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calum bailey cox

You’ll need to export your finished document in PDF/X-3:2002 format with the document bleed settings turned on. For further directions, check your template package or go to

You’ll need to upload one PDF for your pages and one PDF (or more) for your cover option(s). Please note, all critical text and art should appear within this gray area. Any content outside this area may be unevenly trimmed. If you would like your artwork to extend to the edge of your finished book, place your artwork edge to the red bleed line. Don’t worry. These instructions are suppressed for printing and will not appear in your printed book. You may hide or delete this layer if you prefer not to see the instructions.

30 December 2006 – Birth to 2 years

from birth to 2 1/2 years

levi calum bailey cox Sunday 30 December 2006 8lb 3oz 6:38 am Chase Farm Hospital

sonogram 2 may 2006

sonogram 12 june 2006

06:45am just born. hello world.

06:58am 20 minutes young

one day

three days

third day first bath at the hospital

yawn yawn

Everybody’s asleep. Where’s mummy? Taking the photo. Why are they so tired? You’d think they just had the baby!

two weeks

two weeks

nine weeks

twelve weeks




z z z

z z z


six months

my first holiday – malta



nine months

ten months – babywalking

eleven months

i can clap

december 2007. almost one.

december 2007

may 2008

mum and dad’s wedding may 2008 and grandads bling

portugal may 2008

july 2008

my first painting – august 2008

september 2008

september 2008

october 2008

december 2008


happy birthday. i am two.

february 2009 – my first snowball


just hulking around april 2009

finsbury park funfair april 2009

my first lollipop april 2009

mad about cars may 2009

Printed June 2009

Levi Calum Bailey Cox  

I design bespoke professional books for individuals and commercial businesses. Present a special gift to a loved one. Collate all of your re...

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