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1 ISSUE 4 AUGUST 15, 2018 LEMON BAY HS 2201 Placida Road Englewood, FL 34224 (941) 474-7702

Principal’s Message Welcome back students and parents. I am excited to start the 2018-2019 school year. The staff had a great four days of preparation for the upcoming school year and once again our focus this year is based on a question we pose to all our students. “Are you working toward graduating on time, career and college ready?” It is our goal that students come to school each day with this question in mind and it is my expectation that our Lemon Bay staff prepares each day to help students achieve this goal. To help students achieve this goal, we are providing each student with a planner. We hope that students will bring the planner with them each day to record their daily assignments and homework. As well, our staff will be providing their lesson plans and homework online this year for all classes.

As we begin the start of the 2018-2019 school year, I have some advice for how families can make certain their children are prepared for a successful year. Access FOCUS, our online student information system, to review your child’s grades from last year. Talk with your child about areas of strength and areas that need improvement. Set achievement goals for the current school year and discuss specific strategies that will help your child achieve those goals. Access FOCUS to learn the results of the accountability tests your child took during the Spring testing season. On all exams, level 3 and above represent proficiency, while levels 1 and 2 indicate your child did not earn a proficient score. ... continues on page 2

2 Principal’s Message continues... Remember that the 10th grade FSA and the Algebra I EOC are the only two tests students are required to pass in order to earn a high school diploma. If your child did not earn a proficient score on either of those tests, know that they will have multiple opportunities to be re-tested. However, you should discuss with your child a plan for improving their test score. If you need assistance with this task, please make an appointment with your child’s guidance counselor. Attendance is important. Studies have found that students attending school daily have greater success in school and are more likely to graduate. Teachers prepare lessons for each school day and students attending school regularly will be able to keep up with the progression of learning in the classroom. Charlotte County has a new attendance policy for students. Information regarding the attendance policy is included in this publication. Please take time to read it with your child. Access FOCUS weekly to monitor your child’s current grades. Students will have classwork and homework that will help them prepare for the tests they will take in each of their classes to show learning is occurring. If students start to fall behind, it can be very difficult to catch up. This year Lemon Bay will offer three days of tutoring after school in the media center. Starting the

week of August 27th, we will offer tutoring for one hour (2:10 – 3:10) every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Encourage your child to get involved in extra-curricular activities. He or she could join a club, try out for a sport, or participate in band, chorus, theater, or NJROTC. Involvement in sports, activities, and clubs will help students feel more a part of the high school and data has shown that students who are involved in high school have better attendance and grades. Finally, speak with your children about actively engaging in their education. If they have questions about what’s being taught in class, they should speak up and ask for help. If your children have questions about their schedules or about graduation requirements, they should schedule an appointment to talk with a counselor. If your child has concerns about safety issues, they need to approach an administrator. My door is always open to students, and so are the doors of all members of our administrative team. We want to know if our students, or parents, have concerns, so that we can work together to resolve those concerns. The entire staff is looking forward to a great school year.

Go Mantas!!!

Guidance Team

Guidance 2018-19 CCPS Code of Student Conduct Related To Student Attendance and Makeup Work

Dawn Bedford . . . . . . D  irector of Guidance/ Grade 9 A-G/Grade 10 Rachelle Patterson . . Grade 9 H-N/Grade 11 Jen Ragazzone. . . . . Grade 9 O-Z/Grade 12 Teresa Dailey. . . . . . . Career Specialist/Career Resource Center Danielle Batista. . . . . School Social Worker Maria Diaz-Rawlins. . Guidance Secretary

All absences are considered unexcused until the school receives explanation, written or oral, from the parent/guardian. The Written Parent/Guardian Absence Notification Form can be found on our school website and in the front student office. Please complete and submit this form to the front student office. If you prefer to call in your student’s absence, you may call 941-474-7702 and press 1 or dial ext. 3031 to report a student absence. It is only necessary to send in the written form OR to call in to report your student’s absence. It is not necessary to do both. At the high school level, students with excused absences will be permitted and encouraged to make up work, tests, and quizzes and will not receive an academic penalty unless the work is not made-up within the allowable time frame. Two days for each absence shall be given to complete all work. Exams, tests and quizzes shall be rescheduled at the discretion of the teacher. Long term projects shall be due on the date the student returns to class. In the case of unexcused absences, a teacher may deduct up to 30% from the earned grade for work made up. If a pattern of non-attendance develops, the principal or designee may require documentation to excuse an absence. The principal or designee has the authority to determine whether or not an absence is excused. Excessive excused absences for illness may result in the student being required to provide a doctor’s note or other substantiating medical evidence. •

Please see pages 16-21 of the CCPS Code of Student Conduct for specific guidelines and policies pertaining to attendance and makeup work.

Parents: Want To Get Involved? You are invited to join our School Advisory Council (SAC). SAC meets monthly on Wednesday evenings in our Media Center and all parents are invited to join us for as many meetings as you can make. Our SAC committee is vital to our school’s success. These dedicated parents help us make informed decisions that affect our students and families and help us communicate upcoming initiatives and events.

Current SAC officers are President – Steve Schoff, Vice-President – Lisa Wilson and Secretary – Colleen Gielow.

Dates for Upcoming SAC Meetings/7pm/ Media Center: •





03/13/2019 (2nd Wednesday)

11/14/2018 (2nd Wednesday)




Manta Messenger August 15, 2018 Published Four Times Per Year Charlotte County Public Schools 1445 Education Way Port Charlotte, FL 33948-1042 Issue #4



Senior News

NJROTC Senior Cadets Get Ready

For Freshmen Orientation

Class of 2019 Senior Calendar Semester One Thursdays ����������Each Week �����������������Join us as a SENIOR REP. All are welcome to participate. 7:00AM and/or 2:00PM in Room 226 Thursday ������������August 16 �������������������Senior Class Meeting/Assembly in the LPAC 4th Period Wednesday ��������August 29 �������������������Welcome Back SENIOR POOL PARTY at San Casa Pool, 2:15PM-5:15PM Monday ��������������September 10 �������������SENIOR PARENT NIGHT in the LBPAC 7:00PM Friday �����������������September 14 �������������Fall Pep Rally Tuesday ��������������September 18 �������������Lip Sync! 7:00PM in the LB Performing Arts Center (Auditorium) Thursday ������������September 20 �������������Powderpuff/Bonfire Games 5:00PM ���������������������������� �����������������������������������Bonfire around 7:00PM (at dusk) Friday �����������������September 21 �������������Homecoming Football Game vs. Cardinal Mooney 7:30PM Saturday ������������September 22 �������������Homecoming Dance in the Gym 7:00PM Tues & Weds ������Sept. 25 & 26 �������������Fall Blood Drive Mon & Tues ��������October 1 & 2 �������������Senior Portraits/Cap & Gown Pictures Tuesday ��������������October 2 �������������������Charlotte County College Night at the Charlotte Harbor Event Center In Punta Gorda from 6:007:30PM Friday �����������������October 5 �������������������Black Light Dance Party in the Black Box Theater (after football game) 9:15PM-11:15PM Monday ��������������October 8 �������������������Financial Aid Informational Night in the Career Resource Center 6:30-7:30PM Tuesday ��������������October 16 �����������������HALF OF SENIOR DUES PAYMENT DEADLINE Thurs & Fri ����������November 15 & 16 �����Senior Portrait Retakes Tuesday ��������������November 20 ��������������SGA Cookie Bake-Off Competition ���������������������������� �����������������������������������Senior Superlative/Senior Elves Assembly Friday �����������������December 7 �����������������Winter Pep Rally Wednesday ��������December 12 ��������������Senior Elf Party Tues-Fri ��������������December 18-21 ���������Exams Friday �����������������December 21 ��������������SENIOR DUES DEADLINE

The Lemon Bay High School Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps upperclassmen have been hard at work since July 30th preparing their staff for the upcoming school year. They worked on their physical training, drill, new staff positions, academics, and team building. The unit has been preparing for new freshmen cadets by working on these fundamentals. The new cadets will arrive a week prior to the start of school in order to learn from these motivated upperclassmen. The unit’s main objective is to create informed and responsible citizens. This unit values teamwork and motivation in everything they set out to do. The unit has two divisions, Vikings and Spartans. These two teams work together and motivate each other to complete their tasks. They also compete against one another in friendly competition. They have epic tournaments that showcase their strength, intelligence, and teamwork. At the end of the week the winning team is awarded the division cup. This week has created stronger bonds between the staff members. Each member has improved their skills not only for their individual jobs but as a whole unit working together to accomplish their goals. The Commanding Officer, Caleb Cooper, has demonstrated his leadership aptitude through this week’s training. The entire unit is behind him ready to take on this year’s new adventures together.


State Assessment Calendar 2018-19 *CBT – Computer Based Test *PBT – Paper Based Test Sept 18 . . . . . . . . . . . . FSA ELA Writing Retake (CBT/ PBT) – 1 Day Test Sept 19/20. . . . . . . . . . FSA ELA Reading Retake (CBT/ PBT) – 2 Day Test Sept 25/26. . . . . . . . . . FSA Algebra 1 Retake (CBT/PBT) – 2 Day Test

2019 Performing Arts Schedule

Oct 10. . . . . . . . . . . . . PSAT All 10th grade and select 9th/11th – 1 Day Test Oct 10. . . . . . . . . . . . . SAT School Day Grade 11/12 students needing concordant FSA ELA Dec 11/12 . . . . . . . . . . FSA Algebra Retakes (CBT/PBT) – 2 Day Test Dec 11-13 . . . . . . . . . . ALL SENIORS EOC’s (Alg 1, Geo, Bio & USH) (CBT/PBT) March 6. . . . . . . . . . . . SAT School Day Grade 11/12 students needing concordant FSA ELA March 6/7. . . . . . . . . . FSA Algebra 1 Retake (CBT/PBT) – 2 Day Test March 11 . . . . . . . . . . . FSAA (Alternative Testing) Window Opens March 11 . . . . . . . . . . . FSA ELA Writing Retake (CBT/PBT) – 1 Day Test March 12/13. . . . . . . . FSA ELA Reading Retake (CBT/ PBT) – 2 Day Test Mar 8-12 . . . . . . . . . . . FSA ELA Writing Grade 9/10 (CBT/PBT) – 1 Day Test April 26 . . . . . . . . . . . . FSAA Window Closes April 30-May 8. . . . . . . AICE Testing May 1-10. . . . . . . . . . . FSA ELA Reading Grade 9/10 (CBT/PBT) – 2 Day Test May 6-17. . . . . . . . . . . AP Testing May 13 -17. . . . . . . . . FSA Algebra 1/Geometry (CBT/PBT) – 2 Day Test May 20/21 . . . . . . . . . . NGSSS USH EOC (CBT/PBT) – 1 Day Test May 22/23 . . . . . . . . . . NGSSS Biology EOC (CBT/PBT) – 1 Day Test

January 17, 2019 Jukebox 4 January 31, 2019 Voice Play February 14, 2019 Redhead Express February 28, 2019 MAD LBHS – Music, Art and Drama Mash up March 14, 2019 Dwight Icenhower For Ticket information and show descriptions visit or Call 941-474-7702 ext. 3030

6 Athlete Clearance Instructions First Time Users:

Save The Date

1. Go to

1st Annual Lemon Bay Golf Tournament

2. Choose FL then watch the tutorial video BEFORE creating your account. 3. Click on the “register” link. Fill in your first and last name, email address and choose a password. Click Submit. You only need one account per family and siblings are registered from the same account. Your information will be saved from year to year.

4 Person “Poker” Scramble Long Marsh Golf Course Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

4. Log in to your account by using the code that pops up. 5. Click on the “Start Clearance Here” button to start a clearance.

Contact Athletic Director Ryan Lavallee at 474-7702, ext. 3015

6. Select the Year: 2018-2019, School: Lemon Bay (region 3) Sport: Select your first sport from the drop down menu - Click Submit. You may add additional sports that your child may participate in at the end of the registration process, located at the bottom of the confirmation page. 7. Fill in all required information on this page and click Save.

8. Uploads for Physical Form and Proof of Insurance. You will need to scan each of these documents and save to your computer. Two uploads are labeled for you. You must have both of these documents on file to be cleared. Physicals are valid for 365 days.  If you do not have medical insurance, the athlete must purchase school sports insurance. You can purchase online @ www. 9. Once all information has been inputted on a screen, click Save. 10. Fill out the Medical History (Step# 2) – Add additional details in the box provided for “Yes” answers then click Save. 11. Fill out the Parent/Guardian Info (Step# 3) – As personal situations differ; you may choose “N/A” for one of the parents if you live in a single parent household. You will also need to add an additional emergency contact. 12. Step# 4: Signature Forms. This step is broken up into two sections (parent) and (student). The parent/guardian is to read the forms on the right side of the screen and electronically sign them by typing their name on the left side of the screen. The student should do the same for the forms listed under the “student” section. 13. After you have completed this step, a confirmation letter will generate – Print and sign this page. Your student must bring the signed confirmation page to the Athletics Office for approval.

FastER Care. Close By. IN AN EMERGENCY, MINUTES MATTER AND THEY SHOULDN’T BE SPENT WAITING. Outstanding Quality, Award-Winning Care • Straight ‘A’ Hospital Safety Score Since 2013 by The Leapfrog Group • 4-Star CMS Overall Hospital Quality & Safety Rating cation - Heart Failure • Accredited Chest Pain Center by the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care • Primary Stroke Center Designation - AHCA • American Heart Asssociaion Get with the Guidelines Heart Failure Gold

Text “ER” to 23000 for ER Wait Time Averages Message and data rates may apply. For more info, visit texterhelp,com

700 Medical Blvd., Englewood, FL 34223 | (941) 475-6571


Lemon Bay High School

Sport Schedules DATE DAY 8/17 8/31 9/7 9/14 9/21 9/28 10/5 10/12 10/19 10/26 11/2


DATE DAY 8/23 8/30 9/6 9/20 9/27 10/4 10/11 10/18


VARSITY FOOTBALL Coach: Donald Southwell Pre-Season @ Bishop Verot @ Golden Gate @ Port Charlotte DESOTO CARDINAL MOONEY @ Hardee ESTERO SOUTHEAST @ Booker @ Bayshore NORTH PORT (Sr Nt) JV FOOTBALL Coach: @ Hardee @ Charlotte PT CHARLOTTE @ Cardinal Mooney @ Pt Charlotte CHARLOTTE DESOTO NORTH PORT



7:30 7:00 7:30 7:30 7:30

9/8 9/18 9/26 10/3






7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 7:30 TIME 7:00 7:00 7:00 6:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 7:00



8/17 8/21 8/23 8/25 8/28 8/31 9/4 9/6 9/11 9/12 9/13 9/24 9/27




10/2 10/4

Tue Thu



10/8 MON 10/11 THU

VOLLEYBALL Coach: Pat Auer PRE-SEASON H @ Sarasota Christian @ Pt Charlotte JV CLASSIC H @ Ida Baker @ Gulf Coast Heat PT CHARLOTTE H @ Bradenton Christian CAPE CORAL H VAR H ODA GULF COAST HEAT H CHARLOTTE H @ Imagine JV Tourn TBA / Var @ Wildcat Invtl. @ Island Coast @ North Ft Myers Gene Gorman Var Tournament @ CHS VAR H IMAGINE SARASOTA CHRISTIAN



8/28 8/30 9/4 9/6 9/13 9/18 9/20

Tue Thu Tue THU Thu TUE Thu





9/28 10/3

Fri Wed



10/11 10/15





























6/7:00 6/7:00

10/11 10/15

Thu Mon

TIME 6/7:00 6/7:00 6/7:00 8:00 6/7:00 6/7:00 6/7:00 6/7:00 6/7:00 5/6/7:00 6/7:00 6/7:00 6/7:00 TBA 6/7:00 6/7:00

SWIMMING/DIVING TIME Coach: Dawn Hall Tri-meet @ Potter Park YMCA 12:00 PT CHARLOTTE/VENICE 4:30 NORTH PORT 4:30 @ Venice 5:30 @ Riverview (Potter Park 9:00 YMCA) OUT OF DOOR (SR NT) 4:30 BOYS GOLF Coach: Jason Jones Pre-season Classic @ The Bluffs @ Bishop Verot Invitational SMA @ Palm Aire Booker @ Palm Aire H DESOTO LONG MARSH Hardee @ The Bluffs H BOOKER LONG MARSH Desoto @ The Blufffs RND 1 CCC @ LONG MARSH-9 RND 2 CCC @ Pt Charlotte GC-9 RND 3 CCC @ Kingsway-18 @ Sara Bay Invitational SMA,PT CHARLOTTE@ LG MRSH H HARDEE LONG MARSH District Tournament TBA

TIME 8:30 8:00 3:30 3:30 4:00 3:30 3:30 4:00 4:00 4:00 TBA 3:30 3:30 3:30 TBA

GIRLS GOLF TIME Coach: Darrell Roach TRI MATCH H/ 3:30 VENICE,RIVERVIEW TRI MATCH H/PCHS, 3:30 SOUTHEAST @ Bishop Verot 7:30am (Stoneybrook) Estero NORTH PORT (LBGC) 3:30 LAKEWOOD RANCH 3:30 (LBGC) Tri-Match w/Riverview, 3:30 Manatee(Her Oaks) @ Port Charlotte (PCGC) 3:30 @ Charlotte (Deep Creek 3:30 GC) @ Southeast (Preserve @ 3:30 Tara) 18 HOLE COUNTY TOURN 11:00am (PALMS) @ Lakewood Ranch (The 3:30 River Club) @ North Port (Heron Creek) 3:30 @ Donald Ross Invite (Sara 9:00am Bay) @ Venice TBA District Tournament TBA TBA

DATE DAY CROSS COUNTRY Coaches: Joe Casale/Tom Trealout 8/25 SAT LEMON BAY INVIT'L 9/1 Sat @ Venice Invitational Mandatory Practice @ 9/8 Sat Celery Fields 9/15 Sat Triton Invite @ Mariner HS 9/22 Sat @ North Port Invitational Mandatory Practice @ 9/29 Sat Celery Fields Tri County Meet @ North 10/5 Fri Port Lely Invite / FSU 10/13 Sat Invitational (by invite) @ Clearwater Central 10/19 Fri Invite Districts @ Clearwater 10/25 Thu Central 11/2 Fri Regionals 11/10 Sat States (Tallahassee)

TIME 8:00 8:00 8:00 8:00 8:00 8:00 TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA

Charlotte County Public Schools

Non Profit Organization U.S. Postage Paid Orlando, FL Permit #2346

Lemon Bay High School 2201 Placida Road Englewood, FL 34224

Manta Rays “RIP” into Bullying Student conflicts occur on any high school campus. Those conflicts typically result in a difference of opinions. Overcoming differences and embracing diversity is what we believe makes Lemon Bay High School a great school for our students. Our students strive to support each other and demonstrate kindness and compassion. Our school district and school take a strong stand to ensure bullying behaviors do not occur. Keep in the mind, the following “RIP” acronym if you are unsure if bullying is occurring and should be reported: R =  Repeated (occurs more than once) I = Imbalance of Power (is the victim perceived as younger, weaker, less smart, or less socially accepted) P = Purposeful (it was deliberate or intended, not accidental) What is Bullying? Bullying, which includes cyberbullying, occurs when a

person or group of people repeatedly hurt, embarrass, or frighten another person. Cyberbullying means bullying through the use of technology or any electronic communication regardless of whether the bullying occurs on or off school grounds. Examples of cyberbullying include but are not limited to: text/instant messaging, e-mails, creation of a webpage impersonating another person and/or other electronic means through the internet. Bullying is not: • An altercation between equals •

Good natured playful teasing among equals or peers

An isolated incident

You can report a bully situation on our school’s website using the “Report Bullying” button. You can also talk to an Assistant Principal about a situation you feel needs reported. Remember, we are here to help!

School Safety


When you come to visit our schools this upcoming 201819 school year, you will notice a big change in how you will gain access into our schools. The front door of every school will be locked during the school day to provide an extra measure of security for our students and staff. Each school will have a video communication device installed at the front door, which will allow front office staff to screen all visitors before they are allowed entry into the school. The procedure for entering each school will require the following steps to be completed: •

All Visitors/Guests must request access into the school using the video communication device.

Front Office Staff will ask the visitor for their name and reason for the visit.

ALL Visitors must present photo identification to the video camera.

Once approval is given to enter the school, visitors will still need to provide their photo identification to the front office staff for screening through the RAPTOR Security System. The procedures listed above may at times require visitors to have to wait a little longer to gain access into our schools. However, the safety of the students and staff will always be our number one focus. We appreciate your support and understanding of these safety measures. Please contact your student's principal with any questions or concerns.

Lemon Bay High School Newsletter  

August 2018

Lemon Bay High School Newsletter  

August 2018