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Amazing shifts Before I moved to the Netherlands, I lived in warm climates. My friends knew that I loved the sun so they couldn’t understand what could I possibly do in a country full of wind,

ing around and excitingly commenting on how warm it was. To my surprise, some people even brought out a chair and soaked in the sun, sitting half naked in their tiny front gardens. I thought to myself, “It’s not that bad. This country is actually quite fun. What on earth were my friends back home talking about?”

rain and grey skies?



20 | ACCESS | SPRING 2018

Well, a few years back, one innocent April, I joined a friend to the beach in Scheveningen. It was 20 degrees Celsius and sunny. Dutch people were walk-

It all hit me a few days later as the skies turned grey. Suddenly, the country got cold and the wind was blowing so strong that I couldn’t possibly keep my hair out of my mouth. Okay, I got my friends’ message! After that, everything seemed so gloomy.

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