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UT two Chefs with their own amazing venue in charge of your wedding reception. For over thirteen years the husband and wife team of Chefs Donato and Mimi De Ieso have been creating magical wedding receptions for Adelaide brides at the elegant Grand Ballroom at Fulham Gardens. The bride and groom can totaly relax with their guests and receive the full and exclusive attention of their hosts. Donato and Mimi, take great pride in ensuring that couples realise their perfect wedding day, offering a choice of menu and drink packages or a custom package that will suit your needs and budget. Menus reflect Donato and Mimi’s passion for Mediterranean Cuisine and include sensational antipasto platters, fresh seafood including prawns, oysters and salmon, a range of delectable pasta dishes, tender meats, exotic main courses and traditional desserts. As owners and operators, you can rest assured that your hosts take a very personal concern in planning and supervising your event, leaving nothing to chance. The Grand Ballroom can seat from less than 100 to around 500 guests in style. Included in the price is complete room set-up, white linen tablecloths, skirted bridal, cake and gift tables, and personalised printed menus on each table. A private area is also available for pre-dinner drinks and canapÊs as are other facilities including a full sized dance floor, and PA system for speeches. Located at 443 Tapleys Hill Road at Fulham Gardens, enquire now on 8235 0688 or 0411 532 887 or visit the web site at





Your dream...

At the Festival Function Centre we make every bride’s dream a reality! Our fully inclusive packages will require you to do nothing more than bring your guests. Guaranteed professional service and quality food so that each guest has a lasting memory. We invite you to come in and meet our professional team to see for yourself our high standard of hospitality and competitive edge.


...our reality



A: 292 Findon Road, FINDON SA 5023 P: 08 8268 9558 E: W:



Visit us at: Cover: Gown from Rapsimo Adjacent: Photo by OZ Stills Photography. Gown from Bethrothed. Hair and Makeup by Cherie Spisso.

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by Ann Christou 72 King William Road Hyde Park SA Tel: 08 8373 1173



The Right Dress We get in there and answer the nitty gritty questions when it comes to getting that dream gown.

Choosing the right dress for your wedding will

probably be the most time-consuming task of your marriage preparations. Most girls will spend hour after hour leafing through glossy bridal magazines. They will spend many more hours visiting one bridal shop after another to find that special gown that will make their dream become a reality. First, before you begin to look, sit down and consider the following questions. They will help you to clarify some points about your dress and may save you hours of wasted time and frustration. How formal is the wedding to be? A grand Church wedding calls for a traditional gown, while a simple garden wedding calls for something much less formal. At what time of year will the wedding take place? It is important that you are comfortable in what you wear. Remember that you will be wearing your gown for a considerable time. Consider the possible extremes of temperature for the time of year you have chosen to marry and plan accordingly.

Gown from Raprismo.

Deciding the amount of cash you have available will save you time trying on gowns you would like but can’t afford. What style of dress suits you the most? Your figure will dictate to a large degree the style of dress that you should wear. Don’t purchase a dress just because you are overwhelmed by the detail! A beautiful dress can look very ordinary on the wrong figure. A dress that complements your shape, will find a much more attractive and appealing result.

If you choose to buy your gown from a retailer take someone with you, whose taste you trust. You will gain confidence knowing that the dress suits your figure and looks good on you. Take your time, you need to be completely happy with the gown, after all it will probably be your most expensive purchase. Choosing a gown that needs few alterations will save you money as most retailers levy a charge for this service. Bear in mind, however, that most brides lose weight in the months before the wedding and some alterations may be necessary. Then alterations are usually carried out following the final fitting, a week or two before the wedding. If you want something extra special, or cannot find the particular design you want elsewhere, you can go couture.

What resources do you have available to spend on your dress and accessories?


Once you have decided the answers to these questions you should decide where you will obtain your gown from. There are many bridal shops in Adelaide that offer an excellent selection of gowns off the rack to suit most budgets and tastes.

Your choice of headdress is a matter of personal choice. However, if you are wearing a traditional wedding dress, you will probably also wear a veil. These come in all shapes and sizes and are usually made from silk, nylon, net or lace. It is traditional for the bride to arrive at the church with the veil covering her face. The veil is then lifted at an appropriate part of the ceremony. Remember to consult your hairdresser to make sure that the veil will work with and compliment your chosen hairstyle. A headpiece or hat may be worn as a fashionable alternative to a veil. Fresh flowers used as a hair decoration can be simple and stunning.

Gown from Betrothed.

p: 08 8364 1196 m: 0412 745 218 Appointments Appreciated e: Exclusive Bridal Gowns 20





p: 08 8364 1196 m: 0412 745 218 Appointments Appreciated e: Exclusive Bridal Gowns



Lingerie Your wedding gown is one of the main features of your wedding day, so you want to make sure that what you wear underneath helps it look as sensational as possible.


HILE many brides want to wear something ‘extra sexy’ for their special occasion it is often not practical with the modern fashion of the wedding gown. In fact, many brides of today are wearing a more practical garment under their gown during the day and then changing into the ‘extra sexy’ garment after the reception. Some aspects to consider when choosing the perfect lingerie for YOUR gown include:

torsolette may become very uncomfortable. Also many of the dresses made from a more sheer material will show the boning in the torsolette. Strapless bra – any wedding gown with thin straps, off the shoulder, or strapless top may require this type of bra. It is practical and if you get the fit right it will stay in place all day without the bride having to ‘adjust’ the bra in front of her guests.

• The colour of the gown


• The style of the gown • The type of material the gown is

The main issue to remember in relation to the material of the gown is whether or not the lingerie is going to show through in either colour or lines. As above, sometimes a more neutral colour will be the best option. To ensure the wedding gown sits gracefully on the body with no lines there are many body-slimming options available. Whilst they are not as ‘sexy’ as the torsolette, they are reasonably comfortable and have been designed as foundation garments that help your gown look its sensational best.

created from • The length of the day COLOUR Many brides choose either ‘Ivory’ or ‘White’ as the colour of their gown and the colour of the lingerie should match with this in most instances. The only caution should be when the gown is created with a very sheer material the bride may want to consider a more neutral colour (such as ‘nude’ or ‘skin’) as this will be less visible through the material. STYLE The style of the gown also dictates the style of lingerie worn. Whilst this may seem fairly obvious there are many instances when the bride has to choose something quite different to what she had in mind when she first thought of wedding lingerie. The two most popular styles of wedding lingerie are the Torsolette, and the Strapless Bra. Torsolette – many brides want to wear a torsolette (or corsette) under their gown. It is a traditional favorite that looks absolutely gorgeous and also helps support the bust and smooth the waist line. Unfortunately with the modern design of many wedding gowns, this type of lingerie may not be practical. For example, if the dress is ‘boned’ the 26

LENGTH OF THE EVENT Brides often overlook the issue of comfort. The wedding day can be long and often a small discomfort at the beginning of the day can become a much larger problem by the end of the day. When choosing your lingerie for the wedding day it is really important to make sure the piece fits well and is comfortable. THE BRIDAL PARTY Choosing appropriate underwear for the groom, the bridesmaids, the mothers of the bride and groom is also very important. Many of the hints outlined above will apply to the lingerie for these people as well. Speak to your lingerie specialist about how to ensure each of the outfits are sitting perfectly on the body.


31 Kensington Rd Norwood Ph: 08 8331 8363


31 Kensington Rd Norwood Ph: 08 8331 8363

Gown by Betrothed. Makeup by Embody Beauty & Wellbeing. Photography by



With so many options, one of the biggest decisions a bride will make is the fabric for her dream gown. One of the most memorable features of any wedding day is seeing the bride in her beautiful wedding gown, and as such, one of the biggest decisions any bride will make is selecting her dream wedding gown. The first step in selecting your dream gown is to consider the theme of the wedding and the effect you want to create, keeping in mind what style would best suit your height and body shape. You may want to feel like a princess in a ballgown, float down the aisle in a soft romantic dress, or feel luxurious in an all-over lace dress. Whatever style you choose, you will require professional advice to ensure you select the appropriate fabrics for your dream wedding gown.

CHIFFON Chiffon is a plain, woven sheer fabric with a soft drape. Chiffon can be made from silk, polyester, or rayon. DUPION SILK Dupion Silk is a plain weave fabric made from yarns that create a highly irregular surface. In silk, the irregular, rough filaments are reeled from double cocoons that were spun side by side. GEORGETTE Georgette is a sheer lightweight fabric, often made of silk or polyester. It is slightly heavier and more opaque than chiffon. Its twisted crepe fibres from which it is made give it a bouncy quality that makes it seem to move on its own.

There is a range of fabrics to choose from and these come in a variety of colours, including Dupion Silk, Bridal Satin, Satin Back Crepe, Shantung, Taffeta, Organza, Chiffon, Georgette and Bridal Laces. Each of these fabrics has different characteristics and depending on the style and cut of your wedding gown, this will determine which fabrics you require. Dupion silk, bridal satin, shantung and taffeta will suit gowns which require fabric with body to hold the shape of a full skirt and can be combined with an organza overlay, whereas soft satins, satin back crepe, chiffon and georgette will suit soft style gowns. There are also many bridal laces, beaded trims and beaded motifs which can be used to enhance your dress and make it more unique. At DK Fabrics, we have an extensive range of beautiful fabrics and laces to create any bride’s dream wedding gown, as well as bridal accessories such as veils and hoop petticoats. We also have a great range of fabrics to create gorgeous bridesmaid dresses and mother of the bride outfits. Our experienced staff will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the appropriate fabrics for your dream gowns.


ORGANZA Made of silk, rayon, nylon or polyester, organza is a crisp, sheer, lightweight plain weave fabric. The stiffness in silk comes from the natural gum that remains on the fibres after processing. In the man made fibres – rayon, nylon and polyester – the stiffness is engineered. SATIN BACK CREPE A reversible satin fabric. Consider using both sides of the fabric for a dyed to match look. Binding the neckline or hemline of bridal gowns with the crepe side is very effective. SHANTUNG Shantung is a plain weave fabric with a slight rib. Shantungs have slubs occurring frequently that give them an uneven surface texture some-what similar to that of dupion silk. TAFFETA Taffeta is a crisp, plain weave fabric with a light to medium luster finish noted for the rustle they make when worn.



SA’s largest range of fabrics • Extensive range of beautiful fabrics for brides, bridesmaids and mothers. • Bridal Veils – Hoop Petticoats – Other Accessories. •E  xperienced, friendly service along with competitive prices.  e welcome all mail orders and are happy •W to send fabric samples upon request.

105 Port Road, HINDMARSH SA 5007 PHONE

(08) 8346 8445 FAX


Monday to Friday 9.00 am - 5.30 pm Saturday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm

Wedding dresses for

Your Body Shape Here to help choose your gown are some of the most popular designs. Which one is the most flattering for you?



A. Rectangular/straight body shape; quite evenly proportioned.

One Shoulder Suits Hour Glass, Pear, Rectangle (If you’re concerned about your arms/armpit, the design may not be great for you).

B. Apple shape; Broad upper body and narrow hips; may be quite busty or have wide shoulders C. Pear shape; Triangular body shape; hips are relatively wider than bust and shoulder width. D. Hourglass shape; Narrow waist and equally proportioned bust and hips.

Thin shoulder straps Suits Pear, Hourglass, Rectangle (The design may not be great if you are arm/armpit conscious.) Look for cap sleeve, a bolero, shrug or wrap that can disguise the parts you want to hide beautifully. Strapless Suits Pear, Rectangle, Hourglass, even for the bride with a sizable bust. There are many design variations and interpretations of the base strapless neckline. Boat neck — across the collarbone Suits Pear, Hourglass, Rectangle (This design is amazing for larger busts but not great for girls with a small bust as it makes the chest area look smaller)

Wrap Front V-Neck

Plunging Cowl Halter

One Shoulder

Plunging V Suits all shapes, but it may look tacky if it is too deep, especially for the girls with large busts. Sweetheart Suits Hourglass, Pear, Rectangle, but not for large busted girls. Too much cleavage is not a tasteful look.

Camisole V-Neck


Gethered Square

Halter Suits all shapes, but it is not for broad shoulded girls, because it makes the shoulders look even wider.

WEDDING DRESS SILHOUETTES A-Line. Suits all body shapes.

Low Cowl


Wrap Shoulder


Ball Gown — A very full skirt/gathered at the waist. Suits all body shapes, be aware — too full/wide skirts are not great for petite brides.



Ball Gown

Pencil shape — A close fitting straight skirt/might flaring out very gently right at the bottom. Suits Rectangular, Hourglass (looks best on slim body shapes). Empire up-waist dress — A longer skirt that starts from underneath the bust to the hemline. Suits Apple (also perfect for pregnant brides).

Empire Line

Wrap Around A-Line

Pencil Shape


Drop Waist

Pencil Shape with added on train

Mermaid dress — A body hugging skirt flaring from the thighs or knees, much wider hemline. Suits Hourglass (not great for far too disproportional bust and waist measurements). There are many great designs to choose from. Best wishes for all brides. Tiger Xiu Fashion Design.

34 Gown by Betrothed. Makeup by Embody Beauty & Wellbeing. Photography by


To Keep

Warm Don’t let cold weather put you off having a stunning winter wedding. Keep stylish and cosy with these little numbers.

Mitcha Photography

by Ann Christou




Your Gown Dream of passing your gown onto a daughter or friend? Keeping your precious gown in the best possible state is a craft in itself.

Your wedding dress holds memories of the most

important day of your life, it’s the dress you have dreamed about since you where a young girl, and it’s the one dress that you keep forever. That is why generations of brides have trusted Karl Chehade Dry Cleaning with their precious wedding gowns, before and after their big day. This is because we pay attention to every detail, and take pride in producing an outcome that puts a smile on the face. Few things are as cherished as a wedding gown. With the careful planning that goes into selecting the perfect gown, many brides choose to heirloom their dress as a keepsake. A properly preserved gown preserves the dream of passing it down to a daughter or close family friend. While a gown may be worn just one day, it will require careful cleaning. Hidden soiling includes perspiration and body oils. Long gowns will pick up soil along the hemline and train and very likely, there will be food and beverage spills. Some stains, which are not immediately visible, will develop with age through oxidation causing discolouration, fabric weakness and damage to the gown. While it’s generally safe to wait as long as six weeks after the ceremony to have your dress preserved, it’s best to get it cleaned a few days after the wedding—so if you’re leaving on your honeymoon have your mum, or friend bring it in. Until then, store it in a dark, dry place, rolled or folded in a clean white sheet. At Karl Chehade’s we examine every gown, establishing the most suitable method of cleaning. Inspections are made at every stage of the cleaning and preservation process. Each wedding gown receives special and individual handling, with attention given to every detail.


PRESTIGE PRESERVATION Prestige preservation products are specifically designed to provide a system of MuseumStyleTM preparation, preservation and storage for all your irreplaceable garments and life memorabilia. We preserve many items from christening gowns, formal dresses, band uniforms, military uniforms, baby clothes, childhood memorabilia and footy uniforms, to our most popular preservation item wedding gowns. HEIRLOOM PRESERVATION Our newly designed MuseumStyleTM storage boxes feature state of the art moisture and oxygen control technology. Traditional wedding gown storage boxes do not protect or guarantee against oxidation or ‘yellowing’ of the gown. Our advanced preservation system guarantees that your gown will remain as beautiful as the day you wore it down the aisle. HERE’S HOW Your gown is carefully sealed in an acid-free inner box that controls humidity. The oxygen is purged and replaced with an inert gas, virtually making oxidation impossible. Our sealed packaging allows viewing of your gown and veil at any time, while protecting your precious items from mould, mildew, insect damage and oxidation. The inner box is placed in a durable long-term storage chest for additional safety. Prestige preservation is a nationwide company that licences its exclusive preservation methods and systems to the top specialty cleaning processors in Australia. You can be assured that a Prestige Preservation professional offers the finest and most reliable care for your precious garments. Preserve your memories today and let Karl Chehade clean and preserve your precious gown.

Preserve your wedding dress and memories of your special day…

Cleaning and preserving your wedding dress has never been this safe and easy! GreenEarth® GreenEarth® is the ONLY non-toxic, environmentally friendly dry cleaning process and it is available exclusively at Karl Chehade Dry Cleaning. GreenEarth® is so gentle, you don’t have to worry about dry cleaning delicate fabrics and trims - lace, silks, beads, sequins and wedding gowns can all be cleaned safely with GreenEarth®. PPP Preserve you wedding dress… forever! A professionally preserved gown preserves your memories and the dream of passing it down to a daughter or loved one. Preservation Features • Moisture/Oxygen Control • Acid-Free Storage • Oxygen Purged Environment • PH Control • Sealed Packaging • Viewing Window • Storage Box with Carry Handle


Select ing

Your Rings The wedding bands and engagement rings you choose will be one of the most enduring pieces of your wedding day.


OT only are they an important element of becoming married, but they are also a long-lasting symbol of your love and commitment to each other. Therefore, you will want to choose jewellery that is timeless and high quality. Ultimately, you will also want to be an educated consumer who knows what you’re getting for your dollars. STYLE OF WEDDING BANDS Follow your instincts with the look and design of you rings. The ring should be as individual as you are and be a reflection of your personality whilst maintaining a sense of classic style that will age gracefully as you will. Whilst there are many designs that can be purchased “off the rack”, there is something special about commissioning a professional designer/ jeweller to custom design your wedding bands especially for you and incorporating your own tastes and style. When shopping for wedding rings with your partner, there are a couple of basics to remember. For the bride-to-be’s wedding ring, the wedding ring must complement her engagement ring if it is to be worn together. At this stage it is important to engage a quality, reputable jeweller that can assist you in designing a wedding ring that not only matches the engagement ring in colour and style, but also in the technical design elements that will ensure the rings will wear together without damaging each other. An increasing trend we are now seeing is where the bride chooses to wear her engagement ring on her right hand and wedding ring on her left. This affords a greater choice in not only the metal, but also the style and stones that the wedding rings can be adorned with. For the groom’s wedding ring, keep in mind that the ring must appeal to the wearer. He must have some input into its design and choice – otherwise there is risk that he may not want to wear it after the wedding day!


GOLD, SILVER OR PLATINUM? Many couples choose the metal for their bands by matching it to their engagement ring. However, don’t feel bound to this. There are metals that complement each other in terms of colour and as said above, we are seeing more and more brides wearing their engagement rings on their right hand and their wedding bands on their left. For grooms, we are seeing an increase in white metal rings (18ct white gold, Platinum, Titanium, Palladium) and one particular metal we are using more of is Palladium. Palladium is comparable in price with 9ct White Gold, however it is a natural white metal with a colour and feel similar to Platinum. The metals used for wedding bands include: YELLOW GOLD: this is the most traditional of metals for wedding bands, for many gold is a symbol of the warmth and love of marriage. Look at the hallmark inside the band to determine the purity of the gold. The most common purities in Australia are 9ct and 18ct 18ct is a much more rich and lustrous colour. WHITE GOLD: a hot trend because it coordinates with silver, white gold and platinum jewellery, yet it is more cost effective than platinum. PLATINUM: this is a very stylish metal with great lustre and feel. It is also the hardest metal making it a symbol of enduring love. Also because it is not mixed with the lesser metals that gold is, platinum is safe for those with allergies. The only downside to Platinum is that it is much dearer, as a rule of thumb, allow approximately double the price of the equivalent ring in 18ct gold. GEMSTONES Gone are the days of plain non-descript wedding bands that are more purpose built than styled. Wedding

bands that are not diamond set are now the exception rather than the rule. We are making many designs that incorporate diamonds and other gemstones as elements in their design. As a rule of thumb, we suggest that the span of the diamonds in the wedding bands either matches the span on the engagement ring to create a matching set or extend the span to approximately 他 the way around the ring, this gives the illusion that the diamonds continue around the entire ring. We are not advocates of setting diamonds around the entire band as it increases the likelihood of damage to stones at the base of the ring and also limits the ability to resize the ring in the future. In terms of coloured gemstones to be used in wedding bands, we suggest that stones with a minimum hardness level of 9 are most appropriate. For stones with a lesser hardness, greater care must be taken when worn.

THE JEWELLER A well made piece of jewellery is a precious reminder of a happy occasion or special even in your life. This statement cannot be any more true when it comes to your wedding bands and wedding day. The jeweller you choose to create your wedding bands should have a reputation that you can trust, because without trust in your jeweller, you cannot ever be 100% confident that your special bands are exactly as you wanted or as described. The jeweller should have the training, skills and ability to provide you with all the services necessary to create the perfect wedding bands and also care for the bands in the future. He or she must be up-to-date with not only the latest trends, but also the latest gemstone treatments and culturing of gemstones. Happy ring shopping!

Common gemstones and their hardness level Diamond........................ 10 Ruby.................................. 9 Sapphire........................... 9 Emerald............................ 8 Topaz................................ 8 Aquamarine..........7.5 to 8 Amethyst.......................... 7 Garnet.................6.5 to 7.5 Opal.................................. 6


It started with a kiss速


It started with a kiss速


74-76 Murray Street, Gawler Ph: 8522 1586

115 Rundle Mall, Adelaide Ph: 8223 3930

w w w. s h o w c a s e






Makeup Tips

Leading celebrity hair and makeup artist, Cherie Spisso, gives us some tips on choosing a professional makeup artist. Makeup is a very important part of the wedding day! Ask yourself this question: “Do I need a Professional Makeup Artist on my wedding day?” Although it is not essential it is recommended that you do. Often we look at costs associated with our special day but we never consider that Makeup is an intricate part of one of the most important days of our lives. We have professional photographers, hairdressers, purchase our wedding dress and yet the first thing you look at in photos are the faces of the happy couple... Wanting to look beautiful on your wedding day is not much to ask for. By having a professional makeup artist your special look will be achieved. 1. Ask if they are industry artists and ask for a brief history of their body of work. Take time to ask questions since they will be playing an important part on your special day. 2. Ask if they are actively working as makeup artists commercially or just as hobby makeup artists. (There is a difference between a makeup artist who has done a very brief makeup training and an artist who has trained and/or worked professionally for a long period of time). 3. If you are having your make up done professionally, make sure you have a practice before your big day. You should be able to let the makeup artist know exactly what you have in mind. Take along clippings from magazines of looks that inspire you. Your artist will be able to incorporate parts or all of these looks into your makeup by striking a balance with your facial features and the style you are looking for. 46

4. You want your make up to last all day that is why you choose a professional makeup artist. There are some fabulous long lasting make up items around, which will ensure that you don’t need to “touch up” during the day. Believe me you won’t have time to re-apply your make up. 5. I often get asked about Airbrush makeup and Traditional makeup. Airbrush makeup is a technique which achieves a flawless texture on the skin and is more durable than any other application. It requires minimal to no touch ups to keep it looking perfect. The feeling of Airbrush makeup should be light whilst still creating a full coverage. It should not look like you are wearing a mask on the face. Brides, in particular, benefit from airbrush makeup because of the close up photography that is required. 6. You may opt for Traditional makeup which is the original way of applying makeup and still has its own benefits. It should be your choice and your artist will advise accordingly. 7. Be sure to ask your makeup artist to use a waterproof mascara on the wedding day so that your eye makeup doesn’t run should you get emotional. Finally, remember, having a professional makeup artist on your day is providing you with the expertise and experience that money just can’t buy


Angel Dust Beauty Negmeh Nashar Freelance make up Artist 0404021344

Photography by Selina West Photography

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ANTI-AGEING An amazing anti-ageing business opportunity. Please call Christine on 0417 807 870


Illustrious Accessories & Classy Hen’s Night

Bridal Fascinators Hair Twists * Hair Combs * Hair Pins Tiaras * Crowns * Headbands Jewellery * Rings * Bracelets Flower Girl Accessories Special Size Garters * Limited Edition Ring Cushions Gloves * Good Luck Charms and more…

Visit our Studio by appointment Our online store: Mobile: 0402 488 359 * Email:

One of the most memorable nights of the bridal experience is ‘The hen’s night’ Today’s hen’s nights are less about strippers & more about originality/style Visit Australia’s leading directory for Classy Hen’s Ideas & Venues: Champagne breakfast * High tea * Wine bars * Chic venues Fine dining * Get away weekends * Sailing * Spa & beauty Plus... An exclusive range of classy accessories & free games



Shoes The perfect wedding dress deserves the perfect accompanying bridal shoes?

BRIDAL shoes are an important part of the wedding

attire. The bridal accessories you’ll wear on your big day can ultimately complete the elegance of your wedding attire. You want to look your absolute best for this momentous occasion, and looking good doesn’t stop with just the dress. To look good from head to toe, you need to pick out the proper footwear and that means shopping for the perfect bridal shoes. Many factors come into choosing your bridal shoes, colour and length of your wedding dress, your ability to walk in heels, your height, the Grooms height and even the type of wedding you are having. You can be tempted to buy the first thing you try on because nobody will see them anyway, but they always show up in those photographs and today it is very popular to photograph those amazing shoes the bridal party are wearing. Here are some of the colour and style options for modern bridal shoes: Colours

Today the choice is endless in shoe colours. You can have purposely designed bridal shoes, which are available in a choice of ivory or white to coordinate with most wedding dress colours. Shoes can be dyed to match the exact colour of your chosen gown or even to match the bridesmaid’s colours or the theme colour for the overall wedding. Shoes can express your personality and many brides are choosing beautiful and bold colours. Metallic and sparkles are a current fashion statement for brides and come in a huge range of options, just make sure they coordinate with your wedding jewellery. Accessories Your shoes can be a statement of you, with fabric flowers, ribbons, feathers, crystals or pearls that give a really unique look. Brides often favour these with a short skirted gown. 50

Shapes Closed toes are the most formal style bridal shoe and are often a popular choice as the toe is the most often seen part of the bridal shoe. Pointed toes are still fashionable, especially for elegant evening weddings, and they make the foot appear slimmer. Round toes give a cuter, more casual effect, making the foot appear smaller but wider. Open toed bridal shoes, or strappy sandals, give a sexy flirty look, and are perfect for petite women that are confident about their feet. A good pedicure is vital if you are wearing open toed shoes, as your feet will feature in your wedding photos. Open toed shoes with heels are great for evening and formal weddings, while flat open toed shoes can also be suitable for casual beach or garden weddings. As a compromise, peep toe bridal shoes just offer a glimpse of one or two polished toenails, but provide more cover and structure. Peep toes offer a classic look that is perfect for daytime weddings, but still looks great in the evening. Just remember they need to be comfortable and it is wise to wear them in before the wedding to make sure you can make it through the full day of celebrations. High heels give confidence and elegance, platforms and wedges are also a popular choice and give extra height and comfort and suit all figure shapes. Flats are great for taller brides and for the beach wedding and garden wedding or where the ground is not stable for an elegant walk. They also look great with certain gowns, particularly the Grecian goddess style gowns, and look better worn with a fulllength skirt as they can make legs look stumpy in a short skirt. It’s also a really good idea to have a comfortable back up shoe for the reception and celebrations.

Photography by JOHN MONTESI

Shoes provided by

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The Perfect Hat A wedding is one of the best opportunities to wear a beautiful hat, especially if you are Mother of the Bride or Groom.

The latest royal wedding is a perfect example of how

hats enhance an event with colour, style, flair and personality. Without a doubt, England is the country that knows best how to handle hats – weddings, races, garden parties, you name it, they do it, and how! If you are not in England, you may feel a little self-conscious wearing a hat, but don’t be! Wearing a hat is fun and it adds flair, mystery and charm to your image, not to mention style, elegance and femininity. There is a perception nowadays that only brave and stylish women wear hats, if you want to be one of these women – you can! Don’t let your doubt stop you being that woman! Finding the perfect hat for your outfit, and knowing the basic do’s and don’ts of wearing a hat is not easy and while this is by no means a comprehensive list, it will get you through. Remember, you are wearing the hat, not the other way around. Be confident and choose a style you are comfortable with. It needs to compliment your face, shape and height. If you’re tall, go for wider brims. Wide brimmed hats can dwarf slimmer mums, so if your frame is slender, don’t choose a hat that makes you look ‘lost’. Taller crowns and upturned brims provide the illusion of making the wearer appear taller, which means if you are conscious of being tall, a down-turned brim and shorter crown is the way to go. If you are short, consider a smaller structured creation. Be careful with your colour selections and matching of the hat to the outfit – a carefully selected hat will not just complement your outfit, but exponentially increase the effect of your outfit. A well put together ensemble from head to toe just oozes class, style and personality. If you are not certain, seek advice from those who are experienced in all facets of headwear and millinery.


The time of day you and your guests are wearing the hat should directly impact on the choice of headwear. As a rule of thumb, the size of the hat should decrease as the day progresses. Large brims are excessive and extravagant early in the morning or late in the evening because there is no need for them when the sun isn’t out. If the wedding is around midday through to midafternoon, your choices are only limited by your imagination. However, should the wedding be late afternoon or evening, a small cocktail or fascinator is perfect. While on the subject of size, the Mother of the Groom’s wedding hat should always be smaller than the one that the Mother of the Bride is wearing. This is a set rule, not only at weddings, but across all social situations - guests should never out-shine their hosts. Hats should be worn firmly in place, not placed tentatively on top of or at the back on the crown. Once in the correct position, they can be slightly angled to create a little mystery and interest. If in doubt, seek the advice of the milliner or shop assistant for advice. Women’s hats are fashion accessories and are part of their ensembles, so this means that ladies are not required to remove their hats when going indoors, be it the church, the reception or photos. As Mother of the Bride, you will dictate if and when others remove their hats by removing yours. If in doubt, see a hat and millinery specialist. Adelaide Hatters 47 Adelaide Arcade, Adelaide, SA, 5000 Phone: 08 82240131 email: web:

For the Mother of the Bride who appreciates style, quality and exceptional service. In the heart of the city, open 7 days. We are here for you.

47 Adelaide Arcade, Adelaide, SA, 5000 Phone: 08 82240131 email: web:


The Australian Bridal Fair

Before you say

“I do” take a walk down the aisle with us!

Even if you have visited us before come and see our brand new premises at 43 Goodwood Road, right opposite the Wayville Showgrounds. If you have just got engaged visit us first, we have lots of wedding reception ideas, plus everything to help you find Adelaide’s leading wedding suppliers. As the exhibition is unmanned you can take your time and wander around getting great ideas without the hassle of crowds or over enthusiastic sales people. We have new exhibitors joining us all of the time so don’t leave your planning till last minute. Many brides have come in and said “I wish I had come here first before I started any planning.” Save Time We know that you are time poor when there is so much to do to plan a wedding, so you will appreciate our service of centrally located meeting rooms where you can meet with your suppliers. Instead of having to track all over Adelaide on appointments you can meet with your favourite suppliers at one convenient location. When you have a wedding to plan time is precious

What is on show? Adelaide’s most comprehensive range of suppliers, with plenty of choices in every category. Whether you are just starting out or are down to the last few ideas before the big day, we have ideas and products that you probably haven’t even thought of, from design your own delicious hand made chocolates to individually designed, hand painted glassware. See the latest style in wedding gowns, table décor and delicious cakes that inspire. Come and see Video Guestbook or find that perfect wedding stationery on show to set the theme for your wedding or allow our stylists to design a special invitation just for you. Go to our website and look at all of our suppliers in our Directory.


Photos by photography mia

If you are planning your wedding day this is the place to go!

The Australian Bridal Fair

Before you say

“I do” take a walk down the aisle with us!

Come and see 100’s of ideas for your Wedding Day Adelaide’s only Permanent Bridal Fair Open every week of the year Wed to Sun 11 – 4pm


The Australian Bridal Fair 43 Goodwood Road Wayville (right opposite the Wayville Showgrounds) Telephone: (08) 8373 4442 Email Follow us on Facebook & Twitter

Gown – The Ultimate Bride

If you are planning your wedding day this is the place to go!


Groom It’s an easy thing to overlook the groom’s clothes amid the busy preparations taking place for the bride and bridesmaids.


lothes make the man” — So the saying goes. Choosing the right wedding atture for the groom is an important task. The choice of clothes for the groom can be just asdemanding as it is fo thr bride, thought should be given to the typre of attire to be worn well before the wedding and

Many stores carry brochures displaying the various styles of suits and accessories that are available for hire. It is a good idea to obtain one of these brochures early to formulate some ideas of what you want to wear on your wedding day. Formal wear companies generally carry good stocks of all types of wedding attire. They can also offer useful advice on the right type of suit for the occasion and acceptable combinations for the groom and his party.

not be left to the last minutes. Today’s grooms can take advantage of many options in Formal Wear. To choose your Formal Wear Supplier you will consider many things. Most importantly the range of styles and accessories, you must be sure of your final choice and to make sure you may need to try many different styles of both suits and accessories. If the theme of your wedding is traditional you can choose from the ever popular Tails and classic Dinner Suits or you may choose the current fashions which offer enormous flexibility. The perfect accessory completes the look and complements the bridal and bridesmaid’s gowns, so once again this may take some amount of looking and trying different suits, vests and neckwear, but is well worth the trouble as this can either make or break the overall look. Your Formal Wear Supplier should carry stock in all the latest fashion colours. Attention to detail is crucial when dressing a wedding party. You the customer must feel at ease and confident with the service you receive throughout your dealings with your chosen supplier. It is a huge benefit if you feel you are receiving quality service and advice with a commitment to make your wedding a huge success.


Shoes are important accessories. Remember to wear shoes a few times before the wedding to break them in and roughen the soles. Your shoes should be immaculate. Time spent cleaning and polishing will be well rewarded. Make sure that you set a standard for the groomsmen in their dress and presentation. Wedding photographs will tell the tale long after the day has past, so encourage everyone to prepare thoroughly. A nice touch might be to supply each groomsman with a pair of socks for the wedding. This will ensure that everyone’s socks match on the day. PREPARATIONS FOR THE DAY Unlike women, men tend to leave personal matters to the last minute. Often this leads to rushed or inadequate preparation on the day. Here are a few points that will have you prepared and feeling good for the big day. HAIR CARE You should choose a style that is easy to manage and will keep in place during the day. Talk with your

hairdresser a few months before the wedding and get some advice on the right style for you. Don’t walk into the hairdresser the day before the wedding and ask for a haircut – you may be disappointed with the results. Hair always looks better when it is cut regularly towards a certain style. You will be photographed more on your wedding day than any other day in your life. It makes great sense to prepare well, so that you are looking your best.

FRESH BREATH If you’ve been out the night before celebrating, it’s likely that your breath will not be that fresh on the day! When you get up, clean your teeth and use a mouthwash. Repeat the exercise before dressing for the wedding. A mouth spray is handy for your mouth feeling fresh for the whole day.

SKIN CARE There are many excellent skin care products available for men. If you have never used a facial moisturiser before, go to a department store and try one. You will be surprised at the difference it makes to the way your skin feels. You should apply a moisturiser regularly, especially after shaving, to help your skin retain its elasticity. Dry skin is uncomfortable and unsightly. You want to look and feel your best on your wedding day, so start preparing now! DEODORANTS AND SCENTS Choose a good deodorant for your wedding day – one that will keep you dry and smelling fresh throughout the proceedings. The kind of scent that you use is really a matter of personal choice. However, rather than using an ordinary aftershave choose an Eau de Toilet. You will find that an aftershave will lose its effectiveness after a few hours, an Eau de Toilet will remain effective for most of the day. SHAVING If you wet shave with a razor, make sure that you have a fresh blade ready for the wedding day. Take some time and shave slowly. Finally rinse your skin thoroughly and apply a moisturiser to make sure that your skin doesn’t dry and flake. Shaving should be the last thing that you do before dressing for the wedding. If you have the time, why not indulge in a professional shave at your local barber shop.

Photography by Glenn Hawke. Suit by Joseph Uzumcu.


Adelaide Kilt Hire & Scottish Shop

Kilt Hire, Celtic Jewellery, Tartans, Scottish gifts 647B Marion Road Ascot Park SA Ph 08 8277 5742 Mob 0412 336 763

Adelaide’s Best selection of Celtic Jewellery Beautifully made unique Wedding bands Stunning sterling silver Celtic earrings and pendants Visit us in store, or view our website Adelaide Kilt Hire & Scottish Shop p: 82938066 m: 0412336763



Joseph Uzumcu Joseph Uzumcu, Adelaide’s premium suit, tie and footwear store offers an extensive range of imported suits and accessories for hire. Suits for hire are made from the same quality wool fabrics that we select for our clients when purchasing a suit. Our contemporary suits are designed to provide elegance, style and comfort.

Photography by Glenn Hawke

Select from our extensive range of ready made suits or consult our in house tailor to create that perfect look for your special day. Come in, relax and we will take the guess work out of coordinating your suits for your wedding party hire. We have one of the largest ranges of suits to hire or purchase. Open 7 Days

Joseph Uzumcu

36 Gawler Place, Adelaide 5000 (08) 8232 5400




ADELAIDE 30 Grenfell Street Ph. 8211 7170

CLOVELLY PK 1190 South Road Ph. 8177 0766

MODBURY 966 North East Road Ph. 8396 1188

PARAFIELD Cnr Main North Road & Kings Road Ph. 8283 3626


Luxury Limousines For your Wedding


★ Special Occasions ★ Weddings ★ Winery Tours ★ School Formals

T: 08 8333 0522 M: 0418 836 911


First lasting Memories FirstImpressions Impressions are are lasting Memories SA’s & ON ONE LY!

Designer Jewellery Bridal Designer Jewelery Available 22xx1111 Seater Super Super Stretch Stretch Seater S MercedesMercedes Sedan 1 Class x S Class Sedan

ExclusiveLincoln LincolnTowncars Towncars Exclusive with fibre optic lighting, with fibre optic lighting, mirrored ceiling etc. mirrored ceiling etc.

> Red > ComplimentaryBeer, RedCarpet CarpetService Service Complimentary Beer,

* Champagne Champagne and and Soft Soft Drinks Drinks

The Prestige Be Seen in OurCompany Limousines

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Etiquette This list will prove helpful for those wishing for a more traditional wedding — Of course feel free to add your own personality to it!


• Decides on date, time and formality of the wedding. • Books the reception venue or caterer. • Books photographer/videographer. • Chooses her attendants. • Chooses wedding stationery in association with her mother. • Chooses the wedding cake. • Chooses the wedding dress and accessories. • Engages a florist. • Chooses her going away outfit. • Plans and selects dresses and accessories for her attendants. • Prepares a gift list. • Writes thank you notes for gifts received. • Arranges rehearsals.

THE GROOM • Chooses the engagement and wedding rings in association with his bride to be. • Plans clothes for himself and the groomsmen. • Checks all legal and practical details of the wedding. • Chooses bestman, groomsmen and ushers. • Makes all the arrangements for the honeymoon. • Checks travel document details. • Arranges transport to the Church/venue. • Selects going away outfit. • Arranges for any fees to be paid after the wedding ceremony. • Arranges for corsages for both mothers. • Arranges for buttonholes for groomsmen, ushers and both fathers. • Buys gifts for attendants. BRIDE’S MOTHER • Arranges the guest list. • Orders the wedding stationery in association with her daughter. • Sends out the invitations. • Keeps a note of replies. • Sends out pieces of cake to those who were unable to attend. 64

• Arranges for the cleaning of the gown after the wedding. BRIDE’S FATHER • Accompanies the bride to the Church. • Gives the bride away. THE BEST MAN

• Arranges the stag night. • Instructs the ushers in their duties. • Takes responsibility for the wedding rings. • Makes sure that the groom arrives on time. • Makes payment of fees after the ceremony. • Makes sure that all guests have transport to the reception. • May act as master of ceremonies at the reception. • He makes a speech and reads out telegrams and cards from those unable to attend. • Makes sure that there is somewhere for the bride and groom to change. • Takes charge of the groom’s clothes when changed and returns them to the store. • Ensures that transport is arranged to take the bride and groom to their hotel or other destination.

CHIEF BRIDESMAID • Helps the bride to dress on the morning of the wedding. • Arranges for bride’s going away outfit to be taken to reception. • Carries supplies for bride (handkerchief, spare tights, make-up etc.) • Takes charge of young attendants • Takes charge of the bride’s dress after she has changed and gives it to the bride’s mother. THE USHERS • Show guests arriving at the Church/venue to their seats. • Supplies orders of service to bridal party and minister or celebrant. • Help the best man to arrange transport for guests to the reception.

Photograph by James Field

WHO PAYS FOR WHAT? Traditionally, it is the family of the bride who meet most of the costs of the wedding. Today, however, there is a growing trend towards sharing the costs between both families. The traditional list that follows is meant as a guide only and should be tailored to your own personal situation. You may find it helpful to sit down and use the list as a starting point for your planning. THE GROOM • Engagement and wedding rings for the bride. • Fees for Church, organist, choir etc. • Transport for himself and the bestman to the Church or venue. • Corsages for his own mother and the mother of the bride. • Buttonholes for himself, the groomsmen, both fathers and the ushers. • Gift for the bride. • Presents for all of the attendants. • The honeymoon. • The bride’s bouquet. THE BRIDE

• Flowers for herself and the bridesmaids. • Groom’s Wedding ring. • The trousseau. • Gift for the groom.

THE BRIDE’S FAMILY • Engagement notice • Engagement party • Wedding stationery • Flowers & decorations for Church & Reception • The wedding cake

• • • • •

The wedding reception The photographer The videographer The bridal gown The wedding cars

THE GROOM’S FAMILY Drinks at the engagement party and the wedding reception. It may be decided to share the costs of the wedding between both families. In this arrangement the groom’s family should discuss their contribution with

the family of the bride, allowing them to take the lead in the arrangements. THE GROOMSMAN

• Their own suit-hire and accessories • The bucks night party • The bridesmaids • The bridal shower • Their own dresses and accessories • The hen’s night party

TRADITIONAL RECEIVING LINE Mother of the bride, Father of the groom, Mother of the groom, Father of the bride, Bride, Groom, Maid or matron of honor, Best man (optional), Bridesmaids SEATING AT THE MAIN TABLE The correct order for seating at the main table is the bride and groom sit together, usually in the middle of the table. The best man is seated next to the groom and the maid of honour next to the bride. Any additional attendants are seated either side of the best man or bride. This can be alternated with the attendants seated groomsman-bridesmaidgroomsman-bridesmaid. Junior honor attendants typically sit with their parents, not at the head table. TOASTS AND SPEECHES • The loyal toast (Queen or Country) • Speech by family member, Minister or friend concerning the bride and groom. • Toast to the bridal couple • Response by bridegroom • Toast to the bridesmaids • Response by bestman • Toast to parents of bride • Response by bride’s father • Toast to parents of groom

‘Everybody Deserves A Little Silver Service’






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New Studio

Where you will find Beautiful Glassware Hand Painted By Monique

Exclusive Collection & Specialised Service

Transforming any Combination and Quantity of Glassware for Your Special Day • • • • •

New Studio full of Inspiration and colour Now Hiring Table Decorations and Centre Pieces Colour Matching Personalising Toasting Flutes, Stemware, Shot Glasses, Vases, Candle Holders & Votives, Mirrors and so much more. Free Design Set up

Shop 2 /11 West Beach Rd West beach M: 0448 308 095 E: Facebook: In a Spin Nique’s Way Monday & Tuesday: By appointment Wednesday: Friday 10am – 5.30pm Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 6pm





Wedding Cake When it comes to choosing your wedding cake, the sky is the limit, with so many more options available to couples today.

Wedding cakes have changed so much over the

years, gone are the days of fruit cake being your only choice. Brides are experiencing the pleasure of being able to have exactly what they want. This explains why “Death By Chocolate” cakes are so popular......What girl doesn’t like chocolate!! We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you on your way to booking the wedding cake of your dreams. The size of the cake you require depends a lot on how your cake will be served. If it is being served as the dessert you will need to allow for a generous slice of cake whereas if you already have dessert as part of your package, You will only need small coffee or “finger” slices for your guests to enjoy cut up and served on platters or to take home in cake bags or even noodle style boxes. Cupcakes are perfect for cocktail receptions or to save on a cake cutting fee if your venue has additional costs to do this. They can also be a lovely way of incorporating your bonboniere as guests can take a boxed cupcake home as their gift from you. We recommend doing your ground work well before the big day by getting a few quotes, visiting cake showrooms, looking at previous designs and commendations and naturally trying some of the cake flavours. Check if your decorator requires you to make an appointment so you can meet with them to discuss styles, sizing, flavours and price. To avoid the disappointment of not having the decorator of your choice book sooner rather than later. Six months to a year is ideal, especially if your wedding is in peak wedding season such as October or March. Traditional icing, also known as fondant or sugar icing, is becoming increasingly popular. Coloured icing using edible lustres and shimmers are also a recent trend as well as bold colours such as vibrant red icing to elegant turquoise and emerald shades. By far the most featured 70

theme this season is the classic black and white with bling and diamantes also adorning cakes all over Adelaide. White and dark chocolate is as popular as ever due to the fact that you can almost be completely guaranteed that everyone loves chocolate. Browsing the internet is a fantastic way of researching cake designs and cake shops. There are some key facts to keep in mind whilst browsing websites, • Does the website have a shop you can visit to view their facilities? • If they are “At Home” decorators, do they meet with industry. standards such as insurance and council approval? • Does their pricing structure reflect factors such as not having the same overheads as that of a professional cake decorator or bakery? It is reassuring to know that professionals have a team of staff and decorators to oversee the production and delivery of your piece of art. Remember when deciding who will make your wedding cake that price is usually a good indicator of quality and always “try before you buy”. It is equally as important that your cake looks good but it must also taste wonderful for all of your guests to enjoy. A lot of grooms ask us “what factors influence the price of the cake?” We explain that the time it takes to decorate the cake is a big influence (aside from the actual making and baking of the cake). Fine sugar work, intricate piping and hand moulded sugar flowers take the decorator many hours and also the level of skill required to create your centrepiece is also a factor.

Heath and Amanda Piper of Sugar & Spice Cakes

ge s pa to k ho oo 0 p eb 00 ac r 1 r F ve ou o sit ew Vi vi to

3 Tier Wedding Cake

$595 Delicious works of art.....


SUGAR & SPICE CAKES 190 Goodwood Road, Millswood | t 08 8172 1078


Festival Centre

King William Road Adelaide SA 5000



Imagine your special day in the heart of the city and the heart of the arts in South Australia. Adelaide Festival Centre is an expert in presenting world class events, including Adelaide Cabaret Festival, OzAsia Festival and biennial Adelaide International Guitar Festival plus a year long season of world class theatre, dance and music. So why not let us create a world class event for you and ensure your wedding is remembered for years to come? Whether it be an intimate cocktail party or an elegant seated reception, Adelaide Festival Centre can cater for 50 to 450 guests and offers unique facilities with iconic views of Elder Park and the River Torrens that complement any style of celebration. The centre’s surroundings provide a perfect opportunity for unique photographs, with an abundance of natural light or a backdrop of city lights. This distinctive location combined with a focus on Mediterranean cuisine and a selection of quality South Australian beverages will ensure your guests’ expectations are exceeded. Our in-house catering team has the expertise, resources and creative flair along with unique inspirational spaces and entertainment ideas to make your wedding reception a stunning event. For further information on what Adelaide Festival Centre can do for you, contact our Function Sales Department

Guests Up to 450



Rooms 2


Cuisine Mediterranean

The ultimate setting,

expertise and creative flair

to make your special day unique

08 8216 8633



Reception Questions to consider when planning your reception.

WHAT style of meal shall I choose? You will need to consider several factors such as the number of guests, your budget, room size, guests with physical requirements, format and atmosphere desired. Three main function formats are used and differ mainly in the style of food served and duration of event: Cocktail – this relaxed format enables guests to interact easily, with canapé style food served by waiters or on platters. Buffet – more formal seated room layout but retains informal eating format, usually providing only main and dessert food options from a self service buffet. A-la-carte / seated – formal room layout and requires designated seating, with meal choices from three courses (entree, main and dessert). Check with venue if meals are served alternate drop or choice. What should my guests do between the ceremony and reception? If you are having your ceremony and reception at the same venue, consider opening the bar earlier for guests to purchase drinks while you are having photos. Depending on the duration, you may also wish to provide nibbles for this time. It is important to consult with the venue on any prerequisites for food and drinks. If you are having your ceremony and reception in different venues, it is up to the guests what they do in between. Do not forget to mention it on your wedding invites so guests are aware of the arrangement. How many tables should I use? This will be venue specific as some rooms are better suited to more tables with less at each table, and other rooms are restricted to a certain amount of tables with more people on them. Check with your venue if there is a maximum or minimum number of tables for your room. 74

The number of tables used will also depend on the style of function – cocktail vs a-la-carte. How many people are on a table? Most commonly anywhere from 8 to 12 people, including all the numbers in between. You do not have to have the same amount of people on each table, and do not forget to allow room for the dance floor if you are having one, as this may determine how many people you need to have on each table. Should I include High Chairs and Prams as positions? Yes, highchairs definitely need to be allocated a position. Whilst the child is small, the highchair itself is quite large and requires similar amount of space as a chair. Check with the venue as to the number available and label them clearly on your seating plan. Prams may or may not require a position, but remember to check with the parents if they will need the child to be close to the table to feed them. If they are happy for the child to be in the pram behind them they do not need a position. Do I need to worry about dietary requirements? When printing your invitations please ask your guests to also indicate any dietary requirements. Most venues can cater for dietary requirements when it has been prearranged but it becomes difficult if this information is only provided to the venue on the night of the function. Commonly when you provide the venue with your final numbers you also notify them of any dietary requirements.

Adelaide’s Best Kept Secret! Be stunned by our 4.5 acres of lush picturesque gardens and sweeping drive ways. Within close proximity of the city, Sunnybrae is a surprising garden sanctuary and an idyllic setting for your wedding. Celebrate your union in the beautiful grounds and retreat into your intimate reception room. At Sunnybrae, we understand that it is your day and we help to make your dreams come true.

Tikalara Street, Regency Park

P: (08) 8346 8806



For bookings and appointment please phone: 08 8294 4415

Spe off-se cial & Sunason da rates y apply


4 3 G o o d w o o d R o a d , Wa y v i l l e S A 5 0 3 4 p (08) 8359 8760 m 0401 314 867



Contact Rocco or Bettina p. (08) 8266 1052 m. 0407 00 1957 e. 1957 Stretch Limousine Available Soon!



Chevy Hire Est.1987

Adelaide Chevy Hire 79



Today’s modern bride now has a varied choice in her selection of wedding transport . . . Something old, something new, the choice is up to you! WHEN choosing your vehicle it is essential to view the cars in person and also to actually sit in the car. Only then will you appreciate the room and comfort you can expect on your wedding day. Bookings should be made well in advance with a holding deposit to secure your booking. Licensed Chauffeur Vehicles are registered, insured and inspected to keep them in pristine condition for your special day. So check the licensed vehicle number plate and make sure you are booking a professional company. Try and ensure you make enough time for a smooth flowing day. Always remember to ask your photographer how long they require the cars for your photo shoot and what locations they have in mind. You will need more time than you think. Memorable images of your special day take time. It is always a good idea when the bride is to be collected, that driveways and garden paths are kept clean and clear, to protect the bride’s wedding dress and veil, and allow enough space for the bridal cars on arrival. Check whether a red carpet service is provided – with ribbons, tulle and if it appears to be a rainy day whether large umbrellas are available. Some limousine companies provide an esky service for the bridal party, but if the family photo session is large, then perhaps the bridal party could delegate to a friend,


or relative, to set up a drink and food table, at the photo location. Check to see whether charges start from when the bride is collected until arriving at the reception venue as some companies charge base to base fee. Always check if permits are required at your designated photo location as some parks and gardens require special permits to be displayed on wedding vehicles. Our fleet of Jaguars varies from 5 to 9 seater vehicles and you can browse our website and photo gallery on You can also personally visit our showroom by appointment on 8296 6882. So if you want something old and something new call Classic Jags just for you! Kind regards and congratulations on your choice. Stan, Sally and Jamie Grafton Classic Jags Limousines PO Box 178, Brighton Tel: 08 8296 6882 Mob: 0417 88 31 99

• Olde English White 1950 Mark V Jaguars • Royal Daimler 9 seaters • ABIA voted # 1 Jaguar Company, 2009, 2010 • 8 vehicles to choose from, including 9 seaters • Air-conditioned comfort P.O. Box 178 Brighton SA 5048 Phone 08 8296 6882 - Mobile 0417 88 31 99

Saundersons Florists

155 Marion Road Richmond Ph: 8443 5265

82 82

Mention this add to receive 10% off any wedding package and A DVD Slideshow with the purchase of any wedding package (valued at $300)

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Flowers Flowers are nature’s gifts to the senses; objects of beauty and symbols of life and love.

THE role of the florist in your wedding is to artistically

transform your personal style and ideas with flowers. Floristry has developed over the years, from a mere accent through weddings, to a must have designer item. Femininity is back in both fashion and flowers, and you are no longer restricted to one particular flower choice for your bouquet. Flowers have the ability to give that extra feeling ambiance and beauty. Current trends all across Adelaide include: • Soft, passionate bouquets in champagne, white and light pink colours, with Peonies, David Austin roses, lisianthus and soft Ecuadorian roses, for that ‘Modern Vintage’ style. • Classic, elegant looks of white and green hues, with roses and white Singapore orchids, or white calla lilies. These floral choices have been popular with ‘Ebony and Ivory’ colour themes. • Unstructured bouquets of ‘fresh’ garden flowers, with a ‘just picked’ simplicity, in soft greens, whites, creams and mauves. This style of bouquet complements a ‘Fresh Garden’ theme perfectly. • Romantic red rose bouquets – an everlasting symbol of love which remains very popular, adorned with diamantes to give that ‘Romantic Glam’ look. Themes will always be a significant aspect of wedding planning; beginning with colour and venue choice, it continues through to dresses, suits and shoes, to flowers, decorations, cakes and cars. Your personal style and preferred mood for the day will play a large part in your flower choice. A big part of the florist’s job is understanding your personality, style and desires, as these will be translated for you with flowers; after thorough research and ‘shopping around’, choose a florist who you feel confident in and comfortable with. A general rule of thumb – begin discussing your plans once you’ve finalised the bridal party’s colours, and aim to choose your florist around six months before your wedding. This will ease the


consultancy process and save you stress in the long term! A good wedding florist will go that extra mile to create the flowers of your dreams – working to your budget, shipping from interstate or internationally if necessary or - if the situation arises - substituting with confidence. Additionally, a good florist will keep in close contact with their brides, talking about the flower’s quality at market, and confirming delivery times and locations. When choosing your flowers, consider the following: • The kind of flowers you’re interested in and their seasonal availability. Many brides have had their floral dreams shattered by unavailability, as their blooms were out of season or of sub-par quality. Don’t let this be you! • What floral creations are you interested in – bouquets, buttonholes and flowers for the family, or floral arrangements for the church, cake, reception and table centrepieces. The options are endless, and a florist will happily discuss these with you, following the themes of the wedding. • The sizing of your bouquet and the bridesmaid’s bouquets. If your dress is highly detailed, you wouldn’t want your flowers to compete for attention, or disappear entirely from view behind a large ‘Cinderella’ style dress; aim for something to complement both your height and build and the design of your dress. • Book a consultation. Florists are busy people, and this will allow them to set aside time to focus all their attention on you and your wedding. Bring anything which may assist the florist in understanding your creative vision – photos of bouquets, fabric samples, invitations, anything

“Flowers capture the spirit of the moment. Your challenge is delightful, you simply have to lavish your wedding day with their beauty�

Bay Junction Florist 97 Jetty Road Glenelg ph: 08 8294 1633


P&K Limousines

11 seater Chrysler 300c Limousines, White Chrysler 300c Sedan • Full Red Carpet Service • Sedans also available

Phone 82880666 or Mobile 0403 03 1629 Po Box 1165 Golden Grove Village SA 5125

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• 10 passenger Luxury Super Stretch Limousines • Full Red Carpet Service • Fully Uniformed Chauffeurs • Ask about our ‘Book Today’ special Email:

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Latest model Chrysler limousine

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Just Wedding Flowers

Shona Henderson Photography

Just Wedding Flowers Designed by Norma Russo

The Wedding Specialists (Consultation by appointment)

Just Wedding Flowers

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Photo courtesy of Luke Simon Photography

Breathtaking views and modern facilities, all in a central location make Glenelg Golf Club the ideal setting for your special occasion.

To arrange a meeting with our Events Manager or to view our venue, please call us on (08) 8295 3793 or email us at For package details, testimonials, terms & conditions and more, please visit our website - James Melrose Road Novar Gardens SA 5040 | P (08) 8295 3793 | F (08) 8294 8894 | | 91

Photo courtesy of Luke Simon Photography

The ultimate setting


Photographer In these days of digital photography, do I need a professional photographer on my wedding day?


N these days of digital photography it’s fairly common to have family and friends at a wedding trying to grab as many shots as they can especially around the ceremony and at the reception. I totally understand this, and the day isn’t about the photographer, it’s about the couple, their family and friends. We expect that there will be people taking photos and it can even add to the atmosphere as the “paparazzi” jostle for a great shot of the bride & groom. The professional is shooting for the light, the expression, the interaction and “the look” and because amateurs don’t see what a professional sees through the lens, I just don’t understand why someone would risk having anyone but a professional photographer capture their day. An experienced, professional photographer will not only know how to capture all those special moments - they’ll know Nu Image Photography. how to encourage and create them, so that you end up with images that are fun, romantic and show all the emotion of the day. Photographers can shoot in only one specific style and there are photographers who shoot in a variety of different styles and those that are the real innovators who create their own style. The most popular styles of wedding photography in today’s market are as follows: Photojournalistic A style of photography that ‘tells a story’ or narrates the journey of the bride and grooms wedding day, it is a very popular style of wedding photography and captures moments without being obtrusive to the bridal party and your wedding guests. The photographer tries to not get in the way of the story as it unfolds and you barely know he is there. The photographer responds to events as they unfold and they don’t like to ‘set up’ photographic moments. The images then are unpredictable and natural, documenting the emotions and energy around the day, without poses. It is a true record of your special day and is great for couples that feel uncomfortable being photographed. 92

Traditional This style of photography takes skill to do well. It requires good lighting skills and backgrounds that are tightly controlled by the photographer resulting in well exposed images. This style requires the Bride and Groom to spend time getting their photographs taken. Most couples can ask for a mixture of the traditional and a more candid, photojournalistic photography and a good professional photographer should be able to provide both. Illustrative This style is influenced by fashion, editorial and lifestyle photography and is the newest style to break into the wedding market. It’s a modern and fun way to photograph a wedding resulting in artistic wedding images. These photographers are usually artistic, creative and skilled technically and your photos will be taken in settings of great composition, colour and backgrounds. Your photographer will provide direction but will also encourage the Bridal party to interact naturally giving a more spontaneous feel to photos. If your 1st choice photographer is already booked on your chosen day, ask them to recommend someone that is recognised, experienced and a member of the AAPP or AIPP. It’s too late afterwards to ask a professional to try and salvage what a family member or friend who is “in to photography ” has done to someone’s wedding photos – usually it ’s not a good outcome and can be a very expensive option. Why not go into your wedding relaxed and confident by choosing a professional? Once the food has been eaten, the honeymoon’s over and the dress packed away, ONLY your photos are left. By all means, have your friends and family capture a few shots but don’t depend on them for the main photos of your day - Better still, let your family & friends relax and enjoy the day in the knowledge that a professional is there to record every great moment. Encourage your guests to eat, drink and be merry and to help you celebrate the occasion – that’s what your wedding should be all about.


Stylist & Hire Every couple dreams of having the perfect wedding. But it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Every couple dreams of having the perfect wedding.

A wonderful day that provides an opportunity for family and friends to gather together and celebrate the start of a new life together for two people in love. That vision that reflects the happy couple must also work within a budget, and with over 50% of couples spending more than they intended on their wedding, it’s important to keep a level head to avoid going from ‘I do’ to ‘in debt’. Some of the most expensive items on your ‘to do list’ are likely to be your venue; food and beverages for your guests; your photographer, flowers and the styling and décor. It can be a challenge to create the unique look that you are after while sticking to a budget. With a little professional help, your dream can become a reality and your budget can remain intact! So where to start when designing the look and feel of your wedding? Magazines like this one can be a great source of inspiration. Think about the things that you love to share…are you foodies or do you love nothing more than to relax with a bowl of popcorn and a movie. Perhaps the beach or the country is a special place for you both. All of these details from your life can form the basis for a wonderful wedding design. Next consider what your budget is likely to be and the items that are absolutely essential to make your day special…perhaps you have always wanted to get married under an arch decorated with frangipani flowers on the beach? Whatever venue you choose for your reception, it will often be a blank canvas just waiting for your inspiration to turn it into something that is uniquely and beautifully yours. Every location, be it a winery, home, restaurant or specialist venue will have its own features and benefits which can be drawn out with careful planning and 94

design. Any less than ideal aspects can be minimised in the same way. An experienced hire consultant and stylist can be an invaluable resource when it comes to getting the most from your chosen space. Now it’s time to decide how much help you would like and to consult some experts to bring your dreams to life. That’s where Brighton Bridal and Gifts come in. At Brighton Bridal and Gifts we provide you with all the tools to give your big day an elegant, personal and designer look, but at a fraction of the cost. We offer a complete in store styling service, taking your vision and putting together a look just for you using our extensive range of décor and accessories. We can even create bespoke pieces just for your wedding. You can hire: • Arches • Pedestals • Urns • Blackboards • Easels

• Chair covers/Sashes • Wishing Wells • Treasure Chests • Present Boxes • Bird Cages

Our in store florist specializes in real touch latex and silk flowers. Bouquets and table centrepieces are made to order. Candy Buffet, Jar hire, Supply of sweets and decoration to order, all packed and ready for you to collect. Let us help you put the look together, pack up your desired items and then YOU collect and display your pieces. Friends and family are often happy to help you set up and will love being involved in creating your special day. We have a beautiful showroom which you are welcome to browse 7 days a week and a team of experienced and enthusiastic wedding stylists that are pleased to attend to your every need. Call in and see what we can do for you at Brighton Bridal and Gifts.

We hire: • Arches • Pedestals • Urns • Blackboards • Easels • Chair Covers/ Sashes • Table Centrepieces • Wishing Wells • Treasure Chests • Present Boxes • Bird Cages

Our in store florist specialises in real touch latex and silk flowers. Bouquets and table centrepieces are made to order. Candy Buffet, Jar hire, Supply of sweets, and decoration to order, all packed ready for you to collect.

Conveniently located on the corner of Brighton & Jetty Rds at Brighton Ph: 8296 2926 Email:


The Wedding

Celebrant Many Western nations permit celebrants who are not clergy to carry out legal, marriage ceremonies

Australia was the first nation whose government

appointed non-clergy celebrants with the specific intention that they would create ceremonies that would not be inferior in status to church weddings. If you are planning to marry, you are required to lodge a notice of intended marriage with your chosen Celebrant at least one month and up to 18 months before the wedding. On the wedding day you will be required to sign three certificates — the Marriage Register (Celebrants copy),

Adelaide & Hills Celebrant Services

As the name suggests I conduct ceremonies all over

Adelaide and the beautiful Adelaide Hills. I would love the opportunity to work with you to design a ceremony that is unique to you. I place a lot of importance on attention to detail and I believe in providing excellence in customer service. Whether it is a ceremony involving just a few people or a few hundred, it can be whatever you both want it to be. Our first meeting is a free, no obligation chat to get to know each other and discuss your ideas and how you would like your special day to unfold. I would be delighted to be part of your wedding day or other special occasion. Please contact me by phone or email to arrange a time to meet to discuss your ceremony.

Sylvia Ann Payne CMC (Dip. Cel) Reg. No: A8934 Ph: 0429 615 005 or 08 8388 0588 Email: 96

one for Births Deaths and Marriages, to register your wedding, and one copy for yourselves. You will also require two witnesses who are over the age of 18. Celebrants officiate at personalized civil-secular, nondenominational, religious, spiritual and multicultural wedding ceremonies. Your Celebrant will help you create a ceremony that reflects the beliefs and traditions you find important. A good celebrant will work with you to co-create a ceremony that at the end of your day when you are finally Mr and Mrs, will know that it was everything they wanted – your perfect ceremony.

Chris McRae

Chris McRae “Your Wedding” Civil Marriage Celebrant will guide you and listen to what your wishes and hopes for your special day are: He is - PERSONALISED - With the “feel good” factor for all; SINCERE - He cares about the importance of your special day; ADAPTABLE/FLEXIBLE - Having officiated in many weddings in diverse settings for people from all walks of life( and handles the unplanned moments with calm aplomb) ;EXPERIENCED - but still relishes a new challenge; MEMORABLE - for the right reasons! Chris McRae is well regarded as a Civil Celebrant for all occasions, attested to in the many testimonials he receives.

Ph: 0408 890232 or 8344 3832 email:

Magic Moments Weddings

Hello my name is Ann and I would love to be a part

of your magic moment for weddings the way you want them with all the help you need. I love meeting people and putting you at ease about your wedding day it can be a stressful time and I am there to help you every step of the way. Whatever style of wedding you desire, I will help make your day a wonderful, special time so that you will look back on this day in years to come and truly appreciate that it was indeed a Magic Moment! On this web site I give you some idea of who I am and what I do - but remember, this special time in your lives should be as unique as you are. I will help you create a truly special occasion.

Mark Bassett

I am both flexible and creative and able to provide a range of ceremonies to meet your individual needs.

Whatever your location, I will work with you to create a service that reflects your individuality. I am happy to meet as many times as you feel comfortable, and am able to offer a rehearsal ceremony if you wish. I have a warm and fun loving personality and would be delighted to be part of your wedding day. Please feel welcome to contact me for an obligation free meeting.

Mark Bassett

Edwardstown, South Australia

Ph: 0411122124 or 0883271030

08 8371 1547 or 0421 216 896

Michelle Ware

Paula Reid


our Wedding Ceremony is important to me; I will ensure it is a beautiful day for you both, your family and guests. I am very passionate about every ceremony, and will create a professional, personalised and relaxed ceremony, ensuring that your wedding day is a most memorable and enjoyable occasion. Every ceremony I create is unique and will reflect on your personalities, including helping you write your own vows. I am also prepared to travel to wherever your venue is. Your wedding day will be a special day that will be always remembered.

Michelle Ware, Magill/Port Elliot Ph: 0412 361791


ITH a passion to creating a unique experience for every couple, Paula is committed to delivering a professional ceremony that is tailored to meet their expectations. Her focus is on understanding the couple to reflect their personalities through her service and to represent their wishes for their special day. She takes the time to get to know each couple and to build a rapport which is reflected throughout the ceremony, without exception a warm and personalised occasion, to be remembered. If you think Paula is the Celebrant for you, contact her now! She would love to meet you both! Member of Association of Civil Celebrants South Australia Inc. Member of Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants.

Phone: 0413 623 343 or 8272 8210


Love is . . . Love is patient, Love is kind.

It does not envy, It does not boast, It is not proud. It does not dishonor others, It is not self-seeking, It is not easily angered, It keeps no record of wrongs Love does not delight in evil, But rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, Always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. Paul


Ph: 0413 706 470 or 0405 378 765

Intimacy Detail Love Anticipation

Never miss a moment

Tosch Photography 100

0401 090 615

ALL ENQUIRIES: Impressive Exhibitions Pty Ltd P: 02 9997 4864 E: W:

Image thanks to Glenn Hawke Photography. Dates correct at time of print. Please check the website for any updates. 101


Flower Guide JANUARY

Agapanthers Alstomeria Antheriums Blue Belles Calla Lilly Carnations Chrysanthemums Cornflowers Cymbidium Orchids Daffodils Daisies Frangipani Freesias Gardinias Gerberas Gladiolas Gypsophila Hyacinths Iris Jonquilles Lavender Lizzyanthers Misty Blue Narienes November Lillies Oriental Lillies Phlanopsis Orchids Queen Fabiola Roses Singapore Orchids Slipper Orchids Snow Drops Stephanotis Tiger Lillies Tulips Violets Greenery available all year Tropical leaves Asp Fern Leather Fern 102





Fresh flowers for your wedding are the most economical choice and often the most beautiful. This guide shows seasonal availablity. JUNE









Every couple has a dream image in their mind of how they would like their wedding ceremony to look. WHETHER formal elegance or casual chic, understated or ‘over the top’ the decor you choose will very easily convey to your guests how you wish them to celebrate and remember your wedding day. Choice of the room decor should have the biggest overall impact on your guests, so should be carefully selected. Some questions and pointers that should be considered when making your decision; Ceremony Decoration • White Americana chairs are now synonymous. They are contemporary yet classic and are quickly becoming known as the ‘wedding’ chair. For a different look, black Americana’s are also available. Red and white carpets can also be sourced, all coming together to create a backdrop for your important choice of flowers. Nothing says ‘wedding’ as much as white floating fabrics tied to pews and alters, creating a cost effective and pretty display. Reception Decorations •Do the colours in the room and venue complement the colours of your wedding? • Do you want the colours of your bridal party continued through decor? • Do you wish to enhance the room by using colours already used in the decor? Or do you want the room to be neutralized? •What types of chairs are at the venue and what are the best covers for them? Do the chairs even need to be covered? Generally a fitted cover is far superior to a loose draped cover, as it does not move on the chair. • Is the lighting adequate? Do you wish to include additional themed lighting, to create further romantic ambiance? 104

• Are candles allowed in the venue and are naked flames and candle wax also allowed? Battery operated candles are a perfect and effective alternative. •W  hat type of table centre piece do you like? Remember to consider its height, keeping them rather low will allow for easy conversation over the centre pieces. Or raise the height so candles are above eye level and conversation. Some Examples of centre pieces Low: Float bowls, T-lights and Floral center pieces Tall: Candelabras, Tall cone vases, Martini vases, table lamps, mosaic lamps, crystal lamps, silver and gold candelabras. Gorgeous table liners can add another dimension to your wedding venue. From crisp white to beautiful pattern overlays, the choice is yours. Chaircovers Over All has been decorating the receptions of South Australia’s brides now for 15 years and even so, every wedding is still uniquely different. The Overall Chaircover was unveiled all that time ago, as the mainstay of their collection. This particular cover fits all chairs that do not have arms. It is now used extensively by many businesses because of its diversity. But that is just the beginning as now most chairs can be covered with a fitted cover in a choice of many colours, fabrics and styles. The consultants at Chaircovers know all the best covers for most venues, and can advise you on what covers can best suit other venues. Exchanges of information can be done over email, providing you with images and ideas. If ever in doubt, feel free to bring a chair into our showroom for a fitting.

Sitting Pretty on Fullarton

Spe c ia lisin g in :


98 Fullarton Rd, Norwood, SA 5067 Phone: 08 8364 7211 Fax: 08 8364 7244 h e a th e r @c h a ir c o v e rs.c o m .a u w w w .c h a ir c o v e rs.c o m .a u

South largest range range of South Australia’s Australia’s largest of

CChaircovers h a i r c o v e r s | SSashes a s h e s | Ta b l e Linen L i n e n | Centre-pieces Centre-pieces Table

PTY LTD AA leading leading supplier supplier of of the the Australian AustralianNetwork Network of ofWedding Wedding Professionals Professionals 74 The Parade, Norwood SA 5067 5067 pp08 088364 8362 7211 0772 98 Fullarton Road, Norwood We are located on the corner of Fullarton Road and William Street.

Celebrate the most important day of your life in the picturesque surroundings of

The Old Clarendon Inn.

Historic and Picturesque function centre with your choice of ceremonial gardens and unique reception rooms. Situated in the country town of Clarendon, only 30 minutes from the CBD, The Old Clarendon Inn promises to make your wedding day memorable for all the right reasons. Offering 2 ceremonial gardens for your vows and stunning photographic locations whilst your guests enjoy pre dinner drinks before celebrating your reception in one of three unique rooms. Let The Old Clarendon Inn design a package to leave your guests in awe. Grants Gully Road Clarendon SA 5157 8383 6166

mariavozzo floral designer

Wedding Hire • Church & Reception • Chair Covers • Flowers 185 Port Road, Hindmarsh. / p - (08) 8241 7977 / e - /

Maria Vozzo Floral Designer


The Company

Marquee Wedding Specialists enquiries: S.A. Family owned business Est.1992 ph 0414 370 818 109

Wedding Celebrat ion


How to choose the best wedding caterer and wedding menu. Y

OUR catering costs will typically be the largest part of your wedding budget and the following tips can help make sure your wedding menu truly reflects your tastes and styles on your big day. There is no longer such a thing as the typical wedding, so you want every aspect of your special day to perfectly reflect your personality as a couple, and your wedding menu is no exception. Learn how to choose a wedding caterer who has the same exacting standards for quality as you do, and how to tailor your wedding menu to suit your theme, your venue, your guests and of course you. HOW TO CHOOSE A WEDDING CATERER Catering companies are only able to schedule one to two events on each date. To avoid your ideal caterer being booked up on your wedding date, make your booking with them at least eight to 12 months in advance. To find out more about a wedding caterer, look at: • Whether they can cater to the number of guests you have invited. • Make sure they can cater to special food requirements such as vegan, vegetarian, celiac and different cultural and religious backgrounds. • Children’s menus, pricing and seating. • What the food servers will be wearing, whether that fits with your theme or if your theme can be incorporated. • Details of the menu inclusions for example, vegetables and salads, bread and butter. • Whether alcohol can be organised through your caterer, in which case they will need a liquor license. Also ask about supplying your own alcohol which can often be an option at a private venue or marquee wedding. Next you will want to consider if the caterer’s style, suits your own personal tastes and your wedding theme. 110

Does the caterer specialise in a certain cuisine? Do they have a certain stylistic approach to food preparation and plating? Do they share your views on organic, free range or low food miles? To assess these and many more aspects of a caterer’s services, ask to see photos or testimonials from their previous weddings. Finally, remember that you will always get what you pay for so make sure you compare like quotes with similar inclusions from your shortlisted caterers. ChoosING a Menu Your menu options will primarily be determined by the style of your wedding. If you want to create a casual party atmosphere you may choose a cocktail wedding menu, for a formal wedding celebration you may want a full sit down meal, and for something in between you could choose a buffet menu. From there choose a wedding menu which includes all of your favourite flavours, but which also offers your guests choices, making sure each guest can opt for a specific meal, rather than a standard plate drop. Even though there will be a serving fee, to save money, consider using your wedding cake as the dessert. Also find out the cost to cut the unused cake, and whether the cake will be served with a garnish. Your caterer should be able to liaise directly with your cake designer to find out the flavours and style of your cake. Remember, if you have your heart set on a certain dish or style which seems outside your budget, ask your caterer how they can create a similar, more affordable menu. Your ideal caterer will always take both your tastes and your budget into consideration. Cindy Westphalen from Cindy’s Classic Gourmet, is an award winning caterer and planner for over 20 years. 0414 618 433.

Exclusive inclusions and priority service                 

Multi Award Winners 2001—2012

Cindy Westphalen | 0414 618 433 |

K1 Winery, Adelaide Hills Oliver’s of McLaren Vale Parri Estate Winery, McLaren Vale Coriole Winery, McLaren Vale Rosemount Winery, McLaren Vale McLaren Vale Institute Hall Tatachilla Garden Weddings Goolwa Aquatic Club Waverley Estate, Port Elliot Waterhouse Retreat, Victor Harbor Watervilla Estate, Strathalbyn The Vines Golf Club, Reynella Cummins House, Novar Gardens Mawson House, Sporting Car Club Adelaide Holy Innocents Church, Belair South Australian Museum Your private venue

Marquee wedding specialists

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rs olde H y b Stub d e t Prin

Engraved Glass Coasters

Engraved Glassware

Coasters Aluminum d e v ra g n E

Custom Printed Neoprene Stubby Holders.

Engraved Candle Holders

Custom Engraved Glassware. Beer, Wine, Shots & much more...

Engraved Aluminum Wine Charms

Personalised Engraved Aluminum Wine Glass Charms. Available in many shapes and colours. South Australian Owned and Operated


Tally Ho Lodge

TALLY HO LODGE Millbrook Road, P.O. Box 4 Inglewood South Australia 5133 Tel: 08 8389 2377 Wednesday to Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Make your next event memorable! The Retro Photobooth experience is priceless. HIRE TODAY!

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Call 0403 655 853

P: 08 8387 1154 F: 08 8387 5190 1/193 Old South Road, Old Reynella 5161


Authentic • Spontaneous • Natural

0401 124 423


Try something unique! Split Screen Kombis for your special day.

Fully restored and accredited 1960’s “twin” Split Screen Kombis. Ph: 0413 3111 02 PO Box 3296 Rundle Mall SA 5000

VW Bars Adelaides first

f u l l y l i c e n s e d

m o b i l e cocktail bar!

turn your place into the ultimate venue! No matter what your event, VW Bars can make it memorable with our striking converted VW Kombi Bars.


As Adelaide’s first and only fully licensed mobile cocktail bar, our staff pride themselves on bringing the best service and experience to every event, be it black-tie wedding, corporate function or a crazy hens or bucks night.

Drinks Packages from $30

Contact us today to book your wedding, engagement, hen’s or buck’s! ph: 0411 512 159 117


Entertainment Your wedding entertainment can contribute to the ideal atmosphere for your ceremony and reception.

WHETHER it is the classical feel of a string quartet as

your guests arrive for your ceremony or the high energy party finish leaving your guests with the feeling “that was the best party ever”. You should be able to choose the combination that best suits your budget and taste. Look at the theme and feel of your wedding when you are booking wedding entertainment. If you are having an informal summer wedding on the beach, you might consider fire dancers or similar light-hearted fun. For a vintage or farm themed wedding, why not a barn dance with specialised musicians and caller. Music will play a key role in your wedding entertainment and even your ceremony, as it can set the whole mood and atmosphere of your event. Remember that this is YOUR day, you should have the ultimate say on the music content. The most common complaint about wedding entertainment is “they did not play the music we wanted”. When selecting your entertainment provider ensure they have professional experienced entertainers who can provide personal advice about music selection but who can also provide all your favourite music selections at the most appropriate time. If you have a themed wedding, your music should reflect your personality, or the theme. Consider the mood you want to create for each period of your wedding day. A wedding ceremony may require a vocalist, harp, or string quartet, violins or just an acoustic guitar. Jazz music could be perfect for your drinks reception, replaced by instrumental for your dinner, and more upbeat music for after dinner? If you choose a DJ ensure they are using the latest technology, preferably a computer controlled music presentation. This ensures seamless presentation of not only your entrance song but all facets of your reception.


Most quality entertainers should be also able to act as your Master of Ceremonies. Your MC should be able to make you feel at ease straight away and give you CONFIDENCE to keep the night moving and maximize the entertainment. Function coordination is a role easily assumed by an experienced wedding compere. They can ensure you can relax and enjoy your reception, attending to the small details from collecting presents from your guests as they arrive to ensuring the speeches start on time. The cake cutting, the bridal waltz sequenced correctly, the bouquet throwing, the garter dispatch all set to tasteful music accompaniment. Other free options can include bridal message cards on your quests tables to provide letter grams or as a keepsake to read later, music to accompany every aspect of the evening including special music for your entry and exit, play-on’s for your speeches, the bouquet and garter throwing and that special dance for the bride and her father. Your entertainment provider can also add to the atmosphere of your bridal waltz with special lighting adding colour to your dance floor, rose petal cannon covering you with the fresh fragrance of roses leaving your guests in awe, bubble machines create a fairy land of bubbles floating through the air or dry ice machines that leave you floating on a cloud. Talk to the people that know the venues, go to the bridal fairs or have a look at their setup at your chosen venue. Talk to your friends there is no better recommendation than one from first hand experience. Then check them out to ensure they can satisfy all your requirements. What you need from your wedding entertainer is confidence and personal consultation to ensure all your wishes are listened to.

For that romantic atmosphere that only can atmosphere give. Forlive thatmusic romantic that only l

➣S ➣D ➣S ➣G ➣Cl

Our musicians will play at the church, gardens, receptions

➣Solo pianist Give Harvey or Carol a ring now and book viewing today onBands (08) 8248 167 ➣Dinner Dance

➣String trios Street, Largs North 5 Farringdon ➣Classical harpist

Our musicians will play at the church, gardens, receptions, in fact, almost anywhere. Give Harvey or Carol a ring now and book your video viewing today on (08) 8248 1670 5 Farringdon Street, Largs North


From classics through to the latest hits Contact us for a set list. Phone: 0439 684 953 or 0423 286 189 Email:


RUSHHOUR Entertainment

• Adelaideʼs Favourite Corporate & Party Band • Specialising in Wedding Functions • Huge choice of songs - Dinner/Jazz, R&B/Pop/Rock, 60ʼs, 70ʼs, 80ʼs, Italian

• • • •

Australiaʼs Elite Musicians Appointment to advise and personalise the night MC the night from start to finish included Available as a two-piece for ceremonies

0418 857 988 | | Ask about our free DVD ... View our promo videos online ...

More than just a band. Voices that move the soul! With a versatile song list, sweetsol can cater for the most intimate of settings to the largest of parties that require hit after hit to keep your guests on the dance floor. Book Adelaide’s coolest and most sophisticated wedding and corporate band.

Book us now! Call 0407 796 039

Honeymoon 122 123

Photography by JOHN MONTESI


Honeymoon Your honeymoon is a special time — a time to revel in the joy and excitement of being together.


riginating in the early 19th Century in Great Britain, the custom of a newlywed couple going on a holiday together was borrowed from the Indian elite. The word “honeymoon” described the period just after the wedding when things are at their sweetest, just like honey. The wealthy, upper crust of society would take a “bridal tour”, sometimes accompanied by friends or family, to visit relatives who had not been able to attend the wedding festivities. Today, most couples don’t take time out for the honeymoon until 1-3 days after their day, preferring to finalise festivities, gain a nights sleep after all the stressful preparations before embarking on their holiday. Your honeymoon is a time to relish each other’s company. The first days of married life are unique days that will remain in your memory for many years to come. Whether you fly off to some exotic destination, or enjoy the wonderful relaxation of a Pacific cruise or hide away at some secluded, nearby retreat, you will relish each other’s company while enjoying a unique holiday that will afford many romantic and intimate moments. You may be tempted to dismiss the idea of a honeymoon, especially if you are on a limited budget or in the process of buying a new house. You will find, however, that the months leading up to the wedding will be a pressured and stressful time and you will be glad of the opportunity of spending time alone together, far away from the hustle and bustle of wedding preparation. It is wise to consult the travel agent as early as possible, especially if you are planning to travel overseas. Airline seats and hotel accommodation can be heavily booked during peak seasons and early bookings are essential. Even if you are planning a holiday in Australia, you may need to book well in advance – especially if 124

you are getting married in the height of summer or in school holidays as these periods are very popular. It is necessary to set a budget for the honeymoon early on. You will need to include an adequate sum of money to spend on food and fun. It is unwise to spend every available cent on the holiday itself and go away broke or start your married life in debt! If you do have a restricted budget, choose a cheaper holiday, how about a family or friends shack, always have enough for spending on special activities and that intimate dinner with your new wife. Setting a budget early on will give you the opportunity to save. The honeymoon is as important as any other part of the wedding. Careful planning of the honeymoon will be rewarded and will enable you to fully enjoy your time together. The first consideration should be – where will you spend the first night? If you are holding your wedding reception in a hotel or reception venue that offers accommodation, you may want to spend your first night there. Many hotels have honeymoon suites that are quite luxurious, making them a wonderful place for the bridal party to get ready before the wedding but to also spend your first night together. If you are travelling by air to your honeymoon destination you can arrange for a taxi or car to pick you up from the hotel the next day to take you straight to the airport, or ask the hotel if they have a free shuttle service, most hotels have one. It is really not a good idea to travel a long distance following the reception. Probably you will have started the day extremely early and with all the activities of the day you will be quite tired. It is a much better idea to spend the night locally and travel to your destination the next day. You will feel more relaxed and the journey will be more enjoyable.

The perfect

wedding gift

The Travel Counsellors Honeymoon Gift Registry service allows your guests to give you the most memorable gift of all - your dream honeymoon tailormade down to the finest detail.

How It Works You may already have all the bed linen and towels you need, or you may have a perfect honeymoon in mind but need a helping hand making your dream trip a reality. Whether it’s the ultimate adventure trip, a romantic city break or a luxurious retreat to faraway shores, the Gift Registry means you can have the honeymoon you always wanted.

Eleanor Lamdin - Travel Counsellor Ph: M: E: W:

08 8325 3298 0414 459 605

Once your account is open you will receive a beautiful keepsake box complete with your guest cards, thank you cards and your very own keepsake book so you can record your honeymoon memories. For more information about our unique Honeymoon Gift

Patricia Hremias - Travel Counsellor Ph: M: E: W:

08 8352 3873 0414 438 742

Registry Service please call Eleanor or Patricia today and let them make your honeymoon a holiday to remember!

Contact us today for more information or to sign up for this fantastic and unique service! Travel Counsellors Pty Ltd ABN 46 125 068 448 / SA Licence Number TTA207258 / VIC Licence Number 32777 / NSW Licence Number 2TA5934 / QLD Licence Number 326048


T H E R A R O T O N G A N B E A C H R E S O R T & S PA

Lagoon of Love



magine being surrounded by the warm wishes of those you love as you exchange vows beside the Lagoon of Love in tropical Rarotonga, now a direct flight from Australia! For the most romantic weddings on Rarotonga with everything taken care of for you and your family and friends, the iconic Rarotongan Beach Resort & Spa awaits. Meant to be.

NEW DIRECT FLIGHT SYDNEY - RAROTONGA!! Aroa Beach + Lagoon Marine Reserve Rarotonga l COOK ISLANDS P (+682) 25 800 l F 25 799 S I S T E R R E S O R T S : w w w. A i t u t a k i L a g o o n R e s o r t . c o m + w w w. S a n c t u a r y R a r o t o n g a . c o m ( n e w a d u l t s - o n l y r e s o r t )


Listed by ISLANDS magazine as one of the World’s 12 Best Private Islands

How do I

love thee? I

magine standing together on the white sands of your own private island with the World’s Most Beautiful Lagoon, Aitutaki, as your witness as you declare your eternal love under the warm tropical sun. Heaven sent.

NEW DIRECT FLIGHT SYDNEY - RAROTONGA!! Motu Akitua (Akitua Island) Aitutaki Lagoon | COOK ISLANDS P (+682) 31 200 l F 31 202 S I S T E R R E S O R T S : w w w. T h e R a r o t o n g a n . c o m + w w w. S a n c t u a r y R a r o t o n g a . c o m ( n e w a d u l t s - o n l y r e s o r t )

Holiday Dest inat ions

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Photographs provided by Travel Counsellors

Tips for

A Happy Marriage Have you ever thought about it? Two people, from different backgrounds, different upbringings, cultures, strengths and weaknesses.

There is potential for all the expectations of a wonderful wedding day to turn into a great disappointment. A number of keys that will help your marriage:

1. HAVE A DREAM, A VISION: A picture of a preferable future — Together life is more than a beautiful home or fancy car. When you choose a dream that can change lives and even the world, you choose to live beyond and for something bigger than yourselves. This will give your marriage direction and stop it from becoming very selfcentred. 2. ENCOURAGE: To push forward, to make bold — Life lived fully will face many challenges. Take time to encourage. You’re a team making a mark in this world. We are often quick to see the mistakes instead of the good. Just a few well chosen words can make the difference between a sense of Photo: James Field failure and the courage to go on to achieve all that you want. 3. COMMUNICATE: To give or interchange thoughts, feelings, information — Talk and discuss much, never allowing it to get personal and pull each other down. Ladies like colour men like it black and white. 4. FEELINGS: An emotional perception or attitude — We all have them but you can’t let them control you. Feelings are very subjective so do not live by them. 5. SHORT ACCOUNTS: To answer concerning one’s conduct, duties, etc. — There are always going to be mistakes, let downs, angry moments and unmet expectations. Quickly own your mistake and ask for forgiveness. Sorry is not enough. When you ask for forgiveness there has to be a response from the one being asked. Sorry doesn’t heal, forgiveness does. 6. SEX: Yeah baby! — Hollywood’s understanding of sex is not accurate. Do your absolute best to serve your partner with what makes them happy, very very happy! Enjoying sex for what you can get out of it 130

is not half as satisfying as doing whatever it takes to help your partner be fulfilled. Enjoy each other, express deep commitment, passion and love, to relieve stress and a weapon to resist temptation. Be creative, be full of surprises, make plans or it won’t happen. Enjoy the humorous moments of a cramp in the leg, and kids walking in. Have fun enjoying each other! 7. TIME: The 24 hours each day gives — You must take control of time or time will control you. Spend time together; remember that is why you got married. Make date nights. 8.HONOUR: High respect, to be held in honour — Speak highly of each other both in privte and in public. 9. FIGHT: An angry argument or disagreement — All couples fight! A good clean fight can clear the air and get you back on track with what is really important. Try not to shout, or get personal. If no resolution is in sight agree to put the issue aside for a couple of hours or even a day. Once emotions have calmed, you more often than not will have a different perspective on the issue. 10. Team: A number of persons associated in some joint action — Remember you are a team working and building together, each bringing your part and gifting to attain your dream. 11. EXPECTATIONS: A number of persons associated in some joint action — If you have very high, idealistic expectations of each other or even of yourself you will soon be let down. Let your expectations be real. Marriage is about two lives living sacrificially for each other so that each is made happy and a goal or vision is attained. Always remember the 11th Commandment — “Thou shalt have fun!”. Marriage was not a man-made invention but was created and given to us by a loving God who wants us to live and enjoy this life to the full. Enjoy! Tom and Una Tapping

Budget Planner ADELAIDE WEDDING PAGES Gown from Betrothed



WHEN YOU BECOME ENGAGED Make engagement announcement and arrange announcement with Newspapers. Arrange engagement party. Organise wedding budget. Set the wedding date and time. Plan the style of wedding. Contact Wedding Consultant if necessary.

AT THE EARLIEST POSSIBLE TIME Contact the clergyman, registry office or marriage celebrant. Decide on the number of guests for the reception. Organise reception, make booking. Contact wedding decorator. Choose your bridesmaids/ groomsmen etc. Draw up invitation list with your future spouse.

Engage a florist and discuss colour schemes and style of wedding.

3 MONTHS BEFORE If your honeymoon is overseas, obtain documentation, passports, visas etc. Select wedding cake. Order invitation cards and stationery from the printer. Make any necessary personal appointments.

2 MONTHS BEFORE Compile gift list. Select wedding rings. Arrange ceremony rehearsal. Give notice of intent to marry to your celebrant. This must be done at least one month and one day before the wedding, but not more than 3 months in advance.

6 WEEKS BEFORE If the reception is at home, confirm arrangements with suppliers of cutlery, crockery, marquees etc.

Begin shopping for wedding dress and accessories.

Order liquor/beverages.

Plan the honeymoon.

Confirm arrangements with florist.

Book wedding cars.

Plan honeymoon clothes.

Order attendants suits and gowns, arrange fittings.

Mail your invitations.

Choose your photographer and videographer. Book entertainment for reception. Make honeymoon reservations. If you are doing your own catering, arrange hire of necessary equipment. 132

4 WEEKS BEFORE Insure wedding gifts. Plan your hen’s and buck’s night. Confirm arrangements with celebrant. Have your hair styled using your wedding headpiece.

Final fitting for your dress. Arrange pre-wedding portraits with photographer. Check that attendants’ outfits are complete. Organise accommodation and transport for out-of-town guests. Make a gift record and begin writing thank you notes as gifts are received.

2 WEEKS BEFORE Arrange for final fitting and delivery of all wedding attire. Ensure that the wedding party is familiar with all plans, procedures and duties expected of them. Confirm final guest count, menu etc. with caterer. Make wedding day appointments with hairdresser, beautician etc. Arrange reception seating. Register your name change at your bank etc.

1 WEEK BEFORE Finalise arrangements with caterer, florist, photographer. Have rehearsal. Check fitting of complete outfit. Prepare final make-up and do a test run. Ensure all guests have transport to and from the church and reception. Pack an emergency kit for the day which your mother can carry with her. Pack for the honeymoon. Layout all clothes for wedding day.

Guest& Gift






Guest& Gift








Guest& Gift







Guest& Gift









To Do




















































Soft drinks


























Formal Portraits


Wedding package








Wedding package


Extra copies

















Wedding package


Extra cars










Boutonnieres Phone:









































Shoes & Access.















Wedding day










Wedding day









Airline tickets

Spending money

Phone: 140













Gift Ideas Our gift list will help you to identify the items that you need to equip your new home. A handy gift list for your bridal registry and for invited wedding guests.






Alarm Clock




BBQ Tools Set



Dustpan and Brush




Electric Frypan

Decorative Candles

Electric Kettle

Fruit Bowl

Electric Knife

Garden Tools IPod

Flan Dish

IPod Dock

Fondue Set


Food Mixer

Linen Basket

Food Processor

Luggage Magazine Rack

Frying Pan

Table Lamps

Garlic Press


Grater Iron Ironing Board




Juice Extractor

Baking Tins

Kitchen Scales

Bread Bin

Kitchen Scissors

Bread Board

Kitchen Tool Set

Broom Can Opener

Knife Sett

Casserole Set

Knife Sharpener

Cheese Bell


Cheese Board


Chopping Boards

Measuring Cups

Clothes Dryer

Measuring Jug

Coffee Grinder Colander

Meat Thermometer 141





Microwave Ware

Butter Dish

Mixing Bowls

Coffee Machine










Coffee Mugs/Cups

Omlette Pan

Cream Jug

Pressure Cooker

Dinner Set

Rolling Pin

Egg Cups

Salad Servers

Gravy Boat Milk Jug

Salt and Pepper Mills

Oven-to-table Ware

Sandwich Maker

Salad Bowls

Saucepan Set

Serving Platters


Soup Tureen

Slow Cooker

Tea Cups/Saucers Teapot

Spice Rack

Table Lamps

Steamer Storage Jars


Storage Tins Toaster

Butter Knife


Cake Slice

Vacuum Cleaner

Cake Knives Carving Set

Vacuum Flask

Cheese Knife

Vegetable Peeler

Coffee/Tea Spoons

Vegetable Rack

Cutlery Set (Formal)

Waffle Maker

Cutlery Set (Casual)


Fish Knives & Forks

Yoghurt Maker





Bath Mat Set

Beer Glasses


Brandy Baloons

Electric blanket


Mattress Protector

Champagne Glasses

Napkins Pillow Cases



Glass Water Bottles


Liquer Glasses

Quilt Quilt Cover

Red Wine Glasses


Water Glasses


Water Jug

Tea Towels

White Wine Glasses

Towels Valance



in Alphabetical Order 143


Directory Adelaide Chevy Hire P.O. Box 398, Greenacres S.A. 5086 Office: (08) 8266 1052 Mobile: 0407 00 1957

ADELAIDE FESTIVAL CENTRE King William Road Adelaide SA 5000 p: 8216 8633 e: au

ADELAIDE HATTERS 47 Adelaide Arcade, Adelaide, SA, 5000 p: 08 82240131 e:

Adelaide & Hills Celebrant Services Sylvia Ann Payne CMC (Dip. Cel) Reg. No: A8934 p: 0429 615 005 or 08 8388 0588 e:

Adelaide’s Just Jazz Bands Agency 5 Farringdon St, Largs North p: 08 8248 1670 e:

Adelaide Kilt Hire 647 Marion Road Ascot Park SA 5043 p: 08 8277 5742 e:

Akitua Island | Aitutaki | Cook Islands Phone: (+682) 31 203 ALL | Fax: EYES31 ON202 ME p: + 61 (0)402 488 359 Skype: alleyesonme74 el:


“Adelaide Chevy Hire is a family owned and operated business with decades of experience in the wedding industry. Let us transport you in classic comfort & style for an unforgettable experience in our matching white 1957 Chevrolet sedans, or truly stand out from the

crowd in our red 1957 Chevrolet convertible. Ring us for an obligation free viewing and obtain a quote re your specific needs. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. Look no further than Adelaide Chevy Hire for your wedding transport.”

Whether it be an intimate cocktail party or an elegant seated reception, Adelaide Festival Centre can cater for up to 450 guests and offers unique facilities with iconic views of Elder Park and the River Torrens that complement any style of celebration.

Festival and Gala bridal packages include complimentary 5 Star accommodation on their wedding night. We look forward to sharing this stage of your life on our stage.

For the Mother of the Bride who appreciates style, quality and exceptional service. In the heart of the city, open 7 days. We are here for you.

As the name suggests I conduct ceremonies all over Adelaide and the beautiful Adelaide Hills. I would love the opportunity to work with you to design a ceremony that is unique to you.

whatever you both want it to be. Our first meeting is a free, no obligation chat to get to know each other and discuss your ideas and how you would like your special day to unfold.

I place a lot of importance on attention to detail and I believe in providing excellence in customer service. Whether it is a ceremony involving just a few people or a few hundred, it can be

I would be delighted to be part of your wedding day or other special occasion. Please contact me by phone or email to arrange a time to meet to discuss your ceremony.

Tailor-made Jazz Bands for your occasion. At Adelaide’s Just Jazz Bands Agency we specialise in providing you with the Jazz Band or Classical Group of your choice, at a price to suit your budget. We can arrange musicians to play at the church, in the garden, at

the reception, in fact almost anywhere you may require. Telephone Harvey or Carol and discuss your musical requirements with us.

For the groom who would like to proudly display his scottish or celtic heritage, Adelaide Kilt Hire can provide you with that opportunity. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and value, making your Scottish wedding day extra special.

Please phone 08 82775742 Monday, Tuesday – Friday 10-4pm. Thursday from 11am to 7pm. Saturday 10am to 2pm. Visit our website Alternatively other times are available by appointment.



p: (+682) 31 203 f: (+682) 31 202 e:

p: (+682) 31 203 f: (+682) 31 202 e:

We have illustrious accessories to keep “All Eyes on You” on your special day. Through travel I have been inspired by the love of life, freedom and spiritual quest for happiness. A part of traveling is hunting for a bargain or for something exclusive and unique. I’ve utilised my experience and natural flair to find stunning, memorable pieces,

both affordable and original items. Discover our online store’s free information on the symbolism of wedding rings and various ceremonies’

A- B

Directory Angel Dust Beauty Negmeh Nashar Freelance Makeup Artist p: 0404 021 344 e:

Ann Gant p: 0411 122 124 p: 08 8327 1030

The Australian Bridal Fair

Australian Bridal Fair 43 Goodwood Road Wayville p: 8373 4442 e:

bay junction florist p: 08 8294 1633 e:

Betrothed 31 Kensington Rd Norwood p: 08 8331 8363

Bill Parton Trio 39 Marla Crescent, Noarlunga Downs m: 0402 612 174 f: 08 8382 2324 e:

BRIDE & Co. 1022 South Rd Edwardstown p: 82990555 or 82768016 www.brideandco



p: 02 99974864 e:

At Angel Dust Beauty we specialise in creating Professional Make up designs to suit each individual need. We believe that you deserve to feel special and we are determined to make your day as unique and beautiful as you are.

For further information contact Negmeh on 0404021344

Whatever style of wedding you desire, I will help make your day a wonderful, special time so that you will look back on this day in years to come and truly appreciate that it was indeed a Magic Moment!

Getting married? The Australian Bridal Fair is the place to go to save time and money and entry is FREE. We are open from Wednesday to Sunday 11am to 4pm every week of the year. Find hundreds of ideas for

the whole wedding party in a relaxed atmosphere and we are located conveniently at 43 Goodwood Road Wayville. For more information ring 08 8373 4442 or visit www.

With many years experience and awards for excellence in creating wonderful wedding flowers, you can be confident this important element will compliment your style - be it romantic, contemporary or fashionably simple. Discuss your flowers in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with our talented

Alli provides personlised attention to every bride, ensuring that every wedding gown is individually designed and handcrafted, to suit their figure and personality. Alli invites every bridal party to come and browse through the beautiful sample gowns, photos, fabrics and enjoy the whole 3-piece cool, funky jazz outfit - ideal for your perfect wedding! A common format we cater for is where the initial hours are very low-key, the music is in the background, creating a warm mood and ambience. The last hour or so is where the alcohol usually has

team who will create a magnificent bouquet especially for you. We won’t compromise on quality but we will work within your budget.

experience of creating your dream gowns for the bride, her bridesmaids, mother and flowergirls. Colleen Morgan is now at Betrothed, whilst here meet with her to plan your pre-wedding beauty care and beautiful make up. oozed-in, the band performs more party-like type songs, the volume goes up a few decibels, everyone’s up, dancing and having a great time! Does this sound like the kind of format you want for your wedding? Contact us to discuss your perfect wedding.

BRIDE & Co. is a collective of quality bridal suppliers of exclusive label La Novia wedding gowns, Unforgettable Bridesmaids and formal wear and Bridal Alterations.

All services are by appointment only trading Tuesday to Saturday

Bridal Expo Dates at Adelaide Showground for 2013: Winter Bridal Ideas 1 & 2 June Spring Bridal Ideas 26 & 27 October Summer Bridal Ideas 18 & 19 January, 2014





CAMELOT CASTLE Lobethal Road, Basket Range, South Australia p: 8390 1271 e:

Chaircovers Over All 98 Fullarton Road. Norwood SA 5067 p: 08 8364 7211 f: 08 8364 7244 e:

Cherie Spisso p: 0418853575 e:

CHESSER STUDIOS 23 Chesser Street, Adelaide p: 08 8223 6736 e:

CHRIS McCRAE p: 0408 890232 or 8344 3832 e:

For an amazing business opportunity. • Unlimited potential without risk • Anti-ageing industry • Looking for business entrepreneurs • Work own hours

At Brighton bridal and gift store we provide you with the tools to create an elegant personal designer look at a fraction of the cost. In a relaxed atmosphere our stylists help to put the look together then pack your desired items for you to collect and

Blackwood, South Australia p: 08 8278 4448 m: 0414 618 433 e:


Please come and browse in our beautiful showroom conveniently located on the corner of Brighton and Jetty roads at BRIGHTON. Open 7 days.

At Camelot Castle we specialize in beautiful weddings • Superb cuisine • Catering for large and small weddings • Traditional weddings • Wedding Chapel • Medieval weddings

• 5 Honeymoon suites with spa baths • Guest accommodation in luxury units

We offer a specialist linen hire service and have been voted the best Wedding Hire Service by our clients. We have a huge range of styles, colours and fabrics to choose from. Teamed with wonderful table centres and flowers the look you can create

is individual to you and enhances the planning you have already done for your Wedding Day. No function room is too beautiful for chaircovers. The softness and romance created with softly draped fabric is magical.

Cherie is not only a celebrity Hair & Makeup Artist but her expertise is extensively sought after by Brides for their wedding day. Why not have a makeover with Cherie and experience

for yourself what everyone else is talking about... Enjoy the experience of being pampered by a true professional Hair & Makeup Artist with a proven track record!

Anne Stropin is a ‘people’ photographer. With a creative vision she captures images that are fresh, modern and stylish. Throughout her photographic career she has won various National and State awards through the A.I.P.P and has the honour of being the first Wedding and Chris McRae “Your Wedding” Civil Marriage Celebrant will guide you and listen to what your wishes and hopes for your special day are: He is PERSONALISED - With the “feel good” factor for all; SINCERE - He cares about the importance of your special day; ADAPTABLE/FLEXIBLE - Having officiated

Cindy’s classic gourmet

display saving you money to spend on your honeymoon or home.

Cindy’s Classic Gourmet offers dedicated and intuitive wedding planning and catering services. Cindy takes a hands-on approach to caring for her brides (and grooms!), so that from your first enquiry to your final farewell you’ll benefit from the inspiration and attention to detail

Portrait photographer in South Australia to achieve a Master of Photography Distinction. Anne has a fun approach to photography, capturing the unique personality of each of her subjects. in a high proffessional standard with that creative edge. in many weddings in diverse settings for people from all walks of life( and handles the unplanned moments with calm aplomb) ;EXPERIENCED - but still relishes a new challenge; MEMORABLE - for the right reasons! Chris McRae is well regarded as a Civil Celebrant for all occasions, attested in the many testimonials he receives. which takes the stress out of your special day. Choose from a range of unique South Australian venues or let Cindy plan a stunning wedding day at your own private venue.

pureENVY JEWELLERY 74-76 King William Road Hyde Park SA 5061 Tel: 08 8373 1176

44 .au



Directory Classic Jags



Our oyce and ge cars.

rvice at unday

For all the old fashioned timeless style of the 1950s, Classic Jags offer you our new, fully restored Jaguars, in Olde English White, with Red feather or Gold interior. We continue to restore more Jaguars to their original pristine condition even today. With over 15 years experience our loyal chauffeurs are well mannered and have vast experience in the correct wedding etiquette. We look after your every need.

o view

9 Seater also available See our advertisement on page 73



1950 Mark 5 Jaguars P.O. Box 178, Brighton SA 5048 p: 08 8296 6882 m: 0417 88 31 99 e:

Classy Hens night p:: + 61 (0)402 488 359 Skype: alleyesonme74 e:

CLASSIC JAGS 1950 Mark 5 Jaguars P.O. Box 178, Brighton SA 5048 Tel: 08 8296 6882 Mobile: 0417 88 31 99 125

Cloud Seven Limousines p: 08 8289 0320 m: 0412 634 580 e:

DK FABRICS 105 Port Rd, Hindmarsh p: 08 8346 8445 e:

Engrave Works PO Box 1346 Golden Grove Village, SA 5125 p: 1300 933647 e:

Ferrari Formalwear e:

Festival Function CENTRE 292 Findon Road Findon p: (08) 8268 9558 e:

HAND PAINTED BY MONIQUE Shop 2/11 West Beach Rd p: 0448 308 095 e: Facebook: In a Spin Nique’s Way

For all the old fashioned timeless style of the 1950s, Classic Jags offer you our new, fully restored Jaguars, in Olde English White, with Red leather or Gold interior. We continue to restore more Jaguars to their original pristine condition even today. One of the most enjoyable nights of the whole bridal experience is “The hens night”. Today’s hen’s nights are less about strippers and L-plates and more about originality and style. Australia’s only Classy Hens Night online store & directory, for ideas like a champagne

With over 20 years experience our loyal chauffeurs are well mannered and have vast experience in the correct wedding etiquette. We look after your every need. 9 Seater also available breakfast, high tea, wine bars, chic venues, fine dining, spa breaks and more… Find ideas for party games, classy hens night apparel and fun accessories. Whatever your decision we are confident our products will deliver the fun and classy experience.

With over 14 years service to the limousine industry, we set the standard for others to follow. Our limousines are the most immaculate in the industry fully detailed inside & out.

Please call us to arrange an obligation free inspection of our limousines where we can tailor arrangements to suit your needs.

We stock South Australia’s largest range of fabrics and extensive range of beautiful fabrics for brides, bridesmaids and mothers as well as bridal veils and hoop petticoats. We offer experienced, friendly service

along with competitive prices. We welcome all mail orders and are happy to send fabric samples upon request. Business hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.30 pm. Sat 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Personalised Wedding Bomboniere We Specialise In Engraved & Printed Items For Weddings, Engagements, Hens/Bucks, and Many Other Special Occasions.

From the smallest pageboy to the largest gentlemen, we have fitted them all! Ferrari Formalwear, still owned and operated by the Ferrari family, has reliably delivered the latest in mens’ formal fashion for forty years to almost 500,000 South Australians. To

The Festival Function Centre is one of Adelaide’s leading venues for wedding receptions & corporate events. Situated only 10 minutes from the Adelaide CBD, The Festival Function Centre provides free ample parking with 5 function rooms catering from 10 – 1500 guests. Any combination of glassware in any quantity can be co-ordinated and transformed to suit any theme. Colour matching and blending a specialty. I will work with you personally to create beautiful and elegant gifts unique to your special Day.

view our latest men’s portfolio visit; also click on the free wedding suits link for a chance to win the suits for your wedding, valued at $940, absolutely free. See advertisement for details.

As Multi-award winning caterers since 2002, The Festival Function Centre provides exquisite cuisine, fine wines & professional service. Fully inclusive packages are available at competitive prices, or our professional function co-ordinators can tailor make a package to suit your tastes, needs & budget Stemware, Toasting Flutes, Table Decorations, Vases of all shapes and sizes, and Bomboniere, if I don’t have the piece you are looking for I will source it for you. Wholesale direct to brides on larger quantities. 147


Directory HILLTOP BLOOMS 1/193 Old South Road, Old Reynella 5161 p: 08 8387 1154 f: 08 8387 5190

Invitations for all Occasions 433 Fullarton Rd, Highgate p. 08 8272 4000 e.


JOSEPH UZUMCU 36 Gawler Place, Adelaide 5000 p: 8232 5400 e:

just wedding flowers p: 83760921 m: 0415 343 376


KOMBIS 4 U PO Box 3296, Rundle Mall SA 5000 p: 0413 311 102 e:

Liebich Limousines p: 08 8333 0522 m: 0418 836 911 e:


Hilltopblooms florist and gift Baskets • Weddings, • Births, •Birthdays, • Funerals, functions , formals • Any occasions

We have built up a collection of over 250 exquisite invitations and matching accessories, all on display in our gorgeous gallery. We create outstanding stationery that makes an impact and reflects the magic of each event. We offer support and professional advice every step of the way. Our dedicated team will

work with you, offering solutions to accommodate your theme, colour scheme and budget. We choose to be innovators rather than imitators and this is why our main focus, and our only focus, is entirely stationery. It is what we do best and this focus ensures we do not ever lose sight of our vision and what Invitations for all Occasion stands for.

I love a wedding day. Maybe it’s my Italian heritage or what I have learned in 25 years of my own marriage, but there’s unlikely to be another time in one’s life where everything that is good in life comes together: family, friends, celebration, faith, hope and love.

Through my photography I take people on a pictorial journey capturing spontaneous and natural moments to be kept forever.

Come in, relax and we’ll take the guess work out of coordinating your suits for your wedding party attire.We have one of the largest ranges of suits on offer, to hire or purchase from Italy and Australia.

Just Wedding Flowers are specialists in Wedding Floristry with over 20 years of experience and knowledge. We are passionate about our craft and we are excited about your Wedding Day and your Wedding flowers. We pride ourselves in providing a professional and personable service.

Your Wedding flowers will be beautiful and exactly how you visualized they would be. We create stunning bouquets, from the classically sublime bouquet to gorgeous funky styles. For more information visit our web site

At Kayla Temple Photography we believe a great wedding photographer doesn’t just capture those precious moments but, also has that ability to help you enjoy your special day and feel relaxed! This is why we are all about having a great time, feeling relaxed and capturing

those natural moments that come along with enjoying yourself!

Try something unique for your special day! SA’s ONLY fully restored “Twin” 1960’s Split Screen Kombis connecting you directly with the magic and nostalgia that is a split window Kombi. The VW Kombi is a stylish and timeless way to travel. We want to help make your special day as exclusive as possible Liebich Red Limousines offers you great value for money as it is the only Red Super Stretch Limousine like it. The 17 speaker surround sound DVD offers outstanding clear crisp music to entertain you on your travels. The Luxury black chrome leather interior is very classy and comfortable and the

Specialising in weddings Kayla and Phoebe have a fresh, new and creative way to capture your precious moments offering a great service that is also affordable. and what better way than to have our chauffeur driven cars to give your occasion a special lift. Larry and Lulu are the names affectionately given to our pair of professionally restored, as new, Volkswagen Kombi Chauffeur Driven Hire Cars. mirrored roof gives the feeling of space. It comes inclusive with tulle, ribbons, red carpet and champagne luxury. A matching red luxury sedan compliments the stretch limousine and impresses wherever they are seen. Look forward to making your day.


Directory Maria Vozzo Floral Designer 185 Port Rd, Hindmarsh SA 5007, Australia p: (08) 8241 7977 e:

MARK BASSETT p: 08 8371 1547 or 0421 216 896 e:

Meander Coaches p: 08 8294 4415

Michelle Ware, Magill/Port Elliot p: 0412 361791 e:

MITCHA PHOTOGRAPHY 72 King William Rd, Hyde Park (Rapsimo) p: 0412 817 876 e:

PAULA RIED p: 0413 623 343 or 8272 8210 Member of Association of Civil Celebrants South Australia Inc. Member of Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants.

photobooth4rent p: 0404 854 077 e:

Photography Mia PO Box 567 Campbelltown SA 5074 p: 0401 314 867 T: 08 8359 8760 e:

Maria Vozzo has been a leading floral designer in Adelaide for over 25 years. Maria has designed many different and unusual weddings and has supplied clients with spectacular displays. Her reputation has been built on repeat referrals and a passion for designing and theming any style, no

matter how unusual. Creating the perfect wedding should never be underestimated and flowers can bring romance, passion and elegance to any event. Maria will create a breathtaking array of flowers, from bouquets to aisle displays, scented garlands, chair decorations and table centre-pieces.

I am both flexible and creative and able to provide a range of ceremonies to meet your individual needs whatever your location. I will work with you to create a service that reflects your individuality. I am happy to meet as many times as you feel comfortable, and am able to offer a

rehearsal ceremony if you wish. I have a warm and fun loving personality and would be delighted to be part of your wedding day. Please feel welcome to contact me for an obligation free meeting.

For bookings and appointments please telephone 8294 4415 Established for 20 years. Special off-season & Sunday rates apply.

Your Wedding Ceremony is important to me; I will ensure it is a beautiful day for you both, your family and guests.

Every ceremony I create is unique and will reflect on your personalities, including helping you write your own vows.

I am very passionate about every ceremony, and will create a professional, personalised and relaxed ceremony, ensuring that your wedding day is a most memorable and enjoyable occasion.

I am also prepared to travel to wherever your venue is.

We are the ones you’re looking for. In our experience the most beautiful shots don’t emerge from normal posing. At Mitcha Photography Adelaide, we treat every shoot as the most important day in our life. Portrait. Family. Baby. Fashion. Engagement. Wedding.

Our goal at Mitcha Photography is to ensure that the most memorable day in your lives is exactly tha! Our promise to you is to capture all of those moments, without you even knowing we’re thre.

Your wedding day will be a special day that will be always remembered.

With a passion to creating a unique experience for every couple, Paula is committed to delivering a professional ceremony that is tailored to meet their expectations.

get to know each couple and to build a rapport which is reflected throughout the ceremony, without exception - a warm and personalised occasion, to be remembered.

Her focus is on understanding the couple to reflect their personalities through her service and to represent their wishes for their special day. She takes the time to

If you think Paula is the Celebrant for you, contact her now! She would love to meet you both!

Our Portable Photobooths print two photo-strips in either Colour or Black & White within seconds, It’s a great idea for your guest book & your give aways. We have 2 different booths to choose from “The Chesterfield Booth” or “The Party Booth”, Which are very compact and only need a normal power supply. At Photography Mia we listen to you and find out what is most important to you. We develop a package for your wedding photography that will celebrate the love, laughter and joy of your special day and we will be with you every step of the way.

Our Photobooths are digital so you will receive a disc with all the images taken on the night. Deliveries within 50kms included in package prices.

For truly elegant, romantic, fun and creative photography, that you will cherish for a lifetime, please contact us for a no obligation appointment. Looking forward to hearing from you! PHOTOGRAPHY MIA 149


Directory P & K Limousines p: 08 8288 0666 e:

Presley Limousines 196 Anzac Highway, Pympton SA 5038 p: 8351 2400 m: 0418 846 551 e:

Prestige Preservation p: 1300 13 15 18 e: w:

Rapsimo 72 King William Road, Hyde Park SA p: 08 83731173 e:

Renaissance Limousines p: 08 8362 2266 f: 08 8362 1700

RETRO PHOTOBOOTHS p: 0403 655 853 e:

Rush Hour Entertainment p: 0418 857 988 e:

Saundersons Florists 155 Marion Road Richmond 5033 p: 8443 5265 e:


Arrive in style on your wedding day in our gleaming white 11 seater white Chrysler 300c stretch limousines. Sedans are available.

Full red carpet service Uniformed chauffeurs Inspection welcome.

First Impressions are Lasting Memories. With over 17 years in the Limousine Industry we pride ourselves with excellent service, fully uniformed chauffeurs, and the only two Lincoln Town Cars (11 seaters) in South Australia as well as a Mercedes S Class Sedan. Our attention to detail sets us apart

from our Competitors. We offer complimentary red carpet service

Few things are as cherished as a wedding gown, many brides choose to heirloom their dress as a keepsake. Your gown is carefully sealed in an acid-free inner box that controls humidity. The oxygen is purged and replaced with an inert gas, virtually making oxidation impossible. Our sealed packaging

allows viewing of your gown and veil at any time, while protecting your gown from mould, mildew, insect damage and oxidation. The inner box is placed in a durable long-term storage chest for additional safety. All this is backed by our nationwide PPP satisfaction guarantee!

At Rapsimo, it’s all about the fabric, cut and fit. All gowns are made to measure, ensuring that all needs are met. The choice of cut and style to suit the bride’s shape, the choice of fabrics to bring it all to life for the individual, and above all, the fit, because it just has to be right!

Ann Christou travels to Europe for fabrics that are not typically bridal, but more interesting and unusual.

With over 20 years service to the limousine industry, we know that organising a wedding is no easy task. Our experience and solid reputation will guarantee a trouble free and memorable day. Your wedding vehicle will be complemented with ribbons, tulle,

red carpet, champagne and soft drinks. Our fully accredited chauffeurs are dressed in full chauffeurs uniform and will ensure all services and procedures are performed in a courteous and professional manner.

The Original Vintage Photobooths have made a dramatic comeback. With Circa 1954,1968, 1985 mechanical Photobooths making appearances at Weddings since 1992. Now everyone once again has the opportunity to enjoy a piece of history. From the original wood grain exterior, mechanical ‘Dip & Dunk’ processing system and electronic flash units, the 4 posed strips have truly been brought back to life. We now also

offer a USB with all your photos taken throughout the event.

Rush Hour have played hundreds of private and corporate shows and are one of Adelaide’s favourite cover bands playing at all the top venues. Create the right atmosphere with Rush Hour’s extensive song list ranging from jazz, the latest chart hits all the way through to the many great tunes from

the past. So for the Bride and Groom to be, celebrate your new beginnings with Rush Hour’s passion, professionalism and commitment in making your wedding night a momentous success. Ask about our Free promotional DVD.

Please phone Tony or Lina on 8351 2400 for an obligation free quote and to make a time to inspect the vehicles.

We also hire the very latest Retro Digital Photobooths, which print 2 copies of each strip to tear and share! The strips are printed on a perforated sheet that easily separates - no scissors required! These booths print 4 photos, along with a header and footer for customized elegance.

Saundersons Florists established 1958, helping to make your Wedding Day special.

arrangements and centerpieces. We will work with you to make your day memorable and special.

All arrangements for your wedding individually catered for, from Bridal Bouquets and Buttonholes to

Phone Chris for an appointment and a free consultation.



SILVER SCREEN WEDDING MOVIES p: 0405 378 765 / 0413 706 470 e:

Sugar and Spice Cakes 190 Goodwood Rd, Millswood SA p: 08 8172 1078 e:

Sunnybrae Function Centre Tikalara Street, Regency Park SA 5010 p: 08 8346 8806 e:

SWEETSOL p: 0407 796 039

TALLY HO LODGE Millbrook Road, P.O. Box 4 Inglewood South Australia 5133 p: 08 8389 2377 Wednesday to Sunday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm e:

THE GRAND BALLROOM 443 Tapleys Hill Road, Fulham Gardens, SA p: 0411 532 887 e:

The Old Clarendon Inn Grants Gully Road, Clarendon SA 5157 p: 8383 6166 e:

BRERETON JEWELLERS 74-76 Murray Street, Gawler Ph: 8522 1586

CLARKE THE JEWELLER 115 Rundle Mall, Adelaide Ph: 8223 3930

Silver Screen will make your special day a beautiful movie, a collection of moments in time and a party you will never forget. For all your years together, you will always remember the laughter, the tears, the music, friends and family who made the best day of your life

JARAE JEWELLERS Shop 3, 139 Main Road, Mclaren Vale Ph: 8323 8443

what it really was. How wonderful would it be to have your children see how mum and dad looked, laughed, danced and had the time of their lives. All our packages can be tailored to suit your specific needs and style.

Sugar and Spice Cakes have been making Adelaide’s finest wedding cakes for over 12 years. Our most popular flavours include White Fudge with raspberries, Triple Layer Chocolate cake, Caramel Fudge, Lemon Delicious and Mixed Berry Fudge. We also specialise in individual and cupcake

wedding cakes. Located only minutes from the city, visit our showroom to view our many cakes on display, browse through our albums and enjoy a complimentary slice of cake. Experience why our reputation speaks for itself.

Sunnybrae offers a diverse range of both Heritage listed and modern reception venues. Sunnybrae is set amid exquisite surroundings, boasting an extensive landscape and 4 acres of manicured gardens and lawns. Features such as 100 year old gum trees, sweeping driveways a formal

Rose Garden and a Pepper Tree Gazebo provide perfect settings for garden weddings.

Adelaide’s newest and most sophisticated wedding band is making its mark! SweetSol has become a popular choice for many couples looking for that point of difference on their wedding day. With a versatile song list and a wide repertoire, SweetSol will keep your guests on the dance floor for hours.

SweetSols’ members are all accomplished musicians & vocalists with voices that really will move the soul!

Nestled in the North East Adelaide Hills on a 200 acre property just 40 minutes drive from the city centre you will find Tally Ho Lodge. So conveniently close to Adelaide yet so far from its commotion. Specialising in Garden Weddings and Wedding receptions seating up to 100 guests.

The reception room is beautifully decorated in warm autumn colours and offers magnificent views of the Australian countryside by day and a romantic floodlit garden by night. Overnight accommodation is available.

At The Grand Ballroom you’ll experience exceptional levels of style and service standards that only come with years of experience. A brides dream will become a reality on her wedding day, with the food and service being of a high quality standard so

that your guests will have an evening of delight or an afternoon of bliss that will be remembered forever.

Historic and Picturesque function centre with your choice of ceremonial gardens and unique reception rooms. Situated in the country town of Clarendon, only 30 minutes from the CBD, The Old Clarendon Inn promises to make your wedding day memorable for all the right reasons.

Offering 2 ceremonial gardens for your vows and stunning photographic locations whilst your guests enjoy pre dinner drinks before celebrating your reception in one of three unique rooms. Let The Old Clarendon Inn design a package to leave your guests in awe.

Whether you choose to have your wedding ceremony or reception with us, the dedicated staff will ensure your day is all you imagined.

Book SweetSol by calling 0407 796 039 or visit 151


Directory THE Js p: Josh: 0439 684 953 p: John: 0423 286 189 e:

The Company

THE PARTY Co. p. 0414 370 818 e:

TIGER XIU FASHION DESIGN STUDIO By appointment only p: 0412 745 218 e:

TRAVEL COUNSELLORS p: 08 8325 3298 m: 0414 459 605 f: 08 8325 0239 e: eleanor.lamdin@travelcounsellors.

e venue!

ks Packages rom $30

today to book ng, nt, ck’s!


TOSCH PHOTOGRAPHY p: 0401 090 615 e:

VW BARS p: 0411 512 159 e:


wedding girl app Blackwood, South Australia p: 08 8278 4448 m: 0414 618 433 e:


Playing a large range of songs from old classics through to the latest hits. Feel free to contact us for a set-list.

S.A. family owned business creating spectacular Wedding Marquees from intimate cocktail to formal sit down. Innovative lighting, chaircovers & sashes, table decorations, ceiling and wall swagging for venues. Professional friendly service offered Love something couture for your perfect wedding day? Make an appointment to discuss that amazing dress everyone will be talking about!

by experienced staff able to attend to your specific requirements.

• Qualified designer with professional skills • Your design or ours • Exclusive bridal couture and evening wears

Eleanor Lamdin and Patricia Hremias are Travel Counsellors operating in metropolitan Adelaide who specialise in Destination Weddings and Honeymoons. Backed by Global Award Winning company Travel Counsellors, both Eleanor and Patricia are available after hours by appointment to visit

today’s busy couple at a time that suits them. As mobile consultants they are more than happy to meet in your own home, workplace or Cafe. Contact Eleanor on 0414 459 605 or Patricia on 0414 438 742 today and discover the Travel Counsellors difference!

Tosch Photography capture the significant, spontaneous, and beautiful moments of your day: the excitement shared with your bridesmaids as you juggle champagne, shoes and bouquets; the adoration on his face as he watches you walk down the aisle; the fun, the laughter, the tears and joy.

With a comprehensive range of packages designed to cover your entire wedding, you won’t find any, hidden extras, or unexpected surprises... just professional, beautiful, and candid photos which reflect the couple you are.

No matter what your event, VW Bars can make it memorable with our striking converted VW Kombi Bars.

every event, be it black-tie wedding, corporate function or a crazy hens or bucks night.

As Adelaide’s first and only fully licensed mobile cocktail bar, our staff pride themselves on bringing the best service and experience to

Turn your place into the ultimate venue! Drinks Packages from $30 Contact us today to book your wedding, engagement, hen’s or buck’s!

A wedding day countdown, budget tracker, plus customised pre-and post-wedding checklists help brides stay organised. Create a guest list from iPhone contacts, track invitations, RSVPs, seating, gifts and dietary notes for each guest.

Brides can search suppliers by category, their location, or cities and regional areas. Connect to suppliers by tapping contact details, videos, photos, 3600 images or share favourite suppliers via Twitter, Facebook or email. All planning details can be saved, or exported.



Now in its 22nd Annual Edition, Adelaide Wedding Pages has proven its ability to attract prospective customers to South Australian businesses. Many businesses are currently signing up for their twenty second consecutive year – proof that advertising in Adelaide Wedding Pages really works! We offer quality advertising at a very affordable price – with even full colour pages costing approximately $35 per week including an increasing onlne presence. You won’t find better value anywhere. Our proven distribution system guarantees that you reach the maximum audience throughout the metropolitan area and the State of South Australia – and Wedding Pages keeps on working for you throughout the year maximising your advertisement investment. Why not join the growing family of advertisers who have already proven the success of Adelaide Wedding Pages as an advertising medium. You certainly won’t regret it.

For further information don’t hesitate to ring Chris on 0417 807 870 153


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Bay Junction Florists.................................85

Chesser Studios .......................................88

Hill Top Blooms........................................115

John Montesi Photography..................116

Just Wedding Flowers..............................90

Kayla Temple Photography....................82

Maria Vozzo............................................110

Mitcha Photography...............................93

Saundersons Florists.................................82

Photobooth4Rent..................................115 Photography Mia.....................................78


Retro Photobooth..................................114

Angel Dust Beauty...................................48

Silver Screen Wedding Movies...............99

Anti-Ageing H&B......................................48

Tosch Photography................................100

Cherie Spisso............................................47 RECEPTION VENUES HONEYMOON

Adelaide Festival Centre........................72

Aitutaki Lagoon Resort..........................126

Camelot Castle.....................................156

Travel Counsellors..................................125

Festival Function Centre...........................8


Sunnybrae Function Centre...................75

All Eyes On Me.........................................49

Tally Ho Lodge........................................114

Showcase Jewellers................................42

The Grand Ballroom..................................3

Glenelg Golf Club...................................91

The Old Clarendon Inn..........................107 BRIDAL FAIRS


Australian Bridal Fair .............................. 54

Adelaide Chevy Hire...............................79


Bridal Ideas.............................................101

Classic Jags..............................................81

Invitations for all Occasions......... B/Cover

Cloud Seven Limousines.........................89 BRIDAL GOWNS, EVENING




Liebich Limousines...................................61

Engrave Works.......................................113

Adelaide Hatters......................................53

Meander Coaches .................................76

Hand Painted by Monique.....................68

All Eyes on Me..........................................49

P & K Limousines.......................................86

Sugar & Spice Cakes ..............................71


Presley Limousines....................................62

Bridal Shoes..............................................51

Renaissance Limousines..........................66

WEDDING DECOR Brighton Bridal and Gifts.........................94

Bride and Co............................................37 DK Fabrics.................................................31


Chaircovers Over All.............................105 The Party Hire Company.......................109


Adelaide & Hills Celebrant Services........ 96

Tiger Xiu....................................................20

Chris McRae.............................................96

Unforgettable Bridesmades ...................37

Magic Moments Weddings....................97


Mark Bassett.............................................97

Business Opportunity...............................49


Michelle Ware..........................................97

Cindy’s Classic Gourmet......................110

Adelaides Just Jazz Bands Agency.....119

Paula Reid................................................97

Classy Hens Night....................................48 Prestige Preservation ..............................39

Bill Parton Trio.........................................120 Rush Hour Entertainment.......................121


VW Bars...................................................117

Sweet Sol................................................121

Adelaide Kilt Hire.....................................58

Wedding Girl App..................................112

The Js......................................................120

Ferrari Formalwear...................................60 Joseph Uzumcu.......................................59 155

Camelot CaStle R e S tau rant & Motel

At Camelot Castle we specialise in beautiful weddings

✣ Superb cuisine ✣ Traditional weddings ✣ Medieval weddings ✣ Catering for large and small weddings ✣ Wedding chapel ✣ 5 Honeymoon suites with spa baths ✣ Guest accommodation in luxury units

Lobethal Road, BaSket Range, South AuStralia Telephone (08) 8390 1271 email: 157

15% discount upon mention of this advert 433 Fullarton Road, Highgate, South Australia 08 8272 4000 158

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Adelaide leading wedding magazine.

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