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What Everyone Should Know about Leasing Agreements


Think you are ready to sign that lease? Well, before you make the move, be sure you are informed on just what your leasing agreement means.

COME COMEVISIT VISITUS! US! RM RM243 243in inthe the University University Center– Center–Student Student Involvement Involvement Zone Zone

to replace. Also, think about late charges. Tenants should probably never have to pay more than 5-10% in late charges.” For tenants to avoid paying costs such as this, they should pay close attention to A leasing agreement is a legal contract that lease defaults. Lease defaults determine TEN outlines the responsibilities of theYEARS owner OF SERVICE when and how either the tenant or the landand tenant of a particular property. Accord- lord can end the lease agreement. Catelli divinus circumgrediet matrimonii, ut Ocing to Memphis attorney, Andre Mathis, tavius miscere Tremulous rures. Optimus est knowing what those responsibilities are “With regard to defaulting on a lease, saetosus concubine pessimus fortiter orem et upfront will help you avoid landlord and Mathis said. “There will be 10 ways that corrumperet parsimonia suis. Adlaudabilis tenant problems later. the tenant can syrtes vix celeriter praemuniet ossifragi. Sin default, and there will be no way that landlord can default.” Tremulous concubine comiter iocari the zothecas. “Believe it or not, most residential lease agreements are not good because leaseincredibiliter Mathisverecunde furtherelexplained other important Tetiam the chirographi agreements are typically drafted byverecundus the itemsPretosius to looklorem for before signing a lease amputat saburre. quadrupei circum utilitas syrtes, iam orlandlord and the landlord is only trying togredietwould be term of lease, rent, and security atori celeriter conubium santet adfabilis un protect its own interest,” Mathis said. deposit. mesta saburre, ut parsimonia rures laudo mal So just what makes leasing agreements “Most leasing agreements also have other corrumperet quadrupei, utcunque adlaudabilis bad? There are a couple of items that items that may be specific to that piece of vocificat Augustus, quamquam. should stand out as red flags matrimonii for tenants property, Mathis said. “But paying attenwhich include apartment maintenance and tion to all of these items are definitely the late fees. main points.” A lease agreement may make the tenant To learn more about leasing agreements responsible for any and all repairs,” Mathis MO NT HL Y EVENT S: EXH IBcome IT IO NS:to the workshop “Understanding Tremuluso lorem ssicircum lorem ssicircum explained. the air conditioning unit Tremuluso Agreements” Wed. Mar. 16 from imputat “If caesar parsimonia. imputatLeasing caesar parsimonia. goes out, it could take thousands of dollars 10:20-11:15am in UC 261.




THE SPOTLIGHT Adult and Commuter Student Services has a lot of exceptional students that come by to visit us and Dixon Parnell happens to be one of them. That’s why he is featured in “The Spotlight.”

my family and I’m somewhat involved in my church.

What are you plans for the future? Well, What’s a typical day like for you? Very I'll finish my long! My schedule this semester doesn’t end degree in the until about 8:30pm. I’m very conscious of fall of 2012 or trying to catch my breath on the weekends. spring of 2013. What brought you to the University of Memphis and what do you study here? I After that I'll do moved back to Memphis after finishing licensure in a toWhy do you like coming into the Adult some school in Dallas. I had always hoped to and Commuter Student Office? I really be-determined state then... who knows? The study Counseling, and Memphis seemed like like the fact that some thought has gone into dream gig is private practice, but no one can and has proven the perfect fit. setting aside a specific place on campus for predict that sort of thing. Hit me about it us. It means so very much to me to simply again in 2013. have a fridge where I can drop my lunch off What’s your motivation? I really, really What other responsibilities do you have outside of school? I'm an admin assistant to on my long Tuesdays this semester. Also, thrive on a challenge-and going back to do a very busy transportation/logistics broker. I having a quiet place to come to where there another grad degree in an area that deeply do that 20 hrs a week, and am taking 12 will be familiar faces. It [feels like] this excited me was probably the biggest motivahours at Memphis this semester. I don't place has been sort of designed for folks tor. I also needed to develop some marketreally have much else going on outside of with wacky schedules like mine and that is able skills. Student loan payments never go those two things! I try and spend time with appreciated. away, even if a lot of the knowledge gained sure seems to!

A Moment with the Director

Spring Means Spring Break and Great ACSS Events March is going to be a great month!

sity Center Ballroom on March 23 from 9am-2pm. During the fair, students will be able to speak directly with local apartment communities. Also take time to visit the Off-Campus Housing website at . It’s easy to navigate and you can quickly generate a list of properties that meet your living needs.

As spring break quickly approaches, take time to plan a spring break that is reflective of you. This may mean enjoying some much needed time relaxing with family and friends or volunteering with a local char- In closing, we appreciate you taking time to read the ity. Whatever you choose, always remember to enhance Adult and Commuter Connection e-newsletter. We look the dreamer, thinker and doer inside of you. forward to seeing your smiling faces in the Adult and Commuter Student Services office soon. When you return from the break, Adult and Commuter Sincerely, Student Services will host two great events we would Joy Stout like for you to attend. The first event will be an Contact Information “Understanding Leasing Agreements” workshop on Joy Rogers Stout March 16 from 10:20am - 11:15am in University Center Director, Adult and Commuter RM 261. Join us and learn the advantages and disadvanStudent Services tages of signing a lease. The University of Memphis The next event is the Annual ACSS Off-Campus Housing Fair. I’m very excited about this year’s fair. If you are thinking about moving off-campus, then visit the Univer-



243 University Center Voice: (901) 678-2644 E-mail:

The annual Off-Campus Housing Information Fair is almost here! On March 23, 2011 you can stop by the University Center Ballroom from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. to obtain information about various housing options in the community. Learn more about local apartment communities, get signed up for TigerText, get an off-campus housing website tutorial, and learn how offcampus living just may be right for you! This event is FREE and Open to the Public! For more info become a fan of our Facebook page, Univ. of Memphis Housing Fair or visit

PARTICIPATING PROPERTIES The Venue Apartments The Pinnacle Apartments Campus View Apartments Georgian Woods Apartments Park’s Edge at Shelby Farms Canterbury Woods The Landings 3523 BarWood 750 Patterson CORT Furniture Edison Park Apartments Southernwood Apartments Audubon Downs Apartments University Crossing Apartments The Renaissance Apartments Greenbrook Apartments Kirby Station Apartments The Reserve at Dexter Lake Apartments Park Estate Apartments Madison at Humphreys Center Lynnfield Place Preserve at Southwind The Summit Trails at Mt. Moriah Country Squire The Highlander Properties Williamsburg Manor AND MANY MORE!

Things to Know When Moving Off Campus Moving off-campus is exciting, but make sure you know some of the pros and cons before making the move. Take a look at these tips before signing your lease. A good dorm roommate does not equal a good house roommate. You may have been able to stay in a pint-size space together but this experience is different. Dorms don’t require you to fix the toilet, pay utilities, or sign over a monthly cable check. Make sure

you work out the details before you make a final decision on a roommate.

to find out who your neighbors will be before signing a lease.

More is not always the merrier. You are probably thinking the more roommates you have, the less money you will have to spend. However, before you decide to get four roommates, think long and hard. More roommates mean more personalities to learn and more living arrangements to figure out. Make sure you can handle the number of roommates you have. Cleaning is hard work. If you hate cleaning living on your own may not be for you. Have you ever visited someone’s home and thought they should get a maid? Well, don’t become the person who needs a maid.

Less is more. Whatever you can afford to downsize before you move into your apartment, DO IT. Remember anything you move into your new pad, you also have to move out at the end of the year. Everything costs money. Living off campus requires you to buy items like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, groceries, and other necessities. Remember to budget for these items before you move off of campus. Enjoy your new pad. Don’t let these tips scare you. Moving off-campus can be great if you do your research beforehand. So enjoy apartment hunting and get ready for your first place.

Just because someone’s your Adapted from: http:// neighbor, doesn’t mean they will be friendly. Neighbors vary and sometimes you can get a good one, but sometimes you can get a bad one. If possible, try ADUL T AND



St. Patrick Day Recipes Celebrate the holiday with these Irish treats. LUCK O’ THE IRISH CUPCAKES Ingredients cooled cupcake Grass-green frosting Several flavors of Airheads candies pot's worth of gold coins

Join the Commuter Student Association ( CSA)

Visit: Upcoming Events Mar 17: CSA General Body Meeting 3pm– Bluff Room in the UC

Be a part of the Adult Student Association (ASA)

Instructions To make one, first top a cooled cupcake (baked from your favorite recipe) with grass-green frosting. For the rainbow, use a large, heavy knife (parents only) to cut a long, narrow strip from each of several flavors of Airheads candies (this is sticky stuff, so work on waxed paper). Lay the strips side by side, press them together, then cut the ribbon of strips in half to make two rainbows. Curve each one into an arch and trim the ends as shown. Set one rainbow upright on the cupcake (save the other for another cupcake) and deposit a pot's worth of gold coins at one end. If neces-

AUTHENTIC SODA BREAD Ingredients 2 cups white flour, 2 cups whole wheat flour, 1/2 cup sugar, 2 tsp. baking soda, 1 tsp. salt, 4 tbsp. butter, chilled1 cup raisins, and 1 1/2 cups buttermilk or plain yogurt Instructions Heat the oven to 350 degrees. In a bowl, combine the dry ingredients. Cut in the butter until it is pea-sized. Stir in the raisins and buttermilk or yogurt. Turn the dough onto a floured surface, knead 1 minute, and shape into a disk. Cut an "X" in the top and bake on a greased baking sheet for 45 to 50 minutes. Makes one 8-inch-wide loaf.

BE HEARD We ask, You Answer.

<<Have you made friends in the Adult and Commuter Student Services Office?


Congrats to ASA member Cicely Crawford! She received third place honors for her poster session as a part of her thesis proposal presentation at the Mid-South Psychology Conference at Christian Brothers University.

<< I’ve made friends from coming into the office often. I also like it’s a nice quiet place and the tech hall can be overcrowded. ~Parkicha French, Freshman

<< I’ve made friends with people that work in the office. I talk to the office coordinator all the time. ~Liu Yi Mei, Freshman

Upcoming Events Mar 18: Resume Workshop 1pm– Senate Chambers UC 261 All Students are Welcome!



<< I see new faces all the time here. Then when you see them all the time around campus, it’s easier to talk or ask a question because you’ve seen them before. ~Kimberly Hargrove, Freshman


Wondering if school is closed due to inclement weather? Sign up for TigerText! The U of M emergency alert text service will automatically text any school closings or delays to your phone. Sign up today by visiting tigertext/index.php.

CENTRAL AVE. SAFETY IMPROVEMENTS This summer Central Avenue will be getting a whole new look. The currently busy intersection will be renovated as a part of the Central Avenue Safety Improvement Plan. According to Phillip Poteet, assistant vice president for campus planning and development, students will gradually see the changes being made to the area starting May 1. “A lot will be done,” Poteet said. “The plan is to place a landscaped median on Central Ave. Sidewalks are going to be pulled away from the street and bike lanes will be added.” The Central Avenue parking lot will also see some renovations as a part of a different sponsored campus planning plan. “The whole Central Avenue parking lot will be closed for the renovations,” Poteet said. “New lighting will be added, we will reorganize the way the parking bays are, and there will be some landscaping as well.” While renovations are going on, commuter students will be encouraged to park their vehicles in the Southern Avenue parking lot. Students can look forward to utilizing the Central Avenue parking lot again the fall semester of 2011 when renovations are expected to be complete.

What would you like to see featured in the Adult & Commuter Connection? E-mail us at:


Every Friday from 7:00p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in the UC Theatre


MAR 22 at 7:00 p.m. in the Rose Theatre


MAR 30 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. UC River Room


MAR 16 at 5:30 p.m. in UC 363 WNL:music of Timbre

MAR 19 at 8:00 p.m. in the UC River Room

MAR 23 from 12:30p.m. to 1:30 p.m. in UC 304


MAR 31 at 6:00 p.m. in the Rose Theatre


MAR 23 at 6:30 p.m. in the UC Theatre



2011 Spring Break Destinations Spring Break is means relaxation and a little fun. These destinations are sure to make any break memorable. New Orleans, LA.If you were lucky enough to sign up for Alternative Spring Break, then you are in for a treat. Students will have the opportunity to help make New Orleans better as well as experience the flavor of the city during Mardi Gras. If you didn’t get a chance to sign up, visiting the city and volunteering may still be an option. Visit http:// for more info.

Las Vegas, NV. This year Las Vegas is the home of MTV’S Spring Break celebration. This destination is sure to be the place for fabulous people watching and a few celebrity sightings. Just remember whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. For more info visit shows/spring-break/mtvu-spring-break-2011/ .

South Padre Island, TX. The city offers beautiful gulf coast beaches and a host of events for college students during the month of March. The weather in Texas should be nice during this time of year, perfect for water activities including scuba diving and jet sking. To learn more what South Padre Island, Texas has to offer for spring break view http:// .

Cancun, Mexico. This Baja destination offers a variety of adventures. Visit the Mayan Ruins or swim with the dolphins. Whatever you choose to do if you visit beautiful Cancun, Mexico you are sure to enjoy yourself. For more info about coastline destination visit

The University Bookstore is Changing Ownership !

FUTURE EVENTS ACSS Spring 2011 Training Seminars UNDERSTANDING LEASING AGREEMENTS Wed. March 16 from 10:20 am–11:15am in UC 261

The University Bookstore will begin being managed by Follett Higher Education Group on Tuesday, March 8, 2011.

IDENTITY THEFT-DON’T BE A VICTIM Wed. April 20 from 12:40 pm–2:05pm in UC 261

Students will be unaffected by the change due to the transition taking place over Spring Break. The University Bookstore will continue business as normal after the break. Plans are in action to build a new University Bookstore on Highland which will open in 2012.


“Back on Track” Programs Thurs. May 12 from 10:00am–5:30pm in UC 243 LIBRARY OVERVIEW Thurs. May 12 from 5:30pm–6:30pm in McWherter Library Rm 225



The mission of the Adult & Commuter Student Services office is to provide a supportive environment for nontraditional and commuter students that promotes intellectual, social and academic growth and development through services and programs that foster lifelong learning.

The Adult and Commuter Student Services office is located on The University of Memphis campus in the University Center RM 243. Our regular hours are 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Friday. If you need after hours help, please call us to make arrangements.



We welcome comments, questions, or suggestions. We can be reached by phone at 901-678-2644 during our regular business hours or after hours leave us a message on voice mail. You may also reach us through e-mail at

ACSS Newsletter March 2011  

News and information from the Adult and Commuter Student Services office.

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