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Shangri-La Hotel Dubai Colleagues Newsletter – 4th Quarter 2012

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Vice President’s Message Dear Colleagues, Happy New Year and I wish you all everything of the very best for 2013. Welcome to the Q4, 2012 edition of our Marhaba Newsletter. We certainly have had some exciting developments take place since the last issue. I am delighted to report that we achieved our budget numbers for 2012 and I would like to thank you all for your excellent efforts in achieving this.

Our 2012 Guest Delight Programme produced five Diamond Star Awardees. Congratulations to our F&B colleagues, Andrei Eduard Raduta (Amwaj), Kyaw Thu Rain (Dunes Café), Ma Amy Than (Hoi An), Tin Nu Yee (Hoi An) and Nguyen Thi Lan (Hoi An), on their terrific achievements. Our ‘Back To School’ Colleagues Party in October was a tremendous success and we have featured some of the photographs in this issue along with the photos of the Christmas Party, our Beach Clean Up CSR activity and Departmental team building. Congratulations to Hoi An who received the What’s On Awards 2012 ‘Favorite Pan Asian Restaurant’. Well done War War Lwin, Tran Than Chung and the Hoi An Service and Culinary teams. We are now at the start of 2013 and we need to focus on driving the business to new heights. Our focus to maximize business results by driving revenues needs to be a key focus in 2013. We have a tough budget, however, I know I can count on you to again achieve the desired results. We hope you enjoy this issue of Marhaba. If you have any comments or suggestions, or if you would like to contribute to the next issue, please contact our Training department. They would be delighted to hear from you. Best regards,

Bernhard Haechler Vice President/General Manager


Gunasekaran Lazer

Sophia Liu Chang

Pubudu Arachchige

Joylyn Ferrer

Khine Soe An


Shang Palace

SLHT - Training

Dunes Cafe

Shang Palace

Antonina Burdeynaya

Paul Kerr

Amith Badanage

Maricel Caraig Roque

Laras Dyah Andini


Amwaj Kitchen


Dunes Cafe


Irish Romano

Solomon Anyatonwu

Carolina Fundal

Dunes Cafe

Rabindra Kumar

Health Club & Spa

F&B Reservations


Dananjaya Maduranga SLHT - HK

Asanka Wanigabadu

Remigio Agustin

Thangaraj Sonaimuthu

Basudev Maharjan

Sanjay Thapa


Health Club & Spa



Horizon Club Kitchen


Lamiae Hlal

Edwin Torres

Priyantha Liyanage

Bo Bo Aung


Health Club


Pastry Kitchen

Rowell Panzo

Allan Swazi

Prabhath Kattadige

Sachin Pradhan

Tyta Novrigita

IRD Kitchen





Indika Liyanage

Tejendra Thapa

Mariam Laaraj

Pradeep Liyanage

SLHT – Dunes


In-Room Dinning


Samuel Q. Quiocho

Osama El Sayed

Pastry Kitchen


Murat Kara DC Kitchen

Elwardany Hassan

Nalin Rathnayaka

Tek Bahadur Nepali

In-Room Dinning



Aye Chan Thu

Susantha Maddumage

Wu Jun

Chamath Gunawardana

Elcedo Coelho


SLHT - Culinary

Shang Palace

SLHT – Front Office



Year end WAVE celebration took place at Al Nojoom 1 where November & December awardees where recognized for their achievements in delighting guests and training & development. The program started with recognizing birthday celebrants as everyone sung a birthday song followed by cutting of the cake. Our year end celebration however was even more special as 5 of our colleagues received their DIAMOND start certificate. Turn next page and check out our special feature on how to become diamond star member in 2013!


For the first time in 9 yeards, 5 colleagues achieved the Diamon Star level in our Guest Delight Program. The awardees are: Ma Amy Thanm, Tin Nu Yee and Nguyen Thi Lan from Hoi An, Andrei Raduta from Amwaj and Kyaw Thu Rain from Dunes CafĂŠ. Apart from the monetary rewards from when they were silver star awardees, Diamond Star awardees received AED 350 cash prize and a round trip ticket to their home country (or anywhere of equivalent value). You too can achieve the same and be one of 2013's prestigious diamond star awardee. How? Check out Amy's tips in an exclusive interview on her secrets on how to be a star! 1- How long have you been with Shangri-La? I've been in Shangri-La four and a half years 2- How many times have you received a GDP award? This year alone, I have received 11 GDP Awards, from January to December 2012 missing out only on October where I was on holiday. 3- Great job Amy! Tell us what you do differently to delight guests so they write these nice comments about you? I treat every guest like we treat our family members. I do my best to remember their likes and dislikes, names, faces & food preferences. They say they come back because they feel like being at home, they also compliment our exceptional service & recognition & anticipation skills. 4- What advice do you give to the colleagues in SLDB to reach Diamond Member? I would like advise to my colleagues to set target for 2013, & work toward that goal everyday, everymonth throughout the year. Also, to always treat all our guests as family members 5- When/what was your best moments at SLDB? 2012 is my biggest achievement for my life. I achieved my target as diamond star and also our restaurant got two award during this year.This is my best moment during this year & in my life.


Andrei Raduta

Ma Amy Than

Kyaw Thu Rain

Tin Nu Yee




Q. What is your secret in Delighting Guest? A. I always treat the guest like a family. Because, I’m home away from home therefore, is important to look after the guest and take care of their need as much as I can. Q. How do you feel about your achievement for Diamond Star? A. I’m very happy and excited about it and very proud of my other team members who became a diamond star too. I would like to thank my manager “War War” for her great support and for driving the success of Hoi An.

The 5 Stars of 2012


-Round trip air ticket to home country or any other country within same fare. -AED 350 on awarding day and AED 950 accumulated value of previous awardings


-8 times nomination for GDP, in one year, not necessarily consecutive.

Nguyen Thi Lan

Nguyen Thi Lan: Q. What is your secret in Delighting Guest? A. Is about making them feel warm and welcome,, paying attention to their needs. Is very important to apply the Shangri-La Experience. All of us have goals to achieve and my goal was to “delight our guests every time with the support of my team and never forgetting to smile. Q. How do you feel about your achievement for Diamond Star? A. It very exciting for me to become a diamond member . It important to maintain my professional level even if am a diamond star. My team and I believe we have chosen a great hotel to work for, a company that takes care of its people. It’s not just about taking from company but, is about giving back as well.


Taking Ownership When was the last time you have taken Ownership to Care for our guests, compassion for our colleagues & take care of our company brand? If you need a refresher on how to do so, here are some of colleagues who have just completed Shangri-La Care 3. Angels Ramesh and Vina conducted the full day session with our new colleagues with vim & vigor and closed the session with the traditional SC 3 song.. " we are part of this team, we are one in this dream‌ "


Fire Hose Training

Hands on refresher training for our Emergency Response Team (ERT) took place in December as they practiced how to reel the fire hose in the shortest time possible! Fire & Life Safety Manager, Raghu, focused on training our ERT members by setting a time frame and ensuring ERT team is able to release the reel and bring it to the designated area with no bends nor knots. Sounds like an easy task? Ask our ERT team members and they will tell you how important it is to be trained fully. As the saying goes, "Fire takes no holiday".


28 Departmental Trainers joined Training & Quality this year as they hosted 1.5 days Departmental Trainers’ Workshop last 15th – 17th of December 2012. Themed “Bridging the Gap between Training & Quality”, the Trainers were first introduced to the “Engaged Partnership” roles of Training and Quality in order to achieve a common goal for 2013. The trainers also spent time learning and understanding deeply their roles on the following: - Hotel & Departmental Induction of new colleagues on board - Purpose driven monthly training plans - Training Needs Analysis using Performance Monitor results and DR3. - How to use the ASK principle technique.

Building relationships & getting to know other trainers …


Trainers were taught to use Monthly Training & Quality Cycle to assist them in planning. Trainers also practiced how to train the Shangri-La Experience effectively though group discussions, presentations and brainstorming.

And practice it is‌ Trainers did practice through lots of role play


What is their role?


Who are they? Kam




Joy Pipin Ronnie




Sid 12

Quality Ambassadors

Training Quality Mission “To translate the Voice of the customer into core competencies that provide a Strategic Advantage�

The Reservations team has done an incredible job by achieving the highest score worldwide for the second year in a row in test calls. Congratulations to the reservations team & we hope this great performance will reflect onto 2013 as well.


Benefits of mind mapping: 1. Brainstorming – individually, and as a group 2. Summarizing information and note taking 3. Consolidating information 4. Thinking through complex problems 5. Presenting information in a overall structural format 6. Studying and memorizing information

How to create your own mind map? 1.



Write down the title in the middle of the page and draw a circle around it Draw lines for related sub headings or important facts and label these lines. Further probing will uncover another level of related information Draw theses as branches.



On October 30, 2012, colleagues at SLDB celebrated the Annual colleagues gathering in a “Back to School” themed party. The inter divisional presentations did not only showcase great talents from our colleagues, but also showed how much effort the departments have invested in ensuring they perform well & worked together as one team.

Although they did not compete, EXCOM did perform & entertained us all with their own version of “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”! 15

16 16


18 18

Rooms Division # 3

19 19

20 20



Dunes Café Team Outing In December 2012, Dunes Café team took time out from work for a team building activity. With the year 2012 approaching its end, the team rewarded themselves by arranging two different activities, one for the morning shift & one for the afternoon shift. The first group chartered a yacht and the chance to experience & enjoy its luxury until mid afternoon with refreshments & food aboard. The afternoon shift colleagues explored the other side of Dubai & went for a Dessert Safari to experience the thrills of the golden dunes and witness spectacular views of the sunset during their tour. Dunes team shared these photos with us…




Outing In October 2012, Sales & Marketing team took a unique approach to have a Paintball team outing. The Sales & Marketing colleagues split into two teams who competed in a friendly game which was filled with fun, thrill & some painful shots as well.


Departmental Trainers Outing Fun even without the sun! Evening beach barbeque at Jumeirah Beach Park with the hotel Departmental Trainers to show our sincere “thank you� for their hard work and effort.



Clean Up UAE 2012 Campaign Have you ever thought about the plastic bag you dumped on the road before getting into your building? Chances are a cleaner picked it up. But what if no one noticed it? Each year, tens of thousands of volunteers pick up waste from UAE's deserts and industrial sites, leaving behind more reasons to think. This year, “Clean Up UAE� planned a month-long campaign to educate the UAE residents, & initiated different activities one of them was the cleaning campaign which SLDB participated in on 12-12-2012.




on November 2, at 8.30am, Dubai, Residents can support breast cancer awareness and help raise funds by taking part in the 2012 Pink Walkathon at Zabeel Park. The walkathon, in its ninth edition, is the flagship event by BurJuman Safe and Sound Campaign, one of the region’s most comprehensive breast cancer awareness initiatives.


Hotel, Dubai, took part once again in this annual event which has been 3 consecutive years for SLDB.


Our 4 colleagues from DSA continue to do their exposure at the hotel, Saif in Training Department, and Mahmoud, Youssef & Adbudlla at different departments in the hotel. Accompanied by their speech therapist every time they report to the hotel, the Trainees have shown a great improvement in interacting with colleagues, focusing at the tasks at hand & committing to the job they are doing. In the last quarter, many media channels were interested in this initiative which is being done at SLDB. Website, Al Bayan Newspaper, Gulf News, Ain Al Emarat Magazine, Al Khaleej Newspaper, Al Fajr Newspaper, & Afrah Al Emarat Newspaper have all featured articles on this in their issues in November & December 2012.


Congratulations to SLDB & Hoi An team for winning What’s On Award for FAVOURITE PAN ASIAN RESTAURANT for 2012. Keep up the great work!!


Like every quarter, many sports activities are organized for our colleagues at the accommodation & outside. In November, SLDB participated in a inter-hotel basketball tournament where colleagues from different departments in the hotel played against Amwaj Rotana Hotel. Our team of heroes played a great game but wasn’t lucky this time to win the tournament, however, we do firmly believe that the team will win the next time. The hotel also organized a pool tournament at Al Quoz lounge. Alvin Encabo from Balcony Bar & Ryan Dela Cruz reached the final game, where Alvin won.



27th December - Colleague annual year end party took place in Al Quoz accommodation cafeteria. During the celebration, a special food menu was served together with a huge cake. Santa’s arrival with special presents did highlight the evening as well as the fun games and raffle draw prices. Colleagues also received special prices for best national dress & best dancer. Here are some photos to share during the memorable year end party‌



Colleagues Talent Corner Aside from the great work our colleagues are doing on the job, we were surprised to see how many great talents many of them have. As we featured in the previous editions contributions from colleagues in photography, music, diet tips, etc… we are glad to realize that more colleagues are interested in showcasing their work & hobbies with the SLDB family & contacting the training team to feature it in the newsletter. In this edition we have contributions in Photography, Poetry & Sketching… Great & inspiring pieces of art that give us further pride in our SLDB Family! You too can contribute to the next issue by sending your suggested material to training department, latest by end of February 2013. The Marhaba Committee will discuss your submissions & if it complies with the requirements, it will be featured in the next edition. Artwork to be original & owned by the colleague. No copyrighted material that doesn’t have the permission of the owner will be accepted. On the other hand, if you are also interested in joining the Marhaba Committee, please contact Bilal in Training Department. Discovery Gardens Photo by Arnold Janssens, Shang Palace

Kurt Cobain Sketch by Kaung San, Horizon Club Floor.

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Sketch by Ali Yassin, Arabic Coffee Host. 35

Colleagues Talent Corner Endless Dream Finally my love the year is over and I'm coming home to see you once again The last time I saw you tears dropped from your eyes And I promise myself that was the last good bye. I waited for so long and could still remember The last time I kissed you your so warm so tender A smile in your face will be more than enough To fill my lonely heart that have missed you so much. I am not a poet or a writer to charm you I am what I am since the first time I've met you I love you, I need you and I miss you my love We will always be together and will never be apart The alarm clock is ringing and the sun in my eyes The sparrows are singing, its time to wake up It's a beautiful morning with a wonderful feeling To be with you my love in my ever endless dream. J.M Victoria Jr.

Boracay Photo by Geoffrey Broutin, Culinary

Dubai’s Diamond Ring – Photo by Gary Foo , IT Manager 36

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