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specialities, backgrounds and languages–English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French and Italian. The CSN has two counsellors who can be reached by t­elephone or via the ACCESS website (access-nl.org/ counselling/counsellor-on-call) between 8:30 and 20:30 daily. Member of the CSN, Nuria Maldonado, MSc. moved from her native Spain to Utrecht in 2016 with her Dutch husband and their two dogs, so she understands expat life and the difficulties people can face when moving to another country.

Perhaps what makes ACCESS unique is our supportive networks, offering assistance to internationals across the Netherlands.


On-call counselling service

The ACCESS Counselling Service Network (CSN) consists of licensed professionals with practices all over the Netherlands. The CSN’s strength is its ­diversity of psychologists, with different disciplines,

“Two of us counsellors are on call,” says Nuria. The on-call counsellor screens the call, finds out where the caller lives, which language(s) they speak, and their needs. “From this information, the on-call counsellor finds the CSN counsellor that best fits,” she says. The fee for the counselling is set by the ­individual counsellor. People contact the CSN for a variety of reasons, from anxiety and depression to losing a job or experiencing burnout to marriage problems.


“Normally all of our cases have an extra layer of ­complexity because most internationals, if not all, are going through a stage of migration grief,” says Nuria. Migration grief can be anything from missing your native language, to missing a close friend.

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“Expats are often ashamed to feel bad as they can feel they are in a privileged situation,” Nuria says. While feeling an underlying guilt for their unhappiness, they might contact the CSN for one problem, before realising that they are dealing with additional problems. “While they don’t initially come for migratory problems,” says Nuria, “they often begin to deal with their migration grief once the denial is gone.” Nuria encourages anyone to seek help when having problems, and the CSN is there to support and advise confidentially.

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