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ADREENAH DREEZY WYNN 850.323.0146 University of Florida SA+AH Portfolio March 2015


A third culture kid is basically someone who (in most cases) followed their parents to a different country, thus growing up in a different culture than their Spring 2015, Independent Project parents. Never really belonging to their new or their original country. This Logo, Letterhead, Business Cards, Envelope, Shirt business is a safe haven for TCKs to feel a sense of belonging and be able Sizes vary, Letterhead 8.5� x 11� to network with other TCKs. The design was made to be welcoming, classy, clean and bold. wynn




PARAMOUNT GRILL Spring 2015, Independent Logo, Laser Cut Wood, & Digital Print 7.25� x 11�

This is a menu for the Paramount Grill, right in downtown Gainesville. In order to serve the freshest and most locally grown ingredients possible, Chef Nelson changes the menu frequently. This board design is made to easily change the menu. The wood and green match the aesthetic of fresh and natural, which is also in the design of the interior of the restaurant. wynn

PSYCHO MOVIE POSTER Spring 2015, Typography 1 (Revised) Digital Illustration and Print 24” x 36”

This poster design was made for Alfred Hitchcock’s legendary movie “Psycho.” The movie is well known so the poster is minimal, has flair of simplicity, and includes a famous quote from the movie. It highlights bold typography with a modern edge. The movie title is slashed to touch on the iconic shower scene. wynn

VISUAL VIRUS Spring 2015, Creativity in the Arts & Sciences Collaboration with Aneri Pandya Transparency Sheets, Board, & Back Projection 50” x 25” x 25” with 1:00 Video Loop Click here to view video. 03:00

This structure helps to teach what the HIV (right) and Ebola Virus (left) look like visually. Each layer of our Visual Virus represents a different step in the way each virus affects the body. Though each virus plays different roles and has different effects of the body, some themes overlap like the t-cells and blood cells. The video projection helps the viewer understand the level of intensity in the way the virus affects the body. wynn

WHO Fall 2014, 2D Mixed Media Mirror, Cardboard, and Digital Print 20” x 3” x 6” View full documentation here.

It started out as a simple question. What does it mean to be an American? I took this question and more questions came to me. Who am I? What is my identity? The broken pieces of mirror help the viewer interact with the piece. Passing by you will be confronted with the question and your refection. This work helps the viewer not only appreciate their own identity but also the identity of those around them. I incorporated photo-manipulated images of myself to show the inability to be able to pin point who I am. wynn

I AM BLACK BOOK Fall 2014, 2D Mixed Media Digital Illustration and Print 11” x 17” Book, 14 pages View full documentation here.

This project pushed me outside of my comfort zone when exploring my identity. I decided to dig deeper into my identity as an African-American. I was questioned many times last semester about how I define myself. I decided it was time to stop brushing the question off and take it seriously. The cover book starts off as “i lack” and transitions into I AM BLACK. The images are from textures found on my family members bodies. The story talks about the struggles of being African American, yet it is also an honor. wynn




I AM BLACK LENTICULAR PRINTS Fall 2014, 2D Mixed Media Lenticular Motion Print Large 8” x 10” and Small 3.5” x 5” Click here to view motion video. 00:30

These prints interact with the viewer transitioning from the front cover to the back cover of the book. The covers showcase the Pan-African/Afro-American flag colors and the American flag colors. The Pan-African flag represents,“red: the blood that unites all people of Black African ancestry, black: black people whose existence as a nation, and green: the abundant natural wealth of Africa.” The book starts off as “i lack” and transitions into I AM BLACK. wynn

IN THE NAME OF NATURE Fall 2014, Video Art .MOV Video Link to video (00:37)

This project touches on the theme of how much of the environment we sacrifice in order to learn, so that we can help the environment. How much of this nature will we sacrifice before we realize that we’re doing more destruction instead of benefiting?


GOODE CHOCOLATE Spring 2015, Typography 1 (revised) Chocolate Packaging 3” x 2” x 5”

This is a chocolate box design for a company called Goode Chocolate. The product is good for people due to its simple ingredients, and also the environment because it’s made from recycled materials and can be reused. Over all it’s just damn good! The chocolate bar has a “bam in your face slogan” and strong typography to follow through with this theme. wynn

OURGLASS Spring 2015, Digital Art & Animation 3D Print, Plastic 3.5” x 3.5” x 7”

This 3D Print was created through Maya and modeled based on my hands. This model speaks on the idea of time and how we can never quite have a “hand”le on it. We initially have control but the time always seems to slip out of our hands and is lost forever. Therefore we need to be very careful and make sure we use all of our time in a purposeful way. wynn

MY SICKLE CELL STORY PT I Summer 2013, Ceramics Ceramics Bed 48 in. x12 in x12 in.

This is a 3D representation of my sickle cell blood disorder. It includes the shapes of actual sickle cells. The bed and cup represent how I’m always tired so I need rest and fluids. The eye represents that I may go blind. And the cup is colorful on the outside and dark on the inside.


MY SICKLE CELL STORY PT II Spring 2015, Independent Project (revised) Digital Print Poster 11” x 17”

This is a very personal project that describes my struggle with sickle cell blood disorder. Many people know about the trait but don’t know what the actual disease entails. This is a way to inform the viewer. There is a sickle cell shape that guides you through the info, it’s rough like the information, yet simple enough for the viewer to follow as they learn the facts. wynn

STRIPED FABRIC ON CHAIR Spring 2013, Perceptual Drawing Graphite on paper
 30 in. x 42 in.

This drawing was meant to practice capturing a still-life with precise proportions and perspective. The exercise explored basic design and drawing elements and techniques such as value, dimension, line, composition, shading, and scale.


DON’T YOU GET WEARY Fall 2014, Video Art Protest Sign and .MOV Video Click here to view video. 03:00

This project is both a video installation and a performance piece. It shows a digital video projection of the progression of protest signs, on top of a blank protest sign that I’m holding. This project highlights the digital use of the millennial generation in the way it was recorded on a cell phone and the continuing stand for justice from the time of the Civil Rights Movement with the MLK audio. My dark silhouette makes it easy to visualize anyone standing there in my place. wynn

UP THE CREEK RAW BAR Spring 2015, Typography 1 (Revised) Digital Print 13.5” x 11.5”

This restaurant is a very fun pet-friendly and family-friendly place where you can eat outside by the creek. It is right on along the water in the historic Apalachicola, the blue mimics the colors you’d outside the restaurant. The clean and simple typography merged with the playful seafood vectors help you understand it’s a casual place but you could still go for special occasions like a good first date, anniversary, birthday, or maybe family is in town. wynn




NON-INFOGRAPHIC Fall 2014, Net Art Digital Illustration 1250 px. x 11285 px. Click here to view in full.

For this project I surveyed 10 people, I asked them what they would like to learn about before they died. I gathered minimal information about each of the request and I connected them visually. I want to prove that you don’t have to have the typical infographic to communicate and connect people. The passion to learn can be used to connect us all. The graphic is long and endless just like our need for knowledge. wynn




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