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Will and the Adventure on the Apple Tree Farm

This is a book with no impact on climate. The greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production and printing of this book have been quantified and compensated by means of an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide up-take in an area of new native forest, by the Alqueva reservoir. The effects on climate are thus suppressed.


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Sandra Serra

Will and the Adventure on the Apple Tree Farm Text . Sandra Serra Illustration . Sandra Serra Design . Espiral Inversa Pre-printing . Espiral Inversa Publishers . Espiral Inversa Tel. (+351) 210 935 125


A project by: Multi Mall Management Portugal October 2010

ISBN . 978-989-95566-6-9 Dep. Legal . 317550/10

Espiral Inversa

It was Christmas Eve and Will was delighted watching how the table seemed to gain life with the colourful reflexes of the Christmas tree lights. The red table cloth had Christmas illustrations embroidered in white. The special plates, taken out of the cupboard only on festivity days, were carefully set indicating each one´s place. Red napkins, embroidered by Granny, were decorating the glasses. And the centre of the table was trimmed with a candle Will had made at school with his teacher´s help.

In the kitchen Granny, always humming, was very busy with a big wicker basket. She was carefully filling the basket with farming products: homemade jam, eggs, vegetables, wine, walnuts, a cake, some dry codfish slices and a bottle of olive oil, one of the best Portuguese products, very much appreciated all over the world. Will was amazed, but he did not disturb Granny, up to the moment when he saw her tie a big golden ribbon on top of the basket. Will did not contain himself: - Granny, what are you going to do with that basket?

- Hurry up, Will. Put on your coat. We are going to Mathew´s, the shepherd, to offer him this present. - Present?! – Will asked, surprised. – But there is no toy in the basket! - You know Will, on Christmas Eve, having supper with your family is more important than exchanging gifts–Granny explained. –Sharing such a traditional meal with the people you love best is a very, very special moment all families deserve to have. - Yes, I know. But I do not understand yet what the basket is for. - A lot of families cannot afford buying all the goods necessary for Christmas supper. So here in the village the ones who can do it traditionally offer a basket with the necessary products, to those who cannot buy them. - I see –Will said, with a big smile – What a great idea, Granny! Matthew is going to love the surprise.nd his Granny

Will and his Granny left the house in a hurry to deliver the basket. It was already dark when they returned, happy with the shepherd’s joy on receiving such a delicious and kind offer. From afar Will saw a basket at their door. - Granny, look, someone has also left us a Christmas basket!

He ran up to the basket, which had a note stuck to it. He read: “ Merry Christmas, Will. From your special friend ”. Will lifted the blanket and found out the basket did not contain any jam or codfish… but a very tiny, sleepy, creamy puppy. Will didn’t know whether to laugh, jump or scream. He had always wanted to have a dog. It was the best present he had ever had!

Christmas Eve was funnier than ever! Cuca (it was a female puppy after all) entangled in the ribbons and hid inside the empty presents boxes and it also stole some pieces of cake someone had left. It was such fun that both of them fell asleep among the ripped papers and ribbons.

Peter was sitting on the stairs of the house front. He was playing with his console when Will and Mary showed up. - Hi, I am Mary, the farm manager´s daughter; this is Will, my best friend and this is Cuca. - What is your name? –Will asked, looking very friendly and sociable. - I am Pip. I mean, for you I am Peter. I am fed up of being called Pip! - So Peter, would you like to play with us? –Mary asked. - Do you have one of the new consoles? The games on the old ones are no longer funny – Peter declared with his “console professional” look.

After Christmas, first thing in the morning, Will ran to his friend Mary´s to show her his new possession and future game companion. Mary was Mr. Jones´s daughter. Mr. Jones was the farm manager on a big farm, The Apple Tree Farm. Its owners visited it only once in a while, and they even spent years without showing at all. But Mr. Jones and his wife took care of everything as if their own: they took care of the animals, of the vegetable-garden and of the big farmhouse cleanings, while Mary played and explored every corner. When he arrived at the gate, Will noticed that all the house windows were open, which wasn’t usual. The owners had decided to spend some days of their holidays there and they had brought along their very disappointed son Peter.

- Do you only play with consoles? We sometimes do it on Saturdays, before dinner, or on Sunday mornings, before swimming, but we have many other games we enjoy more –Will answered. –We can run and ride our bikes through the woods and farms; climb trees and pick fresh fruit all the year round and in Summer we can swim in the river. We always find a thousand adventures outdoors and we even have our own secret hideout – he said with his “playground professional” look. - Are you coming or not? –Mary asked even more impatient than Will. - Ok, I am going –Peter replied, standing up at once and very curious about their hideout. They left in a hurry but Peter was staying behind. He was not used to running like that and he was a little over weigh because he never practised sport, he never ran, jumped or even walked. Both friends stopped only when Cuca started to bark around them calling their attention towards Peter, already very far away.

They came back and made him go on promising they would go slower. Peter was breathless and as red as a tomato but he did not want to look weak and kept on going. After a while he stopped and leaned against a tree. - What is the matter, Peter? Do you have gravel in your shoes? – Mary asked, looking naughty. - I feel sick, I am hungry and thirsty. - What did you have for breakfast? –Will inquired. - A package of chips, but a small one, because my mother won´t let me eat a big one. - Didn´t you have at least a glass of milk? – Will was astonished. - I do not like milk – Peter said readily. - That is because you haven’t tasted the milk from Spots, our milk-jug cow. We are going to get you something to eat. - Here? In this God forsaken earth? – Peter couldn’t imagine where they would be able to find food.

But in a few minutes Will appeared with his shirt full of apples. - Here! This will give you the energy to go on. - And ahead there is a spring where you can drink fresh water – Mary added. Those sweet, aromatic apples tasted Peter a lot better than the hamburgers with mayonnaise and ketchup, which for him were the best food in the world.

After recovering strength they went on walking and in a short time they had arrived at their hideout. It was an old and abandoned wind mill. Its sails were ripped and over the door there was a flag with the letters: MWSHC, which meant “ Mary and Will ´s Special Holidays Club ”. - We have to add a C from Cuca and a P from Peter on our flag – Will said. They entered and opened a small window so that some light could penetrate. Everything was as they had left on their last holidays, with the exception of a few spider webs and some new bird nests.

Bursting with curiosity they tried to open the chest, but the lock was so rusty that they didn’t succeed. Only after several swings did the lock give in. - Done! –The three friends shouted. They opened the lid very carefully imagining that a treasure might be inside or, who knows, something even more fantastic, such as the Genius of the Lamp, imprisoned for thousands of years. With their hearts pounding and their eyes wide open they finally saw what was in it.

Suddenly Cuca started barking and jumping, and she stared at a darker corner. - What is the matter, Cuca? Do you think there is a mouse in there? – Peter said while he clumsily tried to jump into a box… but his weight did not help him. - I‘ll check –Will said – if it is a little country mouse, it will be scared at the fuss Cuca is making. - What is this?! – he exclaimed astonished. Cuca was only barking at a very old-looking small chest, which could be found behind some bales of straw .

- A book?! –the three exclaimed, somewhat disappointed. It was a small, dusty book, with an old yellowish cover. Will took the book and cleaning the dust he managed to read what was written on the cover “ Book of Magical Recipes ”. - Magical?! –they shouted again, in chorus, smiling. - Mary took the book and opened it. On the first page there was an apple pie recipe. - Hum! It is my favourite desert – said Peter.

Mary started reading the recipe aloud and suddenly she stopped. They looked at one another with their eyes wide open. A wonderful smell of just made apple pie was starting to come out of the book. - I cannot believe it! Mary, take a look at the next recipe. - It was a recipe of meatballs and once again a delicious smell started coming from the book as if a pan were on the stove. They read all the recipes, page after page, delighted and starving with the smell coming from the book. In each recipe they could scent the smell that led them to guess how delicious those delicacies might be.

Will, who was starving, had an idea: - What about cooking these recipes? - Let us bake the apple pie first! Peter was about to stand up when Mary interrupted: - Wait! There is an important note at the end of the book. It reads as follows:

Will said with no hesitation: - I am going to bake the “Mysterious Meat-balls” for my grandparents. It is so funny to make those healthy, delicious little balls! - I am going to prepare the “Magic little carrots with aromatic herbs” – Mary replied. They both looked at Peter waiting for his choice. - Don’t look at me like that – he said shyly – I would like to make the “Woods Apple Pie” for my parents, but I do not know how to cook. Besides I do not know if I would be able to sit them both at the table, at the same time, so as to eat together. - Don’t you have your meals together every day? – Mary asked without understanding Peter’s hesitation. - At home everybody eats when they feel like it. This way we need not wait for the others. My parents don’t even usually sit at the table; they have something in front of the TV set. - What about you? Do you usually eat in front of the TV set too? – Will asked, because he was used to Granny’s delicious food and to the funny family meals. - No. I do not. My parents always tell me to eat at the table and I often do it alone. My mother always brings me something already cooked from outside. - Don’t worry, Peter – Will said, feeling happy with the opportunity to help his new friend. – Today you are going to prepare dinner for your parents and not just the apple pie, but a fantastic dinner for you to share together. - And we are going to help you! – Mary declared at once.

They left running back to the big house that had a huge kitchen. - But wait! Where are we going to shop? Is there a supermarket nearby? – Peter asked.

- You will just see the supermarket! – Will blinked his eye at Mary and they started running again. On their way they crossed the orchard and picked some apples. They went along the vegetable garden and picked some carrots, tomatoes, onions and some herbs with a delicious smell. They also took some eggs from the hen coop. Peter was amazed at the new experience of walking in the middle of nature, gathering the healthy food it can offer us.

When they arrived at the farm kitchen, they asked Mary’s mother for help, and she gave them the olive oil and some other missing ingredients. She handled the knives, the fire and the more or less dangerous things, but everything else was prepared by the three chefs, who had a lot of fun. Will was used to helping Granny in the kitchen, so he made Mary and Peter some recommendations they followed scrupulously. Peter prepared the apples and Mary did the same with the noodles, while Will prepared a honey cover, the honey from uncle Tony’s bees. They had a lot of fun and laughed a lot. Peter had already flour on his nose and Mary had jam in her hair.

They cooked several colourful, smelly, healthy recipes taken from the “Magical Recipe Book”. They set the dining table and Peter finally called his parents for the big surprise. - Mum, Dad! I have a surprise! Come quickly!

Will and Mary were peeping from the kitchen. They were also very happy because they had been able to help a friend have such a special moment with his family. But then something made them look at the big wooden table in the kitchen. The “Magical Recipe Book” closed itself, leaving a delicious apple scent in the air.

Peter was very excited and happy. He had spent a fantastic day with his new friends, a day that couldn’t end better: he was going to have both his parents together during the whole dinner and he would be able to tell them his adventures. Peter’s parents couldn’t believe it! They were also very happy and delighted with the delicacies prepared by their son. They were all in a very good mood, laughing and telling funny stories. - I liked best the mushrooms with egg and tomato! – Peter’s Mum said. - And I preferred the apple pie – his father declared, still tasting it. - I liked best the fact that the three of us could sit together during the whole dinner - Peter said with a deep sigh.

The End

Just like Will and his Granny, you can also create a Christmas basket to offer those in greatest need. Ask a grown up, like your parents, grandparents or even your teacher to help you buy the goods and take the decoration in charge yourself. You need not make this offer in a basket; you can do it in a box with drawings, collages or ribbons. Here are some suggestions of goods for you to put in your basket:

rice · fruit in syrup · olive oil · dried fruit · codfish · grain · king-cake · milk · maize cakes · noodles · chocolate · honey · pork sausages · concentrated · sparkling wine tomato · flour · wine ·

This Christmas help other children have a supper full of good things. Ask your parents to go to the site of the nearest shopping centre and choose the social solidarity organization you want to help. Then address them and give them the Christmas Basket you made.

You will feel great joy in helping the ones in need!

· Almada Forum - · Armazéns do Chiado - · Braga Retail Center - · Espaço Guimarães - · Forum Algarve - · Forum Aveiro - · Forum Coimbra -

· Forum Madeira - · Forum Montijo - · Forum Viseu - · Galeria Comercial FN - Sintra - · Parque Mondego - · W Shopping -

Shopping Centres managed by Multi Mall Management Portugal

The “Will Book” project is part of the Sustainability policies of Multi Mall Management Portugal. In a more solidary way we widened the action of this book to the help it may give to some families in order to offer them a more dignified Christmas, through the cooperation of all in making and offering Christmas Baskets. On the other hand, bearing in mind a more educational aspect we tried through this children story to alert children and tutors to correct nourishment and to the good and traditional habits of sociability during daily meals, as well as to the importance of regular physical exercise. Lastly in a environmental perspective we called attention to the fact that the compensation of carbon emissions resulting from the production of this book is made through the Alqueva reforestation.



Paint as you like!

Have fun preparing these recipes and don’t forget to share it with the ones you love!

Apple and wild fruitcake · 3 Granny Smith apples, peeled and cut in thin slices · 2 soup spoons of lemon juice · 300 ml of fresh cream · 175 g of unsalted butter, cut in pieces · 3 eggs · 2 cups (300 g) of unleavened flour

· · · · · ·

1 cup (220 g) of refined sugar 1 tea spoon of vanilla essence 300 g of frozen wild fruit Powder sugar to sprinkle Natural yoghurt Strawberry or raspberry jam to serve

1. Ask a grown up to help you turn the oven on and let it heat up to 180º. Mix the apples with the lemon in a bowl and let it soften. Grease a rectangular cake tin with butter and sprinkle it with flour. Set it aside. 2. Place the cream and the butter in a pan. Ask a grown up to heat the stove in a low temperature. When it is about to boil ask them to turn the stove off and let the mixture slightly cool. 3. Place the eggs and the sugar in the mixer bowl. Whisk for 8 minutes or until you get a thick and white mixture. Delicately join the mixture of cream. Sift the flour on top and mix it with a big spoon. Add the vanilla, the apples and the wild fruit. Lay the mixture inside the prepared cake tin. Leave it in the oven for 40 minutes or until the cake turns golden and cooked inside. 4. Remove the cake from the oven and let it slightly cool. Cut it in slices and serve it sprinkled with powder sugar. Serve it with yoghurt and jam, if you like.

This recipe is from Chef Mafalda Pinto Leite.

Egg and tomato “mushrooms” · · · ·

6 eggs 3 round red tomatoes 6 leaves of lettuce Homemade mayonnaise (made of olive oil)

Put the eggs, without breaking them, inside a pan with water. Ask a grown up to put the pan on the stove until it boils. Let it boil for 5 minutes. Ask them to remove the eggs into a bowl with cold water and let it cool. While the eggs get cool, cut the tomatoes in halves and prepare a tray covering it with lettuce leaves. When the eggs are cold, peel them and cut the two ends so as they can get smooth. Place an egg vertically on each lettuce leave. Spread a desert spoon of mayonnaise and half tomato on top of the eggs. With a tooth stick drop some mayonnaise on the tomatoes and they are ready. Now you just have to taste them!

You will see how fun it is to prepare a delicious and healthy meal to enjoy with your parents.



Make these delicious magical recipes with your family.

New Wheel of Food

fruit (3-5 portions)

The wheel of food helps you choose and combine the food that is supposed to be part of your daily meals.

milk food (2-3 portions)

In order to have a healthy life your food should be

meat, fish and eggs


balanced, complete and varied.

(1 , 5-4, 5 portions)

Horticultural products

leguminosae (1-2 portions)

(3-5 portions)

Pyramid of Physical Activity The Pyramid of physical activity is an important tool to help you understand how often you should practise different kinds of physical activity to have a healthy live. The activities you should practise more often are indicated on the Pyramid basis.

Resistance, strength and flexibility exercises

The activities you should reduce are on the top.

Physical education and sports cereals (4-1 1 portions)

Paint the food on the wheel and help Will complete it by drawing any other food belonging to each group.

Have a balanced nourishment, rich in fibre, and include 5 portions of fresh fruit or vegetables. An advice of Europacolon.

Daily physical activity




fat and oil

(1-3 portions)

reduce to the maximum

2-3 times a week

3-5 times a week

a lot every day

Build your pyramid of physical activity. Draw or write in each group all the activities you usually practise or you would like to start practising. Try to do some physical activity together with your family. You will see it is very funny!

Will is a boy who loves to play in the open air, to perform physical exercise and create healthy food. He enjoys himself even more when he can do all this in the company of his parents, grandparents or friends.

Here are three suggestions from Will so that you can have fun with your family:

Dinner by candle light

Ask your parents to cook a healthy and delicious dinner you can help preparing. Help setting the table and light a few candles at the centre. You’ll see that it is going to be a different dinner with a fantastic atmosphere to tell one another stories and food will have a special taste. Above all you will be helping save energy.

True or False


· Toilet paper rolls or kitchen rolls · Colour paper to decorate your cracker (crepe paper or any other very colourful paper) · Silver or golden self adhesive paper · Ribbons of several colours · Different objects to put inside the crackers (hair-pins, little cars, stickers, colourful paper, biscuits, pencils, funny rubbers, kisses, wishes…) · Glue · Scissors Cut enough paper to cover your roll. The sheet must be wider than the roll (like the one in the picture). Glue the sheet around your roll. Squeeze one of the ends of the roll with a ribbon and tie a pretty bow around it. Before repeating this operation at the other end of the roll you mustfill your cracker as you like.

And your cracker is ready!

You might set an extra decoration with silver or golden self-adhesive paper and make stars, little balls… whatever your imagination allows!

Meals can be moments for everyone to talk and share day-to-day stories. This is a game Will loves to play at the dinner table with his family. Each one has to tell three things he/she did or happened that day. Two are true and one is false. The remaining members of the family have to guess which is false and who gets it right wins a point. At the end of the game the one who gets more points is the first eating desert.

Now you can give it to whoever you wish or invite a friend to help you open your cracker.





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Will and The Adventure in The Apple Tree Farm  
Will and The Adventure in The Apple Tree Farm  

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