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In North Creek: 292 Main Street In Queensbury: 1048 Route 9 518-251-4461 • 800-370-3337

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• Fulfillment of a Vision • Growing up Gore

by Sterling Goodspeed Some years ago I returned home from college to visit my parents in North Creek during winter vacation. I found myself enjoying a day of skiing Gore and at some point boarding one of Gore’s historic bright red gondola cars that were cutting edge at about the time the Beatles stopped touring. I made conversation with three ancient skiers (40 years old or so) talking about the great snow , Reagonomics and a current college fad of drinking Canadian lager through and industrial funnel. One of the ancients said to me, “you seem like a pretty interesting guy, where are you from?” I replied that I grew up in the village at the base of the ski mountain. The ancient paused; shook his head and with a perplexed look in his eyes asked me a question that has resonated with me over these many years. “There’s a village at the base of the mountain?” I’m sure I gave the spiel I’ve grown accustomed to over the last several years serving as Town Supervisor. I likely explained that Eastern skiing had deep roots in my hometown as home of the first organized ski patrol, birth place of the “ride up, slide down” experience an locale of one of the great early experiences a the North Creek Ski Bowl. Skiing has been personal for my family as well. My father and his brothers often skied to school in North Creek from the summit of Gore where their parents were caretakers at Barton Mines. My Dad, who served as town supervisor many years, long dreamed of a ski driven economic revival. So as I sat down to write this piece I struggled with the proper vehicle for explaining where our community and out mountain are today. A then it came to me. What if I bumped into those three skiers again, say hopped on the Bear Mountain Gondola with them, now in their sixties and had a chance to brag about my hometown and its ski area. First off I’d have to explain that the gondola to the summit of Bear Mountain Creates a mid mountain hub, distributing skiers to the multiple ski pods from one vantage point… It’s the main reason that even on the busiest days there’s rarely a line at G ore. I’d tell them about the Rumor, a grossly under publicized extreme ski experience that is one of the three most difficult trails in the East. continued on page 6

The Greater Gore Region: On the Cusp of Greatness

points south and commuter service connecting the small rural communities that dot the Adirondack landscape is fantasy no more. If all goes according to plan, operations will begin in the summer of 2011. The Town has moved toward acquisition of historic riverfront structures near the Teddy Roosevelt Train Museum. A highly successful farmer’s market, concerts and main street

While every news headline seems to carry a reminder of our State and nation’s economic crisis, one small community in the Adirondack Park seems poised to enjoy an economic renaissance despite the back drop of gloom inflicted by the “Great Recession.” In recent days the long anticipated resurgence of the Gore Mountain Region and North Creek has come to feel imminent with a spirit of optimism lifting the steps of many Main Street merchants in the hamlet of North Creek. There is so much going on here that one needs an economic GPS devise to sort things out. For starters, December 4, 2010 will mark the opening of the long dreamed of inner-connect between Gore Mountain and the historic North Creek Ski Bowl on the edge of the business district. The inner-connect when coupled with the new Hudson lift and the recent addition of the View of North Creek and Hudson River from the top of $8 million Burnt Ridge Ski Pod renders Gore the new Hudson Lift in the North Creek Ski Bowl Park. the 6th largest ski area east of the Mississippi. The inner-connect does more than just connect festivals are all recent additions. A dilapidated mountain to mountain, it virtually connects the storage building has been renovated in Ski Bowl mountain ski industry to the long struggling Park as a joint venture between the Town and Main Street business district in North Creek. ORDA to provide a lodge for the expanding ski In anticipation of the inner-connect, some 16 and tubing services. And by the time this article new businesses have opened or expanded in the goes to press, a new restaurant will be open at midst of nationwide recession. Wine bars, resthe entry of the community. taurants and small shops now line the streets of Dynamic growth has happened in the Greater the authentic ski village. Gore Region in the midst of economic crisis. But there’s more brewing here than the excitOne can only speculate as to the regional iming synergy between the ski industry, the town pact of an economy that has emerged from that and the business community. Community legiscrisis. lators are currently reviewing a series of proposThe time is now. The future is bright, and by als that may well re-energize passenger rail serall appearances, is already here. vice in the heart of the Adirondacks. While a small tourist line has operated for some years, major change A historic ski village at the base of the Northesast’s looms on the horizon. premiere ski experience. A tiny hamlet with 15 new The line now is actubusinesses since the recession began. Rural hamlets that ally connected to the preserve open spaces and define quality of life. A balance main line in Saratoga struck between past and present, growth and preservation. with further linkage to Taxes going down and new lifts going up! the Metro New York The Future is NOW in Johnsburg. market. The fantasy of dinner cars during the for more information - call 518-251-2421 Saratoga race season, or visit us on the web - ski trains connecting Gore Mountain to

Town of Johnsburg

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New Hudson Chair Connects Gore With North Creek Ski Bowl By Brendan Manley

This season, skiers will have easy access to some of the region’s oldest trails for the first time since the 1970s, with the opening of Gore Mountain’s new Hudson Chair, which links the massive complex to the storied North Creek Ski Bowl. The new lift replaces a 1946 T-bar that was previously in place, and had gone dormant long ago. The launch of the new lift creates access to three of the Ski Bowl’s original 1946 trails with it. Gore recently rebuilt those trails and opened a new green trail that wraps around to the back of the Ski Bowl, and another that accesses Burnt Ridge Mountain. “We’ve maintained a lot of the original character, so they’re kind of traditional Northeast trails, where they’re a little narrower than some of the others, and have some nice curves and bends to maintain the fall line,” says Gore General Manager Mike Platt. “They’re just quality, fun trails.” The Hudson Chair has 900 feet of verticals, and the projects mark work on a fourth mountain for Gore, making the current Gore system now encompass nine sides of four mountains, with 18 separate glades, stretching Gore’s vertical to 2,500 feet, sixth-largest in the East. “[The Ski Bowl] in itself is a big area, but when you combine it with the rest of Gore, it becomes a massive resort,” says Platt. With the new trails in place, Gore now offers everything from 1.5-mile intermediate cruisers to the steeps of the Straight Brook side, to the character of the High Peaks side, or the Ski Bowl, with its classic Northeast trails. Located right next to Route 28 and the North Creek business district, the new Ski Bowl trails also offer a visual impact that wasn’t present in the past. “A lot of what we’ve developed in the past has been hidden from the views,” Platt explains. The Ski Bowl’s original lift ceased operations in 1977, due to capital concerns. At a time when snowmaking was still in its infancy, developers opted to invest in higher elevation mountaintops in the region first, instead of replacing the old equipment. Then in 2002 Gore began redeveloping the Ski Bowl and working with the local community, offering night skiing and tubing there. In 2007 a smaller

T-bar at the Bowl was replaced with another triple chair lift, with lights for night operation. Further enhancement came in 2009, when local businesses provided a shuttle to take skiers back to Main Street in North Creek from the Bowl, a service that will again be provided this year. “A lot of the synergies and excitement have been building for many years, culminating this year, with the operation of this new Hudson Chair Lift,” says Platt. The work is continual. Last year, Gore renovated the Ski Bowl’s lodge, and continued the project into this season, installing new flooring and other upgrades. And in other developments, Gore has been revamping its base lodge and improving its snowmaking system, and Burnt Ridge Mountain—which enters its third year in the system—will offer new glades. “We’re just trying to take advantage of all the improvements we’ve made over the last dozen years, and we’re continuing to improve the place every day,” says Platt. “A lot of the improvements don’t always make it to the front of the brochure, but we want the guests to walk away with a positive experience, as promoters of the facility and region. That’s what we try to accomplish.” All the new developments at Gore are expected to add a further boost to the local economy, especially in North Creek, and Platt expects the relationship to strengthen in the coming years as the mountain continues to expand its offerings. “There’s certainly a correlation between business in North Creek and how extensive our operation is,” says Platt, nothing Gore features online ads on its website from 90 different lodging properties, more than 20 restaurants and another 30 different local and regional businesses. “We’re all trying to work together to provide a great experience for the guest,” he says.

You love our winters. Come back and experience spring, summer and fall!

Gore Mountain Region Chamber of Commerce • 228 Main Street • PO. Box 84, North Creek, NY 12853 518-251-2612 • •

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Nine Sides Of Four Mountains, & They All Keep Getting Better.

Gore is committed to making steady improvements that always make our 38 miles and 422 acres of fun a better experience. Here’s a small sample of what you’ll find at Gore: • An 8-passenger high-speed gondola, servicing every level of terrain, including the easier-rated “Ruby Run” Trail • 8 individual mountain areas, each independently offering their own unique adventure • The Northwoods Lodge by Lincoln Logs, a newly built Base Area facility that conveniently centralizes rentals, ticketing, childrens’ programs, daycare, meeting facilities, and group sales, and serves as a one-stop shop for families • A snowmaking system linked to the endless water supply of the Hudson River, featuring 85 new tower guns installed over the last two seasons • Four freestyle areas offering a progressive approach for the beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert • 19 different glades providing extensive backcountry excitement • A Base Lodge with over 7,500 square feet of newly renovated space • ”The Rumor,” arguably the steepest trail in the East Burnt Ridge Mountain Continues To Improve - Burnt Ridge Mountain, one of Gore’s newest peaks of development, is back for a best-ever third winter. The upcoming season will introduce a 3500’ glade called Barkeater! It will connect guests from the summit of Burnt Ridge Mountain to the Pipeline Bridge, from which skiers can either access the base of the Burnt Ridge Quad, or Little Gore Mountain trails to the North Creek Ski Bowl. Last season on Burnt Ridge, Gore added snowmaking to the monster Sagamore trail, cut the Eagle’s Nest trail, extended the Cirque Glades, and improved the grade of Cedars. Gore Mountain’s Interconnect With The Historic North Creek Ski Bowl – Gore Mountain will introduce an all-new pod of skiing and commemorate the historic event of its Interconnect with the North Creek Ski Bowl. Five trails offer terrain for all abilities, serviced by the new Hudson Chair: Peaceful Valley - A 1.2 mile cruiser with snowmaking. Ski the upper half and then head for Burnt Ridge via Eagle’s Nest, or run the lower half back to the Bowl. (1.18 miles) The Oak Ridge Trail - We hung onto the historic name and profile of this classic Ski Bowl trail, but added snowmaking! (.4 miles) Moxham - This trail will bring you back in time, to some of the earliest skiing in the Creek. Check out views of the Gore Region we haven’t seen in over thirty years. (.54 miles) Half ‘n’ Half Glade - A mini-glade that lets you have The Oak Ridge Trail, Moxham, & Village Slopes, all from one ride on the Hudson Chair! 46er - Big and bad on the lift line. Hang on and dig in. (.7 miles) These new trails will comprise approximately three miles and 19 acres of skiing. During 2009/2010, Gore Mountain opened Ski Bowl Lodge, offering new restrooms and seating, updated ticketing, and modernized foodservice. The half-pipe there was made wider, taller, and steeper. As in past seasons, Gore Mountain will continue to offer daytime and twilight skiing and riding on “Village Slopes”, a terrain park, an excellent tubing park featuring 800’ lift-serviced chutes, and several family-oriented events at the Bowl. Spring, Summer, & Fall - Gore is celebrating its longest season ever of scenic gondola rides, mountain biking, and hiking! Enjoy much more

biking terrain, improved BBQ offerings, and a busy schedule of educational mountain camps. Terrain Park Updates- We recently moved our terrain park to a widened “Wild Air”, and for 2010/2011 this freestyle area will offer the new “Chatterbox Glades.” This trail is easy for snowboarders to access from the Northwoods Gondola, and offers several new features for freestyle skiers and riders. Also this season, look for a new Skier/BoarderX course opening on “Lower Sleighride!”

As the ski industry opens its doors to more year round opportunities, many people who meet at a ski area or grow up at a ski area are inclined to host their functions, reunions, weddings, special events at in the place where they have so many good memories. For a seasonal business like a ski area these events offer buffer business that can sometimes be very consequential. At Gore you’ll find a room dedicated to special gatherings, complete with audio video, wireless internet and projectors and screens are available. Food and beverage service by Center-point is part of the package and the culinary team at Gore is known for turning out specialties you would never see in the cafeteria line. Gore is becoming a very novel place to get married. The Gondola can easily transport senior members of any wedding party and is handicapped accessible if need be. Think you would like to look back at your wedding pictures in 20 years with you wearing a helmet and a veil? Your kids will finally think you really are cool!

Page 5 January 2011 Saturday January 1st New Year’s Day Ski Bowl Party Sunday January 2nd “The Snow Won’t Stop Us” Mountain Bike Dual Slalom Sunday January 9th Goldstock’s Demo Day Sunday January 16th Coca-Cola Fireworks Spectacular Tuesday January 18th-23rd Take Your Daughter to Gore Week Monday January 31stThursday February 3rd Gore Mountain Restaurant Week February 2011 Monday February 14th Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Special Friday February 18th Full Moon tubing Party March 2011 Saturday March 5th Big Air At Little Gore Thursday March 17th St. Patrick’s Day! Saturday March 19th Gail’s Bump Camp Sunday March 20th Walt’s Bump Contest Monday March 21stSunday March 27th Take Your Son To Gore Week April 2011 Saturday April 9th “Your Park Never Dies” Rail Rally Sunday April 10th Pond Skimming Contest

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continued from page 3

After a very successful first year, the Free Shuttle service will begin again Saturday, December 18 and continue every Saturday, Sunday, and holiday period until March 14th. Last year’s shuttle easily saw over 3,000 riders. This season the hours have been expanded to include “on call Fridays” for busy weekends and an expanded services to The Summit Townhomes, Black Mountain Lodge, Goose Pond Inn and lodging establishments along Peaceful Valley Road as well as Main Street accommodation properties. Starting at 8am, a comfortable 14-passenger shuttle will loop between area accommodations, the North Creek Ski Bowl and the Gore Mountain Base Area. During the middle of the day the shuttle route will include the Ski Bowl (as of 11am), so that skiers arriving at the base of the Gore Mountain Ski Bowl can return to the main mountain. . This service will be available free of charge to all including employees wishing to ride to work rather than drive. The last pickup at Gore is at 4:30pm. This pickup will go from Gore to the participating accommodations. No scheduled pickup times are offered throughout the day, the shuttle just loops constantly. Estimated loop time is at maximum 45 minutes. The North Creek Business Alliance, who crafted the funding and operation of the free shuttle, firmly believes that the promotion of the tourism industry within The County of Warren is key to the success of all the businesses within the county and that those successes in turn improve the quality of life for all the residents.

And then it would get really fun. I’d explain to my ancient acquaintances that Gore’s state of the art snowmaking is fed by an endless flow of the Hudson River, the river that flows through my hometown and is the reason it was settled centuries ago. The pipeline that moves from the Town to the Mountain starts right at the historic North Creek Train Station where Teddy Roosevelt learned he had become president in 1901 and when the pipeline was completed some years ago it provided the first infrastructure linkage between the Town and Mountain.. Following the pipeline from North Creek to Gore means you cross over the historic Ski Bowl area, the holy grail of our community ski heritage. The old mountain where generations of skiers carved their first turns is not fully revitalized with a novice chair lift accessing good green skiing and a terrain park, and this year with the Hudson Chair climbing the historic fall line where once the first cable t-bar competed in 1946 delivered skiers to one of the great alpine experiences of the day. Ski with me old men, let’s take a few runs at the 2 year old, $8 million Burnt Ridge trail system before skiing the inner-connect in three different Gore Mountain has once again manners. Ski from the base of the North Face along the pipe line and find entered into an agreement with yourself merging with the historic Oak Ridge trail and the Ski Bowl. Stand Trailways Bus for service from New atop the new Hudson lift and consider your options – drop back into the York City Port Authority, Ridgwood Ski Bowl or return via inter-connect back to the Burnt Ridge system. Or Northern New Jersey and the Hudson maybe leave the grandkids in the terrain park and take the shuttle downValley to North Creek and Gore Mt. during town where you can enjoy shopping, food or a beverage in one of the 16 the upcoming ski season. new businesses that have opened and survived in the worst economic chalPassengers arriving on these busses will be staying lenges of our life time. overnight at area lodging facilities and will be transported to and I can imagine myself going off to the three old timers like the finale at from the mountain via the new Free shuttle. the fireworks display. “We have not only connected Gore to the Ski Bowl, Although in its beginnings this market with New York City residents we’ve truly inter-connected the Mountain to the Town, created jobs and who can come, stay and ski in Warren County without an automobile has reclaimed our heritage.” And in my crazy little ski fantasy, one of the old the potential to become a major market. Packages for Skiers and Snowguys looks back a me, a smart ass no doubt, and says, “ok, so we get it boarders ranges from a 1, 2 or 3 day lift and bus ticket and lower prices there is a village at the base of the mountain, actually the village and at eh are available for teens, seniors and juniors. For more information call mountain are now one, but tell me Sterling, do you still drink beer from a 800.858.8555. funnelator? --- Check Out Our Websites ~ Tell ‘em you saw ‘em in the ADK Winter Guide to the Gore Mountain & Lake George Region ---

I Don’t Do Roller Coasters by L.P.A. - Publisher

But when Gore’s General Manager Mike Pratt offered to take me for a mountain ride, I jumped at the chance. It was a warm sunny November day. I showed up at the mountain and outside of the Northwood’s Lodge sat an off road two-seater Ranger. That looked like fun, I did notice that the passenger seat was covered in mud, so I mentally prepared to come back covered. We headed up the work road that is also called The Tannery Cross Country Trail in winter. I have to admit it was exhilarating, the noise of the Polaris engine pretty much drowned out conversation; that was not what I had in mind - I had a million questions. The engine whined as we powered up and over long ledges of boulders that would never be seen in winter, I was surprised that they were so big. The Polaris kept revving and bucking over drainage ditches, uphill till we got to the top of Sunway where we stopped to watch a herd of deer wandering under the chair lift. Continuing upward, we hit snow at the Saddle Lodge. The snow covered North Side Powder Pass trail was pretty steep, I asked Mike if these things ever flipped over and he said they sure did, and I hung on for dear life. However by the time we were at the bottom of the north side I was becoming a real pro. Down the Pipeline trail we cut off onto Peaceful Valley trail to check out the grass seeding that was going on at the Roaring Brook. I could have stayed there and just enjoyed watching the water bounce over the rocks. But Mike was excited to show me the new triple chair that was being finalized at the historic North Creek Ski Bowl. It was amazing to stand at the operators building and look down the lift area and remember what it was like to ski there as a kid. Mike even had the crew place a large table slab where the original t-bar shack had been located in remembrance of the Backwoods crew that always sat there in the sun for lunch on nice days. Thought I could hear Chubber, Ernie and Freddy Merchant saying “Let’s see just how good this trail really is!” I watched his face as he pointed out one thing after another, the view down the lift line to the town and further on to the Hudson River. He was proud to point out all the work that his crews had accomplished. I was a little afraid he was going to drive that jalopy down the new 46ER trail under the lift and didn’t want to be a “Sally”, thankfully we rode around and came down the historic Oak Ridge one of my grandfathers favorites, this was a newer wider Oak Ridge, complete with drainage ditches and newly blasted rock that changed the fall line to what should surly be a

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fast curser when covered in snow. We road easily down the lower Bowl and entered the newly restored lodge where he shared his idea for a new sun deck overlooking the tubing hill, (good Idea) They have one at A-Basin (Denver) so you can sit outside and enjoy a beer and watch the patrol dynamite potential avalanches on one side and watch your family in the intermediate area to the other side. Now!, I’m thinking, we are really going head to head with the big western guys. We had covered quite a bit of acreage in a short amount of time, while he pointed out all the trail options that people would have. I finally realized, without actually saying it out loud, Mike was.. giving me a sense of how easy it was going to be to switch back and forth from the state area to the town Ski Bowl. Sometimes actions really do speak louder than View of North Creek and Hudson River from the top of the new Hudson Lift in the North Creek Ski Bowl Park. words. Over the past 30 years one person started a drum beat, then another person, then a business community, a chamber, a town board, Economic Development Directors, Senators and Assemblywomen, Orda board members , Adirondack Park Authority members, and a couple of Governors. And look what happened. What you will find here today is the culmination of so much effort. It is the fulfillment of a dream, and it all started with one person who believed.

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Menu Sampler Appetizers •Artichoke & Spinach Dip •Scallop Skewers •Black Bean Chili Cup •Chicken Wings Honey BBQ, spicy BBQ •Herbed Cheese Sticks butter & garlic sauce •Shrimp Skewers • Nachos •Shrimp Cocktail Entrees

from $15 to $22

•Flank Steak •King Crab •Garlic Wine and Herb Grilled Pork Chop •Shrimp, Scallop and/or Chicken: Any combination individually or mixed sautéed with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, onions, and fresh tomatoes in a pesto sauce, served over pasta •Pasta with Red Sauce •Vegetarian Pasta: Pasta with a mixture of roasted garden vegetables •Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms: With your choice of artichoke and spinach stuffing, or a mixture of roasted garden vegetables topped with cheese Served with your choice of two sides soup, salad, Ghatto, French Fries, sweet potato fries, vegetable or pasta. Plus sandwiches, salads, desserts and more

288 Main Street, North Creek, NY (518) 251-5955 • Wed: Noon to 9pm Thur throught Saturday: 3pm to 10pm Sunday: Noon to 8 pm

pany talked things over with her daughter and said “Why don’t we open a shop with antiques and new furniture”. A couple of lady massage therapists sat having coffee one morning at Café Sarah’s when they found out she was moving out of the upstairs apartment and they said “Why not open Oasis Spa”. Greg and Sharon Taylor with many years of hostelry experience behind them said “We could take that run down Alpine motel and really make something out of it”. Mike and Luke Bowers together with Bill Rochow of ChopTank Mills Associates of Delaware came to town and had a vision that became barVino and bar Vino Wine Bar eventually moving their entire family here. Together with Frank Desantis the group figured out a way to open Pete’s ahh’s, pizza was once more available in town. Tim McGraw after working for someone else for a long time took a risk to build his own vision in a way that worked better for him and his kids that became Barking Spider. The same is true of Jane Peters a local gal who spend many years in Vermont who returned home to open a restaurant, Casey’s North in fact.” I want to be part of this exciting community” she said. And after almost two years sitting boarded up and cold. Local resident Michael Ellis and his team put together an offering plan, got enough believers together to fund the purchase of the fabulous Copperfield Inn and reopened it in January of 09. So the next time your hear “Small Business will lead us out of this recession” remember North Creek and grin.

All you hear in today’s media is politician and professionals saying that “Small Business will bring us out of this weak economy” All I have to say is … someone must have been watching North Creek as a leader. In 1997 The Gore Mountain Region received a blow. The Copperfield Inn was closing. We had already lost Casey’s North Restaurant and the Mountain and BoarderTown with its unique line of sporting goods and many people were out of work. Those businesses that remained on Main Street felt a loss for two years. Less people came to Main Street because there was less to do. It was hard for people visiting the area to find a place to have dinner. While Café Sarah’s and Marsha’s served breakfast and lunch, there was not one location in the village where a family could buy a pizza, grab a burger or sit down to dine outside of their lodging. Braley & Noxon Hardware an historic building and a key business on Main Street was purchased and underwent a dramatic revitalization, Rick Green and his family made a major commitment to North Creek and then Warrensburg, employing dozens of employees and breathing life into an old business. Tom Stoddard a retired plumber saw an opportunity to offer good food and ice cream in a café called Ski Bowl Café. Tom and Laura Pierson with many years of experience between them in the tavern – food service industry looked around and said “Why Not”. The duo has created a local favorite in Laura’s Tavern and Restaurant. Andie and Will Waldron another restaurant team looked at the family business Smiths Restaurant and said “Why Don’t We Run It?” Kathy Feiden who had rented space at the Hudson River Trading Com-

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Barkeater Chocolates

Handmade in the Heart of the Adirondacks Life Without Chocolate. What’s the Point? Shop online or find participating retailers on

Baked goods from Cafe Sarah.


Entrees Nineteen Dollars

Appetizers Eight Dollars

Oven Roasted Wild Mushrooms with Nettle Meadow Goat Cheese & Mild Chile Oil Sauteed Calamari Stuffed with Shrimp Chorizo & Rice with a Smoked Paprika Plum Tomato Sauce Prince Edward Island Mussels Steamed in a Habanero & Tequila Broth Sauteed Blue Claw Crab Cake with Chipotle Aioli Wanabea Farm Braised Rabbit with Leeks & Turnips

uperior selection of wine

Yukon Gold Potato Gnocchi with Roasted Beets, Walnuts, and a Beet-Malbec Reduction Churrasco~Grilled Skirt Steak with Parsley & Oregano Chimichurri & Sweet Potato Fries Wellington Farms Grilled Breast of Chicken with Pancetta over Cannellini Beans with Cappocollo & Sage Sauteed Norwegian Salmon Fillet with Apple Fennel Salad & Mustard Vinaigrette with Pancetta Potato Cake Tilldale Farm Osso Bucco - Braised Beef Shank with Parsley, Lemon & Garlic Gremolata Grilled Duck Escabeche with Green Olives, Sweet Pepper & Tomatoes with Roasted Potatoes Tilldale Farm Jamaican Jerk Pork Chop with a Puree of Sweet Peppers, Roasted Tomatoes, Cilantro and Golden Raisins


1322 County Rte 29, Olmstedville • 518-251-4696

When was the last time you had fun in the snow? Let us treat you to a delightful “Inn” experience, after you’ve enjoyed our local outdoor adventures. With 31 well-appointed guest rooms, attentive customer service, causal yet sophisticated dining at our new highly acclaimed Lorenzo’s Restaurant, or hearty pub fare at Trappers Tavern, The Copperfield defines Adirondack resort hospitality. • In-room ski racks • Outdoor hot tub • His and her dry saunas • Tanning • Free Wi-Fi • Use of our Health Club & Fitness Center • Spa services

• Free Shuttle to Gore Mountain

Go to our website for 2010-2011 Gore Mountain Ski & Stay Packages! Gore Mt. Region’s Premier Resort 307 Main Street, Downtown North Creek 877-235-1466 • 518-251-2200

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There are so many choices of lodging in the Gore Mountain Region.

Close to the mountain ski enthusiasts will find a plethora of townhomes, cabins, cottages, private homes, and motel and hotel rooms. And if you want the comforts of a private home for a large party, any of the real estate professionals in this guide can help you find a perfect rental The Summit’s accommodations in North Creek feature spacious interiors with wood-burning fireplaces, dining areas and fully equipped kitchens. Town homes range from one to three bedrooms. These Adirondack rentals can be the perfect intimate getaway or a great vacation rental for the large or extended family. After an enjoyable day outdoors, return to your private Adirondack vacation rental and enjoy the incredible views. Relax by the fire après ski, or retire to your beautiful master bedroom with plush sleeping accommodations and private bath Some vacation rentals includes over-sized Jacuzzis for a long, luxurious and relaxing soak. Perfect after an exhilarating day. The Alpine Lodge located in downtown North Creek offers simple Adirondack motel lodging in a tranquil mountain village, Alpine Lodge offers a unique four-season getaway in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains. Conveniently located near restaurants and taverns on the main street of North Creek NY, you will find comfortable, moderate accommodations perfect for winding down after a full day of outdoor activity. Our lodging

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includes guest rooms and suites with cozy gas wood stoves and private Jacuzzis. After a full day of hiking, biking rafting, or skiing at Gore Mountain, wander down to the Alpine Motel Lodge Great Room and enjoy a book next to a roaring fire, some old fashioned board games, or make use of the game tables for your enjoyment. Panther Mountain Inn is a centrally located lodge in the scenic Adirondack village of Chestertown. It is family owned and operated and friendly inn keepers are always on the motel property. All fourteen motel rooms have a private bath, cable TV, refrigerators and individual heat and air conditioning. There is a large, sunny, front porch and a comfortable lobby where you can relax, read or plan your day’s activities. Downstairs there is a lounge bar where homemade deluxe sandwiches are always available. There are also assorted games and a pool table. Panther Mountain Inn offers shuttle service to Gore Mountain throughout ski season. Black Mountain Ski Lodge on Rt. 8 offers 25 rooms furnished in rustic cedar furniture. Private bathrooms, TV’s , controlled heat and smoke free accommodations make these affordable rooms very comfortable. The Lodges’ restaurant is so good that it is a favorite for ski area employees after a day on the mountain. The owners of Black Mountain have installed a ski tuning room which is very popular with ski clubs and a game room will be a new feature this coming season. Ski Magazine reviewed this property last year and raved about the food, specifically the famous Meat Loaf. You’ll have a hard time choosing from either the daily specials, or the extensive menu. Either way enjoy all the local beers from area and local breweries from Lake Placid, Glens Falls and Lake George. The Copperfield Inn located in downtown North Creek boasts 31 exquisite rooms and suites all with marble baths and roman tubs. Room amenities include TV and DVD players, writing desk, high speed internet, ski racks and electronic safes. Rooms boast down duvets and some offer

Page 11 Exceptional Lodging in the Adirondacks

A good reason to stay indoors!

Located within the town of North Creek, 264 Main St. North Creek, NY 12853 518.251.2451• The Alpine Lodge offers comfortable, moderate Sure we’re located in the heart of all Adirondack Mountain activities accommodations featuring like skiing, rafting, fishing, hiking and kayaking, but we really can’t Guest rooms & suites blame you if you decide to stay indoors! Efficiency rooms Gas wood stoves, Private Jacuzzis, Great Room,WiFi, Game tables, walk to restaurants & shops, One mile to Gore Mountain Ski Area, 1/2 mile to rafting outfitters.

pull out sofa beds, Jacuzzis, fireplace and separate Swedish showers. The Copperfield offers guests two restaurants to choose from. Trappers Tavern is a recreation of a trappers cabin complete with moose head and antler chandeliers’. The pub style menu is perfect for casual dining while the Inn’s upscale restaurant Lorenzos will sate your cullinery appetite with it Northern Italian cuisine in a sophisticated, yet casual atmosphere. Executive Chef Stephen Topper has won critical acclaim for his authentic Tuscan inspired creations, highlighting flavorful seasonal ingredients. Each dish, from the fresh pasta made daily in-house, to the beautifully prepared fish and meats cooked to perfection in our signature wood fired oven, showcases Chef Topper’s unwavering passion for food. Lorenzo’s unique wine list, composed with both taste and value in mind, pairs brilliantly with such dishes as Whole Roasted Branzino, Chicken Cacciatore, Braised Rabbit and Seared Venison.

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You’re invited to our Saturday Wine Tastings from 2pm~6pm select from our superior collection of fine wines.

Your favorite brand name liquors at warehouse prices plus; Case Discounts to 20% ~ Red tag Specials ~ Huge Inventory of Fine Spirits

Mon~Thurs; 9:30~8pm Fri & Sat; 9:30~9pm Main St., North Creek, NY Join our wine club to receive newsletters, special discounts, bonuses and promotions

Next to the Grand Union

All credit cards accepted 518~251~3898

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Snowshoeing ~ Winters Fun and Fitness

For those of us who have the good fortune to live or work near the Adirondack Park, winter opens doors to all forms of outdoor recreation. Winter can become more than surviving shoveling snow or scraping windshields by developing a passion for fun outdoor activities, such as cross country skiing or snowshoeing. That these activities turn out to be outstanding forms of aerobic exercise during a season in which it is so tempting relax into inactivity is an added benefit. The Gore Mountain Region has long been known for its down hill skiing and continues to offer unrivaled downhill opportunities. However, the area is also known for other winter sports for individuals and families who don’t downhill ski or simply want to try something new or different. Snowshoeing offers simplicity, safety, low cost, and ease

of skill acquisition. Snowshoes and bindings are the only mandatory requirements for participation, making it an activity that can easily be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Yes, it’s possible to take part in an activity that could be construed as exercise, without wearing clothing made of stretch fabrics. In truth, the snowshoes and bindings, along with common winter boots and clothing, is all that’s needed to get started. The sport offers a very wide range of options for exercise intensity. Recommended by the American Heart Association, snowshoeing burns 45% more calories than running or walking at the same speed. At one extreme, you can poke along on flat terrain, over packed snow, at a slow or stop-and-go pace, just like a leisurely walk. At the other extreme you can break trail through deep snow, up and down hills, at a strenuous pace. The great thing about snowshoeing is that it allows you to engage in the activity on your own terms. continued on page 15

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Spring in the Adirondacks brings melting snow and rain, causing rivers to swell and rush through the mountains, providing perfect conditions for whitewater enthusiasts. Whitewater refers to “a stretch of turbulent, fast moving water that flows through rocks, over falls, and around other obstructions.” In 1958, the Johnsburg Fish and Game Club organized the First Annual Hudson River Whitewater Derby, which became a nationally known competition. It began as a one-day, eight-mile race with 44 competitors on a course that ran the Hudson River from North Creek to Riparius, New York. The following year it grew to a twoday event with the addition of the popular slalom courses. Whitewater slalom competitions involve navigating a decked canoe or kayak through hanging gates, testing the boaters’ ability to steer through a “wild river full of natural obstacles safely.” (Adirondack Life, May/June 1979) The Hudson River Whitewater Derby quick-

2nd Annual Adirondack Adventure Festival May 6 – 8, 2011 • North Creek, NY

The beginning of May is a great time to come back to North Creek and enjoy your favorite winter destination in a whole new way. One great option this year will be to join the fun at the 2nd Adirondack Adventure Festival, sponsored by the Gore Mountain Regional Chamber of Commerce being held in North Creek on May 6-8, 2011 This will be a jam packed weekend of fun in North Creek, with The Adirondack Adventure Festival taking place at the same time as the 54th Annual White Water Derby. These historic canoe and kayak races on the Hudson River pit the paddlers against some of the springs best and biggest rapids. It is always fun to watch them run the slalom course or head downriver to Riparius all while trying to keep their boats upright and their face out of the chilly waters. After watching the races you can meet with one of our many rafting and outdoor adventure companies to set up a trip and experience the excitement of a day of white water rafting for your and your friends. Whitewater rafting is available all spring and summer on the mighty Hudson River class 1-5 rapids. Bring the family to the Adirondack Adventure Festival and join a guided hike, mountain bike or road bike ride, participate in a kayak or canoe demo on the pond, learn to fly fish, go rafting on the mighty Hudson or just kick back and enjoy the great live music, shopping and dining specials throughout North Creek. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to fly over Gore Mountain in a helicopter? This will be your chance. The Festival will start on Friday with music on the outdoor stage right on Main Street. You can join your family and friends listening to the great bands and then take a stroll through the many unique shops and dining establishments in the growing Gore Mountain Region. Saturday and Sunday will bring many events and opportunities to try out a new sport, take the family on a hike, learn more about the Adirondacks or just check out

ly grew in popularity; by 1960 there were 126 contestants and 15,000 spectators. Dr. Homer Dodge was the master of ceremonies and at 72 years old, the oldest participant that year. On the tenth anniversary of the derby, the event drew competitors from around the United States and as far away as Kenya. The most notable participant was U.S. Senator Robert Kennedy, who borrowed a boat and entered the competition. Dr. Homer Dodge became a legend of the event; by 1974 at 86 years old, he had participated in fourteen consecutive derbies. He was known as “the dean of American canoeing” in the 1960s and 1970s. Dodge was born in Ogdensburg, N.Y. in 1887. Prior to the construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway, Dodge was the only person on record to have conquered the Long Sault Rapids in an open canoe. His boat was built by Grumman, the most popular aluminum canoe manufacturer of the time. (Boats and Boating in the Adirondacks, Hallie Bond) The Whitewater Derby contributed to the development of new businesses surrounding the event. One entrepreneur was John Berry, an avid whitewater racer who started out during the early days of the sport in the mid-1950s. Berry was part of the first group to canoe the Grand Canyon and a three time national champion in whitewater slalom. In the mid-1970s Berry purchased former stagecoach sheds at the terminus of the D. & H. Railroad at Riparius, where he built boats and started a whitewater school. (Adirondack Life, May/June 1979) The Adirondack Museum has Berry’s fiberglass Berrigan model C-2 whitewater racing canoe in its collection. While the Hudson River Whitewater Derby is held in the spring when the river is usually at its highest and fastest, there are still rapids throughout the year. Whitewater rafting is a popular river sport that continues throughout the summer and fall. Water is released from the Indian River Dam at Indian Lake, N.Y. to ensure good rafting conditions later in the season or when the river level is low. A number of companies have developed in the immediate area to guide rafters down the river. ( credit to Adirondack Museum the many vendors showcasing products and services to make spending more time in the Gore Mountain Region a favorite activity for you and your family. Adventure outfitters, sporting goods companies, bike shops, canoe and kayak companies, fly fishing guides, bicycling and hiking clubs as well as an assortment of other businesses will be ready to help you plan and enjoy your next Purely Adirondack Adventure. Bringing the young ones? There will be bounce houses, climbing walls and other fun games for all ages. Don’t forget the mountain bikes for the whole family! Wear your hiking shoes, and introduce the family to some great Adirondack back-country wilderness areas on a guided hike or just plan on walking through the community to visit the shops and vendors set up all weekend throughout the town. This will be a fun opportunity to enjoy the Adirondack region after the winter snows have melted but before the busy summer season is upon us. For many visitors North Creek is an easy day trip but why not make it a full weekend, take a mini vacation and enjoy the off-season lodging opportunities throughout the region and spend a couple of days. The Gore Mountain Region has something to offer for every family member all year round. We hope you will join us in May to experience a great spring weekend in the beautiful Adirondacks at the 2nd Annual Adirondack Adventure Festival, and the 54th Annual White Water Derby. For more information on the 2nd Annual Adirondack Adventure Festival, please call the Gore Mountain Regional Chamber of Commerce at (518) 251-2612 or email us at;

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Cross-Country Skiing

It all started this way – skiers had to cross country ski up the slope before they could enjoy the downhills. They’re weren’t any lifts. All skis of the day were “free heel” allowing for climbing up hills, kicking and gliding on the flats, and making telemark turns on the downhills. Two significant advances in skiing helped usher in the modern era of alpine skiing. The invention of the Arlberg binding in the 1930’s enabled the heel to be locked down on the ski and modern alpine ski techniques were developed. Mechanical lifts appeared on the ski scene in the mid 30’s. North Creek was a popular ski venue with ski tows and the “ride up-slide down” trails on Gore. As a result of all the innovation in ski design, ski technique innovation and ski area development – crosscountry skiing fell into the shadows. By the late 1960’s and early1970’s cross-country ski centers sprang up providing groomed trails, lessons and rentals. The “lost” techniques of cross-country skiing reappeared and a few new ones were added. Today cross-country skiing encompasses classic skiing, ski skating, backcountry skiing, ski mountaineering, and telemark skiing – all variations on free heel ski techniques. The Gore Mt. Region has skiing fun for all types of cross-country skiers. Groomed trails for classic skiing or ski skating can be found at Garnet Hill Lodge in North River, Cunningham’s Ski Barn in North Creek, and at Gore Mt. Ski Center. Garnet Hill is the largest of the three with over 55km (35 miles) of groomed trails and features a unique “ski down-ride back” shuttle bus service. This is similar to North Creek’s “ride up–slide down” skiing of the 1930’s and 40’s. For additional information about cross-country skiing and instruction contact any of the cross-country ski centers and for additional backcountry ski info - the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation in Warrensburg, NY. 518-6231200. One of the best cross-country ski guide books is Classic Adirondack Ski Tours by Tony Goodwin.

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Main Street

across from Olympic Ctr

Lake Placid, NY


outf 12 monthteCniCa, k-2 volkl, eS • trailS Sal and rentalSupS tune . Gore mt Ce a whitef One Main Street North Creek, NY

518-251-3215 continued from page 13

Whether you desire an athletic challenge or some gentle, relaxing, low impact activity, snowshoeing provides the opportunity. You’re on the way to enjoying winter as well as staying fit and healthy. More than anything else, remember to have fun on your skis or snowshoes. The Gore Mountain Region abounds with excellent venues for both cross country skiing and snowshoeing: • Garnet Hill Lodge, 13th Lake Rd., North River, NY 518-251-2150 • Cunningham’s Ski Barn, main St., North Creek, NY 518-251-3215 • Gore Mt. Ski Center, North Creek, NY 518-251-2411 www.goremountain,com

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Come Visit Our

Gore Mountain Farm is located at 2642 State Route 28 in Wevertown, just 1.3 miles past the Rte. 8 light. Drop by to see our gentle alpacas and visit the GIFT SHOP full of exceptional alpaca clothing & treasures. We have YARN from our own herd and the softest teddy bears you’ll ever find. Call us at 251-3040 or go to www.gore

“Unicorns without Horns” We breed and sell champions

Gore Mountain Farm Alpacas –

Eight years and counting, that’s how long alpacas have graced the North Country. Every year more and more people discover the beauty of these gentle camel family members from the high deserts of the Andes mountains. The gentle alpacas are prized for their fleece that is softer, warmer and lighter than sheep’s wool. It is water repellent too, but unlike sheep’s wool, alpaca wool has little or no itch and because alpacas are dander free, garments made from their fleece are virtually hypoallergenic. But it’s more than just their wool that makes alpacas special. They have big, dreamy eyes and shy but winning personalities that just draw you in give you sense of peace. You can meet the alpacas “up close and personal” at Gore Mountain Farm 7 days a week from 10am to 4pm during the winter. This year there are three babies (called cria) who were born in September. Come and enjoy them and their mothers at the farm, this year’s crop looks very promising and we are hoping for more show ribbons and maybe even a champion banner in the spring. While you’re visiting be sure to check out the Gift Shop. Winter hours are 10am to 5pm seven days a week. We have yarn (both domestic and imported) along with blankets, sweaters, gloves, scarves, hats and socks among the many fine items made from luxurious alpaca. So whether you’re looking for that special gift (or would like to indulge yourself ), want to learn about raising these amazing creatures or just need a reason to smile, drop by for a visit, we’re at 2642 State Route 28, just over a mile north of the Wevertown (Rte. 8) traffic light on the way to, and spitting distance form, Gore Mountain Ski Area. You can find detailed directions on the web at www.goremountainfarm. com or email or call 581 251-3040. Barry and Virginia look forward to meeting you and the alpacas can’t wait to make your day. Nancy Ness - photo credit

Explore your world! Two oceans, billions of sea creatures, intense metamorphosis, an unusual fault and melting glaciers have exposed some of the oldest marble in North America to form some of the youngest caves in the Adirondacks. Strap on snowshoes and hike over 5 miles of well marked trails. Marvel at the largest marble cave entrance in the east, frozen waterfalls, sinkholes, ledges and more. Can’t see it all in a day? No problem, season passes available. Try Disc Golf in snow, included for no additional cost. Every Saturday evening, lights illuminate the Stone Bridge and guided tours (by reservation) include headlights and return to a warm fire, complete with marshmallows. For current information, go to Dashing through the snow... by Linda Ellingsworth The lyrics of the song “Jingle Bells” conjure up a vision of long ago: “Dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh…” It’s a romantic image of a simpler time that is fantasy for most of us. Here in the Adirondacks, however, it’s possible to step back in time and bring the vintage scene to life. At Circle B Ranch in Chestertown, horse-drawn sleigh rides take passengers over the fields and through the woods, turning a brisk winter day into a magical moment. For sheer romance, nothing tops a ride in the ranch’s restored antique sleigh. Looking as if it slid right out of a Currier & Ives lithograph and into the current day, the powerful imagery has proved irresistible to many beloveds. “We’ve had 15 couples become engaged on our sleigh rides, “said Circle B Ranch owner Chris Boggia. To bring the whole family together, or for a special group, Circle B Ranch has a large sleigh that holds 10 to 12 people. It’s designed for comfort, with padded bench seats and warm blankets to snuggle under. After a 45-minute ride through the snow-covered Adirondack Mountains, you’re certain to be in a great mood! Top off the excursion with free hot chocolate, hot mulled cider and cookies by the ranch’s fireplace. One hour horseback rides are also offered throughout the winter months. Rides are tailored to riders’ ability and experience. Circle B is open weekends and holidays and weekdays by appointment Group rates are available, and reservations are required. The Ranch also offers horse boarding, training and indoor riding.

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An easy hop off the Adirondack Northway

I-87 Exit 26 one will find the hamlet of Pottersville which has come alive with new revitalized businesses. The 160 year old Well House has new ownership. Vin and Marian McCann. Eleven individually decorated guest rooms, 3 suites and 8 doubles, all offer private baths, memory foam mattresses color televisions, cable, wi-fi internet access and telephones. Two restaurants, Country and the Once Upon a Moose Café, each accommodate up to 60, and offer our guests and the general public a pleasing variety of traditional favorites and contemporary regional American dishes at all points along the price scale. A fine wine list and a great array of craft beers provide ample opportunity to find the perfect pairing with your dining choice. The McCanns value hospitality and a commitment to guest satisfaction in evident in everything they do. Country-their fine dining venue offers seasonal favorites from the American countryside with French and Asian accents, along with a collection of regional craft beers and a generous selection of excellent wine values from around the world. The Stagecoach Antiques and Home Décor is located directly across the street from the Wells House. Here, a veteran group of antique dealers operates an eclectic co op of the very old and the not so old. You’ll find country furniture mixed with vintage linens, Marian Heath Greeting Cards, new wooden games and puzzles, vintage and new costume jewelry, old prints and paintings and tons of antique and vintage post cards. The Stagecoach is a not to be missed shop if you’re looking for that perfect accent piece and is open Tuesday – Sundays from 11 to 5pm and closed Mondays except holiday weeks. This 160 year old Adirondack General Store can be found at the end of East Shore Drive. A trip worth taking, this old fashioned general store is chocked full of blankets, Adirondack furniture, crafts, custom designed clothing, fishing tackle and gift items. You’ll find a deli, and comfortable seating to enjoy home cooked meals for breakfast and lunch. If you go for breakfast be sure to try the sweet potato pancakes they are just marvelous. Jay and Debbie Close purchased the business 8 years ago, although arriving in Adirondack from Rhinebeck with a background in retail, the couple says this is a different lifestyle entirely, but they wouldn’t trade it. Says Jay “There are no regrets about the major life style change. Even though Adirondack is off the beaten path “people either come here on purpose or they’re lost,” Close quips. This is a must visit, check out the shops web site

We were originally drawn to the Adirondacks by Lake Placid, which we had visited in the past and loved. While skiing at Whiteface, we kept hearing from other skiers that Gore Mountain was a great place to go. A few years ago, we decided that we wanted to spend most of our winter weekends and vacations skiing. Whiteface was too far for us to drive every weekend, so we decided to try Gore, and rented a house for the winter in Lake George. We fell in love with the North Creek area and Gore Mountain. The amazing terrain, lack of crowds and natural beauty can’t be found anywhere else. We recently purchased a new home in North Creek and couldn’t be happier. The people have been so welcoming and the town of North Creek has everything that we need. The kids are so excited to try night skiing at the Ski Bowl this year. With our house only a few minutes away, we will finally have the chance to ski all day and enjoy everything that North Creek has to offer as well. Liz & Craig Richter and her entire family especially Sarah!

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Movies and More All Winter Long in Indian Lake

Hollywood hits, classics, foreign and Indi films, opera, ballet and Shakespeare, live stage and concerts and kid flicks are just part of the roster at Indian Lake Theater, which remains open on weekends all winter. Built in 1938, this grand old theater is in its third year as a not for profit, community screen and stage. As a nonprofit organization that not only presents films but the theater also partners with a variety of regional organizations, schools and clubs to present music, drama, dance and public service programs. According to theater director Patricia Connor, “We are very proud of the partnerships we have with our local organizations and businesses. “We now offer on-screen advertising to local businesses and organizations, giving them the opportunity to promote themselves to a larger audience.” Indian Lake Theater, Inc. fosters culture and the arts in central Hamilton County through its operation as a community stage and screen. For further information regarding Indian Lake Theater and for upcoming events, visit or call (518) 648-5950.

Winter in Indian Lake: Time to get outside

by Lindsay Yandon As the temperature plummets and Indian Lake takes cover under a blanket of snow, locals and visitors alike have the opportunity to brave the cold and take advantage of the host of winter activities available in the village and it surrounding areas. The snow capped peaks of the Adirondack Mountains form a perimeter around a winter wonderland of outdoor recreation. One of the premiere snowmobiling destinations in the northeast, Indian Lake hosts and provides access to more than 750 miles of trails on Hamilton County’s system. Snowmobilers will encounter frozen vistas, paths that meander from open fields to thick forest, cross Adirondack lakes and beaver ponds, and experience some of the most primitive and naturally stunning areas of the Adirondack Park. The season usually starts in midDecember and ends in March. The Indian Lake region is often referred to as a hub of northern New York snowmobiling and offers exciting trips for all types and ages of riders. Hamilton County’s groomed trails connect via state corridor trails to Essex, Fulton, Franklin, St. Lawrence, Herkimer, Warren and Saratoga Counties. Indian Lake as well as other snowmobiling destinations that dot the trail system offer affordable lodging, restaurants and ample trailer parking for visiting riders. Most trails offer expansive views and occasional glimpses of native wildlife and their tracks. Trail lengths and difficulty levels cater to all types of skiers and offer the perfect weekend getaway or an hour long trip. The Town of Indian Lake also encourages residents and visitors to beat the lines and the fees of bigger ski resorts and explore their two-slope downhill ski facility on Route 30. The slopes are free of charge and are operated by a t-bar lift. The downhill destination also provides perfect

Authentic Mexican Cuisine & south of the border decor within a rustic setting Ole! Entrees from $7-$20

Just a few of our customers favorites:

Spinach & Mushroom Quesadilla

Spinach and Portabella mushrooms with cheddar & monterey jack cheeses topped with our special Ranchera Sauce

Jalapeno Rellenos

(HOT~hold on to your sombreros!) Jalapeno halves stuffed with real crab & topped with shredded cheddar & monterey jack cheeses.


Salmon Fillet

Poached and served with Corn Salsa

12 oz NY Strip or Sirloin Steaks

Served American or Mexican style

Your choice of Steak, Chicken, Vegetarian or Shrimp with Peppers and Onions.

Lobster Quesadilla (when available) Knuckle & Claw lobster meat with tomatoes, onions and green peppers with shredded cheddar and monterey jack cheeses.

All entrees served with Shrimp Chimichanga vegetarian Shrimp, onions, tomatoes and bell peppers refried beans wrapped in a flour tortilla & deep fried. & Mexican Rice Many vegetarian Stuffed Chilies (Med) selections plus Two Anaheim Chilies stuffed with black a “Bambino” beans, corn and tomatoes, topped Menu with cheese and our special Ranchera Sauce Winter hours; Thur, 4 PM to 8 PM, Fri & Sat, 5 PM to 8:45 PM Reservations suggested

Rte 28, Indian Lake, NY• 518-648-5832 •

sledding and tobogganing opportunities to snow lovers young and old. The town also offers a plethora of cross-country ski and snowshoe trails. Ice skating is also available at the town-operated ice rink. Hours are posted and offer free skate opportunities as well as organized ice hockey games for those who enjoy a little competition on the ice. Those who flock to motorized winter sports like snowmobiling or those who prefer to experience the quiet of an Adirondack forest from a pair of skis will find their seasonal niche in Indian Lake. Recreation and beauty combine to make it a must-see winter destination. Trail maps are available for snowmobile, cross-country ski and snowshoe systems through the town activity department and more information about all that Indian Lake has to offer during the winter months is available by calling 1-800328-LAKE.

Indian Lake • Blue Mtn. Lake • Sabael • Miles of Groomed Trails, NO PERMIT! • Direct Trail Access to Gas, Services, Dining & Lodging • FREE Downhill Skiing & Regulation Ice Skating Rink • Winter Events Include: Country Christ Tour, Poker Run, Annual Winterfest and St. Patrick’s Day which includes Irish Road Bowling!

For Trail Maps and Calendar of Events: 1-800-328-LAKE 518-648-5828

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Digital Records Improve Care at Hudson Headwaters

Page 19

Welcome to the new digital world at Hudson Headwaters Health Network. After years of planning, Hudson Headwaters now uses electronic medical records at its 13 health centers. “It is the most dramatic change to the way I practice medicine since I graduated from medical school 29 years ago,” said John Sawyer, M.D., the Hudson Headwaters Medical Director who led the change. Why are electronic medical records (EMRs) so important? First, they improve the quality of care by actively helping your physician review and record your medical information. For instance, if you are due for an age or gender-based screening, such as a colonoscopy or a mammogram, the electronic record informs your physician. Second, the information is available wherever you and your provider may need it -- when visiting a specialist, or even late at night during an emergency room visit. Computerized records have also made it easier for patients to access their own medical information. Hudson Headwaters’ website ( has a “patient portal” that enables patients to securely access their information, using a personalized access code. Patients can schedule non-emergency visits, request medication refills and review information such as their billing information and immunization history. In many cases, the patient portal also enables patients to retrieve medical test results through ResultsCall, a system that contacts you when your test results are ready. Through ResultsCall patients may also retrieve results on a dedicated phone line. Rounding out the “digital revolution” at Hudson Headwaters is the “e-prescribing” of medicines. Prescriptions are transmitted directly to the pharmacy, cutting down on errors (such as illegible writing), while also making sure that a particular medication is covered by a patient’s insurance. “There is tremendous potential for even more improvements for the way we store and retrieve a patient’s health information,” said Dr. Sawyer. “And the more we use them {EMRs}, the more skilled we’ll become.”

in Warrensburg!

Open 8 -5:30 Daily

Check out our full line of Tool & Construction Equipment Rentals Excavaters, backhoes (518) 623-2900 and skid-steers 4033 Main Street, Warrensburg Hardware - Paint - Plumbing - Heating - Electrical - Housewares - Ladders - Hand Tools - Lawn & Garden - Masonry - Power Tools - Bulbs - Auto

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Buy one adult lift ticket for any Saturday, get one FREE ticket for ticket the following Sunday (1perfreecoupon) Name Address


Good through Spring 2011.

$10.00 savings on a Child one day Ski School Package


I’m going to Hickory tomorrow. Please help me be a better skier.”

(Up to age 12. May include rentals in the package) Name Address


Good through Spring 2011.

$25.00 savings on a 2010/2011 ticket Season Pass of any type. (1perfreecoupon) Name Address


Good through Spring 2011.

Buy 2 tickets, get 1 free of equal or lesser value. (1 free Ticket per coupon). Name Address


Good through Spring 2011.

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What makes a mountain legendary? Challenging stories of adventures chronicled and re-told through generations of skiers. Tales that arouse interest, awe, inspire admiration, envy, and most of all – a burning desire to experience that same rush; ski an impossible opponent and walk away a winner.

“If you can ski Hickory you can ski anywhere. This mountain is not for the faint of heart” -Seattle Hickory is a ski legend. The mere mention of her trails “Winfall” and “The Hare” sends shivers down the spines of even the most accomplished skiers. With over 213 acres of organic terrain and 19 trails, Hickory has the sixth highest vertical drop in New York, reaching up to 1,230 feet; and the top 900-1,000 feet of the mountain has some of the most extreme terrain in the East. 5” - 7” foot outcroppings, steeps, headwalls, boulders, more steeps, bumps, stumps, logs, rocks, trees--just about any obstacle mother nature can dish out, all situated on narrow and intimidating steeps (there’s that word again) and covered by natural powder; making for incredible glade skiing for those who can ski…uh-h…incredibly.

“Like its soul mate, Mad River Glen, Hickory is for people who understood that skiing isn’t sliding down a manicured slope. Hickory challenges and rewards those who have mastered the art of skiing.” -, Is it true that Hickory has the best moguls in the east? Way. Her moguls are formed with real snow by expert skiers who follow the fall line creating troughs that run like zippers downhill. Created by expert skiers for expert skiers, now that’s a concept. And, it’s no accident that her

top is for experts only. Riding the Poma lift up the steeps requires experience, strength, balance and agility. Very rarely will anyone other than a seasoned skier venture to the summit after seeing the trails up close and personal.

My children learned how to ski on “The Hill” and now ski all over the world. If you can ski well at “The Hill”, you can ski with confidence anywhere. -

The origin of Hickory began in 1946 when Hans Winbauer, a former skier and member of the World War II US Army Ski Troops along with his wife Fran and their close friends Ken and Flo Bates, had the vision of creating a place to ski with their family and friends. They did not realize that they were about to give birth to a legend. After the war, these four decided to begin turning their dream into reality by searching for the ideal site with a north facing slope. Several possibilities were rejected before they came across three rugged mountain peaks overlooking the junction of the Schroon and Hudson Rivers. The mountain range called “Three Sisters” located in Warrensburg became the home of a legend, Hickory. When the snow came they opened their trails. Then, the crowds came and came back. That first year was a huge success as skiers traveled from far and wide to enjoy her family friendly atmosphere and steep, extreme terrain.

“Hickory captures the essence of skiing and riding -K, NY Why change a good thing? Not much has changed since the first tracks were laid in 1946. Hickory is still the largest surface lift only ski area in the northeast offering skiers over 213 acres of natural terrain on 19 trails, the same steep, organic, made-by-nature expert trails the die-hard

locals remember. Today, children under seven and adults over 70 ski for free. And, a child age 7-12 can receive a free season pass with the parent’s purchase of a season pass. So much needed TLC was also brought to the mountain such as new lower-mountain snow making capabilities, updated Poma Lifts and T-Bar, and a refurbished familyfriendly lodge, with wireless internet. New this season is a Bombardier BR350 Winch Cat Groomer, that will enable Hickory to groom the whole mountain and provide the best skiing service possible. The nationally certified PSIA-AASI Hickory Snowsports School teaches alpine, snowboard and telemark to students of all ages and abilities.

“God I love this place!” - Jim, NY

For many years, Hickory’s lifts stood idle. Skiers who had the pleasure of skiing it in the past would drive by and recall its days of glory. Others who had heard of the legends yearned for the day when they too could ski her. Hickory is open once again. The legend is alive and waiting. Tell your own story about the mountain, where the snow is wild. Full-Day adult ski passes start at $45 for a full day and $30 for a half. Discounted prices are available for children and vary with age. Season passes start at $5 for children ages six and under to $540 for an adult and a child. Visit: or call 518-623-5754 for directions, hours, conditions and additional information. Hickory Ski Center 43 Hickory Hill Road, Warrensburg, New York 12866

Design and copy; Linda Wohlers

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New Snowmobile Trail Links Warren, Washington Counties by Brendan Manley

You can order Adirondack’s Brewery hand-crafted beer at the following fine establishments: The Log Jam Bistro Aimie’s Dinner Holiday Inn Gore AreA

Basil & Wick’s barVino Copperfield Inn Friends Lake Inn Gore Mountain

LAke GeorGe

Adirondack Pub & Brewery The Moose Tooth

LeRoux Olde Log Inn East Cove Judd’s Tavern Dunham’s Bay Duffy’s Melody Lodge

& Movie Jake’s Roadhouse Jack’s Bistro


The Good Times 50 South The Factory

Spring 2011! Max London’s Look for our One Caroline beers at retailers The Inn at in the Capital Saratoga GLens FALLs Region and 132 Glen Bistro The Springwater Inn beyond! The Anvil Inn West Mountain

33 Canada St., Lake George, NY• • 518-668-0002

This winter, Warren County snowmobilers will have more country than ever to explore, whether they choose to stay local or venture further into the Northeast, thanks to a new connector trail that links Warren County with Washington County. After three months of rigorous effort by the South Warren Snowmobile Club, the trail is ready to open as soon as weather permits. The connection is the culmination of years of discussion and planning among local enthusiasts, who were finally able to sign the papers and fire up the bulldozers necessary for the project earlier this year. “It’s something that’s been in the works for years, and on everybody’s radar, but it never happened,” says Mike Fazio, president of the South Warren Snowmobile Club. “We were finally able to put it together this year, and we’re really excited about that.” The latest developments cap-off a trail system renowned for their natural beauty and the wide range of terrain they encompass; local snowmobilers can even ride to the top of majestic Prospect Mountain, which affords a 100-mile view of the Lake George area. On the western side, the new trail permits views of the Northway, Prospect Mountain and Lake Luzerne, while overlooks on the eastern leg provide views as far as Albany on a clear day. “The diverse terrain on our trails is tremendous,” says Fazio. “You can go from trails that are 50 feet wide like Prospect Mountain Highway, to some that are 10 to 12 feet wide and go through the forest. There’s a lot of variety, and a lot of great businesses on the trail. If you want to come here and spend some money and have a good time, you’re not going to be disappointed.” From an economic perspective, the new trails are a boom for the businesses that cater to snowmobilers; instead of just opening the way for Warren County enthusiasts to reach Northeastern destinations like Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Canada, the greater linkage is expected to bring an influx of visitors here, who will travel to Warren County from these same locations. “They can come here, and spend their money on our trail system,” says Fazio. “Lake George is a destination known throughout the Northeast, and I think once the word spreads that you can get here via snowmobile, it’s going to be a tremendous boom for all the businesses involved. The trickle-down effect is tremendous.” Creating the new trails required considerable effort, including getting some 11 landowners on board according to Fazio, but resistance was less than expected once locals envisioned the benefits to regional business; most signed on readily, while others took minimal convincing. “Between the insurance we have and the General Obligations Law from New York State, there’s no real concern for landowners as far as liability.” With proprietary concerns aside, the club then set out to tackle physical logistics, by spending weekends literally walking miles in the woods, mapping out the best possible trail based on geography, hazards, inclines and the like. Some areas were further along than others, thanks to the presence of old logging roads and other pre-existing pathways, but in some cases the new trail had to be cut through the forest. “There were a couple of stretches where we were just going through people’s property and clearing trees and rocks, and digging with excavators and bulldozers,” says Platt. “There was a lot of physical work, equipment work and money involved. It was quite a project for a nine-mile trail.” As opposed to ski slopes that employ snowmaking, snowmobile trails generally rely on the old-fashioned sort of powder, greatly tying the pastime to Mother Nature’s fickle leanings. Although 2009/2010 was a balmier season than usual and snowmobilers suffered accordingly—South Warren’s trails were only open three days total—Fazio has high hopes for this season. With the mercury dipping well below freezing for much of December, chilling the ground in anticipation of the first major snowfall, Fazio and Co. eagerly await the appearance of their beloved “white gold.” “Hopefully we’ll be somewhere between the two extremes,” says Fazio, noting 2008/2009 was the best year the club has experienced. “With the way things are going, we’re right in line for a good season.”

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West Mt

Buy skiing, boarding and tubing time online anytime or at West Mountain. Keep you card in your pocket and it will be scanned as you pass through the turnstiles. Reload your card online anytime. Your lift ticket time starts when your card is scanned at the lift. No need to rush around. Plus! Special online offers for “GO WEST” cardholders, so get your card now.

Hours: Monday and Tuesday; 10am - 9pm, Wednesday-Friday; 8:30am - 9pm Saturday; 8:30am - 8pm, Sunday; 8:30am - 6pm, Holidays except weekends; 8:30am - 9pm Tubing Park Hours:Tuesday-Thursday; CLOSED, Monday & Friday; 3pm - 9 pm, Saturday; 10am - 8pm, Sunday;10am - 6pm, Holidays; Mon-Friday; 10am - 9 pm

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West Mountain~1961-2011 Celebrating 50 years of pure fun

W est Mountain Ski Area has been the locals’ favorite for 50 years. Yes, this season marks our 50th anniversary. It’s no surprise that winter sport enthusiasts come to West to quench their need to ski, ride,race, learn, tube, eat, drink, and more. Known for model snow-making on over 70% of the terrain and precisely groomed trails on a mountain protected from the wind, West Mountain is the most accessible ski area in New York’s capital region, located just 3 miles off I-87, exit 18.

The ideal winter destination for regional skiers, West features 40 versatile slopes, and the new “Magic Carpet” lift system at the beginner area, night skiing, a tubing park with lifts top bring you back up the hill, PSAI and AASI nationally certified Snowsports school, an acclaimed ski racing prgram and a terrain park. The recently completed WestSide Grille restaurant offers guests tempting culinary creations, specialty cocktails, wine bar, and a calendar of live entertainment in a welcoming, Adirondack atmosphere. West Mountain prides itself in not only its family- friendly atmosphere, but also its affordability; offering reasonable lift ticket prices; 2, 4 and 8 hour lift ticket options and rental packages. An adult 4 hour weekend liftticket is $47.00 and only $5 dollars more for an 8 hour pass. With prices like this, West Mountain is the ideal ski destination for full day, half day of night skiing excitement! Discounts are also available for seniors, ages 65+, military (active duty), college students and youth! We all know how pricey ski and boarding equipment can be, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the slopes! Leave it to the West Mountain rental shop, whose friendly and reliable staff is ready to help and offers affordable ski and board rental packages for all ages and abilities. The adult ski rental package which includes skis, boots and poles starts is just $27.50, and $22.50 for youth. Snowboarding equipment is also available, for only a few more dollars! We get it. West Mountain may not be the biggest mountain in the region and it may not have the largest vertical or number of ski trails, but we are proud to be a local mountain, offering our dedicated growing base of regional ski enthusiasts the quality of a family-run mountain with “big” mountain attributes. An integral part of the southern Adirondacks and capital district community, West Mountain has partnerships with over 60 regional schools, and hosts countless ski race competitions and ski clubs, to offer skiers and boarders the opportunity to experience the mountain.

offers families the opportunity to experience snow in a whole new perspective, effortlessly! With six tubing chutes, guests can choose to slide down any of the four 700 foot chutes and two 1000 foot tube chutes. The fun is endless and the best part is there is no need for any special equipment or experience. Just let go, and scream! Tubing parties are also available for “tubers” of any age! Complete with snowmaking and lighting, the tubing park is open Monday and Friday 3 ‘till 9PM, Saturday 108PM and Sunday, 10-6PM.

New for the 2010/ 2011 season~ our GO WEST card is your ticket to ski, board and tube at West Mountain!

West Mountain in the 60’s

The old and the new! West Mountain is always addung new features and services to guarantee a year-round fun! Pictured is the new shuttle bus from the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge.

For families yearning to learn how to ski, snowboard or telemark this winter, West Mountain offers beginners thru advanced skiers the opportunity to learn and excel in confidence, with programs available at their nationally certified PSAI and AASI Snowsports school. Private, group and 6 or 7 week lesson programs are available to skiers and snowboarders of all abilities and ages, including special programs for senior citizens. One of our most popular programs is the “Lift, Lunch and Lesson program”, a six week series held every Wednesday, for adults 21 and older. Back again this year is the “Kids Afternoon Out” 6 week program, offered every Friday for children ages 4-6, and includes a one hour ski lesson, complimentary lunch and two hours of tubing and snow related activities! For avid skiers with a competitive edge, West Mountain has a ski racing program and coaching sessions available for skiers of all ages. West Mountain offers a race department with an unparalleled racing and coaching staff, with alumni from the United States Ski Team and Division 1 NCAA college teams. Snow tubing at West Mountain’s tubing park

Keep you card in your coat pocket and it will be scanned as you pass through the turnstiles. You can reload your card online anytime, and your lift ticket time starts when your card is scanned at the lift. No need to rush around, your lift ticket starts when you’re ready! Special offers will go out to GO WEST cardholders e-mail addresses, so get your card now. Keep in mind that West Mountain is a yearround sports destination! During the summer, the mountain offers an extensive lift-serviced mountain biking trail system and lots of room for hiking, 2 regulation size sand volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, a golf driving range and a campfire pit. Plus, with the West Side Grille open year-round, there are many more reasons to GO West. This newly renovated restaurant open seven days a week, is a warm and welcoming meeting place for family and friends to gather for fine dining and great times. A quality culinary experience, The West Side Grille offers menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a comfortable, Adirondack atmosphere. With beautiful mountain views for all seasons,guests can enjoy dinner in the Adirondack Room,lunch on the deck and cocktails at the pub or new wine bar. Chef Chuck Jennings and his team prepare a variety of comfort food specialties, dinners featuring steak, seafood, pasta, chicken or pork, specialty burgers, salads, soups andsandwiches are also available for lighter-fare options. The wine bar features an extensive list of fine red, white and blush wines, ports, champagnes and sparking wines. With live music by locally known artists every Wednesday and Friday night, The West Side Grille is a perfect place to end your day of fun on the slopes, and unwind

59 West Mountain Rd., Queensbury NY 518-793-6606

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Buy ItBuild ItFix it

The Gore Mountain Lake George Region of the Adirondacks accommodates every need Throughout its rich history, the Gore Mountain region of New York State’s Adirondack Park has earned a well-deserved reputation for having something to offer everyone. Whether you are visiting for a few days, staying for the season, or making the region your second home – the area can accommodate any taste and every imaginable need. As a matter of fact, many of the region’s occasional visitors have found themselves eventually calling the region their home and they have helped to establish a local business base in response to their unique tastes. With a loyal following, they have help to create a local tradition of blending architectural and stylistic influences from across the country (and around the world) while expertly blending them with traditional Adirondack and regional influences.

Buy It

Where else can someone travel within a tank full of gas from the east coast’s largest population centers and live in a virtually unspoiled wilderness – all without sacrificing the luxuries and conveniences to which they have become accustomed? In the Gore Region, dozens of real estate professionals stand at the ready to find the perfect condominium, timeshare, building lot, or second home. Many of the region’s real estate professionals have been through the relocation process themselves and are keenly aware of the special needs and considerations that prospective property owners will have.

We asked a few new residents:

What Recently Attracted You To the Gore Mountain Region

We have been seriously searching for our perfect mountain place for about 7 years. We made of list of areas we thought fit our criteria and then started vacationing there. We had whittled the list to 3 areas by 2009; Vancouver/Whistler; Jackson Hole; Crested Butte. Then, October 2009, at the request of our daughter, we took a weekend trip to saratoga springs to hike, Mt. Severence, a hike we did almost every weekend in the summer and fall when we lived in Saratoga in the 90’s. It was during that trip that we were reminded of how beautiful the Adirondack’s are; and how assessable year round outdoor activities were. In Feb. 2010 we came up to North Creek for a weekend and looked at houses with Jill Broderick. And in April contracted with Piper Construction to build at Top Ridge. continued on page 33

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If You’re Considering A Log Home... Don’t compare numbers alone.

Compare Package Inclusions!

Build It

Our Standard Home Package Includes

Many Important Features Others Charge Extra For.

• 30 Year Arch Shingles • Integrity Windows by Marvin • Homecrest Kitchen Cabinets • Cultured Marble Vanity Tops • Panelized Interior Walls • Gable Glass • Porches + much, much more See more at our web site

Looking for that cute little camp off the beaten track? Or how about a luxury condominium overlooking the slopes? No matter what your budget is or what you are looking for in a home – the region has dozens of real estate professionals standing ready to assist you.

Buy ItBuild ItFix it

Specializing in Log and Panelized Homes, in your choice of architectural styles. A Better, Faster, Smarter Way to Build.

Connolly Log Homes of Lake George Call for your FREE CD of Home Plans

(518) 685-5398

Has your quest for the perfect Adirondack home brought you to the decision to build your own? Are you looking to fulfill that lifelong dream to build your custom retreat that is truly a reflection of you? If so, the Gore Region has a number of skilled craftsman and contracting firms that can turn your dreams into reality. From the recreation of an Adirondack Great Camp to an ultra-modern family retreat, teams of seasoned professionals can take your project from concept to reality. Does your existing Adirondack home need some changes to make it “perfect” or to accommodate your changing lifestyle and family needs? The same professionals that can build that custom retreat can also expertly remodel your existing home.

Fix It

So you’ve settled in your new vacation home and everything is going great until the inevitable happens. The idea of “roughing it” in the mountains is a romantic notion until the unforeseen happens on a cold winter’s night. When the furnace goes out and you are facing the prospect of frozen pipes – what is a new resident to do? For the do-it-yourselfer the region boasts several area hardware stores staffed by trained professionals, many of them that have worked in the construction trades, to guide you through the product selection and repair process. They can also offer experienced advice and recommend local service technicians for those times when a simple fix turns into a complicated repair. Speaking of service technicians, in a region devoted to servicing the needs of seasonal residents and a booming construction trade, there are countless business people who are a mere phone call away. Whether you need a light switch installed, a new furnace, or you’ve been putting off that front porch in need of repair. A simple look in the phone book or an inquiry at the local hardware store will get you pointed in the right direction.

A home away from home

For the many who yearn to leave behind the “tired masses yearning to breathe free” for a chance to commune with nature, These Buy It options offer the part-time resident the best of today’s modern creature comforts to better enjoy their Adirondack experiences. The following are regional development projects that have something to offer any taste, every need, and anyone’s budget. Top Ridge Townhomes: A little bit off the beaten path but within sight of Gore Mountain, lies the Top Ridge Townhome development. Located along Claude Straight Road in North Creek, the development offers “in town” convenience with the benefit of being mere minutes from the slopes. With the “phase 1” development firmly in place, developers Eric Piper and Rudd VanVoorhis are confident their homes embody the appeal of Adirondack style architecture combined with subtle personal touches that only a true Adirondack Craftsman could provide. Tall Timbers: A large scale project consisting of townhouses and a main lodge - the “Tall Timbers at North Creek” project will include 17 multi-family townhouses consisting of 64 total units, and seven single-family townhouses. The main lodge will contain 25 rooms, a 150-seat restaurant and conference room, along with a full-service lounge, fitness center, and swimming pool. David continued on page 33

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High Peaks Designer Series Introducing the new “Mt. Haystack” Available in either solid timber or Thermo Home Building systems Main Level: 1438 sf Upper Level: 719 sf Total: 2157 sf

1-800-833-2461 Model home open daily. Located on Rt. 9 & Prosser Rd., north of exit 23 of The Adirondack Northway.

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Page 30

Quite frankly, most people are left speechless when they walk into a home hand-crafted by Generations Timber Frames. Our timber frames add silent beauty, strength, warmth and character to any home. We build entire frames, great room additions, structural trusses, non-structural (cosmetic) trusses,

porches, gazebos and pavilions. All of our timber frames are hand-crafted with authentic mortise and tenon joinery and are available in many wood species including reclaimed timbers. Call us today, or go to our website to learn more about Generations Timber Frames ~ Building Frames to Last Generations.

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From lumber, trusses, roofing, garage doors, sheetrock, gutters, culver pipes, septic tank, windows and doors and all other building materials to paint, concrete, drywells, generators, hardware, power and hand tools, rental equipment and everything else you need to get your job done fast and right. At T.C. Murphy we know wood. You can be sure that all milling and trusses are done to exact specifications.

From windows and doors and all other building materials to lumber, paint, hardware, power and hand tools, rental equipment, lawn and garden products, electrical needs, wood stove supplies, light fixture , household and auto products and more, we provide everything a big box offers plus a knowledgeable staff and the convenience of being “around the corner.”

Our sales staff has years of experience in lumber and hardware. You can be sure when you purchase a product from T.C. Murphy that it’s the right choice for your job! Plus we are local and even deliver to your door .

Visit our Kitchen and Bath Design Center featuring quality cabinetry by Decora and Diamond; a large selection of laminate, granite, quartz, solid surface, wood and stainless steel countertop, and stylish faucets, sinks and accessories. We take the stress out of your new kitchen or remodeling project by providing “at-your-home” or site design consultation, and we’re there with you throughout each phase of construction and installation. Stop in at T.C.Murphy and start dreaming of your new kitchen or bathroom today.

Our rental department will provide you with the correct tool to get that job done fast. From ladders, nail guns, sanders, paint sprayers to water pumps, pressure washers, post hole diggers, scaffolding, brush hogs, cement mixers and more, we have all your construction needs at T.C. Murphy.

Our clean and spacious storage facilities offer over 9,500 sq. ft of storage area. From boats to antiques, a room or a whole house, we have a variety of sizes from 5’x5’ to 10’x30’ to fit your needs and budget!

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continued from page 26

Bulmer, General Manager and Vice President of Tall Timbers, is proud of their recent Adirondack Park Agency approval and looks forward to breaking ground when market conditions improve. “I would describe Tall Timbers as a four-season luxury resort,” Bulmer said. “It has two aspects - one is a condo suite hotel with all of the amenities including a 4-season pool, health spa, and banquet facility, bar, and restaurant.” Bulmer and his team are confident that their unique blend of luxury and convenience will strike a chord with the area’s prospective new home owner. “It’s really being designed as a luxury 4-season property,” Bulmer said. “We are really looking forward to a successful venture.” Ski Bowl Village: By far the most talked about and anticipated major development project in the region, the Ski Bowl Village at Gore Mountain. The ambitious $250 million development will offer a unique blend of residential, resort and commercial facilities on a 430-acre property adjacent to Gore Mountain Ski Center and North Creek’s Ski Bowl Park. The four season resort complex calls for a phased development to include ski-in/ski-out accommodations, a 120-room hotel, “Country Inn” lodging, townhouses, private homes, restaurants, an equestrian center, and a nine-hole golf course. “The connection with Gore Mountain, the restoration of the historic Ski Bowl for public skiing and the development of the FrontStreet complex will collectively bring significant revenue, economic growth, and employment opportunity to the surrounding communities including the town of Johnsburg and the North Country in general,” a FrontStreet statement said. FrontStreet’s plan, will be completed in phases over the course of several years. If fully realized, Ski Bowl Village will consist of two, 40-room luxury hotels; a 34-room inn; a 60-room inn; a 120-room hotel; a restaurant with seating for 150; a private lodge; 131 townhouse units; 18 single-family dwellings; and equestrian center for use by residents; a spa and fitness center; artists studio; workforce housing; golf course; and wastewater treatment plant.

Buy ItBuild ItFix it

Page 33

We asked a few new residents: We chose the Gore Mountain region because we had history here; and also because: -for skiing the mountain is beautiful, varied, and doesn’t get the crowds of other resorts -there are lots of other winter activities right outside the door; hiking; snowshoeing; cross country skiiing -in the summer there are lots of activities right outside the door; hiking, canoeing, mountain biking; river rafting, fishing -lake george is close if we want boating -north creek is close to more hiking opportunities in Vermont and New Hampshire -north creek is close to major cities: Montreal, Boston, NYC; and assessable by train as well. -north creek is quaint, and the people are friendly and welcoming; and have very nice restaurant and shopping opportunities with Bar Vino -and Friends Lake Inn and Hudson River Trading; very much a community which is one of our major criteria We choose Top Ridge because of the quality of the building and because we could customize to our wish list for a quarter of what we would have spent in the other areas we considered for lesser quality work in less desirable locations. The artistry and the craftsmanship of the building is stellar and the location to the ski resort, and mountain views are fantastic; and nothing we looked at came close to this quality and detail and location for less the several million dollars. We feel at home here and can’t wait to be spending more time up here all year long. Char & Tim McEwen North Creek and Texas


HOMES OF DISTINCTION Full Construction Services:

Your plans or ours! ~ Your lot or ours! ~ Your Design or ours!

Custom Homes Garages Additions Decks Rennovations Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm Weekends by Appointment


PO Box 149, 1073 US Rte. 9 Schroon Lake, NY 12870

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Aprés-Ski Open House At Top Ridge Townhomes

Model open daily from 12 noon to 5 pm at 5 Race Fast Lane. Call Stephen Magee at 518-338-7756.


Representing premiere properties in and around the Gore Mountain Region for over 23 years. Timber Woods in North Creek, rustic log detailing, chef’s kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, wood-burning fireplace. $285,000

Three Loon Lake Cabins all in a row, one for Poppa Bear, one for Momma Bear and one for Baby Bear! $280,00 for Baby Bear and $444,500 for Poppa and Momma Bear!

Adirondack Gem Rocking chair porches, 3.2 landscaped acres, fieldstone walls, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, hot tub. $299,000

Sleep Easy in this custom-built home conveniently located between Gore Mt. and Lake George. Fireplace, custom woodworking, vaulted ceilings, 3 bdrms., 2+1/2 baths. $365,000

Ski happy. Ski home. 235 Main St., North Creek, NY 12853 • 518-251-0103 • --- Check Out Our Websites ~ Tell ‘em you saw ‘em in the ADK Winter Guide to the Gore Mountain & Lake George Region ---

Page 36

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Page 37

Ski Bowl Village at Gore Mountain

Ski-in / Ski-out to Gore Mountain Traditional Adirondack Style Great Camp Lodges Four Season Sporting Club Geothermal Energy Sources 79 Ski Bowl Road North (Rt. 28 North, take left at Health Center) North Creek, New York 12853

518-SKI-BOWL The complete offering terms are in an offering plan from the Sponsor. File No. H09-0016.

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Page 38

Why did you choose the Gore Mountain Region?

“We built our log home in North Creek as the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. We fell in love with the Adirondacks twenty years ago when our children were young. We were taken by the natural beauty, tranquility and exquisite views of mountains, lakes and evergreen. But what makes North Creek stand out among other towns is its proximity to Gore and Lake George, its excellent yearlong cultural happenings at Tannery Pond, and great cappuccino at Café Sarah!” Ann Rose and Henry Simon North Creek & Manhattan

Shopping For The Adirondack Look That Other Winter Sport!

Originating in the late 1800s for the moneyed owners of “Great Camps,” the Adirondack Rustic look has become one of the hottest home décor trends to emerge in recent years. If you’re enthralled with mountain-grown look of twig chairs or birch bark-covered furniture, a visit to the Adirondacks brings you directly to the source of this wildly popular style. If you’re lucky enough to have already purchased your own Adirondack home or built your rustic cabin and looking to furnish an entire room in Adirondack style or you simply want to take home a small piece to remind you of your Adirondack vacation, there are some wonderful shops and galleries in the area that work with homeowners to create that perfect “Adirondack” look. Located in the historic ski town of North Creek, the Hudson River Trading Co. has become known for its quality handcrafted oak and hickory furniture. Beds made of hickory trees so large you can’t fit your hand around them, delight customers of rustic furniture. Solid oak side rails bolt into both headboard and foot board to make the entire bed unshakable. “These are real Papa Bear Beds”, says owner Laurie Prescott Arnheiter. Laurie counts herself lucky with her 6 custom builders that supply her with furniture. Everything is hand made, and care is taken with each piece to make it strong yet affordable, ensuring that it will last from one generation to another. Club chairs, love seats and sofa frames are crafted by her builders and local craftsmen upholster cushions using quality fabrics available at Hudson River Trading Co. Coffee tables, side tables and lamp tables complete the scheme. North woods lighting, taxidermy, bedding, and just about any item you would need to complete your home or camp. Over the years, Laurie and her builders have created a number of chair styles to meet customer needs. These chairs go well with the wonderful solid oak tables embellished with hickory legs and make a great rustic statement without breaking the bank. “I checked out the prices on the web sites of some of the big name rustic companies, and we come in at a fraction of their cost.” states Arnheiter. Interspersed among the Lodge and Camp-themed items is an eclectic mix of antiques and rustic accessories. For the customer who wants a period without the bark, this store specializes in Arts & Crafts furniture and is always looking for that special piece that will make someone’s space unique. “We’ll help our customers furnish a small space or their entire home” says Arnheiter, Our Adirondack Interiors services assist clients with rugs and fabrics as well as custom draperies and upholstery. The shop is as also known for its clothing lines for the entire family. “We offer good quality at fair prices” states Laurie “There are not many places in this area where you can find Wool rich, Royal Robbins, Dansko, Isis for Women and EMU boots and clothing.” The store is located on Main Street in North Creek. The experience of a visit to Hudson River Trading Co. should not be missed. This shop is open daily at 9:30 till 5:00pm, later on weekends and in the summer. Check them out on the web at So, whether you’re a local or a guest, take some time this winter to visit as many of our fabulous galleries and Adirondack Stores that you can. Return often as inventory changes regularly, you will be delighted with the depth and range of the merchandise.

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