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spring 2019 donor report the magazine of adams state university



VOL. 59, NO. 1 • SPRING 2019 Published by Adams State University Foundation ADAMS STATE UNIVERSITY • ALAMOSA, CO 81101 719-587-7011 • 800-824-6494 WWW.ADAMS.EDU • E-MAIL: ALUMNI@ADAMS.EDU WWW.ADAMS.EDU/ALUMNI/ASTATER/


Chris Lopez ’84


Amy Kucera ’05


Gaylene Horning ’94 • Linda Relyea ’96, ’10

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS & PHOTOGRAPHERS William McLaughlin ASU Sports Information Director Kaitlyn Kelley • Jonah Bricker • Daniel Parsons



Cleave Simpson Chair Kathy Woods Vice Chair Pam Bricker • Reeves Brown • Donna Griego ’03, ’12 • Michele Lueck Wendell L. Pryor • John Singletary • Randy Wright ’84 Dr. Rob Benson Faculty Trustee Cody Trujillo Student Trustee


Lori Lee Laske ’91, ’01 Executive Director of Alumni & Donor Relations Sandy Ortega ’74 President Delzia Worley ’97 Vice President Holly Felmlee ’76, ’92 Secretary D. Mike Garcia ’73, ’77 • Lynn Michalke ’77 • Robert Oringdulph ’71 Carol Osborn ’84 • Chris Page ’02, ’03 • Kasey Russell ’03 Rich Scanga ’75 • Jeremy Wilder ’96 • Loren Wright ’08


Ron Howard ’98 President Dr. John McDaniel Vice President Jeni Goodwin ’85 Secretary Donn Vigil Treasurer Fred Bunch ’77 • Glenn Burnham ’94 • Duane Bussey ’82 Keith Cerny • Genevieve Cooper • Ed Crowther Bill Fassett • Valerie Finnegan • Dale Hettinger ’64 Charles “Chuck” Houser ’62 • Dorothy Lucero ’61 • Joe Martinez ’99, ’12 Cathy Mullens ’82 • Chuck Owsley ’68 • Michelle Roepke Rich Scanga ’75 • Don Stegman ’61, ’64


Stephen Bokat ’68 • Marguerite Salazar ’75, ’76 • Michael Ware ’69 Harold Kelloff • John Marvel Jr. ’70 Izora Southway ’66 • J. Byron Uhrich • R. Paul Wagner


Dr. Cheryl D. Lovell ASU President Tammy Lopez ’91, ’00 Executive Director of the Foundation Kathy Woods Trustee Liaison


Ron DeSautell ’76 President Ted Morrison ’69 Vice President Hoyt Anderson ’97 • Keith Cerny Jeni Goodwin ’85 • Chris Lopez ’84 • Darrell Meis ’81 Jeff Owsley ’86 • Adam Roberts • Donna Wehe ’12


ASU’s mission is to educate, serve, and inspire our diverse populations in the pursuit of their lifelong dreams and ambitions.

president’s letter: They warned me about the windy, cold spring days of the Valley. But know what? It’s withstanding those windy days and recognizing the sunshine and beautiful cloudless days ahead that provide a perfect metaphor for Adams State. It’s time for the University to turn the page from crisis to opportunity, and to push forward into a new period of growth through innovation and relevance. Our financial outlook is stabilizing; efforts to increase the student body through new degree programs and more course offerings online, on-campus and during the summer are underway; and the sense of opportunity is as real as the blooming of new buds on a tree in springtime. The 2019 Donor Report offers us an opportunity to thank the many supporters and believers in Adams State who are so critical to our success. Donors like Paul Morley of San Diego, and Monte Vista’s Glenn and Kerry Burnham, all of whom have provided Adams State with recent generous individual gifts. And the SLV-based Outcalt Foundation, which in memory of the late Ralph Outcalt, Adams State President, Cheryl D. Lovell a longtime Alamosa businessman and believer withstands a windy day and delivers a strike in the importance of education, has provided at the ASU baseball home opener. new scholarship support to Adams State students. We recognize all of these important contributions and more inside this year’s Donor Report. The promise of Adams State is to honor the confidence and trust that the University’s faithful bestow upon us, and to graduate new alumni who carry the same passion for Adams State as our many donors. Adams State is in a good position to capitalize on today’s trends in higher education. Its mission to provide access and opportunity to all students who wish to pursue and dream a better life is alive and well. Before we know it, a new graduating class will walk through the gymnasium at Plachy Hall and onto the stage to receive the diplomas they worked so hard to earn. May is around the corner, and so is our spring graduating class of 2019. In so many cases, our graduates are able to achieve success because of the support from our donors. What you give and how you give back can help determine so much for the students who have chosen Adams State as their school. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you on campus sometime this spring, or during summer, and for sure by fall. Please come and visit, participate and re-connect with Adams State. Our optimism is renewed. We hope yours is too.


To become the university community of choice for diverse, historically underserved groups, and all who value quality education and inclusivity.



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San Diego resident Paul Morley ’66 gives back to Adams State It wasn’t until he arrived on the campus of Adams State that Paul Morley decided to get serious about his education. “I was a difficult student in high school. I decided it was time to get serious about school, and at the end of my freshman year, Adams State awarded me a scholarship I had not even applied for as an outstanding freshman. I have always been thankful for that recognition.” Now he’s giving back in the form of an unrestricted gift to the Adams State Foundation. “I very much appreciated my years at Adams State, and particularly valued many of the professors,” he said. “My intention in donating to Adams State is to give back to the institution that gave me a real head start in my career. I have always appreciated the education and experiences I received at Adams State. Desiring to provide support where it is most needed, I have left that determination to the University.” He plans to provide additional gifts to ASU over the next few years, and his timing is perfect. Adams State has started planning for its 100th anniversary in 2021, and building support from alumni is a key part of the University’s efforts. “I look forward to the University’s 100th anniversary. During my four years there, I saw much growth and

improvement in the physical structure and in the curriculum. I saw even more of that during a visit to the campus a few years ago. I look forward to my next visit, perhaps as early as this summer. The personal contact with professors and other students was important to me.” Two of his favorite professors included Mr. Gillies, economics professor, and Dr. Johnson, chair of the Department of History and Political Science. “The personal interest they, and other professors, showed me are what I remember most. Some of my upper division courses consisted of only three students, and one of those classes was given in the attic of Richardson Hall. My education was broadly based, which I believe gave me a strong foundation for my graduate schooling, my career, and my private life.” After receiving his degree from Adams State in 1966, Morley attended the College of William and Mary Law School in Virginia. “There, I was fortunate to be selected to serve on the law review as articles editor.” After graduation, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps and served four years as a JAG officer. “I believe my experience in the Corps also had a beneficial effect on my life.” The Marine Corps assigned him initially to Camp Pendleton near San Diego, where he married and decided to live. On completion of his military service, Morley was hired by the District Attorney’s Office for San Diego County, where he served for 29 years. Morley retired in 2003 and dedicated his time to caring for his wife, who died in 2007. He remarried in 2010. He and his wife, Christine, enjoy spending time with extended family members, including brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces. He continues his studies, devoting time to education courses, particularly Spanish, and enjoys traveling, home projects, and bicycling. “On my bike, I proudly wear the Adams State biking jersey given to me by the Alumni Association.” AStater 3

Glenn ’94 and Kerry Burnham provide unrestricted gift to Adams State Glenn and Kerry Burnham believe in Adams State. Their recent unrestricted gift to the Adams State University Foundation speaks to their love for the University and belief that Adams State has accomplished so much since its founding in 1921. The Burnham’s unrestricted gift allows the University to determine the use of the Burnham’s donations. “There are many donations to the ASU Foundation for scholarships or other specific programs,” Glenn Burnham, Ph.D., said. “We wanted to let the University decide where to best use the money.” Their past generosity to Adams State earned Dr. Burnham the 2007 Billy Adams Award. He worked for Adams State for many years, as professor of English, Chair of the Secondary Education Department, and also served as vice president for academic affairs, and interim president. He was awarded an honorary doctorate in 1994. He and his daughters, Pam Sturdevant ’84 and Cindy Barela, established the Shirley Burnham Memorial Scholarship. Glenn Burnham now serves on the Adams State Foundation Board. He and Kerry believe Adams State provides a valuable service to students and community. “Adams State has done so much already,” Kerry Burnham said.

Ralph Outcalt Foundation establishes scholarships The Outcalt Foundation awarded Adams State $150,000 to establish two scholarships. The money will be divided to award a full-ride scholarship of up to $25,000 per year for four years, and then one-time awards of up to $3,000 to cover direct educational costs that include tuition, fees, books and supplies. Mr. Outcalt, who passed away at the age of 101, was a longtime resident and business leader of Alamosa. He owned Sorum Tractor Company, was a former board member of the Adams State University Foundation, and supported many other local non-profit organizations. “He loved to see our youth excel and become better leaders for our communities,” said Outcalt Foundation Trustee Karla Shriver. “The Outcalt Foundation is a supporter of doing its part in trying to keep higher education accessible and affordable for those who have a desire to continue their education,” Shriver added. Shriver and fellow Outcalt Foundation Trustee Carolyn Kawanabe ’87 worked collaboratively with Tammy Lopez ’91, ’00, executive director of the ASU Foundation, to establish the criteria for the scholarships. The full-ride scholarship will be awarded to an incoming freshman with a minimum GPA of 2.5, while the one-time awards will be given to juniors and seniors at Adams State who are maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.5. Both scholarships require the recipients to be Colorado residents. 4


“Founded in the belief that the San Luis Valley is an extraordinary place, the Outcalt Foundation directly supports the growth and prosperity of the Valley’s youth and goodwill organizations,” Shriver said. “Through scholarships, grants, and community initiatives, the Foundation provides additional opportunities to those giving back to the place we call home.”

ks gifts dation see n u o F te ta S ntennial The Adams AMS100 Ce D A 2021. e th f o turns 100 in as part y it rs e iv n The U rt Adams Campaign. e to suppo iv g / u d .e s Visit adam rsity. State Unive

COSI Scholarships Thanks to the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative and the efforts of Adams State Alumni Director Lori Laske ’91, ’01 and TSJC’s Toni DeAngelis ‘91, six counties across southern Colorado helped 66 students with scholarships. The Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI) matches dollars provided by counties to provide scholarship money to support their students. The money helps students who are attending either Adams State or Trinidad State Junior College. The counties of Alamosa, Conejos, Costilla, Huerfano, Las Animas and Rio Grande participated in the COSI program for the 2018-19 academic year. Saguache and Mineral counties have agreed to participate in the 2019-20 school year. During January and February, Laske and DeAngelis took students from both institutions who received scholarships to meet with their respective county commissioners. To say the local county commissioners were pleased to see how their investment came out would be an understatement.

Kudos t o Rio Gra n Savings de & Loan for thei contrib r ution.

Rio Grande County – 18 students supported

Las Animas County – 1 student supported

Costilla County – 5 students supported

Alamosa County – 21 students supported

Huerfano County – 3 students supported

Conejos County – 18 students supported AStater 5

ors lumni, Don A te ta S s m Dear Ada

s, and Friend

appy rs can be h o n o d s u ro There are d its gene d exciting. ndation an n u a o t F h y g it ri rs b e is the s State Univ , the future st try to hit m 9 ju 1 a l 0 d il 2 A w t e I a th o rd , s ing forwa gle letter, ck on 2018 . And, look t into a sin d Looking ba fi e h to new s s li p ie it m n o s acc ointed the portu a p p p w o a t d a n n h e a e w s b h g wit penin who has tution. ositive hap eryl Lovell, h C r. D of our insti s too many p te lm la e pped up h tu e ra . g th u n t o for y ertainly ste cess a c and co c s u rs e s o m h n c o o u d lc highlights r e m ould ou e wish her undation w tions, but w d gifts and ta te c ic e tr p s x e re First, the Fo ms State University. W g n exceedin eed for u f Ada rnham. ndation’s n ifts, greatly u g o F d e te president o ic th nd Kerry Bu tr a d s e 4 s re s ’9 n e n u tr n y s n le e a G d and Last year w received m appreciate ’66 and Dr. e h y c W e u . special rl ll m o a a c M l d e u n r. Pa red th n awarded taff a o M s f ti n o a o d y ti n it a u s d o n F ro and answe u e enroll ne from the Fo raduate or f History, th nize the ge g g o g r r o in e c k o h s re in s it e th fe to x ld e ro lik -bo ic they cou Emeritus P outside-the ood academ leased and g McDaniel, re . h e E it b With some n w h ld ts u Jo n o r. l holds c d to stude gift from D so financia ere awarde ts thoughtful w n e s d ip h tu s rs 7 la ing of a s to 6 resources. These scho cipated hir r. id ti a te n l s scholarship a e ia e c m n e th a s n h ith the fi it ng 2019 d all other and work w e its staff w d te s s a n u u re a c ro h for the Spri g x in e l e il d th nw ersary of on nd who ha 00th anniv e Foundatio for this person to get 1 e th , th 9 1 g standing a 0 in 2 ard into tion, mark in time Looking forw r. This is coming just 100 celebra s ated m a d A g rtunities cre comin Office o p p ts u p if e o G y th r d f jo o tu a M part or create nd work s that will be g tradition olarships a h in c iv s g r m campaigns u o o fr y t e the ho benefi on. u continue ble to receiv a e b l il our instituti on and the students w nerosity. I ask that yo w ams State ti for your ge dents at Ad u The Founda tu o s y k le n b a a p th ca ee what’s ations students, s serving and e e d th by your don e t e th e t m a ank Main acy so th y Federal B y campus to chieve. e it a ll rs a to e V iv rd is n a a giving leg u U h L o te an ing of they work s e Adams Sta l performance in the S nnect with the beginn th it is v e education s , or reco u can, plea a theatrica , begin here d Any time yo orting event or enjoy e e d in , o eiving a sp stories d rship or rec la o h c s new, take in Come see that great a g in r of the s. tre. t, establish tive directo ys at Adam u if a c g d e r x te u e ra o , y o 0 Stage Thea ’0 rp m , o ailable co y Lopez ’91 ons, are av ersonal or reat story fr m ti g p m la a n a w g re T o r , in r o k te u n a o o ta y m ni and d h your es terested in ctor of alum ASU throug e ir to If you are in d g e v in ti iv u g c t, will ation on , ’01, exe s of amoun process. s n le o rd ti a a more inform d Lori Laske, CFRE ’91 g n o re d your gift, ou in the , an nd assist y ember that a Foundation m s n re o e ti s s a e le u our q pus, and p to answer y around cam ents. u o y e e s ur stud I hope to impact on o e ards, iv it s o p a Kindest reg have ation Board ’98, MBA, JD rsity Found e Ron Howard iv n U te ta ms S President, Ada



ASU Foundation Net Assets Academic Year

Total Assets

2017/18 2016/17 2015/16 2014/15 2013/14

$22,257,620 $20,637,656 $18,416,633 $17,868,248 $17,252,850

Scholarships Awarded Academic Year

Amount Awarded

2017/18 $1,033,129 2016/17 $1,125,532 2015/16 $1,048,932 2014/15 $936,632 2013/14 $948,597

Students 248 263 263 301 247


new scholarships were established


new internships were established

AStater 7

adams state university Donor Report 2018

$50,000 + Alamosa State Bank Sharen Branscome ’65 Glenn ’94 & Kerry Burnham El Pomar Foundation The Estate of Patricia Ewert Flannagan ’76 Dr. John McDaniel Paul Morley ’66 Outcalt Foundation San Luis Valley Federal Bank State of Colorado Department of Higher Education

$25,000–49,999 Anonymous San Luis Valley Rural Electric Co-op, Inc. The Estate of Linda Spraitzer

$10,000–24,999 1st Southwest Bank Alamosa Convention & Visitors Bureau Carole Counihan & James Taggart William Crain ’60, ’62 Wayne ’62 & Ellen Evans Rich ’59 & De Gehlbach Floyd ’55 & Cordelia Higel Michael Lantzy ’64, ’65 Janet ’63 & Jasper Mangum Pepsi P.E.O. Foundation-Chapter V (Monte Vista) Rio Grande Savings & Loan San Luis Valley Health Southway Construction Co, Inc. Kristina Steinberg Xcel Energy Foundation

$5,000–9,999 Alamosa County Bill & Angela Blankenship Duane ’82 & Lorey ’80 Bussey Steven Getz ’81 RMN Events Mark ’89 & Stephanie ’93, ’01 Hensley J & J Rental Centers



Porter Realty, Inc. Richard ’69 & Kathleen Rutledge Ken Salazar Rafael Sanchez Sodexo Campus Services Valley-Wide Health Systems, Inc. Wall, Smith, Bateman, Inc.

$2500–4,999 Adams 14 Education Foundation Alamosa Masonic Philanthropic Foundation Alcon Construction, Inc. Arby’s Century 21 Property Management Yvonne Cobb ’83 Colorado Potato Administrative Committee Colorado Sports The Colorado Trust Comfort Inn/Super 8/IHOP Community Banks of Colorado Tomas Crain Kiwanis Club of Alamosa Stephen ’67 & Courtney Marsters Holly Morris ’00 Pearl Ortner ’58 Robert Hoag Rawlings Foundation Arvilla Weldon ’70, ’92 Tom & Ann Wingerter

$1,000–2,499 Adams Mountain Café Adams State MBA Alamosa Home Furnishings Alamosa Rotary Club American Electric Co. AmeriGas Propane Asphalt Constructors, Inc. ASU Counselor Education Rueben Bangan ’74 BDRC Roofing Billings Electric, Inc./ Valley Lock & Security, Inc. Philip Britton ’61 Brian & Deborah Brownell Chester Carlson ’66 Ronald ’79 & Cynthia ’97 Chapman Wayne & Nancy ’78 Chasen Family Fund of The Community Foundation

CIA-Leavitt Insurance Agency City Market Colorado Choice Health Plans Cottonwood Dental Center, LLC David Wehe, CFP Ronald ’67, ’72 & Paula ’73 Duncan Farm Fresh Direct Tamara ’91 & Bill Fassett Flood & Peterson Insurance, Inc. Michael Gaughan GFWC Woman’s Citizenship Club Karla Jean Gilbert Gobin’s Karl Gonzales ’71 David Green ’70, ’71 James ’83 & Deborah ’84 Harvey John ’66, ’70 & Anita ’67 Hertner Dale ’64 & Beverly Hettinger Robert Hommel ’79 Chuck ’62 & Sandy ’79, ’80 Houser Husmann Plumbing Jack’s Market Marty & Diana Jones Raylene Kahler ’77 L & M Auto Sales Fern Lucero & Lucero Family Foundation Mark’s Outdoor Sports Deanna Morris ’64, ’65 Mary Motz ’62 Thomas Motz ’82 Nino’s Mary Oba Jeff Owsley ’86 John Patten Judith Quiller ’61, ’64 Tamara Rice Rock Creek Family Medicine, P.C. Rocky Mountain Eye Center, P.C. Rocky Mountain Septic & Excavating The Rubi Slipper Safeway Lena Samora ’67, ’68 George Sellman & Julie Mordecai ’14 Sherwin Williams Skiball’s Running World Cleave Simpson Michael Sloan ’65 SLV Sports & Wellness, Inc. Sonic Drive-In Rondaleen Specht ’67 Donald Stegman ’61, ’64 Larry & Carol Sveum

Torben Walters Insurance Agency, Inc. Tuesday Nite Men’s Golf League Ann Vail Valley Electric, Inc. David Van Pelt ’86 Joe ’53, ’59 & Caroline ’75, ’76 Vigil Walters & Associates, LTD Michael Ware ’69 Webb Family Fund of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation Michael Williamson ’70 Wingerter Family Rev. Trust/ John & Kristy Wingerter Bill Woodward ’61 Mary Ann Wright

$500–$999 Bob Adebayo Gary Antisdel ’59, ’63 Bistro Rialto Paul Briggs ’70 Shirley Carlson ’63, ’63 Bryan & Anne Cary Kurt ’71, ’78 & Joan ’90 Cary Cattails Women’s Golf Assn. Daniel ’95, ’99 & Jackie ’03, ’05 Caulfield Keith Cerny & Debra Sowards-Cerny Jennifer Chavez ’00 Colorado P.E.O. Chapter HB Thuan Dang ’80 Robert Davis ’70 Del Mar Carpet One Mandy Elder ’94 Rod Ermel ’79 George Evans Sheryl ’82, ’85 & Wayne Farley Bonnie, Alex, Griffin, & Chloe Freitas Roy ’70 & Marva ’71 Fritch William & Grace Fulkerson John ’57 & Janet Fuller Coy Gaddie ’71 Hilda Gallegos ’65, ’73 Justin ’05 & Tashina ’03 Garrett Glen Getz Gordon Gillson Greg ’96 & Jeni ’85 Goodwin Millie Hamner ’87 Matt & Karla Hardesty Douglas Hartman ’71 Mark Harvey John ’83 & Barbara ’82 Holmes Ken ’51 & George Anna ’51 Joseph Lori ’91, ’01 & Aaron Laske Roger Levin ’84 Alfonso Lopez ’70 Fred Lopez ’69 Philip Lopez ’04

Dr. Cheryl Lovell Willis ’66, ’69 & Janet ’67 Lowther Michele Lueck Harry Manesiotis ’99 Ken ’87, ’94 & Dolores ’87 Marquez Judy Martin ’67 Rosalie ’86 & LeRoy Martinez Karen McLean-Simmons ’74 Bonnie Mercek ’87 Anthony Oliva ’99 Michael Onofrey ’76 Pete Ortega ’61, ’64 Walter Paulson ’61, ’63 Nels ’75 & Amanda ’84 Pearson Lonnie Porter ’65, ’66 Mary Ann ’86 & Mike Porter Donald ’60, ’62 & Jytte Poulson Prodigy Fastpitch Inc. Robert & Regina Rice David Root ’78 Neil & Elise Rudolph Rustic Log Furniture, Inc. Darrell Sabers ’63 San Luis Valley Brewing Company Penny Sanders Michael Scarbrough ’91 Silver Mountain Disposal, LLC Shari Steiner ’62 John Tooker ’66 Angelica Valdez ’98, ’08 Elizabeth Watts ’70 Jackie Getz White ’82 & Brent White Frank Wilson ’71 Mark Wood ’71 William Wood ’72

$100–$499 Ruth Acheson James Adkins ’78 Alamosa Building Supply/ La Jara Trading Post Anita Allinger ’77 Anonymous Donald Apodaca ’69, ’71 Mike ’77, ’84 & Susan ’88 Arnold Larry ’68 & Linda ’67 Arp Alfonso ’84 & Shirley ’85 Atencio Herbert Babb Robert Baca ’94 James Bachus Tadini Bacigalupi ’79 Karen Bagwell ’78 Melanie Bagwell ’89 Gary Baker ’69 Tad Banker ’94, ’97 Victor Barela ’63 Diane Barone

Daniel & Kerry Baroni Rudy ’62 & Sharon Basovsky Don & Laura Basse Dolores Beames Raymond Beethe ’70 Michelle Bell Harold Benson ’71 Nancy Billiard ’71 Harvey Billington ’58, ’65 Herbert Birk ’62 Eric Blake ’03 Randy & Karla Bloemhof Tom ’59 & Charlotte ’58, ’71 Bobicki Richard Boich ’60 Ron Bond ’59 Pamela ’03 & John Bricker David & Jill Brightwell Elvin Brown ’62 Reeves Brown Neil Bruce Esq. ’75 & Barbara Bruce ’75 Roger Brunelli ’67, ’74 Tony ’69 & Carmen ’70, ’01 Bruno Herbert Bruntel Jr ’69 Richard Buck ’64 Steven ’69 & Aneta Buhl Steven Burch ’82 Zena Buser Megan Buzby ’03 Jerry Calley Bobby & Monica Campbell Bobby & Norma Carnaghi Amy Carnes Christopher Carroll ’89 Darla Chappell ’77 CIR Investigations LLC Peter ’66 & Gayle Ciraolo Marcia Cisneros ’66 Ellen Clark ’69 Glen ’62 & Frances ’62 Clark Lisa Clements Gary Cleveland ’75 David & Denise Close Morris Cohen ’61, ’68 Aaron ’99 & Erin ’99, ’00 Cole Larry Coleman ’71 Community First Foundation Mary Greg & Laura Conchelos John Conlon ’67 Connelly Enterprises Jason Coombs ’95 Jack & Genevieve Cooper William & Elizabeth Cormier Mabel Cotton Pamela Courtney ’75, ’76 Hugh & Linda Cozart David Cruz ’73 David Curtis ’72, ’92 Gloria Curtis ’70 Harold Czarnetzki ’69

AStater 9

David Davis ’75 Mike Deacon ’75 Wanda Decker ’54 Jason Defee Jerry DeLeon ’89 Kathleen Delzell ’61 Elbert Detwiler ’63 Wes DeVaul John Dodds ’04 Jennifer Doerner John & Karen Dolezal Daniel Donohoue ’74 Mark & Helen Dorion Billy Dunlap ’71 Nancy Dunn ’65, ’76 Mike ’71 & Linda ’73 Edgar Ellwood Ervin ’67 Sarah Everill ’05 Ronald Ewy ’73, ’76 Brenda Farr Joan Felzien-Perry ’67 Melody Feniks Val Finnegan Keith ’58, ’63 & Claudette ’63, ’78 Fisher Patricia ’70 & John Fitch Neil Fleischauer ’70 Theresa Flores

Members of the Legacy Society Anonymous Mary & Cal Beaver Philip Britton ’61 Russell Cagle ’73 Jack* & Genevieve Cooper Patricia Ewert Flannagan ’76* Wayne ’62 & Ellen Evans Gary ’62, ’65 and Judith Gaston* Rich ’59 & De Gehlbach Dale ’64 & Beverly Hettinger Ron ’65 & Marilyn ’86, ’87 Loser Bonnie Moinet ’84 Bud ’69* & Pat Nielsen Clarissa Lee Pollard Michael Sloan ’65 Douglas Thomas ’55* Patsy Spier ’91 Linda L Spraitzer* Bill ’59 & Beth Waters* Arthur Wellbaum* Woodward Family Trust *deceased 10 AStater

Carol-Ann Forte ’92 Grimes ’65 & Rachel ’67 Fortenberry Stanley ’91 & Barbara ’91 Foster Bill Franz ’77 Louis ’72, ’73 & Marlene ’73 Fraulo Kenneth Fry ’60 Jim Gable ’69 Fred Gallegos ’71 Rudolph Gallegos ’59, ’61 William & Philomene Gallegos Dan Garcia ’84, ’93 & Liz Tabeling-Garcia ’96, ’06 Jose Garcia ’61 Delbert ’70, ’71 & Jan Gay Cynthia Geiger John Gendreau ’70 Steven Gerstner ’72 Amy Getz ’00 Anthony Giarratano ’89 Tom ’67, ’68 & Pat ’68 Gilmore Ruth Ann Glover ’64 Jovanny Godinez Rodriguez ’14 Richard Goggin ’76 Wanda ’74 & Gordan Golsan Alicia & David Gonzales Ruben Gonzales ’61, ’64 Sergio Gonzalez Gary Goold George & Linda Green Jared Green Jon Greene ’66, ’67 Charles ’90 & Janice Griego Sandra Griffin Laura Haase ’73 Marlena Halko ’00 Shari Hamilton Charles Hammill ’68, ’69 Elizabeth Hammond ’76, ’80 Patrick Hannigan ’76 Brent ’02 & Pam ’98, ’01 Hanson Wes Hargrove ’78 Jack Harris ’65, ’66 Spencer Harris ’72 Robert Harris ’87 Eddie Hearyman ’71, ’73 Charlotte Hefner ’88 Mike ’07 & Erika ’08, ’09 Henderson David Henkel ’69, ’75 Cleta Hiner-Felzien ’90 Dustin Hinton ’09 Wendy Hinton John Hostetter ’85 Norman ’62, ’65 & Mary Sue ’64 Howey John Hroma ’67 Sandra Hubbard ’05 Carl Hungate ’69 Noel Hurd ’63 Cheryl Husmann ’88

Dr. James ’64 & Martha Jacobs Emelyn Jimenez Cary Johnson ’98 Pete Johnson Rick Johnson ’81 Bob Johnson ’99 Jonathan Johnston ’62 Charles Jones, lll ’63 Jim Jones ’47 Melissa Jones Marcy Jordan ’72 Olga Joyce ’61, ’63 Thomas Joyner ’68 Ronald Jung ’84 Richard Kadinger ’75 Dale Kerby ’59, ’61 Jason ’98, ’00 & Catherine ’00 Kingery Rena & Nathan Kirkland Roger Knapp & Raida Paul-Knapp Delfinia Kogovsek ’59 Bessie ’59, ’61 & Ben Konishi Tom Kusleika ’69, ’72 Dennis Lamb Jill Langendorf Jim Lester & Helen Sigmond Hubert Letterly ’60, ’68 Alan Lindsay ’83 Robert ’73 & Sharon ’68, ’73 Lockwood Chris Lopez ’84 Tammy Lopez ’91, ’00 Jimmy Lovato ’71, ’73 Carlos ’61 & Dorothy ’61 Lucero Virginia Lucero Al Lujan ’72 Priscilla Lujan ’75 Mark Mabry ’15 Susan MacCarthy ’90 Theodora Madrid ’60, ’69 Thomas ’72 & Kristine ’73 Magel Dutch Malberg ’61, ’64 Robert ’71 & Marveen ’72, ’76 Manzanares William Manzanares ’67 Damon ’87 & Konnie Martin Beatrice Martinez ’76 Jeff & Lisa Martinez Joe Martinez ’99, ’12 Juan Martinez ’76, ’81 Leonard Martinez ’71 Manuel Martinez ’49 Tori Martinez ’15 Connie ’75 & Kim Marvel John ’70 & Betti Marvel Hesam Masoudi ’67 Kyle Masterson ’15 & Lauren Martin ’14, ’16 Monroe Mathias ’51 Emelio Mattorano ’73 Allen May ’17 Larry ’64 & d’Anna ’66, ’74 Mayfield

MBCC Property Management, LLC Robert McAllister ’67 William ’68 & Regina ’68 McCann Teri McCartney ’87, ’92 & Don Richmond ’13 Lavoy McCorkle ’60, ’62 Craig McDowall ’85 Kathy McGinty ’67 David McGovern ’70 Amy McKinley David ’02 & Jennifer ’00, ’11 McQuitty Thomas ’69 & Beverly ’69 Michoski William ’73 & Katherine ’73 Miller Dale ’85 & Teri Mingilton Roger ’68 & Linda ’67 Mitchell Chas ’98 & Melissa Moeller Dennis Moeller ’74 Ruben & Lillie Molinar Wayne Morrison ’63 Larry ’88, ’93 & Carolyn ’89 Mortensen Peter Moscon ’70 James Mullings ’51, ’68 Tom ’68, ’81 & Barbara ’71 Nagoda Dennis ’62 & Linda Nash Evelyn Nehring ’51 Lloyd Nelson Stan Nelson ’61, ’65 Brian Neufeld ’00 Kurt Nielson Gail Nitta ’66 David Ochoa ’63, ’63 Marco Ochoa ’90, ’92 Albert ’61 & Kelli ’74 O’Leary Danny O’Neal Robert ’70 & Susan Oringdulph Rocky Ortega ’65, ’71 Patti Ortiz ’78 Renee-Mae Ota ’72 Larry & Evelyn Owens in the name of Leslie Owens-Doyle ’95, ’05 Chuck Owsley ’68 John Pacheco ’74 Papa Murphy’s Lori Parker ’85, ’97 Frankie Pasquale ’09 Michael Patritch ’70, ’73 Janine Pearce-Vasquez ’86 Jerry Petersen ’77 John Pim ’67 Barbara Pitlik Darline Polonis ’70 Keith Poole ’73 Jeffery Pope ’88 Frank Powell ’62 Galen Prentice ’61 Beverly Price ’69 Dwight Proctor ’72 Pueblo Rockhounds, Inc.

Norman Puffett ’67, ’68 Floyd ’54, ’64 & Leila ’84 Quintana Bertha Ragsdale ’56 Paul Rahne ’65, ’66 William Rakow Jr. ’69 Steven Randle ’72, ’91 Cornelia Rector ’68 Kenneth & Angie Rehder Cassandra Rhinehart ’04 Susan & Edward Richmond Ronald Rickman ’78 Scott ’98 & Lindsay ’99 Riley Rio Grande Sportsman Club Brian Roberts ’77 Harold & Janice Robison Jason Rogers ’93 Natalie Rogers ’85, ’11 Boogie & Boogie Jr. Romero Margaret Rominger Albert Roybal ’80 Ernest Roybal ’54 Patrick Roybal ’90 Reginaldo Roybal ’83 Casey Ruiz ’04 Randy Rusch ’78 Daniel ’77 & Carol ’87 Russell Steven ’73 & Mary ’80 Russell Alonzo Ruybal ’72 Frederick Sachs David ’85 & Lori Salazar ’99 Maryann Sang Rich ’75 & Barbara Scanga Keri Scheer ’94 Donald & Carol Schell Irma Schell Jerry Schloffman ’65, ’70 Merle Schroder ’67 Marcie Schulz ’93 Shirley Scott ’79 Richard Seals ’59, ’62 Jason Semore ’05 Linda Shelley ’72 Matthew Shoban ’64, ’68 Chris & Lisa Simmons Ted Simmons ’64 Louise Sisneros ’16 SLV Pizza Company Harold Smith ’68, ’69 Karl ’70 & Susene ’72 Smith Fred ’67, ’70 & Barbara ’68 Snow Kathy Soden ’89 Southwest Title Company Adam Sperandio ’15 Richard Spriggs Linda Stantz ’72 Claudia Steiber Karen Stone ’71 Walter Stoufer ’66

Matching Gift Companies Chevron Matching Employee Funds YourCause IBM International Foundation State Farm Companies Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift

Ernestine Stratton ’67 Pattie & Dean Swift Jeb Taylor ’66 Donna ’67, ’83 & Tom Templeton Jasper & Katie Terry J. Kelly Theisen ’82 Charles Thomas ’66 Emily Thong ’15 Jennifer Tichy John & Carol Tone Darrell & Diane Smylie Trembly ’67 Jane Trogdon ’66 Roger Trotter ’63 Henry Trujillo ’61, ’70 Norman Tucker ’79 Judy Turner ’74 Mary Ann Underwood Lois Unger ’94 Robert Valdez ’66 Edmund Vallejo ’55 Jose Vallejos ’62 Paul Victor ’74, ’75 Donn Vigil Martha Vinick Robert Waltman ’76 Kay ’55 & Jan ’63 Watkins William Webb Frank Westcott ’94 Shaun & Nala Wicen Brent Williams ’71 Ronald ’82 & Carolyn ’82 Wilson Jack Wirth ’72 David ’67, ’75 & Kay ’68 Wood Kathy Woods Jim ’61 & Velma Workman Randy Wright ’84 Clifford & Kathleen Yee Daniel Yoder ’74, ’79 Robert Yund ’74 Anita Zaffuto ’71 Dennis Zaiger ’68

AStater 11

up to $99 James Abbott ’16 Joel Abril & Yvonne Galindo Lisa Absmeier ’78 Bill Adams Edmon & Lucy Adams Juanita Adams ’87 Maddy Ahlborn ’17 David Albert ’86 Camila Alire ’70 Jody Allen Kari Allen Jeremy ’01 & Jennifer ’00 Alonzo Bonnie Alsbaugh Patricia Amezaga Marjorie Anaya ’98 Elizabeth Anderson ’17 Robert Andrew Jr. Richard Anglund ’62 Anonymous Patricia Anselmo ’83 Sandra Archuleta ’98 Jaime Armenta ’86 Charles Asay ’67 Wendy Ast ’12 Edward Atencio Jr. ’00 Thomas Atencio ’75 Dorothy August ’73 Jeannette Ayon ’04 Gene Baca


12 AStater


Daniel Baker Valerie Baker ’10 Dannielle Banderas Buckley Bangert ’73, ’81 Richard Bank ’59 Susan Banning ’12 Andra & John Bannister Mary Baranczyk ’01 Kenneth Barber ’72 & Jane Fiebelkorn Barber ’71 Brandi Barbosa ’06, ’12 D.C. Barbosa Sandra Barney ’94 Beverly Barton ’69 Laurie Beattie ’72 Judith Beck ’67 Rodger ’73 & Cathy ’74 Bell Ron Bennett ’80 Andrea Benton-Maestas ’12 MJ Berg ’86 Stephanie Bernstein ’91 Amanda Bickel Ernest & Mary Bloxsom Dean ’73 & Beverly Boice Geoffrey ’73 & Deborah ’75 Bokan Joelle Boos-Medina ’99, ’11 Philip Born ’68 Joel & Deborah Bower Gerald ’59 & Karen ’61 Boxberger Roxie Boyd ’55, ’64 Daryl ’69 & Jeanne ’69 Braden Guy Bradford ’88 Lynn Brandt-Nelson ’74 Amber Bray ’17 Shirley Brewer Treca Brewer Todd & Julie Bright Ashlea Brooks Joseph & Gladys Broussard Anne Brown ’74, ’75 Carole Brown ’85 Kristi Brown Michael Brunelli Fred Bunch ’77 Bonnie Bundy Gary ’73 & Maria ’73 Burrows Loren ’71 & Evelyn ’74, ’77 Buss Abran Bustos ’05 Paul Byrdsell Russell Cagle ’73 Shannon Call Drew Callejon ’13 Travis & Kendra Campbell Elmira & Tyler Carlson John Carr ’62 Douglas & Cathy Carrigan Michael & Barbara Carruthers Terri Carry

Ross Casados ’75 Don Casias Joseph Casias II Joanna Casillas Medina ’13 Jessica Castillo Gallegos ’10 Russ ’97, ’06 & Bethany ’00 Caton Kristina Cereceres ’12 Arnold Chacon ’80 Beneranda Chacon ’91, ’01, ’11 Betsy & Carl Chacon Ethel Chapman ’68 Eva Chavez ’91 Karen Chavez Darrell & Connie Childers Alan Cirello ’72 Douglas Clark ’94 Jesmin Clarke Mary Cline Joyce Coleman ’64 Dutch Collins ’71 Comfort Zone Insulation Alberta ’94 & Carl Coolbaugh Phyllis Coontz ’68 Kent Cooper ’76 Alfred ’70 & Anna Marie ’72 Cordova Mary Beth Corsentino ’71, ’74 Joseph Corson ’57 Theresa Cortese ’76, ’82 Prudencio Cosyleon ’77 Caleb Cotton ’06 Sandra Cozad Phillip & Helen Cozzie John Crawford ’69 David Crossland ’73, ’77 Eric ’00 & Stacey ’99 Crouser Julia Crow ’49 Zenta Crow ’73 Roland Crowder ’50 Mary Crowell ’92 Beverly Crowther Robert Crowther ’74, ’03 Jean Cullen ’73 Kara Curtis-Dickey ’97 Bob Damashek ’68, ’73 Kevin ’04, ’11 & Kris ’06, ’11 Daniel Mike Gibson & Gigi Darricades Barbara Davis Christa Davis ’89 Daniel Davis ’74 Cindy Davy Arthur & Janette De Berard Ian Debono ’73, ’73 Richard Decker ’60 Carla DeHerrera ’69 Teresa DeHerrera ’84 Christine Delaney-Haynes ’75 Gerald Dellinger ’73 Dell’s Insurance Agency

Albert Demarest ’66, ’71 Erika Derouin-Greene Ron ’76 & Jan ’80, ’03 DeSautell Edgar ’65, ’69 & Conzuelo ’68 DeVan Theodore & Patty Dinges Karen Dobos ’90 Daniel Domina Joanna Domina Doris Downie ’93 Judy ’64 & Larry Drake Joseph Duarte ’86 Peggy Dunn Martin ’80 & Cristina ’69, ’79 Duran Robert Eagan ’77 Glenda Edelen Edith Edson ’86 Frances Eigenberg Mary Eldredge ’99 Frank ’83 & Mary Jo ’80 Elkins John ’86 & Carrie ’86 Elwell Lewis Entz ’07 Robert Etenburn ’89 Cecillia Evans Heidi Farfel ’03 Keith Fevurly Karen Fisher ’08 Jana Flint ’96 Vickie I. Ford ’71 Nancy Forsythe Christopher ’05, ’06 & Valisa ’05 Fortey Kay Foute ’95 Dale Frasier ’86 & Kathryn ’76 Radcliffe Amy Fresquez ’11 Marsha ’71 and Tim Gallagher Bridget Gallegos ’68, ’72 Herman Gallegos ’75 Jerry Gallegos ’77 Charles Garcia ’63 Joe Garcia ’02 Joseph Garcia ’06 Mike ’94 & Patricia ’82, ’97 Garcia Russell Geminden Collier ’17 Lauren Gentry Angelica Gero John Gersick ’06 Cindy Gettman ’68 Michael & Jennifer Gill Joanna Gillespie Jennifer Glenn DeAnn Gobin ’06 Ryan Goldsworthy ’11 Pete ’67, ’71 & Ina ’72 Gomez Augustine Gonzales Sr. ’81 Thomas Gonzales ’91 Harold Goodrich ’63, ’67 Gary Goodwin ’90 Kyle & Lynnette Graff C. Elliott Graves ’91

Cyrus Green ’61, ’62 Janice Green ’87 Susan Greenfield ’85 James Gribben ’58, ’61 Deborah Grotts ’89 Jim Groves ’59 Anna Guerra Pat Hake Robert ’87, ’96 & Robin ’86, ’93 Hall David ’97 & Penne ’01 Hamilton George Hansen ’68 Kenneth ’84 & Janice ’70 Hardison Noel Harlan ’63 Frances Haugen ’68 Gary Hauschulz ’93 John ’68 & Helena ’68, ’95 Haws Donna Hayward ’77 Virginia Heeney Don & Carole Hermanson Joanne Hernandez ’69 Lee ’00 & Cindy ’85, ’99 Herrera Margery Herrington Sallie Hibbs ’60 John Hill ’70, ’81 James Hillis Sarah Hilsman ’15 David Hinkley Chad Hiser ’09 Hogue’s Glass, Inc./Stan & Jeannie Crowder Jenene Holcomb ’89, ’94 Barbara Hollingsworth ’09 Victoria Hontas Donna Hoover ’84 Sherrie Horn Gaylene Horning ’94 George Hudlin Frances ’61 & Harry Hull Jack Hunt ’65 Larry Joe ’83 & Christine ’83 Hunt Eugene Huser ’80 Ann Ibarra ’90 Dustin Imdieke Julia Jackson ’80 Monya Jackson ’14 Richard ’78 & Sandra ’78 Jackson David Jacobson James Jensen ’89 Donna Johnson ’89 Robert Johnson ’71, ’91

Susan Johnson ’10

Barbara Johnston ’75 Jeneane Johnston Phillip Jones ’04 Vicki Jones ’75 Joyce Jones-Ivy Marion Jonte ’68 Dennis Jouett ’70 Debra Kennedy ’76

Friends of Music Edmon & Lucy Adams Alamosa Home Furnishings Harvey Billington ’58, ’65 Brian & Deborah Brownell Loren ’71 & Evelyn ’74, ’77 Buss Peter ’66 & Gayle Ciraolo Lisa Clements Hugh & Linda Cozart Mike Gibson & Gigi Darricades Richard Decker ’60 Kathleen Delzell ’61 Judy ’64 & Larry Drake Mary Eldredge ’99 Vickie I. Ford ’71 Delbert ’70, ’71 & Jan Gay C. Elliott Graves ’91 Matt & Karla Hardesty Wes Hargrove ’78 David Hinkley Jenene Holcomb ’89, ’94 Robert Hommel ’79 Victoria Hontas Gaylene Horning ’94 Marty & Diana Jones Patricia Kidd ’92 Dennis Lamb Charlotte Ledonne ’84 Teri McCartney ’87, ’92 & Don Richmond ’13 Danny McDaniel & Tish Hollingsworth D.H. McFadden Bruce & Sharon Meyer William ’73 & Katherine ’73 Miller Tom ’68, ’81 & Barbara ’71 Nagoda Jeannie Norwood ’71, ’71 & Albert Kahan Notes & Numbers, LLC Jolene Pavlovsky ’63, ’67 Galen Prentice ’61 Robert & Regina Rice Patricia Robbins ’93, ’96 Harold & Janice Robison Neil & Elise Rudolph Penny Sanders Sadie Skeff ’61 Mark Skinner ’92 Kristina Steinberg Donald Thompson & Jan Oen Arvilla Weldon ’70, ’92 Ronald ’82 & Carolyn ’82 Wilson Anita Zaffuto ’71

AStater 13

Friends of Theatre Billings Electric, Inc./ Valley Lock & Security, Inc.

Terri Carry Mary Cline Hugh & Linda Cozart Hogue’s Glass, Inc./Stan & Jeannie Crowder Tamara ’91 & Bill Fassett GFWC Woman’s Citizenship Club Matt & Karla Hardesty Mark Harvey Wendy Hinton Roger Knapp & Raida Paul-Knapp Lori ’91, ’01 & Aaron Laske Helen Lester Teri McCartney ’87, ’92 & Don Richmond ’13 Mary Jo Merkley Lawrence & Nancy Pennel Jack ’79, ’84 & Theresa Rudder Neil & Elise Rudolph Daniel ’77 & Carol ’87 Russell Steven ’73 & Mary ’80 Russell Penny Sanders Loren & Debra Sevening Fred ’67, ’70 & Barbara ’68 Snow Martha Vinick Charlie Walker Arvilla Weldon ’70, ’92 Caren Kershner ’88 Thomas Kester Patricia Kidd ’92 Leonard King ’61, ’64 B.L. Kolb Julie Kove ’87 Amy Kucera ’05 Curtis Kuester Lakeside Consulting Inc. Michael Lamothe David Lashway ’75 Francesca Lawal Darryl ’67 & Martha ’66 Laye Sam Le ’14 Naomi Ledesma ’13 Charlotte Ledonne ’84 Cheryl Lee ’71 Eldon Leff ’63 Tiffany Leggett ’13 Janet Leinen ’78 Louella Lenberg ’89, ’96 Doris Lessenden ’74 Helen Lester

14 AStater

Ronald Lester ’77 Freddy & Susan Lettig Helen Lewis ’76, ’86 Selbert & Dorothy Lewis Susan Likens ’01 Keith Lindgren Robert & Anna Linton Gary Loewe ’88 L. Lombardo Louie Long ’68 Richard & Ericha Loosbrock Julian ’85 & Wendy ’82, ’93 Lopez Robert Lopez ’96 Mike Lowe ’68 John Lowell ’18 Maria Loya Richard Lubchenco ’90 Duane Ludwig ’77 Sue Luttrell ’88 Zaineb Lyons ’09 Anthony Madrid ’79, ’87 Linette Magnino ’76 Nikolai Makarow ’72 Leslie Malles ’71, ’80 Daniel ’04 & Jeannette ’04 Malouff Nancy Maness ’87 Andrew Mang ’57 Barbara Mann ’75 Dennis ’72 & Nancy ’72 Marion Kathleen Marlowe ’83 Leroy Marquez ’65 Ben Martinez ’78 Benjamin & Livinia Martinez Levi Martinez ’48 Randall & Jeanette Martinez Rodney Martinez Vida Martinez ’75 Kyle Matson ’08 Natalie Matthewson ’88, ’94 Constance Mayfield ’72 Donald McCallister ’51 Larry McCarty Brent McConaghy ’13 Denise McCraw ’05 Danny McDaniel & Tish Hollingsworth Beth McElroy ’01 D.H. McFadden Charles ’62, ’67 & Peggy ’66 McGuffin Sharon McKenzie George McMillan ’61, ’78 Ted McNeilsmith Miranda McWilliams ’17 Kristi Mease ’96 Elizabeth Medina George & Rosemarie Medina Wayne Melanson ’69 Karen Melgares Paul Melgares

Erik Melgoza ’00, ’04 Ryan Mellott Sarah Menapace-Walker ’93 Mary Jo Merkley Thomas Merschel Bruce & Sharon Meyer David & Terri Miller Holly Miller Thomas Miller ’70 Aaron Miltenberger ’12 Bikram Mishra ’14, ’16 Michael ’74 & Glenalee ’73 Mitchell Anthony & Crystal Moe Judy Moeny ’74, ’92 Scott Montgomery Susan Montoya Andrea Mooney ’96 Kathleen Morford ’85 Scott Morgan ’89 Dwayne Morris Ted ’69 & Janet ’69 Morrison Karel Morrow ’63, ’66 Craig ’73, ’76 & Margie ’75, ’00 Mortensen Barbara Motes ’72, ’78 Bruce Moulton ’68 Ferdinand Moungoue ’16 Taylor Mouser ’13 Diana Moya-Vigil Shanae Mundee Laurel Murphy ’17 Thomas Murphy ’71 John Nedin ’69 Margaret Neill Martha Nelson ’71 Nevada Financial Concepts, Inc. Paul & Cynthia New Phong Nguyen ’17 Teresa Nichols ’86, ’93 Margaret Nickelson Wright ’48 Bruno Nora ’15 Jeannie Norwood ’71, ’71 & Albert Kahan Notes & Numbers, LLC Judy Nybeck Charlotte O’Bannon ’87, ’88 Valentine Okojie Audrey Olive ’79 Bob Olson ’75 Ernest Ornelas ’76 Bonnie Ortega ’00 Carol Osborn ’84 Jamie Page Chad Palmer ’17 Emily & James Palmiotto Thomas Panter ’77 Vicki ’91 & Clarence Parks John ’68 & Helen ’67 Patton Jolene Pavlovsky ’63, ’67 Lawrence & Nancy Pennel

Anita Perez ’91, ’97 Robert Perez John Perry ’64, ’71 Jennifer Petersen ’96 Charles ’59, ’62 & Margaret ’63, ’67 Pfalmer Mark ’05 & Mandy ’05 Pittman Jon Plachy ’55, ’60 Carol Plock ’78 Matthew Pollart ’91 Lori Porta Greg Poulter ’83 Chaplain Rico Predovich ’73 Lawrence Pyeatt ’65 Kristy Quintana ’02, ’09 Robert Rael ’66, ’73 Gary Ramer ’72 Phillip Ranke ’66 Tyler Ratzlaff ’82 Mary Reed ’55 Amber Reher ’06 Armando Reyes ’98 Jolene Reynolds ’72 R. Reynolds Diane Rhodes ’64 Dustin Richardson ’05 Jane Richardson Joseph Richmond ’15 Patricia Robbins ’93, ’96 Norman ’75, ’77 & Greta Roberts Donna Rombeck ’67 Flavio Romero ’77 Frank Romero ’64 Joseph Ross ’66 Shauna Rothermich ’03, ’07 Mary Roybal ’98 Jack ’79, ’84 & Theresa Rudder Tresa Rupright ’97 Elden Ruybal ’98 Aaron Sahr ’68 Corine Salazar ’63, ’72 Sylvia & Joe Salazar Ernest & Jennie Samora Lynn & Jose Sanchez Betty Sandler Antonio Sandoval ’73, ’89 Phillip ’73, ’74 & Jeanne ’74 Sategna Michael Saunders ’81 Albert Scarffe ’77 Marguerite Schall Lawrence & Frances Scheufele Paulette Schmalz ’75 Rhonda ’04, ’06 & Mark Schoenecker Jay & Nancy Schrader Shirley Schrier Sally Schulz ’70 Erich Schwiesow & Julie Waechter Nick & Denise Sciacca Julia Seiler ’83, ’84

Marc Semrau Val ’60, ’65 & Evangeline ’57, ’61 Sena Loren & Debra Sevening Bethany Shalberg ’13 Jerry & Bethene Shaw Russell Shawcroft ’17 Stephen ’99 & Karen ’99 Shea Ellen Sheaffer ’73 Jeanette Shell Shar Short ’72 Jaclyn Shreeve ’14 Antoinette Silva Mark Skinner ’92 Grace Slanovich ’68, ’77 Karen Sliwkowski ’75, ’89 Sarah Sloane ’11 Brian Small ’03 John Smith ’70 Martha Smith Rosalyn Smith ’93 Carl ’61, ’64 & Teddy ’63 Snow Larry Snyder ’65, ’66 James & Mary Sowards Joshua Spannagel ’07 Spartan Performance Training LLC Connie Spencer ’63, ’66 Evelyn Sprouse-Rowe ’84 Jim & Heather Spurgin Colleen Stabolepszy ’93, ’97 Ivan Stahlecker ’73, ’81 Robert Stalcup ’90 Janis Stanley ’77 Michael & Anne Stanley Preston Stanley ’66 Lindsay Stansbury Sandra Starnaman Reeva Stettler Michael Stotler ’73 Jacob Streeter ’07 Sam Streeter Jenny Stricker Doris Sullivan Karyl Sutherland ’84 Harriet Sutton ’63 Vickie Sutton-Gallegos ’96 Catherine Swanson ’98 Linda Swanson ’70 Arnald Swift ’69, ’71 Garrett Szagola ’71 Noreen Talbot ’77 Bill Talkington ’85 Cynthia Tanaka ’05, ’07 Patricia & John Tanner Jon Tausan ’69, ’81 Dervin Taylor John Taylor Tamica Taylor Donald Thompson & Jan Oen

Shelley Thurman Ronald Thurston Martha Tibbetts ’94 Kelly Tiffany ’89 Dean Tooley Geneva Torr ’11 Hugh Treanor ’64 Eddie Turner ’62 Sharon ’85 & Ken Turpin Barbara Ulibarri ’11 Rick Vafeades ’67, ’68 Elipio Valdez Lucy Valdez Nona Van Iwarden ’69, ’84 Gary VanGerpen ’64, ’66 Patricia Vargo ’62 Patrick ’66 & Mary Veerkamp Gary Venturi ’71 Ardell Versaw ’63 Aubrey Vialpando ’05 Charles Vigil ’89 Ruben Vigil ’61, ’65 Tom ’04 & Jazmin ’04, ’12 Vigil Valentin Vigil ’71 Leova Villalobos Beverly Vitale ’71, ’75 Paul & Karen Wagner Cheryl Walker Charlie Walker Fay Warrington Mary Washington Michael & Debbi Webster Larry Wells ’69 Aaron Welsh ’03 Joy Werner ’88, ’96, ’99 Gloria & Tye West Ray Wheeler ’58, ’67 Vicki Whipple-Mueller ’74 Carolyn White Roland Jr. ’69, ’70, ’84 & Maryann ’70 Wick Elizabeth Wilcox ’92 James Wilharm ’64 Frankie Will ’90 Vivian Williams Emily Wilson ’84 Lisa Wilson ’94 Rocky Wilson, Patricia McClenny, & Laura McClenny Mose & Amanda Winchester Edward Wisniewski ’74 Jim Witt ’62, ’68 Cora Wolfe ’64 Robin ’01 & Scott Wolfe Gregory ’86 & Linell ’88 Wood Ernie & Berline Wooten Delzia Worley ’97 Chay ’00 & Jennifer ’00 Yund

AStater 15

Lifetime Giving Over $100,000 Alamosa State Bank Anonymous Sharen Branscome ’65 William ’60, ’62 & Eleanor ’82* Crain Daniels Fund El Pomar Foundation Estate of Charles & Cleo Ritz* 1st Southwest Bank John’57 & Janet Fuller Estate of Gary ’62, ’65 and Judith Gaston* Rich ’59 & De Gehlbach Floyd ’55 & Cordelia* Higel John & Paige Keeler Ron ’65 & Marilyn ’86, ’87 Loser Carlos ’61 & Dorothy ’61 Lucero John Robert Maytag Dr. John McDaniel Paul Morley ’66 Olibama Tushar Trust* Outcalt Foundation* William Porter Jr.* ’51 & Joan Porter Rio Grande Savings & Loan Richard ’69 & Kathleen Rutledge Salazar for Senate San Luis Valley Federal Bank

be Am 16 AStater


San Luis Valley Rural Electric Co-op, Inc. Southway Construction Co, Inc. Patsy Spier ’91 Estate of Linda Spraitzer State of Colorado Department of Higher Education The Trinchera Blanca Foundation Douglas Thomas ’55* Al* & Virginia Wehe Family of Ruth & Stanley Wills Estate of Lorraine Young*

$50,000–99,999 Alamosa Convention & Visitors Bureau Alta Fuels Anonymous Alice Bean Boettcher Foundation Janice Bunch* Glenn & Kerry Burnham Duane ’82 & Lorey ’80 Bussey CIA-Leavitt Insurance Agency Richard ’71 & Mary ’74 Cline Community Banks of Colorado Jack* & Genevieve Cooper The Denver Foundation Wayne ’62 & Ellen Evans Patricia Ewert Flannagan ’76* Tom ’67, ’68 & Pat ’68 Gilmore Fred Haeckl* Grant W Hurley ’47* Inn of the Rio Grande Kay ’68 & Harold Kelloff Michael Lantzy ’64, ’65 John & Frances Marvel* Beatrice Merritt ’36* James Miles National Western Stock Show - Scholarship Trust P.E.O. Foundation-Chapter V (Monte Vista) Robert Hoag Rawlings Foundation San Luis Valley Health Izora ’66 & Butch* Southway Grace I. Spier Revocable Trust Charles & Dorothy Steele Sunflower Bank David & Virginia ’83, ’84, ’95 Svaldi Valley-Wide Health Systems, Inc. Xcel Energy Foundation *deceased

In Memory of: Ben Bacino ’79

Richard Gilbreth

Jesse Russell ’11

Dean ’73 & Beverly Boice Mary Ann ’86 & Mike Porter

Gaylene Horning ’94 Lori ’91, ’01 & Aaron Laske

Dr. Sue Ellen Jacobs ’63 Dr. James ’64 & Martha Jacobs

Terri Carry Mary Cline Hugh & Linda Cozart GFWC Woman’s Citizenship Club Wendy Hinton Hogue’s Glass, Inc./Stan & Jeannie Crowder Roger Knapp & Raida Paul-Knapp Lori ’91, ’01 & Aaron Laske Helen Lester Teri McCartney ’87, ’92 & Don Richmond ’13 Mary Jo Merkley Lawrence & Nancy Pennel Gay Prior Jack ’79, ’84 & Theresa Rudder Daniel ’77 & Carol ’87 Russell Steven ’73 & Mary ’80 Russell Loren & Debra Sevening Martha Vinick Charlie Walker

Melvin Getz

Sherrie Maul ’63

Uncle Doug Shriver

Gaylene Horning ’94

Elizabeth Chappell Moffett ’72, ’77 Patricia Rodis

Ellie Crain ’82

Tomas Crain William Crain ’60, ’62 Gaylene Horning ’94 Lori ’91, ’01 & Aaron Laske Lawrence & Frances Scheufele

Liz Crawford ’85 Gaylene Horning ’94 Lori ’91, ’01 & Aaron Laske

Ron Gallegos ’70

Ernest & Mary Bloxsom Bryan & Anne Cary Mary Greg & Laura Conchelos Barbara Davis John & Karen Dolezal Lewis Entz ’07 Bonnie, Alex, Griffin, & Chloe Freitas Amy Getz ’00 Glen Getz Vicki Jones ’75 Dennis ’72 & Nancy ’72 Marion Kenneth & Angie Rehder Margaret Rominger Marguerite & Donald Schall Jay & Nancy Schrader Connie Spencer ’63, ’66 John & Carol Tone John Tooker ’66 Paul & Karen Wagner Wall, Smith, Bateman, Inc. Carolyn White Jackie Getz White ’82 & Brent White Rocky Wilson, Patricia McClenny, & Laura McClenny

Gordon Gillson

Gaylene Horning ’94 Lori ’91, ’01 & Aaron Laske Selbert & Dorothy Lewis Judy Nybeck Cynthia Tanaka ’05, ’07 Donna ’12 & David Wehe

Helen Gonzales ’55, ’68 Gaylene Horning ’94 Lori ’91, ’01 & Aaron Laske

Sara Graf ’86 Gaylene Horning ’94

Darla Chappell ’77

Ray ’50 & Ruth ’50 McGee Gaylene Horning ’94 Raylene Kahler ’77 Lori ’91, ’01 & Aaron Laske

Pauline Moore Gaylene Horning ’94 Lori ’91, ’01 & Aaron Laske Connie Spencer ’63, ’66

Inez Oaks ’61 Lori ’91, ’01 & Aaron Laske Charlie Walker

Dorothy Romero Gaylene Horning ’94 Lori ’91, ’01 & Aaron Laske Connie Spencer ’63, ’66

Holly Morris ’00

Alan Sinton Webb Family Fund of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation

Bonita Tooley ’85 Gaylene Horning ’94 Lori ’91, ’01 & Aaron Laske

In Honor of: Mitch ’60, ’64 & Rita Medina

William & Philomene Gallegos Michael & Jennifer Gill Lori ’91, ’01 & Aaron Laske Benjamin & Livinia Martinez Elizabeth Medina George & Rosemarie Medina Lori Porta

Ann Stong Colorado P.E.O. Chapter HB AStater 17

Grizzly Club

Individual sponsors Jerome Austin John Bailey Bank Shot Sports Bar Ahmed Bernard Jeffrey Bilderbeck ’03 Josh Blankenship Joelle Boos-Medina ’99, ’11 Heather Brooks David Broyles ’74 Glenn ’94 & Kerry Burnham Duane ’82 & Lorey ’80 Bussey Campus Cafe Jeff Carew Kurt ’71, ’78 & Joan ’90 Cary Russ ’97, ’06 & Bethany ’00 Caton Keith Cerny & Debra Sowards-Cerny Betsy & Carl Chacon Glen ’62 & Frances ’62 Clark Ed Crowther & Lori Tanner David Curtis ’72, ’92 Jason Defee Jim & Erma Defee Erika Derouin-Greene Ron ’76 & Jan ’80, ’03 DeSautell Jill Downie ’90, ’91 Roger Escheman Sheryl ’82, ’85 & Wayne Farley John ’63, ’69 & Margaret ’61 Faron Keith ’58, ’63 & Claudette ’63, ’78 Fisher Frontier Bank John & Monica Fryday Andria Gay ’05, ’09 Delbert ’70, ’71 & Jan Gay Jeff & Nancy Geiser Angelica Gero Matt & Mary Beth Glowczewski Greg ’96 & Jeni ’85 Goodwin Goss-Paxton-Flippen Family Jaime Green Vern ’97 & Heather ’00 Heersink Charlotte Hefner ’88 Camille Herron Hogue’s Glass, Inc. Jenel Hopper ’02 Michael Hudson ’98 Larry Joe ’83 & Christine ’83 Hunt Janine Hurst ’09, 14 Dustin Imdieke Alan Johnson ’70

18 AStater

Shorty & Gwen Johnson Raymond Johnson ’71 Kevin ’96, ’04 & Cheri ’94 Jones Philip Jones Karl Keller Kentucky Fried Chicken Rena & Nathan Kirkland Dianne & Jeff Lee Selbert & Dorothy Lewis Keith Lindgren Richard & Ericha Loosbrock Robert Lopez ’96 Louie & Peggy Luster Mark ’89, ’92 & Myra ’93, ’01 Manzanares Ken ’87, ’94 & Dolores ’87 Marquez Damon ’87 & Konnie Martin Beatrice Martinez ’76 David ’84, ’87 & Kimberly ’84, ’99 Martinez Miranda McWilliams ’17 Jay Meyer Insurance Agency, Inc. Ted ’69 & Janet ’69 Morrison Corky & Nancy Mortensen Wade ’76, ’80 & Lindy ’80 Mortensen Larry ’88, ’93 & Carolyn ’89 Mortensen Mary Motz ’62 Shanae Mundee Lloyd Nelson Floyd & Jody Oaks Albert ’61 & Kelli ’74 O’Leary Chuck Owsley ’68 Jeff Owsley ’86 Nels ’75 & Amanda ’84 Pearson Gary & Toni Ramstetter Norman ’75, ’77 & Greta Roberts Tracey Robinson Stan Rodrigues Lonnie Rogers ’60 Mike Rogers Chris Rooney Vincent ’79 & Donna Segura Russell Shawcroft ’17 Katelyn Smith ’16 Maury Smith Fred St. Cyr Jr. Donald Stegman ’61, ’64 Doris Sullivan Donna Swartz Dervin Taylor Sharon ’85 & Ken Turpin Valley Car Wash/Vintage Garage Leova Villalobos

Kevin Voss Kenneth Wakasugi Weiss Dry Cleaning Donald Wells ’86 Shaun & Nala Wicen Lisa Wilson ’94 Tom & Ann Wingerter Chay ’00 & Jennifer ’00 Yund Joe & Shirley Zanski Zepol Media Partners, LLC

Corporate sponsors 1st Southwest Bank A & L Coors, Inc. Airgas, USA Alamosa Building Supply/ La Jara Trading Post Alamosa Chiropractic Alamosa County Alamosa Home Furnishings Alamosa State Bank Alcon Construction, Inc. American Electric Co. AmeriGas Propane Anytime Fitness Asphalt Constructors, Inc. ASU Counselor Education ASU Bookstore ASU MBA Best Western Alamosa Inn A Better Cut Barber Shop Billings Electric, Inc./ Valley Lock & Security, Inc. Bistro Rialto Boutique Air Cattails Golf Course Century 21 Property Management CIA-Leavitt Insurance Agency City Market Colorado Choice Health Plans Colorado Potato Administrative Committee Colorado Sports Comfort Inn/Super 8/IHOP Community Banks of Colorado Cottonwood Dental Center, LLC David Wehe, CFP Del Mar Carpet One Extreme Graphics Farm Fresh Direct Flood & Peterson Insurance, Inc.

asu foundation Scholarships

Gobin’s Hampton Inn Holiday Inn Express & Suites Hunan Chinese Restaurant Husmann Plumbing J & J Rental Centers Kristi Mountain Sports KSPK Radio L & M Auto Sales Mark’s Outdoor Sports Nestle Toll House Cafe Nino’s O & V Printing Papa Murphy’s Pepsi Porter Realty, Inc. Rio Grande Savings & Loan Rocky Mountain Memorabilia Rocky Mountain Septic & Excavating Rock Creek Family Medicine, P.C. Rocky Mountain Eye Center, P.C. Safeway San Luis Valley Brewing Company San Luis Valley Federal Bank San Luis Valley Health Sherwin Williams Silver Mountain Disposal, LLC Skiball’s Running World SLV Pizza Company SLV Sports & Wellness, Inc. San Luis Valley Rural Electric Co-op, Inc. Sodexo Campus Services Sonic Drive-In Southway Construction Co, Inc. Square Peg The Rubi Slipper Torben Walters Insurance Agency, Inc. Town & Country Auto Mall Valley Courier Valley Electric, Inc. Valley-Wide Health Systems, Inc. Wall, Smith, Bateman, Inc. Woody’s Q Shack, LLC Xcel Energy

Miles & Alice Acheson Memorial Alice Acheson ’68, ’69 Adams State Alumni Adams State University Alumni Association Adventure Sports Tamara Rice ASU Alumni & Foundation Office Rich ’59 & De Gehlbach ASU Alumni-Denver Chapter Denver Alumni Chapter Adams State Classified Employees Employees of Adams State University Alamosa Kiwanis-Robert Foote & Frank Moore Memorial Kiwanis Club of Alamosa Alamosa Lodge #44 Philanthropic Alamosa Masonic Philanthropic Foundation Alamosa Masonic Alamosa Masonic Philanthropic Foundation Alamosa Rotary Alamosa Rotary Club Alamosa State Bank - Helms/ Nielsen Memorial Alamosa State Bank ASU Theatre Endowment ASU Alumni, Staff & Friends Antonito Carole Counihan & James Taggart Manual Aragon Estate of Manual Aragon Arby’s SLV Promising Athlete Arby’s Richard Barkley/McDaniel Richard Barkley ’76, Dr. John McDaniel Marian Sims Baughn Memorial P.E.O. Foundation/Chapter V Dr. Kenneth Bean Alice Bean Bokat Family Stephen ’68 & Karen Bokat Borrego Family Thomas Borrego ’46 Stan Brinkley/McDaniel Dr. John McDaniel Tom Bruscino/McDaniel Thomas ’99 & Terrie ’99 Bruscino, Dr. John McDaniel Dr. Robert & Sharon Buchanan/ McDaniel Dr. John McDaniel

Dr. Littleton J. Bunch Memorial Bunch Family Shirley Burnham Memorial Glenn ’94 & Kerry Burnham Gladys & Doyle Burns Sharen Branscome ’65 Orahood Burt Carolyn Burt Bustos/Price Memorial Bill Mansheim Calvin “Bud” & Mary Regan Caldwell Mary Regan Caldwell ’52, ’60 Carpe Diem Koos & Harry Daley Clyde Carstens/McDaniel Clyde Carstens ’86, Dr. John McDaniel Clyde Calvin Carstens/McDaniel Memorial Dr. John McDaniel Joshua Thomas Cary Memorial John & Paige Keeler Sally T. Chavez Memorial Anonymous Donor N. & G. Clarke & H. Emperius Memorial Hada Clarke ’85 The Edwin Clemmer Scholarships in the Very Fine Arts David ’87 & Wendy Clemmer Jim Colbert Athletic Jim Colbert ’61, ’65 & Valerie Goodwin-Colbert Alton Cole Estate of Alton Cole Collins/Sheriff/Zuckerman Memorial Stephen ’67 & Courtney Marsters S. Connelly Softball Becky Connelly Richard Conour Memorial Elizabeth Conour Nita Cooper/McDaniel Memorial Jack Cooper & Dr. John McDaniel Gerald Corning James ’86 & Deborah Harvey COSI-County Alamosa County, Conejos County, Costilla County, Huerfano County, Rio Grande Savings & Loan (on behalf of Rio Grande County), TSJC Educational Foundation (on behalf of Las Animas County) Crain William ’60, ’62 & Ellie ’82 Crain

AStater 19

asu foundation Scholarships James & Irene Craft James H. Craft Jerry & Patti Crisci/McDaniel Jerry ’70 & Patti ’70 Crisci, Dr. John McDaniel Dr. Ed Crowther/McDaniel Dr. John McDaniel John Dewi Davies M.D. Medical Estate of Eileen Crowly Davies Devon J. Doyle Memorial Brian & Leslie ’95, ’05 Doyle Dream Endowment Various Donors Angelo Duarte Wrestling Family/Friends Duncan Ronald ’66, ’72 & Paula ’73 Duncan Ellis Memorial Harry Manesiotis ’99 Emeritus Chemistry Faculty David Van Pelt ’86 Wayne & Ellen Evans Mathematics & Science Wayne ’62 & Ellen Evans Stanford Fellers Memorial Marvin Fellers ’47 Firstbank FirstBank Holding Company Firstbank Service Area FirstBank Holding Company David Ford/McDaniel David Ford ’71, Dr. John McDaniel David Ford Memorial/McDaniel Vickie I. Ford ’71, Dr. John McDaniel David & Vickie Ford/McDaniel Vickie I. Ford ’71, Dr. John McDaniel Vickie Ford/McDaniel Vickie I. Ford ’71, Dr. John McDaniel Dr. Gary Gallagher/McDaniel Dr. John McDaniel Gary & Judith Gaston Estate of Gary Gaston ’62, ’65 Michael John Gay Memorial Michael Gay GFWC Woman’s Citizenship Club GFWC Woman’s Citizenship Club Ruth Curtis Gilbert Karla Gilbert Dr. Gordon Gillson/McDaniel Dr. John McDaniel Erin Gilmore Memorial Katie Fundalinski, J. Thomas ’67, ’68 & Patrice ’68 Gilmore

20 AStater

Dr. J. Thomas Gilmore/McDaniel Dr. John McDaniel William & Lenora Gilmore Memorial J. Thomas ’67, ’68 & Patrice ’68 Gilmore Lawrence & Frances Gomez Lawrence ’67, ’68 & Frances ’64, ’70 Gomez James Gontis/McDaniel James Gontis ’90, Dr. John McDaniel Green/Park Woolbert Creative Arts Kathy Park Woolbert ’07 & Henry Woolbert Paul D. Hall Phil & Juanita Hall James P. & Kate A. Hatfield Art Education Estate of Kathryn Hatfield History, Anthropology, Philosophy, Political Science & Spanish ASU HAPPSS Department Charley & Sadako Hayashida Memorial Sadako Hayashida Brooks Haynie Memorial Endowment Thomas & Marjorie Haynie Hensley Wrestling Mark ’89 & Stephanie ’93, ’01 Hensley John & Anita Hertner Biology John ’66, ’70 & Anita ’67 Hertner Stuart Hilwig HGP Honors ASU History/Government Department John Holmes Memorial Holmes Family Donald Hilton Hopper Memorial H. Dean Hopper & Doris Hilton Hopper Ron Howard/McDaniel Dr. John McDaniel Dr. Grant Hurley Pre-Med/Nursing Grant ’47 & Beverly Hurley Roy & Yoshiko Inouye Memorial Estate of Roy & Yoshiko Inouye Jack’s Market (Del Norte, CO) Robert & Karen ’99 Willis James D. Johnson/McDaniel Dr. John McDaniel Kay Prendergast Kelloff Kay ’69 & Harold Kelloff Kincannon/Wall McDaniel Deanna Kincannon-Wall ’69, Dr. John McDaniel Sandra V. & O. John Kuenhold Sandra ’81 & John Kuenhold L & M Auto LeRoy & Rosalie ’86 Martinez Margaret A. Lamb Margaret Lamb

Dr. Randall T. Lamber Memorial Judy Michalski Mark Lammers/McDaniel Dr. John McDaniel Minnie Langowski Memorial Gene Langowski ’82, ’87, Charlene Bertolino ’89 Vernon Lantis David Lantis ’39 Jeannie Sanderson Leach Memorial Kendra Sanderson ’15, Joni Hemmerling ’10 Michael Lane Lester Memorial James Lester Olibama Lopez-Tushar Estate of Olibama Lopez-Tushar Florence Lorton/ Alice Lorton Getz Memorial Melvin Getz, Jackie Getz White ’82 Loser Family Ron ’65 & Marilyn ’86, ’87 Loser Hon. Carlos & Dorothy Lucero/McDaniel Carlos ’61 & Dorothy ’61 Lucero, Dr. John McDaniel Lawrence David Lucero Memorial Fern Lucero Robert Lujan Memorial John ’86 & Gwynne Lujan Mangum Nursing Janet ’63 & Jasper Mangum Michael Marchildon/McDaniel Dr. John McDaniel Dr. John & Fran Marvel/McDaniel John & Fran Marvel, Dr. John McDaniel Ethel Dobson McDaniel/McDaniel Dr. John McDaniel J.E. McDaniel/McDaniel Dr. John McDaniel Julie Randolph McDaniel/McDaniel Dr. John McDaniel Lillian McDaniel/McDaniel Dr. John McDaniel McGee Family Ruth McGee ’50 McLean Family Dolores McLean ’65, Chris Simmons Merritt Sarah Beatrice Merritt ’36 Matthew Miller Memorial Mary Miller Mingilton Family Endowment Dale ’85 & Teri Mingilton Marvin Motz Anonymous Donor

Motz/Porter Basketball Alonzo Porter ’65, ’66, Mary Motz ’62 Music Endowment ASU Alumni, Staff & Friends MVHS-Adams Wayne ’62 & Ellen Evans Valerie Naranjo Anonymous Donor National Western National Western Stock Show Trust Dr. Paul S. & Patti K. Newman Theatre Education Endowment Paul & Patti Newman William & Taka Oba Memorial David Oba ’77, Dean ’75 & Trish Oba, Ronald Oba Spud Orr Memorial Merle Orr ’65, ’69 Ed Ortega/McDaniel Eduardo Ortega ’86, Dr. John McDaniel Ralph Outcalt Scholars Outcalt Foundation Sue “Soupe” Patterson Art Memorial Bill Mansheim Sue Patterson & Bill Mansheim/McDaniel Dr. John McDaniel Porter Realty Mike & Mary Ann ’86 Porter, Porter Realty Porter Scholars in Science & Mathematics William ’51 & Joan Porter Bill Rakow/McDaniel Bill Rakow ’69, Dr. John McDaniel Lon Randolph/McDaniel Dr. John McDaniel Robert Hoag Rawlings Foundation Pueblo Chieftain Judith Richardson Visual Art Antoinette Lucas Don Richmond Music Anonymous Donor Ed Richmond Endowment Don Richmond ’13 & Teri McCartney ’87, ’92 Rio Grande Savings & Loan-Boyce & Leonard Rio Grande Savings & Loan Rustic Log Randy ’98 & Micah ’98 Jackson Rutledge Family Richard ’69 & Kathleen Rutledge Ed Ryan Ed Ryan

Jodine Ryan/McDaniel Jodine Ryan, Dr. John McDaniel Emma & Henry Salazar Memorial Ken Salazar and family Vince Sanchez Memorial Quint Seckler Wayne Sheldrake/McDaniel Wayne ’85, ’91 & Lauren ’97, ’04 Sheldrake, Dr. John McDaniel Loren & Alice Shipp Mike Lantzy ’64, ’65 Shriver/Wright Agricultural ASU Alumni & Friends William “Bill” Sinclair Memorial Phyllis Sinclair ’71 SLV Behavioral Health Group SLV Behavioral Health Group SLV Federal Bank Endowment SLV Federal Bank SLV Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. SLV Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc. Cloyde Snook Anonymous Donor Southway Alumni Southway Construction Southway Wrestling Southway Construction Elaine Southway Memorial Butch & Izora ’66 Southway, Joanne Southway Clayton ’61 Kenny & Rondaleen Specht Rondaleen Specht ’67 Rick Spier Memorial Patsy Spier ’91 Linda L. Spraitzer Estate of Linda Spraitzer Summerfest on the Rio SLV Fine Arts & Entertainment Suntek Industries, Inc. Andres Salazar Richard Talley Musical Theatre Margaret Talley Douglas B. Thomas Estate of Douglas B. Thomas ’55 William M. & Jennie L. Thomas Estate of William & Jennie Thomas Mary Louise & Lester Tooker John Tooker ’66 & Deborah Brownell William Trujillo/McDaniel Dr. John McDaniel Dale Umberger Lunch Box Memorial Football Players of 1966-71

Ralph Vail & Kathlyn Thatcher Vail Ann Vail Wagner Family Virgil ’73 & Carol ’76 Wagner Wall, Smith, Bateman WSB & Associates, Inc. Kyle Walpole/McDaniel Dr. John McDaniel Bill & Beth Waters Bill ’59 & Beth Waters Kay Watkins ASU Chemistry Department Elwyn & Virginia Wehe Al ’73 & Virginia Wehe Arthur Wellbaum Estate of Arthur Wellbaum Dr. Lynn Weldon World Peace Arvilla Weldon ’70, ’92 Lillian McDaniel Williamson/McDaniel Dr. John McDaniel Stanley & Ruth Wills Ruth Wills ’46, Karen Kelton Woodard Memorial Charles & Beryl Woodard George, John, Janet, Marjorie & Mitzi Woodard Memorial Ketha Woodard Woodward Family William “Bill” Woodward ’61 Shirley Wright/McDaniel Dr. John McDaniel Robert Ellard Wright Memorial Mary Ann Wright Shane Yamnitz/McDaniel Dr. John McDaniel Cindy Young Memorial Norman Tucker ’79 Lorraine Young Memorial Estate of Lorraine Young ’37 Bill Zittle Memorial Golf Tuesday Nite Men’s Golf League

AStater 21

To My Awesome Adams Family, In 2006 when I became Lori’s assistant, I had no idea the adventure I was in for. Along the way, I have met some amazing people and visited some great places. I’ve been all over the United States and even ventured into other countries. I’ve had breakfast in Lamar, lunch in La Junta and dinner in Walsenburg. Then, on another trip, I might be eating cheesecake in Jerry & Patti Crisci’s New York restaurant (my all-time FAVORITE cheesecake, btw) or looking at a glacier in Juneau, Alaska, or rafting down a river in Jamaica, man. Wherever we’ve gone, be it near or far, I have enjoyed meeting each and every one of you. Those of you who come to our events year after year are now part of my circle of friends. I’ve treasured every moment spent with our alumni. And, of course, I have to give a shout-out to my boss, my fearless leader and my partner-incrime, Lori. I will miss her most of all. Lori, Tammy and I made a great team and we have had a lot of fun over the last 13 years. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. But now I’m off on a new adventure. I am headed to Colorado Springs to start a new chapter in my life. My kids are both grown up, graduated and off on their own adventures. Colorado Springs offers a lot of opportunities for me. I do not have a job YET, but I am starting the process. It’s still a bit early to be hired since I won’t be moving until the end of June. I will be going on the Alumni Mediterranean Cruise first. I told Lori I’m not leaving until that trip is over. J I can’t wait—we are going to have a lot of fun! As soon as I’m settled, I’ll send in a class note so you all will know where I landed. And don’t be surprised—you never know where I might pop up! I’m not ready to say goodbye to any of you, so for now, I will just say so long—see you soon! And, of course, in the immortal words of Bob Hope…thanks for the memories!

22 AStater

staying in touch •1960s Theodora Ruybal Madrid ’60, ’69 (Antonito, CO) started her teaching career in Las Mesitas, Colo., in 1954. From there she taught in Romeo, Colo., Hawthorne, Nev., and South Conejos School District. She was an honorable mention for Colorado Teacher of the Year in 1972. In 1972 she became an assistant professor of education at Adams State College. At that time, she was also assistant superintendant of schools in Antonito. She spent her last 9 years in Sanford Schools. In 2015, her husband, Vincent, passed away. They were married for 59 ½ years. Bob Miller ’60, ’61 (Las Vegas, NV.) retired after 40 years of teaching English at Newbury Park High School in Calif. (the last 30 years in the same classroom). His batting average is still the highest in Adams’ history (.543 in 1959). He has bicycled 17 European countries and five Hawaiian islands and visited all 50 states. His hobbies are seasonal, mainly traveling often. He has skied almost every ski resort in Colorado and California. Stan Nelson ’61, ’65 (Security, CO) retired in 1991. He still farms and ranches in Fountain, Colo. He writes, “The wife is good. I still ride and rope a little. Getting older and health is not what it used to be but all is grand.” Larry Snyder ’65, ’66 (Eagle, ID) is retired. He spent 40 years in education and retired as high school principal, serving in that capacity both at Monterey High in Monterey, Calif., and George Whittell High in Lake Tahoe, Nev. Gary Shawcroft ’67, ’68 (La Jara, CO) writes, “I greatly appreciate the faculty and staff at Adams State, most of whom are no longer with us, who showed genuine concern for me, just another student, by helping me receive my master’s many years ago.” Anthony Bruno ’69 (Albuquerque, NM) was a football coach in Colorado for 37 years. J. Criss Tausan ’69, ’81 (Fairfield Glade, TN) was a teacher and coach from 1969-1983 in Harrison School District in Colorado Springs. He continued his career there in administration until 1994. He retired in 1996. He has been married to Carol Miller Tausan for 25 years. They lived in Venice, Fla., until moving to Fairfield Glade, Tenn. adamsstate

•1970s Ray Beethe ’70 (Manitou Springs, CO) retired from Harrison School District in Colorado Springs in 2000. He taught science at Sierra High School. He has been married to his wife, Candia, for 43 years and they have lived in Manitou Springs for 28 years. Jerry Crisci ’70 (Bronxville, NY) writes, “It was great having Dr. Lovell at my restaurant this last year. She is what ASU needs now. Her positive outlook is great and her personality is wonderful. It is very important that everyone have an opportunity to go to college.” Gloria Gieseke Curtis ’70 (Denver, CO) is happily retired in Denver, enjoying being Grandma-in-Chief to two little ones. She is still active with Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Colorado. Jack Wirth ’72 (Willow Springs, MO) just turned 90 and had his hip replaced. John Hill ’70, ’81 (Kiowa, CO) is currently a part-time reporter for the Ranchland News. He was the former editor of the publication. He also worked for the Needles in Crestone, Colo. and the Valley Courier in Alamosa. He taught language arts at Agate, Moffat, Las Animas, Westcliffe and Monte Vista. Robert Hoff ’71 (Centennial, CO) writes, “During my senior year as a music major at Adams State, I taught music to grades 4-12 at Sanford Schools on an emergency letter. After leaving Alamosa, I joined the Colorado State Patrol in Castle Rock, Colo. After 30 years as a police officer, I retired. Recently, I wrote a book that was published by Christian Faith Publishing titled, Putting Meaning Into Your Moments. At 73, I’m still not sure what my career path will be.” Dan Lucero ’71 (Loveland, CO) and his wife, Deborah Wille Lucero, celebrated their 50th anniversary in November. After graduating from Adams State, Dan earned a master’s degree at Colorado State University in 1975, and a doctorate in 1986. He retired from education in 2004. Dan enjoys golf, exercise and volunteering. Deborah worked for Adams State College, was a stay-at-home mother until 1989 and then was employed by the Thompson School District

for 22 years. She retired in 2010. Deborah enjoys exercise, reading and gardening. Dan and Deborah have lived in Loveland for 41 years after arriving in 1978. Both enjoy bike riding, movies, music, traveling and spending time with their children and grandchildren. They have three sons: Matthew, Brandon and Craig. Matthew and his wife, Hayley, live in Loveland and have three children: Elsa, Evan and Emily. Brandon and his wife, Lisa, live in Denver. Craig and his wife, Jamie, live in Loveland and have three children: Matthew, Destini and Isabelle. Dan and Deborah also have two great-grandchildren: Luna and Matthew II. They attribute their long marriage to love, laughter, common interests, a willingness to listen to one another and a great friendship. A celebration was held in November with immediate family and a larger celebration is being planned for later in the spring. James Moore ’72 (Grand Junction, CO) retired from education in 2008 after 35 years in the classroom. He worked for the school district for another 10 years. He is now fully retired and enjoying it. Stan Brinkley ’73 (Lamar, CO) is the 15th Judicial District Judge. His wife, Mona Blakey Brinkley ’75, is a retired teacher and loving it! Their daughter Krista McDonald is a team leader in strategy and innovation at Farm Credit of America in Omaha, Neb. Her husband is a minister. They have three children: Katie (8), Meredith (5), Parker (2) and a new baby on the way. The Brinkleys’ son, Jason, is a partner at Snell and Wilmer, a law firm in downtown Denver. Jason was just made a partner. His wife, Sara, is a stay-at-home mom to their two boys, Josh (9) and Jake (5). Stan and Mona celebrated their 43rd anniversary in Santa Fe this year. They still love Adams State! Mary Ann Roldan ’74 (Pueblo, CO) writes, “Puebloans always enjoy their Adams State connection through annual staff presence. Keep up the connection! Thank you for the A-Stater.” Ross Casados ’75 (Wheat Ridge, CO), in his 30 years of working, has been an insurance adjuster, postal clerk and carrier and a postal inspector.

AStater 23

Pamela Courtney ’75, ’76, ’89 (Pueblo, CO) worked in Pueblo City Schools for 30 years and then semi-retired in 2006. For 22 of those years, she was an elementary and middle school counselor. She also coached swimming, basketball and track at the high school and middle school levels for 28 years, as well as youth sports until a year ago. She currently works in the district part-time as a speech/ language pathologist. Her son, Jacob, lives and works in the Denver area and is attending college part-time. She owns a 1903 2-story Victorian home and enjoys spending time with her nieces, nephews and their kids. Barb Ehrhart ’75 (Manatare, NE) has been working as the director of student services for the Gering Public Schools for the past five years. At the end of this school year, she will be retiring. She has been working in the education system for 45 years. She has done several different jobs including teaching in many public school systems, being an administrator for different school districts and teaching for the ESU 13 district. Ehrhart grew up in Buffalo, N.Y. After graduating from Adams State, she received her MA in school psychology at the University of Nebraska at Kearney in 1994. She then served as a university graduate college representative to the executive council at UNK. Growing up, she thought she was going to become a marine biologist, but she did not pass the diving test. Her head couldn’t handle the water pressure. After failing the test, one of her professors wanted someone to volunteer to go visit schools. It just so happened that she could go and she loved working with kids. “I decided then to go into education, because I loved working with kids,” she said. “The more classes I took, the more I realized that it was something that I enjoyed.” Before returning to Gering, Ehrhart worked as a teacher in the Mitchell school district and also in the Alliance school district. She also served as an administrator for the Torrington school district. Ehrhart has also been active in Nebraska School Psychologist Association (NSPA) for the last 25 years. She presented some of her research at a NSPA convention held in Chicago and has provided several in-service trainings as requested in the district. This year, she decided to retire because she thought it was time. She lives on 42 acres of land and has horses. It was just too much to handle for her and she cannot wait to have something smaller and easier to handle. “I have grandchildren who are growing up and are involved in activities and I want to watch them,” she said.

24 AStater

Michael Hannon ’76 (Wichita, KS) taught high school for three years before getting his master’s at Adams State. After that, he became the residential and health services director at the Institute of Logopedics in Wichita for six years. Then served as residential health director at Jefferson Co. Community Center Board for 7 years. Now he has his own real estate company. John Shue ’78, ’81 (Pueblo, CO) has been married to Lynda for 55 years. They finally obtained their dream RV and are ready to hit the road soon. In August, they will be great-grandparents. Tonita Suazo ’78 (Alamosa, CO) is a retired mental health advocate. She was on the Mental Health Planning & Advisory Board in Denver. She worked with both governors Romer and Ritter. She has one daughter, one granddaughter and one grandson.

•1980s Duane Anderson ’82 (Del Norte, CO) is semiretired. He retired from teaching in 2013 from Greeley School District after 30 years. He owns and runs Anshor Driving School in Greeley. Anshor will celebrate 25 years of serving all Northern Colo. in August of 2019. They also service the Rocky Ford area and the San Luis Valley. He and his wife, Jodi Colville Anderson ’82, have moved back to the Valley and live on Jodi’s family ranch. Ron ’82 & Carolyn ’82 Wilson (Fountain, CO) are both working post-retirement from education. Ron is an electrician who works at the Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway. Carolyn is a marketing representative for Rocky Mountain Health Care Services. The couple is only up to their third cruise! J Julia Haney Seiler ’83, ’84 (Roswell, NM) has been a speech/language pathologist with the Roswell Independent School District in Roswell, N.M. for 34 years. Her husband, Randall Seiler ’77, ’82, is deceased. They have two children. Lyndsay is director of sales at Holiday Inn in Las Cruces, N.M. Randall Jr. will graduate from New Mexico State University in May 2019 with a teaching degree.

Steven Heckathorn ’84 (Westminster, CO) is currently director of sales at Cold Front LLC in Westminster. He worked for 23 years with Dreyer/ Nestle and 13 years with Keebler. He has been married to Susan Hale Heckathorn ’83 for 35 years. They have three children and four grandchildren. He writes, “Alamosa had been my home from the age of 13. I have made many friends in the SLV from grade school through college, and it’s great that we all still stay in touch. Adams State has definitely set the tone and foundation for my success.” Ronald Jung ’84 (Longmont, CO) was elected to the Real Estate Council of the Colorado Bar Association. He is a director for the Boulder Bar Association Foundation and is currently the treasurer of the Board of the Boulder County Bar Association. Kathleen Lindvay ’85 (Pueblo, CO) writes, “I am a born-and-raised Puebloan. Ever since I can remember, I wanted to teach. As a matter of fact, I used to dress as a nun. I earned my BA from SCSC and my MA from Adams. My ’want’ was realized. I taught for 24 years in District 70. In my retirement years, I have tutored and volunteered.” Peggy Kern ’86 (Del Norte, CO) is retiring after 24+ years as Rio Grande County treasurer. She and her husband, Ron, moved to Del Norte in 1977. During her six consecutive terms for the county, Kern was a member of the Colorado County Treasurer’s Association (CCTA) and Public Trustees of Colorado (PTAC). Kern orchestrated two CCTA events for continuing education (1999 and 2017) and said it was an honor to be the chosen host for the annual gathering. Kern also received the Outstanding Treasurer award from CCTA in 1999.

What have you been up to since graduation? Your classmates want to know. Email your update and photo to

•1990s Candice Musso ’90 (Pueblo, CO) teaches digital technology and video broadcasting at Pueblo County High School. She has a combined experience of 37 years between elementary, middle and high school. She says, “I chose education as a career because I thought it would be a job that would be a continual challenge, and I was right. Every school year and every class is different. You are always striving to provide the students with the best education you can give. That means continually assessing your students and finding creative solutions to meet their needs. The world we live in and the students we teach are so diverse that you cannot do the same thing year after year and be effective. I have had to become a continual learner along with my students, making my college prediction correct. The fact that I can help guide a student as they produce a project or piece of work that they are proud of is the greatest part of my job. The students I teach amaze me with their abilities and what they are capable of when motivated. Watching my students grow throughout the year and apply those skills I have taught to create quality projects they feel pride in and want to share with others is the best part of teaching. The greatest challenge I have is keeping up with the amount of knowledge there is to share. We deal with technology on a daily basis. The amount of information my students and I have access to is enormous. Being able to sort through information quickly, keep up to date, and integrate new technology as it appears is the greatest challenge.” Justin Najaka ’91 (Santa Fe, NM) retired in January 2019 after 27 years in human resources with the State of New Mexico. He served the final 4 1/2 years as a member of former Governor Susana Martinez’s cabinet, providing oversight to state agencies in all human resource matters. He has coached girls youth soccer at the recreational, high school and club level for the past 15 years. Justin is married to Maria and they have three children: Teresa, Adelina and Robert. Tricia Kidd ’92 (Commerce City, CO) is currently the music specialist at Brantner Elementary in the Brighton 27J schools. She was inducted into the Colorado Music Educators Association Hall of Fame on January 24, 2019. She is a past president of CMEA and is currently the immediate past president of the southwestern division of the National Association for Music Education.

Nick Malone ’92 (Monte Vista, CO) is a new loan officer at Alamosa State Bank. He was most recently market president and vice president with Sunflower Bank in Monte Vista where he had been since 2008. Prior to that, he was vice president at Commerce Bank in Lakin, Kan. for eight years. He was also assistant vice president at Western State Bank in Scott City, Kan. and a loan officer at First National Bank in Lamar, Colo. While he was attending Adams State, he served as a teller at what was then Alamosa National Bank from 1992 to 1993. Malone and his wife Mindy have three children: Megan (27), Dax (21) and Madison (20). He enjoys spending time with his family, hunting and fishing, and officiating high school football and basketball. He also serves on the Ski Hi Stampede Committee, SLV Fair Board, where he has served as president the past three years, and was a former member of the Sargent Education Foundation.

family bookshelf Donald Tomberlin ’62, ’67 (Albuquerque, NM), after a number of years teaching and school administrative jobs in Colorado High Schools, retired and started his own business. Writing and history were, and continue to be lifelong avocational passions, and by combining the two into fictional stories based on history and history related subjects, he satisfied both. Don recently published his third novel, Second Canyon on the Left, concerning a confrontation over a lost treasure in central New Mexico. His first novel, The Hill, is written from the perspective of the Lakota participants at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Don’s other novel, Battleground New Mexico, is a fictional accounting of the Civil War in New Mexico.

Eric Weedin ’95 (Loveland, CO) has been elected president of the Thompson Education Foundation. The TEF mission is to support the students and educators of the Thompson School District in northern Colorado. Joe Martinez ‘99 (Alamosa, CO) has joined the San Luis Valley Federal Bank’s senior management team as chief lending officer. Joe worked for SLV Federal as a loan officer from 1999 to 2006 and most recently had been a commercial loan officer and vice president for Alamosa State Bank. He is a Valley native and grew up in Sanford. Joe currently serves on the Alamosa County Land Use Board as its chair, the Adams State University Foundation Board, the Adams State University Friends of Football Fundraising Committee and is an Alamosa Youth Football Assistant Coach. He has a strong history of service with a variety of other community organizations having served as chair for both the Alamosa Judicial Capital Commission “Referendum 1A” and the 12th Judicial District Judicial Performance Commission. He’s been a member of the ASU Athletic Booster Board, the ASU Gingerbread House Board, the SLV Comprehensive Community Mental Health Board and the Boys and Girls Club of the SLV, among others.

• 2000s Edward “Gene” Atencio ’00 (Westminster, CO), after graduation, served as an officer in the U.S. Navy for 5 years. Since then, he’s been working as a physical education teacher and basketball coach. Currently he is in the Boulder Valley School District where he is in his eighth year. Susanna Mitchell ’02 (Lamar, CO) has been teaching CLDE (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education) for the past four years. Her daughter Grace is a freshman at CSU-P. Her daughter Isabelle is 12 and son, William, just turned 6.

AStater 25

Kasey Russell ’03 (La Jara, CO) is a new loan officer at Alamosa State Bank. He most recently was a loan officer and vice president with Frontier Bank in Alamosa. Kasey is an experienced loan officer of 16 years working with ag, commercial, consumer and real estate credits. He was commercial/ag loan officer and vice president at Frontier Bank from 2016 until his move to Alamosa State. Prior to that, Kasey was a relationship manager and assistant vice president at Community Banks of Colorado from 2003 to 2016. Brian Small ’03 (Nashville, TN) is the assistant director of Vanderbilt Hillel, which serves the religious, social and education needs of the Jewish-student community. Matt Levassiur ’05 and Stephanie Bylander ’05 (Lakeland, FL) are coaching the Florida Southern College Cross Country and Track teams this year, for the men and women, respectively. And they are particularly suited for this, having been on National Championship Cross Country teams during their collegiate years. Stephanie is coaching in her fourth season at Southern. Matt had been volunteering until this year, when he took on the men’s team. Caitlin Whitten ’09 (Steamboat Springs, CO) and husband Kirk Whitten are hoping to bring their own artistic flair to Old Town Square in downtown Steamboat Springs with their new business, Solar Flare Glasswork & Design. “We are literally the hottest thing in Steamboat,” Kirk jokes while standing just a few feet from a furnace where molten glass is heated to 2,130 degrees, allowing the couple to create unique pieces of art that fill the gallery. The Whittens moved to Steamboat from southern Colorado about six months ago and opened the shop Nov. 23. The shop features a gallery with the couple’s art and a bar where visitors can sit and watch the art being created. The Whittens learned glassblowing when they attended Adams State, sparking a love that has continued to grow more than 10 years later. The couple traveled to Oregon to study the art and has spent the past nine years traveling across the country and selling their wares at balloon festivals, including in Albuquerque, New Mex., and the balloon rodeo in Steamboat. The couple decided to put down roots and become a part of a community where they could raise their 6-year-old. “We fell in love with Steamboat,”

26 AStater

Caitlin said. “This has been our dream and our goal for a decade, and we finally made it.”

•2010s Vera Jo Bustos ’11 (Albuquerque, NM) is now in her fifth season with the Lobos. She has moved up from video coordinator under previous Head Coach Yvonne Sanchez to director of operations under coach Mike Bradbury. Not technically an X’s and O’s coach, she handles the team’s daily responsibilities and coordinates the Lobos’ travel plans. “I could have stayed where I was in Colorado, I could have stayed where I was at a couple of places,” Bustos says. “The way I see it, why do something if you can’t share it with the people you love? This is home for me. I have family close, and being a part of their lives again makes this – all of this – worth it.” Being a coach is laborious and demanding, but what keeps Bustos ticking is something she does away from her duties with the Lobos. She recently founded the VJ’s Elite club program for area kids. “It’s my way to give something back and, really, keep my hand in the coaching part of it,” Bustos says. “It’s funny because if you told me 10 years ago, maybe 12 or 14 years ago when I was still in high school and [the media] were out there interviewing me that I’d be doing this before I’m 30, I would have thought you were crazy.” Yet here she is. All the while she’s gradually making her way up the coaching food chain. Eventually, it will lead to something else, be it an assistant’s job at UNM or at a school somewhere else. With any luck, it will be as a Lobo, as part of the team she always dreamed of playing for. “People ask me that all the time, when am I going to take over coaching somewhere else,” Bustos says, her million-dollar smile lighting up as she speaks. “I’m not sure what my timeline is, but I know it’s taking me wherever I need to be. All I can say is that I’m having fun living it out.” Dillon McNamee ’14 has been named the next high school football coach in Berthoud, Colo. He has been the head coach at Alamosa for the past three seasons, going 14-14 over that period. He was an assistant coach on the Mean Moose staff for two years prior to that after finishing a four-year playing career at Adams State as an offensive tackle. “I’m definitely excited to get back close to home, back to the Front Range,” McNamee said. “My parents are in Fort Collins, so I’m excited to get back close to them. Berthoud has a lot of history, a lot of proud football traditions, so taking on that job specifically was very enticing.”

Karen Bernal ’16 (Pueblo, CO) writes, “I am very proud to have graduated from such a wonderful university. I love being part of the alumni group and attending their activities and events. Having a degree has opened many opportunities for me. My favorite quote sums it all up, ’Oh, the places we will go’ by Dr. Seuss!” David Martin ’18 (La Prado, NM) is a newly hired clinician at Rocky Mountain Youth Corps Learning Lab and the Taos Cyber Magnet School. Martin was previously employed as a primary clinical therapist in the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program at Tri-County Community Mental Health Center. In that position, he provided case-management and client-community advocacy as part of a team serving adults with persistent behavioral health challenges. Prior to that, Martin served for seven years as a senior field guide with the Open Sky Wilderness Therapy program in Durango, Colo., where he implemented clinical treatment plans in the field, ensuring the physical and emotional safety of students.

Sammy Martinez ’08, Lindsay Martinez ’14 and Heather Smith ’18 were honored at the 15th SLV Nightingale Dinner in February, along with their coworkers. They were recognized for their commitment to their patients and providing excellent nursing care.

adams family gatherings MAY 6 11

New Grad Brunch Commencement

JUNE 2019 Mediterranean Cruise

the president on the go

Colorado High School Coaches Association 2019 Hall of Fame Inductees David Forster ’81 (Sanford, CO), since graduating from Adams State, has been a basketball coach in the surrounding area. He more than left his mark on the Centauri Lady Falcon basketball program. From 1998-2018 the Forster-coached teams went 323-103 and made their way to the Great Eight 10 times. They took home the State Championship trophy in 2006 and played in the final four in four other years. Forster made coaching stops at Sangre De Cristo and Sierra Grande prior to his tenure at Centauri. In addition to his work with girl’s basketball he has coached football, boys basketball, track and cross-country. He has been honored with the Intermountain League coach of the year award many times. He received the Step 4 Ring for 335 wins from CHSCA as well as the Step Watch for 425 wins. The CCCGS presented him the prestigious Helen McCall Coach of the Year Award. Jim Altergott ’72 (Fort Collins, CO) has been coaching in Colorado for 41 years. From 1973 to 1998, Altergott led the Roughriders at Roosevelt High School through arguably their most successful 25 years in boys basketball. During his tenure, the Riders made five trips to the state tournament Great Eight, with three final four appearances, and the 1989 team finished Runner Up in Class AA. Seemingly retired after 1998, Altergott returned to the sidelines with Highland High School from 2003-2010. After another two-year hiatus, he got the itch again and fired up the coaching bones in 2013 at Liberty Common in Fort Collins, where he continues to coach today. His sideline demeanor is exemplary and earned him the Criteria II Induction into the Colorado Board Four Basketball Officials Honorary Membership. Edward Atencio ’68, ’73 (Fort Garland, CO) coached at Centennial High School for 43 years. He also served as the school’s athletic director for 31 years. He coached cross country and track and field all of his years, but when called on he coached other sports. Included in the list were baseball, basketball, and football. He has received numerous awards as coach and educator. Two of the most prestigious were The Warren Mitchell Award for outstanding track coach and induction into the Adams State University Educators Hall of Fame.

Dr. Lovell with Ellen and Wayne ’62 Evans

Caroline ’75, ’76 and Joe Vigil ’53, ’59 with Dr. Lovell

Dr. Lovell attended Connie Spencer’s ’63, ’66 Colorado Party in Arizona

Meet the President

Monte Vista


L to R: Jenny Nehring, Karla Shriver, Dr. Lovell and Donna Temple ’67, ’83

L to R: Geneva Mixon, Kathy Hill and Dr. Lovell


La Jara

L to R: Dr. Lovell, Loretta Beiriger ’86, ’94 and Carol Sessums ’83, ’91

L to R: Val Finnegan, Dollie Valdez ’67, Larry Zaragoza ’73, ’74, Dr. Lovell and Paula Medina

AStater 27

adams family album SLV Theatre Matinee The cast of Beauty and the Beast pose with all of our future alumni who attended the performance.

New Grad Brunch

The Fall 2018 graduating seniors attend their New Grad Brunch. As is the tradition, the new grads toast themselves in celebration of joining the alumni association. Welcome aboard!

Retiree’s Christmas Luncheon

The ASU Association of Retirees gather for a holiday luncheon. 28 AStater

Denver Alumni gather for their annual meeting.

Denver Chapter Meeting CMEA Colorado Music Educators Association members visit at the annual conference reception. Left to right: Marla Esterbrook Sitton ’94, Mark Cellar ’95, Stoney Black ’94 and Garren Cuthrell ’94.

SLV Social

Dr. Lovell visits with alumni at the SLV social in Richardson Hall. Left to right: Wendi ’95, ’12 & Matt Seger and Winema ’02 & Eric Van Iwaarden. Gaylene had to get in some last selfies. Pictured with her left to right: John ’77 & Lynn ’77 Michalke, Cathi Lucero ’14, Sandy Ortega ’74 and Martha Tibbetts ’94.

AStater 29

Pueblo Dinner

Pueblo alumni gather at the Pizza Ranch to enjoy some pizza and fried chicken. The 2010 Counseling Cohort always gets together at our alumni events. Left to right cohort members: Beth Arellano, Tim Martinez, Kristie Dorwart and Maria Clark. Sitting with them is Brenda Trujillo ’94.

Lamar Breakfast Alumni gather for lunch in a renovated sugar factory. Left to right: Jake Martinez ’59, ’69 & Gerrie Valerio, Will ’66, ’69 & Jan ’67 Lowther, Pat & Sue ’88 Luttrell, Lori Laske, M.J. Reed ’55 & Carol Grubbs and Phyllis Sinclair ’71.

A small but fantastic group gather for breakfast in Lamar. Left to right: Suzie Mitchell ’02, Lori Laske, Shirley Marriott ’70,’74, Lavoy McCorkle ’60, ’62, and Mona ’75 & Stan ’73 Brinkley.

Rocky Ford Luncheon

Walsenburg Dinner 30 AStater

Alumni share a meal at the La Plaza Inn in Walsenburg. Top from left: Dorothy Martinez, Frank & Dolores ’77 Gonzales, Maryann Vigil ’83, ’95, Rose Mary ’71 & Jerry Vaught, Dianne Hanisch ’90, John Carlson ’67, Georgann Gomez ’69 and Lori Laske. Bottom from left: Carla & Loyola ’68 Litz, Karl Tomsic & Nicole Bocim ’75, Anna Lozano ’75 and Ione Glumac ’64, ’67.

final chapters

“Final Chapters” lists only survivors who are Adams State graduates or are affiliated with ASU.

Josephine Barnard ’41 (Fowler, CO) passed away Jan 16 at the age of 98. Among her survivors is daughter Judy Barnard ’89. Hazel Gohr ’49 (San Antonio, TX) passed away Jan 26 at the age of 97. Ruth McGee ’50 (Aurora, CO) passed away Apr 15 at the age of 96. Among her survivors are daughter Raylene Kahler ’77 and granddaughter Leslie Kahler ’11. Theodore “Ted” Anderson ’50 (Topeka, KS) passed away Feb 12 at the age of 91. Leroy Velasquez ’57, ’74 (La Jara, CO) passed away Dec 1 at the age of 89. John Aydelotte ’58 (Ogden, UT) passed away Mar 12 at the age of 83. Gilbert Gallegos ’60 (San Rafael, CO) passed away Mar 8 at the age of 86. Among his survivors are brother Robert Gallegos ’65, ’69 and sister Orlinda Taylor ’73, ’77. John Brito ’61, ’65 (Cheyenne, WY) passed away Oct 7 at the age of 80. Lynn Gay ’61, ’67 (Florence, AZ) passed away Nov 14 at the age of 79. Among his survivors is wife Kathryn Gay ’61. Roger Gunlikson ’62 (Fort Collins, CO) passed away Feb 13 at the age of 78. Herbert Birk ’62 (Crawfordsville, IN) passed away Mar 19 at the age of 90. Kearin Sayers Ragsdale ’63 (Colorado Springs, CO) passed away Jan 15 at the age of 77. Bernice Aguirre ’64 (La Veta, CO) passed away Dec 23 at the age of 90. Among her survivors are daughters Mary Catherine Aguirre ’78 and Amy Dudney ’81 and son Stephen Aguirre ’80.

George Demas ’65 (Lamar, CO) passed away Feb 17 at the age of 87. Carol Ruyle ’66 (New Richmond, WI) passed away Nov 16 at the age of 79. Among her survivors is husband John Ruyle ’66. Alan Turchan ’66 (Mansfield, OH) passed away Dec 8 at the age of 74. John Gonzales ’68 (Taos, NM) passed away Nov 23 at the age of 90. Margie Smith ’70 (Rock Springs, WY) passed away Feb 22 at the age of 78. Among her survivors is husband Kale Smith ’71. Eugene Jimenez ’70, ’70 (Koloa, HI) passed away Nov 15 at the age of 71. Ernestine Mestas Gurule ’70, ’93 (Colorado Springs, CO) passed away Jan 5 at the age of 71. Among her survivors are sisters Laura Mestas Maldonado ’91 and Paula Mestas Trevithick ’92. JoAnn Taylor ’71 (Denton, TX) passed away Dec 30 at the age of 69. Among her survivors are sister Phyllis Sinclair ’71; nephew Matt ’95 and Eva ’95 Sinclair and niece Mandy Elder ’94. Robert Swiebel ’71 (Navarre, FL) passed away Feb 16 at the age of 72. Bonnie Burbridge Keeling ’72 (Aztec, NM) passed away Jan 11 at the age of 69. Lois King ’72 (Bartlesville, OK) passed away Feb 19 at the age of 82. Dave Theiss ’72 (Clear Lake, IA) passed away Mar 7 at the age of 71. Sally Trujillo Lucero ’72, ’75 (Costilla, NM) passed away Jan 17 at the age of 69. Carleen Theel ’73 (Hugo, CO) passed away Oct 28 at the age of 68. Ron Ewy ’73, ’76 (Wichita, KS) passed away Jan 22 at the age of 68.

Edmond “Ted” Simmons ’64 (Capistrano Beach, CA) passed away Jan 4 at the age of 83.

Alissa Bernabei ’76 (Colorado Springs, CO) passed away Feb 17 at the age of 64.

George Oringdulph ’64 (Blanca, CO) passed away Dec 9 at the age of 78. Among his survivors are brother Robert Oringdulph ’70, nieces Mandy ’97 & Darrell ’96 Jackson and Wendy Kelson ’95 and nephew Shane Oringdulph ’04.

Joan Brock ’76 (Denver, CO) passed away Nov 17 at the age of 72.

Richard McKinney ’64, ’65 (Pueblo, CO) passed away May 18, 2017 at the age of 76.

Ivan Jones ’78 (Fort Garland, CO) passed away Dec 5 at the age of 64.

Agnes Underwood ’64, ’73 (Pueblo, CO) passed away Dec 22 at the age of 90. Among her survivors is son Brian Underwood ’84.

John Sulton III ’76 (Rockport, MA) passed away Mar 13 at the age of 69. Albert Scarffe ’77 (Denver, CO) passed away Dec 30 at the age of 93.

Ben Martinez ’78 (Monte Vista, CO) passed away Mar 11 at the age of 85. Among his survivors are daughters Melinda Vallejos ’77 and Yvonne Lobato ’13; grandson Matthew ’13 & Chelsea ’12 Martinez and granddaughter Sarah Lobato ’13. Roy “Cliff” Tarvin ’82 (Fayetteville, AR) passed away Jan 5 at the age of 61. Ben Jaramillo ’87 (Alamosa, CO) passed away Dec 25 at the age of 55. Among his survivors are sister Mary Lou ’94 & John ’82 Salazar and brother-in-law Gene ’77 & Terri Gonzales. David Pena ’88 (Rupert, ID) passed away Jan 18 at the age of 54. Patricia Gilmore Smith ’89 (Alamosa, CO) passed away Jan 21 at the age of 88. Among her survivors is daughter Lois (ASU Retiree) & Paul ’69 Widhalm, granddaughter Lori ’89 & Gregg’89 Maul, and grandson Brad Widhalm ’94.

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Jerrilyn Curtis Everett ’89, ’90 (Monte Vista, CO) passed away Jan 3 at the age of 76.

AStater 31

A-Stater Adams State University Alamosa, CO 81101


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Dear Schola




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