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Greetings from the School Counseling department and welcome to the second semester! This time of year brings with it the promise of a fresh start with the new year and nothing says that better than with the registration process. During the month of February, counselors will be meeting with students for them to complete their course selections for the 2019 school year. I know, that was fast! Students will be sitting one on one with their counselors to go over their individual transcripts to ensure they are on track for graduation, advice regarding how their course selections also correspond to their future plans, and of course answer any questions or concerns our Wolves may have in the scheduling process. With testing season also around the corner, this year DHS is excited to offer a school day administration of the ACT, which will be February 27th. This test administration is a NON college reported test administration, which indicates that these scores cannot be considered for college admissions, the Bright Futures or any other scholarship opportunity, or NCAA eligibility. So, what is it good for? Great question! The scores for the non-college reporting ACT can be used for concordance towards a high school diploma. So if you are a junior or a senior who has not passed the FSA/ELA yet, participating in the school day administration could provide you with another opportunity to earn a high enough score to be used to award the student their diploma, instead of a Certificate of Completion. The required concordant ACT score is a 19 or higher in the Reading section of the exam. Students who test that day will have a 5 ½ hour window to complete all four sections of the exam at their own pace, which may assist in easing some of the anxieties that tend to come along with testing. This exam is offered at NO COST to seniors but juniors who have been offered the opportunity to test will have to pay $45. The students who are being offered this unique opportunity will be notified via letter which must be returned by January 11, 2018. With postsecondary planning in mind, counselors strongly advise students take the time to sign up for college presentation opportunities. A representative from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University will be on campus in January as well as our regular monthly visits from both Seminole State College and Daytona State College. These representatives are here to answer any questions as well as highlight their many academic programs from vocational certifications to Bachelor’s degrees. Sign-up sheets for these presentations can be found at the school counseling office. Additionally, seniors should also be actively applying for scholarships and taking a look at the scholarship newsletter that is posted in the counseling office. Another wonderful scholarship earning resource that students of ALL high school grade levels can utilize is through Students who create an account can earn micro- scholarships towards the colleges that they specify within their account by practicing in the college bound academic behavior they would already be doing in order to gain acceptance into a college or university. Check it out, it’s a pretty amazing resource! As always, your DHS counselors are here to assist with your questions, concerns, clarifications, and support. Go Wolves! -Mrs. Nazario-Lamplugh DHS School Counseling Director & Grade 10 Counselor


Senior, Tanairi Feliciano of Deltona High was the 1st place winner for the whole county for her poem “Every Student, Every Day.” The winning poem is below: Every Student, Every Day American kids spoiled with education, School matters in every single generation, All kids should really learn for free, If only the whole world would agree, Having a career is an American Dream, In school we work together as a team, Most kids don’t take advantage, Then life would be hard to manage, Absences all of a sudden becomes a hobby, Thinking it’s the best thing for their body, It can lead to a warning sign dropout, Then head on to the wrong route, Let’s not forget about the seniors with senioritis, Thoughts where they move on and just resists, But they are students who still care, For they know the reality to be aware, Knowing that being in school is important, Succeeding in their classes is significant, It builds on the need to achieve, And that’s what they truly believe

Deltona High School Newsletter  
Deltona High School Newsletter  

January 2018