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Accepting Clean & Saleable Goods At St. Stephen’s Church, 3 Main Street, Middlebury Drop off times: AM PM s -ONDAY  3ATURDAY  %XCLUDING 3UNDAY 





All proceeds benefit human service and relief agencies locally and afar.

LOCK-­N-­GLASS CRAFTERS Stop in during your trip to the Farmers’ Market

25% Off All Glass Items –


3 Saturdays Only 70'Lth,15th & 29th

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Christian Science Society MIDDLEBURY, VERMONT

Church Services


4VOEBZ4FSWJDFT ".t4VOEBZ4DIPPM ". Wednesday Services, 7:30 P.M.

All are invited


DOUGLAS ORCHARD ready for picking! call ahead for picking conditions


1 mile west of Shoreham Village on Route 74

Learn About Outhouses From   A  Fella’  ‘at  Knows  ‘bout  ‘em

This  folksy  presentation   discusses  names  used  for   this  structure. Practicalities. Folklore. Misconceptions. &RQVWUXFWLRQVSHFL¿FDWLRQV And  many  other  things  you   never  thought  you’d  be interested  in. I  assure  you  that  you  will   enjoy  yourself. Bull  Hill  Workshop  owner,  Georg  Papp,  Sr.

Hosted  by  

The Bristol Historical Society Howden Hall 19 Main St., Bristol Thursday, June 20 at 7pm






Young  Professionals   gathering   in   Middlebury.  Thursday,  June  13,  5:30-­8:30   p.m.,  Two  Brothers  Tavern.  Part  of  the  Better   Middlebury  Partnership’s  new  series  of  social  gather-­ ings  for  individuals  in  their  20s  and  30s  in  the  greater   Middlebury   area   to   share   ideas   and   connect   with   each  other.  Appetizers  provided;  cash  bar.   Classic   Movie   Night   in   Shoreham.   Thursday,   June   13,  7-­9  p.m.,  Platt  Memorial  Library.  Enjoy  a  classic   movie,  popcorn  and  the  cool  air  conditioning  of  the   library.  Info:  897-­2647.   National   Theatre’s   “The   Audienceâ€?   in   Middlebury.   Thursday,   June   13,   7-­9   p.m.,   Town   Hall   Theater.   Helen   Mirren   stars   as   Queen   Elizabeth   in   this   broadcast   from   London’s   Gielgud   Theatre.   Tickets     VWXGHQWV DYDLODEOH DW WKH7+7ER[ RIÂżFH 382-­9222  or  




restoration  fund   appreciated.   Info:   www.brandon-­   “Mothâ€?-­style   storytelling   in   Bristol.   Saturday,   June   15,  8-­10:30  p.m.,  Holley  Hall.  Smart  Growth  for  Bristol   is  sponsoring  a  storytelling  experience  akin  to  NPR’s   “The  Moth  Story  Hourâ€?  (  with   emcee  Bobby  Stoddard.  The  topic  is  “Bristol  Tales.â€?   Come  tell  a  5-­minute  story,  without  notes,  or  come  to   listen.  Donations  appreciated.   Guitarist   Don   Ross   in   concert   in   Vergennes.   Saturday,   June   15,   8-­11   p.m.,   Vergennes   Opera   House.   Two-­time   winner   of   the   U.S.   National   Fingerstyle   Guitar   Competition   performs.   Opening   for   him   are   Trevor   Gordon   Hall   and   Vergennes’   own   Matteo   Palmer.   Tickets   $20   in   advance,   $25   at  the  door.  Info:  or   877-­6737.   Viola   concert   with   piano   in   Middlebury.   Saturday,   June  15,  8-­10  p.m.,  Town  Hall  Theater.  London-­born   international   award-­winning   viola   and   violin   player   Helena  Baillie  performs  with  pianist  Tanya  Gabrielian.   Tickets  $15,  available  at  382-­9222,  www.townhallthe-­ DWHURUJRUWKH7+7ER[RIÂżFH

Senior  luncheon   and   bingo   in   Middlebury.   Friday,   June   14,   10:30   a.m.-­1   p.m.,   Russ   Sholes   Senior   Center.   Third   annual   Father’s   Day   breakfast   CVAA   sponsors   bingo,   starting   at   11   a.m.,   followed   in   Bristol.   Sunday,   June   16,   7:30-­10:30   by  a  lunch  of  roast  pork  cutlet  with  white  cider  sauce,   a.m.,   Bristol   American   Legion.   Bristol   Cub   mashed   potatoes,   garden   peas   and   mushrooms,   Scout   Pack   543   invites   you   to   treat   Dad,   and   any   dinner  roll  and  Father’s  Day  cake.  Suggested  dona-­ other  man  in  your  life,  to  a  hearty  breakfast,  includ-­ tion  $4.  Bring  your  own  place  setting.   ing  pancakes,  sausage,  bacon,  eggs  to  order,  toast,   Reservations   required:   1-­800-­642-­ juice,  coffee.  Adults  $8,  children  4-­10  $6,  birth-­3  free,   5119,  ext.  634.  Free  transportation  via   family  of  four  $25.   ACTR:  388-­1946.   Kids’   Pirate   Festival   in   Senior   luncheon   in   Bristol.   Friday,   MIDDLEBURY STUDIO SCHOOL – Children’s: Bark Painting, Ferrisburgh.   Sunday,   June   16,   June   14,   11:30   a.m.-­1:30   p.m.,   Mary’s   at   Baldwin   Creek.   CVAA   sponsors   a   June 17-21; Fly Away with Me, June 24-28; Hand Building, 10  a.m.-­5  p.m.,  Lake  Champlain   Museum.  Pirate-­themed   monthly  luncheon  featuring  Chef  Doug   Tues, Weds, Thurs, 3:30-4:30; Wheel, Tues, Weds, Thurs, 3:30-5; Maritime   activities,   sing-­alongs,   dramatic   Mack’s   talents.   Marinated   vegetable   Fly Away with Me, June 24-28; Adult: Beg. Watercolors-Floral, play,   make-­and-­take   crafts,   and   salad,  chicken  and  broccoli  quiche  with   June 18 & 25; Weds. AM Oils, Weds. PM Wheel, Egg Tempura, more.   Build   a   duct-­tape   pirate   coleslaw,  roll,  and  strawberry  shortcake.   Suggested   donation   $5.   Reservations   Drawing. Contact Barb 247-3702, email, ship   or   join   in   the   Great   Pirate   Tug-­o’-­War.   Two   daily   perfor-­ required:  1-­800-­642-­5119.   check out: mances   by   Crabgrass   puppet   “Must   Be   the   Milkâ€?   truck   visit   in   WKHDWHU IUHH WLFNHWV WR WKH ÂżUVW Middlebury.  Friday,  June  14,  4-­7  p.m.,   200   people   each   day.   Museum   Sheldon   Museum.   In   celebration   of   admission  fee.  Info:   Dairy   Weekend   at   the   Sheldon   Museum,   the   New   Chicken   barbecue   in   Lincoln.   Sunday,   June   16,   England  Dairy  Promotion  Board’s  educational  truck   11:30  a.m.-­2:30  p.m.,  Lincoln  Fire  Station,  34  Gove   will   be   at   the   museum   to   offer   dairy   samples   and   Annual   church   porch/basement   sale   Hill   Road.   Father’s   Day   fundraiser   for   the   Lincoln   interactive  activities.  Info:  388-­2117.   in   Bristol.   Saturday,   June   15,   8   a.m.-­3   Volunteer   Fire   Company.   Adults   $10,   children   $5.   Arts   Walk   in   Middlebury.   Friday,   June   14,   5-­7   p.m.,   p.m.,  Bristol  Federated  Church.  “Everything   BBQ  goes  until  the  food  is  gone.   downtown   Middlebury   and   the   Marble   Works.   XQGHU WKH VXQ´ 7R EHQHÂżW FKXUFK PLVVLRQV ,QIR Antiques  evaluations  in  Bridport.  Sunday,  June  16,   Monthly   outdoor   stroll   through   town   featuring   art,   453-­2420.   noon-­1:30   p.m.,   Bridport   town   green.   The   Bridport   PXVLF IRRG DQG IXQ 6HH PRQWKO\ Ă€LHU DW ZZZ $QQXDOĂ€HDPDUNHWLQ6RXWK6WDUNVERUR  Saturday,   Historical  Society  welcomes  Joan  Korda  and  Howard   June   15,   8   a.m.-­2   p.m.,   Jerusalem   Schoolhouse,   *UDIIWRHYDOXDWHDQWLTXHVGXULQJWKHÂżUHPHQÂśV%%4 Exhibit  opening  reception  in  Brandon.  Friday,  June   Route  17,  behind  Jerusalem  Corners  Store.  Clothing,   Maggie  Nocca  will  have  autographed  copies  of  her   14,  5-­7  p.m.,  Compass  Music  and  Arts  Center,  333   housewares,  tools,  sporting  equipment,  books,  kids’   QHZ ERRN Âł7KH 5HG %ULFN 3DQWU\´ IRU  3URÂżWV -RQHV 'ULYH 7KH ÂżUVW H[KLELW RSHQLQJ RI WKH QHZ toys   and   more.   Proceeds   will   be   used   for   mainte-­ EHQHÂżWWKHKLVWRULFDOVRFLHW\ Compass  Music  and  Arts  Center.  “Breaking  the  Iceâ€?   nance   and   renovations   to   the   schoolhouse.   Info:   Garden   tour   and   talk   in   Lincoln.   Sunday,   June   16,   features   the   work   of   abstract   expressionist   Roger   453-­4573.   2-­4  p.m.,  at  the  home  of  Suzanne  Allen.  Ed  Burke  of   Book.   The   center   will   host   exhibits,   performances,   Rocky  Dale  Gardens  will  give  a  talk  titled  “Color:  The   programs,  workshops  and  more.  Info:  www.cmacvt. Can   and   bottle   drive   in   Leicester.   Saturday,   June   15,   8   a.m.-­noon,   Leicester   Town   Shed.   To   support   International  Language  of  Flowers.â€?  Tours  of  Allen’s   org  or  802-­247-­4295.   Leicester   Central   School’s   Summer   Alive!   summer   meadow   and   woodland   gardens.   Tea   and   light   Exhibit   opening   reception   in   Middlebury.   Friday,   camp.   refreshments.  Fundraiser  for  the  One  World  Library   June   14,   5-­7   p.m.,   Edgewater   Gallery.   Celebrating   Project.  Tickets  $25,  available  at  Lawrence  Memorial   the   opening   of   “Anne   Cady:   Twenty   Years,â€?   a   solo   “Let’s   Go   Birdingâ€?   in   Middlebury.   Saturday,   June   15,   9-­11   a.m.,   Wright   Park,   Seymour   St.   Ext.   Meet   Library   in   Bristol   or   by   calling   453-­4147.   Rain   date   exhibit  of  20  of  Cady’s  new,  vibrantly  colored  oil  paint-­ promptly   at   9   a.m.   for   a   two-­hour   guided   walk   for   June  23;  go  to  after  9  a.m.   ings.  On  exhibit  through  June.  Info:  802-­458-­0098  or   beginning  birders  of  all  ages  along  the  Quest  Trail,  a   on  the  16th  if  the  weather  is  questionable.   www.edgewatergallery-­   spur  off  the  Trail  Around  Middlebury.  Bring  binoculars   Tricky  Britches  in  concert  in  Brandon.  Sunday,  June   Exhibit   opening   reception   in   Middlebury.   Friday,   or  borrow  ours.  Family-­friendly,  but  not  for  strollers.  A   16,  7-­9  p.m.,  Brandon  Music.  Old-­time  country  music   June   14,   5-­7   p.m.,   Zone   Three   Gallery,   Marble   MALT/OCAS  event.  Weather  questions?  989-­7115.   with  a  bluegrass  kick  and  the  spirit  of  a  street-­corner   Works.   Celebrating   June’s   exhibit,   “Atmospheres,â€?   jug   band.   Admission   $15.   Info:   (802)   465-­4071   or   minimalistic   mixed-­media   works   by   Rachel   Baird.   Book   and   plant   sale   in   Shoreham.   Saturday,   June   15,  9  a.m.-­1  p.m.,  Platt  Memorial  Library.  Hundreds   info@brandon-­   =RQH7KUHH*DOOHU\LVRQWKHWKLUGĂ€RRURI0DSOH RI WLWOHV SDSHUEDFNV KDUGFRYHUV SRSXODU ÂżFWLRQ St.  Info:   kids’   books   and   more.   Annuals   and   perennials   for   Artist   demonstration   in   Middlebury.   Friday,   June   VDOHWREHQHÂżWWKHOLEUDU\,QIR 14,   5:30-­8:30   p.m.,   Deborah   Sharpe-­Lunstead   orPapermaking   enjoy ready-picked apples St.,   at our FarmFlea   Stand market   fundraiser   in   Middlebury.   Saturday,   Studio,   37   Washington   second   Senior   luncheon   in   Bristol.   Monday,   thJune  15,  9  a.m.-­3  p.m.,  Case  Street  Community  Club   June  17,  10:30  a.m.-­12:30  p.m.,  Cubbers   schoolhouse,  3518  Case  St.  Vendor  space  available   Restaurant.   CVAA   sponsors   this   monthly   4HJZ‹,TWPYLZ‹*VY[SHUKZ‹/VUL`*YPZWZ IRUFDOOWRUHVHUYH3URFHHGVEHQHÂżW event   for   down-­home   cooking   and   friendly   service.   the  Case  Street  Community  Club.   9LKHUK.VSKLU+LSPJPV\Z‹4HJV\UZ Kids’   Pirate   Festival   in   Ferrisburgh.   Saturday,   Menu   TBA.   Suggested   donation   $5.   Reservations   required:  1-­800-­642-­5119.   June  15,  10  a.m.-­5  p.m.,  Lake  Champlain  Maritime   5VY[OLYU:W`‹:X\HZO‹*VYU ‹ 7\TWRPUs Museum.   Pirate-­themed   activities,   sing-­alongs,   Summer   Reading   Program   kickoff   in   Middlebury.   Cider ‹4HWSL:`Y\W Monday,   June   17,   5-­5:45   p.m.,   Ilsley   Library   front   dramatic  play,  make-­and-­take  crafts,  and  more.  Build   lawn.   Kids   can   sign   up   for   summer   reading.   Teen   a   duct-­tape   pirate   ship   or   join   in   the   Great   Pirate   musician  Hollis  Long  will  entertain.  Rain  site:  Young   Tug-­o’-­War.   Two   daily   performances   by   Crabgrass   9[:OVYLOHT=;‹  Adult  Room.  Info:  388-­4097.   SXSSHW WKHDWHU IUHH WLFNHWV WR WKH ÂżUVW  SHRSOH TPSL^LZ[VM[OL]PSSHNL each   day.   Museum   admission   fee.   Continues   June   Band  concert  rehearsal  in  Vergennes.  Monday,  June   17,  7-­9  p.m.,  VUHS  band  room.  Instrumentalists  of  all   16.  Info:   ages  are  welcome  to  join  the  Vergennes  City  Band,   Museum   family   fun   day   in   Middlebury.   Saturday,   which   performs   every   Monday   night,   June   24-­Aug.   June  15,  10  a.m.-­2  p.m.,  Sheldon  Museum.  Children   19,  in  the  Vergennes  City  Park.  Info:  877-­2938,  ext.   are  invited  to  play  old-­fashioned  games,  learn  to  sew   218.   a  patchwork  quilt  block,  enter  the  jump  rope  contest   and   enjoy   a   puppet   show,   plus   dress   in   18th-­   and   19th-­century  clothes,  write  on  slates,  and  try  the  trun-­ dle  bed.  Live  music.  Bake  sale.  Free  with  museum   admission.  Info:  388-­2117.   Women   Business   Owners   Network   Foal  Days  2013  in  Weybridge.  Saturday,   meeting   in   Middlebury.   Tuesday,   June   June  15,  11  a.m.-­2  p.m.,  UVM  Morgan   18,   8-­9:30   a.m.,   Rosie’s   restaurant.   This   Horse  Farm.  Meet  the  new  foals,  tour   month,   Alice   Abraham   of   A   Tempo   Senior   Move   the  stables,  meet  the  stallions,  enter   presents,   “A   Sense   of   Belonging   and   Letting   Go   of   WKH  IRDO UDIĂ€H )DUP DGPLV-­ Belongings.â€?  Cost  $8  for  members,  $11  for  nonmem-­ sion  applies.  Also  June  22  and  29.   bers.  RSVP  and  info:   Info:  388-­2011.   Historical   crafts   and   skills   Senior  luncheon  and  entertainment  in  Middlebury.   Tuesday,  June  18,  10:30  a.m.-­1  p.m.,  Russ  Sholes   demonstrations   in   Addison.   6HQLRU &HQWHU /LYH PXVLF E\ WKH 6QRZĂ€DNH %UDVV Saturday,   June   15,   1:30-­3:30   Band,   starting   at   11   a.m.,   followed   by   a   lunch   of   p.m.,  Chimney  Point  State  Historic   chicken  cordon  bleu,  mesclun  salad,  oven-­browned   Site.   Site   interpreter   Karl   Crannell   potatoes,   whole   wheat   dinner   roll,   and   seasonal   presents  “Blast  From  the  Past:  How   mixed  berry  crisp.  Suggested  donation  $4.  Bring  your   They   Made   It   in   New   France,â€?   a   own  place  setting.  Reservations  required  by  June  14:   hands-­on  demonstration  of  the  crafts   1-­800-­642-­5119,   ext.   634.   Free   transportation   via   and  skills  practiced  by  those  living  her   ACTR:  388-­1946.   on   the   frontier   of   New   France.   Wood   crafts,  tailoring  and  more.  Call  for  details:   Youth   media   lab   in   Middlebury.   Tuesday,   June   18,   3-­4:30  p.m.,  Ilsley  Library.  Kids  entering  grades  4  and   759-­2412.   up  are  invited  to  join  library  and  MCTV  staff  to  make   Church   dinner   in   Forest   Dale.   Saturday,   movies   and   learn   about   technology   using   MCTV’s   June  15,  5-­6:30  p.m.,  St.  Thomas  &  Grace   state-­of-­the-­art   media   stations.   Tuesdays   through   Episcopal   Church,   VT   Route   73.   Annual   Aug.  6.  Drop-­in.  Info:  388-­4097.   ham   dinner   with   strawberry   shortcake.   Good  will  offering  at  the  door.  All  proceeds   Tai  Chi  for  Seniors  class  in  East  Middlebury.  Tuesday,   June   18,   5:30-­6:30   p.m.,   Valley   Bible   Church.   The   go  to  outreach.   ÂżUVW LQ DQ ZHHN VHULHV RI IUHH EHJLQQLQJ WDL FKL Free  community  supper  in  Ferrisburgh.   classes   meeting   Tuesdays   and   Thursdays   through   Saturday,   June   15,   5-­6   p.m.,   Crossroads   Aug.   8.   Outdoors,   weather   permitting.   Sponsored   Chapel,  Route  7.  Summer  barbecue.  All  are   by   CVAA,   these   free   classes   for   people   age   50   or   welcome.   ROGHUFDQKHOSLPSURYHEDODQFHĂ€H[LELOLW\DQGPXVFOH “Sip   Into   Summerâ€?   fundraiser   in   New   strength.  Register  at  1-­800-­642-­5119,  ext.  1017.   Haven.  Saturday,  June  15,  6-­8  p.m.,  Lincoln  Peak   Vineyard.   Lincoln   Peak   wines   paired   with   top   Milk  &  Honey  Quilters’  Guild  meeting  in  Middlebury.   Tuesday,   June   18,   6-­9   p.m.,   American   Legion.   local   chefs.   Live   food   demo,   silent   art   auction,   Potluck   dinner   at   6,   meeting   a   7.   The   2013-­2014   OLYHPXVLFRQ WKHGHFN7R EHQHÂżW 2WWHU&UHHN Program  Committee  will  present  the  program  for  the   Child   Center.   Tickets   $30   each,   $50   couples,   next  year.  Chinese  auction.  Show  and  tell  as  always.   $25  seniors.  Info:  388-­9688.   RSVP  with  your  potluck  selection  to  Mary  Alice  Rath   Ferrisburgh   documentary   screening   in   at  388-­7347  by  Friday,  June  14.   Ferrisburgh.   Saturday,   June   15,   6:30-­8:30   p.m.,  Ferrisburgh  Town  Hall/Community  Center,   Route  7.  The  Ferrisburgh  Historical  Society  and   Mad   River   Media   have   completed   a   one-­hour   documentary   about   the   history   of   Ferrisburgh.   Dr.   Dennis   Waring   performs   for   kids   Refreshments  served.  DVDs  available  for  purchase.   in   Middlebury.   Wednesday,   June   19,   Silent  movie  screening  in  Brandon.  Saturday,  June   10:30-­11:30   a.m.,   Ilsley   Library.   Dr.   Dennis   15,   7-­9   p.m.,   Brandon   Town   Hall   and   Community   AWARD-­WINNING   ACOUSTIC   guitarist   Waring   wows   the   crowd   with   musical   instruments   Center,   Route   7.   “The   Best   of   Charlie   Chaplin,â€?   a   Don   Ross   will   perform   Saturday,   June   15,   from  around  the  world.  Free  tickets  available  at  the   FROOHFWLRQRIFRPHG\VKRUWÂżOPVWKDWWUDFH&KDSOLQÂśV at   the   Vergennes   Opera   House,   along   with   library  for  two  weeks  before  each  performance.  Info:   rise   from   unknown   comedian   to   the   most   popular   Trevor  Gordon  Hall  and  “Vermont’s  Got  Tal-­ 388-­4097.   star   of   early   cinema.   Accompanied   by   live   music   entâ€?  winner  Matteo  Palmer  of  Vergennes.   by  Jeff  Rapsis.  Free,  but  donations  to  the  town  hall   Gallery   talk   in   Middlebury.   Wednesday,   June   19,  



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“He  builds  the  best  historically  correct  thunder  boxes   this  side  of  the  19th  Century�

Ă€RRU 9LVLW D ZRUNLQJ DUWLVW VWXGLR &RPH PDNH D sheet  of   paper   and   see   how   Deborah   Sharpe-­ Lunstead   turns   pigmented   paper   pulp   into   a   land-­ scape  painting.   Free   community   concert   in   Monkton.   Friday,   June   14,   6-­8   p.m.,   Monkton   Rec   Field,   Hollow   Road.   Helen  Weston  and  the  Bessette  Quartet  and  special   guest  Pete  Sutherland  play  good  time  swing,  blues   and  rock.  Pack  a  picnic  or  get  a  burger  or  hot  dog  and   beverage  from  the  concession  stand.   History  of  dairy  lecture  in  Middlebury.  Friday,  June   14,   6:30-­8:30   p.m.,   Sheldon   Museum.   Former   Vermont  Secretary  of  Agriculture  will  speak.  Offered   in   conjunction   with   the   Sheldon’s   current   exhibit,   “From   Dairy   to   Doorstep:   Milk   Delivery   in   New   England.â€?  Info:  388-­2117.   Brass  band  concert  in  New  Haven.  Friday,  June  14,   7-­9   p.m.,   New   Haven   Mills   Church.   Ken   Weston’s   Sounding   Brass   will   perform.   Admission   $10   to   EHQHÂżW UHVWRUDWLRQ RI WKH FKXUFK $GGLWLRQDO GRQD-­ tions  welcome.  Info:  (802)  767-­3231.   9HUPRQW &RPHG\ 'LYDV EHQHÂżW LQ 0LGGOHEXU\   Friday,  June  14,  8-­10  p.m.,  Town  Hall  Theater.  The   Divas,  the  country’s  only  all-­female  touring  standup   FRPHG\ WURXSH JLYHV D EHQHÂżW SHUIRUPDQFH IRU the   Foster   &  Adoptive   Families   of  Addison   County   Association.   Includes   adult   humor.   Tickets   $25   general/$20  foster  and  adoptive  parents,  available  at   WKH7+7 ER[ RIÂżFH  RU DW WKH GRRU ZZZ  


June 13, 2013 a section  
June 13, 2013 a section