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Brief Design a template for Arkitekt Magazine. The magazine is to be launched in the new year and will be aimed at Architectural professionals, students and amateurs.

Concept Clean cut, high impact, emphasis on geometric shapes, angles and precision.

Delivery A new identity, feature covers and spreads were designed to showcase the template in action.

Content The contents, ‘feature build’, and ‘detailed’ spreads were all designed with customised grid systems. A Pantone colour was selected to add orginality to the whole project.

Strict guidelines A set of guidelines were worked on to develop the template which could used for differing images and copy. A set of typefaces were also selected to compliment the articles content.

Guidelines publications The developed template is explained in these colour coded style guide publication. This meant that each publication would prove to be easily accessible to the designer developing further covers and layouts for the magazine.

Guidelines publications The spreads were developed to be easily understable by the use of actual examples and covered everything from selecting the appropriate typefaces to choosing the correct stock. A poster design was also consider (on the right) which could be pinned up in a studio and gives all the correct measurements for the grid infrastructure in place.

Arkitekt boards  

Final boards for arkitekt brief

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