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FEATURED ARTICLE main concerns in using a lift to evacuate in the event of fire. It is also clearly apparent that a far greater level of education and training is required to the wider community as a whole, to educate and advise of the issues surrounding using a lift for evacuation as this study suggests a general reluctance to use lifts even if designed for evacuation primarily due to lack of knowledge and influences of learned behaviours not to use lifts in fire. The opinions of many have been shared in past research. However, the opinions and attitudes of mobility impaired occupants, and those commonly the subject of assessment by access consultants, fire engineering and other professionals, must be further documented and understood. In all reality they are the occupants most at risk and little appears to be known as to their personal attitudes, nor is it apparent that data in relation to use of lifts for evacuation in a actual fire event is readily available.

How would you feel if you were left behind?

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October / November 2018


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Access Insight - November 2018  

Access Insight - November 2018