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Stay Hungry One of the things I think we’ve done right at Adrian College over the past 10 years is to refuse to get comfortable. We will not say, “we’ve arrived” or “it’s time to put the College on cruise control.” Success should not lead to self-congratulations; when it does, our eyes shift their focus and trouble is waiting in the shadows. We remain hungry, very hungry and uncomfortable in our search for ways to get better … much better! We owe this resolute determination to our students — they deserve an educational experience so unique, so immersive, so powerful and impactful that after four years they feel transformed from the inside out. This doesn’t happen in a college with a sore arm from patting itself on the back.



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There is urgency at Adrian College, an urgency we hope students feel and an urgency that motivates and propels us to innovate quickly and educate more effectively. This leads me to the cover story of this issue of Contact: our new medical center on campus. Our quest to provide pre-health majors in all fields with an extraordinary education led us to the idea of an oncampus clinical experience. We believe this regional healthcare medical facility under the guidance of trained medical doctors will be a “game-changer” for students wanting to practice medicine. The clinic is under construction as I write this article. Very soon students at Adrian College will be able to walk into our new 10,000-square-foot medical center to observe — and to the extent appropriate, participate in — medicine as it happens. Under the leadership of two practicing physicians and other medical professionals, our students will work in radiology, laboratories, examination rooms and other relevant areas to gain important experience prior to applying to medical, dental and other graduate school programs. We believe this will differentiate our students from

Contact Fall 2016  
Contact Fall 2016