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Lincoln  looks  back  at   Discussion presents native reptiles of Sudbury WKHELJĂ€RRGRI SUDBURY   —   University   of   Vermont   herpetologist   Jim   Andrews   will   show   slides   and   discuss   the   identification,   natu-­ ral   history   and   conservation   of   some  of  Sudbury’s  more  interest-­ ing   reptiles   and   amphibians   on   Wednesday,  June  19,  at  7  p.m.  at   the   Sudbury   Meeting   House   on   Route  30.   Included   in   the   presentation,   titled   “Interesting   Reptiles   and   Amphibians   of   Sudbury   and   Surrounding   Region,â€?   will   be   Sudbury’s   population   of   Eastern   rat  snakes.  Eastern  rat  snakes  are   one   of   the   largest   native   snakes   found  in  North  America  and  also   one   of   the   most   docile.  Andrews   will   answer   questions   on   any   of   our   local   reptile   and   amphib-­ ian   species   from   salamanders   to   turtles. Andrews,   a   resident   of   Salisbury,   graduated   from   UVM   with  a  BS  in  environmental  stud-­ ies.  He  later  received  his  master’s   in   biology   from   Middlebury   College.   He   currently   serves   as   chair  of  the  Vermont  Reptile  and   Amphibian   Scientific   Advisory   Group  to  the  Endangered  Species   Committee.   He   also   coordi-­ nates   the   Vermont   Reptile   and   Amphibian   Atlas   Project   and   has   just   published   the   2013   printed  version  of  all  of  the  latest   Vermont   reptile   and   amphibian   distribution  maps.

about  how  important  libraries  had  been   By  XIAN  CHIANG-­WAREN LINCOLN  —  Fifteen  years  ago  this   to  her  throughout  her  life.â€? “We   had   a   lady   write   from   New   month,  on  a  stormy  Saturday,  the  waters   of  the  New  Haven  River  rose  dramati-­ Zealand,â€?   Gray   remembered.   “She   cally   and   washed   over   the   center   of   just   declared   herself   our   sister   library.   Lincoln   village,   including   Burnham   She  told  us  all  about  her  library  in  the   +DOO7KHORZHUOHYHOVZKLFKKRXVHGWKH outback.  She  had  a  shower  and  a  cafĂŠ!   WRZQOLEUDU\ZHUHFRPSOHWHO\Ă€RRGHG And  she  sent  us  books  on  New  Zealand,   “My  sister  called  me  at  around  1  a.m.   which   don’t   really   get   checked   out   a   WRWHOOPHWKHÂżUHGHSDUWPHQWKDGEHHQ lot,  but  I  can’t  get  rid  of  them.  Because   called  out  to  sandbag  the  Hall,â€?  librarian   every   time   I   go   by   them   every   year,   I   Linda  Norton  wrote  in  her  journal  that   remember  how  she  just  read  our  article   GD\-XQHÂł,WZDVĂ€RRGHG:H and  reached  out.â€? went   down   too   late   —   the   water   was   Each   aspect   of   the   new   building’s   already   to   the   base   of   the   windows   ‌   design   was   carefully   thought   over:   the   water   was   over   my   boots,   books,   etc.,   community   room;Íž   the   warm   lighting;Íž   ZHUHĂ€RDWLQJ,WZDVDZIXOÂŤ6KHOYHV the   low,   kid-­friendly   circulation   desk;Íž   WLSSLQJ RYHU ERRNV Ă€RDWLQJ ZDWHU the   interior   glass   pane   window   on   the   above   waist.  Water   was   causing   havoc   right  after  one  enters  the  library,  which   all  over  and  we  got  home  around  3  a.m.,   LPPHGLDWHO\VKRZVRIIWKHFR]\UHDGLQJ stripped  and  showered.  I  couldn’t  sleep.   room. Came  out  to  the  couch.  Up  at  dawn  and   “We   wanted   people   to   feel   that   they   sat  while  the  sun  broke.  Started  making   had  arrived,â€?  Norton  said,  who  retired  in   a  list.    *UD\EHFDPHWKHOLEUDULDQ  Âł7KHQLWKLWPHDQG,FULHG´ 7KLUWHHQ \HDUV DIWHU WKH FRQVWUXFWLRQ 7KH/LQFROQ/LEUDU\KDGDOZD\VEHHQ of   the   new   Lincoln   Library   building   a  labor  of  love,  dependent  on  one  or  two   —  constructed  on  higher  ground  on  the   staff   members   and   community   volun-­ opposite  side  of  the  road  from  the  New   teers  to  keep  running.  In  the  days  follow-­ Haven  River  —  and  15  years  after  the   HERPETOLOGIST JIM ANDREWS of Salisbury gets chummy with an Eastern rat snake. Andrews LQJ WKH Ă€RRG DV 1RUWRQ DQG FXUUHQW Ă€RRG 1RUWRQ DQG *UD\ DUH GUHDPLQJ will discuss this and other snakes in a talk on native reptiles and amphibians in Sudbury on OLEUDULDQ'HEL*UD\ ZKRZDVKLUHGVRRQ up   ways   to   preserve   the   history   of   the   Wednesday, June 19. after   as   assistant   director   to   assist   the   OLEUDU\ÂśV UHVXUUHFWLRQ 7KH\ ZRXOG OLNH UHFRYHU\HIIRUW EHJDQWKHGDXQWLQJWDVN to   host   a   gathering   of   those   who   were   of  rebuilding  the  library,  local  author  and   WKHUH GXULQJ WKH Ă€RRG WR VKDUH PHPR-­ Conservation   of   Vermont’s   field   experience   with   all   of   on  herptile  conservation  through-­ Lincoln   resident   Chris   ries,   and   are   looking   native  reptiles  and  amphibians  is   Vermont’s   reptiles   and   amphib-­ out  Vermont. Bohjalian   wrote   an   for  ways  to  educate  the   a  common  theme  running  through   ians  and  has  worked  closely  with   For  further  information  contact   DUWLFOH DERXW WKH Ă€RRG “The Lincoln community   about   the   all   Andrews’   activities.   He   has   state,  federal  and  private  agencies   David  Cobb  at  989-­4562. for  the  Burlington  Free   Library is so history. Press.   In   the   meantime,   “Losing  the  Library,â€?   important to Gray  has  taken  to  heart   as  the  article  was  titled,   the community, the  message  that  all  of   was   later   picked   up   especially for those   letters   carried   to   by   the   Boston   Globe   the seniors and Lincoln:   libraries   are   and   Reader’s   Digest,   important  to  people. bringing   the   story   of   the families 7KRXJK WKH OLEUDU\ Lincoln’s   library   to   with younger is  already  host  to  many   regional,   national   and   children.â€? community   meetings   even  global  audiences. and   gatherings,   Gray   — Chris Bohjalian is   expanding   the   ways   As  Norton  and  Gray   began  the  daunting  task   that   the   library   can   of   creating   a   library   serve   the   community.   essentially   from   scratch,   they   were   7KHOLEUDU\FXUUHQWO\KRVWVKRPHVFKRRO continuously  motivated  and  inspired  by   programs,  craft  classes,  health  and  infor-­ the  letters  from  around  the  world  began   mational   programs,   nature   and   science   pouring   in   —   along   with   donations   of   programs  for  all  ages,  as  well  as  monthly   money  and  books. literary   discussions   and   programs   for   “Nobody   had   been   through   this   VHQLRUFLWL]HQV before,â€?   Norton   said,   “and   it’s   not   as   Bohjalian,   whose   article   arguably   though   there   is   a   handbook.   So   it   just   started  it  all,  praises  the  library’s  impor-­ 0(0%(562)7+(:KLWLQJ&ORYHUOHDYHV+&OXEGHPRQVWUDWHKRZWRFDUHIRUUDEELWVLQWKHLUDFWLRQH[KLELWDW+6WDWH'D\0D\LQ%DUUH had   to   become   second   nature   to   say,   tant  role  in  the  Lincoln  community. 7KHLUH[KLELWZDVRQHRIHLJKWFKRVHQWRUHSUHVHQW9HUPRQWDW(DVWHUQ6WDWHV([SRVLWLRQLQ:HVW6SULQJÂżHOG0DVVWKLVIDOO PhotoFRXUWHV\RI890([WHQVLRQ+ Âľ2.ZHQHHGWRWDNHWKHFDUGVRXWZH Âł7KH/LQFROQ/LEUDU\LVVRLPSRUWDQW need  to  make  an  inventory.’  Sometimes   to   the   community,   especially   for   the   we   would   get   really   down.   But   then,   seniors   and   the   families   with   younger   there  would  be  another  letter.â€? FKLOGUHQ´ KH VDLG Âł7KHUHÂśV DOZD\V A   new   library   was   planned,   but   that   something   going   on.   And   Debi   Gray   BARRE   —   Vermont   4-­H   State   Extension   4-­H   event   were   winners   Action   Exhibit:   Whiting   6WDJH 3UHVHQWDWLRQV *URXS  6N\ would  take  time.  In  the  two  years  after   is   a   force   of   nature.   She’s   absolutely   Day,  May  18  at  the  Barre  Civic  Center   at   the   regional   level,   several   were   Cloverleaves   4-­H   Club   of   Whiting,   Riders  4-­H  Club  of  Brandon,  Zumba;Íž   WKHĂ€RRGDSHULRGZKHQWKHOLEUDU\ZDV wonderful.â€? in   Barre,   provided   an   opportunity   chosen   to   represent   the   state   at   the   “Rabbit  Care.â€? and  Whiting  Cloverleaves  of  Whiting,   operating  from  the  upstairs  of  Burnham   Gray,  though,  has  even  more  ideas  up   for   125   of   the   state’s   most   talented   Eastern   States   Exposition   in   West   Fashion  Revue:  Colleen  Bernier  of   drama. Hall,   the   support   that   came   pouring   her  sleeves.  During  storms,  for  example,   4-­H’ers   to   demonstrate   what   they   6SULQJÂżHOG 0DVV LQ 6HSWHPEHU Orwell,   Ashley   Carrara   of   Brandon,   6WDJH 3UHVHQWDWLRQV ,QGLYLGXDO  in   from   around   the   world   kept   work-­ Gray   would   like   people   to   be   able   to   have  learned  through  4-­H  club  work. including   the   following   local   4-­H   Elaina   Harte   of   Brandon,   Hailey   (OL]DEHWK Âł5RVH´ -RQHV RI :KLWLQJ strapped  volunteers  going. come  to  the  library  for  warmth,  Internet   While   all   participants   at   this   members   and   groups,   listed   by   Quenneville   of   Weybridge   and   Siri   drama-­singing;Íž  and  Anna  Willenbaker   Âł7KHUHZHUHDOOWKHVHZRUNVWDWLRQV´ access   and   comfort,   as   some   already   8QLYHUVLW\ RI 9HUPRQW 890  category:   Swanson  of  Orwell. of  Ferrisburgh,  singing.   said   Gray,   recalling   a   typical   scene   have   during   power   outages.   She   is   at   the   interim   library   space.   “People   hoping  to  get  a  grant  to  fund  a  generator   were   typing   spine   labels,   I   was   enter-­ to  accommodate  that,  and  says  that  she   ing   records,   and   people   were   doing   all   is  always  on  the  lookout  for  ways  that   different   things.   And   we   were   letting   the  library  can  give  back  to  the  commu-­ ‡ .DWH %LVVRQHWWH   'DQLHO 0\KUH +LQHVEXUJ 0D\  D VRQ ‡6LHUD 0LOOHU  -DVRQ %LVKRS 6KRUHKDP -XQH  D VRQ &\ODV people  check  out  books!  In  the  middle   nity  that  rose  to  its  aid. Mason  Wayne  Myhre. Carter  Bishop. of  all  that  Linda  hung  a  string,  a  clothes-­ “It’s   just   a   lot   of   gratitude   for   the   ‡%ODLUH %UHZVWHU  .HLWK%DUQHV5XWODQG-XQHDVRQ%HQWOH\ ‡$PEHU +D\HV   &RG\ 3ULPH 9HUJHQQHV -XQH  D GDXJKWHU line,  and  we  hung  all  of  these  letters  up   people   who   have   brought   us   to   where   .HLWK5RQDOG%DUQHV Natalie  Annette  Prime. so  people  could  read  them.â€? we  are,â€?  Gray  said. ‡0RQLFD  -RVHSK 3U]\SHUKDUW 7LQPRXWK -XQH  D GDXJKWHU ‡9LUJLQLD &UDLJ)UDVLHU)RUHVW'DOH-XQHDVRQ&DUWHU0DGH[ “One   letter   was   from   a   lady   in   “It’s   like   that   old   adage,â€?   Norton   $Q\D-XQH3U]\SHUKDUW Frasier. California,â€?   Norton   added.   “She   spoke   added.  “‘It  takes  a  village.’â€?



NOTICE I came to Middlebury in 1947. It is now 2013. 66 years of barbering. Time to retire. I wish to thank all my faithful customers, friends and family for their support over the many years.

Bud Lundrigan

Bud’s Barber Shop

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Knights of Columbus Father Daley Council 642 The Knights would like to thank all of the businesses who donated to our annual auction. We couldn’t do it without them. We would like to thank the individuals who donated items to our auction, especially William Collins who donated many items from his home. I would like to thank all the Knights and volunteers from St. Mary’s School who helped with set up and collection of items. A special thanks to the auctioneer, Tom Broughton, who as always did a great job. The Knights would like to thank all of the wonderful people who attended the auction and made it a success.

Carhartt,  Columbia  &  Woolrich  Clothing Red  Wing  &  LaCrosse  Work  Boots Merrell,  Keen  &  Teva  Footwear New  Balance  &    Asics  Sneakers


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Auction Chairman, Dean Desjadon


June 22, 2013 We are celebrating our mother’s big day with a card shower.

Green  Mountain

Wishes may be sent to: Gladys Orvis, 14 Jerusalem Rd. Bristol, VT 05443

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Thank you, Greg & Suzanne & family


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