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MP3 MP3 to Text Transcription Services Audio to text transcription is the method of converting the verbal recordings into text format. A company offering that kind of voice to text transcript is termed as audio transcription service provider. Audio transcription is a constructive method to protect significant audio materials and a suitable method to create precise records of business events. It is also one of the most successful methods to boost up traffic to commercial and individual websites. In this way a greater visibility is provided for the online marketing companies. MP3 to text transcription service has become an integral part of our day to day life. Its presence is felt in almost all arenas. The education field is one such area where it has made a tremendous impact. Student from schools, colleges and universities want their research interviews, lectures to be transcribed for further analysis and study. An audio transcription also produces a written record of all the vital events and makes the information readable by machines for distribution on the internet. Without the aid of the technological devices the audio materials are inaccessible. With audio transcription those materials are converted into readable text format so that it reaches a wider audience. Moreover the search engine algorithms cannot access the audio file contents. This is because of the absence of the metatag; the search engine algorithm cannot index the audio materials. All those hurdles are removed if the audio materials are transcribed. Another advantage of audio transcription is the audio file will bring in more traffic to the website and thereby effectively delivering the company’s message. Another unique contribution of audio transcription services for the cause of mankind is it is very much useful for the hearing impaired students.

A number of audio transcription companies provide efficient digital audio transcription services. Those service providers transcribe various digital media file (doss, digital wave files, mp3, msv, dvf, wma etc), podcasts, tapes, minidisks, and CDs/DVDs into text. Some of the leading audio transcription companies employ highly accomplished trasncribers. Other then knowing English, those transcribers are well versed in all the major, widely spoken languages- French, Russian, Chinese, German, Spanish etc. The transcription services transcribe the audio files and deliver them in a quick turnaround time of 12 hours.

Video to Text and Audio to Text Transcribing  
Video to Text and Audio to Text Transcribing  

Transcription offering audio to text, mp3 to text, video to text, voice to text transcribe for all kind of audio/video formats such as MP3,...