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Young Alumni ith its wealth of scholarships, athletic opportunities and promises of a home away from home, Adrian College provided Nick Urteaga ‘12 with the tools that would aid him in turning his dreams into reality. Urteaga’s affinity for sports ­— particularly football — ­ played a major part in his decision to enroll at Adrian College. He threw the pigskin for the Bulldogs throughout his entire college career, gradually establishing himself as a key contributor towards the team’s success. “The sports facilities were top notch,” he said, “and I loved putting on my uniform and playing in that stadium.” According to Urteaga, his experiences with the Division III sport had an enormous impact on him. “Football taught me hard work, discipline, and truly forced me to grow up and become a man.” However, there is more to the recipe of a successful Adrian College graduate: Adequate guidance is just as vital as hard work, discipline and maturity. Urteaga is living proof of this, citing the counsel that he received from Adrian College faculty as immensely influential in determining his career path. “The individual attention definitely helped me on the road to my current success,” he explained. In illustrating the effects of the special support system provided by Adrian College, Urteaga spoke of “a handful of specific professors who really pushed me to pursue things I was never originally interested in.” At the time of his enrollment at Adrian College, Urteaga was a determined writer, contemplating a major along the lines of English or journalism. However, a few courses in media arts had also managed to pique his interest. Noting his aptitude for the trade, Dr. Sheri Bleam, a professor of the College’s Department of Communication Arts & Sciences, convinced him to consciously consider entering the full track. He recalled the conversation fondly, saying, “I'm glad she had that talk with me that day during my freshman year because it led me to where I am today.” In 2012, Urteaga graduated with a

Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Media Arts) and a minor in studio art. After working in various sports productions for a few years, he had a breakthrough in May 2014, accepting a position in New York City as an instant replay technician for Major League Baseball. “I worked among a team of others in the Replay Operation Center where all challenged calls across Major League Baseball were reviewed,” he clarified. “My job was to display the various camera angles to the umpire in the short amount of time as well as train incoming operators, upkeep all equipment and assist with implementation of new technology.” Through this fast-paced role, Urteaga quickly gained experience and made connections, leading him to new doors of opportunity. Merely half a year after he began working for Major League Baseball, he accepted a part-time position as director for The Madison Square Garden Company. “I was in charge of the production crew and produced all in-house video content that was displayed during each basketball game. I also helped out with website video content,” he explained. In addition to these new responsibilities, he maintained his job with Major League Baseball. With what little free time he had, Urteaga managed his own side endeavor, combining

“The individual attention definitely helped me on the road to my current success.” his passion for photography and videography with his interest in marketing. As demand increased and his passion grew, he felt destined to make it the primary focus of his career. “Starting July 1, 2016, I decided to leave my position at Major League Baseball, become my own boss and freelance as a digital content creator,” revealed Urteaga. “As a photographer/videographer for Coastal Flicks, I essentially create digital content for various companies and events from weddings to men's shoe companies and even women's activewear.” “This was a great opportunity for me because the overall dream for me, from day one, was to run my own company and work for myself. As much as I love working for organizations such as Major League Baseball or Madison Square Garden, the freedom to create my own content was exactly what I think I was meant to do. I have a clear vision for certain projects, and to be able to do that on my own is the most gratifying experience.”


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