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AND THERE’S GONNA BE LAUNDRY BY Sandra Shamas DIRECTED BY Chloe Hung PRODUCED BY Liz Johnston & Griffin Mcinnes SANDRA performed by Liz Johnston



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PERFORMED BY Liz Johnston, Griffin McInnes, Ana Matisse Donefer-Hickie, Padraigh MacDonald and Chloe Sullivan PRODUCED BY Liz Johnston & Griffin McInnes

DIRECTOR’S NOTE When I first read Sandra Shamas’ My Boyfriend’s Back and There’s

Gonna Be Laundry, I was struck with a feeling of “Oh my God! This chick gets it.” I’ve heard criticism of this show being “too female-oriented” or described as “female humour.” So let me address that right off the top, in Sandra’s own words: Fuck. That. When I first read the show I couldn’t put it down, and quickly realized that I knew no one else with that balance of relatability and unique hilarity other than Liz Johnston. I first directed Liz in an abridged version of this show in 2007 but ever since we’ve been dying to put on the full piece. I’ve had such a wonderful experience revisiting this show and exploring it for all it has to offer. It goes without saying that I’ve learned a lot about directing and comedic performance and for that I can’t thank Liz enough. I also have to thank Griffin for his insight and support and Sarah for being an amazing help. Please: sit back, relax, and stretch your sides. chloe hung

producers’ NOTE

We are in no position to tell you what is funny. “Funny” is something that can never be explained or taught. But apparently our lawyers tell us this might constitute false advertising. So if we had to break it down, we’d say we find something funny because it’s out of the ordinary. It surprises us by opposing what’s normal and expected. Apart, an enormous man and a tricycle aren’t funny; but together - hilarious. Production Managers That’s why we (and Bill Cosby) find children so darn funny. Kids don’t know KAT SHUBALY / SARAH KESTER Publicity & Program Design what’s normal yet, so everything they do – eating, talking, falling– is funny. The shows you’re about to see hopefully capture some of that immaturity. ADRIAN LEE In My Boyfriend’s Back, Sandra Shamas shows us that some of that wide-eyed Lighting Technician absurdity lasts into adulthood. In many ways, it’s a play about a grown-up kid– JUSTIS DANTO-CLANCY paired, of course, with early 90s pseudo-empowering observational humour. We’ve paired tonight’s performance with an original part-sketch-part-improv show about the ridiculousness that is childhood. We’re always looking to make it better, so let us know what you loved and what you only liked a lot. Most importantly, know that this note is funny because...well, we’re telling you it is. Clare Waque, Samantha Levy, Lewis Wynne-Jones, Sandra Shamas, As that great lover of children, particularly his own, once said: Corey Blenkarn, Temma Pinkofsky, Matthew Downey, Maddy “Comedy just pokes at problems, rarely confronts them squarely. Drama is like Macnab, Iain Soder, Ian Gibb, The University of King’s College, a plate of meat and potatoes, comedy is rather the dessert, a bit like CKDU 88.1 FM, Jubilee Junction, Your Mother’s Bloomers, Julia’s meringue.” - Woody Allen (… too soon?) Photocopy, The Aristocrats. liz johnston & griffin mcinnes


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Wit's End Theatre: Program  
Wit's End Theatre: Program  

The program for Wit's End's summer 2011 show, designed by Adrian Lee.