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Local News

Celebrities Speak on Motherhood Golda Lee Bruce


he thought of motherhood for the most part is greeted with a mixture of fear, excitement and uncertainty, especially for first time mothers. Being a celebrity mom does not eliminate those emotions and as proof we caught up with Teri-Leigh Dieffenthaller and Golda Lee-Bruce to discuss their journey to and through motherhood.

The ET&T WEEKLY Tabloid is published by ABSTRACT MEDIA GROUP Company Limited in the island of Trinidad and Tobago and is protected by strict copyright laws and is not to be reproduced in full or in part without the written consent from the management of ABSTRACT MEDIA GROUP Company Limited. ©Copyright Abstract Media Group Company Limited 2013. All Rights Reserved. Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are expressed by the writers and do not reflect the sentiment of Abstract Media Group Company Limited. Disclaimer: The views or opinions presented in this publication are solely those of the writers and do not necessarily represent those of the company. Employees of ABSTRACT MEDIA GROUP COMPANY LIMITED are expressly required not to make defamatory statements and not to infringe or authorize any infringement of copyright or any other legal right. Any such article is contrary to company policy and is outside the scope of the employment of the individual writer concerned. The company will not accept any liability in respect of such article, and the employee responsible will be personally liable for any damages or other liability arising. Cover photo is by Yaisa Tangwell Photography

photo by Yaisa Tangwell Photography

Teri-Leigh Dieffenthaller; model, actress, producer and wife of Soca superstar Kees Dieffenthaller recently became a first time mom. She immediately admitted when asked that she was in fact nervous about the reality of motherhood. This new journey is serious business for her, “Knowing that I would be responsible for molding someone's life is something that I took very seriously” shared Teri-Leigh. Agreeing with Teri, is expectant mother, television anchor and media personality Golda Lee-Bruce who also shared the thought behind her nerves by adding that “It's a huge responsibility and a big life change. Anyone would be nervous about that…I want it more than I've ever wanted anything in my life.” As the days become closer for Bruce and the journey continues for Dieffenthaller they both took time to consider the aspects of motherhood that they are looking forward to the most. For Teri-Leigh, close attention will be paid to the passing on of values and morals to her daughter. As for Golda, it’s the moments that are her focus. They both shared respectively that, “I had to trust in

my ability and life knowledge thus far to be able to do so effectively” and “I intend to take a couple moments to marvel at my child…to just take the time to look at the little person sent to me from God.” The title of ‘Celebrity mom’ does not linger in the minds of

Terri Leigh and Kes' baby Zion Jesus Marie Differenthaller

either of the moms nor does it define how they see themselves; as mothers. As she continues to prepare to welcome her little one into this world, the best advice Golda received to date from one of her cousins was "Don't try to be perfect, you will do just fine.”

As for the imparting advice to expecting moms or those considering motherhood, Golda added, “Pray. Every woman is different and so is every experience of pregnancy…. one thing that remains the same for all of us is that we are not in control, God is.” The experience of motherhood, those feelings that are shared between mother and child are priceless. For Teri-Leigh the looks of love that she receives from her daughter make her feel that they were both meant for each other. For Golda, she is enjoying every kick and movement that allows her to stop and observe the miracle that is part of her life. While we extend Mother’s Day greetings to all the mothers in Trinidad and Tobago and the world by extension, we leave you with Teri-Leigh’s advice to expecting moms and women considering motherhood. “Cut yourself some slack. Of course you want to be the best mom you can be. But you will have rough days. Don't beat yourself up over them - it's completely normal. Just pick up, move on and look forward to the overwhelmingly beautiful days that being a mother offers - they far outweigh the tougher times - or at least make the effort all worth it :) Oh! Never be too shy to ask for support from family and friends. They can honestly keep you sane.... And fed. Lol •

MAY, 2014 • ET&T


Local News

THE changing face of media

Daniella Cassano-Mohammed


K Head of Media David Elms admits that globally, the game has changed for the news industry. The rise of digital platforms is presenting the greatest challenge as consumers transition online. Nearly 1 in 10 U.S. Adults now get their news on Twitter, with 85% of those consuming it on a mobile device. So news organizations must adapt to acquire and relate to customers in an entirely new world, dominated by innovation and social media. Despite this, Elms notes that “networks must think fast and exploit their inherent strengths - brand value; expertise; insight and capital. Of course, there is no ‘one-size-fitsall’ solution but those why shy 2

ET&T • MAY, 2014 •

Hema Ramkisoon

away from technology are sure to endanger their competitive advantage.” In T&T, it is clear that the face of news media has changed within recent years in tandem with evolving local demands. Formerly, the 7pm news was dominated by stiff, impersonal reporters, where the primary focus was the effective elocution of the day’s local, regional and worldwide events. Now, across the board, news programs on IETV, CNC3, WINTV and TV6 have taken on a multifaceted approach to news delivery: to address digital, mobile and social interests. Perspectives from the world of technology and youth culture are being

integrated to compete for viewer ratings. For one, all the news stations have tried to improve timely access and reach for their viewers, with live streaming on websites, Facebook groups that allow news updates, viewer comments and feedback, Twitter pages, as well as mobile apps for smartphones. Also, the content has changed to increase interaction with the everyday viewer, with segments such as “Ask Anslem” and “UReport.” But the most radical change has been the different persona that T&T media is now portraying. Fresh young blood is being injected into every news program, from Kamal Georges, Faine Richards, Seigonie Mohammed to Hema Ramkissoon. This persona is more youth friendly, pleasing on the eye and essentially more SOCIAL. News stations are attempting to capture audiences with these vibrant presenters who have energetic personalities and opinions that appeal and sustain the interest of viewers. Daniella Cassano-Mohammed, host of TV6/OMG magazine entertainment news brief which airs every Friday night, sums it up perfectly. She says, “Personally, I think this is quite the topic of discussion amongst those in media, the look and overall attitude of news reporters has changed because the wants of the viewers are quite different from what they use to be. The interest in entertainment has grown tremendously regardless if it’s a usual news forecast or a talk show... people want to hear more about positive aspects in everyday life not just the negative. My show for instance has been said to add a little positivity to the news and of course appeal to a younger demographic. Therefore it can be noted that the changing face of media not only encourages to youth to engage in viewing the news but allows a little more positivity and good cheer to be felt by the everyday viewer. As I always say, your news anchor becomes part of your home every day why not add a smile to the familiar face.”

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Local News

Junior K Talks Growth His College Mania Program comes to TV 6 while he opens new hang out spot


he ascent of Kerron Brown, also known as JUNIOR K ‘The University Prince’ did not happen by chance. As he tells it, there was a lot of hard work involved. It is obvious that the DJ/TV host/ Entrepreneur has no plans of slowing down now. The young talent is celebrating recently landing his College Mania program on CCNTV 6 while promoting his new joint business venture The Unlisted Bar & Grill. Junior K’s College Mania program enjoyed a successful stint on regional Network Tempo before becoming syndicated on TV 6. The show is still a fixture on Tempo and will be entering its third season shortly. He believes the syndication is a good move for him and his brand. “CCN is probably the biggest player in the local market and I am glad that the show was able to open up to a newer audience,” he said. Speaking of his audience, Brown says he purposefully

Conrad Parris will star in the show

stepped away from doing too many parties and focused on doing hosting gigs at various events.

He said the move strategically ties in with his TV presence, since his goal is to ultimately be

the biggest host we’ve seen locally in some time. “I’m trying to get involved in more of the hosting gigs whether it’s for sports, pageants or cultural programs.” Kerron also sharpened his entrepreneurial chops when he became one of three investors in the new, swanky Unlisted Bar & Grill at the UWI Social Club. All these achievements he found hard to imagine a few years ago as a DJ heralding from Princes Town. He says the entertainment and media scene in Trinidad and Tobago is Port of Spain centric and it took a lot of work to get where he is. With his hands in so many pots, one has to wonder how he still manages to satisfy his commitments as a primetime regular as part of 94.1FM’s programing. However, the J.C. Management recruit has his eye on the prize while he hopes you will have your eyes on TV6 for his program which airs on Sundays at 3:30pm.

Ralph Mc Donald to be Honored at Jazz on the Hill O

n the heels of successful events of a similar nature such as Jazz Artistes on the Greens and the Tobago Jazz Experience; Arima is now getting into the action with Jazz On D Hill. This exciting initiative takes place at the scenic Holy Cross College on Cavalry Hill Arima as a tribute to legendary local Jazz artiste Ralph Mc Donald. The Mother’s Day extravaganza is a joint effort of the school’s PTA and Old Boys Association which is being helmed by Jazz performer/enthusiast and alum Neil Walcott. If previous events at the school are anything to go by, this event will not disappoint. Past events such as Chefs On D Hill and Soca On D Hill capitalized on the magnificent view and ambiance at the venue to become some of Arima’s top events at Christmas and Carnival respectively. Walcott related to ET&T that 4

Ettiene Charles

the process of putting the show together has been difficult especially where corporate assistance is concerned. However, he promised top-notch entertainment from an all-star international jazz cast. The show is scheduled to feature a who’s who of stars that have all performed with Ralph Mc Donald at some point. Arturo Tappin, Robert Greenidge, Nicholas Branker, Kris Bowers, Nadirah Shakoor, Buddy Williams, Etienne Charles

ET&T • MAY, 2014 •

are all included in the lineup. In fact, Walcott stated that Etienne Charles played a vital role in helping him put the show together behind the scenes. In addition to the aforementioned names, there is expected to be a performance by the school ensemble. Antiguan Keyboardist Greg Faustin has also put together a gospel quintet which has recently been added to the cast. The event (the first of its kind in the east) is being touted as one

for the ages. Patrons are urged to bring the family and walk with coolers and picnic baskets. Action begins at 5:30pm and at $250 per ticket, it will be a great Mother’s Day gift option. Apart from being a tribute show, Jazz On D Hill is carded to be a fundraiser aimed at getting a new school bus.

Local Film Festival To Boost Regional Industry With News Caribbean Film Market And Online Database I

n a move that is expected to provide significant growth within the burgeoning local and regional film industry, the trinidad+tobago film festival (ttff) is set to create a Caribbean Film Mart and Virtual Marketplace (Regional Film Database), it was announced recently. The project is being made possible with financial assistance of the European Union (European Development Fund) and the assistance of the ACP Group of States. This groundbreaking initiative, the first of its kind in the region, will see the ttff develop structures that will allow Caribbean films and filmmakers greater visibility and opportunities in the global film industry by increasing production capacity and access to markets. The Caribbean Film Mart and Virtual Marketplace are expected to strengthen the production and distribution of Caribbean films through two main actions: on the

EU & ACP Grant beneficiaires

one side, the implementation of a film market through the framework of the annual ttff and, on the other, the development of an online database of regional films and filmmakers. Both projects will be launched at the ttff/15. The online database will, in the first instance, comprise independent feature-length films made in and about the Caribbean, and will act as a resource for filmmakers, producers, scholars and industry professionals. The database will be accessible in English, Spanish and French. The Caribbean Film Mart will bring together 10 regional film-

makers with projects in development. These filmmakers will be given the opportunity to meet with international film financiers, distributors, broadcasters, sales agencies, producers, film festival programmers, public relations consultants, film journalists and critics—all with the aim of creating professional relationships and partnerships that will enable the production and distribution of the 10 participating projects. At the end of the Film Mart, one project will also be awarded a cash prize. The call for submissions will be made in early 2015. During the ttff/14, which runs from September 16-30,

stakeholders’ meetings and training initiatives will be held, and expectations for submissions for the 2015 Caribbean Film Mart will be outlined. Founder and Festival Director of the ttff, Dr Bruce Paddington, said, "What an exciting development this is for the regional film industry! We are overjoyed, not only to be the recipients of this significant grant, but also, once again, to help lead the way in making Caribbean cinema a viable enterprise, one that assists our filmmakers in telling our stories and taking them to the world.” Daniela Tramacere, Chargé d'Affaires of the Delegation of the European Union to Trinidad and Tobago, noted: "The EU remains committed to regional integration in the Caribbean and economic diversification here in T&T. This grant follows the logic of a wider EU support programme to boost the service industries and we see a lot of potential, particularly in the creative sector. We are delighted to collaborate once more with the ttff, which we have supported over the years."

Monster Winer Goes Latin


abeled as one of the most popular Soca songs at present, ‘Monster Winer’ has been embraced by the Latin fraternity. Joining forces to ensure that the hit single creates a stir in all Spanish speaking territories is singer/ songwriter/musician Amarfis Aquino of the Dominican Republic. The talented Amarfis added his brilliance in production by the addition of Merengue and Mambo elements to the heavy hitting Soca track. As a promise to himself, Du Bois is on a mission to exploit all the possible avenues for Soca music beginning here. The Latin remix of Monster Winer has taken dancing up a notch invoking additional tantalizing waist, hip and body movements. Latin clubs, radio stations and streets will be taken by storm as the track promises to capture the attention of Spanish speaking 6

ET&T • MAY, 2014 •

music lovers. Understanding music and its power, Du Bois shared that, “Music is a universal language, sometimes you do not even need to understand what is being said and you instantly begin to move.” The 2014 Groovy Soca Monarch winner is excited about the possibilities that exist as reactions to this Latin remix. He stated, “Adding this Latin vibe to Monster Winer means that the creation of possibilities for the music and that is what I am about.” Amarfis admitted that he has been a lover of Soca and Calypso music for a number of years and was blown away when he heard Monster Winer. He confidently stated that, “I am going to take this song to that Latin market and I know it is going to be a hit in Latin as well” This track is the first single from Amarfis’ new album titled “Internacional” which becomes available worldwide on May 20th 2014.

regional news

Ninja Man Handed November Date For Murder Trial After Dancehall superstar, Vybz Kartel was convicted of murder and subsequently sentenced to life in prison, another legend of the genre will have to wait several more months before his long-awaited murder trial is finally set in motion. On Monday, Desmond Ballentine, more popularly known as Ninja Man appeared in a Kingston court where he was scheduled to kick off the trial. However, the deejay, through his attorney, K.D. Knight, issued an application to have the case thrown out. Knight argued that the case against Ninja Man and two co-accused should be dismissed



given a breach of their constitutional rights, considering how much time has passed and the case has yet to be tried. That application was soon rejected by the presiding judge, who then issued a November 10 date for the commencement of the trial. Monday’s court proceedings took place just over five years after the fatal shooting of Richard Johnson in March 2009. The deejay was charged with murder, conspiracy to murder, shooting with intent and illegal possession of a firearm in relation to the incident. Ninja Man’s son, Janiel Ballentine and another man, Dennis Clayton were jointly charged in the incident.

VP Records Releases Sizzla's Radical On April 15, VP Records unleashed Sizzla's Radical, a collection of rare and unreleased material recorded during the 2014 Grammy nominated icon's formative years. Radical unearths musical gems from the Xterminator label sessions between the early '90s and '00 s that were produced by the late legendary Philip Fattis Burrell. Fattis helped forge some of Sizzla's best work to date, including his 1997 breakthrough album Praise Ye Jah that is widely considered one The project will boast only eight tracks, but will feature finishing production from the likes of Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins and Stargate. Here’s the tracklist. 1. Love Never Felt So Good 2. Chicago 3. Lovin’ You 4. A Place With No Name 5. Slave To The Rhythm 6. Do You Know Where Your Children Are 7. Blue Gangsta 8. Xscape

Marilyn Monroe Earrings Auctioned For $185,000

Tracklist To New Michael Jackson Album Released The word has slowly been coming down about Michael Jackson and his upcoming new album, Xscape. While we just started hearing the info on the album just about three weeks ago, today we get the official tracklist for the upcoming project, which is due to drop on May 13th. 8 ET&T • MAY, 2014 •

A pair of rhinestone earrings Marilyn Monroe wore to a 1955 Hollywood film premiere has sold at auction for $185,000. The price included a 20 percent commission for the auction house. Julien's Auctions said in a statement that the actress wore the jewelry when she attended the opening of "The Rose Tattoo." Monroe did not appear in the film based on a Tennessee Williams play. The buyer was a foreign collector. The auction house does not release the names of buyers. The sale was part of a two-day auction of Hollywood memorabilia at Julien's Beverly Hills gallery. A lighter used by Humphrey Bogart sold for $19,200, and a 1986 Pontiac Firebird owned by David Hasselhoff was purchased for $152,600.

of the top conscious reggae albums of its time. Since his emergence in the early 90s, Sizzla has undeniably put his stamp on the genre regardless of the current style or trend. The Jamaica-born reggae vocalist's previous effort The Messiah (released in 2013 on VP Records) earned him his first Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album. Rap mogul Jay Z also recently sampled Sizzla's timeless classic "Solid As A Rock" on his latest album, while hip hop artists like 50 Cent and Ja Rule used the same tune in their songs too.



Name: Jerrod Vidal Age: 32 Height: 5 Ft 7Inches Weight: 147 Lbs CAREER: Accounts Analyst


BRIEFS OR BOXERS: Boxers FAVOURITE SCENT: Armani Code FAVOURITE THING: Music DESCRIBE YOUR DREAM GIRL: Intelligent, independent and caring. YOU WERE HEARTBROKEN: Hell YES!! YOUR HERO: My mother- love her with my all!! FAVOURITE FOOD: Bhagi rice with pigtail. THE WAY TO YOUR

HEART IS: Humility!!! I love humble people!!! YOU’D NEVER DO: DRUGS!!! NEVER!!! WHAT ABOUT PETS: I just have one dog!! Love pets but i don’t have time to care for them. So one is enough!! THE ONE THING HE WANTS TO DO BEFORE HE DIES: I wanna sky dive. FAVOURITE ARTIST: Machel Montano FAVOURITE MUSIC: Soca FAVOURITE PLACE FOR

A MEAL: Home- home cooked is the best. HAVE YOU EVER CHEATED: No! THE FREAKIEST THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE: Definitely cannot say on this medium! Lmao!! WHERE’S YOUR WEAK SPOT: My neck. WHAT'S YOUR MOTIVATION: My son. HOW DO YOU MAINTAIN YOUR BODY: Gym, i work out hard.


Battle the Elements With These Must-Haves


aster might be over, but the sun isn’t going anywhere soon. If it does, you’ll have bigger problems than we can fix in this magazine. In any event, the elements wait for no one and you will be exposed to the elements all the way to “summer.” With that said, you will need the right cosmetics and skin-care products to make your mark without leaving your skin marked up. Lip Gloss: This is a cosmetic product used primarily to give lips a mildly glossy luster and sometimes subtle color. It is distributed as a liquid or a soft solid which is sometimes infused with medicinal properties like lip balm. It can be completely clear, translucent, or various shades of opacity, including frosted, glittered, and metallic looks. This is vital as it supplements your look while keeping your lips protected from blistering and cracking. Sunscreens: Sun block is crucial to keeping your skin looking and feeling supple and smooth in the sweltering Caribbean sun. These products are applied to the skin to protect against the harmful effects of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays with the aid of specific chemicals. Sunscreen products are sold as lotions, creams, gels, oils, sprays, sticks, and lip balms, and can be bought without a physician's prescription. They can be found in scented or unscented form to complement your fragrance choice. Concealer: A concealer or colour corrector is a type of makeup used to mask pimples, dark circles and other small blemishes visible on the skin. Concealers usually do a good job of hiding blemishes by blending the imperfection into the surrounding skin tone. Once concealer is used, there is hardly a need for any additional makeup. Foundation should especially be avoided by young ladies. This product is mainly used by women, but use among men is increasing. It is good for spot treatment use for those abstaining from makeup since makeup is liable to run when they sweat. These three products are must-haves for overall facial beauty. They keep you looking good while saving your skin from the harsh seasonal weather. Keep reading ET&T for more beauty tips.

model mania Name: Shanes Acosta Age: 20 Hometown: Barataria

Hobbies: Taking care of children, relaxing on the beach, bike riding, listening to R&B music and reading. Shanes seems quite unassuming in person, but there is some depth to the young part-time model. She is a 20 year old daycare owner whose main duty is to provide the best service possible to her clients. She is indeed very business oriented and that should serve her well in any field (especially modeling).

Daryll ‘inahfrenzy’ Willoughby and Ikenna Douglas have done extensive work with the fairly new face. She has only been modeling for two years. However, she managed to secure an ad for Orchard Vibe. The majority of her professional photo shoots have centered on her face, but she does keep her overall figure in check. Shanes’ fitness regimen includes bike riding and jogging. Miss Acosta also attributes her ap-

Shanes Acosta

12 ET&T • MAY, 2014 •

pearance to her dietary habits. In fact, her favourite ‘feel sexy’ tips are to “eat lots of fruits and veggies, chew your food and make time for fun, laughter and love. Speaking of love; Shanes adores the work of Claudia Pegus, Peter Elias and Balmain Paris. When it comes to what she doesn’t like she says: “I can’t stand when things are not the way I left it” Let’s hope she leaves the model industry in a good space.


The Many Moods of Maternity

regnancies are commonly filled with mixed emotions. Expectant mothers have tons to be worried about, but even more to be grateful for. That is probably why, despite their situation, pregnant women seem to project P a beautiful glow. However, all too often their fashion choices don’t glimmer as much. One’s wardrobe is usually

a reflection of one's current state of mind and being. As such, maternity wear should not just be limited to drab, cumbersome outfits. Your dress code should vary as much as your moods do. Here are some examples of maternity fashion that are both fierce and functional.

A funky print is a good way to add some cheer to your evening maternity wear

It’s 11pm, but someone’s going to take me for peanut butter icecream

A little bit of Bohemian chic goes a long way with this earthy ensemble

14 ET&T • MAY, 2014 •

You didn’t get pregnant by chance. Show you still have the sex appeal when required

FASHION You’re pregnant, but you can still get the job done. Work it at work

Show off your new curves in something sleek yet simple

You aren’t going to stay cooped up at home. It’s time for a night out

Colourful, casual, but ultimately cute is this piece of maternity couture •

MAY, 2014 • ET&T 15

features A

Ageless Celebrity Moms

lmost any woman can make a baby, but being a true mother and parent takes work. While it takes a village to raise a child, some parents are cities all by themselves. However, this task is even harder for those dealing with the rigors of a celebrity lifestyle. Many celebrities have to deal with extensive travel to facilitate their craft and security is always a concern due to the endless invasion of privacy by the media and fans. No doubt, the heightened scrutiny of their public lives is especially difficult to cope with. In fact, even the children themselves become subject to scrutiny because of their parents’ fame. With that said, it would not be extremely surprising to see celebrities show signs of wear and tear and age a lot faster than the average person. Yet, somehow many of these moms magically stay above the grade with seemingly endless, beauty. No matter how many years, pass, these moms remain virtually ageless.

Wendy Fitzwilliam

Universe winner in 1998 and she was only the third woman of African heritage to do so. She gave birth to her son Ailan in 2006 and later wrote candidly about her relationship with her son and his father. The UN honoree is known for her infectious smile and unique voice (not to mention the fact she is an ageless mother). Denise ‘Saucy Wow’ Belfon may not look exactly the same as when she entered the professional musical arena, but she is truly ageless in the sense that she hasn’t lost her mojo when it comes to captivating crowds. She may be curvier than before, but her moves are as youthful as they have ever been. By the way, she has three kids. Denise Belfon

Giselle Laronde-West

Giselle Laronde-West is one of the most beautiful half centurions you would be likely to come across in any country. She walked away with the 1986 Miss World title and maintained her model style and strut throughout the years. The mother of two beautiful boys seems to be aging in slow motion. Forty-one year old Wendy Fitzwilliam is another of T&T’s beloved beauty queens. She was the country’s second Miss 16 ET&T • MAY, 2014 •

Leasel Rovedas

Leasel Rovedas exemplifies beauty and the utmost in public comport. She quietly held her own as a media professional, makeup artist and designer while also being the mother of the Legendary Brian Lara’s two daughters Sydney and Tyla. Despite her involvement with the star she has done well to create her own path through hard work and dedication. The committed mom also seems to be aging in reverse.

Former Anchor Samantha John is one of the most versatile female media forces known to T&T. Apart from owning her own sound studio she worked on radio and even did theatre before becoming the longest running anchor on TV6. She recently left that role to pursue bigger endeavors even I the midst of taking care of her new baby Scott. Despite John looking like she could be in her mid-, she even has a 14 year old son. Wow! Samantha John



2014 Calypso King Roderick “Chucky” Gordon



t was a successful Carnival season including the (TUCO) National Calypso Monarch finals, for the young man who had the crowd response and stage presentation on his side, the 27-yearold, Roderick “Chucky” Gordon, 2014 Calypso King. The lyrics and performance of both songs, “Wey Yuh Think” and “Wedding of De Century” placed him first above the rest. We caught up with Roderick for a brief interview where he spoke on his success, his relationship with his mother and more. ET&T: When did you start singing on stage or in front of a live audience? Roderick “Chucky” Gordon: I was 8 years old when I began singing at the junior level and at the senior level at the age of 18 years old. ET&T: Prior to winning, were you confident that you were going to win the 2014 Calypso competition, being so young in the competition? Roderick “Chucky” Gordon: After placing 4th in the 2013 Calypso Monarch Finals Competition, my confidence only grew in 2014 after the semi-finals at Skinner Park San Fernando. ET&T: What is your favorite genre of music? Roderick “Chucky” Gordon: There is no favorite, I love all, but if I have to choose, I will choose Calypso, because, it is the foundation of Trinidad and Tobago music, it is a genre that you can identify with and it includes political, social and old and new issues. I just love Calypso music. ET&T: Who are your mentors in the Calypso industry? Roderick “Chucky” Gordon: There are a lot, but my deceased

ET&T: If you were to give your mother one gift to show your appreciation and the way you feel about her, what will it be? Roderick “Chucky” Gordon: A brand new car. ET&T: Concerning your music, any collaboration or remix in the future? Roderick “Chucky” Gordon: I wanted to do a remix for my song “Blazing” with Dexter “Blaxx” Stewart, but due to my hectic schedules, time does not permit. I hope to still do it. father Roland Gordon and Uncle Calypsonian Sedley “Penguin” Joseph, Slinger “Mighty Sparrow” Francisco and Austin “Superblue” Lyons, I look up to them as mentors. ET&T: Was your mother instrumental in your musical career? Roderick “Chucky” Gordon: I get a lot of support, particularly moral and emotional support. In her presence I feel a sense of comfort. ET&T: What was the best advice your mother ever gave you? Roderick “Chucky” Gordon: Building a relationship with God,

she will always remind me to put him first. ET&T: Were you a “mother’s boy” while growing up? Roderick “Chucky” Gordon: No, both parents were active in my life. ET&T: If you were to describe one of the best moments shared with your mother, what will it be? Roderick “Chucky” Gordon: My mother went away for 4 ½ years when I was much younger, although she kept in contact with me, seeing her after so long, that was one of the best moments for me.

ET&T: Other than locally, who are some of your favorite musicians or artistes that you listen to? Roderick “Chucky” Gordon: I am an admirer of Andre Previn Ravi Shankar music, I love Stephen Marley, Taurus Riley, Damian Marley and Bruno Mars, just some of my favorites. ET&T: What can we expect from you in the future? Roderick “Chucky” Gordon: Music and more music, to offer as much information to any one you wishes to sing Soca or Calypso and be a mentor. I want to be a guide for anyone and set an example for others. •

MAY, 2014 • ET&T 17

Whitney’s White Party

ocialite and pageant S girl turned on-air personality Whitney Hus-


bands celebrated her birthday in fine style at the world famous Zen nightclub last month. The charismatic future radio queen had a host of celebrities and fans turn out to support her all decked out white on the night. Her top DJ affiliates played musical tributes all night long and the vibes were electric. Here is some of the action. For more visit us on Facebook or peep our website

Going against the grain

Coupled up

Well done Nadia

Enjoying a drink

Style and pattern

Jo-Jo doing her rainbow impersonation



Simple, yet stunning

Sips and smiles


Close up action

Good God! •

MAY, 2014 • ET&T 19


En Soleil

ot grimy, but far from stush is how the latest ediN tion of En Soleil went down. Women of the finest quality graced the venue while entertainment by top

DJ’s as well as the likes of Snakey and Cassie kept bodies moving. This event has had numerous variations, from Carnival fete to cooler jam to DDI experience. The most recent was a very intimate affair that seemed to feature a little of the vibes from each of them and ET&T is happy to share some of the sights with you.

Thick Girls Rock!

Blue, blue… God loves you

20 ET&T • MAY, 2014 •

Cute smiles

Three popular socialites pose


Tribal print is in style

Not Bad

Yup. Those are ponytails

A happy camper

Still trying to be the man of the house




omehow, parties which mimic the paint-filled jouvert exS perience have become all the rage in Trinidad. The latest such event to make waves occurred on April 6th in the

southland. The venue was Coora Road Siparia to be exact. The party featured entertainment by Farmer Nappy, Patrice Roberts, Benjai and more while Hollywood Sachy and DJ Dane were among the mix-masters on hand. The vibes flowed like the free corn soup on hand. We were there to capture the action and mingle with some of the celebrities who came out to support.

Group action

Posing with a pretty chick

Frassness is real

One wild dude

Few had fun like her

Siparia native, Farmer Nappy performed

A Nubian delight

Go down with the Hulsie

Brethren unite


Ooh la la

He’s in a happy place

22 ET&T • MAY, 2014 •

Phat Ass Friday

h what a night. It was a night when O all behavior was abandoned for the betterment of endless fun aboard


the Treasure Queen. While it may be viewed as just another boat ride to some, this event was a memorable one for all present for the festivities. ET&T was there and if you want to see what we saw; check out our Facebook page of peep for more.

A crew converges

Staff kept patrons well-served

We likey!

Showing off her favourite side

Lords of sea parties

Rocking popular prints

A mellow couple

He GT!

Oh yes!

Doing photo time

Two of several women on board

Pants bai!!

Well show off nah fella

Truly enjoying the moment •

MAY, 2014 • ET&T 23


COCONUT UNSHELLED A delicious blend of natural coconut, passion fruit nectar and premium French spirits that offers superior mixability. Satisfy your customer’s taste for the islands with New Alizé COCO.

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Jazz Artistes On The Greens

EVENTS EXTRA e know the Tobago Jazz expeW rience is the biggest event of its kind at this time, but that doesn’t

mean other people can’t capitalize on the beautiful genre as well. The beautiful minds at Production One combined to present its 12th annual edition of Jazz Artistes on the Greens at its Farm Road St. Joseph location. Patrons were invited to “Come for the Lime and Discover the Music.” We are sure that whatever the reason for attending, patrons would have been truly satisfied. The various artistes delivered strong sets throughout the night as those in attendance swayed or stepped the night away. Many had coolers in tow for the great outdoor experience. Here are some stills as part of our events extra. Find more at ET&T’s online resources. •

MAY, 2014 • ET&T 25

Thou Shalt Not…

ent encouraged a lot of people to become engulfed in their own spirituality. Finding that inner connection led many L people to fast from vices. Apparently, some people took their fast to their fashion sense because we encountered a few people who seemed really out of sorts when it came to the couture they wore. These fashion faux pas we unequivocally rebuke.

He wore a long sleeved shirt and plaid no less. Plus he decided to roll up his casual long pants instead of just wearing beach shorts. My guess would be he was on his way to church and he got dropped off at the wrong location. However, the child he was with came prepared for the occasion. Thou shalt not desecrate beach swag.

Ok, we know who you are and why you love cycling so much, but you didn’t have to rock your riding gear at the party. In any event, the football socks and cowboy hat is a no-no. Thou shalt not make a mockery of sportswear.



Njisane shows off his buff body alongside a beautiful girl at Prelude

Scientist Carter applauds a fellow DJ at a recent event

Radio and television personality Ashleia Baksh is photographed in all her paint-covered glory at Prelude

DJ Dane and Patrice Roberts link up for a photo •

MAY, 2014 • ET&T 27

celeb profile

Michelle Obama

Name: Michelle Obama Age: 50 (January 17, 1964) Profession: Lawyer, Chicago City Administrator Community Outreach Worker Claim to Fame: Chicago born Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama was an American writer and lawyer before becoming the wife of Barack Obama, President of the United States. In her early years, she was such an excellent student that she was able to skip the second

grade. In 1975, while enrolled in the sixth grade, she was chosen for a “gifted student” program which permitted her the chance to take advanced biology and French classes at Kennedy-King Community College. Obama attended Princeton University and Harvard Law School before returning to Chicago to work at the law firm Sidley Austin, where she met her future husband. Subsequently, she worked as part of the staff of Chicago mayor

Richard M. Daley, and for the University of Chicago Medical Center. With the ascent of her husband as a prominent political figure, Michelle has become a part of popular culture. In May 2006, Essence listed her among "25 of the World's Most Inspiring Women." In July 2007, Vanity Fair listed her among "The World's 10 Best Dressed People.” As First Lady, she used her influence to serve in many causes. In


Love to Laugh? N

o one can deny the need for a good laugh from time to time. A good comedic film is one way to get your regular laugh quota quenched. Whether you prefer slapstick humour or deadpan cynicism, or eben a mixture of both, there are a few upcoming releases that may be able to hold you over till the summer movie season.

A Million Ways to Die in the West Family Guy and Ted creator Seth MacFarlane directs, produces, co-writes and plays the role of the cowardly sheep farmer Albert in this film. After Albert backs out of a gunfight, his fickle girlfriend leaves him for 28 ET&T • MAY, 2014 •

another man. When a mysterious and beautiful woman rides into town, she helps him find his courage and they begin to fall in love. But when her husband, a notorious outlaw comes seeking revenge, the farmer must put his newfound courage to the test. The funny take on a western also stars Charlize Theron, Liam Neeson, Amanda Seyfried, Giovanni Ribisi, Sarah Silverman and Neil Patrick Harris. 22 Jump Street After making their way through high school (twice), big changes are in store for officers Schmidt and Jenko when they go deep undercover at a local college. Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill and Ice Cube all return for this comedy event.

January 2010, Obama undertook her first lead role in an administration-wide initiative, which she named "Let's Move!" which attempted to reverse the 21st century trend of childhood obesity. She has also long been an advocate of LGBT rights. Despite her other endeavours, Michelle has paid special attention to the role of mother to her and Barack’s two children, Malia and Sasha.

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ET&T Vol. 8 May Issue 1 2014  

In this issue: A dedication to Mothers Chucky still celebrating FAB Maternity Fashion Max out on your man candy

ET&T Vol. 8 May Issue 1 2014  

In this issue: A dedication to Mothers Chucky still celebrating FAB Maternity Fashion Max out on your man candy