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SHOOT’EM UP I don’t suppose a bandit often achieves his goal of swapping a bed-roll for lath and plaster. Many’s a storefront has caved in. Crumpled like a blouse. Rarely is a mainstay made manifest. That’s why I check out each and every gopher hole for the mink stole that eluded J.J. Astor. The varmints back in the rooming house? They, too, wanted to pin a star on my chest. I don’t suppose a piano is ever quite in tune. That’s why a piano-player will precipitously change course. We like to think all bottles are made of sugar-glass.

The Tremone Bar, Carrowmenagh is the only site to see the complete project Abridged 0-31: Crash between 30 June - 8 July (weekend evenings only)

Same with the windows of the saloon. That’s why bandits keep barging in two-to-a-horse. That’s why we have to keep heading them off at the pass. Paul Muldoon

Image: Denzil Browne, Roadkill Pelt, 2012

Abridged 0 - 31: Crash  
Abridged 0 - 31: Crash  

featuring Paul Muldoon and Denzil Browne