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UK - Asian Voice 7th March 2015

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strength. It handled the Cricket World Cup opening in 2011. Taposh explained, “It was a big, tri-nation Singh, Special Assignments Editor show. The largest event in the history of Bangladesh. The three hosting countries were there; India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif and Anushka 2013, Gaan Bangla Sharma all shared the was, one year later, stage with our own given the TV celebrities. One More Channel of the Year Zero communications award by was in charge of all Bangladesh’s events; 90 concerts Information and get togethers, Minister, Hasanul with fireworks, for the Haq Inu, in the World Cup Ceremony, presence of the all in one day.” Honourable Indian Bengali Secretary of the songs feature frePrime Minister. quently on the chanTaposh was a nel, so it’s not surprismusical child ing that Gaan Bangla prodigy and is popular in West released his first Bengal. solo singing album “Celebrities in aged eight. He won Kolkata tell me it’s multiple awards, their favourite music and soon became channel. We speak the Kaushik Hossain Taposh one of the best same language. We musical directors ness; I moved into the also plan to have more and composers in a counfinancial sector. Merchant international songs on the try famous for its music. banking, insurance, asset channel.” In order to advance the management, stock broTaposh is on track to music industry in kerage. Through honesty grow the Bangladesh Bangladesh, Taposh knew and hard work, I got a lot media industry, now that he would need to create a of success quickly. his event company is a music channel, a film and Gaan Bangla is funded market leader. event management comby the One More Zero “After our event and pany. group. Revenue is growTV company success, I’m “I needed money to do ing, so we can now go to looking forward to launchthis, so I stopped my the next level.” ing a film company. music for some years,” he Events are proving to Bollywood has gone so far said. “I stepped into busibe the group’s great - it is now an industry. In

The Patriotic Music Genius who is Building a Media Industry 31-year old Kaushik Hossain Taposh, known as Taposh, is Bangladesh’s youngest TV channel and media company owner. A dedicated, patriotic and gifted musician, musical director and composer, Taposh founded and runs Gaan Bangla. It is Bangladesh’s first specialised TV HD channel airing entertainment, music and lifestyle. Interviewing in a Selfridges coffee shop, London, Taposh said of Gaan Bangla; “In the last 43 years of independence in Bangladesh, there has never been a dedicated music channel. We use full high definition, state-ofthe-art quality, with equipment comparable with MTV, VH1, or any international music channel. We are, in fact ahead, as we have new equipment. I never expected people would receive us so warmly. We have lots of multinationals and big corporates joining us.” Officially launched on Victory Day, 16 December

Bangladesh we are lacking quality control in the film arena; as in budgets, and the selection of locations. We’ll be doing big budget movies and as an experiment this year I’ll be doing three movies. They are already being scripted. We hope we’ll get success because people want quality. We are also launching a monthly English language magazine called “Oxygen” for the Bangladeshi crowd. We will feature our Bangladeshi celebrities, try to affiliate with international groups, and work to an international standard. Our One More Zero group is expanding like anything and also launching a radio wing this year.

“I want to do a lot for my country and to take our media industry forward” Taposh. The comfort zone for doing sustainable business in Bangladesh is good and to the entrepreneur’s advantage. I have reached the entry gate of my destination so I am now set enough to take things forward.” Taposh often works through the night on music with his colleagues. He was moved by the recent humanitarian crisis


in Palestine to create a song called “Let’s Pray Together” within 36 nonstop hours. It was one of the first international English language songs on the topic. It was well received by Dhaka’s ambassadors and the international community. There is evidence that Sheikh Hasina, the Honourable Prime Minister of Bangladesh, likes Taposh’s music. “The Prime Minister is a music lover and I am lucky my music is appreciated by her,” he said, modestly. Taposh’s passion for his country oozes from his every pore. He is inspired by the founding father of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who was tragically assassinated with much of his family on August 15th, 1975. PM Sheikh Hasina is his daughter. “Because of his tragic history, I have great love for the current family. As a tribute to him, and to them, I wrote a song called “You Will Always Remain.” There has been an unbelievable response to the song both inside and outside the country. I want to do a lot for my country and to take our media industry forward. It is possible to make more quality channels, to work more internationally, so that the flag of Bangladesh can be presented to the world.”

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AV 7th March 2015  

Asian Voice weekly news paper (Issue 42)

AV 7th March 2015  

Asian Voice weekly news paper (Issue 42)

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