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erreur mensonge mĂŠprise tromperie

n°4 chaos

contributors goldiechiari a constructed world anna hess common room erick beltrĂĄn

The Genealogy of Chaos installation is a partial genealogy of programs related to the CIA Chaos Operation and its twin projects Merrimac and Resistance. the dates where these operations were active are carved on a leaving ficus tree. For over fifteen years, the CIA, with assistance from numerous government agencies, conducted a massive illegal domestic covert operation of surveillance and infiltration in the anti-war movement and other radical movements from the 1968 to the 1973, called Operation CHAOS. It was one of the largest and most pervasive domestic surveillance programs in the history of this country. Throughout the duration of CHAOS, the CIA spied on thousands of U.S. citizens. Project MERRIMAC and its twin program, Project RESISTANCE were both coordinated by the CIA Office of Security. In addition, the twin projects were branch operations that relayed civilian information to their parent program, Operation CHAOS. Project MERRIMAC was a domestic espionage operation coordinated under the Office of Security of the CIA. It involved information gathering procedures via infiltration and surveillance on Washington-based antiwar groups that may pose as potential threats to the CIA. However, the parameters for the type of data gathered also included general information on the infrastructure of targeted communities. Project RESISTANCE was a domestic espionage operation coordinated under the Domestic Operations Division (DOD) of the CIA. Its purpose was to collect background information on hostile contingencies around the country that might pose as threats to CIA facilities and personnel. Through 1967 to 1973, many local police departments, college campus staff members, and other independent informants, without any infiltration taking place, collaborated with the CIA to keep track of student radical groups that opposed the U.S. government’s foreign policies on Vietnam. DOD,Domestic Operation Division was a Cia super-secret branch create in 1964. In the classified document creating the DOD, the scope of its activities was to “exercise centralized responsibility for the direction, support, and coordination of clandestine operational activities within the United states..”

The metaphysics of this methodology asserts that there is no predetermined order in the world, but only our capacity for accepting and organizing this chaos?> ------I was just reading Chaosophy again and there is interesting writing in it about capitalism and inadmissability, as in: «The prime minister’s tax returns, real estate deals, pressure groups, and more generally the economical and financial mechanisms of capital - in sum, everything is legal, except for little blunders, what is more, everything is public, yet nothing is admissable.» ------In attachment you’ll find the info about CHAOS :-) ------You’re taking a program that was operating in the chaos of Afghanistan against Al Qaeda, a stateless terror group, and bringing it into a structured, traditional war zone. ------Geoffrey just left for Europe a couple of days earlier than planned and things have been chaos best wishes Jacqui ------It was great, these young guys were breaking into rich people’s homes and, instead of stealing, they were rearranging the contents into rambling installations, highlighting the chaos and absurdity of their consumerism. it was chaos, good chaos but very funny. xx -------

all the normal French chaos but we are adapting, I think we need a meeting with Anna and Marie to finish some things off in early Jan like your poster (which is coming along) ------the problem with trying to create a situation where everyone can ‘muck in together’ with these numbers is that it usually leads to chaos or domination by a few loud voices which leaves everyone frustrated so some structure is needed. ------It’s a project about matter, fragility, chaos, emergency, precariousness, nature, love, debris, the “mistakes” of the landscape and architecture as a narration. ------Can this undertaking, fraught with risk and chaos, be productive? ------I guess everything goes on in chaos ------The modestly scaled Remembering Our Great Dead Heroes (all works 2007), for example, is an atmospheric night sky alight with streams of thinly applied oil paint that snake wildly across the picture plane, recalling the elegant chaos of an extravagant fireworks display. ------Heraclitus is preSocratic about chaos and disorder as the natural state big influence on the Surrealists -------

#9 the informal chaos of this is a really good starting point ------I felt in tune with your «I guess everything goes on in chaos»! Andy Warhol is interesting because it seems he really accepted and enjoyed the whole chaos and did want he wanted to do, for me, it close to the attitude of ZEN, open and empty but strong. ------I think we need to try to set up something with some trust other wise we are in the same cold chaos thats everywhere else ------Unpacking the archive considers the archive as a place for dichotomies: it encompasses order and chaos, historical data and personal history, a closed system and endless combinations: the order of the archive includes all possible disorders. ------Documenting a persistent theme in Von Trier’s work (“My greatest problem in life is control over chaos”), the film was a study in entropy and chaos within predefined limits, where characters were controlled by a system they could not control or even know, and it ended with everyone tied in a Gordian knot of byzantine human affairs that could only be violently cut. ------Well-Removing the names produces a strange chaos, a game that is more than an obvious trick and also more than a deliberate deception. -------

La patinoire établit l’idée que le déplacement, aussi proche soit-il de notre quotidien, s’enregistre d’avantage dans le chaos de la chute que dans la fluidité de la marche, voire de la démarche. ------Sachiko Kodama (Breathing Chaos) ------The relevance of this recent shift in Melbourne’s DIY exhibition culture to the TCB art inc. 10th anniversary exhibition, Young Old Hot, is that despite the evolution of DIY art space culture into quasi-dealerships and inoculating centers (see art pruning) a handful will retain a valuable amateur outlook, and in the words of illustrious chaos theorist Ian Malcolm, “life will find a way”. ------Williams employs the theoretical gaze of modernism to unify the chaos and fragmentation of the unknown Australian bush. PIC -------

ÂŤstart with two equal units of lumber; divide into lengths A and B; overlap lengths in 3 perpendicular directions; position to create impossible continuityÂť

erreur mensonge méprise tromperie

n°4 chaos

colophon edité par a constructed world n°4 chaos mis en page par anna hess noir & blanc / couleur format 21x14,8 cm (6 feuilles A4 pliées)

goldiechiari (rome) a constructed world (paris) anna hess (paris) common room (new-york) erick beltrán (mexico/barcelona)

erreur mensonge méprise tromperie est un projet d’éditions conçu par a constructed word en collaboration avec le cneai cneai île des impressionnistes, 78400 chatou, france hiver 2010

errors deceits mistakes #4  

insert for Chaos, a publication by Manuel Cirauqui

errors deceits mistakes #4  

insert for Chaos, a publication by Manuel Cirauqui