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“We create chemistry” world tour Objective: to provide solutions to global challenges with BASF’s new strategy: ‘we create chemistry for a sustainable future’. Innovations for almost all areas of life play a key role. The goal is to communicate the strategy to employees and other stakeholders. Creative idea and description: the world tour allows target groups to experience what BASF stands for. At its centre: the Marketplace of Innovations which showcases 20 outstanding examples of how BASF is implementing its new corporate strategy right now. The marketplace is not only a place for presentations and information, but for dialogue and creative networking. ‘We create chemistry’: the strategic guiding principle is already giving rise to live corporate culture during the events, in real and virtual spaces. Because the world of BASF innovations is alsoevents and the web experience merge to create a perfectly integrated aggregate format. The powerful in the moment experiences provided by road show tour stops give rise to a sustainable online strategy implementation process. The first part of the tour goes from Europe to the Americas. The second will travel throughout Asia up to 2013. Audio/video/lights: the sound sets the stage as tour visitors imagine how the Earth will be in the year 2050: nine billion people and their increasing needs in all areas of life. BASF innovations provide answers for those global challenges: The thematic stands, which had up until that point been closed and in the dark, shine with BASF colours and open – a striking mise en scène that invites visitors to

satisfy their new curiosity with a first walk around. Staging and set design: the set design is part of the message: the scenography makes a first impression allowing visitors to experience the strategy and innovations the thematic stands provide via their senses, giving the set emotional power. On a second level, intelligent, light constructions and materials translate, in retrospect, BASF's strategic guiding principle of resource conservation, environmental compatibility, and climate protection into temporary architecture – an aesthetic that is much more than it seems. Media Mix: the tour concept relies strongly on the merging of online and offline tools. Results: the live events of the first tour reach more than 15,000 participants, the online platforms count nearly 150,000 visits. More than 90 percent of the participants rate the events as ‘very good’ or ‘good’. More than 3,500 posts initiate a worldwide dialogue on BASF's Intranet and on the Internet.

[ DATA SHEET] Country: Germany Organiser: circ gmbh und ko. kg Client: BASF SE Date: January 2012-May 2012 Target: employees, selected customers and other stakeholders Location: Worldwide (4 regions, 13 stations)


European Events Annual 2012  
European Events Annual 2012  

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