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The essence of this project is to provide /with this project, we want to give/ The Mill TV series with an engaging crossmedia experience that will create additional value in the form of increased audience participation and social responsibility. In the context of this presentation, we define crossmedia as engaging the audience on various platforms to deepen their relationship with the themes represented in the TV series.

The Mill series has a very diverse storyworld with rich characters that act well as first steps for a deeper immersion into the series. The fact that the The Mill TV-series is based on real life events gives also the crossmedia project another dimension- times might be changed, but the worries of many are the same. Meaning that the possibility to relate to the questions raised in the series is high thus creating potential for engagement. Look chart 1.0


We see that one of the main themes in the TV series is the fight for freedom. To be whoever you want to be is also relevant in todays’ society, thus we ask “Are you really free?”. The Gregs owned not only the Mill but also the village where the workers lived, meaning they had full control over their lives. Although nowadays that kind of control of work over our whole lives is not as explicit, we still often find ourselves in a similar situation. Work follows us everywhere and in many cases people get stuck to situations they are unsatisfied with. The possibility to make changes lies in the individual and also in the choices of many.

chart 1.0

FREEDOM OF IDENTITY Freedom of Identity is the main theme The Mill Experience is built around. It connects the key areas of reflection (illusion of freedom, exploitation of freedom, consequences of choices), that came up during the workshop, into a whole. We feel, that this is a theme that provides an intriguing base for the planned extensions, as both freedom and identity touch people in a personal level and are as important today as they were in the 19th century.

chart 1.1

chart 1.2



The interactive map is a portrait of freedom. It does not only give people a possibility to share their own personal vision of freedom but also to understand how others define it. The value of the users is to see themselves in a larger context and to understand more about their surrounding communities. Moreover, the public could get inspired from the characters and the people behind “The Mill” series, who will be sharing their own thoughts on what freedom means to them. As a method of promoting the TV series the phrase Channel 4 offers you the longest definition of freedom could be used as a subtext for the interactive map. Look chart 1.1

The StoryMixer is a portrait of identity. Users would feel that every action changes the identity of the character. The actions given in the mixer are not seen in the Tv-series which is a hook for the users. Moreover, the users could immerse in the possibilities of the stories asking themselves “What if...?”. By seeing the outcome as an interactive newspaper from the future, we will create a thrilling engagement with an extra value. The Storymixer would also call users to generate different content such as: creating own newspapers, uploading picture, finding a relative etc. The newspaper would be a great pool of content about The Mill TV series which is not just a gadget but a profound storytelling tool. Hook ….logo of storymixer and interactive map while episodes are broadcasted.Look chart 1.2 and chart 5



The Mill ARG - alternate reality game (a game that combines real life experiences with the online environment) starts with a marketing campaign based on the idea of bringing the work experience from the Mill into present times. The entry points are fake job announcements using LinkedIn profiles of the Mill, but also of the characters and newspaper announcements as hooks to get peoples attention. It continues with the selection of the candidates and ends with a two-day real experience at the Quarry Bank. In the first day people get to know the Mill through sounds and video mapping. The second day is based on 12 hours working experience exactly like in the TV Series. The alternate reality game, would enchase audience’s experience in the Mill and also immerse them fully into the TV-series storyworld. Look chart 1.3 and chart 6

The Quarry Bank Mill is not only a construction. It is not only a space either.

chart 1.3

In the focus of the Mill Experience, The Mill itself is an individual character, speaking primarily with feelings, the Soundscapes welling up from its enormous pool of experiences. In a practical sense, the soundscapes are hybrid audio entities created by combining the real Mill sound atmosphere recordings with additional digital elements and enhancements. As powerful captors of moments they will arise pure sensations in listeners. The soundscapes will be distributed via digital channels, for example as Spotify playlists being also implemented as part of another extensions by embedding.



Our aim is to crowdfund the last stage of the ARG which is an immersive 2 day event. With the raised money we are going to able to produce the event. Particularly,creating workflow at The Quarry Bank Mill just like 1830, 3D-video mapping, acoustic sessions, UGC remixes, production of real cotton, interaction with the actors and other art happenings.

The user engagement pyramid highlights the potential value of engaging audiences. It provides a valuable overview into the interaction design process of different user groups. The extensions provide a viable solution for engaging active and less active target groups and also provide the possibility to look into two opposites of the same story-the facts and the fiction. Look chart 2.

This immersive event would attract younger audience, also artists in the creative industries. Key pledges would be: tickets to the event, t-shirts and being part of the film shooting crew.

The Mill ARG+Soundscape+ Crowdfuding

Moreover the whole campaign would engage more people not just being part of the event but creating a stronger relationship with younger audience. Furthermore, this successful marketing tool would create a new image of the Quarry Bank and would attract more viewers for the TV-Series.

Interactive Map

chart 2The Story Mixer chart 2.

_ THE MILL AS A CHARACTER _ The Mill Workshop Although the working conditions from The Mill were quite good for the beginning of XIX century, the number of tragically stories found in the archive is quite impressive. Given the fact that it was built in 1784, we thought to approach the Mill as a character as a witness to people experiences along history. In this sense the mill becomes a real character and what better way to describe her, than unique sounds that compose the atmosphere around it.

Adipat Virdi came to Tallinn, Estonia, baltic Film and Media school / BFM/ and gave us brief of mill - we gotted exited. Fistly he asked think 3 relevant themes, then 3 ways to explore these, and which would be first platform for launching project. here is procces flow. Look chart 4.


chart 3.

chart 4.


chart 6. THE Mill ARG

_BIO After graduating film directing and PR studies in Bucharest, Romania I worked in television for 5 years. In the same time I started a film prodution company called AJJA FILM. I worked as a director, executive producer for more then 30 short films and music videoclips


BFM MA13 /look _Bio/ are thankfull for Adipat Virdi and to BFM, Allessandro Nani , Siiri H채idma, Andres J천esaar to enable such positive experiense to offer us The Mill transmedia workshop.

I have been working as a crossmedia producer, script writer, touring musician and sound designer in Scandinavia and Baltics with advertisements, music videos and mainstream music. Natural and engaging story flow within the content produced is the primary principal of my work. Currently I am designing mobile media solutions. _ Miikka M채kitalo / Soundscape development /

Background in audio-video production and social network advertising. I worked as a director and producer on commercials, feature films and interactive video platforms in Bulgaria, Finland and UK. My works were featured in reputable festivals such as: Sheffield Docs, Munich Film Festival and Semaine De La Critique, Cannes. Currently working in the field of crossmedia.

Previously studied PR and audiovisual media. Worked as PR professional, 10 year background in event production and entertainment. Currently working as a media entrepreneur, looking into options to develop crossmedia campaigns worldwide. _ Ott Vatter / Interactive map development /

_Adriana Sandu / The Mill ARG development /

_George Groshkov / Story Mixer development /

Worked with NO99 theatre as set designer for Great Feast and plays for Estonian Drama Theatre. Through years i have hold interest for old nordic stories of gods and elves and so i stepped into Baltic Film and Media School (BFM) to follow my dream to create Polaris - the sandbox of supernatural and storyworld of physical elements. _Laura K천iv / interactive map development / UED /

BFM conact Adipat Virdi contact

Have worked for several flash and 3D based projects. Interested to try new

programs when ever they promise enchanced delivery for video, photo or vector image. My backround is rather uniqe i came from construction project area, within lots of CAD and exel experience _Raiko Suits / interactive map development / UI / Specialized in branding and advertising with experience in communications management, copywriting and marketing strategies. I see brands as personalities with values, goals and unique qualities and aim to bring people closer to them through stories that evolve over multiple platforms, giving an even deeper feeling on engagement and connection.. _Sandra Truija / Story Mixer development /

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