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A Year-Round Community at the A/U Ranches For many years, the A/U Ranches have provided a space for a few young adults to stay through the winter, bridging the time between the end of the fall season and the start of spring programs and another summer of camp. Usually, it’s a few folks who work or volunteer here on property. This past fall, though, we’ve had a community of twenty staff working a variety of jobs from Leadville to Salida, each with a unique story about what this opportunity has meant to them.

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From Mimi Riley (pictured above, right) I can’t express how grateful I am for the support the A/U Ranches has given me this year. It’s been difficult for me as I finish my sophomore year of college entirely online. This fall, I was living in Boulder and I struggled deeply, feeling isolated, disconnected and unmotivated. In the middle of that struggle, I came back to Buena Vista for a visit, and the A/U Ranches offered me the opportunity to stay. I’ve been able to keep working with the horses here, watching the sunrise while I grain the older ones and wait for water troughs to fill, and riding on sunny days. Even more importantly, however, I’ve found a community. Whether it’s hearing about the incredible work being done in the Leadville schools, commiserating over the logistics of Zoom church, or just kitchen space as everyone cooks dinner, there are so many opportunities to feel connected and to know that I have a network to support me if I need it. Knowing this makes everything easier, from finishing schoolwork to planning ahead for this summer and the year to come, and it has made all the difference in the world.

Mountain Memo


The Adaptability of Love A Note from Alison Peticolas, Ranch Director “Love is impartial and universal in its adaptation and bestowals. It is the open fount which cries, ‘Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters.’” – Science & Health 13:2 As we start the year with this focus, I’m cherishing the promise of this statement. I particularly love the “adaptation” part – that as Love is being bestowed on everyone and every situation, impartially and universally, with no one left out – that it adapts to be exactly what is needed in every moment.

From Marcella Gallo Last summer, I chose to return to the A/U Ranches after a four-year hiatus. I had the opportunity to lead day camp for Christian Scientists and children from Leadville. This evolved into a 100 Elk partner-program where I continued working with Leadville students, this time with the much younger kindergarteners! I continued serving the Lake County School District when I joined Project Dream (an after-school program) as a 4thgrade crew leader. I have grown as a mentor and facilitator as I provide academic support and guide the children through lessons focusing on qualities like kindness and integrity, creative activities and outdoor adventure.

It felt good to provide safety, love and presence, simple yet healing qualities we can always share with people around us.

Sometimes I think of Love as a big, heavy quilt that drapes over everyone. It doesn’t matter who is under the quilt. It keeps everyone underneath it warm. That feels like a really cozy and comforting presence and sometimes that is exactly what is needed. But what if that isn’t what you need? Well, Love adapts. Love provides exactly what is needed in every moment. Because God is expressed in infinite individuality, we know that Love must also be expressed with infinite adaptation to meet each need in an infinite variety of ways. We can trust Love to provide exactly what we need in each situation. Here at the A/U Ranches, we saw this expressed last summer in all the new and innovative ways camp was able to operate. We saw it expressed this winter in serving a group of 20+ seasonal staff who each had different needs that were all met. We know we will see it expressed this summer. Love invites everyone to participate in the abundance. “Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters.” Every summer, camp provides the chance to see Love in action and that won’t change this summer. We look forward to seeing Love working and meeting needs in new ways. We can be confident that Love is already at work filling this summer with blessings – with a blessing designed specifically for you.


Marcella These are long days, and the work tests me emotionally, spiritually and practically in ways that have been uncomfortable at times. But the job has also brought many rewarding moments. Last Friday, I had a group of just four students. We spun on the merry-go-round and just played, which the children really enjoyed! It felt good to provide safety, love and presence, simple yet healing qualities we can always share with people around us. It has been so stabilizing to live in this small CS community. There is always a loving companion present to converse with over a cup of tea, the property has provided walks in the snow and the weight room in Wyly has been crucial! I am so grateful for the embrace we’ve felt during this time of global upheaval and grace. This has been an enriching environment in which to continue expanding into our lives. What a gift!

Spring 2021


Program Updates Youth Camp is Back! The overnight Youth Camp we know and love will be back this summer! Though there will be some changes to meet current regulations, we’re confident that camp will still feel like camp and offer the most important parts: growing closer to God, having fun with friends, and outdoor adventure. To learn more, head to AURanches.org/camp-2021-faqs/

MTB Program Updates Our mountain biking program continues to grow and will be open to middle schoolers during Camp United this summer! We are also building a new bike trail on property. Reflecting back on last summer, Aberlyn Leon shares: “I decided to try Mountain Biking last summer because the program had never been open to middle school students before. Some things we learned during the week were how to navigate obstacles like sticks and rocks and how to jump. I really liked helping to build a new bike path called the PB&J! I recommend this program because the counselors are great, the trails are fun, and you learn really cool things.”

Horse Update Three great up-and-coming young horses will make their debut this summer! Wylie is a three-year-old foal many campers may have met when he was just six weeks old. He will see limited use in programs by Lachlan and other experienced staff as he’s introduced to our main programs, sports and activities. He is relaxed, smart and big! Fancy, a diminutive three-year-old palomino mare, will also see limited action as she learns the basics of our foundation sports. Tammy is a four-year-old gray mare and has a great start on her. She’s small and mighty – don’t let her size fool you! Linda and other experienced staff will show her the ropes this summer.

Day Camp Returns We loved Day Camp so much last year that we’re offering it again this year! Two one-week sessions will be offered during the 3rd Session of Youth Camp (July 2630 and Aug 2-6). It will follow our 100 Elk Outdoor Center model, offering a variety of fun and exciting outdoor adventure activities that challenge kids to grow and learn respect for themselves, others and nature.

2021 Summer Management Team Ranch Director

Alison Peticolas

Horsemanship Director

Lachlan Clarke

Round-Up Ranch Camp Directors

Chandler Morehardt Hannah Harn

Sky Valley Ranch Camp Directors

Brian Peticolas Rebecca Bailey

CIT Director

Ariana Stevens

Facilities Team

Gene Hackman

Office Team

Linda Clarke Cami Jamerson Joy Strickland

Food Service Team

Matthew Leon Mike Kilborn

Steve Murray Mike Trathen Nathan Gregory 100 Elk Directors

Brooke Morehardt Rachael LePoidevin

2021 Metaphysical Theme

“Love is impartial and universal in its adaptation and bestowals. It is the open fount which cries, ‘Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters.’” – Science & Health 13:2

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Mountain Memo


A/U Ranches Rest and Study BY KATHY WILSON After my first stay at the A/U Ranches for the Fall 2019 Bible Study program, I knew I wanted to find a place with the same quiet beauty where I could explore all the new ideas and spiritual insights I got from the program.

Your Own Custom Program Would you like to come to the A/U Ranches with family and friends and design your own special program?

That’s exactly what one group of Mini Camp participants did in the fall of The answer came in the mail. The same beauty, majestic 2020. After Mini Camp, they asked vistas and quiet – because the flyer was from the A/U if they could return and focus on Ranches! They were inviting guests to come for quiet horsemanship and cowboy mounted rest and study. I began planning shooting. We had a great weekend immediately, and last fall I spent two together! As one participant said, “It wonderful weeks happily ensconced was great, with specialized instruction, in a cozy cabin, exploring the trails awesome food and just being at the A/U Ranches again. We and enjoying the sunsets. But what will still come to Mini Camp and do this again next year.” the setting really offered me was the Whether it’s specialized instruction in horsemanship, mountain opportunity for unhurried spiritual biking, climbing or mountaineering, just contact us and we’ll exploration of the ideas I was work out the particulars! Spring or late fall work best. getting in my individual study. I am now planning my next Rest and Study visit and will be back for Bible Study as well!

Picture Quiz Can you guess what these photos are from the A/U Ranches shot in extreme close-up? 1. ________________________________________ 2. ________________________________________ 3. ________________________________________ 4. ________________________________________ 5. ________________________________________ 6. ________________________________________ 7. _________________________________________ 8. ________________________________________ 9. ________________________________________ 10. _______________________________________

To learn more about either program and reserve your space, email us at auinfo@adventureunlimited.org or call 888.543.4849 x101

PICTURE QUIZ ANSWERS 1. Horse brush / 2. Archery target / 3. Lampshade in Valerie 4. Rafting helmet / 5. Valerie stage bench / 6. Life jacket 7. Archery bow / 8. Spurs / 9. Corral lantern / 10. Paddle

Spring 2021

100 Elk 20th Staff Reunion: September 3–6 The 100 Elk Outdoor Center is excited to celebrate 20 years of excellence in outdoor education by hosting a staff alumni reunion! We’re grateful for the chance to share this success with the many staff who have made it possible.

We are so excited to be celebrating this milestone with the staff alumni who made 100 Elk what it is today! Join us September 3–6, 2021 at the 100 Elk Outdoor Center for a weekend of storytelling, fun and connections.

Opened in 2001, the 100 Elk Outdoor Center offers schools in Colorado and surrounding states the opportunity to bring their students into the heart of the Rocky Mountains to have fun, go on adventures and grow. At 100 Elk, character development is the foundation for everything we do. We work hard to provide opportunities for growth and engagement for both participants and staff in a supportive and loving environment, solidifying our reputation for quality programming in the outdoor education community.

Visit 100Elk.org/reunion for more information on the weekend and how to register.

But none of this would have been possible without the staff. Whether they were on a hiatus from school or work, seeking adventure or looking for a career with 100 Elk, every single staff member has been vital to our success. Not only were they exemplary advocates for the wilderness but they were also role models for compassion and personal development.

New Hub Construction Update The new Hub project continues to move along its loving path. Patient persistence is the theme for the construction. Material delays and increased costs, design changes and new ideas have all arisen during the process, and all have been patiently met with God’s creation already complete. It is truly an awe-inspiring experience to see the unfoldment. We have successfully completed the foundation stage and are on to the framing and interior portion of the project. As this is written in March 2021, the majority of the framing, including the roof decking, has been installed and the structure is dried in so the interior work may continue

throughout the winter. We have been grateful for less than average snowfall and moderate winter temperatures that enables daily work to continue. In addition to the framing, the masons have performed incredible work to finish the chimney and have begun the beautiful exterior stonework. We at the A/U Ranches are grateful to see the structure ascend heavenward daily.


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2021 Program Dates Spring Service Weekend May 28–31 Summer Youth Camp First Session (Camp United) 2 weeks: June 24 – July 8 1 week: June 24 – July 1 Second Session 2 weeks: July 10–24 (No 1 week option) Third Session 2 weeks: July 26 – August 9 1 week: July 26 – August 2 Family Camp Week 1: June 24–30 Week 2: July 1–7 Week 3: August 14–20 Adult Mini Camp Full Session August 22–28 Half Session August 22–25 or 25–28 Fall Service Day

October 8–10

Bible Study

November 4–8

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December 21–27

Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 6pm MT Join us for an evening of fun and help raise money to support camperships and scholarships at this virtual celebration!

AdventureUnlimited.org/celebrate2021 Video look back at the blessings of 2020 (yes, last year!)


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