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Thank you for your interest in the American Concrete Pumping Association (ACPA). The ACPA membership package outlines services and benefits available to you by becoming a member. With the cooperation and assistance of the existing membership, we can market and promote the use of concrete pumping with a higher daily profile. In addition, we are able to observe and comment as an industry association on issues concerning safety to our industry. With your membership and participation, the ACPA can be an effective industry association for you and your business. Further information is available at our website If you have any questions after reviewing the material, please feel free to give me a call. Best Regards,

Janet Kasson Member Services

About ACPA . . . • Founded in 1974 • National Headquarters located in Columbus, Ohio - USA • Worldwide Membership including United States, Canada, Mexico, Chili, Australia, Sweden, China, Guam, Norway and New Zealand • Membership includes Owners, Manufacturers, Distributors, Industry Affiliates and Individuals • The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Association and establishes policy. There are 13 committees that report to the Board. They track industry trends, recommend policies and provide direction on Association programs and services.

Our Mission . . . To promote, expand and improve the concrete pumping industry through progressive leadership, education, communication and advocacy establishing concrete pumping as the preferred method of placing concrete.

Member Benefits . . . Some of the benefits of membership in the ACPA include: • Safety Materials at Discounted Rates • DVDs and CDs • Manuals • Training Programs • Posters • Safety Bulletins • Operator Certification at Discounted Rates • Company listing on the ACPA website’s “MEMBER MAP” • Company listing in the ACPA Membership Directory • FREE subscription to Concrete Pumping Magazine • Newsletter, emails and special mailings of safety material • Event discounts • Professional credibility

Your annual dues are an investment that is returned to you many times over, not only in reduced membership rates for ACPA projects, but in business contacts generated from ACPA affiliation. Membership in the ACPA is an opportunity to have a voice in shaping the future of the concrete pumping industry and for the benefits of ACPA to work most effectively, its members need to be active participants in association activities.

The ACPA represents you and your interests by: • Co-Sponsorship of industry events such as World of Concrete, ConExpo and Pool | Spa | Patio Expo, which promote concrete pumping • Partnering with other concrete-related associations on promotion, legislative and safety issues affecting the concrete pumping industry • With the continued influence of government on our industry, the ACPA maintains an active interest in government and environmental affairs • Participation in a business insurance plan tailored specifically to meet the needs of a concrete pumping business

Contractors Request ACPA Members!

Safety . . . Nothing protects your company better than a good safety program and nothing can destroy it more quickly than neglect of this issue. The ACPA has developed the most comprehensive industry safety information and provides these materials to members at a fraction of the non-member cost.



Professionally produced safety DVDs examine every aspect of a concrete pump operator’s job from preparing for the job to completion and cleaning out after the job

Instructed by top industry experts, the concrete pump operator safety seminars are an intense half-day safety instruction on topics such as driving, pump setup, maintenance, clean-out procedures and job hazards as well as extensive coverage of co-worker safety to keep your operators and all those working with a concrete pump on the job ­– safe.

Training Materials


A comprehensive 23-day training program including hands-on pump operation can be used for training your inexperienced pump operators and the 12month Safety Training Series is a continuing education program designed to keep all your operators safety trained

Instructional materials for concrete pump operators and co-workers working with a concrete pump on the job site, including laborers, finishers, ready mix concrete drivers and ICF installers


Bulletins / Emails

A series of 12 posters dramatize the most critical safety lessons an operator must know and the 52-weekly safety tips are quick reminders of important safety rules when working around a concrete pump

Safety bulletins and mass emails inform you of recent accidents within the industry – what causes these accidents to happen and how to prevent them from happening to you

Participation in the ACPA Demonstrates Your Company’s Commitment to SAFETY!

Certification . . . Accidents on the concrete construction site cost us all dearly – in serious injury, loss time, increase in insurance rates and litigation. Safety is one of the most important issues we face and the proficiency of our concrete pump operators is key. First instituted in 1986, the ACPA offers the only industry-recognized certification program which provides for an independent written assessment of an operator’s knowledge regarding concrete pump safety and the growing importance of having all your operators safety-tested and ACPA certified is increasing every day. Why Certif ication? Increased knowledge required for safe concrete pump operation will improve your ability to enhance safety. But most importantly, it will help to save the lives of your employees and their co-workers. Certification is valid for two years and available in Pea Gravel/ Grout Pump, Trailer Pump – general and high pressure, Boom Pump and Separate Placing Boom categories. Re-Certification keeps operators focused on correct practices and complete safety procedures. The ACPA National Office will notify your company when an operator’s certification is due to expire.

Operator Benef its: • Increases an operator’s level of safety awareness • Assists in an operator’s development and self-improvement • Identifies an operator as a top-level professional in his/her field

Company Benef its: • Reduces workplace risks • Improves performance records • Stimulates training • Demonstrates a company’s commitment to safety • Identifies a company as a top-level professional within the industry


Promotion . . . The ACPA continues to promote concrete pumping as the most economical and effective method of placing concrete. We give our members the media support and marketing tools they need to take on competitive battles and win. Concrete Pumping Magazine: • The only industry-dedicated publication for the concrete pumping industry • Publicizes the latest achievements in the industry and features new and innovative techniques of concrete pumping job applications • Reaches over 12,000 concrete pumping companies, contractors, architects and engineers associated with the concrete construction industry Advertising: • Targeted advertisements promoting the use of concrete pumping are marketed to contractors through various industry publications such as Concrete Construction which showcase the various benefits of using a concrete pump on the concrete construction job site Brochures: • Customized brochures featuring various types of concrete pumping equipment and placing options are available to members as effective marketing tools for their business Exposure: • Interaction and cooperation with other concrete-related industries and associations • Exhibiting and attending numerous trade shows and concrete-related events throughout the United States & Mexico

Education . . . The ACPA strives to keep its members aware of industry issues and problems, and works towards providing them with successful solutions. Safety: The ACPA is dedicated to the promotion of all aspects of safety on the concrete construction job with a concrete pump. We focus on keeping not just the operator, but all persons coming in contact with a concrete pump – safe. Business Management: The ACPA Education Conference “Pumping Knowledge Into Your Business” is a bi-annual event which focuses on business decisions and solutions to many of the issues an owner or manager of a concrete pumping company must face every day. Seminars include topics such as financial reporting, maintenance of equipment, regulatory and environmental compliance, safety and marketing. New seminars are continually being developed to address current industry trends and needs and are presented at venues such as World of Concrete and ConExpo.

Membership in the ACPA is a Personal Commitment to Excellence!

Membership Is Much More Than Just Paying Dues. . . Easy Ways to Get Involved

Your membership in the ACPA is an opportunity to shape the future of the industry and your active participation in association activities will allow you to reap the greatest benefits. Attend an ACPA Board Meeting or Function Committee meetings and the general board meeting are open to all members and are a great way to experience both the people and direction of the ACPA. The Annual Membership and Awards Meeting recognizes those individuals who have contributed to the betterment of the industry and provides you with an informative insight to the current projects and programs provided by the ACPA. Interaction with peers at ACPA functions provides members with unique networking opportunities and the chance to share experiences with hundreds of others who face similar situations in the workplace. Vote in the General and Regional Elections Your vote is your voice to elect those individuals who will best represent the interests of your business. Whether you own one pump or one hundred – every member has one vote. Use Our Resources Many services are available from the ACPA National Office. Along with the ACPA staff, your fellow ACPA members are also an invaluable resource. • Reduced cost training materials can provide your company with up-to-date safety information for your operators and co-workers on the job site • Advocacy on issues affecting your business and the concrete pumping industry. • ACPA Certification for your operators not only increases safety awareness but increases your credibility as well • Exclusive use of the ACPA logo will set you apart from non-members in the industry – Display your logo proudly! Keep Current with ACPA Publications and the Website The most up-to-date industry and Association information is available to you and your employees. Visit the “members only section” on the ACPA website to keep current on Association activities and industry news.

Take Their Word For It . . . “ACPA membership allowed our business to meet the higher safety standards that our customers demand.” -Katrina Brown, R.L. McCoy Inc., Indianapolis, IN

“ACPA provides us with the best Safety Training Program in the industry. Using the ACPA Safety Program provides us with a great foundation in which to train from. Our customers really appreciate the fact that our operators are ACPA safety trained and certified.”

“In these trying economic times the ACPA afforded us not only a strong voice in our industry, but in Washington D.C. as well. Whether it’s fighting an excise tax that threatened to cost us our business, or just helping our voice be heard, with ACPA membership we aren’t ‘just another’ concrete pumping company.” -John and Dee Thompson, Dee’s Concrete Pumping, Kittery, ME

“Safety managers for commercial projects are requiring pump operators to be fully knowledgeable about safety in all aspects. With ACPA Safety Seminars held throughout the U.S. each year, we are easily able to provide Certified Pump Operators. Thank you for this program!” -Karen O’Dell, O’Dell Concrete Pumping, Omaha, NE

-Art Fink, Pro-Tech Concrete Pumping, Roseville, CA

“When contractors order a line pump they expect an operator that knows the machine, knows safety and is a professional. Having ACPA certified operators lets them know that is what they are getting.” -Todd Morgan, Ramcrete, Hamilton, OH “Becoming an ACPA member and participating in the ACPA certification program has placed Servicios Austral not only as the leading concrete pumping company in Chile, but the first to put safety first.” -Andres Gonzalez, Servicios Austral, Chile

“Belonging to the ACPA gives our company validation to our customers, while the Co-Worker Safety info and the Membership Map has proven to be a great sales tool.” -Mike Cusack, Conco Pumping and Belting, Concord, CA

Membership Application American Concrete Pumping Association

606 Enterprise Drive | Lewis Center, OH 43035 P: 614.431.5618 | F: 614.431.6944 |

Company Name: Address: City/State/Zip: Country: Telephone: Fax: Email: Website: Voting Member:

(Contact Person)


Please check the membership category that most accurately describes your company’s primary business.

Regular Members:


Class One

Trailer/Grout Pumps Only a) Up to 5 pumps b) Each additional pump x $20 c) Additional Company Branch Memberships (Non-Voting) Includes Listing in Directory/Website Member Map and All Mailings


Class Three

$320.00 x $100

Total $

Boom Pumps and Trailer Pumps a) 1 Boom Pump b) Each additional boom pump x $35 c) Each additional line pump x $20 d) Additional Company Branch Memberships (Non-Voting) Includes Listing in Directory/Website Member Map and All Mailings

$355.00 x $100


Total $

Associate Members:


Class Four

Distributor: Concrete Pumps & Equipment a) Additional Company Branch Memberships (Non-Voting) Includes Listing in Directory/Website Member Map and All Mailings



Class Five

$705.00 x $100

Total $

Manufacturer: Concrete Pumps & Equipment (select one that most accurately describes your company)

Accessories Small Lines Large Booms a) Additional Company Branch Memberships (Non-Voting) Includes Listing in Directory/Website Member Map and All Mailings

x $100

Total $

$1,700.00 $2,120.00 $4,240.00 $500.00

Affiliate Memberships (Non-Voting): Membership limited to persons, firms or legally established business entities engaged in the business of furnishing to members supplies, services or products aligned with the concrete pumping industry. (non-owners of concrete pumps)


Class Six



Please check the services provided by your company. Accounting & Legal Services Appraisals Boom Inspections Finance Companies Insurance Other (please specify) a) Additional Company Branch Memberships (Non-Voting) Includes Listing in Directory/Website Member Map and All Mailings


Class Seven

x $100

Total $



Current or retired operators, students or individuals subject to the discretion of the ACPA National Office and/or Membership Committee

Total Category Membership Dues (including Branch fee(s))


International Members Only - One Time Registration Fee


Grand Total


Total $


Make Checks & Money Orders in US Dollars payable to American Concrete Pumping Association or charge to: Visa MasterCard Discover Name on Card: Card Number: Expiration Date: Signature:

Mail, Fax or Email Completed Membership Application and Payment to: ACPA | 606 Enterprise Drive | Lewis Center, OH 43035 Fax: 614.431.6944 Email:

American Concrete Pumping Association

Product Catalog 2012 v.03

Available only to ACPA Members! ACPA Logo Decal

Not a member? To join the ACPA, call 614.431.5618 or visit our website at

3” diameter self-adhesive, peel and stick decal.

$1.00 Safety Decals

Insist On It! Logo Decal Support your Association! Place this 2”x2” circular decal on your hard hat.

Member Non-Member

$0.50 $1.50

Hand Signal Decal

Hand Signal Decal

Attach this specially designed decal to your trailer pump to have a constant reminder of the proper safety hand signals used on the job. 8.5” x 3” selfadhesive, peel and stick decal.

Strategically placed on your concrete pump or placing boom, this decal will provide your operators with a handy reference guide to the proper safety hand signals used on the job. 8.5” x 5.5” self-adhesive, peel and stick decal.

(Trailer Pump Only)

Member Non-Member

$2.00 $4.00

Member Non-Member

$2.50 $5.00

ACPA Safety Trained Decal Free when attending an Operator Certification Seminar, Completion of Operator Safety Presentation 4.0 or Operator Training Program - Additional 2” x 2” hard hat decals available for purchase.

Member Non-Member

$0.50 $1.50

Promote Safety! Certification Logo Decal AVAILABLE ONLY TO ACPA CERTIFIED OPERATORS! Demonstrate your company’s commitment to safety with this must-have decal for all your ACPA Certified Operators. Self-adhesive, peel and stick decal.

Member Non-Member

$0.75 $1.75

“The Pumpers Pledge” Hard Hat Decal

“The Pumpers Pledge” Pump Decal

Support safety on the job by placing this 3” x 3” decal on your hard hat.

Support safety on the job by placing this 7” x 7” decal prominently on your pump.

Member Non-Member

$0.75 $2.50

Member Non-Member

$2.00 $5.00

Display your decals proudly!

Safety Certification

Featured Product ACPA Operator Safety Presentation 4.0

Certification Program Promotional Brochure This brochure outlines the benefits of using ACPA Certified Operators to enhance the safety conditions on the job site, and is a great promotional tool to give to your customers.

Member Non-Member

$0.35 $0.75

Fulfill your continuing education requirement and prepare for the certification or re-certification exam by viewing the narrated DVD version of the Operator Safety Seminar. Includes CD-Rom of quizzes and affidavit. This is the ONLY way to fulfill the safety education requirement besides attending an Operator Safety Seminar.

Member Non-Member

$150.00 $300.00

Safety Certification Continued

Operator Training Program

Operator Training Program

(Multi Version)

(Full Version)

A 23-day program which will guide you towards effectively training your new operators. Use in addition to the Full Version when training multiple operators. English only Does not fulfill the Safety Education Requirement for ACPA Certification

A 23-day program which will guide you towards effectively training your new operators. English only Does not fulfill the Safety Education Requirement for ACPA Certification

Member Non-Member

$105.00 $210.00

Certification Cont.’d

ACPA Certified Operator Study Guide This handy pocket-sized book contains important information and guidelines for the safe operation of concrete pumps and is a must read before taking the certification exam. Available in both English and Spanish Free download available on the Certification Tab of the ACPA Website.

Member Non-Member

$2.00 $2.00

Member Non-Member

$215.00 $525.00

Certification Test

Re-Certification Test

Traditional testing is available in both English and Spanish. You will be billed upon completion of the test. Four hours of ACPA-sanctioned safety education training is required before you take the exam. Must prepay before test results are sent.

Testing is available in both English and Spanish. Four hours of ACPA-sanctioned safety education training is required before you take the exam. You will be billed upon completion of the test. Must prepay before test results are sent.

Member Non-Member

$60.00 $225.00

ACPA Certified Operator Study Guide - Audio Version Operators preparing for the ACPA Operator Certification Exam now have the option of studying for the test with the help of an audio version of the ACPA Operator Study Guide. The CD may be ordered in either English or Spanish.

Member Non-Member

$15.00 $40.00

Co-Worker Safety Training CD ROM v. 3.0.1 This simple-to-use PowerPoint presentation effectively communicates the importance of many safety tips—from wearing the correct protective equipment to using clear and concise hand signals. English/Spanish Presentation

Member Non-Member

$15.00 $40.00

Before and After the Job - DVD

Set Up and Clean Out DVD

Take the time to do it safely. This DVD touches on all aspects of a safe day on the job. Follow “Bob” through the day in the life of a concrete pump operator from the process of pre-dispatch inspection to clean out. English/Spanish Version

This DVD features not only step-by-step instructions on preparing your pump for the job and proper driving techniques, but also covers critical safety points such as the three-point rule. English/Spanish Version

This presentation is intended to assist in the safe methods of set up and cleanout, and features important topics such as the ACPA one-to-one rule, outrigger extension and moving on the job as well as a comprehensive segment on cleaning out when experiencing a blockage. English/Spanish Version

$15.00 $40.00

$35.00 $150.00

Safety DVD’s & CD’s

The More You Know, the Safer It Gets - DVD

Member Non-Member

Member Non-Member

Member Non-Member

$15.00 $40.00

Member Non-Member

$15.00 $40.00

Safe Work Practices Around a Concrete Pump - DVD There are over 15 topics covered in this video, which demonstrate ways to be safer around concrete pumps. This is based on the most current industry standards to provide general safety practices and precautions. English/ Spanish Version

Member Non-Member

$15.00 $40.00

Line Pump Safety - DVD This DVD focuses on the very important and constantly growing segment of concrete pumps that use a two to three-inch delivery system, and touches on the capabilities, safety, operation and maintenance of trailer, truck or skid-mounted concrete pumps and accessories. English Only

Member Non-Member

$15.00 $40.00

Safety DVD’s & CD’s Continued

High-Rise Placement DVD

The Ray Ainsworth Story

Monthly Safety Training Series (Set of 12)

A must have for any company which uses placing booms. This video features inspection, setup, operation and cleanout of a placing boom and documents the latest evolution in technology and procedures of a typical high-rise project. English/Spanish Version

A case study of the number one killer in the workplace - electrocution. Ray Ainsworth, a survivor of a high-voltage accident, shares his story and his tips on power line safety. Available in English only

Based on the monthly trainer’s guide, these DVDs features Mr. Les Ainsworth, a 40+ year veteran of the concrete pumping industry and an avid proponent of concrete pumping safety training and practices. Includes CD-ROM of quizzes and affidavit. Available in English only

Member Non-Member

$15.00 $40.00

(Electrocution) - DVD

Member Non-Member

$15.00 $40.00

DVD’s & CD’s Cont.’d

Proper Driving Techniques - DVD

This instructional DVD includes information on set up, electrocution, crushing and other hazards, pumping and cleanout, rules for the placing crew as well as the ACPA hand signals. A must have for every safety library. English/ Spanish Version

When you get behind the wheel of a concrete pumping truck, you take on some very serious responsibilities. These include your own safety, the safety of the equipment and most importantly, the safety of the people around you. This video presentation covers the four major aspects of safe driving techniques. English only

$15.00 $40.00

$130.00 $375.00

Member Non-Member

$15.00 $40.00

(English or Spanish)

A must-have guide for the prevention of accidents when driving, operating, cleaning and maintaining concrete pumps, placing booms and related equipment. Illustrated, bound, 96 pages.

A must-have guide for the prevention of accidents when driving, operating, cleaning and maintaining line pumps and related equipment. Illustrated, bound, 70 pages.

Member Non-Member

$10.00 $50.00

Ready Mix Safety Booklet

(English or Spanish)

This document is intended to be a reference tool kept close at hand for the purpose of educating ICF laborers and the placing crew working near the concrete pump or boom. English only, illustrated, saddle-stitched, 16 pages

This easy-to-follow document provides safety guidelines for ready mix concrete truck drivers who are making deliveries to concrete pumps. Illustrated, saddlestitched, 16 pages .

$2.50 $5.00

$15.00 $40.00

(English or Spanish)

ICF Co-Worker Safety Manual

Member Non-Member

Member Non-Member

Line Pump Safety Manual

Safety Manual

Co-Worker Safety Rules Booklet This guide provides a precise description of the “rules of the road” for laborers, oilers and the placing crew working around a concrete pump. Illustrated, saddle-stitched, 18 pages.

This DVD outlines safety procedures and hazards such as; when and when not to hit the emergency (E) stops, what happens if air gets sucked into the pump, ACPA hand signals and electrocution hazards—just to name a few. English/Spanish Version.

Safety Publications

Co-Worker Safety Rules/ Laborers - DVD

Member Non-Member

Member Non-Member

Safety Rules for Ready Mix Drivers - DVD

Member Non-Member

(English or Spanish)

$2.50 $5.00

Member Non-Member

$2.50 $5.00

Member Non-Member

$10.00 $50.00

Electric Power Book This booklet was created to assist contractors working near power lines. It is intended to help contractors contact the proper power line company in order to get high-voltage wires booted, covered, grounded, rerouted or otherwise guarded against accidental contact. 28 pages

Member Non-Member

$5.00 $10.00

American Concrete Pumping Association Safety Product Catalog

2009 2012

Safety Publications Continued

ACPA Safety Bulletins Bulletins currently available include: • Hose-Whipping Bulletin • Outrigger Safety Bulletin • Shortrig Safety Bulletin • Concrete Burns Bulletin • Concrete 101 Bulletin • Double S-bend Elbow or “Rams Horn” Can Be Deadly • Crane Use Prohibited for Boom Extension • Heat Stress Prevention Each sold separately

Member Non-Member

$2.00 $5.00

Hand Signal Card


Why Pump Concrete? Brochure This durable brochure outlines the many benefits of pumping concrete; from saving money to versatility. Professional, succinct and easy to read, this item can get you started on the path to concrete pumping and is a great resource tool to give to your customers.

Member Non-Member

$1.00 $1.00

This rugged, laminated hand signal guide will come in handy out in the field. And, the lamination assures that it will hold up to even the toughest weather or jobsite conditions. Each card includes both English and Spanish signal set.

Member Non-Member

$1.25 $3.00

Air Entrainment Report The compilation of a series of tests conducted to compare the air content, air void system parameters and freezethaw durability of air-entrained concrete as influenced by various methods of placement and consolidation. 20 pages

Member Non-Member

$5.00 $50.00

Safety Posters ACPA Safety Posters Never Open a Pipeline Before Releasing Pressure | Always Clear the Area Before Priming or Restarting after Moving | When Cleaning Out with Air, You Must Be Positive that All Air Has Been Relieved Before Opening Any Clamps | If You Have to Shortrig, You Must Keep the Boom Within the Area of the Extended Outriggers | Never Allow Unauthorized Personnel on the Pump | Never Stand on the Hopper and Always Turn Off the Engine Before Lifting the Hopper Grate | Always Keep Your Hands Away From Moving Parts | Always Follow Lockout/Tagout Rules and Have the Key in Your Pocket | Always Wear Your Hard Hat | Always Use Outrigger Pads and Dunnage to Support Outriggers, Even on Concrete or Asphalt Each Poster is $4.00

Member Non-Member

$4.00 $4.00

Complete Safety Poster Set (10 Posters) Petee the Pumper will remind you of safe work practices around a concrete pump through these eye-catching posters. Each 17” x 22” poster illustrates either an important safety tip or hazard of working around a concrete pump on the job site. This set of (10) posters is a great “tool” for any shop. Available in English only

Member Non-Member

$40.00 $40.00

Job Site Safety Poster This large-scale 24” by 36” poster highlights some of the causes of the more common workplace accidents associated with concrete pumps such as: hose whippings, electrocution, tip-overs and crushing/amputation hazards, and is intended to be displayed on any job site where a concrete pump may be in use.

Member Non-Member

$3.00 $10.00

Customizeable Marketing Materials Also Available Tri-Fold Brochure

Company Postcard

100 customizable brochures

100 customizable postcards


Our Mission is to promote, expand, and improve the concrete pumping industry through progressive leadership, education, communication, and advocacy establishing concrete pumping as the preferredmethod of placing concrete.


Safety Postcards

Business Cards

100 customizable safety postcards

250 customizable business cards



PowerPoint CD 1 customizable PowerPoint CD


Download the order form on or call 614.431.5618 for more information.

ACPA | 606 Enterprise Drive | Lewis Center, OH 43035 | P: 614.431.5618 | F: 614.431.6944 |

American Concrete Pumping Association

Customizable Promotional & Marketing Materials Order Form Customizable Tri-Fold Brochure Customized with your company logo, photos and important facts to help market your business Price includes set-up fee and 100 customizable brochures Additional brochures are $50.00 per 100

$150.00 Quantity Amount Total

Customizable Company Postcard 4.25” x 5.5 “ customized postcard with your logo and important facts to help market your business Price includes set-up fee and 100 customizable company postcards Additional postcards are $25.00 per 100

$75.00 Quantity Amount Total

Customizable Safety Postcard


4.25” x 5.5 “ Safety Postcard customized with your company name and contact information. Choices Include: Quantity Single-Ended Hose Quantity Never Kink Hoses Quantity Hose-Whippings Quantity Correct Pump Size Quantity Concrete Burns Price includes set-up fee and 100 customizable safety postcards Additional postcards are $20.00 per 100

Amount Total

Customizable Business Card


Customized with your company logo and employee contact info Price includes set-up fee and 250 customizable business cards Additional business cards are $65.00 per 250

Page 1

Quantity Amount Total

American Concrete Pumping Association

Customizable Promotional & Marketing Materials Order Form Customizable Marketing PowerPoint CD Customized with your company logo, Up to 10 company photos and other information you’d like to include Price includes set-up fee and one customizable marketing PowerPoint CD

$100.00 Quantity Amount Total

ACPA Certification Brochure Show contractors why hiring certified operators is so important with these brochures - brochure has an area to stamp your company info on the back

$0.35 each Quantity Amount Total

Why Pump Concrete? Brochure Help contractors understand the value of pumping concrete with this brochure - brochure has an area to stamp your company info on the back

$1.00 each Quantity Amount Total

Company Name: Address: City: State:

Grand Total Zip Code:

Phone: Country: Billing Method Check/Cash VISA/MC/DISCOVER Invoice Me (Members Only)

Card Number: Exp. Date: Name on Card:

Send completed form to ACPA National Office, 606 Enterprise Drive, Lewis Center, OH 43035 or Fax to 614.431.6944. If you have any questions call 614.431.5618. Page 2

Digital Member Kit  
Digital Member Kit  

This brochure is filled with important knowledge about the American Concrete Pumping Associaton and what Membership can do for you. It inclu...