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Building Achieva’s Future Annual Report 2 021

Building Achieva’s Future Dear Friends, Health and safety has been and continues to be a paramount consideration at Achieva as we continue to deal with COVID-19. The children and adults we serve, their families, and our valued employees all deserve praise for how they’ve adapted and persevered throughout the pandemic.


While health and safety remains a top priority at Achieva, we’re proud of the fact that we’ve remained committed to our vision - that all people with disabilities lead lives of personal significance. That means focusing on the needs and dreams of the people we support. It means developing new and innovative services. And it means building a foundation for the future.

organizations (like Autism Connection of Pennsylvania) to build additional in-house competencies, family support resources, and advocacy influence when it comes to people with autism; and, adopting a Mission, Vision, and Goals Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), which will serve as a solid foundation for Achieva’s first comprehensive DEI plan.

During Fiscal Year 2020-2021, we did that by continuing the important work contained in Achieva’s Strategic Vision Plan. Some of those initiatives include making person-centered philosophy fundamental to everything Achieva does; advocating for government funding and policies that prioritize people with disabilities and their caregivers; affiliating with new

We’re so thankful for the people we have the privilege to serve, their families, and our employees, as well as our community partners and donors. The Achieva Family of Organizations ended Fiscal Year 2020-21 having accomplished a great deal, yet more importantly, we believe we ended the year well-positioned to embrace the future.

Chaz R. Kellem Chair, Achieva Board of Trustees

Stephen H. Suroviec President & CEO

Statement of Mission: Achieva advocates for, empowers, and supports people with disabilities and their families throughout their lives.

Statement of Vision: Achieva envisions a community where all people with disabilities lead lives of personal significance. Achieva was founded in 1951 by a group of family members who all desired the same thing: to ensure their children with disabilities had the same chances in life that all children should be given. Their commitment helped establish chapters of The Arc in Allegheny, Westmoreland, and Beaver Counties and contributed to a nationwide movement that changed the long history of isolation and segregation for both children and adults with disabilities. Achieva proudly continues its affiliation with The Arc to this day.


Geographic Reach

Achieva Support Community Supported Living Early Intervention Employment Supports Home and Community Supports

The Arc of Greater Pittsburgh Advocacy & Family Supports Recreation

Achieva Family Trust OHIO


Autism Connection

Statewide Education, Advocacy and Support Achieva’s primary service area is within a tri-county region of southwestern Pennsylvania, including Allegheny, Beaver and Westmoreland Counties. All icons indicate areas in which service is currently provided by the Achieva Family of Organizations.


Our Achievements July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021 The Arc of Greater Pittsburgh Advocacy and Family Support • The Planning for College Initiative for Students with Intellectual Disabilities created resources for high school students, families, and transition coordinators about choosing a college, paying for college, and preparing for employment. • Created the Disability and Justice Community Collaboration Initiative to provide professional training, assist people with disabilities who become victims of crime, and divert people with disabilities from the criminal justice system.

Resolved 419 cases involving children and 366 cases involving adults. Answered 3,855 calls for information, referrals, and technical assistance. • The Empowered Voices Leadership Group successfully moved to virtual meetings during the pandemic and worked with Schweitzer Fellows to provide meaningful educational sessions. • The Disability Healthcare Initiative produced a webinar for dental students and practicing dentists entitled “Count Me In: Caring for Patients with Disabilities.”

• Working with the Beaver County Office on Aging, executed the mutual decision to transition the Older Adult Protective Services program back to county government.

Achieva Support Community Supported Living • Established Supported Living in Westmoreland County, which requires less than 30 hours of support per week. • Partnered with Walgreens through the Federal Pharmacy Partnership to offer COVID-19 vaccinations to all residents and staff in Achieva’s licensed homes.


Compliance Management • Assumed oversight of the clinical team and hired an Achieva Support Training Manager and Behavior Support Specialist.

Employment Supports • Competitive-Integrated Employment had 164 intakes and 85 job placements.

• Co-sponsored and participated in a three-day Social Role Valorization workshop with Temple University and Keystone Institute.

Home and Community Support • Housing Tenancy and Transition services doubled over the past year for a total of 50 people receiving support.

• Developed approaches to assist the people we support with sexuality, marriage, and family issues.

Early Intervention • Rapidly transitioned from inperson to virtual EI sessions throughout the pandemic. • Partnered with and launched infant massage and developmental support with three community agencies. • Launched two major programming features - WQED infant massage series and Little Achievers virtual playgroup.

• Achieva Business Services began offering Paid Work Experiences through PA Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) Preemployment Transition Services at Giant Eagle.

• $136,555 excess revenue over expenses for Achieva Business Operations through June 2021. • Achieva Business Operations became an integral part of the supply chain for medical equipment companies combatting the pandemic.

Home of My Own increased from 99 people to 119 people living independently.


Person-Centered Planning • Hired a Director of PersonCentered Supports and commenced with creating and nurturing a culture throughout Achieva that promotes personcentered thinking and planning in how we provide support. • Selected the “Charting the LifeCourse (CtLC) Framework” as an organization-wide tool to help individuals and families of all abilities and all ages develop a vision for a good life.

• Created a cross-program core team to oversee personcentered planning and chose “Ambassadors” throughout the organization to instill the foundational principles of the CtLC Framework.

Achieva Family Trust • Reached 2,462 active accounts and 463 pending third-party trusts.

Hit $200 million in assets under management in July. • More than $27 million under management in new relationship with the Duckworth Haggerty Group of Merrill Lynch. • The AFT Board approved a new Strategic Plan that will run from 2021-2025. • A new Regional Trust Liaison (RTL) for the Capital Region started in January of 2021. • Over 880 people attended training sessions made possible via a grant from National Disability Institute/Neighborhood Allies.

Autism Connection of Pennsylvania • Welcomed to the Achieva Family of Organizations on January 1, 2021. • Assisted with approximately 250 help requests per month. • Collaborated with other advocacy organizations to address developmental, behavioral, medical, COVID-related concerns and issues of Pennsylvania’s autism community and necessary changes to policies and procedures affecting people with disabilities in local and the statewide prison system.


Achieva Resource Administration & Facilities • Applied for and received $802,000 of federal HRSA funds and coordinated ordering, inventory, and distribution of PPE. • Completed the sale of two residential sites and the Stemler Building in Greensburg. • Selected a new site for operations in Greensburg and began a remodel of the site. • Handled six residential facility capital projects with limited access during the pandemic.

• Installed “smart home” technology in multiple homes and completed two roofing projects.

Communications • Service and Engagement Specialist position created to build and maintain relationships with the people we support, their families, and the community. • Converted primary marketing materials to Spanish, Asistencia de Trabajo curated a list of translators, Servicios y Soporte and developed relationships with community groups representing underserved populations. La familia de Organizaciones Achieva

Fideicomiso Familiar Achieva Recursos Achieva Soporte Achieva El Gran Arco de Pittsburgh Unión Autistica de Pensilvania

Enfocándos e en el trabajo y par comunitaria ticipación , provee entr Achieva ena oportunidad miento y es de emp leo.

Achieva defiende, fortalece y da soporte a las personas con discapacidades y sus familias a través de sus vidas.

Los especi alistas en contratación a las person as a los trabaja con discapacidad Achieva asisten es empar dores con ejando según sus el habilidades empleo que corres trabajamos ponde e intereses. directamente También expertas con compa en cualifi ñías que car talento recursos son con gubern respondiendo amentales dispondiscapacidades, ibles, y discapacidad preguntas sobre trabajo con es.

Por Favor contacte: 412.995.5000 (toll-free) 1.888.272.7229 Visite para más información en todos nuestros servicios.

Achieva visualiza una comunidad donde todas las personas con discapacidades lleven vidas de

www.achi 1.888.272.7 fo 229

relevancia personal.

provee a lo largo de la Achieva y su familia de organizaciones discapacidades y sus familias. vida soporte para personas con Achieva es una 501 (c)(3) corporación 1.888.272.7229

sin ánimo de lucro

• Social media audience growth of 55.9 percent. • garnered an increase of 33 percent in users and 21 percent in website sessions.

Development • Received 29 grants for a total of $683,511.

Overall donations totalled $1,317,462. • Hosted a virtual Pittsburgh Promenade auction in the Fall 0f 2020 (rescheduled from March 2020) and a second on June 5 2021, raising $152,000. • Held the annual golf outing. While fewer golfers due to the pandemic, it brought in over $52,000. • Started a Monthly Giving Club to honor Achieva’s 70th Anniversary.


Finance • Integrated Autism Connection of Pennsylvania in all aspects of finance.

• Implemented virtual training sessions during the pandemic to ensure regulatory compliance.

• Implemented Concur, an Accounts Payable Software.

Human Resources • Applied a new fully-automated and electronic performance evaluation process utilizing Paycom’s Performance Management Solution.

• Hired and onboarded new Vice President of Information Technology. • Coordinated efforts with Unicentric and nine internal departments to enhance workflows and functional organizational database systems.

Completed five audits this fiscal year with clean opinions.

• Updated all financial processes, narratives, and the Fiscal Accounting Manual.

Information Technology

• Performed internal HR audit with Achieva’s HR Committee Chair.

Implemented a system to track issues and requests for IT services and improve internal customer service.

Join Achieva + receive a $3,000 sign-on bonus! Interested candidates may apply for a rewarding career by visiting


Ambassadors to Scale and Sustain Achieva’s Person-Centered Commitment Following Achieva’s adoption of Charting the LifeCourse, ten Achieva staff accepted roles as future LifeCourse Ambassadors. They will join current ambassadors Jack Butler, Chris Schopf, and Michelle Bowser. The LifeCourse Ambassador series includes training, professional development, and implementation coaching to provide a foundational understanding of the key principles of the framework. Each Ambassador will practice using the person-centered framework and tools specific to the functions of their role to champion the framework with a variety of stakeholders and audiences.

Future LifeCourse Ambassadors participate in an online session facilitated by course instructors. (Row one) Instructor Donne’ Allen, Lisa Razza, Marte Novak. (Row two) Ray Williams, Kirsten Beining, John Kuhn. (Row three) Ryan Jackson, Teria Auman, Achieva’s Director of Person-Centered Supports Jack Butler. (Row four) Chris Mielo, Kelly Reynolds, Nicole Liu. (Row five) Melissa Skiffen, Instructor Erin Leveton.


Itty Bitty Bins Make A Big Impact

Beverly’s Birthdays founder, Megs Yunn with Emily Hayburn, Achieva Early Intervention Outreach Coordinator

Achieva Early Intervention is proud to partner with many community organizations, including a special relationship with Beverly’s Birthdays. Beverly’s Birthdays, started in 2012 by Megs Yunn, initially existed to provide birthday cheer for children experiencing homelessness or families in need and has evolved into a multi-level support agency for families in need. Since 2019, Achieva Early Intervention has been exclusively partnering with Beverly’s Babies, the division that supports pregnant women and new moms through community baby showers and by providing resources and essential baby items.

Through Achieva Early Intervention’s partnership with Beverly’s, the Achieva Early Intervention Outreach Coordinator attends each baby shower and provides resources and information to the pregnant women and new moms in attendance. The attendees can ask questions, share concerns, and are provided with takeaway items and additional developmental milestone screening information. This unique opportunity offers a one-on-one chance to talk about the importance of early intervention, monitoring developmental milestones, in addition to the other services that Achieva Early Intervention provides.


Achieva Pilots Transportation Option Additionally, through various donations from other agency partners, Achieva Early Intervention has also provided books and early intervention infographics through the Books at Birth program to be placed inside the Itty Bitty Birthday Cheer bins that are provided to new and pregnant moms. Nearly 5,000 families with newborns and pregnant women have been supported by the Beverly’s Babies initiative.

Unlike typical ACCESS service, which requires a reservation one day in advance of the trip, Achieva has teamed up with ACCESS (exclusively) to pilot transportation services that allow the rider to schedule a same-day trip. In other words, when something comes up, your schedule unexpectedly changes, or you just want to use the service spontaneously, ACCESS will accommodate your request in the pilot region. ACCESS provides paratransit services that not only meet but exceed all ADA minimum requirements. ACCESS is a coordinated, shared-ride paratransit service, which has been providing door-to-door transportation in Allegheny County since 1979.


Ryan Surpasses Expectations In His Own Home Ryan Boroch grew up in his family home. His parents Sue and Kevin provided a loving, supportive environment. As Ryan finished his education, both he and his parents knew that it was time for change. After all, don’t most young adults head out on their own? At age 25, Ryan had more considerations than most young adults. His complex needs added extra concern for all involved. Still, his parents moved forward, along with Achieva’s help. They located a house for Ryan within minutes of their own home. Leading up to the move, everyone was nervous.

One year later, Ryan is prospering and enjoying the good life he has helped to create. His parents believe the smooth transition was a true miracle. Kirsten Beining, Community Living Supervisor at Achieva, said “Ryan’s parents searched and searched for a home that would fit all of his needs. It’s the perfect home for Ryan and you can tell how comfortable he feels by his daily laughter!” In the past year, Ryan has made incredible progress. He enjoys walking in the community, watching videos and taking outings to places like the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium.

If he is having a rough day, Ryan retreats to his favorite room in the house, a custom sensory room. Aquariums, lights on the wall, and a sensory board provide a calming environment for Ryan to relax, laugh, and escape. Ryan’s parents and Achieva have made it possible for Ryan to develop a life similar to his peers. His parents remain involved, stopping by for a visit or checking in with staff to ensure he is okay. Ryan had a great life at their home, but he’s surpassing expectations in a home he calls his own.



Misrepresentation In The Criminal Justice System The Disability and Justice Community Collaboration Initiative (DJCCI) DJCCI creates collaborative partnerships between law enforcement, emergency medical services, courts, criminal justice professionals, victim services, and the disability community. Nationally, people with intellectual disabilities and developmental delays are disproportionately represented in the criminal justice system. A US Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) report from 2015 found that 2 in 10 prisoners and 3 in 10 inmates have a cognitive disability. Intellectual disability and developmental delay (IDD) is the most common disability

reported among prisoners and inmates. An additional report from BJS found that people with disabilities are victimized at 2.5 times the rate of people without disabilities. People with disabilities need help, as do the criminal justice professionals who are working with them. We continue to celebrate the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, but we must realize that there are still obstacles for people with disabilities, especially in the justice system. Title II of the ADA supports the goals of ensuring public safety, promoting public welfare, and avoiding unnecessary criminal

justice involvement for people with disabilities. The DJCCI can provide training and resources for professionals in criminal justice, law enforcement, emergency medical services, courts, and victim services to help people with disabilities who are victims of crime or possible criminal defendants. There is also a focus on diversion, with an overall emphasis on skills needed to work more effectively with people with disabilities and understanding that “Crisis is Not Crime.”


“The court system often fails people with IDD and autism. DJCCI is taking leaps toward reform.”


Two Funds Support Unmet Needs Achieva Family Trust Charitable Residual Account

Cecil and David Rosenthal Memorial Fund

Some individuals and families lack the resources to access critical support. The Charitable Residual Account provides supplemental supports and services for children and adults with disabilities. Eligiblity extends throughout all of Pennsylvania.

In memory of the Rosenthal brothers, this fund supports people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to pursue integrated, person-centered activities. Eligibility is limited to people living in counties where Achieva services are found. Funds may also be awarded to direct support professionals.

A wide range of requests are considered, including:

A wide range of requests are considered, including:

Camp funding


Medical equipment

Sports lessons and equipment

Vehicle modifications


Home modifications

Educational expenses



Photo credit : Carrie Bartley, Artist’s Thread Photography and STAT, Inc.


Advocacy Efforts Highlight Staffing Shortages, Plight of Families The intellectual disability and autism (ID/A) system in Pennsylvania is in crisis due to the statewide shortage of direct support professionals (DSPs). Provider organizations across the state cannot recruit and retain enough DSPs to fill shifts. The community ID/A system is totally reliant on government fee schedule rates that do not support DSP wages and benefits that are competitive with private for-profit businesses. About 75 percent of people with ID/A are cared for by family members. Many of these family members have had to give up

a job to stay home and care for someone with a disability. In addition to the loss of income, family members are losing their health insurance. Many are dipping into their retirement accounts to pay bills, and many are in fear of not being able to pay their mortgage or rent. Nancy Murray, President of The Arc of Greater Pittsburgh and Senior Vice President of Achieva, serves on The Provider Alliance’s (TPA) Governmental Affairs Committee. She has been at the forefront of meeting with members of the General Assembly, Governor’s Office

staff, and the Budget Secretary to urge them to increase the fee schedule rates by $541 million. Nancy and the government affairs team at TPA have successfully worked with families who bravely told their personal stories to journalists at 22 media outlets across Pennsylvania. Media coverage at the PA Capital-Star, WITF, WESA, Spotlight, the Editorial Board of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, and the Editorial Board of the Harrisburg Patriot-News have highlighted the dire needs of the ID/A system.


Media partners in communities across the Commonwealth highlighted the plight of families and DSPs in their news coverage.

Pennsylvania map source:


Board of Trustees July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2022 Achieva

Achieva Resource

Officers Chaz R. Kellem, Chair Mary Lou Gegick, Chair Elect Jeremy Shapira, Vice Chair Mary D. Richter, CPA, Immediate Past Chair

Officers Chaz R. Kellem, Chair Mary Lou Gegick, Chair Elect Jeremy Shapira, Vice Chair Mary D. Richter, CPA, Immediate Past Chair

Trustees Meghan Gannon Anderson Tom Balzer Dr. Nina Butler Michael L. Dever, Esq. Beth Fulena Gary Grysiak John Haynes Holly Hoff Stephan P. Hubbard, CLU, ChFC Thomas M. Lee Lisa A. Martinelli, Ph.D., JD, MA David McMaster David Tilstone Rob Unkovic William F. Ward, Esq. Jillian F. Zacks, Esq.

Achieva Support Officers Thomas M. Lee, Chair Josh Scott, Chair Elect Jerry Goodrick, Vice Chair Paul Long, Immediate Past Chair Trustees Joanne Christopher Elliot Dater, Esq. Nancy Hill Antoinette Luchini, Esq. Matthew Oxenreiter Joseph G. Piccini, CPM Edward W. Price Gary Scalise Cheryl Simchak David Tilstone Tess Wilson

The Arc of Greater Pittsburgh Officers Dr. Nina Butler, Chair Catherine A. Williams, Chair Elect Ted Meyer, Vice Chair Jillian F. Zacks, Esq., Immediate Past Chair Trustees Robie Bruesewitz Tina Calabro Elizabeth Humphrey Robert L. Kelley Gerrie Marz Michael G. Meyer Hanifa Nakiryowa, MA, MID Elizabeth Powers Rhonda Schember Lisa G. Silverman, Esq.


Achieva Family Trust

Autism Connection of PA

Officers Holly Hoff, Chair LeeAnn A. Fulena, Esq., Chair Elect Kimberly Jackson, Vice Chair Stephan P. Hubbard, CLU, ChFC, Immediate Past Chair

Officers William Ward, Chair Steve Crane, Chair Elect Beth Rom, Vice Chair Jennifer Modell, Immediate Past Chair

Trustees Rebecca Tyers Brown Mike Dudkowski Gregory Fajt, Esq. Beth Fulena David Graf Jeffrey Hantz, Esq. Jennifer C. Johnson, Esq. Joseph Lantz Kelly Lovato Leslie Malloy Robert McDowell Mike Pearce Robert Karl Schweitzer, Esq. Stephen B. Spolar, Esq. James C. Woll

Trustees Dr. Xenia Borue Janice Bollman Karen Markle David McMaster Ian Michel Joseph Smith Curtis Upsher, Jr. Michelle Walker

Join An Achieva Board Volunteering as a trustee for the Achieva family of organizations provides an opportunity to make a difference while helping to fulfill Achieva’s mission and vision. Submit an interest form using the code below.


Financial Review for the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Expenses by Services 1. Home and Community Supports 2. Community Supported Living

3,857,723 20,216,315

3. Employment/CPS


4. Early Intervention


5. Representative Payee


6. Business Operations


7. Depreciation


8. The Family Trust


9. The Arc of Greater Pittsburgh - Advocacy 620,370 10. Protective Services


11. Achieva Resource


12. Autism Connection of PA


13. Development/Fundraising



42,184,170 Audited Figures from Fiscal Year July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021


Revenue 1. Governmental


2. Business Operations Revenue


3. Other Program Revenue


4. Designated Contributions/Grants


5. Event/Appeal Fundraising Revenue 6. Investment Income


7. Rental Income


8. Fees


9. Net Appreciation on Investments


10. Miscellaneous Revenue


11. Net Assets Released from Restrictions



Audited Figures from Fiscal Year July 1, 2020- June 30, 2021




Thank You To Our Generous Donors All listed donor names are for gifts made between July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021 *Has donated to Autism Connection of PA

Individual, Organization and Foundation Donors $10,000+ A.J. & Sigismunda Palumbo Charitable Trust Allegheny LINK Area 3 DentaQuest Foundation Carrie Graham Bauer Charitable Trust Comcast Foundation Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust FISA Foundation* National Network of Public Health Institutes The Rosenthal Family Sanofi-Aventis U.S. Charitable Trust Account Seubert & Associates, Inc. Suzanne Droz Trust The David S. & Karen A. Shapira Foundation The Pittsburgh Foundation*

Dick and Ginny Thornburgh United Way of Beaver County United Way of Southwestern PA* University of Pittsburgh Catherine Williams

$5,000 - $9,999 Anonymous Regina L. Aldisert Perry K. Blatz Capital Group Children’s Aid Society of Jewish Women Endowment Fund Michael & Julie Dever G. C. Murphy Company Foundation Gailliot Family Foundation Giant Eagle Robert & Susan Hartzell Mutual of America Neighborhood Allies Pennsylvania Coalition for Oral Health

Pennsylvania Commission on Crime & Delinquency PNC Foundation Portiuncula Foundation Mary & Bill Richter Stephen Suroviec* UPMC Health Plan/UPMC Health System Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf

Matcon Diamond Inc. PDC Pharmacy PNC Financial Services Group Jeremy Shapira Michael & Patricia Sherry David Tilstone David J. Williams

$2,500- $4,999

Achieva Early Intervention Department Ayco Charitable Foundation Charles R. Burke, Jr.* Caltronics National Carmody & Ging, Attorneys at Law Molly Curran Angela & Nick Deiuliis Amy Dolan Strano, Esq. Enterprise Fleet Services Gregory Fajt First National Bank LeeAnn Fulena, Esq. Giant Eagle Foundation Foster S. Goldman, Jr., Esq. Jerry & Lisa Goodrick

Achieva Family Trust* Allegheny County Bar Foundation AMCOM Office Systems Marsha & Alan Blanco Cable Hardwoods, Inc. Covestro LLC Bill Demchak Carolyn D. Duronio, Esq. DWD Portfolio Solutions, Inc. Gary & MaryLou Gegick Gary & Janet Grysiak Julian Gray Associates* Robert & Kathleen Lee

$1,000- $2,499


Stan Hasselbusch* Holly & Jared Hoff* Gary & Sharon Horner Edward & Suzanne Karlovich Sarah Keisel Teresa C. & W.P. Andrew Lee Thomas M. Lee Joseph & Denise Lumarda John S. Lynch Maher Duessel Leslie Offer Kylee Phaure* PPG Industries Foundation Presbyterian Women of Third Presbyterian Church Joshua & Kathryn Scott Jay Sellers Krutika Sharma Beth & John Shimshock Steve & Jody Spolar Sports Haven Bowl* Trust-Franklin Press Company United Way Contributor Choice* Rose Warman Michelle Wilden Jim Woll

$500 - $999 Helen Aldisert Andrew Aloe Peter & Kari Ashcroft Debra A. Berner Blackburn’s Pharmacy BNY Mellon Corporation Community Partnership* Tod & Christine Bryant James & Joyce Calhoun Alfred E. Jr. & Patricia A. Cambridge Combined Federal Campaign Emily Champion CIS Office Installers DG Group Architecture PLLC John & Renee Dickinson Balwant & Vidya Dixit Michael Dudkowski Daniel Gray et. al Duquesne Light* Nancy Gannon Joan Gibson Google Matching Gifts Program* Daniel Grealish Daniel A. Greenblatt* Mary A. Hartley Nat & Bettina Hess Carol & Thomas Hunley

Scott & Mary Lee Ishler Robert Kerr Deedra Knaus Melvin Kofsky & Dahlia G. Smith Kofsky Louis & Sherri Kostante William L. Krayer Margot Latchem* Jon Leimkuehler Louis & Kristin Montanti Patricia Morgan & Family W. Scott Morse Nancy & Joe Murray* Mutual of America Foundation Dr. Farida Nasr Smithfield Foods, Inc. ONEHOPE Suzanne L. Parks Philadelphia Insurance Company Steven Prelipp Joseph Progar Joseph Puglisi Sharon Richards* Cynthia & Jerome Richey Marc & Ilyssa RingoldUnangst Charitable Fund River Pediatric Therapies Rivers Casino Daniel Romanow Shayne & Elizabeth Roos Roger Rush

Dean & Kimberly Sailer Beth Stafura Michelle Stockunas Jodie Tabano George Tedesco Thermo Fisher Scientific* David Tinker* Julie Trbovich Triple B. Farms* Maureen Turo Rebecca Tyers-Brown Rob Unkovic E. M. Weatherwax Antenor & Nancy Willems Reid Wolfe Lori Wolff-Brucker & John Brucker United Way of the Piedmont*

$250 - $499 Anonymous Alliance for Infant & Toddlers* AmazonSmile Program* Meghan Anderson Alan Barnhart Judith E. Bass Deborah Berry* Clipped Wings Caroline & David Coats Roma Constantine


George & Kathleen Daniels Elliot Dater Eugene & Cynthia DeFrank Jonathan Delaney* Lauren DeLuca & Family Lou DiNardo Gary Euler Mike & Marianne Evans FedEx Corporation* Scott Flock Beth Fulena RoseAnn Fulena Gelman & Reisman, P.C. Joshua & Dana George Perry & Karen Giovannelli Donald Glaser, Jr. Debra Gold Joel B. Gold Thomas Hammons Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield Cynthia Hirsh Stephan Hubbard, CLU, ChFC Tom & Betty Jolly Dennis & Constance Kelly Robert Kelly Susan Kelly Keystone Environmental Solutions, LLC David A. Knorr Phyllis Kubey Catherine Lalonde*

Paul & Nancy Long Tony MacDonald Melwood Horticultural Training Center, Inc. Jennifer Moores Marte & Albert Novak Dr. & Mrs. Irving Oppenheim Matthew & Mary Ellen Oxenreiter Lucciena Petrella Joseph Piccini Pro Knitwear Luciana Randall* Nancy & Philip Rehberg Cherie River Brooks & Alexandra Robinson Jennifer Salamon* SBA Communications Corporation Chris A. Schopf Kevin Sebolt Shannock Valley Elementary School* Dr. Ron Shapiro & Mary Austin Carole & Mark Shepard Joan O. Shoemaker, Esq. Cynthia L Short Eda D. Simonsen Maria & Bob Smith John & Pamela Snodgrass

Claudia & Hudson Stoner David Thompson Three Rivers Corvette Club Ron Toncini & Lauren Toncini Travelers Jeff Trinca UnitedHealth Group* James & Mary Beth Veri Wesley Family Services* Justin & Danielle Witmer James & Catherine Wulf Ann Yeager William Ward, Esq.* Watson Institute*

Laura Amerman Michele Anderson Samantha Anderson Pennie Anderson Joseph S. Angelo Susan Apter Thomas & Virginia Arendas Laura Arnold Lori Ashby Association of Fundraising Professionals Palm Beach County Chapter, Inc. Paul Augustine Julia Averbach Melanie Babusci* Becky Baillie Michael Baker Up To $249 Linda Balsinger Anonymous (22)* Tom Balzer Gerald Abel Academy of Trial Lawyers* Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. Achieva Community John & Lisa Anne Barbour Supported Living Barcic Brothers Achieva Development Beverly Barkon Richard Elder Adams Nancy Barnhart Loy Adamy Cindy & Vincent Barsotti Catherine Aks Mark Bartman* Anthony Alfonsi Stacie Bartman* Patrick All Jon & Mary Beth Allegretti Zach Bartman* Walter Barton Michelle L. Amato Carol Barvinchak James Amberson Patty & George Basara Alexa Ambrosino* Kay Baumgartner

*Has donated to Autism Connection of PA

Amy Bayne John E. Beach* Cherrish Beals* Amanda Beasley* David M. Bechtold Amy Beck* John & Genevieve McNally Becker Alan & Nancy Bedell Eve Beglarian Barbara Bell Michele L. Bellisario Raymond & Cherina Belsick Loraine Beluschok, Rona Beluschok, & Scott Brown Christopher Belville Patrick Bend Beth Bennett* Sharon Berardelli Joy Berenfield Paul J. Berger Rabbi Jonathan Berkun Laura Berman Lois Bernstein Sharon Bible Lawrence Bier Hayes Biggs Gerard & Maureen Bigley Patricia Bihary Alexandria Billy* David Binder Amy Binin, Mark & Mia Delpriora

Bruce & Terri Bishop Robert Biskup* Arnab Guha Biswas Paul & Susan Blake Susan Blake Benjamin Blanco Terri Bohn Brucie Bolar Samantha Bolen Catherine Bostock-Hudy Jim & Karen Boston Barb Bova* Susan Bovan Alan Bowers Jim & Karen Boyd Lisa Boyd Thomas & Linda Boyle Carolyn Braden Jeff Bragdon Catherine Bramante Suzie Brashler* Richard & Karen Brean Dr. Jane Breck Bridgeville Appliance Lynda Brimage* Lynn Brimmeier* Megan Brimner* Amy Briner* Charles R Brodbeck Victoria Broniscer* Bethany Brown* Shelley Brown James & Shari Bruce

Jamie Bruce* Robie Bruesewitz Gwendolyn Brunasky David Bruner Lindsay M. Buchanan Tim Bunao Harvey Burgett Burke’s Heating & Cooling, Inc. Gloria Burlando Kathy Burr-Blood Howard & Carolyn Burrell James Burrows* Donald & Trudy Busch Robert & Tracy Bushkoff Jack Butler Paulette Butler* Dr. Nina Butler Melissa Bybee Larry H. Byrnes Emil Cable Tina Calabro Vicki Caldart* Robin Caldwell Carolin Campbell* Nicole Cannon* Sheila Cannon Bernard Caputo, Esq. Marissa Carcioppolo Mary Carraway Dan Caste Ruben Castillo Alicia Caufield


Alice J. Cavolo Colleen Cenk* Margaret Cessar Benjamin G. Chapman Raymond & Joann Chappell Charles & Mary Rose Chasler Chevron Vineet Chib* Kathy Childers-Brown Robert Chittister Mary Christie* Joanne Christopher Steven Cieslik* Ann Cipriani David Cipriani Michael Cipriani Tracy Cizauskas Stacey Cleary* Floyd & Tera Clutter Richard K Cobb Tim & Margaret Cocklin Rosemary K. Coffey David Cohen Columbus Jewish Foundation/Mindy & Mark Coffey Philanthropic Fund Deborah Comay Jean Comber Anne Comber Madison Mary Conner* Lucy Connolly


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Ray Frazer Kim Frazer Kerry Frech Melinda Freed Dr. Larry & Pauline Freedberg Christine Freeland Kelly Frey-Luhn George & Muriel L. Fritsch Todd Frizzell Robert & Ann Fronduti Thomas & Carol Frost Thomas Frost Justine Frye* Stephanie Fulena Victoria A Furmanek Camela Furry G. S. Jones Restoration & Consultation William E. Gabella Joy Gaetano Dr. Mark & Marian Gannon Barbara Gannon* Sandy Ganster Thomas & Anna Mae Garbe Robert & Tess Garber Lisa L. Garrett John Gasperin* Nicole Gasperin* Rosemary Gasperin* Stephen Gasperin* Timothy Gaus Elaine Gelb

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Zara Gerber, Charles Auslander, & Olivia Coffey Tom & Penny Gessner Barbara Giarrusso Charles Gibbons, Esq. Joseph Gibson Daniel Gilman Susana Gingerich* Andy Ginter Amy Gluck Stacey Glynn Vamshi Gogineni Laura Golar Shirley Goppman Rabbi Keren Gorban Tom Gorczynski Christine Gove Henry Grabkowitz Megan Grabski David & Cynthia Graf Marshall Graham Mark and Martha Greenblatt* Sharon & Danny Greenfield Barbara Gregory Erin Grimes Anneliese Grimm Louise Gritmon Michael & Patricia Gross Maureen Grote Marthe Groves Kristi Gruber Kelly Grudowski*

Shawn Guido Harry Gustafson Wanda Guthrie Kathleen Hackett Barbara Haddad Bernice Haines Jeanne Hairston* Deborah Hale* Sheila Hall* Aziza Hallaway Susan Hamilton Michael Hanko Katie Hanks* Christian Hanson Jeffrey Hantz, Esq. Margaret Hardon Daniel & Andrea Harkins Amy Hart* Kathy & Bill Hartman Jonathan Hashinger Blair & Gianine Haubrick Charles Haver Karen Hawkins John Haynes Dr. Helen M. Hazi Leo Heasley Christine Heckathorne Kevin Heider Thomas & Susan Heinricher Marian Heller Nicole Henshaw Paul & Naomi Herman Kathy Hettick

Michael Hickey* Mitch Hill* Nancy Hill Susan Hill Patsy Hillebrecht Marcine Hillman Michael Hills Robert & Patricia Hilpert Dale Himmler* Kathleen Hinkley Maureen Hirt Lori Hite John & Shirley Hlavaty Gail Hoak* Beth Hoegler Karen B. Hoesch Michael & Debbie Hohider Joseph Holliday Jill Hollingshead Barbara Holmes Crystal Holsopple* John M. Holt Jesse Holzer Herb & Lisa Homeyer Julie Homyak Dan Honan Keith & Katie Horner Elizabeth Hough* Jamie Hudzik & Peter Coughlin Bill Huffmyer Mary Ann & David Hughes Marvin & Shirley Huls

Melissa Hunt* Jacqueline Hunter Loretta Hurley Melanie Iam IBM Employee Services Center* Evan Indianer Susan Jackson Kimberly Jackson Mike Jacobs Romaine Janicki Dorothy Jannelli Linda Jaworski Willie Jenkins Susan Jennings* Jennifer C. Johnson, Esq. Patricia Johnson Dale & Elizabeth Johnson Jeff Johnston John & Angela Johnston Roberta Johnston David & Joy Jones Holly Josephs Michele Judkins Joyce Junecko Debra Kaclik Barbara & David Kalla Kevin & Mary L. Kambic Joshua Kamin George Kanakis Fay & Bob Kane Robert Kanterman Helen Karloski



Richard B. Kasdan Carol Kasnevich Adrienne Kaye Leslee L. Keenan Dennis & Linda Kellander Chaz Kellem Ed & Robyn Kelly Gretchen Kelly Ann Kelly* Patricia Kelly* Christine Kennedy Laura Kennedy Lorraine Kennedy* Kimberly Kenney Frank & A. Michelle Keys Carol Kinney Nancy Kirimli Francis & Rosanne Kirk Aaron Kirow* Aaron Kirsch Peter Kirschenbaum Kitchen & Bath Galleria Sarah Klaum Carmel Klein David Kleinhandler Wilma Knapp Knights of Columbus Jennie-Lynn Knox Dr. Mark & Ginny A. Koenig David & Marylee Kontoff Mary Koski* Nicholas Kotsonis Jackie Kovach

Kathy Kovalic Shelley & Scott Krall* Grant & Nicole Kraus Patricia Krause* Jamie Krieger* Betty & Bob Kripp Laura Krueger* Ann Krummer Andrea Kruppa* June Kuhn Diana Kukol Vince Kwisnek Joshua Lachini* Friends at Food from the Heart Khee Poh Lam Gregory Lamar Kim Lambert* Joseph Lantz Mike & Patty Lantzy Dr. Matthew J. Lanz Ron Lapsley Cynthia Laurash* George & Sally Lawry Sara-Michele Lazarus LearnedLeague, LLC Chris & Anna Leatherow Robin & Jeff Lebovitz PNC West Territory Business Banking Leadership Team Yer Lee Yang* Legend Financial

Debbie Leggens Edward Lehman Cayla Leichtenberger Marta Leinberger John Lemmex Cheryl Lenhart Wendy Lent Lynne N. & Michael Leu Sara Levine Janet Levitt Linda Levitt & Will Bland Brooke Lieb Toni Linder Kristen Link* Emily Anne Lippert* Allan Liska Nicole Liu Lesly Livengood Jerome Logero* Edward & Dolores Long Audrey Lott* Stephen Lotta* Erica & Doug Loughner Kelly & Chris Lovato Dr. Martin & Michelle J. Lubetsky* Antoinette Luchini, Esq. Allison Luptak* Nancy Lyman Steve & Sue A. Lynch Gregory & Rosalind Mack Jennifer Macmillan Patricia Madeja

Nicholas & Anne Mageras Christopher Magulick Mahla Office Furniture Daniel & Joyce Majestic Andrew Majorsky Alan Mallinger Leslie Malloy Kimberly Mangan* Donna Mangold* Gail Mangold* Bob & Nancy Manno Sarada Manzella* Kim Marchando Mariesten, L.P. Bonnie & Saul Markowitz Judith & Arthur Marks Judith Marquis Craig & Wendy Marshall Jill Martin Laurie Martin Roberta Maser* Rich Mason* Art Massimiani* Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Mastro Carolyn Maszczak* Kathleen Matesic Thomas & Patricia Mayer Kristin Mayes Pam Mazanek-Reight Jamie Mazzie Lisa Mcallister Ricky & Katherine McClintic

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Roxanne McCloy Charles & Cynthia McConnell Brian McCormic* Gina McCoy* Patricia McCullough Diane McDaniel* Jack, Beth & Luke McDonald Steve & Diana McDonell Patricia McElligott Brian McGeown Shirley McGinnis Matt McGrath Barbara L. McKenna Lauren McKenna Robert & Kay McLafferty* Sandra McMarlin Chris McMillion* Rebecca McNamara Beth Meinert Rebecca Meinert James Mellett Jacquelyn Mercer Tiffany Merovich-Winter* George & Toni Mesiarik Mandy E. Meyer Theodore Meyer Michael & Bridget Meyer Ada Maria Mezzich Michelle H. Lally, Esq. Microsoft Corporation* Ariel Middleton*

Chris & Katie Mielo Gerald Mielo Claire F Miley Angela Milkins* Carol Miller Ernie & Eileen Miller Patricia Miller* Jo Miller Alicia Miller* C.T. & Patricia Miller Joni Millstone Nancy Mion Amanda Missert* Frank & Elizabeth Mitolo Jennifer Moak* Arthur & Susan Moncini Kitty Monn* James & Susan Moore Douglas Moore Brian Moores Donald Morchesky Mary Morgan Dr. Edwin & Naomi Morgan Pat Morosetti Lorraine Morris Matthew Morrissey* Tammi Morton* Jerry Mote Korryn Mozisek* Jaime Munoz* Kathy Murphy* Kathy Murray Mary W. Murrin

Kathleen Murzynski Ann Myers Kristi Myers Sharon Myers* Anne Nally Gary Naser Janice Nathan* David & Kathryn Neil Bill Nemeth Network for Good* Anthony & Shelley Nicholas NiSource* Matthew Nordenhold* North Strabane Township Volunteer Fire Dept.* Ann Notovitz Corey Novak Sara Novak Mike Novick Diane Ober* Wendy O’Brien Timothy O’Connor Thomas & Jennifer O’Connor Dianne Oesterling Gary Ogg* Sarah Olexsak* Karen Olsen* Deborah Oneill* Michael & Anne Osborn Georga Osborne Jennifer Ottino Michael Page


Michelle Palm* Samantha Paolo Lisa Papenbrock Katherine Papini* Christine Pappas Stephen Parker Nancy Parker Neha Patel August & Mary Lee Payne Sheila Pearlman Hirt Sandra Pearson David Pearson* Lynn Pederson* Phyllis Peisakoff Michelle Penn-Nored Christopher Pepper Matthew Perkins Christina Perry* Wende Persons Mary Pescatore Gerald B. Peszko Melinda Petrich* Deb Pfeiffer Abby Phillips Amy Phillips Debbie & David Pill Allison Piper* Luis Plascencia Jacob Poling* Christine Porter* Valerie Porter Heather Posey Debra Poulter


Libby Powers Claudia Presser* Frank Pribilovich Jean Price* James Price Melissa Prohaska* Shane Propst Circus Saints & Sinners Kim Quinn* Linda Raimondi Lisa Raines Lisa Rajakovich Don Ramsey Mary R. Randal Eric Randall Marie Raney Stephanie Rantala Vanessa & Milos Rastovic Judith & Gary Rauch Alyshia Ravida Lisa and Dennis Razza Cecelia Reidler Concetta Reilsono Kurt Reinmiller* Mark & Gina Reinstadtler Debbie Reynolds Kelly Reynolds Margaret & Sherwood Richardson Thomas & Monica Rios Bert & Susan A. Rockman Beth Rom* Kenneth Rom*

Amy Roman-Clifton Ralph Romano Jim & Joan Rombach Adam Rosenbloom Peter & Sabina Rosenfeld Carol Rosenthal Elie & Joy Rosenthal Jared Rosenthal Joel Rosenthal Laura Rosenthal Reesa Rosenthal John & Donna F. Rosser Mark & Carol Roth Genny Rovnanik Joshua Rudin Sheila & Barry Rudin Christine Rudock Lindsay Ruggeri Rodney & Karen Rumbaugh Hollee Russell Bill & Kim Russo Ben Ryan Rebecca Rychorcewicz Michelle Rydzak* Joseph C. Rynn Joseph Rynn John Sacco Kimberly Sachse & Joseph Grimes Stephanie Sagan* Timothy Salopek Deb Salvin Doron Samuel-Siegel

Ernest Sanchez Lori Sanker Michelle Sanner Nancy Santucci Vanessa Satterlee* Michael Sauer* Daniel & Stuart Savitsky Gary Scalise Rose Marie Scalo Helen Schaefers Cory & John Schaffranek Lee Scheman Elise Schindler MaryEllen Schmidt Rodney Schmidt Barbara Schmitt Clare Schuler Burt Schuman Regina Sciullo Michael Scott* Aliza Seibert* Victoria Settino Michael Seymour Richard Shaeffer Juanita Shaffer Deborah Shapira Mark Shapiro Steven Shattuck James & Catherine Shea* Ballard & Betty Jane Shelton* Shannon Shields* Emily Shirley*

Louis Shorter* Margarita Shulkina Paul Siebert Jon Sieg Silhol Builders Supply Lisa & Steve Silverman Paula & Vincent Silvestri Melissa Simmons* Joyce Simons* Megan Sinagoga* Chris Sipes* Michelle & Bob Sipple Joe & Eileen Sisca Melissa & Gary Skiffen Robert Slater Katherine, Richard, & Kevin Slavic Brigid Slepinski* Gregory Small Leslie Smith Curtis Smith Angela Smith* Michelle Smyers Sue Snider Elizabeth Sniffen Kirsten Sollek Nick Song Flo & Art Sonnenklar Stuart & Murial Spitz Christine Spolar Charles Sprawls Paul & Janice Sproull Squirrel Hill Flower Shop

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St. Clair Country Club Randi Starr Rachael Moynihan Tracey Stayduhar The Stefaniak-Lindert Family Carolyn Steglich Michael Steinberger Aaron & Lisa Steinfeld Patti Stetz Lance Stewart Erin Stinner Helen Stombaugh Dorothy Stone Bohdan Stone William & Karen Stotler Ann Stuart* Raymond Stultz Kim Sulkava Josephine Sullivan Scott Suprynowicz G. Suroviec Laura Suroviec Lon E. Susack Delaine Swearman* Joann Swearman* Diane Sweeney Elaine Sweitzer Tammy Szramowski* Ankur Tandon Jeana Tao Michele Tapper* Joseph & Mary Lou Tarara

Barbara Taylor Shelly Taylor Kathleen & Colin Temme Gary Teti The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh* The Duckworth Haggerty Group at Merrill Lynch Arun Thomas Carol Thompson Alexander Thomson Joanne Thornburg John & Sharon Thornburgh Threadbare Cider House & Meadery* Thomas & Susan Tihey Robert & Linda Timko Benjamin Tinker Donald & Hope Tinker Linda Tobin Marisa Tokarsky Bill Tomlinson William E. Torbich Brian Torchia James Tortella Marilyn Townsend Sandra Toy Bill Trafka Jennifer Travis Theodore Trbovich, Esq. Pamela Treadway Tresco Paving Corp. Wayne Trochesset

Taylor & Lois Troiano Truist Dan & Lorraine Turkall Stephanie Twigg* United Way of Southwestern PA Universal Stainless* Randy Uram Donna & Robert Urban, Jr. Value Behavioral Health of PA/Beacon Health Options Frances Varacalli* Patrick J. Veri Albert & Pamela Vernacchio ViacomCBS* Darlene Viggiano Vanna Vigoureux Eric & Brenda Vogel-Davis Cecelia Volk Mark Wagstrom Blythe Walker Melissa & Robert Walls* Andrew Walsh* Kevin & Mary Beth Walsh Angela Walter* Rebecca Ward Mariellen Warvell Ed & Kathy Watson Peggie Watson Paula & Malcolm Webster* Leigh-Anne Weiss* Travis & Melanie Wellner


Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gifts Program Eric & Becky Welsh Maureen Welsh* Lynne Wester Katie Whitlatch Shannon Whitney Ellen Widawsky Andrew Wienczkowski* Donald & Renee Willhoite Jonathan Williams Stephen Willing* Tess Wilson Elliott Wilson Jacqueline Wilson Sarah Wilson* Kathryn Wilt Alan & Maureen Wirth* Mike Wiseman* Wayne Withrow Gary & Denise Wobb Karen & Fred Woelfel Melinda Wolfe* Arlene Wolk Dwight & Ellen Worthy Courtney Wrobel Darlene Yanakos* Anne & David Young Zyprian & Sue Yusavage Melissa Yzquierdo* Jillian Zacks Michael & Jan Zebert


Izzy Zehner Michele L Zerr Zihmer Law Firm William Zilcosky Georg & Mary Zillich Bernard Zitomer Ronald Zolkowski Janet Zombek Tammy Zonker Zugec Family Ronnie Zuhlke

In Honor of In honor of the Achieva employees who assist Peter and thousands of others Ginny Thornburgh In honor of Helen Aldisert Linda Levitt & Will Bland In honor of Austin and Sophie Stephanie Feth* In honor of TerriAnne Fish Barker Amy Bayne Sheila Cannon Dan Honan

In honor of Heather Barto Lorraine Kennedy*

In honor of Kevin Matthew Dunn Joy Gaetano*

In honor of Lesley Beasom Walter Barton In honor of Amy Fischer Dahlia G. Smith Kofsky In honor of Becky Bihary Patricia Bihary In honor of Debra Fischer Dahlia G. Smith Kofsky In honor of William M. Blatz In honor of Jessica Fischer Marcine Hillman Dahlia G Smith Kofsky In honor of Chip Burke Beth Rim* In honor of Margaret Burrows James Burrows* In honor of Dave Cipriani Ann Cipriani David Cipriani Michael Cipriani Ron Lapsley In honor of Olivia Coffey Dahlia G. Smith Kofsky In honor of Matt Cliff Drischler Judith & Gary Rauch

In honor of Thomas P. & Margaret C. Foley Mary Morgan In honor of Erin Gannon Jane A. Eck

In honor of Sharon Greenfield Lois Bernstein In honor of Benjamin Grysiak Gary & Janet Grysiak In honor of Amy Guthrie Wanda Guthrie In honor of Sophie Hart Amy Hart* In honor of Dylan Hendrick Megan Sinagoga*

In honor of Pat Kennedy: Contribution from the In honor of Nancy Gannon Pat Kennedy Open Wilma Knapp Mike & Marianne Evans Thomas Frost In honor of David Gerber Gary & Mary Lou Gegick Dahlia G. Smith Kofsky Margaret Gegick Laura Kennedy In honor of Joshua Gerber Nicholas Levergood Dahlia G. Smith Kofsky Colleen Lindow Cecelia Reidler In honor of Zara Gerber Jim & Mary Beth Veri Dahlia G. Smith Kofsky Keith & Nancy Wellmon

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In honor of Niki Kofsky Dahlia G. Smith Kofsky In honor of Phyllis Kubey Richard Elder Adams Catherine Aks Paul Augustine Kay Baumgartner Eve Beglarian Hayes Biggs Catherine Bostock-Hudy Susan Bovan Alan Bowers Carolyn Braden Shelley Brown David Bruner Harvey Burgett Kathy Burr-Blood Melissa Bybee Kathy Childers-Brown Lucy Connolly Stephen Corrsin Carolyn Cosco Chris Creaghan Cunningham Tony Dillon Terry Durkin Michele Eaton Kelly Erb Lenora Eve Vicki Ferrantello Christine Freeland Todd Frizzell

Thomas & Carol Frost Amy Gluck Laura Golar Tom Gorczynski Louise Gritmon Michael Hanko Karen Hawkins Kathy Hettick Jeff Johnston Helen Karloski Christine Kennedy Jackie Kovach Ann Krummer Gregory Lamar Brooke Lieb Lesly Livengood Nancy Lyman Jennifer Macmillan Lisa McAllister Nancy Mion Ann Myers Bill Nemeth Mike Novick Georga Osborne Wende Persons Amy Phillips Luis Plascencia Heather Posey Pam Mazanek-Reight Mark Shapiro Elizabeth Sniffen Kirsten Sollek Charles Sprawls


Michael Steinberger Dorothy Stone Kim Sulkava Shelly Taylor Carol Thompson Alexander Thomson Linda Tobin Bill Trafka Jeff Trinca Vanna Vigoureux Mark Wagstrom Blythe Walker

In honor of Gary Naser Gary Naser

In honor of Lioness Fit Pittsburgh & the Zumba Squad Lynda Brimage*

In honor of Marte Novak Lynn Evans Bill Huffmyer Debra Kaclik Kathleen Matesic Lisa Raines Amy Roman-Clifton Elise Schindler Dave Tinker Sandra Toy

In honor of Jeran Lundy UnitedHealth Group* In honor of LVRx Pharmacy Anonymous In honor of Mike & Bridget Meyer Mandy E. Meyer In honor of Alan Milliner Ada Milliner*

In honor of Erin & Ethan Nash Claudia Presser* In honor of Nick Jerome Logero* In honor of Noah Andrea Kruppa*

In honor of Aidan, Collin & Tristan O’Connor Tom & Jennifer O’Connor In honor of Sophia Ogiso Dahlia G. Smith Kofsky In honor of the Peri Family Marta Leinberger


In honor of Gregory Peszko Gerald B. Peszko In honor of Lu Randall MJ Crane* Nancy & Joe Murray* In honor of Lisa Razza Alan Barnhart Nancy Barnhart Amy Jo Edwards Jessica Evon Michael & Debbie Hohider Roxanne McCloy Marte Novak Don Ramsey Marie Raney In honor of Recognition of Excellence Dr. Martin & Michelle J. Lubetsky* In honor of David Redl LearnedLeague, LLC

In honor of Diane Rosenthal’s 60th Birthday Sheila Pearlman Hirt In honor of Michele Rosenthal Mary W. Murrin In honor of Reesa Rosenthal Laura Arnold Laura Berman David Binder Melinda Freed Stacey Glynn Melanie Iam Holly Josephs Toni Linder Brian McGeown Joni Millstone Carol Rosenthal Joel Rosenthal Laura Rosenthal Lee Scheman Burt Schuman Ronnie Zuhlke

In honor of Cecil & David Rosenthal’s Birthdays In honor of Ronna Rubin Sharon & Danny Greenfield Shirley Goppman

In honor of Ina Sable Robert & Tracy Bushkoff In honor of Roman Salamon Marylou Einloth* Donna Mangold* Gail Mangold* In honor of Jessica Schraeter Dahlia G. Smith Kofsky

In honor of Jason Snyder’s Awesome Bike Ride Charles Burke* In honor of Emanuel “Junior” Spencer Nancy Parker In honor of Jody and Stephen Spolar Mark & Carole Shepard Christine Spolar

In honor of Margaret Scott In honor of Jeanne Stokes Dahlia G. Smith Kofsky Georg & Mary Zillich In honor of Matt Scott Bohdan Stone

In honor of Grant Stoner Claudia & Hudson Stoner

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In honor of Jodie Tabano David Tinker

In honor of Jeremy Shapira In honor of WeeAm Deborah Shapira Tarabishi Dr. Farida Nasr In honor of Jessica Simon Joyce Simons* In honor of the Staff of Autism Connection In honor of Nicole Cannon* Charlotte Sivley Lisa Eccles*

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In honor of Charles Wallace whose art has flourished because of Achieva Anonymous In honor of Dave & Joan Weiss Leigh-Anne Weiss* In honor of Amy Wilden Michelle Wilden

In Memory of

In memory of Austin Bible Sharon Bible In memory of Andrea Buranosky John & Donna F. Rosser In memory of Rebecca Burrell Howard & Carolyn Burrell In memory of Myron & Jean Bushnick Janice Nathan*

In memory of In memory of Joe & Marcella Apter Ann Cavolo Linda & Foster S. Goldman, Alice J. Cavolo Jr., Esq. In memory of In memory of Dorothy Ronnie Chiurazzi Auslander & Joseph Gerard & Maureen Bigley Auslander Melvin Kofsky In memory of Dahlia G. Smith Kofsky Malkah Cohen Flo & Art Sonnenklar In memory of Judy Bales Jodie Tabano In memory of John Conty Romaine Janicki In memory of Bobby Baratta Thomas & Susan Tihey


In memory of Mark Cunningham Marvin & Shirley Huls Francis & Rosanne Kirk Friends at Food from the Heart Charles & Cynthia McConnell Timothy Salopek Helen Stombaugh Joseph & Mary Lou Tarara In memory of Dale Anne DeLuca Lauren DeLuca & Family SBA Communications Corporation In memory of Brian Demchak Marie Demchak In memory of Albert DeNardis Anonymous Eda D. Simonsen In memory of Linda Dickerson Marsha & Alan Blanco Nancy & Joe Murray David Tinker


In memory of In memory of Laura Barry Dietrich L. Gibson Linda & Foster S. Goldman, DG Group Architecture Jr., Esq. PLLC In memory of David Dinkin Elie & Joy Rosenthal In memory of Matthew Durham Joe & Carol Durham In memory of Girard Evashavik Academy of Trial Lawyers* Susan & Al Feczko* Barbara Gannon* Melissa Hunt* Gary Ogg* Kim Quinn*

In memory of Robert J. Hilpert Robert & Patricia Hilpert

In memory of In memory of Ann Graham Frances Jannelli Marshall Graham Dorothy Jannelli In memory of Sophie In memory of Greenblatt Bill Kennedy Mark & Martha Greenblatt* Mike & Marianne Enid Pritikin* Kennedy Evans In memory of Alan Greenwald Elie & Joy Rosenthal In memory of Mimi Hayes Charles Haver

In memory of Anne Hazlett In memory of Chuck Fisher Tim & Margaret Cocklin Zara Gerber, Charles Shawn Guido Auslander, & Olivia Coffey Harry Gustafson Laurie Martin In memory of Julia Flood Christine Pappas Timothy O’Connor Genny Rovnanik Rose Marie Scalo In memory of Dr. Abraham Rose Warman Friedman Kathryn Wilt Elie & Joy Rosenthal

In memory of Gen Kennedy Mike & Marianne Kennedy Evans In memory of Mary Pat Kennedy John & Genevieve McNally Becker Bruce & Terri Bishop Lisa Boyd Emily Champion The DeRoss Family Mike & Marianne Kennedy Evans Christa Fandel Dr. Larry & Pauline & Freedberg Gary & Mary Lou Gegick

Tom & Penny Gessner Joseph Gibson Michael & Patricia Gross Daniel & Andrea Harkins Dale & Elizabeth Johnson David & Joy Jones Carol Kinney Mike & Patty Lantzy Legend Financial Sara Levine Thomas & Patricia Mayer Ricky & Katherine Mcclintic W. Scott Morse Joseph C. Rynn Joseph Rynn Kimberly Sachse & Joseph Grimes Nancy Santucci Eda D. Simonsen & Clara DeNardis Stephen Suroviec Diane Sweeney Kathleen & Colin Temme Marilyn Townsend In memory of Patricia A. King Elie & Joy Rosenthal In memory of Lt. Colonel William Knaus, U.S. Army Deedra Knaus

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In memory of Lawrence Kubey Amy Binin Caroline & David Coats Mark & Mia Delpriora Diana Erbsen Marian Heller Barbara L McKenna Lauren McKenna Debra Poulter Concetta Reilsono

In memory of Timothy Madeja Patricia Madeja

Dennis & Linda Kellander Frank & A. Michelle Keys Carmel Klein Gregory & Rosalind Mack In memory of Andrew Majorsky Cathy Martin Bob & Nancy Manno Victoria A Furmanek Claire F. Miley Rachael Moynihan In memory of David & Kathryn Neil Reginald Mathis Mary Pescatore Duquesne Light Company* Jim & Joan Rombach Jeanne Hairston* Rodney & Karen Rumbaugh In memory of Sarah Olexsak* Patrick Kulick In memory of Elie & Joy Rosenthal In memory of James M. Gertrude Mellett “Mick” McLaughlin James Mellett In memory of Maria Lee Darlene Viggiano & Dr. Robert E. Lee In memory of Kathleen Lee In memory of George & Dr. Herbert Mendelson Josephine & Meholic Aaron Kirsch In memory of Frances Loraine Beluschok Levy Birshtein Rona Beluschok In memory of Roni Linda & Foster S. Goldman, Scott Brown James Millstine Jr., Esq. Anonymous* In memory of Susan Dodds* In memory of Josephine Meholic Marvin Lieber James Amberson In memory of Dan Morgan Linda & Foster S. Goldman, Raymond & Cherina Belsick Loy Adamy Jr., Esq. John F. Dalton & Kimberly Jon & Mary Beth Allegretti E. Maciejewski Andrew Aloe In memory of Helen Della Vecchia Linda Balsinger Weston Lopez Camela Furry Jim & Karen Boyd Elie & Joy Rosenthal Catherine Bramante


Charles R Brodbeck Donald & Trudy Busch Marissa Carcioppolo Mary Carraway Dan Caste Richard K. Cobb Jean Comber Anne Comber Madison Louis Cosentino James & Susan Dombrosky Virginia Douds Thomas & Elizabeth Durr Mary Federle D. Michael & Carol Fisher Joseph & Mary Francis Robert & Ann Fronduti Dr. Mark & Marian Gannon Nancy Gannon Daniel Grealish Maureen Grote Kathleen Hackett Kathy & Bill Hartman Paul & Naomi Herman Kathleen Hinkley Julie Homyak David & Mary Hughes Carol & Thomas Hunley Fay & Bob Kane Ed & Robyn Kelly Betty & Bob Kripp Dr. Matthew J. Lanz PNC Foundation


PNC West Territory Business Banking Leadership Team Jon Leimkuehler Cheryl Lenhart Daniel & Joyce Majestic Craig & Wendy Marshall Shirley McGinnis James & Susan Moore Dr. Edwin & Naomi Morgan Naomi Morgan, Katherine & Theresa Patricia Morgan & Family Kathy Murray Nancy & Joe Murray Anne Nally Wendy O’Brien Jennifer Ottino Circus Saints & Sinners Mary R. Randal Stephanie Rantala Margaret & Sherwood Richardson Bill & Kim Russo MaryEllen Schmidt Barbara Schmitt Michael Seymour Richard Shaeffer Lisa & Steve Silverman Katherine, Richard, & Kevin Slavic Michelle Smyers

St. Clair Country Club St. Clair Country Club Book Club Tracey Stayduhar Lon E. Susack Elaine Sweitzer Jeana Tao Brian Torchia Kevin & Mary Beth Walsh Karen & Fred Woelfel Dwight & Ellen Worthy Anne & David Young Izzy Zehner Janet Zombek

In memory of Kim Potts Debra A. Berner

Cynthia & Jerome Richey Marie & Bob Smith

In memory of Linda Pribilovich Frank Pribilovich

In memory of Jack Reilsono Steve & Diana McDonell Bob & Maria Smith

In memory of Arlene Puchi Barbara Graham* North Strabane Township Volunteer Fire Department* Universal Stainless & Alloy Products*

In memory of Hall Rhyne Shayne Roos

In memory of Antoinette Naser In memory of Thomas & Virginia Arendas Andrew Randolph Frank & Elizabeth Mitolo Helen Aldisert August & Mary Lee Payne Lang Krayer Robert Slater In memory of Donald & Renee Willhoite Patricia Nelligan Cynthia Laurash* In memory of Robert D. Randolph In memory of Mary Helen Aldisert Nowacki Gorski Marsha & Alan Blanco Clipped Wings Thomas & Linda Boyle Jeff Bragdon In memory of Bob Perwein David & Marylee Kontoff Elie & Joy Rosenthal William L. Krayer Nancy & Joe Murray

In memory of Cecil and David Rosenthal Gary Euler Maureen Hirt Robin & Jeff Lebovitz Judith & Arthur Marks Michael Page Paula & Vincent Silvestri Arlene Wolk Courtney Wrobel In memory of Rosemary Rynn James & Mary Beth Veri In memory of Rochele Santman James & Mary Beth Veri Richard & Karen Brean Janet Levitt Bonnie & Saul Markowitz

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Dr. & Mrs. Irving Oppenheim Phyllis Peisakoff

In memory of Leah Stinsa’s Father Elie & Joy Rosenthal

In memory of Barbara In memory of Schreiber Gene Strassburger Linda & Foster S. Goldman, Linda & Foster S. Goldman, Jr., Esq. Jr., Esq. In memory of Regis Short Marsha & Alan Blanco Christopher Magulick Steve & Diana McDonell Arthur & Susan Moncini Brian Moores Jennifer Moores PPG Industries Foundation Cynthia Short Robert & Linda Timko Ed & Kathy Watson In memory of Alexis Rae Shuey Susana Gingerich* In memory of Steven Siegel Doron Samuel-Siegel

In memory of Mary Stultz Raymond Stultz In memory of Dick Thornburgh Helen Aldisert Benjamin G. Chapman Linda & Foster S. Goldman, Jr., Esq. Ginny Thornburgh Anthony & Shelley Nicholas Taylor & Lois Troiano In memory of Dorothy Toncini Anthony & Shelley Nicholas Taylor & Lois Troiano

In memory of Matthew Trueblood In memory of Barry Smith Kristi Gruber Elie & Joy Rosenthal

In memory of John M. Tuite Michelle Rydzak*


Lois Bernstein Lawrence Bier Samantha Bolen Jim & Karen Boston In memory of Janie Robert & Tracy Bushkoff Williams Jack Butler Catherine A Williams Margaret Cessar Columbus Jewish In memory of Foundation/Mindy James Wilson & Mark Coffey Clipped Wings Philanthropic Fund Roma Constantine In memory of Mary Molly Curran Margaret “Margy” Michael & Julie Dever Woeber Carla Devlin Linda & Foster S. Goldman, John & Renee Dickinson Jr., Esq. Lou DiNardo Michael Dudkowski In memory of Timothy Tracey Fox P. Wolfe Ray Frazer Melinda Wolfe* Beth Fulena Gary & Melinda Wolfe* LeeAnn Fulena, Esq. RoseAnn Fulena Restricted to the Cecil Stephanie Fulena and David Rosenthal Robert & Tess Garber Memorial Fund Gary & MaryLou Gegick Anonymous Joshua & Dana George Anthony Alfonsi Jerry & Lisa Goodrick Peter & Kari Ashcroft Sharon & Danny Greenfield Association of Fundraising Gary & Janet Grysiak Professionals Palm Beach Margaret Hardon County Chapter, Inc Nicole Henshaw Joy Berenfield Susan Hill


Rosenthal Family Holly & Jared Hoff Gary & Sharon Horner Keith & Katie Horner Mike Jacobs Barbara & David Kalla Sarah Keisel David Kleinhandler Robin & Jeff Lebovitz Legend Financial Marta Leinberger Dr. Martin & Michelle J. Lubetsky John S Lynch Lauren & Alan Mallinger Leslie Malloy Patricia McElligott

Pat Morosetti Mary W Murrin Kristi Myers David & Kathryn Neil Ann Notovitz Marte Novak Alexander & Linda Orbach Sheila Pearlman Hirt Sandra Pearson Michelle Penn-Nored Debbie & David Pill Steven Prelipp Pro Knitwear Joseph Puglisi Debbie Reynolds Sharon Richards Mary Richter, CPA

Shayne & Elizabeth Roos Adam Rosenbloom Elie & Joy Rosenthal Jared Rosenthal The Rosenthal Family Sheila & Barry Rudin Joshua Rudin Chris A. Schopf Joshua & Kathryn Scott Kevin Sebolt Jeremy Shapira Krutika Sharma Mark & Carole Shepard Shannon Shields Cynthia L. Short Margarita Shulkina Paula & Vincent Silvestri

Leslie Smith The Lindert Family The Stefaniak Family Aaron & Lisa Steinfeld Michelle Stockunas Jodie Tabano Dave Tinker Rebecca Tyers United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania Randy Uram James & Mary Beth Veri William Ward, Esq. Rose Warman Eric & Becky Welsh David J. Williams Arlene Wolk

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The Achieva Legacy Society The Achieva Legacy Society recognizes people who have included Achieva in their will or estate plans. Everyone who has included Achieva in their will is welcome to join the Legacy Society, regardless of the amount. By leaving a charitable bequest to Achieva, you could help make sure that Achieva advocacy, supports, and services are around in the future for people with disabilities and their families. If you have included Achieva in your estate plans, please contact Dave Tinker to join the Legacy Society. Dave is also happy to speak with you or your financial adviser about including Achieva in your estate plans. Contact: Dave Tinker, CFRE, FAFP Vice President of Advancement 412.995.5000 x 436


Save The Date Saturday, March 19, 2022

Achieva’s Pittsburgh Promenade Auction

Set sail with Achieva during our tropical-themed event. Proceeds benefit the children and adults who turn to Achieva for services and supports. For more information, contact Jodie Tabano at 412.995.5000 x526 or

Monday, September 19, 2022

Achieva’s 24th Annual Million Dollar Golf Outing Join us for golf and prizes at Valley Brook Country Club’s pristine 27-hole course. To become a sponsor or participate, contact Jodie Tabano at 412.995.5000 x526 or

achieva’s 24th Annual

20 22 Million Dollar


Monday, December 5, 2022 Achieva’s Awards of Excellence

The annual event honors a group of extraordinary people that go above and beyond on behalf of people with disabilities. For additional information or to nominate someone, contact Peggie Watson at 412.995.5000 x420 or

Awards of Excellence

All events will be adjusted as needed in order to meet state and federal guidelines regarding COVID-19. Please refer to Achieva’s website for current event details at

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Two of VaultArt Studio’s artists were recently highlighted in Pittsburgh area publications.

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July 1, 2022 5-Year Anniversary Exhibition Darian Johnson City Paper cover | 10.2021

Maggie Kambic Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | 12.2021

When my daughter was born, the doctors told me to manage expectations. Never in a million years did I think I’d be talking to reporters about her career. Thank you Achieva. It’s overwhelming. Kevin Kambic

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