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2018 Line-Up

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Tzu- Hsuan HUNG


Kang-Ren WU, JC LIN, Hsin-Ying HSIEH, Nana LEE, Jack KAO, Frederick LEE

2018 International Film Festival Rotterdam - Big Screen Competition / Voices

Rui, once a famous basketball player, faces his downfall and works as a street-parking fee collector, who also accepts jobs from a car theft gang.

One night, a robber hijacks Rui when he accidentally spots a seriously injured woman in the vehicle.

Now the police and the public see Rui as the suspect of the bank robbery, and the girl who could clear his name remains unconscious. How can Rui get himself out of this quagmire?

Taiwan| 2018 | Action, Crime | Color | Post-production

Release Date: Summer 2018


Market Screening

Mar. 20 (Tue) 15:45

@ Hong Kong Arts Centre




HSIAO Ya-Chuan


Michael JQ HUANG, CHUANG Kai-Hsun, Aria WANG, LU Hsueh-Feng

2018 International Film Festival Rotterdam - Big Screen Competition / Voices 2018 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival – Competition

Van Pao-Te, who is now 60 years old, finds himself suffering from a serious illness, instead of getting

treatment, he decides to go to Japan to look for his father who abandoned him 50 years ago with the accompany of his son. At the same time, a young man from Hong Kong who is somehow related to Van Pao-Te’s past comes to Taiwan. Two unknown journeys of self-reconciliation begin…

Taiwan | 2018 | Drama | Color | DCP | 115 min | Completed

Release Date: Spring 2018


Market Screening

Mar. 20 (Tue) 18:00

@ HKCEC Theatre 2

HKIFF Screenings

Mar. 25 (Sun) 18:00 Mar. 27 (Mon) 19:30

@ Jockey Club Auditorium, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University @ Grand Kornhill Cinema


SUNG Hsin-Yin

Voice cast

GWEI Lun-Mei, WEI Te-Sheng


2017 Busan International Film Festival - Wide Angle Section 2017 Golden Horse Film Festival - Closing Film 2018 Tokyo Anime Award Festival - Competition 2018 Hong Kong International Film Festival - Animation Unlimited Chi grew up on Happiness Road in Taiwan but was always living in awe of the USA, everything she knew about the country excited her; the chocolate, the cartoons. Chi was taught that the only way to earn happiness is to study hard so she could move to the USA. Chi took this to heart and eventually her dreams became reality when she got the opportunity to move to the USA, where she met her husband and settled down.

However, Chi’s dream move didn’t turn out the way she hoped it would, she’s become lost in her

seemingly happy life. On a trip home for her grandmother's funeral Chi stumbles into classmates

and friends from years gone by, she begins to feel nostalgic about her childhood and starts to question her own supposed happiness. As Chi starts to redefine her own happiness with a trip down memory lane she begins to contemplate the meaning of ‘life’ and ‘home’.

54th Golden Horse Film Festival CLOSING FILM

5th Tokyo Anime Award Festival COMPETITION

Taiwan | 2017 | Animation | Color | DCP | 111 min | Completed

Taiwan Release Date : Jan. 5, 2018

NEW TITLE - 2017


CHEN Yu-Hsun


SHU Qi, WANG Qianyuan, CHANG Hsiao-Chuan,


LIN Mei-Hsiu, Yo YANG, Eric TSANG 2017 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival - NETPAC Award 2017 Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival - Official Selection 2017 New York Asian Film Festival - Official Selection 2017 East Winds Film Festival - Closing Film Once upon a time, in a remote and isolated Desire Village in China, the villagers were caught up in the everyday conflicts and complicated relationships, unaware of Squire Shih’s conspiracy to wipe

out the whole village. One day, a mysterious Taoist priest suddenly dropped in, bringing along a magical

equipment that can erase one’s memory. Since then, all the villagers had forgotten their turbulent past, living on with total different identities. None of them was aware of their false happiness and the fact that they had been involved in a far more dangerous intrigue…

21st Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival NETPAC AWARD

2017 East Winds Film Festival CLOSING FILM

Taiwan, China | 2017 | Martial Arts, Comedy | Color | DCP | 116 min | Completed

Taiwan Release Date: Jan. 26, 2017

Mainland China Release Date: Jan. 28, 2017

NEW TITLE - 2016

WHITE ANT Director Cast


CHU Hsien-Che WU Kang-Jen, Aviis ZHONG, YU Tai-Yan

2016 Busan International Film Festival - FIPRESCI Award 2016 Singapore International Film Festival - Silver Screen Awards Competition 2017 Hong Kong International Film Festival - Indie Power

Seemingly an ordinary youth from the outside, White Ant is in fact an underwear fetishist who cannot hold back from sneaking out and stealing female lingerie. One day, he receives a DVD containing footage of him stealing female underwear, shattering both his life and sense. While his fear of exposure

eventually leads him to inevitable doom, it turns out that people around him also suffer from their dark side, which is like a gnawing "White Ant" within, and the turning point of their intertwined fate has secretly approached…


Taiwan | 2016 | Drama | Color | DCP | 95 min | Completed

Taiwan Release Date: Mar. 17, 2017

NEW TITLE - 2016



HU Mei-Fang, Mark FORD


A documentary shot over ten years, to show what it takes to become the first Taiwanese Olympic windsurfer!

Ripples Apart is the story of windsurfer Chang Hao, who grew up in the Mountains of Nantou, the only region in Taiwan with no coast. Chang and his Australian coach, Alex Mowday, share a unique and rare bond, two athletes separated by years of age and very different cultures, but who hunt the same Olympic dream. The road to the Olympics is long and difficult. Alex and Chang Hao must

beat the odds to qualify, training on the small island of Penghu, off the coast of Taiwan, battling the wind and waves and searching for perfection in the sport of their dreams.

2017 Taipei Film Awards Documentary Competition Nomination

Taiwan | 2016 | Documentary| Color | DCP | 95 min | Completed



KUO Cheng-Chui GWEI Lun-Mei, LU Yi-Ching

2016 Hawaii IFF Halekulani Golden Orchid Award - Best Narrative Feature Nomination 2016 International Film Festival & Awards Macao - Official Selection 2017 Beijing International Film Festival - Official Selection

Deep in the barren mountains, a mother and a daughter live an isolated quiet life.

The Daughter looks lean and fragile. She seems unreactive toward her surroundings, confining herself in her own wretched world. The Mother is like a guardian angel who always protects her and takes

care of everything. Before living in seclusion, The Daughter was a pianist who lost her husband

and son. The Mother decided to take her away and hid her in the mountains where no one could ever find them, believing it is the only possible way for her daughter to survive, Nevertheless, they have to face nothing but themselves ever since, as well as to confront the endless forest…

20 16

1st International Film Festival & Awards Macao OFFICAL SELECTION

36th Hawaii International Film Festival Halekulani Golden Orchid Award NOMINATION

Taiwan | 2016 | Drama | Color | DCP | 94 min | Completed

NEW TITLE - 2015

LE MOULIN Director



CPH:DOX, 2015 - International main competition for DOX:AWARD 2016 Golden Horse Awards - Best Documentary Award International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016 - Bright Future Section It was when Taiwan was in a stable period of cultural assimilation during the past forty years of

Japanese colonial rule that the country's first modern art group – Le Moulin Poetry Society – arose in the 1930s, with their poetic protest against the colonial power's cultural superiority. The name reflected

the group's orientation towards the West while especially strongly influenced by France. Regarding

the Surrealists as their absolute role models, Le Moulin poets composed poetry in an uncompromising and aesthetically sophisticated style to confront the turbulent era they lived in.

Le Moulin not only tries to record a historical period that paved the way for a new freedom and

self-awareness, but also to explore how Asian Modernist writers reinvent Modernism through encountering foreign culture and their contemplation upon identities.

rd Horse Awards 53Golden

Best Documentary Award

2016 Taipei Film Awards BEST SCREENPLAY AWARD


17th Jeonju International Film Festival WORLD CINEMAPSCAPE: SPECTURM

2016 Taipei Film Awards AWARD FOR SOUND DESIGN

Taiwan | 2015 | Documentary | Color / B&W | DCP | 162 min | Completed



CHENG Wei-Hao River HUANG, HSU Wei-Ning, Yumi WONG

Director Cast

The highest-grossing locally produced and financed Taiwanese horror of all time.

Wei’s grandma suddenly disappears for no reason, but strangely the routines still move on as if

she never vanished-- the laundry is still done, their house is well-arranged as usual, and even breakfast remains prepared for Wei every morning. Distraught with worry, Wei is totally clueless until he finds

an uncanny video in his grandma’s camera, showing that there was a little girl in red tagging along her. Oddly enough, after Wei’s grandma finally returns, it turns out that Wei is missing instead.

Struggling to unravel the enigma, Wei’s girlfriend Yi-Chun gradually discovers that the mysteries behind Wei and his grandma’s sudden disappearance may be connected to the urban legend of “The Little Girl in Red”, but what’s even worse is yet to come……


Udine Far East FIlm Festival COMPETITION

34th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION

32nd Imagine Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION

Taiwan | 2015 | Horror, Thriller | Color | DCP | 93 min | Completed




(剩者為王) Director Cast

Luo Luo SHU Qi, Eddie PENG Yuyan

Director Cast

Tom Shu-Y Karena LA

Romantic comedy starring top-grossing stars SHU Qi and Eddie PENG Yuyan.

2015 Tallinn Black Nights Film Fes 2015 Golden Horse Awards - Bes 2016 CinemAsia Film Festival - Tig

Sheng Ruxi, a white collar woman in her 30s, leads a successful career

On the same day, in the same acc

are extremely anxious about. However, things change when she meets

Buddhist rituals give 100 days to mo

while having no love life, which is the issue that her parents and friends her new colleague Ma Sai, a 25 year-old young man who is considerate and attractive. Sheng Ruxi can’t help but waver from her original

perspective because of the unexpected sparks of romance between them, reconsidering about every aspect of her life.

24th Art Film Fest Eastern Promises

and Ming loses her fiancée, leaving th

lost in a labyrinth, Wei runs around in

up where he began. Ming calmly creep

moving forward, but towards a fat

choose to mourn, the pain and sorr

day approaching, they wonder if the

nd Horse Awards 52Golden

Best Leading Actress

China, Hong Kong | 2015 | Romantic Comedy | Color | DCP | 98 min | Completed

Taiwan | 2015 | Drama | Colo





Director Cast

stival - Special Mention st Leading Actress Award ger Beer Jury Award

2015 Festival del film Locarno - Piazza Grande 2015 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival - Competition 

cident, Wei loses his pregnant wife

A laundry shop secretly provides the service other than doing laundry.

ourn for the dead, and like two mice

in the disguise of laundry service. One of these professionals, “No.1,

heir world with nothing but emptiness.

n circles, hitting walls, and still ends

ps down a determined path, seemingly

tal dead end. No matter how they

row is all the same. With the 100th

ey will ever be able to say goodbye.

or | DCP | 95 min | Completed

LEE Chung CHANG Hsiao-Chuan, WAN Qian, SUI Tang, YEO Yann Yann

The beautiful shop owner A-Gu enlists a group of contract killers for hire

Chingtian Street”, is haunted by the ghosts of his victims. He seeks the help from Lin Hsiang, a psychic introduced by A-Gu. It turns out

Lin Hsiang is the only one that can also see the ghosts troubling “No.1, Chingtian Street.” She tries to help him get rid of the ghosts, but the

laundry shop hides secrets more than she bargains for. And what “No.1,

Chingtian Street” runs from is not the ghosts of others but the ghosts from his past.

38th Warsaw Film Festival COMPETITION


51th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Midnight Screesinss

Taiwan | 2015 | Black Comedy | Color | DCP | 112 min | Completed




HSIEH Chin-Lin

A FOOL Director Cast



2014 Venice International Film Festival - Venice Classics 2014 Busan International Film Festival - Wide Angle Section 2015 International Film Festival Rotterdam - Signals:Regained section

2014 Golden Horse Awards - Best N 2014 Golden Horse Awards - Best L 2015 New York Asian Film Festival

In 1982, Taiwan is still under severe martial law, a small group of filmmakers

Latiaozi was a farmer who made a

set out on a daring journey to discover their own identity, reinventing

Asian cinema in the process. Taiwan New Cinema not only inaugurated

modern cinema in the Chinese world, it also secured a global place in

contemporary filmmaking. Flowers of Taipei is about the vision, talent and impact made on contemporary cinema by Edward Yang, Hou Hsiao

Hsien and their peers. On a journey from Taipei to different cities around the world, a remarkable list of filmmakers, critics and artists, including Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Olivier Assayas, Marco Müller, Kiyoshi Kurosawa,

Jinzhizi. Their only son gets imprison Li Datou, to help release their son.

sight of his son. Attempting to argu

Latiaozi goes into town to find Li. B

get to see Li but meets a lost young m

Latiaozi takes him home. Trying to

his family turns to be the worst nig

Hirokazu Kore-eda, Jia Zhangke, Tian Zhuangzhaung, Wang Bing and Ai

Weiwei, tell us what this cinema means to them, how it influenced their work, and what is left of that legacy today. 38th Sao Paulo International Film Festival Official Selection

st Horse Awards 51Golden

Best Leading Actor Award

44 International Film Festival Rotterdam Signals: Regained section th

st Horse Awards 51Golden

Best New Director Award

Internation Audie

38 Göteborg International Film Festival Classics th

Taiwan | 2014 | Documentary| Color | DCP | 109 min | Completed

China | 2014 | Drama/Comedy| Col


nbin nbin, JIANG Qinqin, uebing, JIN Shijia

New Director Award Leading Actor Award (CHEN Jianbin) l - Opening Film


Singing CHEN


2014 Golden Horse Awards - Best Documentary Nominee 2015 Women Make Waves Film Festival, Taiwan - Special Prize

living by shepherding with his wife

Filmed for over 10 years, this epic documentary presents the story of

Li takes the money, but there is no

Dance Theatre. Extracting the essential details of Lin’s daily life, the

ned and they bribe a local big shot,

ue with Li and get his money back,

Being brushed off, Latiaozi doesn’t

man on the street. Out of sympathy,

o help the young man reunite with

renowned Taiwanese choreographer Lin Lee-Chen and her Legend Lin film explores the origins of her dance, contemplates the poetic and

ritualistic movements she creates, and delineates her lifetime pursuit of aesthetic concerns.

ghtmare for Latiaozi…

9th Taiwan nal Documentary Festival ence Choice Award

lor/Flat | DCP | 95 min | Completed

Official Selection

9th Taiwan International Documentary Festival Audience Choice Award

Taiwan | 2015 | Documentary| Color/Flat | DCP | 123 min | Completed




TSAI Yueh-hsun LIN Gengxin, Mark CHAO, HUANG Bo, Angelababy (Ying YANG)



TSAI Yueh Mark CHA

Adapted from the highly popular and award winning TV series “Black & White”

USD 15M production with top-no

A fearless junior policeman who can only see right and wrong is willing

Police officer Wu, a hero in Harbor C

death above anything else is struggling to stay out of serious trouble,

peace is only temporary. Panic spr

to do anything to uncover the truth. Meanwhile a gangster, who fears

his risky decisions have left his life at threat. Two people with completely

different perspectives on life come together as partners in a way no

one could ever imagine. Somehow, the fate of the world ends up in their hands, they have 36 hours to resolve a crisis which could destroy Harbor City.

attack, has been keeping the city

explosions take place within hours of

of the horror. Wu is paired with the a out who is behind the explosions.

shocking discoveries that more is to

break out which threatens the exis

men with completely different perso the situation?

19th Fantasia Film Festival Official Selection

Taiwan | 2012 | Action/Comedy | Color/Scope | DCP | 142 min | Completed

15th Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festiv Official Selection

Taiwan | 2014 | Action/Police/Comedy |


E 3D


h-hsun AO, LIN Gengxin, HUANG Bo

Director Cast


Doze, NIU Chen-Zer Ethan JUAN, WAN Qian, CHEN Jian Bin, CHEN Yi-Han

2014 Busan International Film Festival - Opening Film 2015 Berlin International Film Festival - Panorama selection

otch international crew

City ever since he stopped a terrorist

y safe, unfortunately however, the

reads across the city as a series of

f each other, this is just the beginning

arrogant but intelligent Chen to figure It doesn’t take them long to make

o come, with a deadly virus about to

stence of humanity how will the two

onalities team up and try to reverse

Set in the island Kinmen, often seen as the most dangerous military base because it’s geographically close to China, Paradise in Service follows

the adventure of a boy who serves his military service in Unit 831 from 1969 to 1972, in preparation for a war that could erupt anytime.

Through an unlucky lottery draw result, Pao, a twenty-something young

man from Southern Taiwan has to serve the military in the remote and perilous Kinmen. Moreover, he is assigned to the Sea Dragon (ARB),

a unit noted for the toughest physical training. It never occurs to Pao,

however, that the greatest challenge in his military service lies not in the Sea Dragon but in Unit 831, a special task he is later appointed to…

In this peculiar assignment, Pao vows to keep his virginity against all odds.



34th Hawaii International Film Festival Gala Presentation

Golden Horse Awards

Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting actress

69th Edinburgh International Film Festival Directors’ Showcase section

Color/Scope | DCP126 min | Completed

69th Edinburgh International Film Festival Competition

Taiwan | 2014 | War/Action/Drama/Romance| Color | HD | 133 min | Completed




CHO Li HUANG Chien-wei, Nikki HSIEH, Michael CHANG

MEETING DR. SU Director Cast


2014 Berlin International Film Festival - Panorama selection

Directed, written, and produced b award winning filmmaker of Blue

Ru grew up when all the rice people enjoyed in Taiwan was home grown

Lefty sees himself as the poorest hig

increased its imported quantity and variety of agricultural products,

in the school storage room. Lefty

in farmlands across the country. Over time the Taiwanese government

eventually leading to acres of abandoned farmlands which turned into industrial landfills, leaving hard-working Taiwanese people without income. Ru feels obligated to speak out for the farmers, he approaches several

government sectors in search of more support for local farmers, but all

some money, he plans to steal the

Sky coming. Sky also considers himse in Taipei. He has the same plan in

his own sake, but he also never see

in vain. Finally, he decides to voice up for the farmers in his own way,

When two teams of Taipei’s poorest h

agricultural issues, hoping they can take these problems seriously.

makes both Lefty and Sky question

through 17 self-made “rice bombs” reminding the government about

one night, a war erupts. This is a w class. "Not the statue but something

Finally this time on the quiet night cam

planted by Dr. Sun decades ago ma 38th Hong Kong International Film Festival Official Selection

7th Elles Tournent Women’s Festival Official Selection

nd Horse Awards 51Golden

Best Original Screenplay Award

41st Seattle International Film Festival Official Selection

Taiwan | 2014 | Drama| Color/Scope | DCP | 118 min | Completed

Osaka Asian Film Festiva Best Picture Award Audience Award 17th Udine Far East Film Official Selection

Taiwan | 2014 | Drama/Comedy | Co





-Yen ai-Yun, WEI Han-Ting

Director Cast

LIEN Yi-Chi Alex SU, Ariel LIN, Matt WU

by YEE Chih-Yen, e Gate Crossing.

2014 Udine Far East Film - Competition A tale of murder, greed, revenge, love and chocolate!

gh school student in Taipei. To make

Chi-yi is a veteran cop, who values his own safety more than anything

plots, but he never sees his rival,

work. Yi-ping, on the other hand, is just graduated from the police academy

abandoned Dr. Sun Yat-Sen statue

elf as the poorest high school student mind to steal Dr. Sun Yat-Sen for

es Lefty coming.

high school students meet on campus

war of losers and a war eventually

n their destined poverty and social

more substantial we have to claim."

mpus the seeds of revolution

else and is therefore infamous for his cowardice and poor efficiency at and is more than ready to prove herself regardless of any risks. Daughter

of the head of the National Policy Agency, Yi-ping is secretly kept away

from danger by being appointed to team up with Chi-yi. Starting from a seemingly pointless case of a puppy’s accidental death, from eating chocolate, the essentially incompatible pair unexpectedly dig up the clues to a series of mysterious deaths.

A police rom-com with fully-fledged fantasy is sure to blow your mind!

ay get to sprout.

14th New York Asian Film Festival Official Selection

17th Udine Far East Film COMPETITION

25th Singapore International Film Festival Official Selection

olor/Flat | DCP | 94 min | Completed

Taiwan | 2014 | Comedy/Suspense | Color/Scope | DCP | 112 min | Completed




CHANG Po-Jui KUO Shu-Yau, CHUANG Kai-Hsun




Chun-Ying comes from the countryside. As Chu-Ying’s brilliant performance

2014 Berlin International Film Fes 2014 Taipei Film Awards - Best Ar Best Su

she leaves home to study in Taipei on her own. Chun-Ying’s story is familiar

More than twenty years ago, there we

2012 Golden Horse Awards - Best New Performer Award

in sport wins her a place in a prestigious girls’ high school in Taipei, to her tug-of-war teammates since most of them come from single-parent

families or disadvantaged backgrounds. Nonetheless, these girls are positive and optimistic. The lack of economic support from their families

makes them even more determined to achieve their goal, and staunch

camaraderie is established between them as a result. When Chun-Ying is admitted to the school, she knows nothing about tug-of-war.

However, trained strictly by Coach Kuo and supported by the tender and

encouraging Ms Wu, the girls take on the physical challenge, the frustration

and the prejudice against sport from other students and some teachers. In the end, their sweat and tears pay off when they win the gold medal

master chefs who dominated the cat

known as Master Silly Mortal, Maste

However, the outdoor banquet busine

economic take-off, and even the ma

tide. Master Fly Spirit wants to pas

skills on to his only child, Wan, but s

from the family business and to beco fate proves that Wan is destined to she once shunned …

at the World Indoor Tug-of-war Championship. They have shown their strength and spirit to the whole world.

nd Horse Awards 50Golden

Best New Performer Award

22nd Heartland Film Festival (USA) OFFICIAL SELECTION 28th Washington, DC International Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION

Taiwan | 2013 | Drama/Sport| Color/Scope | DCP | 124 min | Completed

13th New York Asian Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION

Taiwan | 2013 | Comedy | Color/Sc


ROCK ME TO THE MOON (總舖師:移動大廚)

Hsun Hsiu, YO Yang, KIMI Hsia

stival - Culinary Cinema rt Direction Award & upporting Actress Award

ere three Ban-doh (outdoor banquet)

tering business in Taiwan. They were

er Ghost Head and Master Fly Spirit.

ess has been in decline since Taiwan’s

aster chefs feel helpless to turn the

ss the family recipes and culinary

she desperately wants to run away

ome a fashion model. Nevertheless,

take up the challenge and mission


HUANG Chia-Chun


2013 Golden Horse Awards - Best Original Song Award 2013 Taipei Film Awards - Audience Choice Award When a child is born with rare diseases, it is usually the father that

abandons the family. But not the six dads in this film - Wu, Yung, Cheng,

Li, Pan and Ouyang. Coming from different backgrounds, they do their

best to care for their children while making a living to support the whole family. T 
 hese dads certainly need an outlet for the pressure on their mind.

They turn to music and form a rock band called “Sleepy Dads,” implying they have long been sleep-deprived for attending to their kids. With an

average age of 52, they aim to hit the stage of the highly competitive

Sea Music Festival. For this over-aged amateur band, it is as difficult as Apollo missions to the moon. Nonetheless, these fathers show no fear because they already lead their daily life on the edge.

With incurable rare diseases, their children’s premature demise is inevitable and unpredictable. Such realization drives these fathers to live life to

the fullest with their children while they can. There is nothing these fathers cannot conquer because their children’s happiness is their 64th Berlin International Film Festival CULINARY CINEMA 33th Hawaii International Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION

cope | DCP | 145 min | Completed

greatest mission of all.

nd Horse Awards 50Golden

Best Original Song Award

15th Taipei Film Awards AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD

8th Fünf Seen Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION

Taiwan | 2013 | Documentary/Flat | Color | DCP | 115 min | Completed



(第三十六個故事) Director Cast

HSIAO Ya-Chuan GWEI Lun-Mei, LIN Zaizai

2010 Golden Horse Awards - Best Original Song Award 2013 Taipei Film Awards - Audience Choice Award 2013 Taipei Film Awards - Best Music Award


HOU Chi-J KO Kai, CH KOU Shu-Y

2013 Taipei Film Festival - Best Te 2013 Fantasia International Film F

Doris and her sister Josie start a café that quickly becomes something

Tung is left heartbroken by his first lo

presents from friends after the first day of business and the café becomes

as a photocopier of exam papers, on

the pile of presents, Josie comes up with the idea of a bartering system

One afternoon Tung draws a Wolf next

in the café looking for things to barter, some of them begin to share

prompting an enthusiastic reaction

captivates Doris, also drives her to go on the journey for her own stories

view on love. Still confused about lo

much more than merely a modest space. The sisters receive housewarming

hoping one day he’ll bump into his

cluttered with many useless gifts. While Doris gets overwhelmed by

to appear on the back of some pap

in the store. The idea later proves to be beneficial- as people linger

comment as a private joke, but the

personal stories as well. The moods of change and exchange not only

appear on the papers, joining in the

to tell…

to his first love and move on?

12nd Taipei Film Awards AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD

12nd Taipei Film Awards BEST MUSIC AWARD

nd Horse Awards 47Golden

Best Original Song Award

Taiwan | 2010 | Drama | Color | HDCam | 82 min | Completed


18th Fantasia International Film Fes BEST DIRECTOR

Taiwan | 2012 | Comedy/Romance | Co



Jan HIEN Man-Shu, -Yau

GF*BF (女朋友。男朋友) Director Cast

YANG Ya-Che GWEI Lun-Mei, Joseph CHANG, Rhydian VAUGHAN, Bryan CHANG

echnical Achievements Festival - Best Director

2012 Golden Horse Awards - Best Leading Actress 2012 Golden Horse Awards - Audience Choice Award 2012 Taipei Film Awards - Best Leading Actor 2012 Taipei Film Awards - Best Supporting Actor

love so he moves to Nanyang street

Mabel, Liam and Aaron all grew up together in the rural paradise of

ne day he notices a sheep continuing

changes their childhood bonds. Nonetheless it’s the 1980s, Taiwan is

t to the sheep and writes a humorous

gain freedom. Mabel, Liam and Aaron throw themselves into the thick

n from the students. More animals

Eventually the time comes to leave their home in the country side and

ove, can Tung say his final goodbye

During a time of upheaval through emotional hardship and tragedy,

ex-girlfriend. Tung begins working

south Taiwan. The three get caught up in an unusual love triangle which

pers, they’re the creation of Yang.

trapped under martial law and the Taiwanese people are battling to

e papers are sent back by accident,

of it, plotting protest movements during their school assembly.

e conversation and changing Tungs’

head to the big city, as students in Taipei they fight even harder for freedom.


olor/Scope | DCP | 85 min | Completed

secrets are revealed and friendships are tested.

49th Golden Horse Awards BEST LEADING ACTRESS

49th Golden Horse Awards AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD

14th Taipei Film Awards BEST LEADING ACTOR

14th Taipei Film Awards BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR

Taiwan | 2012 | Drama | Color/Scope | DCP | 105 min | Completed

Ablaze image 2018 Filmart Lineup  
Ablaze image 2018 Filmart Lineup