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Political & Public Life Awards


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Celebrating community success t is indeed a great pleasure to have the Asian Voice Political and Public Life awards in the House of Commons for the sixth time, in the presence of such distinguished guests. All the recipients are well recognised in their respective fields, and that includes elected members of the Parliament, peers, public servants and also people with Her Majesty's honour. Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards has a very unique tradition. Our readers, supporters and well wishers carefully select and nominate people from every ethnic, ideological and religious backgrounds. It is important to remember that the nominations are not just restricted to this country, but there have been winners in the past from other countries as well, especially the US. The selection in each category depends entirely on an independent panel of judges, who work really hard to pick their deserving candidates from the hundreds of nominees. My heartiest congratulation to all of you who are receiving the awards today. May you achieve even higher level of public acclaim for your noteworthy contribution to the country and the community. I would especially like to thank Rt Hon Keith Vaz and the panel of judges for helping us. I also appreciate the contribution of our supporters, readers and the hard working team of ABPL, for making this award increasingly popular and such a great success every year.


With best wishes CB Patel Publisher/Editor

Rt Hon Keith Vaz, MP Chair, Home Affairs Committee

Outstanding Achievers On behalf of the panel of judges, I am delighted to welcome you to the sixth annual Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards at the House of Commons. Founded decades ago by the doyen of British Asian Publishing, the legendary CB Patel, the Asian Voice newspaper has the largest readership amongst the Asian community in Britain. It has been at the forefront of ensuring that the issues of concern to Britain’s glorious multicultural society are brought into the public domain. It is one of a number of media that is the bridge between communities. Britain’s 5 million ethnic minority community reads one of more of these media outlets every week. The British Asian community has made a great contribution to our country. We are key stakeholders in politics, industry, business and even show business. Tonight we celebrate the accomplishments of a few of them. The uniqueness of these awards is that they are held in the mother of Parliaments and that they honour and recognise political figures who have really impressed the British Asian community. They also celebrate Asian talent of those in the public and political sphere outside of Westminster. This year’s rollcall of senior political figures include the Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP, who as Secretary of State at the Department for International Development, has ringfenced and indeed pledged to increase Britain’s aid contribution to the developing world; Paul Burstow MP, Minister of State for Care Services has worked tirelessly on diabetes and autism care; David Gauke MP, who on his appointment as Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury became the youngest Conservative minister in Government; and the Rt Hon Yvette Cooper MP, Shadow Home Secretary and Shadow Women and Equalities Minster, who has impressed so many with her debating skills in Parliament. These awards also celebrate new political talent, such as Stella Creasy MP who has fought to protect the most vulnerable with her Bill to regulate loan sharks and payday loan companies; and Gavin Barwell MP, who so proudly represented his constituents in the riots last August. I hope the evening will be remembered as one where we celebrate achievement but also look to the future. We remain citizens of the most multicultural country in the world and you tonight are a mirror of that world. Rt. Hon Keith Vaz MP Chairman, Home Affairs Select Committee

Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar 2012


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Public Life Awards

List of the Laureates Cabinet Minister of the Year

Rt. Hon Andrew Mitchell MP

Andrew Mitchell’s long career in politics began in 1987 when he was elected MP for Gedling. Previously, the Minister worked as a United Nations peacekeeper in Cyprus and for Lazard, one of the world’s largest investment banks. Since 2001, he has been elected as MP for Sutton Coldfield and in 2010 was appointed to Secretary of State for International Development. Amongst other achievements, the Minister has been instrumental in the Government’s decision to safeguard Britain’s aid contribution to developing nations.

Shadow Cabinet Minister of the Year

Rt. Hon. Yvette Cooper MP

Yvette Cooper is the Shadow Home Secretary and Shadow Women and Equalities Minister. Yvette served as Chief Secretary to the Treasury from January 2008 and has held a number of Ministerial posts in the Department for Communities and Local Government. Yvette is known for her passionate and outspoken debate in the chamber. She is a formidable opponent in opposition and a staunch defender of the rights of minorities. She is also one half of Westminster’s power couples – her husband being Ed Balls, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Parliamentary Journalist of the Year

Anushka Asthana

Anushka Asthana is currently Chief Political Correspondent and Columnist at The Times and was previously policy editor at the Observer. Anushka is a campaigning journalist and is noted for her articles defending multiculturalism. In 2006 she was the Lawrence Stern Fellow, working for the Washington Post, where she covered the mid- term campaign trail, travelling with Barack Obama. Anushka is the first person of Asian origin to be appointed to this key position in British journalism.

Local Government Award

Councillor Jagdish Sharma MBE Councillor Sharma has been a local councillor for over 36 years. He was elected Leader of the London Borough of Hounslow at the last local elections in May 2010 and has been Leader of the Labour group of councillors since 2006. Hounslow is home to Heathrow, the largest airport in the country. Councillor Sharma is noted for his campaign for proper public consultation and consideration of the effects of expansion on Hounslow residents.


Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar 2012

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List of the Laureates


Public Life Awards

Junior Minister of the Year

David Gauke MP

David Gauke has been an active member of the Conservative Party since 1993 as a Council candidate, association officer and campaign organiser. David was elected as MP for Hertfordshire South West in the 2005 General Election. In 2010 he was re-elected with a substantially increased majority and appointed as Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, becoming the youngest Conservative minister in the Government.

Journalist of the Year

Riz Lateef

Riz Lateef joined BBC London News in 2004 as a reporter and occasional newsreader. In 2006 she was made anchorwoman of the flagship 6.30pm news programme on BBC1. Riz has also worked as a reporter for BBC Breakfast News and presented BBC Two’s half-hour documentary ‘East’ looking at the political state of Pakistan. Riz really stood out as a formidable interviewer in her 2008 coverage of the London Mayoral Elections, Boris and Ken beware in 2012!

Broadcaster of the Year

Nick Ferrari

Nick Ferrari is best known for his breakfast radio show on LBC 97.3. Prior to his radio career, Nick worked for a number of different national newspapers. Starting at the Sunday Mirror, he later joined the Sun as Showbiz Reporter. After a brief stint working for Fox in the US he came back to the UK and worked as assistant editor at the Daily Mirror. Since 1999, he’s worked in the radio industry, starting at Talk Radio. Now, that instantly recognisable voice can be heard every morning on LBC 97.3.

Liberal Democrat Minister of the Year

Paul Burstow MP

Paul Burstow has been elected Liberal Democrat MP for Sutton and Cheam since 1997. He previously headed up the Liberal Democrat’s Local Government Unit and was on Sutton Council. In May 2010 he was appointed Minister of State for Care Services, and has worked on promoting strategies to address mental health. The Minister is also responsible for a number of the Government’s health strategies and has worked tirelessly on diabetes and autism care.

Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar 2012


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Public Life Awards

List of the Laureates School of the Year

Haberdashers' Aske's Boys’ School (HABS) The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School offers an energetic and enthusiastic learning environment for inquisitive boys. It is considered as one of the country’s leading academic institutions. What makes HABs special, what sets it apart from any of its competitors, is its strong and supportive multicultural community. In one term alone, their visiting speakers ranged from Lord Krebs, Principal of Jesus College, Oxford to the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the noted American civil rights leader.

Labour Backbencher of the Year

Stella Creasy MP

Stella Creasy was elected to the Commons as an MP for the Labour Party for Walthamstow at the 2010 General Election. She was previously head of public affairs at The Scout Organisation and deputy director of think tank Involve. In November 2010 Stella introduced the Consumer Credit (Regulation and Advice) Bill, which seeks to address the problems caused by the high-cost credit sector. Her campaign work on loan-sharks and payday lenders are vital in protecting vulnerable consumers.

Business Person of the Year

Bharat Shah

Bharat Shah founded Sigma Pharmaceuticals in 1975. The company started as specialists in medical dressings and their distribution to independent and multiple pharmacies. From humble beginnings, Sigma now has access to about 100 generic licences, ranging from antibiotics to cardiac treatments. The Watford firm now serves more than 5,000 customers annually. Bharat recently received an honorary degree of Doctor of Business Administration from the University of Bath.

Conservative Backbencher of the Year

Gavin Barwell MP

Gavin Barwell was elected Conservative MP for Croydon Central in May 2010 having lived there for most of his life. Gavin is renowned for determinedly involving himself in the local community, being Chairman of Governors at his old secondary school and running a number of voluntary projects in his constituency. Gavin is also a member of the Science and Technology Committee.


Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar 2012

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List of the Laureates


Public Life Awards

Diversity in the Public Services Award

John Hannett

John Hannett is General Secretary of the UK’s fourth largest union, Usdaw. He was first elected General Secretary of the 391,000 strong union in May 2004 and was re-elected in September 2010. John has served on a number of commissions such as the Low Pay Commission and the Woman and Work Commission. His union has one of the largest numbers of Asian members and diligently promotes the interests of members, working mainly in the retail sector.

Business in the Community

Lycamobile UK Ltd

Lycamobile is the world’s largest provider of affordable high quality international mobile calls. Lycamobile operates in 14 countries with over 4,000 employees and has a distribution network throughout European. Lycamobile is a dynamic and highly customer focused business that serves the needs of an increasingly multicultural Britain. Lyca not only provides a high-quality international calling product, but is a visible, supportive presence at many community, charity and religious events.

Social Justice Author Award

Raj Patel

Raj Patel is an award-winning writer, activist and academic. He has worked for the World Bank and WTO, and protested against them around the world. He has testified about the causes of the global food crisis to the US House Financial Services Committee and is an Advisor to the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food. Raj regularly writes for The Guardian, and has contributed to many British national dailies. His first book was Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System and his latest, The Value of Nothing, is a New York Times best-seller.

TV Personality of the Year

Jameela Jamil

Jameela Jamil is a highly-acclaimed up and coming presenter at Channel 4. Jameela is noted for her quirky sense of humour and fashion sense. She is part of a group of successful and young presenters who started on the music show T4. Along with T4 she has also presented numerous other shows such as Freshly Squeezed and Playing It Straight.

Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar 2012


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Public Life Awards

List of the Laureates Asian Broadcaster of the Year


ATN Bangla is a Bengali language digital cable television channel. First transmitted from Dhaka, Bangladesh on July 15th 1997, it is now broadcast to over 100 countries around the world. The channel is transmitted to South Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America. The most noteworthy success of ATN Bangla is winning the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting Award Emmy in 2004 for Amrao pari (We can too).

Business Demonstrating Sustained Growth of the Year

Deepak Nagla, Brightsun Travel LTD

Deepak Nangla is the Managing Director of Brightsun Travel UK Ltd and a rising star in the travel industry today. His vision and entrepreneurial skills have put the company on continued and sustained growth. Despite a fragile UK economy, it has grown by 40% over the last two years. Brightsun Travel provides travel services for over 400 passengers a day, and offers a full 24/7 service to its clients. Brightsun currently has partnerships with over 40 international airlines.

Parliamentary Service Award

Staff of the House of Parliament Message Bureau The staff in the House of Parliament Message Bureau ensure that Ministers, MPs, government officials, lobbyists, journalists and just about everybody else, stay connected. Without their hard work and commitment to connect calls swiftly and efficiently, undoubtedly Westminster would grind to a halt. The switchboard facilities at the House of Commons are considered by the public to be exemplary and the best way to contact MPs.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Rajesh Agrawal

Rajesh Agrawal founded RationalFX in 2005, one of the world’s fastest growing and most competitively priced independent foreign exchange companies. With its launch and more recently its Chinese version, RationalFX have now become one of the leading Foreign Exchange International Payments providers. His company are the first FX broker from to China to the UK with an Online Payments System. Rajesh is also engaged in a number of high profile endeavours and community based engagements – he is the principle sponsor for Birmingham City Football Club for the 2011-12 season.


Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar 2012

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List of the Laureates


Public Life Awards

Restaurant of the Year

Chak 89

Chak 89 is an award winning restaurant and banqueting suite in Mitcham, Surrey. Originally opened in 2003, the restaurant has grown dramatically, to include space for 650 diners in its banqueting suites and 150 covers in its restaurant. The opulent interior has a history of staging extravagant banquets and hosting celebrities. Whilst the chefs in the kitchen pride themselves on their passion for serving exquisite food.

Editors’ Award

Rajesh Prasad, Acting High Commissioner Rajesh N. Prasad is a career diplomat. He joined the Indian Foreign Service in September 1980. Prior to his assignment as Deputy High Commissioner of India to the United Kingdom, Mr. Prasad was Joint Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, looking after Europe West. He has been High Commissioner of India to Accra, Ambassador of India to Algiers, and held diplomatic assignments in Indian Missions in Geneva, Jakarta, London and Jeddah/Riyadh. This is the first time an Indian diplomat has been given this award.

Lifetime Achievement in Health

Dr K. Anji Reddy

Dr K Anji Reddy is the Founder-Chairman of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. Dr. Reddy’s has become a pioneer and a trendsetter in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry. It turned the Indian bulk drug industry from import-dependent in the mid-80s to self-reliant in the mid-90s and finally, into the export-oriented industry that it is today. Dr. Reddy’s was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in April 2001 – the first non-Japanese Asian pharmaceutical company to be listed on the NYSE. The present turnover of the company is in excess of $1 bn.

Guest of Honour

Baroness Betty Boothroyd Former Speaker of the House of Commons Boothroyd served as Member of Parliament for West Bromwich West between 1973 and 2000. She was the first and to date only female Speaker, serving between 1992 and 2000. As controller of the Commons proceedings and spokesperson for the lower house of Parliament, Boothroyd became a familiar figure to the British nation. Although she refused to wear the knee breeches and wig traditionally worn by her predecessors, she added her own trademark to the familiar cry of "Order, order" long used to urge unruly MPs to behave themselves. She ended the twice weekly Prime Minister's Question Time sessions with a cry made familiar by barmaids in public houses and bars across the country: "Time's up." In 2001 she was created a life peer taking as her title Baroness Boothroyd of Sandwell in the County of West Midlands.

Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar 2012


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Years Gone BY 2011

2008 Cabinet Minister of the year Rt Hon Ed Balls MP Junior Shadow Minister of the year Mark Francois MP Conservative Backbencher of the year Lee Scott MP Labour Back Bencher of the year Rt Hon Martin Slater MP Politician of the Year Rt Hon Simon Hughes MP Junior Minister of the year Bridget Prentice MP Lifetime Achievement Award Southall Black Sisters Campaigner of the year Award Mr Nathan Kumar Community Award Mr Arjun Vekaria Event of the year Hindu Forum of Britain Face of the Future Tony Lit Face of the Future Preeya Kalidas Lifetime Achievement Award Darkus Howe Professional of the year Dr Shahrokh Mireskandari Asian Personality of the Year Baroness Sayeeda Warsi and Lord Nazir Ahmed

2009 Opposition Parliamentarian of the year Sarah Teather MP Parliamentarian of the year Rt Hon Harriet Harman QC MP Govenment Backbencher of the year Robert Howard Marris MP Community Award Lord Dolar Popat International Entreprenuers of the year Mr Naresh Goyal & Mrs Anita Goyal Entreprenuer of the year Mr Bhanu Choudhrie Media Company of the year Ms Natasha Mudhar Restaurant of the year Mr Amin Ali Lifetime Achievement Award Mr Mohammed Ajeeb and Marsha Singh Parliamentary Jounaist of the year Ms Ann Treneman Special Award for International Achievement Slumdog Millionaire Asian Broadcaster of the year Mr Rajesh Rupani of Sony TV Journalist of the year Mr Dipankar De Sarkar Peer of the year Baroness Uddin TV Personality of the year Ms Nina Wadia Professional of the year Caroline Flint MP


Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar 2012

2010 Politician of the year Rt Hon David Cameron MP Lifetime Achievement Awards Rev Jesse Jackson Labour Parliamentarian of the year Stephen Pound MP Lilberal Democrat Parliamentarian of the year Simon Hughes MP Conservative Parlaimentarian of the Year Damian Green MP Minister of the year Rt Hon Ed Balls TV Personalilty of the year Mr Nitin Ganatra Journalist of the Year Ms Shefali Oza Special Award for International Achievements Mr Som Mandal Media Company of the Year Ms Sheena Bhatessa Restaurant of the year Moti Mahal Asian Broadcaster of the Year Mr Dhruv Gadhvi Campaign of the Year Incredible India Parlaimentary Journalist of the Year Mr Joe Murphy Male Entrepreneur of the year Dr Rami Ranger MBE, FRSA Female Professional of the year Ms Rhaynukaa Soni News Agency of the Year NDTV Community Award Mr Joginder Sanger Sports Personality of the year Mr Rendall Munroe Female Entrepreneur of the Year Ms Namita Panjabi Male Professional of the Year Professor Jaspal

Parliamentarian of the Year Rt. Hon Ed Miliband MP, Leader of the Opposition Conservative Minister of the Year Rt. Hon Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Education Junior Minister of the Year Ed Davey MP, Parliamentary UnderSecretary of State (Employment Relations, Consumer and Postal Affairs) Special Award for Achievement in Film – The Kings Speech Tariq Anwar, Film Editor Conservative Backbencher of the Year Nadhim Zahawi MP, Stratford-on-Avon Liberal Democrat Backbencher of the Year Dr Julian Huppert MP, Cambridge Labour Backbencher of the Year Anas Sarwar MP, Glasgow Central Journalist of the Year Paul Lewis, The Guardian Business in Community Kantesh Popat FIBA, Director – Finance House Limited Lifetime Achievement Award Nirmal Sethia Local Government Award (Joint Award) Lutfur Rahman, Mayor of Tower Hamlets and Dr Neeraj Patil, Mayor of Lambeth Charity of the Year Path to Success, Anita Choudhrie Business Person of the Year Fukhera Khalid, Managing Director – Elbrook C&C & CHAK89 Contribution to Sport in the UK Leicester City Football Club Columnist of the Year Yasmin Alibhai Brown, The Independent TV Personality of the Year Rudolph Walker Restaurant of the Year Curry Fever, Sunil Anand Asian Broadcaster of the Year B4U Face of Future Award Arjun Rajyagor, Winner of BBC One’s Junior Apprentice 2010 International Entrepreneur of the Year Subaskaran Allirajah, Group Chairman, Lycatel and Lycamobile Community Award Ranjit Mathrani, High Sherriff of Greater London Professional of the Year Professor Iqbal Singh Creative & Entertainment Company of the Year Naz Choudhry, FlexFX Productions


Public Life Awards

Citi-Political_A4 Temp 16/02/2012 15:47 Page 1


Italian Pizza & Pasta Restaurant Themed in Homage of all Italian personalities from actors to politicians, sports stars to fashion icons of past or current generations, Volti Noti is The City Pavilion new venture. With its 200 printed chairs with Italian “Famous Faces” (as per its name’s English translation), you certainly won’t have seen it anywhere else in the UK. Freshly cooked pizzas and pastas is the main focus but Marco Camproraso, appointed Head Chef, has added few twists and specialties and as per Panna’s restaurant, our fine Dining Indian, there are two pizza ovens to accommodate both veg and non-vegetarian lovers. Every dish is cooked fresh from our kitchens by his experience team of Italian chefs. Live cooking of pizzas and pastas is an added feature and will certainly contribute to the ambience of this fresh and elegant eatery. With a private room for up to 80 people, there is ample space to accommodate birthday parties or corporate dinners. With a strategy to constantly improve and develop our offering, the Directors and Management team at The City Pavilion hope you will all enjoy this new restaurant and look forward to welcoming you very soon.

Volti Noti

– Open Monday to Sunday 12 noon til 11pm.

The City Pavilion, Collier Row Road, Romford, Essex, RM5 2BH

Tel: 020 8924 4000

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Public Life Awards

Looking Back at Winners of the 2011 As


Rt Hon Micheal Gove MP receiving the Conservative Minister of the year Award from CB Patel Editor/ Publisher of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar

Rt Hon Ed Miliband (L) winner holding up the Parliamentarian of the year award, and Rt Hon John Bercow (R)

Mr Subaskaran Allirajah, Group chairman of Lycatel and Lycamobile receiving the International Entrepreneur of the year Award from Valarie Vaz MP

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown Columinst for the Independent Newspaper receiving the Columnist of the Year Award from Rt Hon Ed Miliband

Mr Sunil Anand, Managing Director of Curry Fever Restaurant receiving the Restaurant of the year Award from Valarie Vaz MP

Nadhim Zahawi MP receiving the Conservative Backbencher of the year Award from Rt Hon Micheal Gove MP

Mrs Anita Choudhrie (L) Path to Success receiving the Charity of the year Award from Rt Hon Micheal Gove MP (R)

Cllr Dr Neeraj Patil receiving the Local Government Award (Joint Award) from Sir George Young MP, Leader of House of Commons

Dr Julian Huppert MP receiving the Liberal Democrat Backbencher of the year Award from Sir George Young MP, Leader of House of Commons

Mr Kantesh Popat of Finance House Ltd receiving the Business in Community Award from Sir George Young MP, Leader of House of Commons

Mr Ed Davey MP receiving the Junior Minister of the year Award from Sir George Young MP, Leader of House of Commons

Mr Lutfur Rahman receiving the Local Government Award (Joint Award) from Sir George Young MP, Leader of House of Commons

Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar 2012

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Public Life Awards

Asian Voice Political & Public Life Award

Mr Ranjit Mathrani, High Sheriff of Greater London receiving the Community Award from the speaker of House of Commons, Rt Hon John Bercow

Mr Fukhera Khalid, Managing Director Elbrook & CHAK89 accepting his Award from Virendra Sharma MP

Mr Tariq Ahmed, Film Editor - The Kings Speech receiving the Special Award for Achievement in Film Award from the speaker of House of Commons, Rt Hon John Bercow

Lee Hoos and club's vice-chairman Aiyawatt Raksriaksorn of Leicester City Football Club receiving the Contribution to Sport in the UK from the speaker, Rt Hon John Bercow

Professor Iqbal Singh accepting the Professional of the Year Award from Valarie Vaz MP

Mr Paul Lewis Editor at The Guardian receiving the Journalist of the Year Award from Rt Hon Ed Miliband

Mr Anas Sarwar MP receiving the Labour Backbencher of the Year Award from Rt Hon Ed Miliband

Master Arjun Rajyagor, Winner of the BBC Junior Apprentice accepting his Award from Virendra Sharma MP

Mr Rudolph Walker from the BBC soap Eastenders accepting TV Personality of the year Award from Rt Hon Ed Miliband

Mr Nirmal Sethia of the Sethia Group and Newby Teas receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from the speaker of House of Commons, Rt Hon John Bercow

Mr Naz Choudhry of Flex FX production accepting the Creative and Entertainment Company of the Year award from Valarie Vaz MP

Mr Sunil Rohra COO of B4U accepting the Asian Broadcaster of the Year award from Sheena Bhattessa

Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar 2012


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Public Life Awards

12th ASIAN ACHIEVERS AWARDS (AAA) 14th September 2012 The prestigious Asian Achievers Awards is hosted every year by UK’s leading news weeklies Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar to honour British Asians par excellence. Opportunities: Sponsorship Table Booking Advertising For more information please call 020 7749 4085 If there is someone you know who has broken boundaries and deserves recognition for their unique contribution to the community and the nation then please nominate them for one of the awards For nomination form please visit

Tel:: 020 7749 4085 Fax: 020 7749 4081 Forthcoming Special Events in 2012 Political & Public life awards Venue: House of Commons Date: 23 February, 2012 Asian Youth Conference Venue: School of Oriental and African Studies, London Date: London on 3 March, 2012 British Punjabi Date: April 2012 Devdaya Gala Charity Night Venue: City Pavillion, London Date: 21st April, 2012 Gujarat Samachar & Asian Voice 40th Anniversary special issue & Gala launch Venue: TBC Date: May, 2012

ABPL Group,

Karma Yoga House, 12 Hoxton Market (Coronet Street) London N1 6HW

Editor/Publisher: CB Patel Associate Editor: Rupanjana Dutta

Editor/Publisher: CB Patel Managing Editor: Kokila Patel Consulting Editor: Jyotsna Shah News Editor: Kamal Rao Chief of Operations: L George Chief Financial Officer: Surendra Patel Accounts Executive: Akshay Desai Advertising Managers: Alka Shah & Kishor Parmar Business Development Manager: Urja Patel & Rovin George Media Consultant: Nihir Shah Graphic Designer: Harish Dahya & Ajay Kumar Customer Service: Ragini Nayak

Finance Banking Insurance Venue: House of Commons, London Date: 24 May 2012 British Tamils Date: May 31st Anand Mela - A Gala celebration of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar's 40th year anniversary Venue: Harrow Leisure Centre, London Date: 16 & 17 June, 2012 12th Asian Achievers Awards Venue: Grosvenor House, Park Lane London Date: 14 September, 2012


Asian Voice & Gujarat Samachar 2012

Asian Business Publications Ltd

Karma Yoga Houes 12 Hoxton Market (Off Coronet Street) London N1 6HW Email: Tel: 020 7749 4085 Fax: 020 7749 4081 ŠAsian Business Publications Ltd

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E-mail: 1 Year

G.S. £25

UK A.V. £25

Both £30

G.S. £55

EUROPE A.V. Both £55 £80

WORLD G.S. A.V. Both £70 £70 £100

RATES VALID FROM 11.7.2002 *Subscription paid will not be refunded

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Political & Public Life Awards  

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