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For many, Smartphones have become as much a part of our lives as the food we eat. With memory sizes growing, Smartphones today can carry as much of our personal information as we store on a laptop or home computer.



using Social media to Contact 9-1-1

More and more cases of people posting cyber cries for help are popping up across the world. A recent Red Cross survey found 44% of people would use social media to alert rescue crews if they couldn’t call 9-1-1.


S. Florida Businesses ponder impact of Supreme Court Decision

75 people at Deco International Security Corporation in South Beach are lucky to have a job. What they don’t have is health insurance, because their boss didn’t think he could afford it. Now, that’s about to change.


Consumer alert: the energy Box Controversy

Fran Lixie told CBS4’s Chief Consumer Investigator Al Sunshine, that it all started with a knock on the door about two years ago.  A salesman from “State Energy Conservation” asked what the Cooper City family was paying for their monthly electric bill.


poisonous purses turn into a Dangerous accessory

They’re colorful, stylish, and, according to an environmental watchdog group… dangerous.


Fake Food trying to make its Way into the u.S.

Fake foods such as candy bars, fish, cheese and tomato sauce are just a few of the items confiscated by Interpol police. These products could have ended up on American dinner tables.


tapping away anxiety and Stress

Christine Cramer used to suffer from such severe anxiety that she was unable to perform simple tasks such as doing her taxes or driving over bridges.


Best places to play paintball in South Florida

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ll love this. The fast-paced experience and adrenaline rush of Paintball has made it one of the fastest growing extreme sports around and South Florida has some locations any weekend warrior would love to try out. PRINTED IN THE USA, COPYRIGHT © 2012 BY MARCO G, INC. All rights reserved. The CBS4 News Magazine, a free publication, is published monthly by MARCO G, Inc. Material in this publication must not be stored or reproduced in any form without permission from Marco G. Inc. or WFOR CBS4. Requests for permission should be directed to: CBS4 and/or Marco G. Inc do not assume any liability for products and/or services claimed in advertisements herein. CBS4 and its logo (s) are protected through trademark registration. The use of logos, content and/or artwork in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. For more information please contact 305-477-1699.

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Social Media To Contact

9-1-1 Reporting Vanessa Borge

“What’s the location of your emergency please?” asked an emergency dispatcher.

When the 9-1-1 center got a call from someone across the country alerting them to a local fire, they were puzzled. “My caller is actually in Indiana,” declared Dispatcher #1. At a fire station in another state came this reply. “Okay.” Dispatcher #1 continued. ”My caller was playing online and someone posted that he was disabled and his stove was on fire and he couldn’t get out.” Firefighters didn’t brush it off as a prank. Instead they suited up, jumped in the truck and raced to the address where they found smoke pouring out of the windows. “I was getting to the point where someone better come,” said Bob Chambers, who suffers from Muscular Dystrophy and has limited movement. He was inside and home alone. When the fire started, he couldn’t reach the phone, so he used his specialized keyboard to tap out a message to people he was playing a game with through Facebook. “A couple of people that knew me shouted back ‘Are you kidding?’ I went no,” exclaimed Chambers. More and more cases of people posting cyber cries for help are popping up across the world. A recent Red Cross survey found 44% of people would use social media to alert rescue crews if they couldn’t call 9-1-1. That’s what Kwanza Hall did after he discovered an unconscious woman on the street. His phone battery was about to die, so he tweeted  ”PLEASE CALL THE PARAMEDICS” and gave his followers the location. An ambulance soon showed up and rushed the woman to the hospital. “I’m just thankful she’s alive,” said Hall.

But experts warn that while both Bob and Kwanza were lucky, relying on social media in an emergency is risky. “The public’s expectation of what response they will get via use of social media is far beyond the capacity of public safety agencies to deliver on,” explained a Fire Chief. Most agencies do not monitor social media sites for people who need help. and if dispatchers are alerted to a post, they also have to figure out if it’s a prank. “It’s always difficult to discern what may be real and what may not be real,” said dispatcher #1. If you do have a real emergency, is shooting a quick test to 9-1-1 an option? Though the FCC is pushing for dispatch centers nationwide to update their technology to accept texts, right now it only works in a couple of places across the country. Many cities and towns, like this one just can’t afford it. “Our resources are stretched to the limit,” said this public safety expert, who pointed out that in the high-tech world we live in, dialing 9-1-1 is still the best way to contact emergency dispatchers. That wasnt’ an option in Bob’s case, and his cyber pleas for help worked. He and his wife are thankful. “I am so grateful that there was somebody out there that took it seriously.” If someone posted a request for help on a public safety agency’s social media page and the department did not respond, could the agency be at risk for a lawsuit? Experts say that unless an agency claimed to accept emergency calls on their Twitter or Facebook page, probably not. But it’s still an untested and up and coming area of the law.

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“i will never ever Sell or let go any Secondhand device on ebay or craigSliSt. i won’t donate it. i’ll take out the hard drive. i’ll deStroy it. i’ll take that mobile phone and i will deStroy it.”

For many, SmartphoneS have become aS much a part oF our liveS aS the Food we eat. “it’S pretty critical. baSically my whole liFe iS on thiS phone. it provideS me with a connection to everything that i need.” in Fact, with memory SizeS growing, SmartphoneS today can carry aS much oF our perSonal inFormation aS we Store on a laptop or home computer. “All my contacts, all my phone numbers, my Facebook so that kind of personal information too. There’s a lot of passwords to the Internet and  like my bank account my Faceboo all on there.” That’s was just some of the personal kind of data that McAfee Cyber Security expert Robert Siciliano was looking into when he went on-line, scrolled through the vast Smartphone offerings on

eBay and Craig’s List and bought 30 unused devices. “I bought Androids, iPhones, and Blackberrys. I  did this with McAfee and we found people’s entire digital lives,” said Siciliano. Before he explains what he found, you should understand he this cyber technician was not using some CIA specialized scanning software. He just used regular tools that are available on the Internet to look for this data on these devices and he found everything. Everything as in: people’s personal information, their pdf, word documents, text files, excel files, home videos, photos, and a lot of pornography. Actually, we found their entire digital lives. enough information to steal their identities, even though many sellers  had tried their best to wipe their phones clean. “Well I delete the cache and make sure I take the SIM card out.” Removing the SIM card and the SD card from the phone is vital. Both are critical storage areas. But they aren’t the only virtual file drawers in Smartphones. “The devices themselves generally have their own storage,” said Siciliano. The cell phone manufacturers will tell you to go to your settings menu and restore factory settings to clear  your personal information, which Sicilian says works pretty well with Blackberry’s and iPhones. But when you reset the Android phones, the Motorola Droids, even when a factory reset is done, we still found data… enough data to easily pull off identity theft. “Ten million people every single year have their identity stolen,” Siciliano pointed out. “If you resell it for fifty bucks, is it potentially worth $50 to sell your identity? I don’t know. Siciliano says that while you might be ok cashing in on your Blackberry or iPhone, based on what his investigation found, he won’t be your competition. “I will never ever sell or let go any second-hand device on eBay or Craigslist. I won’t donate it. I’ll take out the hard drive. I’ll destroy it. I’ll take that mobile phone and I will destroy it.” August 2012 CBS4 News Magazine Coral Gables [ 9 ]


South Florida Businesses



Of Supreme court Decision Reporting Tiffani Helberg

75 people at Deco international Security corporation in South Beach are lucky to have a joB. What they Don’t have iS health inSurance, BecauSe their BoSS DiDn’t think he coulD afforD it. noW, that’S aBout to change. With the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Affordable Health Care Act owner Thomas Sanon Jules will have to make sure he provides health insurance for his workers. He says he will have to plan for this tough financial challenge. “We have to…see what we’re gonna do for the employees of this company…we’ll be spending more money on employees,” Jones said. For companies like his, the clock is ticking, and 2014 is zero hour. By that time, employers with more than 50 full-time employees must either provide health insurance or face stiff penalties. For Bill Diggs, President of Miami-Dade’s Chamber of Commerce, the health care decision gives South Florida companies more choices in providing health care. “There’s been a tremendous difficulty getting affordable health care (for companies). Now it won’t just be one size fits all. It’s gonna be a cafeteria type of menu,” said Diggs. He believes the new law is a big benefit to the small business community. Adds Diggs: “Sometimes small businesses make a decision… where they choose not to hire somebody because of a preexisting medical condition. Those abilities are now removed.” The law will deliver tax credits to businesses to help them pay for insurance.

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The x o B y g r e n e y s r e v o r T Con om) 4miami.c



lert: A r e m u s Con

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g Al Sun


Fran Lixie toLd CBS4’S  Chief Consumer

Investigator Al Sunshine, that it all started with a knock on the door about two years ago.  A salesman from “State Energy Conservation” asked what the Cooper City family was paying for their monthly electric bill. The retired Marine said it ran about $150 to $200 over the summer. That’s when the salesman told Lixie, ”He said it could bring our electric bills down below that $150…ah, to  about $100 he told us…it could bring our bills down to about $100 a month.” How’d the company say it would cut his electric bills? For $1,500, they’d install a Kvar power optimizer. The Kvar unit is promoted as a “power factor optimizer” that makes electric motors run more efficiently, using less electricity. To make the deal even better, Fran was told he could finance the bill with no payments for a full year. Shortly after signing the contract, the family says a local electrician arrived to wire up their Kvar energy-saving box. Fran says it didn’t cut his bill. “It hasn’t done anything, all it does it stay up there and leave the little light on,” said Lixie. Fran even found his electric bills are even higher now than before the Kvar was installed. What about that “Year of no payments?” He  told Sunshine that  shortly after the box arrived, so too did the bills. After several harassing phone calls from the finance company, he finally told them the energy saver didn’t work and he wasn’t paying for it. Fran remembered the call. “They said you signed, you got a bill and we don’t, we already gave the money to the company, State Energy.” State Energy Conservation bases its’ local offices in a  Ft.

Lauderdale business plaza. Lou Banos, a salesman for the company, told Sunshine when he showed up at the office of the company, that a Kvar box saves him money every month and he insisted its a money saver for his customer too. “I’ve cut people’s bills in half, reducing their bills,” explained Banos. He said the company never promoted savings of 50%… only up to 25%. And Kvar’s own website advertises savings of just 6 to 10% for regular residential customers. What about cutting Fran’s electric bill way down to just $100 a month? Banos explained, “I don’t know who that gentleman was,  but we have never told anybody to say such a thing. I it’s stated right here..up to 25%. To tell someone it might, it might save them 10% on their bill, kind of under-promising with what the manufacturer is suggesting. We don’t make this up.” Kvar’s boss says the Lixie’s were  “absolutely duped” because the energy savers retail for about $400 and cost about another $100 to install. He’s now in contact with the family to figure out why the Kvar box didn’t save them any money. The head of State Energy Conservation said he’ll  give the family a refund and remove the Kvar box, a product he told Sunshine, they don’t sell any more. The family did finally get its’ money back. Both State Energy Conservation and Kvars’ manufacturer said they have plenty of satisfied customers. While Kvar insisted it’s energy saver can cut monthly residential electric bills by about 6 to 10%, FP&L says those kind of power modifiers don’t work. It says the best way of saving money on electric bills is turning down your hot water heater so it works less and turning up your a-c thermostat so it doesn’t use as much electricity.

For energy Saving tipS CheCk out theSe LinkS

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Gables Officer In

Benefits Battle Over Denied Bereavement Leave Reporting Tiffani Helberg

A CorAl GAbles PoliCe lieutenAnt’s quest for equal rights has snowballed into a battle for domestic partnership benefits at City Hall. Lt. Rene Tastet filed for bereavement leave in March of 2011. She wanted to attend the funeral of her life-partner’s father in North Carolina. But the city denied her request because she is gay. “Emotionally it was very upsetting,” remembered Tastet. “I mean at the time where you know you’re grieving, I was very close to my partner’s father and at a time that you’re grieving, this is the last thing that you want to be concerned with or worry about.” Tastet went to the funeral anyway but she had to use the personal leave that she had accrued during her tenure on the force. “I felt like every other employee,” she said. “I’ve been with the department 20 years and I should be entitled to all the benefits everybody else has. But at the same time I also realize having 20 years on I had my personal leave to take. A younger officer who doesn’t have that type of time on wouldn’t have the leave and may not be able to attend.” Shortly after that, SAVE Dade, a gay rights group, launched its fight against the city to get domestic partnership benefits for all city employees. “We eventually got to the point where we started working with the city commission to try and pass an ordinance so that these types of things won’t happen again in the future,” said C.J.Ortuno, Executive Director of SAVE Dade. “Since then we’ve been getting a lot of stalling and run around from the city.” Elsa Jaramillo-Velez, the city’s Human Resource Director said Coral Gables has a policy to negotiate with the unions first before implementing something like domestic partnership benefits. “Collective bargaining has been taking place for over a year and a half now with just the fraternal order of police,” pointed out Ortuno. “They still have the teamsters and they still have the fire fighters unions to go through. Our concern is we don’t want four years to pass before these rights are authorized and at the same time you have 15 percent of the employees for the city of Coral Gables that are not protected by these rights and are not going to be protected by collective bargaining.” Jaramillo-Velez said the city has already put domestic partnership benefits on the table for police negotiations, but nothing has been finalized. Coral Gables is surrounded by municipalities that already have domestic partnership benefits. That includes:Miami, Dade County, Miami Beach, North Miami Beach and South Miami. August 2012 CBS4 News Magazine Coral Gables [ 17 ]


The Road To

Recovery? New Car Sales Soaring Reporting Gary Nelson

At Rick cAse HondA in dAvie on the Fourth of July business was, well, hot. The showroom was crowded with customers not just looking but buying.  The dealership sold 615 new Hondas in June, more than 20 every day, its best performance in three years. The success at the dealership in Davie is being reflected across south Florida and the country.  Nationwide, new car sales in June were up a whopping 22 percent year to year. ust a couple of years ago, in the depth of the recession, some dealerships, like Dade Chrysler Jeep and Dodge in Kendall, were going belly up, closing their doors.  General Motors got bailed out by the federal government.  A rebate program called “Cash For Clunkers” kept the auto industry on life support. What accounts for the improvement now?  Analysts credit banks that have begun lending money again, and at low rates.  Manufacturers are also offering big incentives and the price of gasoline is dropping. “We have 0.9 percent financing on all our vehicles,” said Rick Case General Manager Richard Bustillo.  “We have amazing lease specials and we have employee pricing, so consumers come in and pay what we pay.” Gonzalo Montoya, a printer, and his wife, Mabel, a bookkeeper, were at the dealership Wednesday looking to leave with a new car. “Things are getting better, they look like they’re getting better,” the husband said of the economy.  “Where I’m working, things are picking up.  So I feel confident about it.” Robert Feldman, an inspector for the Federal Aviation Administration, was planning to buy two new cars Wednesday, a CRV for himself and a Civic for his wife. “I’ve always been an optimist,” Feldman said of the nation’s economic future.  “I see the glass as half-full.” Francine Hebert, a bank teller, said she was looking to buy but not spend too much. “I know somebody who works here,” she said, laughing.  “I hope to get a good deal.” The resurgence of the auto industry has had a trickle-down effect.  Manufacturers are opening more plants and hiring more workers. At Rick Case Honda, salesman Doug Desloover said the steadily improved business has helped the quality of life for him and his two children. “It’s definitely made it easier to afford the luxuries that we were used to, and even some of the simple things, like putting food on the table,” he said. An improved car business certainly doesn’t signal that the economy has become turbo-charged.  Unemployment remains high and overall consumer confidence figures are low.  But the increased speed of new cars going out the door would suggest consumers are taking their foot off the break a little, and putting it a bit more on the gas.

BEFORE 786-955-6649

Rubber Flooring

• Non slip and safe • Environmentally friendly • Available in many colors • Durable in any weather • Ready to use in 24 hrs • Lasts forever Any of these can be mixed to create • Non toxic a look that’s clearly your own

August 2012 CBS4 News Magazine Coral Gables [ 19 ]


Poisonous Purses Turn Into A

Dangerous Accessory Marybel Rodriguez

They’re colorful, sTylish, and, according To an environmenTal waTchdog group… dangerous. The environmental working group tested 300 brightly colored women’s purses and wallets, and found 43 of them, or 15% , contain dangerously high levels of lead. And for kids, it’s even worse. The group says the problem lies in the pigment used to color the purses. Six were the “worst” offenders. Each of those contained at least 30-times the acceptable level of lead. This Tori Burch yellow clutch wallet was nearly off the charts… with 200 times the lead limit. It was purchases at upscale retailer Neiman Marcus. Michael Green, with the Center for Environmental Studies said the items should be on the shelves in the first place. That’s because two years ago, more than 200 stores and manufacturers agreed to stop making and selling women’s accessories with unsafe levels of lead. And until they do, environmental scientists advise sticking with purses made of natural fabrics that don’t have dyes. This study was a follow-up to one done three years ago. The good news is the overall level of lead is down. The concern is that there are still many on the market at high-end retailers. Tori Burch says it is investigating and calls the lead concern a top priority.

August 2012 CBS4 News Magazine Coral Gables [ 21 ]

Fake Food MIAMI (

trying to make it’s way

into the U.s Reporting Al Sunshine

Here in tHe U.S., Food and drUg adminiStration

Fake Foods sUch as candy bars, Fish, cheese and tomato saUce are jUst a Few oF the items conFiscated by interpol police. these prodUcts coUld have ended Up on american dinner tables, according to dr. john spink, associate director oF the anticoUnterFeiting and prodUct protection program at michigan state University. “consUmers are being cheated.”

agents are also on the hunt for counterfeit foods and ingredients. They’ve seized everything from fake olive oil to phony, pricey wine… all of which the FDA agents insisted are counterfeit. “We think we’re buying a high value or specific type of product and the bad guys have swapped it out with something that’s inferior,” explained Dr. Spink. The problem is so widespread, that a national database was recently created to try to track it. The key word here is “try.” That’s because it’s hard to catch during production and shipping. And once it makes it to market, consumers don’t realize they’ve been ripped off, unless they get sick. “Food adulteration is designed to not be detected. So, frequently adulterers do not use fake ingredients that would cause immediate health problems.” In a new study, Dr. John Spink crunched the database to find the top fakes. • 16% involved olive oil: often diluted with cheaper oils. • 14% involved milk found to be watered down. • 7% was adulterated honey: intentionally mixed with sugar and corn syrups. • 2-4% involved fruit juice, watered down or diluted with other types of juice. Not only are you not getting what you paid for but it could be downright dangerous. “The bad guys aren’t following good manufacturing practices. There’s such a risk for contamination that can be very lethal,” said Dr. Spink. The most recent case involved vodka laced with methanol which left some British college students with permanent vision damage. Many legitimate companies are now hiring security firms to monitor their products. “We’ve unfortunately found counterfeits of pretty much any product that you can think of,” said Tara Steketee of OpSec Security. Something that just popped up recently, garden variety tomatoes being marketed as the expensive heirloom ones. Consumers we talked  to were shocked. “It could really hurt someone,” said one man. One woman said, “Very concerning, to me as a mom.” Another indicated that, “It would be overwhelming to me to try to police that.” And she’s right. For every port investigators inspect and each case police crack, experts know there’s always more. “There’s not ten of these bad guys in the world and we can go arrest 8 of them.  There’s a near infinite number of fraudsters and there’s a near infinite type of fraud,” Dr. Spink pointed out. If you suspect you’ve purchased a fake food or counterfeit product, take it back where you bought it and demand a refund. You can also report fake foods to the FDA or the Florida Department of Agriculture.

Crooks Take

The Art

Of Scamming To A New Level

If you have receIved a text message

claiming you have won a $1000 Walmart gift card, it’s not a store promo—it’s part of the latest identity scam. Some of the most active ways ID thieves are trying to scam your identity are coming through as text messages from your phones, iPads or other digital devices. It’s called “smishing,” after the text’s SMS service capabilities and the older “phishing” scams that have been around for years using regular e-mail. The latest one comes into your text service like this: “Dear Walmart shopper, you have just won a $1000 Walmart gift card. Click here to claim your gift”. Cyber-fraud Investigator James Porter of the Secret Service’s Miami Field Office said this attempted ID theft is sweeping the country. Porter said it’s an innocent looking message that could easily be mistaken for a great deal. “I’m sure many people when they’ve receive a text message like this assume they have free money coming their way,” he said. After numerous calls from its customers, Walmart recently posted an extensive warning on its internet site that the gift card text was indeed a scam. The Secret Service warned this kind of high-tech fraud is aimed at getting customers personal ID and banking information. “Once a victim provides that type of information they then






become subject to identity theft or possibly having your entire bank account taken from you,” Porter said. The original website the text linked the message to “claim your gift card” has been taken down; investigators expect a new one to pop up any day now. That’s why they warn consumers to not respond to any unsolicited e-mails, text messages or phone calls seeking your confidential information. For more info on this “smishing scam,” visit the following links:

August 2012 CBS4 News Magazine Coral Gables [ 25 ]

Miami (

Something Extra:

How To

Live To 100 If you want to make it to 100, get some sleep! New research from United Healthcare studied baby boomers and centenarians asking the latter about their secrets to aging success. The biggest difference between the old and the not-so-old: the centenarians get a lot more sleep. 71% of them reported getting eight hours or more of sleep a night.  Only 38% per cent of baby boomers do. There’s also a bit of a gap when it comes to diet.  More than eight in ten centenarians say they eat balanced meals while only 68% of boomers do. Still, a lot of boomers will reach 100… 600,000 are expected to be centenarians in 2050.  There are fewer than 75,000 now. The centenarians and boomers surveyed were also asked to choose a favorite dinner guest from among fourteen famous people including the President, Paul McCartney, Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. The top choice for both groups: Betty White. Some things and people clearly get better with age.

August 2012 CBS4 News Magazine Coral Gables [ 27 ]


Tapping Away Anxiety and Stress Reporting Vanessa Borge

“It tells your body that the stressful thought you’re having isn’t a real....” Like this one, to be published in the October Journal of Nervous Christine Cramer used to suffer from such and Mental Disease, that found stress hormone levels dropped severe anxiety that she was unable to perform simple tasks such 24% after tapping. No drop was found in the control group. as doing her taxes or driving over bridges. “So their internal stress biochemistry changed as their “I became paralyzed with fear,” said Christine. emotional state changed as well,” explained Church. Brittany Watkins suffered from emotional food cravings that But not all researchers are convinced. a study out of Canada were ruining her life. found that while tapping accupressure points did show a signifi“Every time I was stressed or emotional or upset I would cant decrease in anxiety and fear, tapping other parts of the always look for sweets to make me feel better,” Watkins said. body, or even a doll, offered similar results. But now both women say they’re living free of their fears, The American Psychological Association says many more thanks to an alternative psychotherapy treatment called EFT, large-scale, peer-reviewed studies must be performed. which stands for ”emotional freedom technique… also known “Has this tapping therapy been proven effective?” we asked. as “tapping.” “We don’t think so at this point,” said Rhea Farberman The practice involves stimulating certain accupressure points Executive Director for Public and Member Communications on the body while you focus on what’s stressing you out. It can American Psychological Association. be done with the aid of a therapist or alone during a moment But Brittany and Christine say they’ve found their answers of anxiety. and are grateful that tapping has given them a new lease on life. “It tells your body that the stressful thought you’re having “Rather than popping a pill, we can tap a couple of accupresisn’t a real threat to your survival. And once you break the sure points and immediately neutralize any negative, negative association in your mind between the stressful thought and the symptom we have,” said Brittany. “That’s amazing!” fight or flight response one time, it stays broken,” explained The APA suggests sufferers look into proven forms of psychoDawson Church, PhD Research Director of the Foundation for therapy, such as contacting a mental health professional with Epi Genetic Medicine. proper training. They do not consider EFT a good alternative. EFT was introduced in the 1990s, but recently its popularity has surged. This year, more than half-a-million people signed up for the world tapping summit. “I believe within a few years we’ll see “rather than popping a pill, we can tap a couple of it in many hospitals, many mental health clinics,” declared Church. accupressure points and immediately neutralize any But the question remains: does it work? Church and fellow tapping prac- negative, negative symptom we have” titioners have published many smallscale studies showing positive results.

August 2012 CBS4 News Magazine Coral Gables [ 29 ]


Publix To Add Space For More Craft Beers Craft beers are fun, trendy, flavorful and growing in popularity among the masses. People who love to drink them will travel miles to get their favorite microbrew for flavors ranging from peach to pizza. In some neighborhoods, finding a good craft beer may be as easy as going to the local Publix supermarket. The Lakeland based grocer wants to satisfy their customer desires with a larger selection of microbrews. Although the change is not company-wide, new stores and remodeled stores will make more space for microbrews. According to, Publix spokeswoman, Shannon Patten said this about the addition, “As we develop new store prototypes, or if we remodel an existing store, we are dedicating a larger section for beer. It’s a very important category for us.” Some stores already have sections devoted to craft and seasonal beers. For more information contact your local Publix Super Market.

August 2012 CBS4 News Magazine Coral Gables [ 31 ]

Best Places To Play

Paintball In South Florida

If you’re an adrenalIne junkIe, you’ll love thIs. the fast-paced experIence and adrenalIne rush of paIntball has made It one of the fastest growIng extreme sports around and south florIda has some locatIons any weekend warrIor would love to try out.

ruff n tuff paIntball The Ruff N Tuff Paintball Park also boasts itself as one of the top ranked paintball fields in South Florida. They have more than 20 years of experience with the sport of paintball. Parties and private events come with a private referee that oversees the party to ensure the fun and safety for all players and guests. There are towering safety nets around all playing fields so spectators can safely watch the action packed games on any one of their five playing fields.

medley paIntball park Medley Paintball Park is definitely a place to get your paintball game on! They offer everything from open play to private groups. Referees are trained to promote fun, fair play and safety. There’s a high tech shooting gallery and a 1 on 1 shooting range. In addition to their outside complex, there’s also an indoor complex with a pro shop and knowledgeable staff. Group rates are available.

bIgshot paIntball fIelds At Bigshot Paintball Fields, customers can find speed ball and recreation fields, plus they host birthday parties, corporate events, bachelor parties and other large groups.

extreme rage paIntball park Extreme Rage Paintball Park is home to the NPPL Pro team Miami Rage. It has more than 20 years experience in the paintball industry and is consistently ranked the top Paintball Park in the South Florida area. The park features two wooded and two air ball fields, which are also lit up at night. The wooded areas have hills, tunnels, sniper towers, machine gun bunkers and small huts to simulate a village. The air ball fields are good for both recreational and competitive players. Group events are offered as well including birthday parties, corporate events, bachelor parties, and even weekend warrior events.

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Reporting Cynthia Demos

Spiking Sales Of Intimacy Aids The 50 ShadeS Trilogy is heating up lives and heating up sales of certain sexy items. The three steamy ‘mommy porn’ books are making women think of things that haven’t crossed their mind before or maybe hasn’t in a long time. The books are being credited now with increased sales of sex items like Oxytocin (not to be confused with Oxycontin). Forty-nine year old Toni Sherwood says with the help of that pill she is “back to being younger again.” Sherwood underwent rounds of chemo for breast cancer which she’s beaten.  Along the way she said it killed her libido but then she met sexual health Doctor Ivan Rusilko who prescribed Oxytocin for it’s off label use, not approved by the FDA. “It allows her to have an orgasm more powerful and multiple orgasms as well. Oxytocin is produced naturally. Extreme excess leads to trust and that’s why it’s called the cuddle drug,” said Doctor Rusilko. Now it’s also being dubbed the “50 Shades” pill.  Sherwood said if the height of passion before was a ’100 this pill makes it a ’150. She says she takes it like a daily vitamin. The Oxytocin helps you relax to the point where you can let your inhibitions go.

People are also doing just that at adult stores like Playthings in Miami. “I’m now getting husbands with shopping lists from their wives,” said Roman Gonzalez, who works at Miami sex shop Playthings. The store even has a table filled with the items references in the books. Workers there say they have a whole new clientele. Customer Vanessa Delgado said she read all three books and specifically bought some items because they were in the book. “It’s a movement,” she said. A movement that’s meant a 30 percent increase in sales at the adult store. With the help of the book and the new found aid of the Oxytocin and it’s off label use, Sherwood said, “It started making me feel sexy again!” The romantic, fantasy driven, steamy novel’s meant a real life change for her. “It’s a good thing for everyone to feel good,” said Sherwood. Oxytocin is about $2.50 per pill and the sex items run anywhere from $20 to $200.

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A Blue Light

Warning For The

Sleep Deprived

Marybel Rodriguez

– MoMMy blogger TiTania Jordan Tosses and Turns for hours each night, and she thinks she knows

why. “From about 7 PM ’til midnight, I am in front of a screen. I’m on the computer, I’m on my mobile device,” said Jordan. Titania is on to something. Researchers, including Harvard University’s Dr. Steven Lockley, have long known that light suppresses melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate sleep. But nowadays, we’re flooding with light, long after the sun sets, whether we’re texting, emailing or catching up on TV. Dr. Steven Lockley is the author of “Sleep: A Very Short Introduction. ”It’s a very unnatural thing for us to do, and so when we expose ourselves to light at night, we tell the brain that it’s daytime.” That makes it harder to catch some Z’s and shifts our internal body clock or circadian rhythm. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has said it’s important to raise a red flag about blue wave lengths… the kind emitted by energy-efficient light bulbs and electronic gadgets. “We know that blue light has the greatest propensity to alter circadian rhythms, and yet now-a-days it seems that blue is the color du jour,” said Dr. Nathaniel Watson of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. According to a poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation Sleep in America in 2011.. 95% of Americans use electronics a few nights a week within an hour before bed. Dr. Lockley says even dim light can be problematic. ”We’ve done a number of studies to show that light levels that you would be normally exposed to in the home in the evening, for example from a bedside lamp, are very easily capable of shifting the body clock.” And research has shown our health may be at risk. Studies

have linked blue light and poor sleep to depression, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular problems. Also, ”Shift workers have been found to have about a 50% to 60% increased risk of cancer, particularly breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men,” said Lockley. What’s a gadget addict to do? Have a regular bedtime routine. Sleep in a cool, dark room. And, most importantly, power down early… ideally two to three hours before bed. “If you must have screen time before going to bed then limiting the amount of light that’s emitted from the screen would be helpful, so you can turn down the brightness,” explained Dr. Nathaniel Watson with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Titania cut back on screen time, and she says the results were eye-opening. “It was fabulous! I didn’t go to sleep right away, but I found myself feeling much more relaxed,” said Jordan. Exposing yourself to lots of bright light during the day can also help. Dr. Lockley explained how it keeps you alert and helps your body clock reset each night.

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Fun Day Checklist For A

The Beach


Summer weekends and holidays often mean a trip to the water, weather permitting. We Americans love our summer fun in the sun mixed with a little sand and surf or, perhaps, a little chlorine. But few moments can frustrate as much as traversing a hot parking lot and securing that perfect spot only to realize that a few must-haves didn’t make the trip. Whether heading to the beach, the lake or the local pool, here are some things to bring to ensure a safe and enjoyable outing.

Or Pool

Beach Bags: Let’s start with the basics. Large, sturdy, waterproof beach bags are a must. This is not the time to pack up large plastic bags from the supermarket with the day’s supplies. Disposable bags often rip, and then you’re in trouble. Big Towels: Line those perfect bags with large, absorbent towels. If positioned along the bottom, they will absorb any leakage from your other items, which should include…

BinOcuLars: Binoculars are a great way to look at boats, blimps and sky writing. They also help find those lost kids in bright t-shirts. change Of cLOThes: Clothes tend to get wet and sandy. Bring some extra clothes in the car to avoid an uncomfortable ride home. umBreLLa: Few people, adults and kids alike, can take a whole day in the sun. A portable umbrella can provide some much needed protection from those harmful rays. An umbrella with a unique design also helps anyone who get disoriented find home base again. Bigger groups might an open tent for additional shade. POrTaBLe chairs: I don’t know about you, but my back needs some support! Small portable beach chairs can be much more comfortable than the hard ground. But make sure there are enough to go around to avoid disagreements and hurt feelings. Beach TOys: Pails, shovels, Boogie boards and goggles will help keep kids interested and engaged in their surroundings.

LOTs Of Drinking WaTer: Unless you want to spend the day walking back and forth to the snack stand for overpriced bottled water, it’s best to bring your own. So pack a cooler with bottles from the local warehouse store; freeze them overnight to make sure they stay cold in the hot sun. Or, better yet, fill a jug with ice water. Just don’t forget the cups. fOOD: Good food is a must, but only if it is stored properly with ice bags. Lots of healthy snacks — pita chips, crackers, baby carrots, apples, bananas, grapes, etc. — in addition to salads and sandwiches, will save you from the concession stand. Don’t forget the utensils, napkins and extra plastic bags for garbage!

LOTs Of enTerTainmenT: There’s never enough to do. Make sure you have some other activities, in case there’s a lull in the day’s activities. Anything from books and magazines to crossword puzzles and playing cards will work. Jug Of WaTer in The car: An extra jug of water in the trunk is a great way to wash off dirty or sandy feet. Remember the day’s fun without the reminder on the seats and floor of your car. Have a safe and fun holiday!

gOOD sunscreen: Sunscreen might be the most important thing on the list. Bring plenty of the non-toxic variety and reapply often. Water, sweat and outdoor activity will wear away that protection over the course of a day. sungLasses: Unless you prefer squinting and the crow’sfeet and wrinkle lines that result, invest in a decent pair of sunglasses. Experts recommend protection from UVA and UVB light. So pack the sunglasses or, better still, wear them out of the house. firsT aiD kiT: Cuts on the feet from shells and broken glass are all too common. Bring along band-aids and a spray bottle of antiseptic to keep the fun from ending early. cOLOr-cOOrDinaTeD shirTs: Kids (and even parents) can get lost in the crowd. Have everyone in the group wear a bright-colored shirt to make it easier to find one another.

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Something Extra:


Bookstores? Reporting Antonio Mora

Are we neAring the end of the book As we know it? This week, numbers show that for the first time, E-books outsold hardcover books in the first quarter of this year. And it wasn’t even close. The Association of American Publishers reports adult E-book sales soared more than 28% to $282 million, while adult hardbacks sold just under $230 million. The silver lining for hardback lovers is that sales were up for them as well. Real books aren’t going to disappear yet.  Paperbacks still sell more than E-books, but paperback sales have plunged and the gap is narrowing. For booklovers, it’s the stuff of nightmares to think of a world without libraries or bookstores. And there are millions out there who refuse to make the switch.  Blogger Perez Hilton amusingly wrote that he won’t until they come up with an iPad cover that smells like a new book. I love that my house is full of bookshelves and a couple of thousand books. But I’ve become part of the problem, now reading E-books far more than anything else. They are the wave of the future, but I hope we don’t ever fully leave the past behind.

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BarS in MiaMi

Mokai Lounge

Miami Beach, FL - Mokai Lounge is one of the Miami area’s hottest singles spots. Open until 5 a.m., this high-end lounge is an exclusive venue unlike all others. The interior is decked out in black and red, which gives the lounge a sexy ambiance, and the bar’s cozy dance floor is always packed. Hollywood A listers such as Paris Hilton and “Girls Next Door’s” Kendra Wilkinson have been known to the party the night away here, so you know this nightclub offers something special. Those who opt for bottle service will love the sophisticated VIP lounge. Or, if you like to shake it on the dance floor, the DJ’s choice of music is always upbeat and modern, providing the perfect setting in which to dance the night away with the girls or the cutie you meet at the bar.


Miami Beach, FL - SkyBar is located in the swanky Shore Club Hotel in Miami Beach. The atmosphere here is an intimate one, and the venue provides plenty of lounging space by the pool in which guests can wine, dine and mingle with other singles. The bar is stocked with a selection of unique choices, including the popular Passionata. Party in the Redroom, where the entire area is centered around a red glow for a romantic feel, hit the Rumbar for an intimate setting in between the pools, or check out the Sandbar, perfect for private parties. The gorgeous atmosphere, modern DJs and upscale clientele make this place one-of-a-kind. Expect one or two celebrity sightings during the night and sore feet the next morning from all the dancing you’re likely to do.

Strike MiaMi

MIami, FL - For a less provocative atmosphere, Strike Miami is a great place to hang with friends and enjoy the occasional flirtatious conversation or two with the cute bowlers in the next lane over. This luxurious sports bar/bowling alley combo is home to 34 lanes, upscale service and, to up the sexy factor a bit, glow in the dark bowling. Enjoy the unique social environment, dine with friends and share some laughs. The cuisine at this alley is delicious, as the food is prepared by renowned Chef David Burke. Single guys who just love the way bowling shoes look on a woman should come by on Wednesdays for ladies night, when the fairer sex drinks for free (8 p.m. to close). Just try not to strike out.

nikki Beach cLuB MiaMi

Miami Beach, FL - Nikki Beach is settled in a little secluded corner of Miami Beach, Florida. The scene of the ocean water and the variety of clubs makes it impossible for the single people of Miami to stay away. Throughout the day, Nikki Beach is filled with activities and shopping to match individuals tastes, but when night falls, get ready for romance. This triple threat hosts a huge complex on the ocean complete with an outdoor  beach, popular nightclub and upscale restaurant and lounge. On some nights, music from live bands fills the night air with the melodies of various tunes, providing the perfect ambiance in which to meet that special someone.

BougainviLLea’S oLd FLorida

Miami, FL - If you’re in to live music and want to enjoy it in a more laid back, relaxed atmosphere, head to Bougainvillea’s Old Florida. Live bands come to this South Miami venue to display their talents daily, and the scheduled is so varied that you’re sure to find something to suit your musical tastes (and with any luck, someone who shares those tastes) on any given night. Stop by on Thursdays for live reggae and $4 Red Stripes for a drink to fit the theme, Fridays to jam out to live cover bands and Saturdays to dance to live bands and DJs. The bar is well stocked, the clientele and staff are friendly and the prices are always reasonable. Enjoy music from the candlelit tables in the front garden or head out to the tropical patio in the backyard to meet other singles.


The Of

Health Benefits


Reporting Vanessa Borge

Is seaweed a miracle ingredient? Holistic Health counselor Andrea Beaman thinks it might be. “They’re so rich in nutrients. You only need a small amount,” she said about the seaweed or sea vegetables, which she said are loaded with vitamins and minerals. “I think more and more Americans are starting to eat them and find the benefits of them. Nori is probably the most popular sea vegetable. That’s the black wrap or green wrap you see around sushi,” explained Beaman. Lydia Sarfati claims seaweed is so powerful she made it her business. “We harvest our seaweed from the Brittany Coast in France,” she said. “We use about 12 different kinds for therapeutic purposes for face, body and cosmetics. Sarfati said her company manufactures an entire line of seaweed beauty products in New Jersey. She said seaweed can detoxify and beautify the skin. “It will help with actually making your skin feel and look firmer without causing damage.” “Seaweed has a lot of B-Vitamins. It also has vitamin E, vitamin C. So it

is anti-inflammatory and anything that is anti-inflammatory affects free radicals and free radicals damage the skin,” explained Dr. Debra Jaliman, a dermatologist. She is not convinced that seaweed is a miracle. She does believe it has powerful properties that could help conditions like rosacea and eczema. “You might want to look for it if you have inflammation in your skin. So it might be for someone with redness in their skin. It is more for inflammation than it is so much for anti-aging,” said Jaliman. Now researchers are hoping seaweed’s anti-inflammatory properties could lead to treatments for medical conditions like heart disease and arthritis. Dr. Peter McCann said at least one new study holds particular promise. “This was a good study and a great start and the future is to do more credible studies to see if there really is an effect… a beneficial effect that we can prove.” declared McCann.

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Planning and Coordinating unique cooking experiences for children of ALL ages!


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Bird Road Subaru 2012 SUBARU

CAB01 C3009579


2.5i 4-door • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive • 31 mpg hwy2 • 170-hp SUBARU BOXER® engine • 2011 IIHS Top Safety Pick7



per mo. lease/ 42 month

$1810 Down Payment $189 First Month’s Lease Payment $1,999 Total Due At Lease Signing


CFB21 CH445120



• Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive • 2011 IIHS Top Safety Pick7 • 27 mpg hwy4 • 170-hp SUBARU BOXER® engine



per mo. lease/ 42 month

$1750 Down Payment $249 First Month’s Lease Payment $1,999 Total Due At Lease Signing

STOCK # 157

STOCK # 156P


CDB11 C3257920


2.5i CVT • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive • 29 mpg hwy3 • 2011 IIHS Top Safety Pick1 • Built in our zero landfill plant



per mo. lease/ 42 month

$1660 Down Payment $339 First Month’s Lease Payment $1,999 Total Due At Lease Signing

STOCK # 227

The only manufacturer with 2012 IIHS Top Safety Picks for all 2012 models.

Bird Road Subaru 7240 SW 40th Street • (305) 267-5180 • *Neg. equity will be added to your new loan, some restrictions may apply. Must have job & steady income. Terms & conditions, including down payment may vary depending on credit worthiness. Bankruptcy must be discharged. Subaru, Forester, Outback, Tribeca, Legacy, Impreza, WRX, STI and SUBARU BOXER are registered trademarks. 2EPA-estimated hwy fuel economy for Legacy 2.5i CVT models. Actual mileage may vary. 3EPA-estimated fuel economy for Outback 2.5i CVT models. Actual mileage may vary. 4EPA-estimated fuel economy for Forester 2.5X models. Actual mileage may vary. 5EPA-estimated fuel economy for Impreza 2.0i CVT models. Actual mileage may vary. 72011 Top Safety Picks include the 2012 Subaru Forester, Legacy, Outback and Tribeca. Offers valid only on day of publication. Offers cannot be combined. No security deposit required. Lessee liable for excessive wear & mileage over 10k/yr. Artwork for illustration purposes only. Advertised vehicles include all rebates & incentives and are subject to prior sale. Advertised price and payments with approved credit & 700+ beacon, plus tax, tag, title. See dealer for complete details.

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