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Adriana Rivas

Industrial Design | Interaction Design

Contents 01. Interactive e-learning community platform


02. Online private banking for iPad


03. Event - Sustainable European expo site


04. Social Inclusion Network


05. Low2No - low C02 emissions block


06. Droplet - optimizing water consumption


07. Mizu - Interactive water faucet


08. Nina- full-suspension downhill bike frame


09. Appendix


Modular protection gear for Freestyle Motocross Security release system - Kite surfing workshop Studio Threads Apparel - graphic tees


Interactive e-learning community platform

Interactive e-learning community platform - home page | “campus� page


Lead Interaction Designer, UI/UX, concept generation, Information architecture, client relations Experientia | Turin, Italy Apr 2010 - Jun 2011


This year-long project was a career-changing experience. I learned so much and grew with the project, personally and professionally.



Overview Experientia was asked to design an e-learning platform for a Spanish/Latin American company, and leader in the distance learning world. The project focuses on the interaction design, architecture and graphic design, combined with a strong social user experience with fellow learners.



Spanish client team - card sorting exercise


Card sorting

21 platforms were analysed in order

For the initial analysis about

to gain insights about the current

the information architecture

environments and offers on the

development, this method


was adopted to get a better understanding of how the new exsisting community platform system should be organized from the user perspective.


benchmarking - competitor platforms examined

card sorting exercise - information clusters

card sorting exercise - client organizing their information

online card sorting exercise - further research for information clusters


Usability tests Experientia carried out 4 usability test sessions in Spanish involving a total of 54 participants. Each test presented users with an updated version of the prototype. Users were given specific tasks and scenarios to complete in order to test the products usability. Feedback was analysed and incorporated and used to refine the products design.



Concept generation - concept iteration process

Concept generation A progressively more refined prototype was produced in order to evaluate user responses and acceptance. This Agile Process of validation and evaluation techniques ensured that the final design met all the the client requirements. Iteration process The prototype went through 7 cycles of iteration, each phase of the prototype expanded on the previous versions, while incorporating user feedback.


Main features - note-taking process

public note

Feature analysis Note-taking concept The platform gives the user a chance

my public note

to highlight, write and share notes, making the experience more real. Color code distinguishes the

my private note

personal notes from those written by colleagues (pink). All of the public notes can be added to the personal notebook which is located in the bottom tool bar.


“mi sitio” / personal profile screenshot - bottom bar

Favorites Anything can be part of the user’s bookbag!


Bottom bar “my backpack” Users have access external bookmarks directly from the bottom bar of the platform depending on the websites they wish to add to this area. Students may use the calendar mixing personal and course events. There are more functions in the bottom bar that recreate a “backpack” that hold the tools to learn at all times. The user may wish to store a specific course or conversation with a teacher as reference; and it’s only a click away when studying.

Calendar Calendar mixes personal appointments to those of the user’s courses and the platform’s upcoming events.


Staying in contact A key feature is always being in contact with the teachers through q/a, community, and throughout the platform. Contact with other classmates increases collaboration and interaction. In the bottom bar area, the user has a contact book holding all teachers and classmates from their courses. They may be sorted by courses or by status.


Interactive filtering system Active filters lights up when the user is on a specific area of the page that can be filtered for better usability. Allowing the user to filter information displayed in a specific area of the page.



Design guidelines As lead designer for the team, I was responsible in communicating the design iterations, processes, action models and specifications to the external programmers. I put together the “Design guidelines� document with which the programmers were able to develop our prototype into the final version of the product.



Online private banking for iPad

Online banking - log-in screen


Interaction & graphic design support, UI/UX Experientia | Turin, Italy May 2011

Overview This was a project for private banking from an important local Bank. The idea was to create a platform for bankers and their clietnts. The platform aims to reduce the time wasted by a banker to book appointments and manage his clients. On the user’s side, the aim is to provide a vast amount of information in order to minimize their questions and doubts. The platform has other features as well such as video-conferencing, an

Online banking - seminars screen

internal shared calendar and other.

Online banking - communications and information screen



Event - Sustainable European expo site

A day in the life. Scenario storyboard - all sketches and color by Adriana Rivas

Overview Goal: Reduce the carbon footprint of the site. The concept design phase developed solutions to specific sustainability problems that conferences and trade fairs face.


Interaction design, sketching, stoyboards, wireframes, concept generation Experientia | Italy & Belgium April 2011 - May 2011

Storyboard of concepts The scenario envisioned the role of the Kortrijk Xpo in the city ecosystem. It illustrates the story of a typical day in the life of a person who visits the fair grounds and enjoys the carbon-free services.


Concept generation The team generated more than 100 ideas focusing on reducing travel and providing alternative transport means.


Control 146 Offset CO2 emissions

Rules & guidelines

Offset CO2-emissions due to freight (on-site or off-site)

159 Low impact booths 3

155 Booth design charter

Do not allow polluting materials such as alluminium, concrete, etc.

Booth design charter (exhibitors are requested to use less materials for booths, biodegradable materials, renewable materials, etc.) (e.g. C2C gyproc, C2C carpets, waterbased paints, etc.) + exhibitors are requested to calculate the carbon footprint of their booths and to make it public.

Xpo Exhibitors

Xpo Exhibitors Suppliers

163 Urinoirs Waterless urinoirs.

147 Bio-fuels Bio-fuels (locally produced?)

140 Connected events Collaboration between Kortrijk, Lille and possibly London (see Eurostar connection ) to organize connected events that people can see in sequence or to optimize resources (e.g. re-usage of booths).

Xpo Suppliers

Xpo Lille and London Xpo Exhibitors Visitors

156 Material & service charters Purchase charter for materials & services.

Transport companies

152 Re-use of layouts

164 Tap water Tap water instead of water bottles.

Fairs could be grouped and re-use the layouts that can be suitable for the next event.

Xpo Suppliers

149 3D Booths

Xpo Suppliers

Experience the booth without the whole physical booth.

Xpo Exhibitors Suppliers

Xpo Suppliers

165 Glass as a gift

141 Booth design

Glass for tap water: as a gift from the fair, visitors get a glass with Expo’s logo on it to drink tap water from fountains throughout the site. They can decide to take the glass home and use as a regular glass or to leave the glass at the fair to be recycled for a future event.

Design booths with lighter / less materials so less transport will be needed. The one who exceeds the top weight has to pay.

Exhibitors (Local) booth designers / suppliers Freight transport companies

Xpo Visitors

151 Versatile booth materials

139 Refurbished booths

Modular versatile booth materials (walls, divisions, tables and shelves) to suit a vast spectrum of exhibitor booths, customizable.

Make it a requisite for exhibitors to leave any extra furniture they bring to the show. The Xpo creates a full “catalogue” of furniture that future exhibitors can choose from. Furniture can be refurbished by local designers/artisans in order to be reused.

Xpo Exhibitors Suppliers

Xpo Local designers/artisans Exhibitors

145 Electric vehicles Charging points for electric vehicles

144 Transport suppliers


Preferred/priviledged transport suppliers: Electric/hybrid vehicles, EURO 5.

Freight transport companies


142 Transport charter


161 Re-use of furniture

Guidelines concerning type of vehicles, type of fuel, ecodriving, etc. (first: transporters who follow charter are privileged, later: guidelines become mandatory).

Like IKEA program to build you own kitchen except it's the Xpo's program for the exhibitor to build their own booth with available furniture that Kortrijk has in an online catalogue. (first the service could be suggested and then become mandatory). Xpo Exhibitors Suppliers

Xpo Freight transport companies

160 Low impact booths 4 Exhibitors are suggested to create furniture from recycled packaging materials: chairs and tables from folded cardboard using; patterns downloaded and built on-site; lamps out of cardboard/plastic tubing for packaging; poufs out of the styrofoam packaging balls; cushions from packaging foam for electronics, ..

Smart transportation

Xpo Exhibitors Suppliers

321 Re-usable booths

R-use & recycle 150 Furniture donation

Standard booths / re-useable booths

Xpo Exhibitors Suppliers

Re-use/recycle of furniture: donate the furniture left by exhibitors to local/foreign schools.

138 Booth storage

143 Boat transport

Local storage/shared depot at Xpo: exhibitors who come back to Xpo can store their booths in a local storage area.

Transport by boat (e.g. Qbarge)

Xpo Exhibitors Freight transport companies

Xpo Exhibitors Freight transport companies

Xpo Exhibitors Schools/Local institutions

Locally produced booths with local artisans and materials and locally stored (if exhibitors produce booths in Kortrijk they get points, discounts, etc.)

Used goods market: regular people or companies (schools, offices, etc.) come to the site at designated dates to shop for second hand furniture or goods left during past exhibitions. Xpo Exhibitors Citizens Local institutions

Truck room pool: Suppliers announce they have room available and they allow other suppliers to use it in the same truck. Suppliers could get benefits for sharing space with others. Xpo Exhibitors Web technology companies Freight transport companies

136 Guests help transporting Helping hand: guests coming to event by car/truck/train help bring things for suppliers and in exchange can travel for free or get free entrance. (ie. uovo-concept-di-logistica-partecipata-bring-buddy/ 2308/) Exhibitors Visitors

321 Impact visualization

154 Gadget collection

Each booth has a display that visualizes the CO2 footprint of the booth.

Xpo Exhibitors Visitors Technology company

Xpo Visitors

Xpo Exhibitors Design school

Xpo Exhibitors Web technology companies (Local) booth designers / suppliers Freight transport companies

Information visualisation

People decide to leave pens, pins, name tags etc. at the fair and they are recycled or reused.

157 Low impact booths 1

135 Share a ride 2

Xpo Exhibitors Web technology companies Freight transport companies

137 Locally produced booths

162 Re-sale of furniture

University competition for new green booths by Kortrijk design school.

134 Share a ride 1 Online platform for combined transport and 3PL.

158 Low impact booths 2 Award for the 'greenest booth' + related communication (dashboard) about why and where to find the booth.

Xpo Exhibitors Visitors

148 CO2 calculator Graphic CO2-calculator and tips: when exhibitor enters information on what to exhibit in the program, it calculates the print and shows where the exhibitor can minimize the impact. Exhibitors Visitors


Booth design Perspectives opportunity map

Opportunity maps # Title

Reduce need

Freight transport of exhibition booths

Improve efficiency

Purchase of materials and materials for booths

Description text.



Raise awareness

Ideas were plotted on opportunity Event

Futureproofed and Experientia - for Kortriik Xpo and Flanders Inshape

maps, and clustered into groups which became a roadmap for the implementation of the concepts.

Concept selection Clusters of important ideas were selected and the four best concepts were were illustrated through concept visualizations, scenarios and a video.


Eco-fair network Sketches of the Eco-fair network concept that consists of a network of fairs that share a point system, services and initiatives to reduce the collective carbon footprint.


Eco-fair network concept - home page

Eco-fair network concept - personal profile

Eco-fair network concept - travel calculator


Booth dashboard Sketches to show the usage of a concept touch screen for each of the booths in the exhibition. Here the visitor can check the sustainability of the exhibitor, exchange information, download brochures and more.


Booth dashboard concept - “our green history” screen

Booth dashboard concept - secondary screens



Social Inclusion Network

Wireframes- Sketches of the main pages

Overview The project consisted in developing a concept to promote the blog of the Social Inclusion yearly conference by ETF. The website was thought for the conference’s purpose but also to promote social inclusion year-round. The idea was to keep the platform active with information exchange, networking and localized information such as location of related events and other conferences.


Interaction Design, Information architecture, wireframes, UI/UX Experientia | Turin, Italy April 2011

Home page during phase 1- Pre-conference period


Info viz- shows the information flow of the platform through time

Home page during phase 2- During conference period


Info Viz The top of the page has an info viz graph that shows the action on the website depending of the proximity to the event. The different colors show the different type of information mostly used during that specific moment. It also serves as a roadmap to know how close the conference is.

Internal page- provides localized information



Low2No - low C02 emissions block Overview This has been an important project for Experientia. I collaborated in the initial concept stage and have been seeing it grow from a distance. The concept generation phase produced a series of sustainable services to for the block and the storyboards to explain them.

National Service Design Award June 2010 L2N block services - space distribution map

L2N food service concepts - concepts and scenarios


Service design, concept work, design research, graphic design, storyboards Experientia | Italy & Finland Feb 2010- Apr 2010

L2N service storyboards- Community garden concept

L2N mobility and laundry services - conceps and scenarios



BA thesis project

Droplet - optimizing water consumption


Design research, critical thinking, industrial design Politecnico di Torino | Italy & Costa Rica Jun 2008 - Sept 2009


Thesis book pg 77- Orthographic view specifications

Overview The idea was to make the user aware of water consumption in the domestic context. It was thought for children and young adults to “play to learn�. The accessory is flexible and fits different faucets and showers in order to ease the reading of water consumption for all users.

Orthographic views (all units are in cm)


Exploded view of all components (all units are in cm)


Thesis book pg 27- water meter research

Standard water meters


Research was done to under stand

The benchmarking included a vast

the water consumption needs in

range of products and four main

italian households. The building’s

areas of interest emerged: faucets,

water meter and billing were

other domestic innovative products,

discussed with users and it was

accessories and communication

found that most users were unaware


of how much they actually consumed or what the standard pricing is.

Each was catalogued and ranked on specific criteria to determine the problem.


Thesis book pg 40v - benchmarking catalog of product



Mizu - interactive kitchen faucet

Overview The project aimed to create a portfolio piece for Beyond Design to face the faucet industry. It was an internal project that allowed room for creativity and innovation. The idea was to create an interactive faucet that allows the user to control how much water is being consumed as well as how much water flows out at a given moment. This allows the user not only to be more aware, but also to control exactly what they need. For example, for a recipe you need 1 cup, the faucet will stop dispensing water at 1 cup.


Industrial/Interaction design, market research, 3D modeling Beyond Design Inc. Chicago, USA | Mar 2008


Top view - base / display measurement display unit selector

water temperature display temperature units selector

Flow Control Display


/off touch/slide measurement adjustment


fill Measurement On/Off


touch/slide thermostat


Orthographic sketches Many concept sketches were made to choose the look and feel of the product. This was the chosen shape.

On the right is the interface map for the touch “screen� at the base of the faucet. It shows what each function controls. The thin sheet of brushed aluminium lights up when the faucet is on.

Top view - nozzle

touch/slide water flow regulation



Master’s thesis project

Nina- full-suspension downhill bike frame

Industrial design and accurate 3D modeling Individual Master’s thesis Turin, Italy | October 2009

Overview Niner Bike’s brief was to design a full suspension bike frame for a downhill mountain bike. It was a challenge since downhill bikes have a significant weight to consider. This frame was thought to have an organic look&feel and is entirely made out of carbon fiber, to reduce the weight of the bike.

To see a quick video, please click on the button below.




Concept sketching Conceptual sketching was realized in order to define the final design of the bike. The sketches were, then refined in order to move on to the 3D development of the frame.


50 50

Being the only girl in my Master’s course, I decided to promote make a “girl bike” for Niner Bikes. Nina is sinuous, organic and elegant...

51 51





Modular protection gear for Freestyle Motocross FMX workshop project

Overview FMX riders were observed, interviewed and researched in order to fully understand their protection needs. The guards must be flexible yet resistant so materials such as kevlar and a silicone mix were used to create a suit with modular pieces to optimize the rider’s flexibility and protection needs. The suit was inspired by a famous superhero outfit.


market reasearch, benchmarking, industrial design IED & Fiat Freestyle Team Italy | April 2009

FMX Workshop We were able to meet Vanni Odera, an Italian Fiat Freestyle Team FMX rider who was our research case. We assisted to his training sessions and interviewed him.

* This project was featured in the magazine Fuori Strada M.Gualdani, “Voli Sicuri,� Fuori strada: August, 2009. Voli Sicuri, Fuori strada magazine | M.Gualdani Italy, August 2009


Security release system for kite surfing Kitesurf workshop project

Overview The system enables kite surfers to be able to release from the kite quickly and effortlessly without the risk of entanglement. Due to the nature of the sport, many metals cannot be used so innovative materials and systems had to be considered. 56

market reasearch, benchmarking, industrial design IED & Kite Loose | Jun 2009 Turin & Sardegna, Italy.

Other related concepts A second life for a damaged kite

Ergonomic and modular kitesurfing shoes

Zipper system for changing the air chamber


Studio Threads Apparel Personal project

Designer & co-owner Costa Rica, Italy, USA 2007 - 2009


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