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by adriana jastram

COMPANY PROFILE Bimba & Lola was formed in 2005

by sisters Uxia and Maria. The first store opened in 2006 and nowadays Bimba y Lola has 160 stores in 17 countries all over the world. The brand is categorized in the range of accessible luxury offering high quality products (apparel & accessories) at an accessible price. 40% of the enterprise are franchises due to international expansion. The brand’s profits were estimated to be 77 M in 2007.

2005 Sisters María and Uxía Domínguez create the independent textile society. María and Uxía are nieces of designer Adolfo Domínguez and daughters of Jesús Domínguez, founder of Sociedad Textil Lonia (STL), one of the most outstanding fashion companies in Galicia, responsible for Purificación García and others.


The sisters found the chain in 2006 as a brand targeted to working women of 20-50 years old.

2008 2010

Internationalization of the brand begins with its opening in its Paris store

Online sales inaugurate with bimba&

2013 Bimba & Lola inaugurates its fourth store in London. The brand introduces in Lebanon and Peru.


Bimba y Lola implemented the exclusive use of 100% renewable energy in all of its installations (stores, warehouses, and central offices). This will save 750 tons of CO2 emissions.


To pursue development of the brand in the segment of semi- luxury goods by strengthening its brand positioning, in addition to developing strategic markets, selecting and expanding its range of products where Bimba y Lola is most succesful; Spain, Japan and Mexico. Further international expansion plans into Asia, Brazil and Eastern Europe.


“She’s well-cultured, she loves reading and travelling ” “She exists for herself and isn’t swayed by

others; she’s very sociable, but is happy to be by herself; she’s intelligent and doesn’t want to be defined by what she wears. She understands fashion, and has good taste. She’s pretty special.

“To create Bimba & Lola we

look for inspiration in nature, art, film - even in friends and family, Maria Dominguez

Roman Lata, creative director,

describes Bimba & Lola as a “more colourful, extrovert version of Sandro”

When people think of Spanish

fashion, they think of colour, playfulness and also, let's be honest, budget clothes - like Zara and Mango. Bimba & Lola is about accessible quality and design, but also individuality.

Spanish-style signature with

uplifting modernity.

The name of “Bimba

y Lola” comes from the founder’s dogs, and even the logo is a greyhound.

strenGths -Rapid expansion: Bimba y lola sold 115 M from 2006 to 2015 growing a 557,4% since its launch. -The products offer an excellent price-quality relationship -It is situated in the range of accessible luxury (contemporary) -Strong brand image -Attractive stores -Effective Marketing Strategies -Strong presence in social media with strong, creative imagery -Personalized accessories -Contemporary European brands have risen in importance based on a successful strategy that fuses the image and marketing tactics of luxury brands with the responsive, low-cost manufacturing methods employed by fast-fashion companies.

weaknesses -Few Products -Unknown in American Market -Quality abdprice to be determined

opportunities -Brick and mortar expansion/ online expansion as a long term plan -Continuing technological advances in the retail market -Sustainability and environmental concerns among increasingly growing values in Millennials -Authenticity -Strong interest in brand image

threats -Strong competition in the prestige segment -More expensive products due to imports -Shipping limitations -Visual merchandising not implemented as according to planogram -Sales people not responsive to the product

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bimba y lola’S

CURRENT MARKETING STRATEGIES 1. Mobile Bimba y lola launched an app that enables consumer to access the complete Bimba Y Lola collection, campaigns, and editorials. It also enables users to save items and share them via social media, as well as creating shared gift lists with friends. In addition, the app has the option of scanning and saving items to the user’s wishlists for future or immediate purchases. Lastly, the app has a store locator service. Bimba Y Lola promoted the use of the app through social media by creating fun gifs and intriguing the customer that “something new” was coming before the launch of the app. As the app was launched a sales incentive of a 10% deduction on the new collection, achieved through the app for a limited amount of time was given in order to promote the download and use of the app

1. campaigns



1. Sartorial Textures 2. #ThisIsVerne 3. Pink Explorer 4. This is Greek 5. Halloween Social Media Campaign 6. Bimba Lola London Store

#ThisisVerne 16/17 A/W collection inspired in the novelist, poet, and playwright Jules Verne and designed a campaign around it. The campaign was promoted through the website, social media in all platforms with the hashtag #for smart, successful, sophisticated womenthisisverne through creative photography by synchrodogs and fun gifs. Synchrodogs promoted the campaign with with posts. Different editorials within the collection were made; Ray Print, Sartorial Prints, Pink Explorer, Animal’s Print and Wool Coats.


#ThisIsGreek S/S 16 collection was inspired in greek culture. Hashtag #ThisIsGreek was used throughout social media to promote the collection with creative campaigns. The campaign was promoted through print in kiosks in Paris, Taxis and building walls in London and small pop up trucks in Madrid. The stores were also designed according to the collection, blue and white with interesting mannequins complementing the merchandise. In addition to Photography, illustration was used as a medium for the campaign displayed as both still images and gifs.

3.PRESS Press releases are promoted throughout all social media platforms. Celebrity endorsements include Alma Jodorowsky & Alexa Chung

Ponytale Magazine Artistic publication based between Madrid and New York offering a fresh and audacious vision of contemporary femininity

DNA Magazine Digital lifestyle, art & fashion magazine in Mexico targeted to young people with a global perspective

Metal Magazine Based in Barcelona. Mix of fashion, photography and art whose pages can boast some of the hottest talents of the moment. METAL is published twice a year, is available in more than 25 countries

Glamour UK Stylist Magazine “for smart, successful, sophisticated women” UK Celebrity endorsements: Alexa Chung Kwave Global Korean Culture Magazine


L’officielles Oldest magazine in Spain lauched in 1921 Jalouse Mag- French magazine Launching

4.launches & Promotions

Parties & Pop Up Shops are popular strategies to launch and promote store openings. Bimba Y Lola’s approach to promotions is relatively agressive: it practices Guerrilla Marketing with the Bimba Y Lola buses while print ads are common in billboards, bus stations, and building walls.




In the U.S. the number of consumer who bought clothing and accessories via internet has almost doubled since spring 2008. In spring 2015 has increased a 88% since. By the 2017 the clothing segment is expected to grow a 19.1% and the number of users is expected to amount to 1,510.8m by 2021. The americans consumers are enjoying shopping for contemporary and luxurious clothing through online retailers and off-priced retailers. The improved job market marked and increased pay has help the local consumption.

consumer expenditure

Total consumer expenditure (in real terms) will rise by 2.3% in 2016. It is forecast to grow at an average annual rate of 2.1% in 2015-2030 in real terms. It will increase by a cumulative value of 37.5% during this period. Total consumer expenditure will represent 66.9% of GDP in 2016; Per capita disposable income grew by 19% in current prices between 2010 and 2015, and is expected to grow by 2% at constant 2015 prices in 2016.

DEMOGRAPHICS Total population has been rising at about 1% per year and reached 322 million in 2015. The median age was 37.8 years in 2015, up from 35.4 years in 2000. The indicator will continue to rise in the future, reaching 40.3 years in 2030. Hispanic population will be growing faster than non-hispanic one. Th U.S. is already the 5th largest spanish speaking country. During the period 2015-2030, total disposable income will increase by a cumulative value of 35.2% in real terms – growing at an average annual rate of 2.0%.


Millennials (18-34) represented 20% of the population with incomes of USD100,001 and over. Although they have enough money to spend and have great potential to become leading purchasers of luxury goods, millennials are also known as a HENRY, an acronym for high earner, but not rich yet. Also, they seem to spend more on expenses like traveling, leisure activities and rent rather than clothing.

baby boomers

The main consumers of luxury goods are those earning an annual gross income of USD 150,001 and over. This segment accounted for 7% of the population in 2015. The 50-54 and 55-59 age bands accounted for the two largest segments of the population with incomes of USD150,001 and over

POP UP SHOP’S location & sales potential Bimba Y Lola’s

Pop up Shop will be located in New York City, specifically in the Flagship store of Bloomingdales on third avenue and 59th street. The Pop Up Shop will be open to the public for 2 months starting mid September in order to introduce an exclusive assortment of the brand for the fall season. The specific location selected in Bloomingdales will be in the second floor next to other contemporary designer brands including Bloomingdale’s private brand Aqua, in addition to others such as Alice + Olivia, Michael Kors, Diane Von Frustenberg, French Connection, and Ted Baker in order to atract the prestige customer living arond the city and tourists as well. Bloomingdales is the most appropiate department store showcasing the majority of Bimba y Lola’s competitors. The flagship store is located within the richest neighborhoods in New York City. Around this area, there’s a variety of restaurants, bas, and social clubs that cater to the Bimba Y Lola’s customer and increases the brand’s exposure and the chances of achieving the project’s goal. Additionally, Bimba Y Lola would take advantage of Bloomingdale’s wide and sophisticated customer base ranging from upper-middle to the upper class customer. Bloomingdales is among the 10 most popular shopping destinations for visitors in New York City, a high foot traffic which is beneficial to Bimba Y Lola’s temporal exposure. In addition, Bimba y Lola could benefit from Bloomingdale’s existing customer base which ranges from the upper-middle to the upper class customer. This diverse and sophisticated customer base varies from millennials to baby boomers.


Y Lola will benefit from Bloomingdale’s services which include personal shopping assistance, coat and package check, Car Services Reservations, Theater Tickets, Tour Resrvations, and Restaurants Reservations. Also, visitors are eligible to receive one signature gift with a $300 same day receipt; Bimba Y Lola will take advantage of the service by having its best selling accesories as being a part of the gift. Bloomingdale’s venues are sophisticated and offer a great opportunity of exposure for Bimba Y Lola. Bloomingdales offers onlline and mobile shopping services that include: a. Buying online and picking up in store the same day b. The Big Brown App: its features include shopping, scanning and finding products that are not available in store (Bimba Y Lola could benefit in the long term if the shop is implemented), notifications of new products and sales, and information about store events. c. Bloomingdales Tablet Fashion-packed lookbooks and interactive features

BLOOMINGDALES: MARKETING STRATEGy Bloomingdale’s marketing strategy is designed to reach a wide customer base, as it did in its

“100 percent Bloomingdale’s campaign” with an array of mobile advertisements across several digital publications. The Department store used a diverse set of digital publications like Vogue, Departures, The New York Times, and Elle. Ads were intentionally repetitive in order to generate awareness.

With a mobile strategy, Bloomingdale’s intends to attract a younger audience who prefers to engage with brands via their mobile devices when they have “snacky” moments throughout the day. The different publications intent to reach different customer segments; Departures is able to hit the luxury segment while Elle is after a younger customer; The New York Times on the other hand targets a broader target market.

Lives in Soho, NYC Income: 105k/year Education: M.F.A. in Juilliard’s Occupation: professor drama Lifestyle: enjoys going to art galleries, the theater and travelling during weekends. Marital status: married


Behavioral: reads glamour magazine, sleek, and ponytail magazine. she is engaged in mobile shopping Shops outfits for: professional wear & casual wear



Bimba y Lola’s target customer belongs to

the upper middle class, and the upper class. She is between the ages of 20-50, but the brand is mostly focused on millennials. She is an experiencer because she wants the latest in fashion, she is very sociable and spontaneous, she is independent, cultured and loves travelling.

Lives in Tribeca, NYC Income: 85k/year Education: m.b.a rhode island school of design Occupation: stylist


Lifestyle: enjoys going to museums and concerts in her free time with her friends. her hobbies include photography and biking. Marital Status: single

VICTORIA YOUNG Experiencer/ Achiever

Lives in Williamsburg, NYC Income: 60k/y Education: undergraduate b.f.a. columbia university studying english literature Occupation: student Lifestyle: practices yoga & pilates and reading. likes going to the hamptons with her friends during the weekends Marital status: single Behavioral: reads nylon, vogue, dazed and confused. active in social media platforms. Shop outfits for: school & weekends.


ELIZABETH STONE Experiencer/ Achiever











promotion Bimba y Lola’s promotional plan is spread through a 4 month schedule starting in July. Pre-launch promotions will start 2 months before the launch party, meaning in July. The Pop Up Shop will continue to be promoted after the launch; at this time promotional messages will differ.

An Instagram contest of “who wore it better” will be held encouranging customers to wear the best Bimba Y Lola look. The winner will win a $5000 gift card.

Sales incentives

Snapchat’s content will be more extensive as it will be used as a documentary tool. The construction of the Pop Up Shop and the Launch event will be recorded through snapchat. During the Event, the idea is to capture an atmosphere that will express the brand’s identity of Bimba y Lola: “spanish culture, fun, cool, stylish and sophisticated” through lightning, overall design of the launch and the pop up shop. Both Bimba Y Lola’s managers brought from Spain as well as Bloomingdale’s social media managers will snapchat the guests enjoying the party, the catering and all the factors in the launch in a spontaneous way. Guests will be asked to show their new Bimba Y Lola acquisitions. After the Launch, Snapchat will keep on documenting Bimba Y Lola’s looks in addition to Gift Sets from the brand (as part of the sales incentive promotional efforts)

To receive a $65 gift after a purchase higher than $500 To receive a gift after accumulating more than 6000 points in Bloomingdale’s loyallist program.

Bloomingdale’s venues Bimba Y Lola will be promoted through the following Bloomingdale’s Venues: A. The Big Brown App B. Bloomingdale’s Tablet C Plan of Bimba Y Lola’s lookbook to be displayed D. Bloomingdale’s in store lookbook E. Bloomingdale’s seasonal catalog (pre-launch + launch) F. Bloomingdale’s flyers and direct mail (pre-launch + launch) G. Bloomingdale’s e-mail to customers who are subscribed (pre-launch + launch) H. Bloomingdale’s website: a promotion of the store event in the homepage during both the pre-launch and launch plus a look of the exclusive Bimba Y Lola’s collection


SOCIAL MEDIA The social media platforms of both Bloomingdales and Bimba Y Lola will be used to promote the opening and the after-lunch. Instagram-Twitter-Facebook The content of instagram, facebook, and twitter will be visually identical (except for the boomerangs in instagram), although written content in Twitter will be shorter. Pre-launch content will include both the construction of the Pop Up Shop, and announcements of the launch event. Photos, videos, and boomerangs of the event will be posted throughout social media. After the event, the final look of the Pop Up Shop will be advertised and the customer will be encouraged to keep coming in with sales incentives. Tracking and engaging customers throughout the campaign is crucial; therefore, concerns will be addressed through comments via social media platforms.

Bloomingdales 1 month before the launch, Bloomingdale’s will have 4 posts throughout the period about the construction of the Pop Up Shop and creating awareness of the launch event. After the launch, Posts will include sales incentives with a total of 4 posts during the rest of the promotional period (2 months) Bimba Y Lola Bimba Y Lola’s platforms will be less aggressive with the promotion of the shop since it will not be directed to Bloomingdale’s customer’s. The company will post a picture of the shop and a few of the event ranging to a total of 3 posts during the whole promotional period.

REACHING INFLUENCERS Bloggers will also be promoting us through their blogs and social media platforms. Bloggers include Leandra Medine and Happily Grey. Bloomingdale’s will offer them the opportunity to provide an exclusive discount code to their readers if they shop at the pop-up store. Additionally, Bloomingdale’s will send them merchandise so they promote it through all social media platforms by wearing and mentioning the garments in addition to having contests that promote the partership.

instagram contests for bloggers


“Girls!! Listen up! Head to Snapchat now if you can! I’ve teamed up with Bloomingdale’s @bloomingdales and Bimba Y Lola @BimbaYLola and I’m showing some really cool items on Snap + a Voucher code of 20% discount to all of you! Make a screenshot and show the code in Bloomingdale’s Flagship Store on 59th street to get Bimba Y Lola’s product discounts - Mary Seng. #BimbaXBloomingdales #HappilyGreyXBimba #BimbaYLolaPopUpShop


As I promised you before, you and I are going to have fun with Bloomingdales this winter. So, Bloomingdale’s will be giving away 2 Bimba Y Lola Scarfs, one for you and one for your friend. Bimba Y Lola’s pop up shop opening. But first: 1-Like this picture 2-Tag your friend in the comments section (yes you can tag more than one firend) 3-Make sure you are following @bloomingdales and @ bimbaylola The competition ends tomorrow at 12 pm and the winners will be announced at night! So the Clock is ticking! #LeandraxBimbaYLola #BimbaYLolaxBloomingdales #BimbaYLolaPopUpShop

DIGITAL AND PRINT PUBLICATION The Pop Up Shop promotion will be pitched 2 months before the publication for local print, and 2 weeks before for online media. Printed Magazines and Newspapers in addition to their digital versions will be used to promote the Pop up Shop and ads will change after it is implemented; these will be Glamour Magazine, The New York Times and Times. Bimba Y Lola x Bloomingdales ads will be adhered in Taxis and Building walls through several areas of NYC.

PAID SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING Paid Instagram ads and Snapchats will be implemented in the NYC location to promote the opening of Bimba y Lola in Bloomingdales using location technology. In addition, the windows of Bloomingdale’s will be promoting Bimba y Lola exclusively during the pop up shop installment.

LAUNCH EVENT The launch is an exclusive look at the pop-up shop for the city’s local journalist and bloggers in addition to select Bloomingdale’s customers. Bloggers include “The Man Repeller” and “Happily Grey.” Sofi Tukker will play at the party, a New York based pop band that mixes electronics with brazilian instruments; the music is appropiate because it reflects the electic, fun, and modern concept of Bimba Y Lola as a brand. Promotions for the event will be focused on the exclusive celebrity invites and services at the party in addition to a sales incentive of getting 20% off when purchasing more than 500$







Handbag Shelves

The Pop Up Shop will be 160 Square FT and will be located in the second floor next to other contemporary brands such as Alice + Olivia, All Saints, Aqua, The French Connection, Diane Von Furstenberg, Ted Baker, and Sandro. The Pop up will be implemented against a wall, but there will be no built walls in order to increase the illustion of space and to allow for higher exposure.

Clothing Racks

Mannequins displaying jewelry and accesories go on the tables

Sitting Area

Customers will be using Bloomingdale’s dressingrooms while Bimba y Lola will use Bloomingdales Storage, allowing the Pop Up space to be small. Managers will be outsourced from Spain to assist in the Pop Up Shop while Bloomingdales’ employees will be trained for extra staff assistance. The store will open from September 5th through october 25th. The store design was inspired in Bimba Y Lola’s clean aesthetics, scandinavian interior designs with a playful twist. The Rug was added to add a fun aesthetic element to the store.

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