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Helping Nonprofits Help Arkansas

April 2013

Is Your Board on the Right Track?

Arkansas Coalition for Excellence: Helping Nonprofits Help Arkansas We are proud to work with you to achieve ACE’s mission and vision together: Mission: Strengthen Arkansas Nonprofits Vision: A strong, vibrant, united and effective nonprofit sector that is well positioned to meet the diverse needs of all Arkansans. Our Core Values: Best Practices |Inclusive | Unity in Diversity | Connecting & Equipping | Statewide Vision | Regional Approach

The Founding Board of Directors of the Arkansas Charities for Excellence which would become the Arkansas Coalition for Excellence (ACE).


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GREETINGS FROM ACE Dear Members and Friends, of ACE, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead In our sector, has there ever been a quote more cited than this one? I doubt it. The reason we use it so often is because it is, in fact, a truth about the work we do and how we do it. This belief is rooted in our country’s very founding and it continues to this day. You can see it in the large increase in U.S. nonprofits. You can see it in our membership with 19% of them having budgets less than $25,000 as they work to realize a dream. You can see it in the growth of how social media is used in philanthropy and social change movements. All of this work started with a passion and a commitment to make something better in our world. It is a uniquely American approach – this “can do-ism.” However, “can-do-ism” alone can only get you so far. In the nonprofit world, the small group of thoughtful, committed citizens that wants to change the world starts with a Board of Directors. Many of us fret, worry, and cajole our boards along (not me, of course, I have the best Board of Directors on the planet) with not much result. We notice our colleagues’ boards functioning at a much higher level than our own. How do they do it? Some organizations are just plain lucky in who they recruit and how their boards function, for the rest of us, we have to work diligently to make it happen. It can be done. I invite you to attend our one-day Board Institute, Creating a Highly Effective Board: Six Questions Every Nonprofit Leader Should Ask on Thursday, May 9th from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the University of Central Arkansas. Lead by former BoardSource Vice-President, and a nationally known expert in her own right, Susan Meier, will present a lively day focused on the critical issues of board engagement and effective governance. This is a rare opportunity for Arkansas nonprofit board leaders and executives. Having worked with Susan for nearly 30 years, I guarantee you won’t think of your board in the same way AND you will walk away with concrete tips and possibly, a new direction for your “small group of committed citizens” trying to change the world Sincerely, Stephanie F. Meincke, MSW President & CEO

Arkansas Coalition for Excellence | 200 River Market Avenue, Suite 100 | Little Rock, AR 72201 | 501.375.1223 |


UPCOMING TRAINING, EVENTS &PROGRAMS HEALTH CARE REFORM: How Does the Affordable Care Act Affect Small Employers and Their Employees? Presented by: Joshua Osborne, Friday, Eldredge & Clark The purpose of this seminar is to provide an overview of the impact that health care reform will have on small employers and their employees. Specific topics to be discussed include:

1. The meaning of a “small employer� for purposes of the rule 2. General requirements that will apply to all group health plans in the small group market 3. Availability of the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit 4. Health Exchanges and the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) 5. The Individual Mandate (i.e., the penalty for failing to have health coverage)

Thursday, May 2 Hosted in partnership with 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Arkansas Community Foundation Cost: Free for ACE Members and Nonmembers Register Here

Building Capacity with Pro Bono Presented by: Aaron Hurst, Taproot Foundation and Rachael Chong, Catchafire in partnership with the National Council of Nonprofits Thursday, April 25 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Conference Call Cost: Free for ACE Members Only Are you an ACE Member? Click Here Register Here

Arkansas Coalition for Excellence | 200 River Market Avenue, Suite 100 | Little Rock, AR 72201 | 501.375.1223 |


ACE Welcomes Nonprofit Board Expert Susan Meier to Arkansas Does your typical board meeting tend to resemble a day in Congress (lots of talk but little action)? Do a few board members tend to do most of the work? If any of these scenarios resonate with you, join us for a day of interactive learning on how high performing boards are effectively engaging their board members in 2013. This interactive day will offer best practices, tools and the opportunity to: Discuss how boards can strategically recruit people who can move their organizations forward Explore where governance stops and management begin Re-design board meetings to make them more effective, engaging, and productive Address how to tackle common fundraising challenges embedded in many boardrooms Explore the often-overlooked issue of culture in the boardroom

Thursday, May 9 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. UCA, Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center Cost: ACE Member $65, Non-Member $95 (Lunch and parking pass provided) Register Here Sponsored by: Delta Trust Investments, Inc. | Hudson Cisne & Co. LLP

Arkansas Arkansas Coalition Coalition for Excellence for Excellence | 200 River | 200 Market River Avenue, Market Suite Avenue, 100 | Suite Little100 Rock, | Little AR Rock, 72201 AR | 501.375.1223 72201 | 501.375.1223 | |


ACE Exclusive: The Basics of Online Fundraising for Nonprofits Discover how to harness the power of the internet for fundraising by tapping into the expertise of Firespring – a company that has conducted more than 10 years of focus group research with nonprofit constituents and donors. You’ll learn: · · · · ·

the advantages of raising funds online; key reasons for donor abandonment; how to build a strong donor retention plan; specific action steps to achieving online fundraising success real-world examples of nonprofit success

About the Speaker: Jay Wilkinson is the founder and CEO of Firespring, a Nebraskabased marketing and internet services company with more than 3,000 clients on 5 continents. Jay has educated thousands on topics ranging from marketing to technology to the internet. As a board member of several nonprofits, he understands the importance of utilizing the web as a tool to communicate and build relationships with constituents. He has appeared on CNN and other news programs discussing how emerging technologies affect nonprofits and is considered a leading authority on the proper use of the web as a tool to enhance the core mission of any enterprise.

Wednesday, May 1 9:30 a.m.- 11:00 a.m. Cost: Free for ACE Members Only (Are you an ACE Member? Click Here) Register Here

Certified Volunteer Manager Program Applications are now being accepted for the 2013-2014 Certified Volunteer Manager program offered by APAC, the Arkansas Public Administration Consortium. The CVM program is designed to heighten awareness of the issues involved in managing volunteers while fostering professional excellence in volunteer management. Participants in the CVM program complete six (6) two-day workshops over a sevenmonth time frame. Applications must be received by APAC no later than Friday, August 16, 2013. Due to limited space, you are encouraged to send your application to APAC as soon as possible. Click here for more information and to download an application.

Arkansas Coalition for Excellence | 200 River Market Avenue, Suite 100 | Little Rock, AR 72201 | 501.375.1223 |



MEMBERSHIP New and Renewing Members Stuttgart Recovery and Help Center, Stuttgart - New; Charitable Christian Medical Clinic, Hot Springs - New; Alita Mantels, Little Rock New; Arkansas Jazz Heritage Foundation/Arkansas Jazz Hall of Fame, Little Rock - New; Helping Hands of Winchester, Winchester United Way of Southeast Arkansas, Pine Bluff; Agape House, Paragould - New; Benton County Sunshine School, Rogers: Houseaboutit, Little Rock ; Williams & Anderson, PLC ,Little Rock ; PACES, Jonesboro

Want to join our coalition of 350 members dedicated to strengthening the nonprofit sector ? Contact Rebecca at 501.375.1223 or email

Member of the Month: Safe Haven Safe Haven Shelter for Women and Children, a 501(c)(3) charity, opened their door to homeless women and children at their facility at 110 High Rise Circle on April 1, 2013 with a vision to provide hope for homeless women and children in a safe and nurturing environment of dignity, respect and compassion. The shelter is dedicated to meeting the basic human needs of food and shelter for our most vulnerable population-the homeless women and children in the Hot Springs area. Our greatest desire for the women and children we serve is to address the root problems that perpetuate the cycle of poverty and homelessness, to see the women and children we serve gain stability, renew hope and empower themselves so they may leave shelter life behind and prosper in the community. According to the January 20, 2013 Point in Time Count in Hot Springs, the fastest growing segment of homeless citizens is families. The Point in Time count established that there are 276 children in the county who can be identified as homeless. Safe Haven Executive Director Keila Patton is busy taking in women and their children on a daily basis. “One of the things I have noticed is most of these women have never had anything nice. When I opened the cabinet with personal care items for a young mother, and later took her to the thrift shop to select an outfit to wear for a job interview, she said she had never had anything so nice or been treated so well. She also said her room with her young babies was the prettiest she had ever seen.” Patton continued, “It is being able to provide things like this that gives these women hope that they can have a better life for themselves and their children.” Patton also said, ”We are fortunate to have a great group of volunteers who help with every aspect of the shelter. They also staff our thrift shop at South Park Shopping Center, next to the Kutting Krew.” Chairman of the Board Steve Willis is the current pastor of First Christian Church in Hot Springs. He has a master’s degree in counseling and has operated a homeless shelter in Louisiana. He stated “I feel a calling to help the homeless women and children in our community. When I arrived in Hot Springs two years ago to pastor First Christian, I found a woman wrapped in a blanket huddled in the bushes by the church. She did not fit the criteria of any facility in the area, and I was finally able to send her to a shelter in Shreveport Louisiana.” “ The shelter is in need of continued funding in order to reach the potential that we want for these women,” continued Willis, “ such as job training, access to GED training and testing, counseling, and other activities that will give them an opportunity for a brighter future for themselves and their children.” For further information or to donate to Safe Haven, please call Keila Patton at 501-276-7750.

Arkansas Coalition for Excellence | 200 River Market Avenue, Suite 100 | Little Rock, AR 72201 | 501.375.1223 |


ADVOCACY UPDATES President’s Budget Proposal Released The Obama Administration released its proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2014 on April 10. The proposal is not expected to change actions on Capitol Hill, in part because it was submitted after both the House and the Senate had already adopted their own separate Budget Resolutions for Fiscal Year 2014. However, the proposal contained elements signaling an openness for negotiations on a “grand bargain” to avert the next known fiscal crisis: when the nation reaches the debt ceiling in late summer. The budget proposal reveals potential good news and bad news for people and communities that rely on charitable nonprofits. On the positive side, the Administration’s budget blueprint shows it is possible to replace the mindless, across-the-board sequestration cuts with intentional spending cuts and revenue provisions. However, the proposed budget repeats once again the White House’s desire to impose a 28 percent cap on itemized deductions, including deductions for charitable giving, which would effectively take billions away from the work of charitable nonprofits and instead send those dollars to the federal government.

OMB Grantmaking Reforms When releasing its budget proposal, the White House highlighted as a positive policy development for nonprofits the pending grantmaking reforms from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Those proposed reforms, if implemented, would require governments to reimburse nonprofits for the indirect costs they incur when performing services on behalf of governments. Rick Cohen of the Nonprofit Quarterly, in his detailed article, “President Obama’s FY2014 Budget: The Issues for Nonprofits,” underscores the significance of the proposed reforms in relation to the overall budget proposal: Given the limited dollars for many of the President’s flagship nonprofit ventures, improving the playing field for nonprofit grant and contract recipients could be the most significant new initiative for 501(c)(3)s, or for nonprofits qua nonprofits, in the entire package. Read more...

Arkansas Coalition for Excellence | 200 River Market Avenue, Suite 100 | Little Rock, AR 72201 | 501.375.1223 |

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CONSULTANT CORNER By: Paul Gardner, Gardner & Associates Gardner & Associates (G&A) continues to be impressed that even with nearly 100 years of experience between the three of us (Paul, Walt and Fred), that the single greatest predictor of success for any NPO, is the make-up, engagement and quality of the board. Several factors enter into this assessment. We can best address these through a series of “Does your NPO have” questions, viz., 

…a written plan for board identification, recruitment, orientation and retention?

…a Board Resources Committee (or some call it a Nominating Committee)?

… a written Job Description, which discusses roles and responsibilities (including giving and getting expectations)? This should be in hand and reviewed at the time of the investigative visit.

…bylaws that spell out the terms of board service? (Serving on a board should not be a life sentence.)

… a committee structure that spells out committee roles and expectations of board members?

… a Strategic Plan that has the board’s finger prints on it and that is adopted by the board, as its plan for organizational direction?

… an annual board retreat to evaluate the Strategic Plan, address necessary changes and to also serve as a time for ongoing board capacity building?

…a process of individual board member evaluations?

… a board (corporately) evaluation?

… a Corporate Board of Directors?

…a Foundation and a Board of Trustees?

… a well-defined difference of roles and expectations of the two different boards?

…any time at board meetings for input from clients your organization serves to talk about the importance of your organization, its board and how you (they) are making a difference?

…individual board members and your board, as a whole, which understand fundraising? Do they understand it is a “process,” rather than a procedure?


Arkansas Coalition for Excellence | 200 River Market Avenue, Suite 100 | Little Rock, AR 72201 | 501.375.1223 |


2013 Nonprofit Salary Survey Only 7 Days Left to Complete the Survey! Columbia Books and Arkansas Coalition for Excellence have joined together to produce the 2013 Arkansas Compensation Report. Thanks to our state participants, members and nonmembers, the State Salary Survey will be a collection of invaluable data on nonprofit compensation specifically in Arkansas. 100 organizations in Arkansas must participate in order for a state-specific report to be created. ACE Members who complete the survey receive a FREE copy! What does the full report include? - Specific market salary information for over 100 positions including median salaries, average salaries and more within your state - Compensation analysis by title, nonprofit type, budget and staff size - Easy-to-use charts and graphs How can the report help you? - Determine the most competitive salary level for each position to support recruitment and retention - Understand how your organization’s pay levels compare with others in your state - Track changes in nonprofit pay levels and trends from one year to the next - Provide hard data to support your salary structure recommendations When will the report be available and how much will it cost? State Report: Members who participated – Free Members who did not participate – $75 Nonmembers who participated – $75 Nonmembers who did not participate – $150

National Report: Members who participated – $129 Members who did not participate – $242.90 Nonmembers who participated – $129 Nonmembers who did not participate – $347

Click here to take the survey. For more information click here or contact Rebecca at

Arkansas Coalition for Excellence | 200 River Market Avenue, Suite 100 | Little Rock, AR 72201 | 501.375.1223 |


My Experience in Working with a Board By: Jill Darling, United Way of Northwest Arkansas One of the challenges I have found working with a non-profit board is the annual change in leadership and diversity in personalities on the board. I have worked at my current nonprofit for 23 years and I can honestly say that I literally have a different boss every year. I think that is what makes working at a nonprofit extremely unique. Learning to adapt to different leadership styles and personalities of Board members and volunteers can be quite a challenge. Here are a few tips I have picked up through my experiences in working with a nonprofit board: 1. It is all about the relationship. Developing a meaningful relationship with board members will make or break you. How you communicate and how you develop trust is the single most important thing you can do with your Board members. You have to engage with the Board beyond the monthly meeting. We actually take a portion of each Board meeting to recognize our Board members’ accomplishments through a “Good Moment” segment. Remember – true leadership is about the relationship – it has to be personal. And one of the most important parts of the relationship is communication. When you get ready to send another email, think again and pick up the phone. True relationships can’t be developed without personal one-one-one contact. 2. Be consistent. Board members and volunteers want clearly defined expectations and consistency around those expectations. Don’t say one thing and then do another. Make sure every Board member has a clearly defined role. I have found it important to allow everyone on the Board to have an opportunity to be engaged. I try to give them projects in their area of expertise where they have the experience, contacts and can do the most good which enables them to be successful. 3. Make it a Give and Take. We must always remember that Board members are volunteers and have a life outside of our organization. Be respectful of their time and understand that sometimes things come up and follow through is not always possible. 4. Do everything you can to make them look good. Hopefully all of our Board members have a passion for our organization and care deeply about advancing the mission of the organization. It is our job to support them, prop them up, and give them all of the tools to ignite their passion. The better job we do to make them look good the more we will reap the benefits. 5. Finally, celebrate success. Everyone wants to feel appreciated for the work they do, especially in a volunteer role. Make sure the Board members see the results of their efforts and show them often the good work being done. Nothing ignites a Board’s passion more than success. Hopefully some of these ideas will help you in interacting with your Board. My wish is that we all have Board members who are fully engaged and operating at a high level with a true passion for the mission.

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BoardSource is dedicated to helping its members increase their effectiveness as board and staff leaders, magnify their board’s impact, and deliver on their organization’s mission. We are pleased to provide them with the following benefits: Free access to hundreds of members-only resources addressing the latest news, issues, and best practices in nonprofit governance  Papers, articles, research reports, Q & As, and free e-books

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The Arkansas Coalition for Excellence proudly offers its members $20 off BoardSource regular membership. ACE Members click here to get your discount code.

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LEADERSHIP TIP OF THE MONTH Is Your Board on the Right Track? By: Mike Harbour, Harbour Resources Contrary to some common misconceptions, the purpose of a board of directors is not to garner a lucrative salary, vacation at luxurious golf resorts, and rubber stamp a warmed-over version of last year’s strategic plan. A truly effective board is not made up of “yes” men or women, but of actively thinking overseers who keep the organization on the right track. It is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. In fact, the responsibilities of a director are similar to that of a train conductor. A conductor is responsible for ensuring that a 20,000 ton piece of machinery reaches its destination without getting sidetracked or being derailed. He is responsible for delivering on schedule. A director is responsible for setting the policies that lay the foundation of the organization, determining strategy, providing financial oversight, hiring key leadership and monitoring performance, and monitoring compliance with regulations. There is a lot to be delivered, and the stakes are high. How can a board member help keep the organization on track? Read more...

IN THE KNOW 2013 Nonprofit Salary Survey ACE is participating in a 2013 Nonprofit Salary Survey through a partnership with the National Council of Nonprofits and Columbia Books. ACE members who complete the survey will receive a free copy of the final report. Register today!

Arkansas Community Foundation– Arkansas Delta Endowment Grant Through the Arkansas Delta Endowment for Building Community, ARCF is making grants to help improve social and economic conditions for children and families in the Delta region. Deadline to apply is May 22nd. For more information click here.

JOBS CENTER EAST Core Coordinator– The EAST Initiative Latin American Fellow– Atlas Corps ACE Members can post jobs to the ACE Jobs Board for free as part of their membership. Click here to create your employer account.

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Helping Nonprofits Help Arkansas

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April 2013 Newsletter  

Is Your Board on the Right Track?

April 2013 Newsletter  

Is Your Board on the Right Track?