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“This book leads you on a journey of peeling off the layers of societal expectations, labels, and past pains or pretense; as you go deeper to unveil the real you - full of strength, success, and significance. No matter how long it has taken you, you are here now. You will see through Unmask Your Beauty that the future you seek begins from within, and the moment you wake up is your own morning!” Debola Deji-Kurunmi, Founder, IMMERSE Coaching Company

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50 goddesses unmask their super-powers


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It’s such an honour to be celebrating year seven of Adoniaa with this beautiful magazine. I feel so pumped and energized to bring this beautiful dream to life. Adoniaa (pronounced Adon-yah) means beautiful goddess and this name describes my vision and mission in just one word. The mandate was clear; to help women to step into their power by empowering them to connect to their individual and unique beauty.

that year, September 2015. 2016 - Adoniaa launched a full line of beauty products which included 24 Lipstick colours, 19 shades of foundation and Skincare ,products which included a cleanser, toner ,serum and moisturizer. This launch event was themed Unmask Your beauty event.

Since 2014, Adoniaa has empowered women at different stages of life through various channels, one of which is this magazine. Let me take you on the Adoniaa journey by highlighting major milestones in the last seven years.

2017 - Adoniaa launched her first beauty store called “A place of Makeup and Magnificence” to serve women with all their beauty needs ranging from services such as hair, makeup, facials , lashes and brows to medical aesthetic services. The place of makeup and magnificence now empowers black -owned beauty entrepreneurs by creating shelf spaces to display and sell their products.

2014 - Adoniaa was launched with a Fall Makeup Party at my house in Aberdeen, Scotland UK in September 2014.

2018 - Adoniaa launched the Teen Beauty Camp, a teenage outreach program to boost teenage girls’ self confidence.

2015 - Adoniaa launched it’s very first product, an 8-piece brush set in Summer of 2015 in Aberdeen and later moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada in the fall of

2019 - Adoniaa opened her first mall location. 2020 - Adoniaa birthed the unmasking of your beauty book. A book that intertwined my story and the story

of Adoniaa. 2021 - Adoniaa launched the unmask your beauty community - A community where we provide tools and resources for women to execute their visions and goals so that they can thrive in life, career and business. Also in 2021, we launched the goddess perfume and the Unmask your beauty Magazine. In the first edition of the unmask your beauty magazine, we have profiled 50 black women who are thriving in life, business and career. These women have shared their challenges as black women in Canada and how they daily overcome it. I call these women goddesses because this defines the adoniaa woman. A goddess is a female god who mirrors the attributes of the Almighty God. A goddess is fully aware of her super-powers and constantly lives in the truth of who she is. Very early, I discovered that human beings are gods on this earth. That we ain’t just mere mortals, that in us is that power, raw capacity of God to make and create any change we desire to see in our world. I realized, that when God said, “let us make man in our image, He had a creator like Himself in mind. We are spiritual beings having natural experiences therefore, if we ain’t comfortable with what we’re seeing, we have what it takes in us to create change. In this magazine, we profiled 50 black women who

BIO Adedoyin Omotara, often referred to as the rapid execution queen, is a Beauty Entrepreneur, women’s empowerment advocate, speaker, life coach, business coach and the leader of the unmask your beauty movement. Her passion to live a fuller and more expressive life made her leave her successful Corporate Engineering career to become an entrepreneur. Seeking the spiritually creative fulfilment missing in her successful corporate career, She determined to resolve the concern that beauty today, far from being that poetic ‘joy forever’ is unfortunately a source of insecurity, shame and stress for countless women. Her inspirational teaching events promote beauty, inside and out, to an audience of women at all stages of life. She believes in investing in the dream of girls and in the strength of women.

are changing the way black women are viewed in the world by living in the truth of who they are. For so long, some people have relegated black women to the back but in this magazine, we have show-cased black women changing the narrative. Yes! You’ve got that power because there is nothing ordinary about you. You are a god on earth. My gratitude is overwhelming for my husband and my 2 nations for the emotional support they give me all the time. Many thanks to the creative designer of this magazine Feyi Ogundeji, my Executive Assistant who also doubles as a photographer Chinaza Ozugha, my other photographers Sam Obadero and Priya Abraham, my interns Keesa Omoku, Annabel Adeshola for helping with the editing of some parts of this magazine, my makeup artists Raghad Matouk, Geeta Kamboj and Sonia Verma, my Tech Lead, Tomilayo Benson, my editor Ebinehita Iyinbor, my event coordinator Oyebola who jumped in as an angel to coordinate the Unmask your beauty conference 2021 and finally the Unmask your beauty community and all Adoniaa women worldwide.

AdedoyinOmotara Founder of Adoniaabeauty & Unmask Your Beauty Community Publisher, the Unmask Your Beauty Magazine





alking in the knowledge of my self-worth and value is how I show up as a goddess. When I choose to show up authentically, uphold my value systems and reflect my purpose in every space I find myself in, the goddess expression manifests.

Funding and visibility for small and especially black-owned businesses is a huge challenge. Introspection, self-talk, and journaling have been amazing tools I employ to constantly challenge limiting beliefs and assumptions. The biggest challenge of black women coming behind me is - Doing the work! In an era where we are not at a loss for knowledge, information, and tools for growth, the biggest challenge I foresee is doing the work to realize our dreams. No one can do the work for us. We alone hold that power. To my 18 year old self - You are worthy! You are enough! DO NOT accept any negative opinions and assumptions about who you are. Great books that keep me grounded - “Braving The Wilderness” by Brene Brown, “The Power of Vulnerability” by Brene Brown Efua Akinsipe is the founder and president of Winged Works Inc. It is a subsidiary – The After-Party Company, a cleaning service enterprise that is a rapidly growing household name in Calgary Alberta that takes a unique approach to promote positive mental health and wellness. She is a certified Human Resources professional, published author, and a passionate upcoming mental health advocate/ soul coach that specializes in healing with a special focus on childhood trauma. When she is not wearing these hats, she devotes her time to the most important areas of her life - her family, as a mother, and wife.

The After Party Company

The After-Party Company is a proudly black owned unique cleaning enterprise that provides Residential, Commercial and After-Event Cleaning services in the Calgary, Airdrie and Rural Rocky View areas of Alberta. We make life easier for our clients by providing easy, reliable solutions for all their residential, commercial, and after event cleaning needs backed by world-class customer service. Our promise and guarantee? Absolutely no detail goes unnoticed! We aim to promote positive mental health with our handwritten inspirational notes & handmade candles left behind for our awesome clients after every clean. We operate strictly based on our core values of integrity, commitment, passion and self-care. You can focus on the more important things while we take care of your space!

Eleora Inc. Efua Beauty Akinsipe

Cake Aisle Inc.




eing a goddess to me means breaking everyday barriers and finding solutions to challenges that others may call impossible. I show up as a goddess everyday by simply showing up, regardless of what the previous day threw at me. As a black woman in Canada, being my very own cheerleader, believing in myself and my vision when no one else does has been my greatest challenge. I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs by expanding my current vision until it scares me. I find that, when I do that , it makes my current goal very achievable. The biggest challenge I feel the black women coming after me may face is the ability to turn up everyday, especially when it seems no one notices. Advice to my 18 year old self, dry your tears, goddess, and keep your head up! It all works out for you in the end. Some great books that keep me grounded are : “Unmask your Beauty” by Adedoyin Omotara, “The Audacity of Hope” by Barack Obama, “Higher is Waiting by Tyler Perry,” and “The Path Made Clear” by Oprah Winfrey.

Eugenia Ogundare is the founder of Eleora Beauty Inc and Cake Aisle Inc. She holds a Masters in Electronic Commerce, a Bsc. In Economics, she is a Certified Trichologist Practitioner. A business mind who finds innovative ways to proffer solutions in the culinary and beauty industry. Eugenia Ogundare prides herself as someone who has mastered the art of turning her passion into a source of livelihood. She loves to mentor and share her journey with entrepreneurs who are building their businesses in Alberta, Canada. When she is not building her businesses, Eugenia Ogundare is spending time with her husband and three children, cooking, catching up on a TV series, shopping and travelling. Instagram: thecakeaislechinchin Instagram: @eleorabeautyinc






he reminder and assurance that I’m a goddess, empowers me to be all that I’ve been created to be. Living the Zoe kind of life and making an impact in people’s lives. As I’m still just eight months in my business, there haven’t been many challenges yet. However, understanding the differences in taste palates in Canada and the change in culture and environment has been the greatest challenges thus far. I have learnt to do a lot of research. Establishing and readily equipping myself with all the knowledge that I can get to be better than my previous self and the business. Understanding the differences in backgrounds and how to appeal to the multicultural market. Conquering stereotypes can be achieved via acquiring knowledge. Debunking the belief or assumptions that you are incapable. Being and doing your very best always. Advice to my 18 year old self is to start early. Be unafraid and relentless. Some of the books that have kept me grounded are “Self Made” by A’Lelia Bundles and “The Lady, her Lover” and “Her Lord” by TD Jake. I am Ronke Shounbi, a bible believing Christian. I am originally from Nigeria west Africa, but relocated with my family to Canada, where we now call home. I have several years of working experience in both the Financial and Marketing industry from around the world and currently hold a Master’s degree in Financial Services Management. I am the business owner of a new brand called IHOF seasonings. Which is Canada’s premier, specialty low salt food seasoning blend. Brought to you all the way from Africa. It is Founded with the promise of bringing Africa to the world, through our carefully curated 5 unique flavors. Birthing this dream came about during the era of the COVID 19 pandemic. People were advised to eat more healthy products like ginger, garlic, and turmeric. Hence, I thought of a way of making this new healthy lifestyle for people permanent, by making a selection of seasonings that can be added to daily meals, whilst enriching the flavor. My health is paramount to me, but so are good flavourful healthy meals. The business has also provided me with the opportunity to empower local Nigerian farmers who supply me with the purest of homegrown herbs and spices from Nigeria, giving rise to the agricultural empowerment to farmers and workers in Nigeria, and sales and marketing sectors in Canada.

Email - Website -

Phone Number -5872237144 Instagram - @ihofseasonings

IHOF seasonings





I Chioma Ufodike (FCPA, MFAcc, CFE, CAMS) is a leader in Risk management, Forensic Accounting, Anti-money laundering compliance, and Fraud investigations with over 20 years of experience spanning across various industries. She is also a Director, serving on the Board of nonprofit organizations and crown corporations including serving as the Chair of Finance, Audit, and Risk of the Board of the Agricultural and Financial Services Corporation a crown corporation that supports Alberta’s crucial agricultural sector. Chioma was also the co-founder and owner of Jermyn Street 1664, an accessible luxury retail clothing store in Calgary, Alberta. A mother of four herself, Chioma is very passionate about developing the next generation of entrepreneurs/ professionals and mentoring high-achieving young women. She is known for delivering financial literacy programs to professionals, cultural organizations, post-secondary students, and several charitable organizations. Chioma is the 2021 recipient of the highest designation within the CPA profession: Fellow of Chartered Professional Accountants (FCPA).

am a goddess because I am a leader who shows up as her authentic self and empowers other women. As a black woman in Canada, my greatest challenge has been my inability to see ‘mirrors’ like me in positions I aspire to be in. We need to shatter the glass ceilings. I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs and assumptions by setting incremental short-term goals, working hard, and changing my mindset. Navigating the intertwined barriers of race and gender is the biggest challenge black women coming behind us might have. We need to work twice as hard so that our ideas are not discounted, in addition to highlighting the value we bring to the table. One piece of advice that I will give to the younger generation is to judge yourself against what you’re capable of, not against another person’s standards, and you’re in control of your happiness! A great book I would love to recommend to my fellow goddesses is “Becoming” by Michelle Obama.

Instagram: chioma_ufodike Email:

unmask your beauty magazine





eing a goddess means living my life to be a positive contributor to the lives of others and to handle this rough world with the grace of God in me so I can be an inspiration to those who need encouragement and hope. It’s about not giving in to the negative thoughts and doubts that can sometimes be overwhelming. I have tasted what it is to humbly feel good about my productive self and the positive impact when someone needs encouragement for their journey. The greatest challenge I have faced as a black woman in Canada is being here with no family and ending up in a homeless shelter with my children many years ago, followed by the loss of my first business. In that phase, the even greater loss is having no family to support you. It’s a point of absolute desolation, but failure can never be an option, so you rise. Start all over but not from scratch. You rise thinking I’ll try again but learn from this failure. I constantly remind myself of what God has brought me through and I permit myself to boldly take chances. I’ve known loss, and again I’ll always rise till the gain is a steady path. Self-doubt is one of the biggest challenges I for-see black women coming behind us because sometimes it seems easier to encourage people in their dreams when they have accomplished than it is to believe that we can do it ourselves. Nothing beats an individual who insists on excelling no matter what odds are against them. I say, keep thinking of the best that can happen instead of the worst that can happen. To the younger women coming behind me, you are unique and the world needs your dreams to come to fruition. Your contribution to the world is valuable, don’t try to stay in the shadows. It’s okay to shine. A great book suggestion for my fellow goddesses is: “A Woman Any Man Can Love” by TD Banks. It’s a powerful breakdown of Proverbs 31. It’s an eye-opener.

Email: Phone: (403) 681 3214 Socials: @julzzpersona @julzzcreations @naturallybyjulzz

My name is Julietta Raoul. I am a mother and licensed hairstylist. I discovered that I could do hair at an early age and haven’t stopped to this day. It has brought me great joy to see that no matter the texture or length, I have been able to be creative in styling and guiding clients to improve the health of their hair. My skills have developed over time but it’s the authenticity of my character that has been the greatest development throughout my career and growth. I have discovered my writing skills and I am now a published author. I enjoy teaching, though I never stop learning. I’ve realized how much I want to pass along the wealth of knowledge that I have acquired. I currently teach licensed hair stylists how to be experts at afro-textured hair care. It’s a huge demand in Alberta and throughout Canada.





eing a goddess means me living up to my heritage. God is my father and if my father is God, then I am created in His image. Therefore, as his child, I am a God, in this case, a goddess. I show up every day with a mindset that nothing is out of limits for me. I have enormous potential, thanks to my inheritance. I am boundless, limitless, and unstoppable. As a black woman in Canada, my greatest challenge has been understanding the system and the process of acclimatization. I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs by daily assessing my decisions, thought processes, and existing mindsets as issues arise. I remind myself of the truths about who I am, a goddess, and I actively ensure I interact with materials that affirm me as a goddess. The biggest challenge of black women coming behind me would be the identity challenge.They can overcome it by discovering and understanding who they are, why they are here, why they are so different, and what sets their souls on fire! A few book suggestions for my fellow goddesses include “Insight” by Tasha Eurich, “Awaken the Giant in you” by Tony Robbins, “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle, “Mindset” by Carol Dweck, “Unmask your Beauty” by Adedoyin Omotara.

I AM BOUNDLESS, LIMITLESS, AND UNSTOPPABLE Jolade Osuntubo is an ideator, curator, and creative thinker. She converts ideas into brands, then grows awareness and creates opportunities. She consults for CEOs and private equity firms to build brands. Some of the brands she has worked with are Aceit Digital Inc, Adoniaa Beauty Inc, Ahinke’s Foods Ltd, Business Derivatives, Heartlift Co, IHOF Seasonings, Neo Classics Ltd, Peace Church Global, The After Party Company, Unmask Your Beauty Company, and many others. Jolade holds a Master’s degree in Environmental sustainability from the Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland, United Kingdom. She is a certified Project Manager, Agile Scrum Master, Certified Online Business Manager, Certified Brand and Digital Marketing Professional. Jolade has multiple interests. When Jolade is not ideating to create and inspire change for CEOs, she is curating the Celestina’s lifestyle brand. Jolade believes in the limitlessness of every person, and she’s committed to inspiring this conviction through all her multiple expressions. Jolade volunteers as a member of the Directors Board for The Rarebreed Men Organization and the Educate a Girl Child Charity Organization. Jolade is Nigerian by birth and has lived in the United Kingdom, currently living in Canada. She enjoys nurturing her curiosity through reading, asking questions, exploring and seeking adventures.

Website: Email: Instagram: @joladeosuntubo






eing a goddess means being confident and comfortable in my spiritual adoption as God’s daughter, believing His words about who he says I am, and seeing myself as fearfully and wonderfully made and an heir of His Kingdom. As a black woman in Canada, my greatest challenge is time management and finding space for myself to rest. I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs by praying, looking for scripture verses that relate to that situation I am facing, and also reading books to improve my mindset. The biggest challenge that black women coming behind me may face is releasing their limiting beliefs and unlocking their full potential. To overcome it, they need to work on their mindset, believe in themselves, and know they can reach their goals. My advice to younger women is to go for your dreams and don’t let anyone tell you that ‘you can’t.’ A great book I will suggest to my fellow goddesses is “Atomic Habits” by James Clear.

Kemi is the Chief Lunch Maker at Korede’s Meals. Her mission is to teach kids healthy eating habits and promote kindness within communities one creatively packed meal at a time.

Email: Phone: (403) 926 0556 LinkedIn / Facebook: @Korede’s Meals Instagram: @Naijacanadianbentomom Website -




eadership, confidence, being powerful, and emerging your creativity from deep within while discovering what is possible by giving, rather than holding back is what makes me a goddess. Just starting a black-owned business is already a struggle. We have to work twice as hard to be noticed or held to the same standard. To be taken seriously, you have to make some changes to your behavior, way of speaking, and appearance or self-expression to fit in or make others feel comfortable depending on the situation or person. Life will throw different battles at you, but if you know who you are and what your purpose is, there is nothing you can’t overcome.

My name is Arthurlyn and I am the founder of Lynhairstylez and I am a Wig Specialist and Extensionist. At Lynhairstylez, we strive to help individuals around the world feel confident. Everyone is uniquely beautiful, sometimes we just need to be shown and told. It warms my heart to see the impact that our wigs have on young women, the journey, and the emotions that my staff and I experience with our clients. It just shows me how some things people take for granted are the things that can be a life-changer for others. That’s why I enjoy doing what I do; it’s more than making beautiful quality human hair wigs, but about the experience and the journey!

Email: Phone: (403) 6819250 Instagram: Lynhairstylez

unmask your beauty magazine




Deola Taiwo is the founder of Goldgirlgallery. She calls every woman of value “Goldgirl ‘’ not because of the monetary value of gold nor the possession of jewelry in gold, but because she considers every woman of value to have passed through refinement like gold; moulded and shaped to reflect the beauty of God - to hold value even in the face of adversity. “Gold girl” is the name for a woman who has designed herself for a value that cannot be tarnished. A woman who has chosen to love and touch souls. Deola sells gold jewelry to women at different stages of life. Her goal is to blend beauty with savings & investment. She wants to let the world know that God blessed the earth for humans to prosper and extend prosperity to others.

Instagram: @deola.taiwo Phone: (587) 703 6575 Email:


am the goddess sent to the world by God. I am the shining light that lets people see the good works of my Father. I am the salt of the Earth that makes it beautiful and sweet.

As a black woman in Canada, My greatest challenge is that people underestimate my capability. Particularly in my career pursuit. I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs by broadening my knowledge and striving for excellence. The biggest challenge for black women coming behind me will be ignorance and lack of information resulting from the refusal to tell our true stories. An advice I will give younger women is to begin their entrepreneurial journey with what they have, where they are, and with what they can do. A great book suggestion for my fellow goddesses is “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins.




FOCUS ON SELF-AWARENESS the right employee, access to capital and funding have been the greatest challenges for me in my business. I think the greatest challenge for black women coming after me would be believing and trusting yourself, which can be overcome by tapping into their feminine energy by staying humble, building self-confidence, inducing self-care (deal with stress and anxiety). To my 18-yr old self I would say, develop a strong relationship with yourself, focus on self-awareness, and learn to trust and love yourself. Know that your ideas and opinions are important. Great books that I would love to suggest to my fellow goddesses are : “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson, “Atomic Habit” by James Clear, “The God Chasers” by Tommy Tenney, “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek.


eing a goddess is an expression of different things, yes I am a goddess because I constantly choose to shine in all my divine greatness by living life with purpose and focusing on my magnetic energy of passion while inspiring others. I’m always creating a safe place where past hurts can not define or hold me back from loving freely and wholeheartedly. Just like mother earth, I value myself as a creator, pregnant with ideas and possibilities, by creating the life I want that is defined by my happiness and constantly building the courage to follow my ideas through while creating change and fulfilling my God-giving visions. Although I know I’m not perfect I love myself just as I am because I’m fully invested in my development and growth, when things don’t work out I don’t beat myself up or criticize, I ask “what can I learn from this? How can I grow?” My body is a temple that I reside in. I know the importance of self-care in my beautiful temple. I take the time I need to exercise, practice yoga, rest, and restores myself when needed. I meditate, love nature, eat nourishing whole foods, and drink plenty of water. I am well aware that my dynamic energy needs a strong healthy body to flourish. As a black woman in Canada, lack of mentorship, hiring

Kunbi Olalere is the CEO/ Head Chef at Ahinke’s Kitchen, AK FOODS inc, a Mumpreneur, founder of a Social Enterprise (Open Kitchen YYC), and now the Executive Producer of Ahinke Family Show. Kunbi started Ahinke’s Kitchen with the mission to nurture harmony in homes. Over the last three years, they have been committed to providing delicious & freshly prepared afro-ethnic delicacies, especially to busy families. So that families can focus on spending more quality time with each other during meals while creating memories of times filled with laughter, peace, & harmony. In line with the mission to nurture harmony in homes, She has also created a family show titled, Ahinke’s Cooking Show. For the first half of season one, she will be hosting some amazing dads cooking with their son or daughter.

personal email: phone number +14036903305 personal ig: iam_ahinke business website:,

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Tolulope Makinde ENTREPRENEUR


goddess to me simply means a woman who is kind, non judgemental, very positive, supportive, and also very secure in herself. I show up as a goddess by leading an authentic and honest life and also embracing the power of femininity. Being a Black Woman can be tough. One of the greatest challenges I have faced is any creation by a black woman can sometimes be assumed to be inferior. A lot has changed lately and I see us getting there. I read books a lot and also am a lover of quotes. I get inspired a lot by doing that and also I follow a lot of amazing goddesses on Instagram who constantly challenge my limiting beliefs and assumptions about being the goddess that I am. One of the greatest challenges Black women come behind and may face is racial discrimination. Despite all odds, continue to strive, never stop learning and do not give up. Always follow your passion and validate your own self. A book that has kept me grounded is ‘’Please yourself’’ written by Emma Reed Turrell. It is a life changing book.

NEVER STOP LEARNING Instagram: @envvyyglow Email:

My Name is Tolu Makinde. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology anda Diploma in Human Services. I am also becoming a licensed Medical Aesthetician in a few months. I am an entrepreneur. I opened my business called, envvyyglow skin care, in 2020, the year I call “The Pandemic Year.” I have always been passionate about Skincare. It is the passion that gave birth to my own skincare brand @envvyyglow, to be able to make magical products that make women and men more confident in their own skin.The brand has been successful thus far and I feel the need to keep expanding because of all the wonderful testimonies and support l receive on daily basis. Many thanks to all my supporters and lovers of @ envvyyglow. It means the world to me. You’re deeply appreciated.

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Yoyin Familusi




eing a goddess means being loving and accepting of myself. It is knowing that I am enough for any opportunity that might come my way. It is actively acknowledging this truth daily in a way that encourages those around me, especially my daughters. As an immigrant, black woman, it has been difficult finding communities and connections. I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs by verbally acknowledging and owning my strengths. I pat myself on the back for doing so well at the many roles I play in my life. I think black women in the future will struggle with finding balance in the world of multiple opportunities that will open to them.They will feel like they have to take advantage of everything that comes their way which is unrealistic and overwhelming. My advice to them will be to do the inner work of knowing what their capacity is and working within it. Not being able to maximize every opportunity doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you human and that is perfectly fine. My advice to the younger generation is to love the person you are now, you will miss her when the next phase of your life comes by. One book that I will suggest to my fellow goddesses is, “Strategic Doing - Ten Skills for Agile Leadership” by Edward Morrison, Scott Hutcheson, Janyce Fadden, Elizabeth Nilsen, and Nancy Franklin.

Yoyin Familusi is a creative, passionate, and naturally curious individual who loves working on new ideas. She is a Business Strategist and Business Development Professional with over 20 years of experience in Management Consulting, Strategy Development, and Business Planning. She has worked in corporate and non-profit environments both locally and globally, facilitating collaboration between organizations to improve success and business profitability. She is the founder of Camp Discovery (, a nonprofit organization that has, for over 15 years, created fun and unforgettable experiences for children through subsidized summer camps in Lagos, Nigeria. She is also the founder of Sewa Skincare Co (, a skincare brand inspired by the excellence and intelligence of her African heritage. She is a wife, mom, and natural cheerleader for her family and friends.

Email: Phone Number: (403) 903 2758 Linkedin:





eing a goddess to me means showing up daily, and bringing newness to every situation. It means seeing far-reaching possibilities and making them real and tangible. As a black woman in Canada, my greatest challenge has been finding and organizing information that is required to build solid structures. I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs by meditating daily, learning from those who inspire me and thinking therapy. The biggest challenges I for-see for black women coming behind me are fear, misinformation, and lack of grit. One piece of advice for the younger generation is that it is okay to be weird and to be your authentic self. One book I will suggest to other goddesses is “Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav.

Bukola Adedeji is an expert bra fitter and founder of TheBraGirl brand. An association in which it helps busty women build their body confidence by styling them in bras so they can feel healthier and more attractive. She believes that, to fulfill our roles as women, wellness is crucial and there is certain empowerment that comes with getting good support for plus-size boobs which enhances productivity.

Email:, Phone: (403) 921 3950, instagram: @thebragirl Website:

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eing a goddess is being the best in your sphere of influence. I strongly believe that everyone is created to shine in their way and capacity. Being a goddess is taking up space about competence, character, and coaching. These three C’s are in the fulfillment of Genesis 1:28. As a black woman in Canada, my greatest challenges have been elf and corporate discrimination. For self-discrimination, the first struggle of being a first-generation immigrant in the workplace was the huddle of overcoming the belief that competence had a skin color preference and what I had was not good enough. This simple statement encompasses the emotional and psychological burden we dark-skinned women bear in the workplace, which plays out as timidity, overworkedness, and insecurity. It is a personal struggle, but very real and in the way of many black women in Canada. Corporate and systemic racism; that cannot be overemphasized. The system is set up to favor people that don’t look like me. Jobs/promotions/ high visibility tasks/choices that are not grounded in performance/logic/fairness or inclusivity will always be a topic of discussion and for sure it is a challenge for every black woman in Corporate Canada. I constantly challenge your limiting beliefs and assumptions by reading and speaking God’s word; God’s word is life, light, and has transformational power. With these beliefs, when my mind is telling me negative words and limiting my beliefs, I go find the life-giving Word. It changes everything. Speaking to myself, outside of God, no one knows me more than me. I do a lot of self-talk, affirmation, and thinking association; I speak to my cheerleaders and my pivotal and strategic relationships. These are people that believe in me.

An advice to younger women would be to focus on your strengths, don’t allow your background to get in the way, and lower the noise and listen to God.

I am Kemi, an HR professional, and a Pastor. I love to lead from behind so I can permit innovation and encourage participation. Before PCG, I served as a campus pastor, youth pastor, and children’s church coordinator for over 15 years. I am a certified Human Resources Professional, with a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Training from the University of Leicester UK. I am a capacity-building trainer, and I run a career support organization called My Career Fairy. I enjoy reading and listening to loud music when I’m not working. I describe myself as passionate, empathetic, and peace-loving. I live in Calgary, AB, with Tola and our sons.

Some great books that I can suggest to my fellow goddesses are: “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie, “Becoming” by Michelle Obama, “Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer.

LinkedIn: @Seedyoluwakemi Email: Instagram: @mycareerfairy

I believe that “self” is the only thing in the way of any black woman. To overcome yourself, you need to make God your cheat code. He never fails. Be true to yourself, appreciate all you have, hone your skills, trades, and crafts, use your voice; just do it.

Christian home and lifestyle accessories


Get creative with your colour scheme The Red/white colour scheme is so overdone. Blue/gold or white/brown/ gold are some good options.

Use cloth napkins Cloth napkins always make your table setting look more elegant. Go a step further and fold them in a fancy design.

Add candles The flickering light from your candles will make your dinner table feel cosy and intimate, and also add to the festive ambience.

Use placemats Placemats are a quick and easy way to add colour and texture to your table, with the added benefit of protecting it from all that holiday food!

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here is no doubt about it. We are now living busier lives than ever before. Depending on what stage of life you or your family are – the roller coaster of busyness never seems to stop. And this was before COVID-19 came calling! More people are working from home, home schooling and doing just about everything that can be done from their living space. Regular getaways, long weekend breaks, travel for pleasure of any sort seem like the stuff of romantic movies. Necessary restrictions put in place in many countries, mean that huge amounts of time are spent alongside others within a defined space. This new normal means there is so much demanded of you. You are quite spent by the time you get to doing something, that is just for you. You may even be reading this and thinking, yeah right, I wish I got to that point! You have little control over your day – work, life, children, not to the mention the ongoing global pandemic has made sure of that. Yet, there is overwhelming wisdom and statistics in favour of self- care. Self-care is defined in Oxford Dictionary as “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health”. Refilling your bucket so that you are then able to pour into everything that you do. One way to promote self -care is to create an oasis of calm in your environment – somewhere that enhances your state of wellbeing. If budget and size is not an issue, take a whole room and create a chill out zone for yourself. If that is not an option, that’s ok, you can still achieve a lot on a smaller scale.

How do you create an oasis of calm that’s low on size but big on impact? How about adding cushions to a corner of a sofa and a blanket that makes you smile. Put a stack of books or favourite magazines in a pile next to your sofa awaiting your mindful perusal. The deal is not to feel guilty about not having enough time for the things you love but to savour and enjoy the few moments you get to spend there. Under the stairs, on the landing, the corner of a bedroom or living room, any number of places can lend itself to being an oasis of calm. Add a comfortable chair and a lovely table, you can pick up a pre-loved piece from a thrift store and paint in a colour that lifts your spirits. Or repurpose something you already have. Add a framed quote or picture on the table. This is space just for you. No one else needs to approve this space. Pause for a few minutes while you are in that space. Breathe fully and deeply. All your to-do lists may yet be undone and you may not have answers to the day’s issues. What you have, is the space you have created to refill. Do what fills up your bucket. Pray. Meditate. Listen to music. Read. Sip the tea, drink the coffee, savour the flavoured water. Write in your journal. You matter, because you are handling a lot and you are handling a lot because you matter. Your self-care is important! When you have gone to all the effort to create an oasis of calm, you need to reward yourself by allowing your well-being to take centre stage as often as you can. This past couple of years, like never before, the way we live has changed, and every little thing we can do to improve our emotional well-being in these unprecedented times, is a good thing!

Go ahead and create your own ‘me’ space!

Creating An Oasis Of Calm In Your Environment

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That it is said of me “I have called you all ‘gods’ and ‘’sons” (daughter) of the Most High.” - Ps 82:6 in other words, I have been empowered and authorized to represent God just blows my mind! Every day I wake up, I take on tasks and challenges head-on that often leaves me in wonder at the level of strength and power I possess! As a black woman in Canada, my greatest challenge has been having to wear multiple hats that are weighty enough to get me into a breaking point. I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs by reading out positive affirmations that reveal the truth of who I am.

My name is Debbie Obio and I run Sweet Cocoa butter Cakes, a custom celebration cakes bakery in Calgary. I love to explore the possibilities of cake and sugar as an art form, and enjoy being a part of a celebrant’s special day by providing cakes that not only look good but taste even better! Since birthdays and celebrations are not complete without a cake, we bring the “icing on the cake” of your special day. +1 825 7354 301

The biggest challenge I see black women coming after us may face is the color of our skin and losing their voice. One advice to younger black women coming after me is to set your priorities right in the order of the things that matter and go for it! A powerful book I will suggest to my fellow goddesses is: “Hello tomorrow: The Transformational Power of Vision” by Cindy Trimm.



Kome Olori




o me, being a goddess means that I am beautifully made and packaged for impact. I do this by addressing and presenting myself the best I can.

My greatest challenge as a black woman in Canada is lack of access to funds to grow my business. I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs by speaking affirming words to myself, reading books that help my mindset, surrounding myself with a network of like-minded people. The biggest challenge of black women coming behind is breaking limiting mindsets around their self-worth, finances, and wealth. Black women need to occupy more space but we can do it when we deserve that we are worth it or deserve it. To my 18 year old self, what anyone thinks of you is their business. Focus on being the person you’ll be proud to be, fight for the life you want, and never give up. Always pray and have faith.

My name is Kome Olori. I am a former corporate banker turned e-commerce business strategist. I help women start e-commerce businesses and sell products on Amazon and other platforms. I am also the founder of @shedares2succeed, a virtual community and safe space for women entrepreneurs worldwide. I started teaching other women how to launch and grow their e-commerce businesses because I believe that when a woman is financially wealthy, her whole community benefits. My goal is to help 5,000 women start their businesses and become financially independent by the year 2025.

Great books I will recommend to my fellow goddesses include “The Confident Woman” by Joyce Meyer and “Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office” by Lois P. Frankel.

Email - Instagram- komeolori LinkedIn- komeolori

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or me, being a goddess means knowing my power & activating it. I show up as a goddess every day by standing firm in what I believe and living authentically.

I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs by doing me with confidence & boldness, I remove self-sabotage, I distance myself from people who dampen my shine, and constantly remind myself just how powerful I am. The biggest challenge of black women coming behind me is the fear of the unknown; not believing in themselves. I think the first step is to acknowledge how powerful they are and just activate that power. There would be ‘down’ days- but to activate the inner goddess in you- you must learn to resist negativity and practice daily positive self-talk. To my 18 year old self: be confident and bold. Don’t wait for things to happen; make it happen. So many great ideas were never developed because I just didn’t believe in myself. I was waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Website: Facebook: Qualityhairbylawlar Instagram: @qualityhairbylawlar Email: Tel” 587 893 6482

My name is Funmi Ajibade. HR Analyst, wife, & mum of two gorgeous children. I also run a hair extension & wig business (qualityhairbylawlar). We offer premium quality hairpieces at affordable prices. I have always loved to interact & have always been a ‘problem solver,’ hence my love for human resources. I enjoy being able to use my knowledge & skills to find solutions or alternatives for people. I also love the diversity in the HR field in the people and systems side. I have worked on the people side as a coordinator/advisor and I am currently working on the systems side. I enjoy running my hair business, not only because I put smiles on a lot of women’s faces, but it also challenges me and I have developed a lot of skills I never thought I could (hair styling & prepping, photography, website design, editing, etc). There is so much growth to attain in both my career & business and I am constantly learning.



Siju Ewhubare




esilience is being a goddess to me. Life is not a straight line and has many hills and valleys. A true goddess remains resilient to overcome the challenges and come out a winner in the end. Challenges don’t make you who you are, what you make out of those challenges is what you do instead. As a black woman working in a corporate setting, climbing the corporate ladder is very challenging. The great challenges I have had to face would have to be advocating for my success. A lot of times, we find it difficult to showcase our wins because we are raised to be humble. What we need to understand is that we need to promote ourselves instead of waiting for someone to do so on our behalf. I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs by self-reflecting. It’s very easy to feel underwhelmed. By taking the time to selfreflect on your wins, you will find that you are really on the right path.

Siju Ewhubare is a Human Resource Professional in the city of Calgary, Alberta. With over a decade of Human Resource experience and a passion for helping people succeed, she has professional designations as a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), as well as a Senior Certified Professional with the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM-SCP). Siju is the President and Founding Member of Crown Mentorship Foundation Ltd. Siju is a Founding Member and Executive Director of Operations with ABEEL Foundation. She is also an Advisory Committee Member with the Alberta Network of Immigrant Women. Siju is passionate about mentorship and career growth, having worked closely with executive management and business leaders. She is not afraid to challenge anyone to do and be better. As a Black industry professional, she has witnessed how challenging it can be to grow your career. She strives to energize Black professionals and learners of all industries to break through barriers and grow experientially. Siju is a mom of three and enjoys giving back to her community by volunteering with various not-for-profits.

Black people are one of the most resilient races in the world. It’s proven. I believe that there are a lot of ongoing racial challenges that will continue to exist and will be faced by other black women. I do believe that this can be overcome using internal and external resources. Internally, understanding your strengths and weaknesses and knowing how to leverage this is important. Externally, having positive mentors in your network at every stage of your growing process is also very important. Learning from their mistakes and cultivating a path for yourself is critical. Two pieces of advice I would give to younger women coming behind me are: You are enough. Never settle for less. I love this book, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” by Marshall Goldsmith.

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eing a goddess means i step into my full purpose. It means, i celebrate all that i was created to be: royalty, powerful, kind, spectacular, beautiful, energetic, incredible, nurturer, resourceful, smart, creative, energetic, amazing, and a leader. I show up as a goddess every day with wit, poise, and passion as i empower, equip and transform lives. As a black woman in canada, my greatest challenge is having to always prove that i have the necessary skills to succeed; to prove that i’m capable of performing the task. I constantly challenge your limiting beliefs by subscribing to daily devotional plans to keep my faith strong. I pray for promises found in the bible when i’m feeling discouraged and doubt my abilities. I also listen to worship songs. I find reading/listening to success stories about how people overcome their challenges is helpful and encouraging. To my 18-year-old self - believe in yourself; abilities. God specifically gave you your talents to impact your world. Don’t you ever be afraid to be you!!! My favourite book that keep me grounded are - “miracles happen” by mary kay ash, “you can you will” by joel osteen, “unmask your beauty” by Adedoyin Omotara “take courage” by Jennifer Rothschild

Oyebola Ogunsanwo is a savvy entrepreneur. With 6 years of experience as an independent beauty consultant, Oyebola caters to women’s beauty needs from skincare to cosmetics to fragrances. She also runs a home staging/ interior styling and event planning business where she and her team bring clients’ vision to life either through transforming their spaces or designing their events. This multi-skilled, multi-talented woman is basking in her purpose-driven mission of empowering, equipping, and transforming lives either when wearing her ‘entrepreneurial’ hat as a beauty consultant, event planner, or interior stylist. Oyebola is one of the co-founders of Blooming Ladies Cooperative, a Canadian social enterprise.

Email: IG : Facebook: Oyebola Ogunsanwo Website: Event Booking: Youtube: Oyebola Ogunsanwo LinkedIn: Oyebola Ogunsanwo

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eing a goddess means I co-create with God and I can have all that has been ordained for me from before the foundations of the world. I show up every day by being intentional and taking inspired actions toward the manifestation of my God-given vision. The greatest challenge for me as a black woman in Canada is the fact that as educated as I am, I faced underemployment. I was told in many circumstances that I had to dim my light or take things off my resume because it seemed too high level and might send a wrong signal. Just take anything to survive.



I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs by seeking Godly counsel and spending time getting guidance from the Holy Spirit so that I am confident that my visions, goals, and desires are aligned to the will of God for my life. In addition to that, I constantly remind myself that I am created in the image and likeness of God and that I have a right to take my place in the earth realm. I remind myself that I am walking in the will of God for my life. I believe that Society has conditioned black women to dim their light and to not fully embrace their authentic selves. To overcome this reality, black women have to hold firm to who they are by fully embracing that they are co-creators with God. Black women must implement the following; Write the Vision with guidance from the Holy Spirit (God). Take Action Steps of Faith. Affirm daily who they are and who they were created to be. Surround themselves with like-minded individuals. Believe that they were created for greatness. Do not give up amid adversity. Pray. I would advise my 18-year-old self to dream big, write my vision, set goals. Go after those goals with all that I got. I would also remind myself that I am a co-creator with God and walk in the knowledge that I am divinely protected. I will suggest the following books to my fellow goddesses, “Mastering the Art of Strategically Possessing Your Possession” by Tracey-Ann Wright, “Unmask your Beauty” by Adedoyin Omotara, “If Caterpillars Can Fly” by Alvin Day, “The Positive Principle Today” by Norman Vincent Peale, “Think and “Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

Contact: Tracey-Ann Wright on Linkedin Email:, Telephone: 587-889-1198 Facebook and Instagram: WrightTrendz

Tracey-Ann Wright is an Author, Policy Writer, and International Development Consultant with 15+ year’s professional experience moving fluidly through finance, agriculture, and policy development. Throughout her career, she has developed, organized, and led Trade Missions for the United Nations, International Trade Center, Agricultural Sector Strategy, and represented the Government of Jamaica in policy dialogue in continents such as Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean. One of Tracey-Ann’s passions is to create development opportunities to assist vulnerable women and youth create positive change. She currently serves as Board of Director and Deputy Program Development Director to the United Nations Association in Canada, Calgary Branch. She also served as Youth Director in her local Ministry in Jamaica, where she assisted vulnerable youths, by providing mentorship in the areas of finance and goal settings to better improve their lives. She has experienced supernatural encounters with the Holy Spirits that have led to her great deliverance and healing and has seen the power of God being made manifest in her own terminally ill relative who was taken off life support to the Doctor’s amazement after her prayers and intercession. Tracey-Ann has the purpose to help individuals in the Body of Christ to step in their God-given calling by using biblical transformative principles and is a firm believer that true evidence of the Kingdom of God is to make the sick well, the poor rich and the weak strong!



Tolu Amadi




Tolu Amadi is a Digital sales coach. A Tech solutions provider, who is well versed in product design and crafting business roadmaps and processes. Tolu understands that many businesses struggle with tech systems and applying automation. Tolu’s mission is to help Entrepreneurs optimize their systems and improve on their products or services by leveraging technology.

eing a goddess means being intentional in what I do, the ideas I implement and showcasing God’s Brilliance in me. It’s not knowing how the puzzles fit but hoping and seeing the big picture in everything while persevering and seeing everything fall into play. I started Business in 2014, so finding other Black women in tech and the digital world who were business owners was a big challenge for me. Also finding decision-makers in business that were women was hard. This is not just as a black woman in Canada but in reality as a woman. I’m grateful now that there are more communities to share and network with other Women-Owned and Black-Owned Women Businesses.I’m a storyteller so I will go ahead and share one. I made a big career move 4 years back and went back to school to study full-stack web development and while I was in school found out I was expecting my 4th child at that time I had lots of emotions running through my head because I was grappling with 3 Kids and doing school runs which by the way is not easy and then attending school for 6 hours every day including my whole Saturday, did I mention I had hyperemesis Gravidarum throughout?. I shared this with a colleague and the whole sentiment at the time was to just focus on one thing, maybe it was time to quit. I fought with this decision that night. I went and did my research and researched strong women with multiple kids that are right now doing amazing with their career. One was the minister of Defense for Germany who has 6 kids. The other was just a mom like me with 7 kids but a you-tuber studying at the time for her Ph.D. in mathematics (the first in the US By the way) and pregnant. I told myself that if these women could do it then who am I to complain about my current situation? The next day I sucked it up and went to school without seeing the glass as half empty but half full. I just made sure to stock up on a lot of diclectin. I kept affirming this to myself and in the end, I graduated with flying colors. The biggest challenge of black women coming behind me that I see is Overcoming the hurdle of having so much to do and no time for their purpose. I believe in taking one step at a time even if it’s a commitment of 30 mins in the day. You will see amazing results. Try this technique for 1 month Advice to my 18-year-old self - You are amazing. You have it all figured out because your father is God and you are a goddess. He reveals to you your purpose every day. Be Brave. A great book that I will suggest to my other goddesses is “Future-Proofing You” by Tom Bilyeu



We help build strong product and service based businesses. We create systems that will help streamline business technology that are scalable and profitable OUR SERVICES












Grace Markin




eing a goddess means I was created with love and the tools to bring forth my brand of creativity into this world. We were all placed here for a purpose or two. It would be most fulfilling to find and see those purposes through. As a black woman in Canada, my greatest challenge has been lack of right and complete information to help us prosper, instead of just surviving. I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs by repeating statements that remind me of who I am. I think the biggest challenge to black women coming behind me will be connecting with the right mentors and creating a lasting relationship that helps them towards their goals Advice to my 18-year-old self - Look for mentors who have done what you want and LISTEN to them Some books that have helped me to step into my power are - “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S. Clason, “The Wealthy Barber” by David Chilton Grace Markin, nee Elekwa is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who considers herself a late bloomer and is fine with it. A short story she read recently put it this way: Life is a class of one. We all have a different curriculum at different times in life and also different learning speeds. Aim to outdo yourself and no one else. Grace likes working to make the lives around her easier.

Find us on: gracefullyglistening Instagram: @gracefullyglistening Email:

She is currently a wife, an employee, an entrepreneur as well as a daughter, sister, and aunt! Grace started a cleaning service called Gracefully Glistening that offers residential and commercial cleaning. Gracefully Glistening is currently focused on offering bathroom-only specials because we all know how unpleasant some find that task, so let’s take that off your to-do list every month. We also have a bathroomspecific product launching in the near future. Ever had issues truly cleaning the glass in your shower area? You’ll be excited to try what we have cooking for you.

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Olufikayo Balogun


eing a goddess means being a master of my skills and using them to be of service to humanity to better my life, my family, and the world around me. I show up as a goddess every day determined to execute my Godgiven visions. As a black woman in Canada, my greatest challenge has mostly been access to funding and other resources that could potentially help grow my business. I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs by reminding myself that I’ve overcome challenges in the past, and that I won’t face what I cannot overcome. To my 18 year old self, follow your dreams. A great book I will love to share with my fellow goddesses is “Ideas Rule The World” by Sam Adeyemi.

I am Olufikayo Balogun, the Head Chef and Owner of Spoonishyyc, a Catering and Food Service Company based in and presently serving the city of Calgary and environs within Alberta. Spoonishyyc provides good quality meals to busy individuals and families, making access to nutritious meals as easy as possible. We are here to save you kitchen time while you focus on other important things.

Instagram & Twitter - @spoonishyyc Phone - 8254375768 Email -


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eing a goddess means being authentic and true to myself. As a goddess, I show up powerfully with confidence, knowing that I have an all-sufficient God on my side. As a black woman in Canada, one of the greatest challenges I face is acceptance. I’m easily judged based on the color of my skin before being known. I have to constantly fight to prove my worth just to gain acceptance. This means that where others go a mile, I have to go ten miles or more. I challenge my limiting beliefs and assumptions by engaging in daily positive self-talk and constantly reminding myself of my capabilities and abilities. Above all, as a child of the Most High God, my Bible tells me that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me. I think the biggest challenge of black women coming behind me is self-doubt and fear. To rise above these challenges, you’ve got to believe in yourself and learn to leap irrespective of your fear. You will never know how high you can soar if you don’t trust yourself enough to jump off the cliff. The advice I would give my 18-year-old self is to explore, take risks, and don’t back down. You’ve got what it takes to rule your sphere. Two books I will suggest to my fellow goddesses are: “Be Your Pathfinder” and “Lessons from Trailblazers” written by me, Victoria Okuku, are two of the most powerful books I would recommend to any woman out there. These books will not only help you to step into your superpower but will hand you the tools to function effectively and efficiently in it.

Victoria Okuku is the founder of Montessori Early Development Academy and Kids Xplore. Both early years learning centers are located in the city of Calgary and Chestermere respectively.


In 2021, Montessori Early Development Academy was nominated as one of the best businesses in Canada by the Canada Business Review Board.

LinkedIn: Instagram: vicky.oku Website:

These centers create a stimulating environment that allows children to freely explore and unveil their hidden potentials. This enables them to thrive in their various cycles of development.

Victoria collaborates with seasoned educators from the UK to train teachers in Africa as an educational consultant. She authors both children and adult books which include: Be Your Pathfinder, Lessons from Trailblazers, and Ako’s Night Story.





goddess for me means that I can do anything that I set my mind to and there is power when I speak.

As a black woman in Canada, The greatest challenge I have faced with my career is the anxiety of pivoting from corporate America to Business. I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs by setting small SMARTgoals to achieve weekly/monthly, this helps build my confidence and reassurance that I am an achiever and that I am good enough.

REASSESS YOUR DEFINITION OF SUCCESS My name is Damilola Adamson but I usually go by Dammy Adamson. I am a Christian and my motivation for my belief in God is from a scientific and a personal encounter with him. Everything I am today is a product of grace and living-proof miracles. My work experience has been in the technical field with a multinational company and a fortune 500 company within the oil and gas sector in Canada. I am a wife and a mum to my very handsome munchkin and a very pretty and peace-loving princess.

I think the biggest challenge of black women coming behind me would be fear of the unknown and lack of visibility/accessibility to black successful women as a role model for coaching and mentoring. To my18-year-old self, always reassess your definition of success because it will help you work on purpose and understand your reason behind what you do. A great book that I will recommend to every goddess out there is “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg.

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Isi Masagbor


he Bible lets me know in Psalm 82:6 “ye are gods and children of the most high”. As a child of God, I reflect the glory I need to stand out positively for him, this is what being a goddess means to me. I crave daily to shine forth as the light brings joy and hope to my world daily. I like to inspire people and bring out the best in them while supporting them to be the best they can be.


Career-wise it has been a challenge getting opportunities that best match my qualifications. I was overqualified for most of the jobs I worked at and always strived for more whilst facing discrimination. This, however, did not deter me. It made me stronger and strive to stand out positively.

THERE ARE NO LIMITS I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs by analysing where I am and ensure that this place is not a determinant of my tomorrow. As Christ is in me, I’m a shining light that shines ever so bright so my limitations are subject to me allowing them to rule me. As a goddess, I push myself to strive for better and distinguish myself for excellence in every way I can. I do not allow people to rule or dictate my actions but let the Holy Spirit guide me.

My advice to black women coming behind me is to maintain their composure and try not to be rattled. In business and life you tend to meet different kinds of people who are bound to push you beyond your limit but no matter what maintain your composure as a professional not letting them push you around or bring you down. Advice to my 18 year old self, know there are no limits and you can do anything you set your mind to do. A very powerful book I will recommend to anyone that wants to unmask their super powers is “Unmask your Beauty” by Adedoyin Omotara. The journey is quite inspirational.

Call to book your order - (587) 586-8242

My name is Isi Masagbor and I’m the CEO of Kinatis Services, an African grocery shop in the SW. We cater to all of your African foods from dry to frozen products including drinks like Maltex, Vitamalt, Zobo, etc. We carry products like garri, pounded yam, Amala, oat fufu, semo, plantain fufu, Nido/peak milk, milo, sardines, ogi (pap), Kpomo, Shaki, dry and fresh fish, Stockfish, cow leg, goat meat, chicken, turkey, vegetables, etc. We cater to all of your African delights and also provide delivery services. We pride ourselves on maintaining good customer relationships. We look forward to meeting all of your African family’s needs.



A Self-Love Approach to Wellness

We all desire to maintain a consistent, healthy lifestyle, yet many of us are constantly starting over/ “falling off” the proverbial wagon, and in the process losing confidence in ourselves. The reason is because we tend to start from the wrong place - a place of discontentment with our current reality. What if we changed our mindset just a little bit? What if there was no wagon? What if a missed day, or a missed week, or a missed month (or 2) didn’t have to feel like failure? This is all possible if we start from the RIGHT place. Where is this RIGHT place? How do we change our mindset? How do we guarantee continued “results” even when life happens or big, unexpected changes (like a pandemic) throw a wrench in our routines, drain our energy, increase our stress, or effect our bodies in a negative way? To make any lasting change you have to first accept and embrace where you are today, because if you can’t find joy and contentment NOW, no change will bring it to you. Acceptance doesn’t mean denial – you don’t have to love everything about yourself or your body, but waiting for a future reality - future body, future size etc.- in order to be happy, is a much harder way to live. Self-acceptance is a derivative of self-love which is defined as “regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.” Cultivating self-acceptance and self-love is not easy – especially when everything around us is constantly telling us all the things that we need to change and improve in order to be better and feel happier – but it is possible. Below I share the 3-step method that I have used on my self-love journey, which has helped me continue to maintain my confidence and prioritize my health, even in difficult seasons.




STEP Do a self-inventory - Ask

yourself this simple question “Who am I?”. Chances are you won’t be thinking about your physical appearance when you answer this question, but rather about your personality, how you relate with others, and what you have to offer the world/those around you. Write these things down and keep them somewhere where you can see them regularly because this will need to be an ongoing (daily, weekly, monthly) exercise.

Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself “What do I see?”. But here’s

the catch, you can’t use any negative words, only positive! Every part of your body tells a story – even the parts that you don’t like. The stories that we tell ourselves are powerful. If you tell a negative story, the negative feelings persist. If you tell a positive story, the positive feelings win. For instance, instead of saying “I have ugly stretch marks on my belly” you can say “I have stretch marks on my belly, because my belly stretched and grew to make room to grow my beautiful babies”. Or instead of “I don’t like my big arms” you could say, “my arms are big and strong enough to carry my children”.


STEP Ask yourself “What can I do better?”. Like I said earlier,

acceptance is not denial. We are all a work in progress, and we can all always do better. So, ask yourself, “What do I WANT TO change, and why?”. Not what you think you should change, or what society and social media is constantly telling you to change, but what you want to change. Here are some good examples; “I want to get stronger, so that I can have more energy to play with my kids.” “I want to lose some weight because I care about my health, and I want to reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.” “I want to exercise daily because exercise makes me feel good, which improves my mental health and wellbeing.”

Do this exercise for every part of your body/feature, especially the ones that you don’t like. It is not an easy exercise, but it is so liberating.

Whatever your reasons may be, make sure they will stand the test of time, fit into the busyness of your life, and don’t have an expiry date i.e., goals-only focused. The goals-only approach can quickly become a series of self-depriving, sporadic behaviours that make you miserable. If you view your fitness/wellness journey as a lifestyle rather than a set of rules, you’ll be able to live your life with a lot more enjoyment, and in a way that suits you. It’s so much easier to do things consistently when we are able to commit to them. Something that you can only do for a week or a month before giving up is not going to produce any lasting results. It’s important to be realistic, start small and build up - a 10-minute walk, drinking more water, adding some vegetables to your plate. These are small changes that add up to create BIG results over time.

MOSOPE IDOWU Health and Wellness Coach, Bethel Fit Mum





eing a goddess means that I can do anything through Christ who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13). The biggest challenge that I have faced as a black woman in Canada is often being the only woman of color in the room. It’s easy to get overlooked and undervalued in such settings which can affect your confidence. I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs by focusing a lot on personal development in the different areas of my lifespiritually, emotionally, physically & intellectually. I believe that the biggest obstacle that black women face is internal - they might not feel qualified or worthy because of what society has always told them. To overcome this I would encourage black women to surround themselves with other women like them doing amazing things and seek strength in the community. I believe that the world is primed for the greatness of black women, so we need to step into the light SHINE. To my 18-year old self - Do not be afraid to SHINE and STAND OUT. Use your voice, it is your superpower. Books that I will suggest to my fellow goddesses are “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek, “The Emotionally Healthy Woman” by Geri Sazzero

Mosope Idowu is a certified health & wellness coach with a specialization in pre/postnatal fitness, nutrition, and maternal mental health. She studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Alberta and has over 12 years of experience in the oil & gas industry. She is the founder of Bethel Fit Mum & Postpartum Wellness Hub - two expressions born out of pain, purpose, and passion. Through her platforms, she seeks to educate, empower and support moms in the postpartum period and beyond - in the areas of physical, spiritual, and mental health. She lives with her husband and 3 beautiful children in Calgary, Canada.




Adekunbi Adetona ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST I am Dr. Adekunbi Adetona, an Environmental Specialist that is keen on nature-based solutions to climate change, which is one of the major threats to mankind. I collaborate with team members of the Canadian Energy Systems Analysis Research (CESAR) Initiative and the Transition Accelerator to identify ways to help Canada meet its commitment to avoid the emissions of greenhouse gases, thereby mitigating climate change. Before joining the CESAR and the Transition Accelerator team, I worked as an Environmental Scientist with Tetra Tech EBA Inc., an engineering and sciences consultancy firm in Calgary. While residing in London England between 2010 and 2011, I founded GirlsLight Foundation, an organization established to support girls and women academically and in other related areas. I have had opportunities to support organizations such as the Mustard Seed Shelter and Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter. I am a child, wife, mother, sister, friend, but most importantly I am a child of the Almighty God, who loves me unconditionally.


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eing a goddess to me means having the ability to consistently show godly attributes, including love, happiness, joy, peace, and self-control regardless of one’s situation. These attributes require a goddess to love everyone even when it’s difficult to do so. Also, the attributes are a constant reminder that God forgives us our sins and commands us to forgive others. I show up as a goddess by: Recognizing the goodness of God. For example, by appreciating the wonderful people that God has blessed me with. Many people have contributed to who I am today and I’m grateful to God for each one of them. Remembering that God is always with me, acknowledging that the joy of the Lord is my strength, listening to messages and songs helps me focus on God and His promises. I find songs such as “Like Eagles” and “Here We Are” by Don Moen uplifting, showing love and kindness to as many people around me as possible, remaining steadfast in my journey. When I first arrived in Canada, one of the greatest challenges that I have faced was settling into a new culture. Being a black woman in Canada, for the most part, has been an opportunity for me to build lasting connections with people from different cultures regardless of their color. Black women should be open to connecting and mingling with people from different backgrounds in Canada. One of my closest friends and mentors is not black and she loves and respects me. Like my other black friends, this woman has had a positive impact on my life.


I constantly remind myself that everyone is gifted and I am not an exception to that. When I was studying in secondary school in Nigeria, I believed that my better-performing classmates were more gifted than I was. These thoughts limited me from putting in my best academically. One time, during a group activity, my team had a clash because most of the members suggested that my being there would fail the team. That was when I realized that I needed to do something about my limiting beliefs and start embracing the fact that we’re all gifted. Shortly after the incident, my perception of academics changed, I started enjoying the process of studying, and my performance gradually improved. By the time we sat for our Senior Secondary Certificate Examination, I was one of the top students in the school. I owe my academic success to God for keeping His promises to me. One of the biggest challenges of most black women is creating time for and devoting resources to self-care. However, we need to take care of ourselves to be able to take care of other people and matters in our lives. It is okay to take an intentional break and rest from all the energysapping activities that we’re involved in. Alternatively, we can engage in activities that will replenish your energy. The Adoniaa conference that will be held this November is a good place to meet other women and get reenergized. I would advise my 18-year-old self to pray and take time to identify God’s purpose for my life. The good news is that there are many resources such as books and trained individuals that can help identify this purpose. While I’m still praying to God to make His purpose for me clear, I believe that He has been directing me towards this purpose by creating lifetime opportunities and providing people to support me. If we don’t identify our purpose, other people will define a purpose for us, and push us towards the direction. Thank God that He is God of many chances, even if we feel that we’ve missed our purpose, we can always run to God to redirect us. I would also advise my 18-year-old self to ensure that any decision I make is in line with godly principles. A couple of years ago, I found myself in a difficult situation and I thought “I prayed about this issue, why is this happening?”. I later realized that the steps that I took in achieving the goal didn’t align with God’s principles and I forced things to happen. The lesson I learned from the experience is that it is important to pray and commit my ways into God’s hands and it is equally important to be patient enough to follow His directions. Some books that have kept me grounded are “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren, ‘Today Matters: 12 Daily Practices to Guarantee Tomorrow’s Success” by John Maxwell

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eing a goddess to me means I’ve been created in the image and likeness of God, therefore I possess the power to birth my divine assignment. I take each day as another opportunity to conquer my fears and move forward with achieving my dreams. The greatest challenge I have faced in my career/business as a black woman is navigating the business terrain.



In order to constantly challenge my limiting beliefs and assumptions about being the goddess that I am, I remind myself that I am uniquely and wonderfully made. I am the best woman for my assignment, and I’ve got all it takes to be a success in all I do, through the grace of God. The biggest challenge black women for black women coming behind me in stepping into their power is that not everyone would understand your vision, not everyone would believe in your Vision. Don’t let this distract you. They can overcome it by having the confidence, that is all it takes to deliver your Vision. A piece of advice I would give to my 18-year old self is to make a conscious effort not to worry, celebrate your victories, and you’ve got this! Some books that have kept me grounded are ‘’The Girl Entrepreneurs’’ by Ibukun Awosika, ‘’The Confident Woman’’ by Joyce Meyer, and ‘’Unmask Your Beauty’’ by Adedoyin Omotara.

CELEBRATE YOUR VICTORIES Website: Instagram, Facebook: @paxsilefoods Email:

I am Brenda Ebedi, founder of Paxsile Foods, a healthy snacks company that creates tasty and nutritious dried fruits for individuals and families on the go. They have no added sugars, no preservatives, and are vegan and gluten free. My passion to promote healthy living in children inspired me to create healthy fruits snacks, suitable for children and adults alike. Paxsile Foods aims to increase the number of individuals with improved nutrition and healthy eating habits, with keen interest in children. We also aim to contribute to reduction in food waste by preserving and transforming fruits to shelf stable products, making them available year-round.



Bukola Jolugbo




eing a goddess means I have God’s attributes in full force in me. Daily, I walk and show with two main attributes as my core - Love and Creator. The understanding that I am a creator opens me up to a limitless and full life (world). My world is mine to CREATE. I create my reality and I live life to the fullest. Living in love crowns life for me, ensuring I see life and people through God’s eyes and I make the best of everything knowing God loves me too much to forsake me. As a black woman in Canada, my greatest challenge has been understanding the politics that come with color and gender. I had a bit of a challenge in the early days of my career but I guess learning early that (irrespective of how I feel), I need to be more focused and determined that the average caucasian was helpful. Unlike the popular view, I see that as a way of standing out powerfully and making an impact. Although I might have had to put in a lot more, I see the fruit of my hard work which is mine to enjoy. I’ve also learned that even though it might be tough initially, once I hit the breakthrough, I am respected for it by all.

Over the past 5 five years, Bukola Jolugbo (fondly referred to as Kiki) has been in the trenches researching what it takes to turn boys into world-class leaders and fathers and working with busy professionals, celebrities, and high impact parents to build better relationships with their sons. Kiki has a background as a Business Process Improvement Engineer and brings that expertise to bear in her work with boys and their parents to create life-changing processes that promote family environments and support the healthy development of boys. She’s married to Mobolaji and has two amazing world leaders in the making. She also holds the world record as perhaps the best female champion for the male gender.

The biggest challenge of black women coming behind me is Perfection! The world is full of ‘perfect people’ now and it can be a big challenge to anyone. I waited for so long to be perfect but it never came. The perfect time, perfect situation, perfect home, perfect body...and the list was endless until I realized God is made perfect in my imperfections. If I am perfect, the testimony will not be interesting, so step out with the imperfection so God can be seen at work in you for His glory. Also, the truth about Him calling you is; it is not your business, it is His so why try to take the perfect lead? Learn, live and laugh daily while your path gets brighter and brighter. There is no shame in a gloomy path because that is what gives room for the ‘brighter and brighter’ process. To my 18-year-old self - Life is beautiful and you are a key player in beauty. Do not live a life based on where you are but where you are going. A great book that keeps me grounded is “Without Rival” by Lisa Bevere, “Lady, Lover, Lord” by T.D Jakes

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Nancy Ihebom




eing a goddess to me, means I am a daughter of the Most High God. I show up every day in charge of how I want my day to turn out, full of positivity, progress, and fulfillment. As a black woman in Canada, my greatest challenge so far has been acceptance, having to work extra to prove my experience and expertise in Canada. I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs by reminding myself to be grateful for how far I have come and that I can and will achieve anything I set my mind to. The biggest challenge for women coming behind me will be acceptance. I encourage black women coming behind me to first accept all their greatness. Let go of imposter syndrome and show up with the confidence of a goddess. This alone reflects in how society sees black women, our experience, expertise, and skillset will shine brighter and break down barriers. To my 18-year-old self, don’t stop; don’t dim your light to accommodate others. Great books I’d love to suggest to my fellow goddesses are : “Be All You Can Be” by John C. Maxwell and “Pick Three: You Can Have It All (Just Not Every Day)” by Randi Zuckerberg.

Email: Phone: 5875009892 LinkedIn: Instagram: @nanciejul

Nancy Ihebom is a trained biochemist and Software Product Manager. She worked as a marketing and customer service professional with over eight years of experience in the banking sector. She is also the Founder & CEO of Areli Beauty, a natural skincare company. She is also a co-founder of YYC Businessconnect, a platform dedicated to supporting immigrant businesses. She is passionate about financial independence for women and believes it is a great tool for women’s empowerment.





show up as a goddess every day in my business by empowering women to bring out their feminine and authentic selves. I make beautiful wigs and that allows women wearing them to feel confident, happy, and on top of the world. I show up as a goddess in my career by being on top of my job. I am an asset and a great resource to all the companies I have worked with and I am constantly told how much value I bring to my team and organization. I show up as a goddess in my family by bringing peace, love, insight, wisdom, and best of all godliness into my home. I show up as a goddess to myself by constantly

being creative. I push myself to be better and take care of my physical and mental being to ensure that I impact the lives of the people around me positively. In an environment filled with the stereotype of not getting quality black human hair products, I had to work twice as hard to create a niche for my brand by ensuring that we sell quality products, deliver quality services and go above and beyond to meet clients’ needs.

LIVE IN THE MOMENT I constantly push myself by setting achievable targets in my business and I celebrate each milestone achieved because it takes a lot of work to achieve milestones no matter how big or little that milestone is. I also evaluate my current position/ mode of operation and look for ways to work more efficiently and improve the value added to each product and service rendered. Lastly, I remind myself of the vision and purpose of what I do. I remind myself that I can achieve everything I set out to achieve. I surround myself with amazing friends that I sometimes call to share ideas, as well as to get inspiration, insight, and encouragement from. This ensures that I am able to stay creative, I am constantly improving and I can bring out the inner and outer goddess in myself alongside women in my circle. Self-motivation is the force that keeps pushing us to go on. It’s the inner catalyst that drives us to achieve, push, develop, and keep moving forward. When you think you are ready to quit, or you just don’t know how to start, your self-motivation is what pushes you to go on. You must continue to surround yourself with materials, things, and people that keep you motivated so that you are constantly reminded of what you want to achieve, the need to keep going, and the resolution that you are a goddess that can accomplish anything she dreams of. “You can have anything you want if you want it badly enough. You can be anything you want to be, do anything you set out to accomplish if you hold to that desire with singleness of purpose.” —Abraham Lincoln. To my 18-year-old self, live in the moment and give each moment your best. Don’t get carried away by distractions. Great books I will recommend to my fellow goddesses are “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, and “The Smart Money Woman” by Arese Ugwu

Since 2018, Adoniaa has organized summer beauty camps for teen girls to help them boost their self- image and confidence.

Teen y t u a e B Camp

Results that girls will get from the course: They identify themselves as valuable with much to contribute to society They build confidence and gain understanding of intrinsic value They understand that they are able to have a positive influence in their world They identify personal desires and strengths to motivate them to set and achieve personal goals They understand how to leverage their personal power They learn how to take care of their skin They learn the Adoniaa signature 10-step guide to a flawless makeup application They learn the best shades of colours that suit them based on their dominant colouring They go on a one-day shopping trip They create their own vision board and present it to their parents at the end of the camp They enjoy a mother-daughter makeup and photoshoot session



MAKEUP ESSENTIALS for the perfect holiday look

1. Foundation/Powder sponge Apply Dual powder

2. Unmask your beauty lipstick

A red lipstick to elevate tour overall Christmas look

3. Medium brown brow pencil Define your brows

4. Magnetic lashes Enhance your eyes

5. Concealer

Highlight dark areas of your skin

6. Adoniaa Woman Pallette

Add pop of colour to your eyes

7. Dual powder

This is a combination of foundation and powder to even out your skin tone

8. Mascara

Enhance your eyes

9. Blue suede mechanical eye liner

A blue eyeliner compliments our dark brown eyes well and defines the eyes

All products available at Adoniaa Beauty






personality Take this fun quiz

1. How do you wear colour?

5. What is in your special occasion wardrobe?

a. Whatever I feel like on the day. b. Strong, contrasting and bright shades. c . Pretty pastels. d. I like to be co-ordinated. e. I do not worry about it. f. A tone-on-tone look.

a. Velvet, brocade, antiques and lace. b. Unusual and striking garments. c. Fitted dresses with lots of detailing. d. Simple and tailored dresses. e. Comfortable, dressy trousers or a long skirt with a loose-fitting top. f. An elegant dress or trouser suit

2. What kind of shopper are you? a. I love markets and vintage clothes. b. I buy something if I like it. c. I enjoy the whole shopping experience. d. I plan my shopping trips and take a list. e. I shop online. f. I am an investment buyer

6. What are your shoes like? a. They don’t co-ordinate with my outfit. b. High fashion styles. c. Pretty, with bows and details. d. They match my handbag. e. Comfortable. f. Current.

3. How would you describe your overall look? a. Eclectic and sometimes wacky. b. I like to make a statement and wear eye- catching pieces. c. Pretty with detailed clothes that make me feel feminine. d. Neat, organised and co-ordinated. e. Relaxed and casual. f . Simple and elegant.

4. What is your non-working wardrobe? a. My collection of vintage clothes. b. My latest fashion purchases. c. Pretty, feminine pieces. d. Co-ordinated separates. e. Jeans and comfortable tops. f. Simple styles, which I accessorise.

A. CREATIVE Your look is unique and ahead of the trends.Your wardrobe is full of items from many different sources, including vintage mixed with high fashion, that you have collected over the years. Generally not interested in fashion, but will probably love vintage and secondhand items. Shopping for you is an art form. B. DRAMATIC You love to make a statement with your clothes and accessories. You’ll often be the first to try the latest trend. You are a habitual shopper and aren’t concerned whether your clothes are

8. What is your attitude to make-up? a. I experiment. b. I like it to be noticed. c. I love it and spend time over it. d. I keep to the same routine. e. Minimalistic. f. It complements my look.

9. What type of hairstyle do you have? a. It changes with mood b. It changes regularly c. Long. d. Neat. e. Low maintenance. f. Up to date

10. What is in your working wardrobe? 7. What kind of Jewellery do you like? a. Interesting and different pieces. a. Unusual – I collect it. b. Bold, makes a statement. c. Intricate, dangly and pretty. d. The real thing rather than fashion. e. Minimal. f. Current and noticeable.

Your style personality revealed!

practical or washable – they must simply make a statement C. ROMANTIC You love being a woman and everything about dressing up.Your clothes are pretty, and you adore all sorts of details: bows, ruffles, flounces, appliqués and fringes.You will spend longer than anybody else looking after yourself and your grooming. D. CLASSIC You prefer a neat and tidy look. Rarely mix and match items as you like everything to be coordinated. You are not a fashion victim and do not experiment, much preferring to stay

b. Statement pieces. c. Pretty blouses and dresses. d. Tailored suits and co-ordinated pieces. e. Easy-to-wear separates. f. Basic pieces, but dressed up with accessories.

FILL IN YOUR SCORE BELOW. How many: a _________ b _________ c _________ d _________ e _________ f _________ I am mostly: _________ with what you are comfortable with. E. NATURAL Comfort is most important element of your wardrobe. Trousers will be your preferred option. Clothes need to be low maintenance and easy care. Your jewellery will be minimal – if you wear any at all – and won’t jangle about F. CITY CHIC This woman understands fashion trends, but will tend to use accessories to update the quality basics in her wardrobe. Her look is relaxed unlike the classic, but her grooming is impeccable unlike the natural.

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eing a goddess means I am just like my Father. As a matter of fact, God breathed into me the life that I have and so I have the life of God (Zoey). Being a goddess does not mean I am to be worshipped, it simply means my “being” and “doing” lift God up such that men are then drawn unto Him. The greatest challenge I have faced in my career is overload of information without much guidance on the best way to use the available resources.



EMBARK ON THE JOURNEY OF SELF-DISCOVERY To challenge my limiting beliefs and assumptions, I regularly read out my written words of affirmation, which remind me of who I really am and help me overcome my fears. I also make it a point of duty to listen to empowering messages and not dwelling so much on news that weigh me down. The biggest challenge of black women coming behind me will be the tendency to follow the same paths that people who have gone ahead followed, without really seeking out their WHY. I say this because I see more and more black women thriving and doing excellently everyday. For those coming behind, they might just want to copy the same path others have followed without it lining up with their WHY. This can ultimately result in breakdown along the way and my advice is for them to ensure they embark on the journey of self-discovery before choosing a path to follow when they arrive here. To my 18 year old self, I would say, “stop judging adults too quickly based on their shortfalls because there is a lot of responsibility as you become an adult and you have to juggle a lot of things at once”.I would highly recommend “The Unmask Your Beauty” book written by Adedoyin Omotara herself because it is very practical and concise guide towards helping anyone at any point in their lives truly overcome their fears and step into their superpower.

Tomilayo Benson, the wife of Oseghae Benson is a powerful influence in the IT industry, family and academic spheres. She is the Co-founder of Cymworx Inc., an IT Company popularly known for creating relevant IT courses for people of all ages. She has supported 100s of businesses in creating a distinguishing online presence. She strongly believes that depositing in children is synonymous to securing the future and is venturing into creation of Christian entertainment videos for them. For fun, she enjoys spending time with her family and catching up with friends.





am a goddess because of my creativity to bring to life outfits that support women’s confidence.Mu greatest challenge as a black woman in Canada has been accessing appropriate support and audience. I feel the biggest challenge women coming after me will face would be finding their niche early and being consistent with it. They can overcome it by paying attention to what brings them the most joy amongst all they can do and map out how to improve it gradually. To my 18 year old self - Your dreams and ideas are valid

Mayowa is passionate about creating bespoke, trendy outfits and accessories for ladies. As an innovative dressmaker, she helps define unique styles, ensuring ladies feel and look great, while being comfortably dressed. Whatever the occasion, her company brings dreams to reality, enabling clients to courageously be their true selves.

Email: Phone: 587-938-6817 Ig: @miiicouture


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eing a goddess means being creative, intentional and strong. It describes a determined high achiever and goal getter who won’t take no for an answer.

My biggest challenge in being a black woman in Canada is being put in a box, and being given a stereotype. People are comfortable with you being on the table but on the lower end, once you start climbing and your stars become important, you start making people uncomfortable and that is very sad. I remind myself to never listen to discouraging voices; understanding who I am and pursuing things that make me feel happy and fulfilled help me challenge my limiting beliefs. I believe that for us black women and the others coming up behind us, some doors might be open but they have to work hard to open even more doors. One advice I’d give my 18-year-old self is to please be patient, everything will fall in place. One book I’d recommend is ‘Women and Leadership’ by Julia Gillard and Okonjo Iweala.


Toyin Oladele is an independent consultant, performing artist, curator, and arts manager, with a demonstrated history of excellence in programming, community and arts-based event planning, production and engagement. Her professional experience is rooted in making arts and community spaces connective, inclusive and vibrant through collaborations and strategy. She consults for different arts organizations including the City of Calgary is the founder of the Immigrant Council for Arts Innovation (ICAI) and the current Executive Director.



Fola Omoniyi




am a goddess by being who I am and living a life of purpose. As a black woman in Canada, my greatest challenge was the fear of how to become visible, especially as an entrepreneur. I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs by setting short-term goals and by ensuring I’m on the right path to success. I also read books that help give that refresher or reset. To the black women coming after me, moving and starting up in a new country might make it seem impossible to achieve your goals. Look past that and just do it! Have your set goals and make sure you never give up on your dreams. “Don’t worry about becoming successful but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow.” - Oprah Winfrey. To my 18 year old self - Just do it

Fola is a professional hair stylist specialising in virgin hair extensions and wigs. She offers a unique and personalised service to each client to suit her needs. She is well known for her customised handmade wigs and wig revamp, allowing women to experience the versatility and flexibility of wig life, without compromising on style and comfort. She is also a wig making educator, offering various classes and workshops for anyone who is interested in enhancing their skills or get into the wig making side of the business. She is a firm believer in making you beautiful.

The books I recommend are “Lead from Outside How to Build your Future” and “Make Real Change” by Stacey Abrams. @st_thameshair

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am a goddess because I am made in the image and likeness of God. I am because He is. I am everything God is. I am a creator and a representative of God on earth therefore I show up as a goddess who has been assigned to dominate the earth and take on the assignment my Father has sent me which is to educate his children and help them live fulfilled lives in happiness & prosperity. The greatest challenge I have faced so far as a Black Woman in Canada has been challenging the status quo for an immigrant black woman.

STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF Since I arrived in Canada in 2018, I have made some very bold & audacious moves that have been called too ambitious. When I moved to Canada, so many people told me it was impossible to continue my career as a Business Analyst. Someone told me that a certain company didn’t employ ‘black people’, but I still applied and got a great job with all the perks. I was told that I had to start as a store associate to build Canadian experience, well I got a job in a Fortune 500 company in 2 weeks. I was told I would be a lowincome earner for at least a year and Personal Website: Business Websites: Instagram: misspragmatic Linkedin: Email:

that I should go collect relief materials from the government. I got a 6 figure job in 6 months. I was told that I couldn’t buy a home as it was only rich people who bought homes in that part of town, I bought mine in 1 year. I was told that I need to water down my Nigerian experience, change my name & not share that I am an immigrant. Over 10 awards and counting, my story has opened doors for me. I was told certain races were known to be successful in Business, well here I am 3 years after building a business that has now trained 20,000 people in over 25 countries and 6 continents. I still remember how many times I was denied credit for my business because I was an immigrant and I had to use my personal income to bootstrap my business. These are some highlights of hurdles I have now surpassed as a Black Woman in Canada.



The one advice I would give my 18 year old self is to stay true to myself and not live my life to please others. When I was younger I made life decisions to please certain people in my life, looking back I know better and would advise myself to never let anyone determine the course of my destiny. Eno Eka is a Business Analysis Consultant & Coach based in Calgary, Alberta who has helped over 20,000 people start careers as Business Analysts and grow their income to 6 figures. Leverage technology to improve processes & increase revenue. She is the CEO of Eny Consulting Inc and Founder of Business Analysis School, she is a multi award winning coach who has been recognized for her work in Technology & Education. Her awards and achievements include: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Forbes 30 under 30 nominee 2020, Education Category Alberta Top 30 under 30 recipient 2021 Calgary Top 40 under 40 nominee 2019 & 2020 Universal Women’s Network, Winner 2019 Award for Mentorship RBC Women of Influence 2020 Award Recipient Top 100 Black Women to Watch in Canada 2020 Award Recipient Immigrants of Distinction Awards Finalist 2021 Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 award in the RBC Future Launch Future Leaders category nominee RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards Nominee 2020 2020 Tällberg/Eliasson Global Leadership Prize Nominee Top 8 Female Business Analysis Influencers To Watch in 2021-Globally Recognized & Featured by the IIBA Campaign Ambassador for the United Nations and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees





eing a goddess means reflecting God in all that I do. My greatest challenge in being a black woman in Canada is not seeing people that look like me in my line of work. I constantly remind myself of who I am in God to challenge my limiting beliefs. Some black women underestimate their ability, while others over estimate theirs. The sweet spot is using God as a mirror to regulate yourself - be humble in Christ and also believe you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. The one advice I’d give to my 18-yearold self is that you can do it; take it one day at a time. One book I’d recommend is “Lean In” by Nell Scovell and Sheryl Sanberg.

YOU CAN DO IT My name is Dami and I am a founder of Crownbury. It is my dream that sustainable products become our way of life. My company, Crownbury, contributes to this goal by selling sustainable essentials for new moms and babies. Our current product line includes bamboo baby towels, washcloths, and nursing pads.


Instagram: @crownbury


Main Office: Suite 1010, 600 6 Ave SW Calgary, AB Branch Office: Unit 4, 2235 30 Ave NE Calgary, AB

Main Office: Suite 1010, 600 6 Ave SW Calgary, AB T2P 0S5 Branch Office: Unit 4, 2235 30 Ave NE Calgary, AB T2E 7C7


Phone: 403-930-0454 Email: kiyinbor@impact Website: www.impactlaw

$100 OFF

legal fees for all registrants for the 2021 Unmask your Beauty Conference. The areas of Law for the above discount would include: 1. Real Estate (buying, selling, and refinancing). 2. Wills and Estate (preparing a Will package). This offer commences on November 1st and comes to an end on December 31st, 2021.

Kathryn Iyinbor is an internationally trained Lawyer and was called to the Bar in her home jurisdiction in 2004. She has over 16 years experience as a Lawyer. She is the owner and managing partner of Impact Law Office, with its main office located in downtown, Calgary. Impact Law Office also has a branch located in the Northeast of Calgary.

My Party Genie is a boutique event styling company that works to make your party wishes come true. We have a large inventory of on-trend decor and a great portfolio to inspire your next event. Every person is unique, and your event should be too. We work hard to make your special day reflect you, your likes, your style, and your personality. We take the time to work through your ideas and wishes and design/create/ coordinate your decor needs to the finest detail, leaving your guests and most importantly, you, with a beautiful day to remember. Email us today –








believe we as women possess an innate power we so often fail to see but it’s there! In your actions, even in our seeming weakness, the goddess in you is present.

For me, showing up as a goddess reflects first in my personal space and then radiates out. Standing firm on those daily affirmations and saturating yourself, your family and your environment in words that chisel the path you want for yourself even if your current situation seems nothing like it (yet)! It is the power to look beyond the present, understanding that you have the power to create the future and living in that consciousness daily! Affirmations! You gotta “tell yourself” who you are constantly. You gotta remind yourself that you are the daughter of a king. You are strong beyond measure, you are beautiful, you are capable, you are premium, you are enough!

LIVE FEARLESSLY Misconstrued societal norms is the biggest challenge I see black women facing the most. We need more women ``today” to “intentionally” stand in the gap and step into a place of power with the aim to arm tomorrow’s women (today’s girl child) with the mindset, the confidence, the boldness that they would need to embrace their own skin and their values. They need to know, they need to be taught, I cannot emphasize this enough. The thought of my 18 year old self already makes me giggle! I still feel very 18-ish on the inside! I would just re-iterate that she could be anything she wants to be literally. I would advise her to live fearlessly (and tell her there are countries outside Europe! lol). Tola Jimoh-Kuti is a Cybersecurity Professional with one of the Big4 firms and also a luxury photographer based out of Calgary, Canada. Tola believes that women (and men) are more powerful than they know and only need to explore their inner strength. Her vision is to empower women around the world and challenge them to become more.

Email: Linkedin: Instagram: @tolajimoh Instagram: @tolajimoh_lifestyle website:

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eing a goddess means I operate in the image and likeness of God. I have the ability to embody the highest version of myself and go after the grandest vision of my life every day. Being a goddess means I trust the process, I trust that my life’s experiences are always working for me and this means I show up with the certainty of the outcome, not necessarily the process. The greatest challenge I have faced in my business as a black woman as a mindset coach has been helping people understand the impact of their paradigms and beliefs in their experiences. The mind is not a tangible, visible thing that you can see. So helping people draw the connection between their mindset and their result is challenging to lots who have never invested in personal development before. I acknowledge that if I do not have my desired results, it is a function of existing paradigms that need to be uninstalled. Questioning my stories, beliefs, and thinking pattern always to make sure it’s in alignment with the results I desire, which constantly allow me to challenge my beliefs and assumptions about being the goddess that I am. I think the biggest challenge of black women who are coming behind me is stepping into their beauty and believing in their brilliance. You can overcome anything you are willing to shine the light on. Fear can only thrive in the dark. A piece of advice I would give to my 18-year-old self is ‘You are

ENOUGH’. Your ENOUGHness is astounding. You don’t need to become someone else to be deserving, you were already worthy. Do I have any books that keep me grounded? No. I choose to study a book based on what you are currently working on in your life. I am Ehi Ade-Mabo, and I am The Mindset Surgeon. I help leaders to live purposefully, confidently, and with conviction to make an impact in the world by honing, mastering, and sharing their message and gift.

Ehi is a highly accomplished speaker, trainer, Best Selling Author, and executive coach. She has successfully helped emerging businesses, fast-growing companies, as well as non-profit organizations identify and foster the right competencies to effectively get where they want to go. Ehi has broad experience and an incredible knack for engaging people around their needs and goals by changing their subconscious beliefs and narratives and providing exceptional tools that foster growth and increased fulfillment! Ehi is a sought-after speaker and has delivered papers for the Poverty Social conference in Bangkok Thailand amongst her other achievements. She has been recognized and featured as a recurring expert on the BBC, Global Tv, Rogers Television, and TEDx.





eing a goddess means being strong and believing in myself. The greatest challenge I have faced in my career/business is having no Canadian experience and being a black woman with a Nigerian accent. Focusing and constantly reminding myself of what the scripture says allows me to constantly challenge my beliefs and assumptions about being the goddess that I am. I am royal and I am a goddess. I think the greatest challenge of black women coming behind me in stepping into their power would be the color of their skin. One piece of advice I would give to my 18-year old self would be to believe in yourself. You will definitely receive many NOs/ negativity but never listen to any. Your destiny is in your hands with God being your guide.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF My name is Tola Daramola and I am the founder of SMT Events. I started this business a few years ago because of my passion and love to celebrate with people. At SMT Events, we are into: Events planning/ decorations, rentals, and surprise packages. Since the start of this business, our company has been able to satisfy our customers because making our clients’ events more memorable is our priority and core value of the proposition. At SMT Events, we put all our hearts into clients’ jobs in order to create good everlasting memories. We are glad that we’ve been able to achieve that with all of our clients. Contact us for your next event and l promise you will never regret it!





o be a goddess sounds very alluring, enchanting an enigmatic. It’s our divine nature to uphold and embody being a goddess everyday. I show up as a goddess everyday by showing up as the woman I am becoming, who shines bright, lifts others up, takes care of my temple and takes up space in this world. As a black woman or minority, speaking up can be especially difficult. I used to feel my ideas were not taken seriously. I would be in meetings, share an idea no one will acknowledge and a fellow male colleague will say the exact same idea and everyone will agree with what they’ve just said. I used to think to myself - was it how I said?, was it timing? was it my accent? I had to learn none of it was my fault. Society at large, consciously or unconsciously do not value or respect black women’s contributions or perspectives. I had to learn to speak up, let go of being right, know exactly what you want to say and when and above all build confidence. As a goddess, I choose happiness, It is a conscious waking decision to work for my happiness every day, not based on situations or other people. I constantly engage in activities and a mindset that fuels my happiness, knowing fully well that God’s got me and having absolute rest in that so I can show up happy and blessed no matter the challenges I might be facing.


Temi is a licensed financial advisor, speaker & writer. She is the founder of Minora Financials, a platform that educates and empowers you to make the best financial decisions to reach your financial goals.

Black women every where are stepping into their power and starting to take up space. one challenge is for us all to learn to start to support each other, not because it looks or feels good, but to genuinely support each other knowing fully well that being a goddess is far beyond comparison. You don’t have to feel the need to compete because we all run our own race. Get active in your community. A goddess supports her sister goddesses because she knows independently she can go the distance but collectively her and her fellow goddess’s have far more reach and impact influencing others

Temi is dedicated to teaching and working with her clients on how to make their money work for them. Making the right financial decisions can be daunting, so whatever your goals are; to buy a new home, finance your kid’s college education, pay off debts, tax management or plan for your retirement needs, she breaks it down into unique, simple, and achievable steps that are easy to understand.

My advice to my 18 year old self will be to focus on selfawareness, learn to love and trust yourself. Know that you are valid, and your ideas and opinions are important. Develop a strong relationship with yourself, after all, you are the person you will spend the most time with over the course of your life. It doesn’t matter what others think of you, all that is important is what you think of yourself! You are a work-in-progress, and you will do great!

When not working, she spends time with her family, travelling and enjoys new experiences. She also loves to try out different baking recipes with her two girls.

Some books I would recommend are ‘Change your questions, change your life’ by Marilee Adams, Say YES to yourself - Molly Burford.

Embrace The Glow With Nature
















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It is becoming more important to learn about the ingredients of the products used on their body and how products are made. We promise to always use natural, healthy, & environmentally friendly ingredients in the creation of our products. If you have been searching for a range of products that nourish, repair, and replenish your skin then T'oria Skincare has what you've been searching for @toriaskincare

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eing a goddess to me means going all out for my dreams knowing that I have the power to create.

As a black woman in Canada running a small business, mentorship and guidance has been my greatest challenge. I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs by focusing on achieving my goals. Advise to my 18yr old self - Do you, the world will adjust Favourite quote - Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right. Favourite book - The E-myth





eing a goddess to me means exploring my feminine energy, and creativity, by incorporating mindfulness, playfulness, and a bit of pampering in my day-to-day


My greatest challenge as a black woman has been the lack of access to funding. I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs by conducting a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis to identify and overcome those limiting beliefs, and assumptions by replacing them with new and more empowering beliefs.


Olawunmi (Wunmi) Idowu is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist, producer, filmmaker and the Founder and Director of Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre Inc. For the past 15 years, Woezo Africa has been passionately dedicated to bringing the history of African culture to the masses through traditional and modern modes of performing arts, including dance, music, theatre and storytelling. As a producer, Wunmi has organized both local and international productions and festivals. Her accolades in the art industry span winning the 24th Annual Immigrants of Distinction Award and the Canada Vendors Entrepreneur Award in 2020, both of which were for the category of Arts and Culture. She also won an Afro-Canadian (AC) Community Leader of the Year Award in 2020. Her recent achievement includes being a recipient of Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 class of 2021! By pushing for increased visibility of ethnically and culturally diverse artists in Alberta, Wunmi hopes that perceptions will shift around who participates in the arts. Through dynamic, cutting-edge work that captures the imagination of a range of audiences, her hope is to enhance the creative economy in Calgary, empower communities and perpetuate the movement for instilling social change.

The main challenge I see black women coming behind me might face is the endorsement of the Strong Black Woman stereotype. There are untold challenges that Black women overlook like the increase in physical and mental health disparities surrounding the Strong Black Woman label. An impression that Black women are naturally strong, resilient, self-contained, and self-sacrificing. Black women are the provider, caretaker and homemaker. And often, they are silently suffering. For years, mainstream media has been iterating the ideology that Black women don’t ask for help, which will lead to depression, anxiety and loneliness. We should be more self-reflective, caring, gracious and value our own needs, wants, and desires. My suggestion is to reach out to a licensed Black Therapist who will explore their thoughts, validate their feelings and provide the support needed for their well-being. I would advise my 18 year old self to build a solid foundation based on God’s values. A great book I will suggest is - We Should All Be Feminist by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Website: Email Address: Instagram: @woezoafrica, @unganisha


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eing a goddess for me means, taking the best care of myself first, so I can be physically, mentally, emotionally and financially available to my community. I must continue to acknowledge my remarkable beauty that represent strength, purity, peace, and love. Everyday, I am intentionally showing up as a goddess because I know my son and my community are paying attention. I seek inner peace by meditating daily. I feed my body with the right nutrients and I move my body everyday for at least 30 minutes. I commit to daily personal development, as I live my authentic and honest life. My greatest challenge as a black career female, was the need to over deliver, knowing that I had my side businesses and my colleagues/ management knew about my side hustles. I always had to do 80% much more than my peers. I daily challenge my limiting beliefs by learning and developing my skills everyday so I can be the best version of myself in every session. We must all continue to evolve and aspire to greatness. I have also had to learn to unlearn so many things. The biggest challenge I see black women coming behind us may have is patience and courage to get through the process. The best way to overcome this would be mentorship, personal development and intentionality. To my 18 year old self, set short | long term goals and accomplish it. Stay consistent and focus on one course until it is successful. Great book suggestion - Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

My name is Irene Job, I am a serial entrepreneur, focused on providing the world with all the support and information needed to maintain a healthier lifestyle. In recent times, I have come to identify that our health is indeed our wealth. Health follows wealth, so we must put our health and wellness first. I help men and women around the world, transform their MIND, BODY, SPIRIT AND FINANCIAL SITUATION.

Phone: (403) 918-4044 Email: website: Socials: @irenejob

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Moyinoluwa Olaoluwa ENTREPRENEUR


eing a goddess to me means I can do all things through Christ, that strengthens me. It means no limitations and no boundaries.

My greatest challenge as a black woman in business is having limited access to funds to grow my business. I constantly challenge my limiting beliefs by praying and asking God for directions. I also network with people that have gone ahead of me. I give myself to mentorship. The biggest challenge I see black women coming behind me facing is having the courage to take the first step of starting their dreams even when there is nothing on ground to encourage them. Believing in one’s God giving ability is vital. Advise to my 18 year old self is “Stay focused and it’s okay to be different. Don’t join them just to feel accepted” A great book suggestion is - The Bible.

My name is Moyin Olaoluwa, I’m an entrepreneur, a wife, mother, music director, prayer leader and accountant. The consciousness for eating healthy food and living a healthy lifestyle and creating jobs opportunities for women gave birth to Kugurt. Kugurt is a brand of healthy drinks that provides great alternative to suger filled drinks. We also have distributors who sells our products, thereby creating additional source of income for them.





eing a goddess to me means being an extraordinary woman , a woman of virtue, a woman that leads an authentic and honest life. ​​I challenge limiting beliefs by pushing myself to be the best version of me. Gender Bias is still a big issue but I will encourage every woman to believe in who they are, be confident and work towards being independent. Go for your dreams and never let anything stop you. A book I will recommend is Becoming by Michelle Obama . I am a creative goddess by name Chinaza Ozugha, I’m a content creator by day, a fashionpreneur by day and an entertainer. I help brands create visual content, brand identity photos, product photos, promo videos & fun short reels. I started this business because I understand the struggle to keep up with creating quality content that will attract the right audience to your brand.

If you need help with content creation, I’m glad to help you out, send an email to or I have a ready to wear fashion line, our ready to wear outfits are comfortable, versatile and unique. You can shop from our website Instagram @coo_fab On the flip side as an entertainer, I have the gift of bringing life to any party or event. I can be found on YouTube as Chinaza Ozugha , on Instagram as @chinaza.blessed and TikTok as Chinaza.blessed Having a bad day, just visit my YouTube channel or my Instagram page and forget your worries. Dear goddess, life is for the living so live it to the fullest. I love you.

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Stella Orji


eing a goddess for me means that I embody the characteristics of God and as a goddess I show up everyday radiating the beauty of my Father.


As a black woman navigating life in Canada, one major challenge I have been faced with is stereotype. People assume because one is from a certain demographic, then they should/will behave a certain way. It will be great if people can just appreciate one’s work regardless their race. I am constantly reminding myself of who my father is and how unconditionally he loves me, this helps me to challenge the beliefs that limit me. In the world we live in presently, young people are constantly being unhealthily compared with their peers. This comparison puts unnecessary pressure on them.

YOU ARE UNIQUELY PERFECT To every young person out there I hope you know you are uniquely perfect in your imperfections. I hope you know God loves and cherishes you unconditionally, remember to be gracious with yourself. I am rooting for you. To the sweet beautiful 18 year old Stella, you are loved never let anyone tell or make you feel less. You are doing well. I read books from Francine Rivers, Joyce Meyer and I also listen Mildred Okonkwo and Pricilia Shirer

Email: IG: @iamstellaben Facebook: Stella Benn Website:

My name is Stella Orji also known as Stella Ben, I am a videographer, video editor, actress, content creator and a writer (Mylemonstrokes blog). Creativity is my safe place, I feel at home when I can create things that put smiles in people’s face. Also sharing my beliefs on my blog @mylemonstrokesblog is one way I try to encourage people not to give up on hope, faith and love.

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am beautifully and wonderfully made in the image of God. He made me an ambassador and turned my business into a ministry. I have the power of Holy Spirit reside in me. I’ve always risen to challenges and turned challenges into opportunities. When I opened my business in 2007, most of my clients were non-black; some said to my face, “I cannot do business with a black person” some closed their accounts. I was hurt, but that situation turned things around. Sometimes, we underestimate our capabilities, values, and confidence. The other challenging situation was juggling family health and running a business. We all have some internal limiting beliefs due to situations and challenges; how do we break the shackles of those limiting beliefs in our lives? Gratitude, we need to be grateful for small things. I used to be a very shy person, I didn’t believe I could coach or speak in public, but the Lord helped me to break the shackles that were stopping me from achieving my goals. I had self-doubts, but when I started to engage my clients/people, I began to create my own emotions, feelings, self-love, and choose that I MATTER! I believe in great customer service, a good customer service will sell your business because word of mouth sells better than advertisement. Word travels fast, hence, one negative review by a client would travel faster than 1000 positive feedback. Don’t do a business because other people are doing it. The Lord has given all of us gifts and talents, think of what you are made of and what are you passion about? In Canada, no one is too old to acquire knowledge, continuous personal development would help every businessperson to know and understand the trend in the market. If you want to do any business, learn about it, know the ins and outs; if you must go to school, please do so. Put yourself out there, if people don’t know what you’re doing, they won’t patronize you. Networking, marketing, and advertisement are great ways to reach out to potential clients. Advise to my 18 year old self - Put God first, inspire to acquire your desire, and have fun. Great book suggestion - The Purpose driven life by Rick Warren

Yinka Oladele is a woman with many hats! She is the first African/Nigerian woman to join the UPS Store franchise network in Canada and has continued to mentor other startup and existing entrepreneurs. She pioneered and co-founded the Women of Vision in Calgary, the organization that celebrate women especially on Mother’s Day. In 2017, she co-founded The Oladele Foundation and the African Cancer Support Group. She is a co-founder and co-Executive Director of the Calgary African Community Collective. She is a tireless volunteer and has received several awards for volunteering and for entrepreneurship from different organizations including the Nigerian Canadian Association of Calgary (NCAC), the Yoruba Foundation, Calgary (YFC), Centre for Newcomer; Calgary for her volunteer activities. The BlackGold Award for Small Business of the Year 2014; the Afro-Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Women category 2014 and the entrepreneur Heroes of Heroes Award 2015 - organized by the Diversity Magazine in Edmonton (formerly Afro-Canadian Magazine). She was also nominated for the RBC Canadian Women of Influence Entrepreneur Awards in 2014 and 2017. Entrepreneur of the Year by Diversity Magazine in 2019, and of the 2021 Diversity Magazine Women’s Day Special.


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