £7,500

Mobile Leaderboard ~130k IPM* from £5,500

In-Content ~170k IPM* from £7,500

Large Sidebar ~100k IPM* from £4,500

Small Sidebar ~80k IPM* from £4,000

Footer ~110k IPM* from £5,000

*Average results.

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We produce a lot of exciting content.

We cover a lot of the latest trends.

We publish a lot of press releases and editorials.

We publish a lot of press releases and editorials. We produce a large volume of content across our channels which is shared with our audience.

One of the ways we do this is via our newsletter. It’s free to subscribe to and we use it to promote the various assets that we create.

Whether you’re looking to advertise your company and/or brand, a report, a product or service, we can help you do this by placing a banner advert within the newsletter.

If needed, we can also segment our audience, based on their geography, to ensure we are targeting the most relevant section(s) of our database for you.

14 Fintech Finance News Media Pack


1 month placement leaderboard banner – 285 x 80 graphic provided

Please see our assets available for sponsorship for content advertising.

Please note, we do not do dedicated eBlasts of third-party html.

1 month placement footer banner – 728 x 90 graphic provided

1 month placement half footer banner - 285 x 120 graphic provided

24,563 Average clicks per campaign: 1,284 Cost per month (28-day period) £7,500
impressions per campaign:
Average impressions per campaign: 24,563 Average clicks per campaign: 962 Cost per mont (28-day period) £7,500
Average impressions per campaign: 24,563 Average clicks per campaign: 885 Cost per month (28-day period) £6,000 Fintech Finance News Media Pack | 15


2015, we’ve built up our readership database across multiple facets of the financial landscape. 21% US/Canada 35% Europe 11% MENA 8% Africa 3% Oceania 7% Asean 6% East Asia 5% LATAM 26% AMER 54% EMEA 20% APAC 16 | Fintech Finance News Media Pack

29% Innovation Lead, Account Manager, Developer, Founder, Specialist, Advisor, Executive, Student, Analyst, First Aider


5% Managing Director, CEO or Chair

18% C-Suite, CXO, COO, CTO, CMO, CFO, CTO, CCO

27% Head of Department, Senior Manager


23% of overall Audience

Up to 500 employees

21% VP, Director, VP of Digital, Transformation Director, Operations Director, VP of Risk, Data Security Director, IT Director

54% of overall Audience

50,000+ employees

10% of overall Audience

500 to 5,000 employees

13% of overall Audience

5,000 to 50,000 employees

Fintech Finance News Media Pack | 17



18 | Fintech Finance News Media Pack
15%+ 3-14% 1-2% <1% LinkedIn 70,000+ Followers Twitter 27,300+ Followers YouTube 6,700+ Subscribers SOCIAL FOLLOWERS BY JOB TITLE HoD / Manager 40% CxO / Owner 13% VP / Director 21% Everyone Else 26% SOCIAL FOLLOWERS TOP INDUSTRIES Financial Services 42% Information Technoltogy 26% PR, Marketing, Advertising 19% 90%+ Industry-specific relevance 73% Influential in driving change


Our readership is continually expanding and our global audience includes subscribers from the following organisations.

Fintech Finance News Media Pack | 19


As a leading news outlet covering the financial services industry, we love to hear all the latest news and trends taking place across the globe.

Not only that, we love to support any news that our friends, clients and companies are promoting. Whether this is a new product, a round of funding or a new partnership – it’s great to hear about it!

All press releases are published and promoted on the FF News website and promoted via our LinkedIn and Twitter channels.

Please contact news@ffnews.com and we will be happy to assist. Note: we receive an awful lot of event partnership requests and are unable to get back to everyone.


20 | Fintech Finance News Media Pack


FF News has built a broad LinkedIn following across the financial services sector, including a wide range of organisations, from global financial institutions, to insurers, tech companies, fintechs, payment specialists... the list goes on.

We have the ability to build tailored campaigns to target specific filters under organisation, job title and geographies. Whether you are looking to promote an announcement, partnership or report, we can create bespoke adverts to target your audience and more!


Each campaign will run for an agreed period of time, promoting your bespoke advert across the industry with targeted filters. Following this, we will share the report, outlining engagement throughout the campaign.

Costing for all of these is an on-request basis, as no two campaigns are the same.

Fintech Finance News Media Pack | 21


In 2021, we hosted our inaugural awards show for the industry, The FF Awards . We developed a first-of-its-kind video entry awards system, with tiered judging and no pay-to-play. We created 15 categories and attracted 163 entries from fintechs all over the world, showing us their WOW moments. In the first year, more than 3,000 votes were cast.

We have to say (as objectively as we can) The FF Awards are… THE BEST award show in the fintech space.

In 2022 we built on this success and made it even bigger and better than before, bringing the total number of entries to more than 300 videos, attracting more than 5,000 votes.


The 2022 show pushed the bar higher, with some top-level surprises catching the attendees off guard!

In 2023... we’re going to blow your minds!

For more information, look out for our FF Awards 2023 media pack and stay tuned at ff-awards.com

22 | Fintech Finance News Media Pack
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