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The Science of Deliberate Creation A Quarterly Journal and Catalog Addendum

July, Aug, Sept, 2000 — VOL 13

“Now Reality” as your Platform for Growth (Page 6)

Newest Group Series — Winter, 1999 Album (Page 10) Is it Grief or Joy? (Page 12) Quarterly Quotes (Page 30)


our future experience has to do with now, with now, with now, with how I feel now. Your future experience doesn’t have anything to do G-1/22/00 with those past experiences. Abraham-Hicks Publications P.O. Box 690070, San Antonio, TX 78269 Tel. (830) 755-2299 or FAX (830) 755-4179 On line — © Copyright 2000

Hello from Jerry & Esther Well, here’s what we think. We think it because every day is full of endless new questions and decisions. It isn’t possible to become complacent about anything because things are in a constant state of change. From choosing routes to lunch time restaurants, to places to park for lunch to our favorite truck stops, to the most beautiful campgrounds, to whether to take the bus to the hotel parking lot or leave it at the campground — these days are fuller and faster and therefore funner than anything we have ever experienced before. Sometimes our cell phones work, sometimes we’re out of range. Sometimes we can get a telephone at our campsite so our fax machine works and we can check email. Mostly, that isn’t available. Sometimes we have 50 amp electrical service; often 30 amp is available. Sometimes we have full hookups (meaning sewer, electric and water); sometimes only electric and water is available. Sometimes our site is level, sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes there is cable TV hook up available; sometimes we use our antennae. Then there is the satellite disk on the roof that we still haven’t called to have the service hooked up. Where is the grocery, is there a car wash near by, do you know of a good dry cleaner, hair salon, barber? Where is the Fedex drop box? Because we are in so many new situations with new people and places, we are asking much, much more on many levels. And the Universe is providing for us Big Time! And as a result we are more alive! We are seeing more, doing more, feeling more and living more. It is not easy to imagine a more wonderful life than the one we are living, but we’re working on it. As Abraham says, “It just getting better and better!” If our now is the platform for that which is to come — we had better get ready for a walloping ride. Okay, we’re ready. We love you,

As we sat eating breakfast this morning, at our favorite place on the planet (or do we keep saying that about different places?) we realized that this month marks our one year anniversary of picking up our motor coach in Decatur Indiana to begin our national rampage of appreciation. This year has been sooooooooo much fun! We can hardly believe that a whole year has passed since we stopped flying (or nearly so) and began traveling from city to city in our 40 foot American Eagle Motor Coach. We know that time flies when you’re having fun, but this has been amazing! It seems more like a week, or maybe a month, but a year? Impossible. So how is that we have driven from Decatur Indiana to Detroit to Tarrytown to Boston to Philadelphia to Asheville to Atlanta to San Antonio to Houston to Baton Rouge to Tallahassee to Tampa to Boca Raton to Melbourne to Orlando to San Antonio to El Paso to Tucson to Phoenix to San Diego to Los Angeles to San Francisco to Monterey to San Rafael (flew to Chicago then to San Antonio then to San Francisco) to Ashland to Portland to Seattle to Spokane to Boise to Fort Collins (flew to San Antonio and then back to Colorado) to Omaha to Milwaukee to Detroit to Cleveland to Cincinnati to Saint Louis to Kansas City to San Antonio to Albuquerque to Sedona to San Diego................ And here we sit — 20,000 miles on the odometer and a year later, and it feels like yesterday. So how come?


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Dear Friends, We do love receiving your messages and reading your letters and notes that come by the thousands! We are currently set up to comfortably process workshops and orders for Free Introduction tapes, brochures, albums, books, etc., because we have been able to add other minds and hands for that. But we can't add more Jerry or Esther or hours to a day. And so, we will continue to personally respond to what we can when we can — and we will continue to read and listen to and relish your wonderful responses to Abraham's materials...And we will continue to expect you to be aware of how very much we appreciate your delightful addition to our delicious physical experience — and to the upliftment of All-That-Is. From our hearts, Jerry & Esther 3

90 day event schedule details From time to time there are changes in our scheduling, so please reserve in advance with our San Antonio office at (830) 755-2299.

Prepaid reservations are required. 9/5/00 — Reno, NV — Held at: Flamingo Hilton Reno, 255 N. Sierra St., Reno, NV 89501. For directions or to make sleeping room reservations call (775) 322-1111. Tuesday, 9AM to 4:15PM. $150.00 per person. 9/9/00 — Salt Lake City, UT — Held at: Hilton Salt Lake City Center, 255 SW Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101. For directions or to make sleeping room reservations call (801) 328-2000. Saturday, 9AM to 4:15PM. $150.00 per person. 9/23/00 — Chicago, IL — Held at: The Marriott Suites Deerfield, Two Parkway North, Deerfield, IL 60015. For directions or to make sleeping room reservations call (847) 4059666. Saturday, 9AM to 4:15PM. $150.00 per person. 9/27/00 — Buffalo, NY — Held at: The Buffalo Niagara Marriott, 1340 Millersport Hwy., Amherst, New York 14221. For directions or to make sleeping room reservations call (716) 689-6900. Wednesday, 9AM to 4:15PM. $150.00 per person. 9/30/00 — Syracuse, NY — Held at the: Wyndham Syracuse Hotel, 6301 Route 298 E. Syracuse, NY 13057. For directions or to make sleeping room reservations call (315) 432-0200. Saturday, 9AM to 4:15PM. $150.00 per person. 10/3/00 — Albany, NY — Held at: The Hilton Garden Inn, 125 S. Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. For directions or to make sleeping room reservations call (518) 5871500. Tuesday, 9AM to 4:15PM. $150.00 per person. 10/7/00 — Boston, MA — Held at the: Boston Marriott Burlington, One Mall Road, Burlington, MA 01803. For directions or to make sleeping room reservations call (781) 229-6565. Saturday, 9AM to 4:15PM. $150.00 per person. 10/14/00 — Tarrytown, NY — Held at: The Westchester Marriott Hotel, 670 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, NY 10591. For directions or to make sleeping room reservations call (914) 631-2200. Saturday, 9AM to 4:15PM. $150.00 per person. 10/17/00 — Philadelphia, PA — Held at the: Sheraton Bucks County Hotel, 400 Oxford Rd., Langhorne, PA 19047. For directions or to make sleeping room reservations call (215) 547-4100. Tuesday, 9AM to 4:15PM. $150.00 per person. 10/21/00 — Silver Spring, MD — Held at the:Gaithersburg Marriott Washingtonian Center, 9751 Washingtonian Blvd., Gaithersburg, MD 20878. For directions or to make sleeping room reservations call (301) 590-0044. Saturday, 9AM to 4:15PM. $150.00 per person. 10/24/00 — Virginia Beach/Norfolk, VA — Held at the: Norfolk Waterside Marriott, 235 E. Main Street, Norfolk, VA 23510. For directions or to make sleeping room reservations call (757) 627-4200. Tuesday, 9AM to 4:15PM. $150.00 per person.


2000-2001 general workshop schedule Please reserve in advance with our San Antonio office at (830) 755-2299. Prepaid reservations are required. Following is general information for up-coming workshops. Specific location and other details will be provided when you make your reservation, or you may request this information at any time. Time Format for following events: 9AM to 4:15PM

4/21/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . .San Antonio, TX 5/1/01 . . . . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . . .Sacramento, CA 5/5/01 . . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . .Ashland, OR 5/8/01 . . . . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . . . . .Portland, OR 5/12/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .Seattle, WA 5/19/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . .Spokane, WA 5/26/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . .Billings, MT 6/2/01 . . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .Boulder, CO 6/9/01 . . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . .Fort Collins, CO 6/23/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . .Kansas City, MO 6/26/01 . . . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . . . .Milwaukee, WI 6/30/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .Detroit, MI 7/3/01 . . . . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . . . .Cleveland, OH 7/7/01 . . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .Cincinnati, OH 7/21/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . .Albuquerque, NM 7/28/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .Sedona, AZ 8/04/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . .San Diego, CA 8/11/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .Los Angeles, CA 8/13/01 . . . . . . Monday . . . . . . . . . . .North L.A., CA 8/18/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . .San Francisco, CA 8/21/01 . . . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . . . . .Monterey, CA 8/25/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .San Rafael, CA 9/22/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago, IL 9/29/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . .Syracuse, NY 10/2/01 . . . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . . . . . . .Albany, NY 10/6/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .Boston, MA 10/13/01 . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . .Tarrytown, NY 10/16/01 . . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . .Philadelphia, PA 10/20/01 . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . .Silver Spring, MD 10/27/01 . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . .Asheville, NC 11/03/01 . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .Arlanta, GA 11/10/01 . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . . .Dallas, TX 11/24/01 . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . .San Antonio, TX 12/15/01 . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Maui, HI

8/29/00 . . . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . . . . .Monterey, CA 9/2/00 . . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .San Rafael, CA 9/5/00 . . . . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Reno, NV 9/9/00 . . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . .Salt Lake City, UT 9/23/00 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago, IL 9/27/00 . . . . . . Wednesday . . . . . . . . . .Buffalo, NY 9/30/00 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . .Syracuse, NY 10/3/00 . . . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . . . . . . .Albany, NY 10/7/00 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .Boston, MA 10/14/00 . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . .Tarrytown, NY 10/17/00 . . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . .Philadelphia, PA 10/21/00 . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . .Silver Spring, MD 10/24/00 . . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . .Virginia Beach, VA 10/29/00 . . . . . Sunday . . . . . . . . . . . .Asheville, NC 11/4/00 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .Atlanta, GA 11/11/00 . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . . .Dallas, TX 11/25/00 . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . .San Antonio, TX 12/9/00 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . .Kona, Hawaii 12/16/00 . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . .Maui, Hawaii 1/13/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . .Houston, TX 1/20/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .Tallahassee, FL 1/27/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .Boca Raton, FL 2/3/01 . . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . .Orlando, FL 2/17/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .El Paso, TX 2/20/01 . . . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . . . . . . .Tucson, AZ 2/24/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . .Phoenix, AZ 3/3/01 . . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . .San Diego, CA 3/10/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .Los Angeles, CA 3/13/01 . . . . . . Tuesday . . . . . .No. Los Angeles, CA 3/17/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . .San Francisco, CA 3/20/01 . . . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . . . . .Monterey, CA 3/24/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .San Rafael, CA 3/31/01 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago, IL 4/7/01 . . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . .Tarrytown, NY


”Now Reality” as your Platform for Growth Have you noticed that as surely as you identify something that you desire and achieve it, that there are more desires bubbling forth continuously? Are you beginning to understand that you never get it done? That as physical and as Nonphysical beings, we are standing upon an eternal future, never ending, always unfolding? Are you among the rare humans who have come to appreciate the contrast of your time and place? Are you coming to acknowledge that you are creators? And that as creators, what that means is, you are offerers of vibration that a Vibrational Universe responds to? Is it beginning to ring clearer to you that creation is really about attraction? That it’s about you setting a Vibrational Tone which causes you to offer a vibrational offering, which this Vibrational Universe then responds to, and that your manifestations are a byproduct of the vibrational offering that you have established and the Universe’s response to it? Are you coming clearer to a point of really knowing that what creating really is about, is focusing your conscious mind?

That attention to a subject is a vibrational offering that then will be matched by All-That-Is? You are offering vibration continuously. You never stop. But most, especially in the beginning, before they’re clearly remembering what creation is really about — most offer almost all of their vibration in response to something that they are observing. And that puts you in a position where it becomes very important to you that what you observe lines up in a way that pleases you. It is logical that when you see something that pleases you and you have that good feeling response, that then you would want more things that please you to be out there for you to observe. And it is equally logical that when you see those things through your observation that do not please you, and you feel bad when you see them, that then you would want to try to control those outer circumstances. The thing of it is, you cannot control those circumstances. So what you begin to say is, “I need this and this and this to be different so that I can feel better.” And we say, really frustrating isn’t

You are upon an Eternal, Always unfolding future, and You will never get it done.


caster, or trying to get everybody to behave, even if it is somebody close to you, like a family member, rather than trying to ask them to alter their behavior so that what you observe makes you feel better, what we’re wanting to help you to do is set your Tone so that you then only have vibrational access to the parts of them that please you. You are multidimensional beings. As human beings, you have lots of vibrations relative to lots of subjects going on within you. You are stuffed full of beliefs that you’ve picked up along your physical trail. And new desires are continually being born in you. Creation is about lining your Energy up within you. Setting your Tone in a consistent behavioral pattern, so that what you are broadcasting, vibrationally — as it is matched by all Universal forces, and as it comes back to you in manifestational form — will then please you. Even before it comes back to you, in the form of manifestation — the feeling response that you receive as you are offering your signal is the most important part of life experience as we know it to be. We want to show you how to bring yourself into full and perfect alignment with your desires. Because when you are a vibrational match to those things you want, you are manifesting them. That usually pleases you. And from our perspective, the even more important thing is, when you are a vibrational match to your desires, when your Source Energy is fully flowing through you — you are, in that moment,

it? Because as soon as you get this and this lined up, then that doesn’t line up. And as soon as you get that lined up, then this and that doesn’t line up.

Destroy the Broadcasters or Turn Your Dial? It’s a little bit like somebody giving you a radio and you are new to the idea. They explain that there are broadcasting towers out there projecting a signal, and that when you plug your radio in, you will receive the signal. And so, you plug it in and what you hear is really unpleasant. And you say, “Now let me see, there are towers out there broadcasting, and those broadcasting towers are the reason that I‘m hearing this?” And since what you are hearing is so appalling, you spend most of your life destroying radio towers. You cut them off at the ankles, you tip them over, you blow them up. And finally you get all of the towers destroyed except the one that is broadcasting something that pleases you. And we say, that is one way of going about it — but it would have been much easier for you to just adjust your dial on your tuner receiver. And that is really what deliberate creating is about. It is recognizing that every thought that has ever been thought is out there. And if you are not specific about the way you have your tuner receiver set, you may be receiving some of that stuff that is being broadcast that does not please you. But instead of trying to destroy the broad-

Every Thought, Ever Thought, is Still Out There

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Love ❥ Appreciation ❥ Love After attending your Sacramento workshop, I felt I had to thank you properly. It was an experience I will never forget, and hope to repeat. Thank you so much for making this material available to those of us who are a vibrational match with the teachings. With your help I have been able to make some very positive changes in my life. I know the best is yet to come, as each day I’m vibrating from a better place than the day before. The better it gets the better it gets... There is much love here for you, Namaste dear ones, — CR — OR

everyday living and creating. It is not only educational but extremely exciting, offering fun and joy in the journey. I appreciate you both every day and look forward to our next visit together. Love you both, LF — IL

It Gets Better

Several weeks ago a friend gave me an Abraham tape. I tossed it on the seat of my car. The tape sat on the seat until I had nothing else to listen to, and then I played it. What a joy!! That you are willing to share what you have learned free of charge through your free tape offer and your newsletters on line certainly tells me you know where your prosperity comes from. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, PTF — Internet

What A Joy

Hi!!! I love your message, it has made a profound difference in my life and those lives I touch. Please enter me into the monthly tape program, and bill me with each tape. Thanks!! See you next time you’re in my neck of the woods... SK — CT

A Profound Difference

Thank you for your very prompt attention to my order. Pretty amazing! I would also like to thank you for your peaceful wisdom of the heart. Abraham came into my life at just the right time. (Duh!! Of course it was precisely the right time.) I am so appreciative of the life changing, life enhancing wisdom. Thank you. There is much love for you here. CH — FL

Just At The Right Time

I have so much gratitude and appreciation for the workshop I witnessed in Cleveland, OH, July 11, 2000. My spiritual hunger has been on and off for the last 20 years. Mostly “on” for the last 18 months since I met Abraham. Esther, the light shined through you to me so clearly I really get it. During the workshop I was tuned into Source Energy continuously. I now realize the Nonphysical extension of me has guided me since I can remember, except I have been a blockhead, getting in the way. No more! I love and appreciate you both. Eternally, Love, RB — WV

A Former Blockhead

Thanks so much. I have just read A New Beginning I, and it has changed my life like no other book!

It Is Life Changing CS — PA

Thanks for everything — especially for your wisdom guiding all of us here in Abilene to Freedom, Growth & Joy! Also, thanks for putting in another San Antonio workshop — and another trip to the Tree House!!! We can’t wait!!! Love & light, MC —TX

Thanks for San Antonio

One of my clients told me how she had enjoyed your workshop in Racine, WI. She said that, as always, it was great, and she especially enjoyed Jerry’s question regarding the baby chicks. Of course, we always love Jerry’s questions. We have enjoyed the San Antonio tapes. We have passed those tapes on to many. It is absolutely wonderful how you keep flowing and expanding the message, with new words for

Educational & Exciting

Instant Balance 8

It’s been five years since I first heard an Abraham tape, and it truly does get better and better! With the teaching that you

Love ❥ Appreciation ❥ Love P.S. The “sticks” are a very effective symbol!

facilitate I have found liberation! I find myself allowing my personality to experience the range of emotions without identifying with them, and gladly gravitating to the ones that feel good. I find that my inspired actions are never predictable, and can be very entertaining when they are natural. I expand painlessly and with a great amount of humor! The teachings of Abraham always bring me to balance, instantaneously, no matter how far out I get. What I have gained from your willingness to do your part in the co-creation is beyond my ability to express. I love you both and look forward to my next live event with the three musketeers. Thank you again, RL — NJ

Thank you for coming to St. Louis and sharing this experience with us. I am now more aware that I really do have control of my happiness and abundance. I never knew the importance of the lists, but I am making a lot of them now. I can share this with my clients. It is so simple — I love it. I know my life is great, and it is only going to get better. No more negativity. God Bless, LM — IL

St. Louis Woman

Who would have thought that after years of negative thinking I could awaken to eagerness and joy each morning — realize self-appreciation (me, who even hated mirrors) and feel laughter bubbling close to the surface for no apparent reason. Me, happy? What a concept! Keep it coming. DI — WA

What? Me Happy?

We just began our subscription for monthly tapes and already we want more. We would like to change our subscription from monthly to weekly. Here is all our information, just in case you need it again: M&NG — CT

Wants the Weekly Tapes

I first heard of you through a long time friend and have gobbled up this feast of Soul Food like a starving maniac. I bought your books, I printed off countless pages of reading material, and when that was done, I felt a longing for more, more, more of Abraham! This is a delightful message. I can’t wait to attend your next workshop in Florida. God Bless! MG — FL

Starving Maniac

My sister introduced me to Abraham. I have listened to her set of tapes so often I’ve about worn them out. Love every second of them. You really know when you hear the truth! It’s like a bolt directly to your heart — and you know you’ve heard truth. I am a Unity student and Abraham teaches a lot of the message they deliver. I love what you are doing! KW — CO

A Unity Student

I am so grateful to have found my way to your books and your tapes. My neighbor loaned me a Seth book about 13 years ago, and I still have every one of them. Since I have found you, I see different people babbling on Public TV, and all have different things out of your tapes and are using them for their knowledge to make money, which is fine, but they certainly don’t acknowledge you. But I guess one would have to be an in-depth student to understand that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m turning people on to your web site daily. RR — Canada

What About Acknowledgement?

It’s amazing to realize how much your teachings have influenced me for the past seven years!! I have benefited immeasurably from your tapes, and I am so thankful for having your good medicine in my life. As I sit here forming these words, I ponder the nature of this wild, wonderful dream. It’s all so dang real, isn’t it??? Anyway, thanks again for truly being two of the most influential people in my life. I look forward to many years of listening and learning from you. Love, ED — CA

Influential Teachings



“Now Reality” as your Platform for Growth Those destinations or those “goals” that keep cropping up, are only catalysts to give you something to measure your Energy against. The alignment of the Energy is all that this delicious physical experience is really about. And so, it would please us if you would please yourself more of the time, if you would set standards that the measurement of your success is really about the joy that you are feeling, if you would work harder to feel good more of the time — and let that be the thing that matters most to you, of all things. Nothing is more important than that I feel good. Today, no matter where I’m going, no matter what I’m doing, no matter who I’m doing it with, it is my dominant intent to look for that which I’m wanting to see. As I look into my own experience, and as I look into my body, I want to see those things that please me. As I look into my friend, as I talk about my government, as I drive upon the highway — I want to see those things that please me. I want to use any and every excuse I can to find things that make me feel good in my powerful “now”. Because, after all, I’m living my life in my “now”. And nothing can be better than feeling good right now. (Excerpted from workshop in El Paso, TX — 2/12/00)

G-10/16/99 — Thirty minutes of classic basic Abraham philosophy. Are we responsible for our mate’s behavior. You’re not concerned their choking is contagious. Grief or joy, on Journey to Ithaca? Tradition of creation as a linguistic phenomenon. Guidelines for classroom of diverse resistant beings. Joyful teacher’s influence in a student’s experience. G-10/30/99 — Are you as happy as a clam? You are, indeed, the center of the Universe. Can we give our children too much? Greedy child took two pieces of cake. Some questions regarding Nonphysical beingness. Why does he enjoy his hated violence? Abraham’s definition of “We are all One.”


G-series tapes winter, 1999 G-11/6/99 — Destroy the broadcasters, or adjust your dial? Now Reality as the platform for growth. The belief that teeters the totter. Mother is dead but still she influences. Belief, as per your birth environment. Why the children choose adventure over safety. A scenario of 15 reincarnational questions. G-12/12/99 — Reality, as per your interpretation of reality. Is he too comfortable for superb success? Her desires have been outrunning her abundance. Should this doctor pursue healing or belly dancing? How can one influence mass birthing process? Habitual deceit as a striving toward joy. Well-being comes to you in many forms. G-1/8/00 — Here’s how your cycle of creation works. About the “other 99%” of her brain? Did she cocreate in her dog’s death? He lives unwanted circular patterns of relationships. Would not grief be to his benefit? Did her loner cat, Felix, commit suicide? Sound, as a coarser, more discernible vibration. G-1/11/00 — An Eternal Being can never be complete. Her kid snatched the other kid’s banana bread. Her deceased mother is still controlling her. Why does Energy/Healing work exhaust healer? What about those who can’t afford treatments? Every death experience is a perfect one. Aerial view of good stuff, bad stuff. G-1/15/00 — Would worldwide unity bring heaven on earth? Many, in battle, are feeling heaven, too. Answers seemed to magically appear to him. Our deliberate effect on the cultural consciousness? Co-creating her great house without his cooperation? Others criticize her beliefs regarding her longevity. He’s having a run of “impossible” positive experiences. G-1/18/00 — We will always have an unfulfilled desire. She wants to discuss “Creation on Demand.” Does accelerated Energy affect the spirituality “STICK”? One’s physical death as another temporary experience. Dad had the classical hospice death experience. At what point do we individualize from Source? Decide to be happy in your NOW! G-1/22/00 — Learning to play the “Vibrational Stick Game”. She’s in Georgia and lover’s in Canada. Feeling good is the prize you’re seeking. Are there some misconceptions about our GOD? Parent’s power of influence over child’s free will? Why does Abraham call the animals “beasts”? Wanting to quit her unwanted necessary job. G-2/12/00 — Can a being think wordless thoughts? When a “born killer” follows his bliss? Her sister’s strange, remote, autistic angelic child? If she gets too happy, then what? Vibration of fear: a feeling of his powerlessness. Why would she choose this painful life? Realignment, and thoughts about his joyous survival. SEE PAGE 25 TO ORDER: G-SERIES, WINTER, 1999 CASSETTE ALBUM — $77.50 + S/H CALL 830 755-2299 OR MAIL, FAX, ON-LINE SEE PAGE 25


QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS When you’re talking about the subject of death, there is not much that connects you more to your feeling of Source, or to your feeling of wholeness, than that. And so, we wouldn’t spend too much time trying to figure out if it’s a feeling of joy. We wouldn’t try to label the feeling so much. If it’s a feeling that you want to go back to, then we would say it’s a feeling of connection. If it’s a feeling that you just hate when it comes over you, and you feel relieved when it goes away, then we would say it is a feeling of disconnection. We would not use the term, grief, for it. We would say, it is a deeper connection that is inspired by my attention to the passing into Nonphysical of my mother. The reason that you call it grief is because you’ve been programmed to believe that you should feel bad about death.

Grief or Joy on Journey to Ithaka? Question: My mother died about three months ago. And I’ve been having a lot of experiences that tell me that she wanted to go. She was ready to go. Those parts feel good, and I feel pretty clear about that. But what I want to know about is grief. Sometimes I just feel it, and it’s like a missing her and a grief. I’m just wondering. Can it be like joy? If I’m connected to my true self and having Pure Positive Energy, sometimes can it be that feeling of grief as opposed to joy? Does it always have to be a happy thing? Abraham: Well, we’re appreciating your probing here about emotions, because when an emotion is a very strong emotion, it’s easier to identify what it is. When you’re having a hard time knowing if something is the emotion of joy or the emotion of grief, sometimes probing a little further will help you to identify. This morning, when Esther awakened, Jerry was in a very connected, good feeling state. He could hardly wait for Esther to wake up and get focused into the day, because he had something he really wanted to visit with her about. He had been reading a paper that someone had given to him some time ago. As he read it to Esther, he could not stop crying. It was moving him on such a deep level. And Esther said to him, “Is this joy that you’re feeling, or sadness?” It was hard for her to tell what he was feeling, because he was feeling moved.

Why do we grieve over deceased friends? Guest: But I miss her. So then I say to myself, “Well does that mean it’s lack?” I just miss her. Abraham: Well, the feeling of missing someone, that is grief. And it’s natural. We are eager to talk about this, because it is something that all of you will experience. Some of you can experience grief just in thinking about it, and any time you are thinking about something that you do not want, you feel negative emotion. We think it would be helpful to talk about why it is that the death of someone that you care about is some12

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS thing that you do not want. Let’s talk about that. You say, “I miss her.” Amplify that just a little bit. You said she was ready to go. What did you mean by that? Let us ask you some questions here: Did you see your mother, in her days before her making her transition, as someone who the contrast was producing Rockets of Desire that she was taking pleasure in focusing upon? In other words, was this physical experience still producing things that…(looking at Jerry) read your Ithaka thing. Hear this, it fits together here.

And may you visit many Egyptian cities to gather stores of knowledge from their scholars. Keep Ithaka always in your mind. Arriving there is what you are destined for.

Jerry: Can you read? Through Esther’s eyes, I mean?

Whoever wrote that knows what we know: It is never about the manifestation. It is about the desire that summons the life. It is about the object of attention that causes the inspiration to move forward. And so, we think that when someone makes their transition into Nonphysical, that the reason that it often touches you at a very deep level that you do not understand, aside from the superfluous missing of them in the kitchen, or whatever, we think the reason that it reaches you so deeply, is because there’s a part of you that recognizes that an Ithaka, for them, no longer exists in this physical time/space reality. That this environment is no longer producing the desire that is summoning them forward along this path. We’re wanting you to understand that an Ithaka, so to speak, of much greater proportion is now calling them — beyond what this format can pro-

But do not hurry the journey at all. Better if it lasts for years, so you are old by the time you reach the island, wealthy with all you’ve gained on the way, Not expecting Ithaka to make you rich. Ithaka gave you the marvelous journey. Without her you would not have set out. She has nothing left to give you now. And if you find her poor, Ithaka won’t have fooled you. Wise as you will have become, so full of experience, you will have understood by then what these Ithakas mean.

Abraham: We can. It is better if you do. We will, if you are wanting. (Abraham reads Journey to Ithaka by C.P. Cavafy) As you set out for Ithaka hope the voyage is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery. Laistrygonians and Cyclops, angry Poseideon — don’t be afraid of them You’ll never find things like that on your way as long as you keep your thoughts raised high, as long as a rare excitement stirs your spirit and your body. Laistrygonians and Cyclops, wild Poseidon — you won’t encounter them unless you bring them along inside your soul, unless your soul sets them up in front of you. Hope the voyage is a long one. May there be many a summer morning when, with what pleasure, what joy, you come into harbors seen for the first time; May you stop at Phoenician trading stations to buy fine things, mother of pearl and coral, amber and ebony, sensual perfume of every kind — as many sensual perfumes you can;

Continued on page 38


The Book on Tape: Sara, and the Foreverness of Friends of a Feather


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It Gets Better and Better

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spirituality, natural healing, relationships and creativity...each book makes a valuable contribution to our self-knowledge and selftransformation...We commend the authors for these outstanding works...” And Esther and I feel both appreciative of and blessed by the recognition of our beloved Sara. 14

A Review of the Book: Sara

and the Foreverness of Friends of a Feather,

...My whole family read this book and we haven’t been the same since. My husband, perhaps, was the most moved by it. He actually said that it had such a tremendous impact on him that he looks at life with new eyes. It’s like being nearsighted your whole life and then finally getting glasses. Everything becomes crystal clear. I cannot say enough good things about this life-transforming book. If there is only one book you ever buy, make sure it is this one. You won’t regret it! (all ages) by Denise Tarsitano in the “Rising Star Series.

Excerpted from phenomeNEWS “Mixed Reviews” 9/9/98 ...Sara and the Foreverness of Friends of a Feather is a novel about a young girl, Sara, who learns about life through a wise owl named Solomon. Readers will understand how they, too, can become the magnificent creators they were born to be and that all really is in divine order ... all really is well. When Sara comes to this knowing, she asks her wise mentor, “Solomon, how ever will I ever explain this to anybody? How will I ever make them understand?” And Solomon speaks to all of us as he answers, “Sara that is not your work. It is enough, Sweet Girl, that you understand.” Sara is also available on audio cassette tapes. Jerry Hicks brings his show business background to a delightfully orchestrated version of the book as he breathes joy and vitality into each character. For children of all ages, from 5 to 105. Sara and the Foreverness of Friends of a Feather is a wonderful gift to give yourself or anyone who wants a greater understanding of life. We highly recommend the book, and the Book on Tape — and all of the Abraham-Hicks material. Reviewed by Cindy Saul (and I helped, too! — Gerri Magee) And Abraham says, “This book will help you to remember that you are an eternal being... and it will help you to discover the everlasting bond that connects joyous loved ones to one another.” Order the book: SARA I — Sara and the Foreverness of Friends of a Feather $15.00 (plus S/H) Softcover.— ISBN 0-9621219-4-0

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Strong and Clear

reviewed by Cindy Saul (phenomeNEWS Magazine) (and, again, I helped! Gerri Magee)


A Review of the Book Sara and Seth, Solomon’s Fine Featherless Friends ...My family had read the first Sara book and were captivated by its wisdom and clarity. I knew we were in for a treat with this new story, “Sara and Seth”, but I had no idea just how much of an impact it would have on all of us. Seth is the new boy in Sara’s mountain town... an “intense seeker” of answers to life’s puzzling questions... Seth and Sara are drawn together (Law of Attraction) and embark on a wild, fun-filled, roller-coaster of a ride toward enlightenment and self-discovery. Sara introduces Seth to Solomon (the wise old owl from the first Sara book) who, in turn, answers the questions that have plagued Seth... And as we are seeing Seth and Sara’s growth and joy and understanding unfold under Solomon’s tutelage, we the readers are also absorbing and processing the practical and spiritually uplifting information. This book is truly a gift! It’s like a gold-encrusted treasure chest laden with precious jewels. The only thing you have to do is pluck the pearls of wisdom that are strewn throughout the story and clutch them to your heart. One such pearl for me was when Sara asked Solomon if he was mad or disappointed in her. The answer Solomon gave to her is one that I have committed to memory, for I know I will be using it with my own loved ones forever. I had tears of happiness and gratitude streaming down my face when I finished this book, for it accomplished a profoundly difficult task — that of presenting the way the Universe (life) works in a profoundly simple, joyful and graceful way. The sheer brilliance of this unassuming little book with its powerful message (of Well-being) Order: SARA II — Sara & Seth, Solomon’s Fine Featherless Friends! $15 plus S/H — ISBN 0-9621219-7-5 ORDER BY PHONE (830) 755-2299 (OR BY MAIL, FAX OR ON-LINE — PAGE 43)


A Twelve Point Synopsis of Abraham-Hicks’ Teachings


You Are a Physical Extension of That Which is Nonphysical.


You Are Here in This Body Because You Chose to Be Here.


The Basis of Your Life is Freedom; the Purpose of Your Life is Joy.


You Are a Creator; You Create With Your Every Thought.


Anything That You Can Imagine is Yours to Be or Do or Have.


As You Are Choosing Your Thoughts, Your Emotions Are Guiding You.

All-That-Is, or that which you call God, is not finished and waiting for you to catch up. You are the leading edge of thought, here seeking more: more of all that feels good to you, more of that which is fresh and gloriously uplifting. (You are, in essence, bringing heaven to earth.)

You chose the opportunity to experience this delicious contrast in time and space, and with great anticipation you came to co-create with other joy-seeking beings, to fine-tune the process of deliberate thought. (What, where, when and with whom you create are your choices, too.)

You are free to choose to discover new avenues for your joy. In your joy you will grow, and in your joyous growth you will add to the growth experience of All-That-Is. (However, you are also free to choose bondage or pain.)

By the Universal Law of Attraction, you are attracting the essence of whatever you are choosing to give your attention to — whether wanted or unwanted. And so, you often create by default. But you can know by how your emotion feels if what you are attracting (creating) is what you are wanting or if it is not what you are wanting. (Where is your attention focused?)

As you ask yourself why you want it, the essence of your desire is activated, and the Universe begins to bring it to you. The more intense your positive feelings, the faster it is coming to you. (It is as easy to create a castle as a button.)

Your loving Inner Being offers guidance in the form of emotion. Entertain a wanted or unwanted thought, and you feel a wanted or unwanted emotion. Choose to change the thought and you have changed the emotion — and you have changed the creation. (Make more choices in every day.)



The Universe Adores You for it Knows Your Broadest Intentions.


Relax into Your Natural Well-being. All is Well. (Really It Is!)


You Are a Creator of Thoughtways on Your Unique Path of Joy.

You have chosen to come to earth with great intentions, and the Universe constantly guides you on your chosen path. When you are feeling good, you are, in that moment, allowing more of that which you have intended from your broader perspective. (You are Spirit Incarnate.) The essence of all that you appreciate is constantly flowing into your reality. As you find more things to appreciate, your state of appreciation opens more avenues to more for which to feel appreciation. (As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract.)

No one can limit where you can direct your thought. There are no limits to your joyous journeys to experience. On the path to your happiness you will discover all that you want to be or do or have. (Allowing others their experiences allows you yours.)


Actions to Be Taken and Possessions to Be Exchanged Are By-products of Your Focus on Joy.


You May Appropriately Depart Your Body Without Illness or Pain.


You Can Not Die; You Are Everlasting Life.

On your deliberately joyous journey your actions will be inspired, your resources will be abundant, and you will know by the way you feel that you are fulfilling your reason for life. (Most have this one backwards, therefore most feel little joy in their actions or their possessions.) You need not attract illness or pain as an excuse to leave your body. Your natural state — coming, remaining or leaving — is that of health and Well-being. (You are free to choose otherwise.) In grace, you may choose to relax and allow your gentle transition back into your Nonphysical state of pure, positive Energy. Your natural state is that of Foreverness. (Have fun with all of this! You can’t get it wrong, and you’ll never get it done.)


It is not necessary for even one other person to understand the Laws of the Universe or the processes that we are offering here in order for you to have a wonderful, happy, productive Life Experience — for you are the attractor of your experience. Just you! Jerry & Esther Hicks — 11/95 (


SPECIAL SUBJECT TAPES — VOL I FOCUSED IN OUR NOW, the only point in which we have the power to create — neither speculating into the future nor reminiscing into the historical past — ABRAHAM speaks, primarily, toward that practical information which we can personally learn to deliberately apply to our current experience and thereby gain beneficial results....From their broader perspective, unencumbered by your cultural beliefs, ABRAHAM reaches into a place, within you, of clear, primal acknowledgement, from which you will repeatedly hear that enthused inner "voice" reminding you, "I knew that!" As you experience these Special Subject tapes, expect a fresh state of joyous becoming, for ABRAHAM'S words will stimulate you to a new beginning. Retain the beliefs that are of value to you, and learn to become unaffected by any acquired beliefs or influences that have been a hindrance. ABRAHAM guides us, first, to harmony with our Inner Being, and then all else falls into perfect alignment. In order to build a foundation of an understanding of Abraham’s teachings, begin with the tapes AB-1, Free Introduction To Abraham, through AB-6, Great Awakening and Blending, and then progress through the Special Subject Tapes Series—as per the order of your interest. Each tape addresses different levels of awareness, and as you repeatedly listen to them, as you are moving forward, you will continually be achieving new insights and experiences. Order a single at $9.95, 3 or more at $7.75, or order 5 or more, and receive a complimentary (while available) 12 space cassette album. ORDER ANY COMPLETE SET OF 10 TAPES FOR ONLY $77.50 (PLUS S/H) See page 43 for ordering information, or call (830) 755-2299. AB-2 LAW OF ATTRACTION * — The most powerful Law in the universe. It affects every aspect of your daily life. A Law which is, whether you understand that it is or not. Specific processes are offered here to help you learn how to harness this Law — to get what you want. AB-3 LAW OF DELIBERATE CREATION * — Discover the ecstasy of understanding universal Laws which are absolute — no matter what the circumstances. Without an understanding of this universal Law, it is as if you are playing in a game where the rules are not understood, so it is not only impossible to know if what you are doing is appropriate, but you do not know how to win the game. The rules of the game of life are clearly offered here. 20

SPECIAL SUBJECT TAPES — VOL I AB-4 LAW OF ALLOWING * — Of all things that you will come to understand through this physical life experience, nothing is more important than to become an allower. In becoming an allower, you are free of the negativity that binds you. Learn the joyful difference between tolerating and allowing — and experience the blissful difference in every relationship you have. AB-5 SEGMENT INTENDING — Our futures are individually paved by the steady stream of thoughts we set forth. We are literally creating our future life as we direct our thoughts of this moment into the future. Discover the magnificent power you hold in this moment — and learn how to use that power always to your advantage. AB-6 GREAT AWAKENING, BLENDING — You have deliberately and excitedly chosen this time to be physical beings upon this planet, because you knew in advance that this would be the time when many — not all — physical beings would recognize the broadness and great value of their being. Follow this step-by-step process for awakening. AB-7 RELATIONSHIPS, AGREEMENTS — We are all creators as we individually think and plan, but we are also often co-creators as we interact with others. Most relationships with others are far less than we want them to be. Find out why. Discover how to rejuvenate unhealthy relationships and attract new harmonious ones. AB-8 BODILY CONDITIONS — Nothing is more important to us than the way we feel and look, and yet so many do not look or feel as they would like to. There is not a physical apparatus, no matter what the state of disrepair, that cannot have perfect health. Discover the powerful processes to bring your body to the state of being that pleases you. AB-9 CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS — While it can be satisfying to read and remember the teachings of the great ones who have gone before us, it is ever more joyous to discover the power of that knowledge within our own being. Learn the process to go within — as Christ encouraged — to experience the blissful oneness with Christ. AB-10 ADDICTIONS — Habits, or compulsions, or addictions can range from annoying to destroying. Often, long after they are no longer wanted, they can bind and control your life. As you listen to this recording — you will for the first time understand exactly what the addiction is, and the simple process offered here will free you from it. AB-11 JOYOUS SURVIVAL — While there are seemingly earth shattering events occurring in greater frequency upon your planet, you need not be affected by them. Discover how to create and control your experience in this seemingly unstable environment. 21

VARIOUS SERVICES AND PRODUCTS Monthly Tape Program We select and edit from as many as 30 new Group Session Tapes that ABRAHAM produces in a month, a 90 minute cassette of what we feel contains the most new, inspiring and thought provoking material. And we ship that 90 minute composite tape to the subscribers of the Monthly Tape Program. A gift that keeps on giving. Subscription fee: $12.00 per month. (Call 830 755-2299.) • ...Enclosed, please find a check for another one-year subscription to the Monthly Tape Program. ...Every time I replay any one of those tapes, I realize that it has a whole new meaning for me... What a great way to start the day! My profound gratitude to you for sharing this wonderful way of life. — New Jersey • ...You do a wonderful job of editing the Monthly Tapes, because each tape seems to give the answer I need at the time. Each month gets a little deeper and broader. It is so wonderful to have such guidance. You are what is needed on our planet now. Fondly — Iowa

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Workshops & Weekends What do you want to more clearly understand?: Your state of becoming? Finances? Bodily conditions? Relationships? Business/Career? Metaphysicality? Your state of being/having/doing...? To participate in an open group “Questions and Answers” workshop with ABRAHAM, contact Abraham-Hicks Publications at (830) 755-2299 for dates, locations and to make your reservation. • ...I was at your workshop in Chicago a few days ago, and I am still floating several feet above the earth. Prior to the workshop I had listened to the tapes and read some of the books and had found this very helpful to me. Being in the presence of Abraham and watching Esther’s physical expression of this profound energy and passion has truly taken me to another level of being able to integrate this information more deeply and easily. Much love. — Illinois TO RESERVE OR SUBSCRIBE, CALL OUR OFFICE AT 830 755-2299


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living as you’ve intended to live. And you are experiencing the instant manifestation, the delicious sensation of being fully inflated with the Energy of Life. Nothing is more delicious in all of the Universe than to be physically focused, having something that is calling Life Force through you, and you be in allowance of the Life Force. It is literally that which you call God, the part of it that you are, fully in connection with the Whole of it, and it flowing through you. You taking thought beyond that which it has ever been before.

stand in a different place, a new place with a new set of contrasting experiences. Everything in the Universe now will respond to you differently because of the difference in vibration that you’ve achieved through your visualization. You have access to new thoughts, you have access to new memories, you have access to new acquaintances, you have access to different people in traffic, you have access to different people at the front desk at the hotel. All things begin to change incrementally. And now, in this new contrasting experience, another Rocket of Desire is born, which feels weird in the beginning, because you’re accustomed to vibrating here. So now your work is to give your attention to it, talk about it, make it feel familiar, and when it feels more familiar than this, now there is a new manifestation, and now, there is a new set of contrasting experiences... This is the way your life is. You are constantly experiencing a new set of contrasting experiences. And we want to help you let go of the idea that you have to bang those contrasting experiences into less contrast. We want you to begin to let go of the idea that you need to have your world all lined up so that you can look at it and it please you. The Rocket of Desire, that is born out of the contrast, is the nugget that we all knew would be here for you when you came forth into this physical experience. It is the true essence of life.

The Cycle of Deliberate Creation So the process works like this: You experience the contrast, and out of the contrast is born a desire. We call it a Rocket of Desire, because it happens quickly and it usually is a flash, it doesn’t last very long. Because as this rocket is born, it is a different vibration than you are accustomed to living. Your average vibration is not where this rocket is. So this rocket of desire feels weird in the beginning. So now your work is to turn your attention from what you’ve been living and turn it to this new rocket of desire that has been born, and think about it. Pretend it, imagine it, fantasize it, until this rocket of desire begins to feel more familiar than where you were before. And when this rocket of desire is the most familiar vibration — now, there is a manifestation. And now you

The Rocket of Desire is the True Essence of Life

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SPECIAL SUBJECTS TAPES — VOL II ...I AM A MEDICAL DOCTOR and have not, before, run across material that has this much potential to create health...Have enjoyed Abraham’s books and tapes beyond any expectations I had when my mother originally sent them. I would like to subscribe to your “Weekly Tape Program”. Thank You. CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP, MD.— ME

AB-12 PIVOTING & POSITIVE ASPECTS * — If I am the "Creator of my own experience", why don't I have more of what I want? Fostered by an action oriented world, most of you do not understand your true nature of attraction, thus the confusion in why you are getting what you are getting. These processes of pivoting and the book of positive aspects will assist you in the self-discovery of what is important to you, and will put you in the strong, clear place of well-being, so that you can allow what you want into your experience. AB-13 SEXUALITY — Love, sensuality and the perfect sexual experience — pleasure vs. shame. This misunderstood issue lies at the heart of more disruption in the lives of physical beings than any other issue. Discover the true nature of your being, and release yourself from the negative turmoil that surrounds the subject of sexuality. AB-14 DEATH — Aging, deterioration and the perfect death experience — choices vs. chances. The gathering of years is a natural experience. However, deterioration of your physical body is neither natural nor necessary. Be healthy and productive and active and happy until the very day of your chosen re-emergence into the Nonphysical. AB-15 DOLLARS — Abundance, in perfect flow — gaining the freedom that dollars can bring vs. losing your freedom while gaining your dollars. As there is an abundance of the air you breathe, so there is an abundance of the dollars you seek. Listen and learn how to relax and breathe in the fresh air of freedom offered to you through the abundant flow of dollars. AB-16 HEALTH, WEIGHT & MIND — The perfect states of weight, health and mind — how can I get there and stay there? Diet plans abound and research continues and yet the number of those unsuccessful at maintenance of satisfactory bodily and mental conditions increases. Understand how your body functions and why you are as you are — and then begin your swift and steady progress toward that which you desire. AB-17 MATING — The perfect mate: getting, being, evoking one — Attracting vs. attacking. While it is your natural endeavor to co-create with others, there are few who have discovered the bliss of magnificent relationships. Find out how you can experience the joy of a perfect union. 28

SPECIAL SUBJECT TAPES — VOL II AB-18 PARENTING — Perfect harmony between my children and me — and me and my parents. Harmonizing vs. traumatizing. While often disconnected from parents, either by death or by distance, your parent/child relationships often have great influence in your experience with your children or with your current life experience. Learn how to perceive what has been in a way that is beneficial to your now rather than destructive. Let that which you have lived be of value. AB-19 CAREER — The perfect career. What, where and when is it — and what can I do about it now? With so many exterior standards or rules regarding the appropriateness of your behavior or choices — in most cases more confusion than clarity abounds. Use this process to discover and attract that which is perfect for you. Stop the futile backwards approach — and begin creating from the inside out. AB-20 SELF APPRECIATION — If I am so "Perfect as I am" — then why don't I feel better about me than I do? Selfishness vs. selflessness. Your awareness of your perfection was intact as you emerged into this physical body, but it was soon sabotaged by the critical, comparing, judgmental world that surrounded you. Rediscover your true sense of value and wellbeing and perfection. AB-21 INNER GUIDANCE — Tell me more about my Inner Voice? Because you have thought in terms of being dead or alive, you forget that you are, simultaneously, physically focused while another part of you remains focused from Nonphysical perspective. Once remembering that the inner you exists, you may begin to listen to what your Inner Voice is offering. Here is the process for re-establishing that important conscious connection.

Free 90 Minute Introduction To Abraham Tape A stimulating overview of Abraham’s basic message: How to consciously harmonize and interact with your pure, positive Inner Being...How to realize who you are and why you have chosen to be physical in this time...How to joyously and deliberately utilize the Laws of the Universe to Attract all that you are wanting to be or have or do....Also, Jerry & Esther summarize the process of their introduction to Abraham. This cassette is a comfortable means to share Abraham with those who seek a new way of realizing a successful life experience. (Order AB-1. * Include $5.00 Minimum S/H) ...Since receiving ABRAHAM’S Free Introductory Tape, I’ve listened to it 3 or 4 times. It is concise and very recreatable both in my life and in my work as a consultant...I wanted to thank you for so much value in this one small tape. I am impressed and moved...Enclosed is my first “real” order.—Texas 29

Quarterly Quotes from Abraham-Hicks



ou never said, “I will go forth and struggle my way to success.” Success is measured only in terms of joy. And so, use joy as your meter. “Does this thought make me feel joyful? No, it does not. How about this one?” The word “success” and the word “struggle” are not vibrationally equivalent. G-12/11&12/99 ou are big. You are expansive. You are everlasting. You are eternal. You are never-ending. You are focused in this moment, but you are only as powerful — here is the key for you: You are only as powerful as you are joyful in the moment. G-12/11&12/99 s long as you’re unhappy about not being over there, or feeling unworthy or incomplete or dissatisfied about not being over there, you cannot get over there, because over there is a different vibration than the predominant vibration you’re offering. Until you are joyful in your not being over there, you can’t get over there. G-1/18/00 here is such a tendency to say, “Well, I would do it this way, and therefore you should do it this way. And if you don’t do it the way I do it, then there’s something wrong with one or the other of us.” And that isn’t true at all. You are just approaching things in different ways, all working. Whether it seems like it or not — you are all working toward the same ultimate goal of joy. G-12/11&12/99 ontrast — that which is wanted and lack of it — exists in all things. There is consciousness, or perception, or awareness in every vibrating particle of the Universe. And every particle, no matter how grand or how insignificant by your standards you deem it to be, is having its relational perceptual experience within contrast. So it knows the difference between this and this. G-1/22/00

n the same way that you can feel fed or hungry, or all-is-well or thirsty, or that you prefer that to that — every particle of the Universe is discerning, similar to that. And every time contrast causes any consciousness to conclude anything, that conclusion is then answered by that Stream. The evolution of the species is exactly about this: In the way the Universe is established, as each consciousness is selfishly reaching for that which feels best — the whole benefits from that. G-1/22/00 ven when we are encouraging you to selfishly seek your own joy, we are actually saying to you: Your joy is the greatest gift that you can give to anyone. Because unless you are in your joy, you have nothing to give, anyway. G-12/11&12/99 f you are predominantly a very happy, connected being, who feels good, who compliments easily, who is tuned in, tapped in, turned on more often than not, you would not have people in your life that were other than that. The Universe would not yield to you people that were different from your vibration. G-10/16&17/99 hen you develop a relationship with someone, if you have dominant vibrational characteristics that rendezvous with their dominant vibrational characteristics, then it is those vibrations that represent your friendship, or your relationship. And so, while you are not responsible for what they are vibrating — if you were not vibrating similarly, you would not be together. G-10/16&17/99 hink about yourself on the dance floor. One leads, and the other follows. And it makes for a very beautiful effort. But if you are both trying to lead, can you imagine the mess that you would








T 30

Quarterly Quotes from Abraham-Hicks have? In every experience, as you are creating your own experience, you are always a co-creator. In some situations you are the leader, and in some situations you are the follower, and in some you are the one that gives in, and in some you are the one that takes the lead. There are always leaders and followers. And that does not make the leader superior to the follower. It is a co-creative dance. G-1/11/00 ou are an Eternal Being always projecting from Nonphysical, and sometimes that projection is into a physical personality. When the physical personality is complete for this time, then there is a withdrawal of focus. It’s sort of like: here you sit, and sometimes you go into a movie, and sometimes you come back out of the movie — but you are always the you that went into the movie, whether you are in the movie or not. G-10/30&31/99 very death is brought about by the culmination of the vibration of the being. There is not an exception to that. No one, beast or human, makes their transition into Nonphysical without it being the vibrational consensus that is within them. Every death is suicide because every death is self-imposed. G-1/8/00 ur idea of an ideal parent is one that gives birth and gets out of the way. Because the sooner parental influences are not a strong factor, the sooner you will find your relationship with your own central Guidance. G-11/6&7/99 e come into an environment where we have parents that can provide a sense of stability. They are part of that

platform. But we are born with an eagerness that keeps coming forth from within. The “generation gap” is sort of a built-in thing. We are miles, vibrationally, away from our parents. The children that are being born today are vibrationally at a place that most adults in your environment will never reach. You could be where your children are, vibrationally, if you were living in the “now”. But most of you are not living in the “now”. You are standing in your “now” dragging in all of this stuff that you remember from before. And so, your “now” is clouded with all of this from before, which keeps your vibration from being anywhere near where the child’s vibration is on the day it is born. G-11/6&7/99 our future experience has to do with now, with now, with now, with how I feel now. Your future experience doesn’t have anything to do with those past experiences. G-1/22/00 ou feel a loss of freedom because you’ve lived a life of loss of freedom. Almost every desire that you felt bubble within you was squelched almost in the moment that it began to bubble — because someone else didn’t agree with it or approve of it. We can see why there are those who would worry that Abraham’s message would get out. Because it is truly a liberating message. It is truly a selfempowering message. What it says to you, and what it would say to your children or to any children, is: You have come forth intending to be eager, and you have, within you, guidance that will keep you in vibrational harmony with what you intended. And there are those who feel a need to control you because they are not sure that you would choose wisely. We are certain that you will. G-11/6&7/99








book: a new beginning I THIS EXTRAORDINARY BOOK is powerfully offered by a group of teachers who call themselves Abraham. They express clearly and simply the laws of the universe, explaining in detail how we can deliberately flow with these laws for the joyful creation of whatever we desire. Abraham describes this as the time of awakening, explaining that each of us chose, with very deliberate intent, this specific time of great change to participate in this physical experience. This is an empowering, life-changing book that will assist you in seeing your personal life experience as you have never seen it before. ...The breakthrough book that started a worldwide interest in Abraham. Now in it’s eigth printing, A New Beginning I explains in simple terms the eyeopening fundamentals of living a life of health, wealth and happiness. — Texas COMMENTS: • Thank you for a delightful book—A NEW BEGINNING I—a life changing book...a joyous do-it-yourself book...I have always known this was an “inside job”, but I’ve not known, before, how to communicate well with the “inside.” — Germany • We are thrilled with the data. Everyone we have sent the book to thinks it is the best book they have ever read. — California • The feedback I’ve gotten on the many ABRAHAM books that I have distributed has been phenomenal and it has come from all over the world. — California • The first edition of A NEW BEGINNING I sold out because readers love the practical ideas of Abraham. In the tradition of Jane Roberts, this refreshing new book reveals a unique blend of new-age thought with the Western desire for “more.” An inspiring self-help classic that gets results. Softcover. $15.00. 218 pages. ISBN 0-9621219-3-2. (To order, see page 25, or call 830 755-2299). 32

book: a new beginning II THIS IS AN UPLIFTING BOOK that strikes a chord with the very core of your being. Written by Abraham to assist you in understanding the absolute connection between your physical self and your inner self, Abraham puts this physical life experience into perspective as they explain and define who we really are and why we have come forth as physical beings. This book is filled with processes and examples to assist you in making a deliberate conscious connection with your own Inner Being, that you might find the awesome satisfaction with this physical life experience that can only come once this connection is made. ...Now in it’s sixth printing, A New Beginning II contains uplifting new material from Abraham including Law of Attraction, Law of Allowing, and the effective use of your Guidance System. Includes questions and answers from live workshops, affirmations, and powerful processes for increasing your ability to intentionally create WHATEVER you want. Incredible! A must read! — Texas COMMENTS: • Your book, A NEW BEGINNING II, has been my constant companion, now marked and circled on page after page...So—UP with the “Fairies of the Universe” and beautiful music and laughter! — France • ..I hugged the book; I couldn’t put it down for two days....You should see my metaphysical library—and of every book I have, this is the clearest! — Germany • Thank you so much for the book—it is the best yet. I like to open it at random and see what the good word is for the day. — California • Like the book before it, A NEW BEGINNING II is clear, practical, inspiring and empowering with more focus on how to realign with your Inner Being. The bottom line for Abraham-Hicks is to choose to feel good in every moment. From that base of joy you will naturally and easily create what you want for yourself and the world. Softcover. $15.00. 258 pages. ISBN 0-9621219-1-6 (To order, see page 25, or call 830 755-2299) 33

WORDS OF WISDOM FROM THE BROADER PERSPECTIVE If you would begin to reach for the feeling of well-being first, everything else would fall into place. If you were selfish enough to really follow your bliss, you would immediately be tapped into the Pure Positive Essence of who you are. Imagine a cork bobbing on a body of water, up on the surface where the “Pure Positive Energy” is. Now, take hold of that cork and hold it under the water. You have to hold it under, or what happens? It goes right back up, doesn’t it? So take hold of that cork, or take hold of that thought, or whatever you’re giving your attention to, and hold it in a place that is unnatural to it. That is what negative emotion is: holding your thoughts in a place that feels less than good. The good news is: in the moment that you distract yourself from that thought and let go of it, your cork bobs right back up to the surface. Your natural state of being is up here in a place of Pure Tallahassee, FL — 1/15/00 Positive Energy.

PRESENTING A POWERFUL 365 DAY COURSE IN SPIRITUAL PRACTICALITY ments of my life — I simply carried, daily, a fresh, updated sheet of paper in my pocket. This works! The first sides of the pages are compilations from the best of the Abraham teachings. The second sides of the pages are designed to accommodate your daily list of things to do. But as the course progresses, you will discover that the pages will be offering processes and techniques to fit the advancing stages of your progression within these materials. Your only power to create your life is in this moment, and the Abraham-Hicks Planning Calendar is designed to focus the purest of your intentions to your todays, the time in which you have your creative power. In our estimation, this Abraham-Hicks Planning Calendar/Workbook is the most effective tool available for the practical application of “The Science of Deliberate Creation.” Utilize it to create and to teach others to create, the perfect (by your ever changing standards) adventure in living.

Habits are usually created slowly. And since a major aspect of the value to you of using this material will be the changing — often slowly — from unwanted habits of thought to habits of thought that are more appropriate to your current conscious desires — the most common use of this calendar will be as a joyous 365 day journey into a new world of leading edge thought and experience. Begin experiencing the power of this calendar at any time. You don’t have to wait until the first of next year. However, in order to get into time sequence with the calendar — it is best to start at a month’s beginning. Let the first day of your first month be day one (page three) of this calendar. After over 30 years of studying, teaching and enjoying the art of personal fulfillment, I have long understood the power of clarifying and writing out my decisions in appointment books, journals, organizers, etc. But as the years passed, I became aware that at the most joyous and highly productive seg-


“If you want to change what you are living, you only have to change the balance of your thought.” — Abraham

The Science of Deliberate Creation Abraham-Hicks Daily Planning Calendar and Study Group Workbook

A 365 Day Course in Spiritual Practicality • The material in this calendar/workbook has been specifically intended as an experiential guide to comfortably change your balance of habits of thought to that which will enrich every aspect of your experience. • Begin in any month. The pages are left to be dated by you. • This is a study to do, not a study to simply peruse. It is a study to have fun with in every way that you can imagine. • The pages are the size of two $100 bills, side-by-side. Tear out a page a day. They are portable. Fold them into your wallet or checkbook, or simply carry them in a pocket. On one side you will find life enriching reminders of some things you may have forgotten and on the other side you can write intentions, ideas, names, numbers. Post them on your mirror, refrigerator, the sun visor of your car... • Carry a seven day segment or a vacation segment with you when you are away from home — and then file them for future reference. — Let the Magic Begin — SELF HELP FROM YOUR TOTAL SELF

order: planning calendar (768 PAGES) $25 USA


QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS perspective, is to know your power. Fear is a vibration when you feel powerless. Your natural instinctual Nonphysical vibration is to know your worthiness, know your rightness, know your value. And the feeling of fear is always when you are contradicting that thought. We would want you to say, “Quite a bit of the time I feel fearful or vulnerable or limited, and what that feeling means is: I’m in that moment holding a desire that contradicts my past thought, or my beliefs…” Remember that a belief is just a thought you keep thinking, it’s just a habit of thought. It’s just sort of the way you’ve always thought it, and so it is the way you are now thinking it. And so, as you are feeling fear, all it means is, “I’ve got a desire that my belief is not agreeing with. Now, what thought feels better about this? I’ve got hold of this stick, where my desire is here, my belief is here. What thought feels better?” And as you just softly talk to yourself about that subject, reaching for the thought that feels better, what happens is you shift the Energy. It’s like the teeter-totter on the fulcrum, and it’s clearly down here, and you would like it to be up here. And so, you reach for the thought that feels better, and you reach for the thought that feels better, and you reach for the thought that feels better…and it doesn’t look like anything’s happening. And then, all of a sudden, one more time, you reach for the thought that feels better, and there it goes! The fear is gone without even knowing it, just by reaching for the thought that feels better. There is so much reward in just feeling better in your “now”. Because, so often, you’re wanting to reach for the thought that feels better because, “Whoop-de-doo, this is big time good fun!” In other words, “I want to get there! I would like every effort to take me there. I would like every thought that I think, and every time I go

Vibration of Fear, a feelng of Powerlessness Question: What causes my fear? Abraham: Fear is the feeling sensation that is present within you when you have both a desire and a belief that contradicts it. Fear is a response to the state of your vibration. You are a vibrational being, and every moment offering a signal. Your vibration could be called thought, it could be called memory, it could be called fantasy, it could be called imagination, it could be called Energy. In other words, your vibration could be called, “As I stand in my now, and I think about the present, or I think about the future, or I think about the past — all of that is thought. Whatever it is I’m perceiving is causing me to offer a vibration, and that vibration is being answered or matched by All-That-Is. So when I feel fear, what it always means is, I am offering a thought that you might call desire and a thought that you might call belief that are contradictory. The presence of fear always means the presence of resistance. The presence of resistance always means not allowing the Energy of desire to flow through me—always, without exception. Same with confusion; same with vulnerability; same with anger; same with unworthiness; same with guilt. All negative emotions mean the same thing. You just call them different things because they play out differently in your experience — but they all mean the same thing. The vibration of fear is usually a very strong vibration, which usually means there is the presence of a very strong desire within you. Often, when you feel fear, it is because you have a belief that contradicts basic elements that are natural to you. Your natural instinct, from your broadest Nonphysical


QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS to a workshop, and every time I make a little bit of effort, I would like it to take me there!” And it’s irritating that it doesn’t take you there, to that manifestation. We want you to not get so hung up on the manifestation, and start taking pleasure in the incremental relief. Pleasure in the fact that this feels a little better. Pleasure in the fact that you can actually, with your own will power and your own determination, choose a thought that feels better.

It is Unnatural to Not Feel Good We offer an analogy, about the cork bobbing on the body of water. It’s up here floating, floating, floating. And in our analogy this cork is bobbing in the place of Pure Positive Energy. When you take hold of the cork and hold it under the water, that’s what negative emotion is. You’re not allowing the natural quality of the cork, you’re doing something that does not allow the cork to do what it usually would do. You’re holding it in an unnatural place with your attention to this thought of something that you do not want. But when you withdraw your attention from it, and you let go of the cork, it bobs right back up there. It is natural for you to be in this pure positive place. It is unnatural for you not to feel good. But what happens in your physical environment where you’ve been trained by other humans who didn’t feel so good either, is that you’ve come to accept the way you feel as being the natural way that you feel. And now, through meditation, or through consciously reaching for the better feeling, you set higher standards. Until then it becomes consciously uncomfortable for you to dip into the lower Energies. You will never be at a place where you won’t feel negative emotion. Nor would we ever want you to be at that place, because that would be like shooting Novocaine into

your fingers so that you don’t feel anything hot or sharp. You say, “Well, it sure is a lot better now that I can bang my hands on things. You know, I can shut my hands in car doors and it doesn’t even bother me any more. I feel no pain.” But it’s not good for your fingers. Pretty soon you have flat, little flabby hands flapping around. You’ve destroyed your hands, even though it was painless. And so, that’s what that fear is. It’s sort of an acquiescence. It’s submission to a vibration that’s not natural to who you really are. And you’re awakening now to those higher standards. Take mood checks and ask yourself, what is my mood? Well, I’m feeling fearful. And then ask yourself, well overall, do I have reason to fear? And as you reach for the more general statement, you recognize, you don’t have anything to be fearful about. We think what you’re doing is sort of very specifically, channeling the worries of a larger mass consciousness. You are susceptible to Energy. And so, for example, if you were living in a retirement community where there were many people who were feeling vulnerable about their money, or feeling worried about what their future would provide, and you are sensitive to Energy, you could very well be picking up on the consensus of the group around you, even though it has nothing to do with who you are. But you must have a little spattering of that within you, or you could not be finding harmony with that greater consensus. Every thought that has ever been thought exists. And then, by Law of Attraction, those thoughts coalesce, so that there are pockets of Thought Forms. And so, very often, just driving from city to city, if you are sensitive to vibration, you can feel different Energies in different cities. Well, what we are wanting you to do, is get so good at setting your own Tone, that it doesn’t matter what the fluctuations of Energies are around you, you are always holding a steady course. From Abraham-Hicks Workshop El Paso TX — 2/12/00



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Is your grief for them, or yourself?

vide for them — into the eternalness. The grief that you feel is usually about it feeling like an ending. At a level that you don’t even consciously understand, you understand the eternalness of your being. And you love this feeling of wanting that continues to summon you forward. When someone makes their transition, what that always means, always, always, always, means, no exceptions ever, what it always means is — this time/space reality is no longer producing the stuff that summons them forward here. But it does not mean that they are not continuing to be summoned forward. They are being summoned by the Broader Knowing. There is never a reason to feel any grief about the reemergence. It is a new beginning of extraordinary proportion. It is a goal, it is an objective, it is a knowing that is calling, that is so powerful that there is a joyous romping beyond description. If you could feel the way those Nonphysical Energies feel once they have made their transition and they are refocused from that broader perspective, having left behind any resistance that has kept this place from being that for them, you would never again feel that for them.

Now, sometimes in that passing of them, you feel it a little for yourself. Because there is a part of you that is stirred, a Soul part of you that helps you, on even a cellular level, to remember that you are here intending to find things that call you forward. And often a passing of another makes you question, even in ways that you can’t consciously put into words, “What is here for me? How well am I utilizing this time/space reality in calling me forward?” And we think that this feeling of discomfort, that you are feeling, is producing a new Rocket of Desire within you that’s going to cause you to begin focusing upon, “Well, here I am. I have many happy years left. What am I wanting to do? How am I wanting to draw Energy through me, here?” These words are so wonderful that have been spoken to you here about Ithaka, because what it is saying is: When physical life experience causes a focus within you that summons Life Force to you — then you are alive. And if you are, in your physical body, not allowing that promise of what is new to keep calling through… if you are so aware of where you stand, so that most of your thoughts are about where

Re-emergence is a New Beginning of Extraordinary Proportion


QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ance where I feel that I’m moving forward in a way that I feel comfortable. I feel like I’m sort of pushing against what the other teachers are going to think of me, and against what I’m supposed to be doing.

you stand, so that there is no calling forward — then it is time for you to be called forward into the vaster Nonphysical perspective. And we think that’s what you’re feeling.

My loved one has died. Now what?

Abraham: Your opening words to us are really the heart of the solution for you, when you said, I have 30 students in my classroom that are vibrating all over the place. Is the class that you are giving them, something that they desire, or is it something that is a requirement for something else that they desire? (It’s a requirement.) And so, do you think if they had their choice they would be there or not? (They wouldn’t be there.)

If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would utilize this negative emotion in a very powerful way. We would say, “This negative emotion that I am feeling, I am calling it grief, but it is about discontent, it is about questioning my own beingness. It’s about wondering who I’m about or what we’re all about. I’m going to figure this out. I’m going to find more things in every day to give me the feeling of joy. By darn, I’m going to find them. I’m going to find more things to be exhilarated about.” We think that’s what this is all about for you. And for most.

Teacher, a Key Person Providing Pivotal Moments You may have heard us say that we would never answer a question that is not being asked, because it is a waste of everyone’s time. And so, you are bucking a very big curent when you say, “I’m here to give you something that you’re not asking for.” So what you’re wanting to do, as a teacher, is to find a way to inspire their wanting. The most important thing that you can do for any of them is to activate within them a desire to know. Let that be your dominant quest. The guidelines that they have given you and the information that you are to impart to the students, is sort of like basic stuff. You’ve learned all of that. And now, you are standing there waiting for them to call the

From Abraham-Hicks Workshop Syracuse, NY — 10/16/99

Guidelines for Classroom of Diverse Resistant Beings Question: I’m a teacher. And in my classroom I have 30 students, and they’ve all got their own agenda that they’re there to do, and I’ve got my agenda that I have to do. And I try to inspire them by doing little things, and sometimes they think I’m crazy and I’ve completely lost it... And sometimes I try to be the good teacher and lay everything all out and be very organized. And I haven’t reached a bal-

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ABRAHAM’S GREATEST HITS It seems that at the end of every Abraham Seminar we all agree: “That was the best one yet!” This Burlingame, CA (San Francisco) group evoked extraordinary wisdom and clarity from Abraham. Abraham commented that this was truly co-creation at its very best. We are so appreciative of the wonderful people who bring to these seminars the details of what they are living and assist Abraham in taking thought beyond that which it has been before.

The Science Of Deliberate Creation Abraham-Hicks Publications

Burlingame, CA — 8/21&22/99 (4 hrs. 30 minutes of Classic Abraham) Tape ONE • • • • • • •

Evolutionary basis of your body’s individual cells. When asking Soul: “Why me, here now?” What about needing to “be of service”? He’s still stuck on the victimized clam. Does his lethargy indicate his forthcoming “croaking”? Does a few drinks make him nicer? His little guy’s mother turned on him.

• • • • • • •

Allowing new desires versus past opposing beliefs? Moving one’s vibration up the “Relationship Stick”. About helping them without feeling their pain. Will the computer replace the worker’s value? What’s the game plan for “handicapped” children? Sameness doesn’t evoke new ideas — diversity does. You have been wired to be “selfish”.

• • • • • • •

Is my death contracted before each lifetime? Involved with widowed father of spoiled teenagers. She desires a perfect artistic lifestyle job. Cellular diseases are not about the cigarettes. Doctor’s experiment with testing prayers for patients. Envisions energetic ease in her business operations. Wanting a two-way conversation with Nonphysical.

Tape TWO


Order S3BU — $30.00 plus S/H


ABRAHAM’S GREATEST HITS Here are three dynamic hours of uplifting material skimmed from the five hour San Antonio Workshop, April, 2000. These three tapes are a prime example of Abraham’s expanding message of consciously regaining our natural Well-being. Abraham’s cocreative, fun-filled dance with the questioners and the audience offers new, exciting words to guide us toward creating our everyday joyous journey. This is the perfect album for those who are asking for more.

The Science Of Deliberate Creation Abraham-Hicks Publications

San Antonio, TX — 4/15/00 (3 hours of Classic Abraham) Tape ONE • • • • • • •

To monitor your pile of “Vibrational Sticks”. Reach for the thought that feels best. His Ex-wife and Their Kids Stick. Were they divorcing from their happiness? The Golden rule or the Platinum Law? Human’s overlaying vibration: the desire for approval. Can’t communicate with dead father’s Energy.

• • • • • • •

Is daughter more protected attending church school? Who should be controlling your child’s mind? Will religious beliefs affect her death experience? Death experience, likened to Lovable Cat’s door. What is the mission of my life? Can one have freedom without expectations? What should she invest in singing career?

• • • • • • •

When one’s mate isn’t seeking same “Truth”? In every relationship, a guide and a follower. Getting past his compulsion to eat sugar. Addictions, as cell’s compensation for dietary imbalances. Why does he get small things faster? Look great in mirror or on sailboat. Your cells respond to your visualized perceptions.

Tape TWO


Order S3SA — $30.00 plus S/H


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inspiration through you. And, in order to be a catalyst along the way, you can see them as wanting to know — even though they don’t really know what they want to know.

Through your humor you will help them to know how fun life can be... You have so much to impart to your students! And the way we would practice it is, we would take one or two students that stand out in your mind’s eye as those who are having a good time in your class, or those who have been inspired or uplifted by you, and we would hold them as a model that you focus upon often in order to generate that feeling within you of your effectiveness. What’s baffling is, you have a bunch of kids that don’t want to be there, and their not wanting to be there often becomes the dominant vibration. And then, you feel like: “Why am I here?” And then, you do all kinds of things that you don’t even feel very connected about, to try to get their attention, which just makes you nerdier to them. And so, then the separation between you and them just gets greater and greater. The more they act like that, the more you act like that, and the more you act like that, the more they act like that. You see, you are not one of their peers. You know what they do not yet know. And they would never accept you as one of their peers,

This is what your students want to know We’d like to tell you some of the things your students want to know: They want to know that learning is easy. They want to know that they are intelligent people and that they are adored by their instructor. They want to know that life is supposed to be fun. They want to know that life will unfold for them in magical ways. They want to know a whole lot of things that you know that is outside the curriculum that you are there to impart, even though they want to know some of that too. So, as you see yourself, we would, every day, on our way there, we would see ourselves as this extraordinary vortex that is a conduit between what they want to know and the knowledge that will flow forth. In other words, you are the interpreter of vibration. Through your smile you will let them know they are adored. Through your confidence you will let them know that all is well. Through your lightheartedness you will let them know the world is a happy place. Through your clarity you will help them to know that they too can be clear.

Your Students Want to know that Life is supposed to be Fun!


QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS because there’s too much thought of who you are (their teacher), that is in the mass consciousness, anyway. What you are wanting to do is identify: “Who am I to them?” And we’ll tell you who you are to them.

There is no place in all of the world that I would rather be right now, than right here helping you know whatever it is that you want to know.” And once you get that across to them (you can do that rather easily) there is no end to the wanting and the spontaneity and the clarity and the cleverness that will come forth. See yourself as a sort of conductor, and here are all these bright minds, not even for sure knowing what they want to know. And as one asks a question that evokes some clarity, it will spawn another and another and another. And before you know it, you’ll have a magical dance in this classroom around the framework of what’s in the book. But it will go so far beyond, until you will, in very short order, be known as one of those teachers: “The best teacher I ever had. That’s the teacher that taught me how to think. That’s the teacher who inspired me with the knowledge that I can figure this out. That’s the teacher that lit my fire. It was in that classroom that I really discovered who I am.” Those are the kinds of things that will be born out of that, so much, much more than the curriculum of that class.

Joyful teacher’s influence in a student’s experience You are the bridge to your students’ connection. You are the bridge to their sense of well-being. You are a catalyst to much insight that will flow. And once you connect with all of that, you will be someone that they will never forget. These are some of the best times of their physical experience. They are at this place of powerful wanting. The whole world seems stretched out before them. And while they may have no real idea about the paths that they are going to follow, what they most want to know is: “Some path that I take will lead me to some good place.” There is nothing that you could give them that would be more important for them to hear from you than the knowledge that whether they learn from you or not, whether they ever hear a word that you speak — you are joyful in your work. “In this moment in time, there is no place that I would rather be than as a conduit for you to summon through me.

Your Students want you to be Joyful in your work!

From Abraham-Hicks Workshop Syracuse, NY — 10/16/99


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So the contrast produces the rocket, and almost immediately you feel uncomfortable, usually mad at yourself, that you’ve got an unfulfilled desire. And we say, “Well, good for you.” The unfulfilled desire means contrast is still working for you in the way it was established to be. Without the contrast that produces the desire, there would not be a continual summoning of life. And remember, it is summoning of life. It is Law of Attraction. There is no assertion. That’s one of the things that has gotten you set off. You’ve been thinking that you are here waiting for Nonphysical Energy, God, whatever you want to call it, to assert Life Force within you. And we say, you are the summoner of it. It is the contrast that produces the desire — you are the summoner of it. You have been the summoner of it; you were born the summoner of it. Look at the little ones, it is obvious they are the summoners of it, isn’t it? The eagerness that you see within them. But when you have natural eagerness that is summoning desire, and you have not known how to bring yourself into vibrational harmony with your desire, so that you spend a week or a month or a lifetime with desires that you were not a vibrational match to, we can understand how, in time, you would begin to try to bring down the level of desire a little bit, because we acknowledge it does not feel good to be in this place of wanting something that you do not have.

Reality Is Seen Through Your Personal Perceptions We want to help you understand the preciousness of the unfulfilled desire. If you could, in this moment, begin to feel appreciation for the fact that the desire exists, and feel anticipation about its unfolding, rather than instant disappointment that it has not manifested, your Energy would clear up by 95%. And your manifestations would begin to flow to you so much more easily. If we could just get it across to you that the manifestation is not the big deal you all make of it; if you could see your Vibrational Universe — you would not hold to the “now” and to the manifestations in the tight way that you do. You see, the reason that you see reality as you see it, is because you were born with these exquisite, extreme, powerful perfect interpreters of vibration. Your eyes interpret vibration. That’s why you see. Your ears interpret vibration. That’s why you hear. Have you ever wondered why the dog can hear or smell differently than you? It has different interpreters. You see differently, you feel differently, and you taste differently. You have incremental differences among you in the way your interpreters work, but all of these physical senses are nothing more than vibrational interpreters. And because you are so good at using them, and

Without contrast that produces desire Life Force would not be summoned

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G-series tapes fall, 1999 moving up the vibrational stick G-7/25/99 — She wants to do movies with more heart. Who makes the laws of the diverse religions? Can he come and go from Nonphysical? Her one year child is “having shakes”. If sculptor manifested only one specific desire? How much of this lifetime was preordained? G-7/31/99 — Your point of power is right now. You are creating from the inside out. Writing a will to protect her child. Digging up and evaluating unwanted childhood experiences. After 20 years of attracting unavailable men. She fears going back to not knowing. What did her clutter control class accomplish? G-8/15/99 — Is it God’s will or free will? How can she trust her metaphysical thoughts? Never answer questions that haven’t been asked. Why the pauses in partnership’s business creation? Would this divorce unfairly separate their children? Can she rise above this physical pain? Consider the Conspiracy of Universal Well-being. G-8/28/99 — Where am I on the Vibrational Stick? Can producer raise the vibrations of foods? Were males created polygamous and females monogamous? Is the process of reincarnation totally random? His lover’s a “realistic” media oriented psychologist. Chiropractor, as more a psychologist than a pathologist. Wanting more clarity on meaning of life. G-8/29/99 — New language, beyond separating of matter/Energy? How do humans appear to Abraham’s sensors? Differentiating the consciousnesses of trees, ants, humans...? Low self-esteem, and separation from Well-being? Moving, from resistance, up the Vibrational Stick. About love, intimacy, and an ideal marriage? Menopause, and cultural aspects of physical aging? G-9/11/99 — Desires, and the evolving natural evolutionary process. Vibrating up the custom home building “stick”. Just choose something, then make it right. Feels an “uninvited guest” in her head. Party Cat was in lost and found. Abraham’s guidance for birthing a forthcoming baby. Little children are born knowing this. G-9/18/99 — If “that” changed, would you be happy? Every clam in Universe is naturally selfish. Physician questions responsibility for a patient’s death. Why couldn’t Native Americans buck the current? Harmonize, before you pick up the Stick. Can their pessimism cancel out my optimism? Stuck on wrong end of “Mother’s Stick”? G-9/19/99 — Universal position on the “Eating Meat Stick”. Wanting to move up the “AIDS Stick”. Her role in non-aborted grandson’s negative attitude? Why is there such violence in your schools? Parkinson’s disease and a magnetic therapeutic device? Getting children to put away their toys. The animals and you are telepathic beings. G-10/9/99 — Is Law of Attraction failing against “karma”? She still has concerns about earth’s realignment. His ideas fade before their manifestation. Envision for the pleasure of the envisioning. Why is he favored with these answers? He wants a demonstration to demonstrate teachings. How about her obsessive compulsive disorder? G-10/10/99 — When one’s compensation is tied to another’s performance? To take pride in his yo-yo body? Wanting to justify artist’s dollars through action. Why didn’t her week-long workshop work? His metaphysical experience with a dying Soul mate. Would Abraham ever tolerate a negative dream? Without predestiny how do psychics predict?


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“Now Realty” as the Springboard for Growth

because you are, so many of you, in agreement with what you see, you have collectively concluded that this reality is stable, maybe even stagnant. It’s sort of like cement. “It is, because my eyes see it, my nose smells it, my tongue tastes it, my fingers feel it. This is as I see it.” And we say, no it isn’t. It is your “now” snapshot vibrational interpretation of it. But your “now reality” is a passing parade. There it went again. There it went again. There it went again. We would like to assist you in getting your attention off of the “now reality,” and begin to put it into the imagination of that which is to come. We want you to begin visualizing. We want you to begin to experience more pleasure from the power of your mind, and use your “now” only as the leaping off place that it is. Not this stable: “This is how it is, I’ve got to drag it with me from place to place to place.” We see you as you meet new people. You’re so fresh and bright and alive as you meet, because you don’t know very much about each other. So your “now” has no real footing. And then you say, “Tell me about yourself.” And then you begin to drag all that stuff, all the “important stuff” like your insecurities, and your failures. And then you say, “Now, how do I look to you?” And you look at each other and you go, “Ick. You don’t look nearly as good as you looked just a little while ago, when we were standing in this fresh new place without all of that.”

Have you ever seen the acrobats on the big trampolines, or the people in the circus on the big bounding nets? And they hit that net and they spring forth into flight. Well, the moment that they hit the net, that’s like the platform of your life. But it is the flying through the air that is the main event. We want you to think of your “now reality” as nothing more than the net that is springing you — but it is the flight through the air that is your life. So many of you, you hit that net and then you lay on your stomach, and then you wrap your fingers and toes into it, and you put your face tight into it, and you say, “I’ve got to face reality.” And we say, you didn’t come forth to face reality. You came forth to spring off of reality. You came forth to let the reality be the basis from which you take flight. And that’s really what we want you to hear. We want you to be in love with the contrast that produces the desire. And we want you to milk those new desires for everything they’re worth. When you get a new desire, if it is big or if it is small, we want you to fantasize around it and give your attention to it, and take every bit of pleasure you can from the power of your mind — knowing that manifestation will follow. But it is not your manifestation that we are here rooting for. It is your moment-to-moment thrill with the power of your flight.

Your “Now Reality” is a Passing Parade

From Abraham-Hicks Workshop Philadelhia, PA — 11/6&7/99


ABOUT THE AUTHORS EXCITED ABOUT THE CLARITY and practicality of the translated word from ABRAHAM, Jerry and Esther Hicks began, in 1986, disclosing their ABRAHAM experience to a handful of close business associates. Then, recognizing the practical results being received by those persons who began plying ABRAHAM with meaningful personal questions regarding their finances, bodily conditions, and relaEsther & Jerry Hicks tionships...the Hickses made a conscious decision to allow ABRAHAM’S teachings to become available to an ever widening circle of seekers. And that circle continues to expand — even as you read this page. Jerry and Esther have now published more than 380 Abraham-Hicks books, cassettes and videos, and have been presenting open group interactive workshops in about 40 cities a year to those who gather to participate in this progressive stream of thought. Although worldwide attention has been given by leading edge thinkers to this Science of Deliberate Creation who, in turn, incorporate many of ABRAHAM’S concepts into their books, lectures, sermons, screenplays and scripts, the primary spread of this material has been from person to person — as individuals begin to discover the value of these materials in their practical, personal experience. ABRAHAM, a group of obviously evolved teachers, speak their broader Nonphysical perspective through the physical apparatus of Esther. Speaking to our level of comprehension, from their present moment to our now, through a series of loving, allowing, brilliant yet comprehensively simple, recordings in print and in sound — they guide us to a clear connection with our Inner Being — they guide us to self-upliftment from our total self. COMMENTS FROM READERS & LISTENERS: ...It’s hard to believe that life could be so simple and so joyous and that it could take me so many years to find out how to do it...So, thank you, so much, for making an already good life even better! (With lots of good feelings) SC — PA ...I’ve been a “searcher,” “seeker,” “sharer” since I was a teen. My middle name was purported to be “Why?” The information from Abraham is so down-to-earth, useful, compelling, exciting, sensible, practical, empowering, clear, usable. I’m a marvelous deliberate creator now. Thanks for putting the “fun” back into physical life. JS — AZ ...Am so delighted to be reading your books, listening to your tapes, attending your seminars and talking to each of you on the phone. I am so happy and getting happier and clearer every day. My life has been leading to this point, and it feels like the icing on the cake. I know everything will just get better, although it’s hard to know how. What a powerful gift you’ve given us — the recognition of our ability to create the life we want, and the tools to carry out the plan. Thank you for sharing. — CA


The Beasts of Your Planet (and how they relate to you) The beast, whether it is your dog or cat or squirrel, or no matter what beast you are affectionately addressing, is, for the most part, less specifically focused than you are. He is less of a deliberate creator. He deciphers contrast less specifically than you do. Therefore, he creates less deliberately than you do. The advantage to him, in that, is that he does not push against as much. So he stays more connected to the Energy Stream. And because he stays more connected to the Energy Stream, he is guided more by intuition, or that which you would call instinct. Because he reaches his full capability very early in his life, the beast does not mind coming and going frequently because he achieves almost his full capacity almost instantly. So he enjoys his life expression in the fullness of his beingness very quickly. And so, he comes and goes easily with less resistance than you do. The physical human, who is more specifically focused, runs a greater risk of choosing a vibration that separates him a bit from the Nonphysical Energy. The greater specifics puts you in a place where you may be less allowing of the Pure Positive Energy. You are less willing to just get run over by a truck and then come back in another body, because it takes you more time, in your earth framework, to reach the majority where you really begin to enjoy the deliberateness of your creation. But the evolution of your species makes it possible for you to conjure images and be a more specific deliberate creator. All of the beasts are a very important part of your planet. Long before human walked, beasts of immense proportion were utilizing their experience as sort of sensors of the atmosphere. In other words, the creation of the atmosphere, that supports your life form today, exists as it does because of all of the beasts who selfishly breathed and walked and wanted. All of this cellular matter coming forth and concluding and asking for something that would be just a little more conducive to my joyful experience, just a little more conducive to my joyful experience... Until you finally end up with an atmosphere and a time/space reality that supports you all in this dramatic Energy of Well-being. So why would one say that those earlier creators and askers and receivers and discerners of contrast and birthers of desire were less significant than those that are here today? We are all in this together! Excerpted from Abraham-Hicks Workshop Tampa, FL — 1/18/00

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with now, with now, with how I feel now. Your future experience doesn’t have anything to do with those past experiences. Abraham-Hicks Publi...

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with now, with now, with how I feel now. Your future experience doesn’t have anything to do with those past experiences. Abraham-Hicks Publi...