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‘The great challenge of the twenty-first century is to raise people everywhere to a decent standard of living while preserving as much of the rest of life as possible’. — Edward O. Wilson

My vision? To create room for recreation, convenience and function, on a sustainable base. Internship Dreessen Architecten, Heerlen

Contact Malte Axler Cargocollective: Malte Axler +31 6 26 27 29 15 +49 1 57 36 88 54 49



Ten years from now In ten years I see myself, giving light to people. I’m heading for a specification in lighting design because it is such a strong tool to create moods and manipulate space. With light a room shows a thousand faces.

Malte Axler

My graduation project Down at the foot of the Rasberg, a Farmhouse gives view over the roofs of Maastricht. Inside the hundred years old shell of bricks and marlstone, a bycicle hotel will provide shelter and comfort.


Today — I have shaped this dream my way. Later — I hope to be able to pursue this profession with love and passion.

tion, I will try to demonstrate that characteristic buildings from the reconstruction period deserve more than complete demolition. Curious about the end result? Visit the graduation exhibition or my website. Internship Maurice Mentjens, Holtum (NL)

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Graduation project For my graduation project I chose the fire station in Vaals. Due to the surrounding

construction, this station has faded into the background. However, this characteristic building deserves a prominent place in the face of Vaals, because of its industrial nature and the typical building style of stations from this era. Therefore, my goal is to integrate the station into the already proposed center plan. In addi-

Sanne Bellefroid

In the past — I used to dream of becoming an architect


Translating sleep in an existing building on the terrain of an institute specialized in sleep. In this building, people can move through a healthy sleep process and experience what the secret of sleeping is exactly.

people to what healthy sleep is exactly, many problems can be prevented and complaints can be addressed better. Internship InEx architecten



Why? Sleep is a fascinating state of consciousness, you leave

without knowing where, and you return without knowing where from. Someone who sleeps is not aware of his condition, which is why the question ‘what sleep is exactly’ remains a secret for a lot of people. That’s a pity, since you spend ⅓ of your life sleeping, to allow your body and mind to recover. By introducing

Manon van Cranenbroek

Sleep information and experience center

Contact Manon van cranenbroek manon


buildings and interiors that could last for decades and knowing that they will make a positive impact on peoples lives and the environment.

Career statement ‘I feel that my three greatest strengths are firstly my ability to have a clear understanding of the needs of a client. Secondly the satisfaction I get from being involved in a building project’. Finally my passion for being involved in creating

Personal skills • An eye for detail • Excellent communicator • Tactful & articulate • Problem solving • Excellent organizational skills

Contact Kenneth Finn New Future Architecture +31 6 37 33 54 30



by nature and able to get along with both work colleagues and senior managers and currently looking for a suitable architect position.

Kenneth Finn

I see myself as a team player with excellent communication skills and academic qualifications, which is soon to graduate with a degree in Design Architecture. Possessing a proven ability to ensure projected architectural designs are functional, safe and economical and meet the needs of the client. Excellent communication skills to keep in touch with clients to ensure that the project designs match their needs. Easy going


pendent and care free living in a pleasant environment with a wide package of extra facilities. Internship I did my internship at Force 4 Architects in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Ten years from now Ten years is a long period of time. The first thing I want to do after this study, is study more. What exactly I don’t know yet, but by the time this book is released, I will surely have made a decision. Gaining a lot of experience and developing myself is what matters most to me. Eventually I will find my place somewhere in a creative and venturing team.

Contact Suzan Gelissen


Graduation project For my graduation project I have chosen the Boschstraat 69 – 71 in Maastricht. It is a former Refugee house of the abbey of Hocht. Once property

of Petrus Regout, afterwards expanded, remodeled fitted with a large chapel and used as a monastery by the Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus. Currently in the possession of the Salvation Army. It is centrally located in Maastricht, easily accessible and with great historic importance. The reallocation idea is that of a residence. An increasing amount of people want to spend their old day in a way that fits their current lifestyle. The elderly want to live with peers in a familiar environment. A monumental appearance and high-quality finishing is to provide a living appearance instead of a care appearance. The complexes offer comfortable living in a stylish ambiance at a five star level. There is complete privacy, fully inde-

Suzan Gelissen

My interest in architecture arose from the love for old buildings. In general, people agree that monuments, for instance, must be preserved. In this, it is extremely important to maintain the function of the building and at the same time, a new destination must be found. This is a serious challenge. Reallocation has its advantages and disadvantages. For me, the most important thing is that, by using architecturally valuable characteristics, quality can arise that can often not be realized in new construction.


Given the recent developments relating to the Timmerfabriek and the Sphinx, I went looking for an option to involve the former hotel in this. Therefore, the development of a concept regarding this, is closely linked with the history and future vision for this area.

Contact Jorn Gruijters



Graduation project The choice for the former hotel ‘de Ossekop’ as graduation project located at the Boschstraat in Maastricht, is in line with my fascination for the industry and its history in this part of the city. This is where great developments took place in the industry of Maastricht, with the Sphinx being the most famous name.

Jorn Gruijters

Due to my previous study Engineering, I have a fairly technical background. However, due to the combination with the experience at the art academy and my own graphic and autonomous activities, I learned to merge this into an interesting mix. Working as a team and in various settings has contributed significantly to this as well.


of, either Le Corbusier or Aldof Loos. Designing the facade and layout of an exclusive clothing brand in an early twentieth century building. A sustainable brand has to be chosen and an analysation of traditional and present-day clothing stores has to result in a corporate identity. Traditional and present-day clothing stores have developed a commercial character, a character that has similar characteristics in the layout. A strong architectural character will intensify a brand and give it its own identity.

Contact Stefan Hardy



Projects Museum ‘het Domein’ is established in a former nineteenth century city school in the historical hart of Sittard. The entrance of the museum is a later addition. The project started with removing the contamporary entrance and designing a new one. After visiting the museum, speaking to several employees and the head of the museum, the project evolved into making also a new design

for the layout of the museum. Making a design for a pavilion on the terrain of Insel Hombroich. The best description for Insel Hombroich is by a paradox: covered open-air museum. Situated in Holzheim, Neuss, Insel Hombroich is a natural museum. Scattered over the terrain are several pavilions design by artist and architect Erwin Heerich. The pavilions can be seen as art objects in a natural environment. Beside its own expression, most pavilions give housing to art objects. The design for the pavilion has to be based on the ideas

Stefan Hardy

Internship AMA GROUP Associated Architects bv


of a certain conceptual principle, you need images. To be able to convince people of a certain technical interpretation, you need images. To be able to convince people of a certain vision, you need images. However, you can only achieve this if you are confident, believe in your own abilities and are convinced of your own concept and authority as designer. I am convinced that people who get to see my impressions, rendering or drawings, feel a strong sense of a certain style, uniformity and vision. Eventually, connections are necessary, for instance in the form of images that connect people, ideas, concepts and principles. The

quality of these connections is the key to quality in itself. Personal skills Architectural Design – Industrial Product Design – Graphic Design (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) – 2D CAD (Solidworks, Lay Out, Vectorworks) – 3D CAD (Solidworks, SketchUp Pro) – Architectural Impressions & Renderings (Interior & Exterior) Tim Knubben Interior Architect // Industrial Product Designer Bachelor in Interior Architecture // Bachelor in Industrial Product Design and Engineering

Contact Tim Knubben LinkedIn: Tim Knubben



Gerrit Rietveld was a memorable Dutch furniture maker and architect. His vision was to define the space both indoor and outdoor through the (incomplete) limitation of this area. To assure a harmonious composition in terms of building volumes, an expansion was chosen in the form of a split-level volume. Openness on the garden side and reticence on the street side. The relationship between inside and outside is very strong due to the abundant use of glass at the garden side and due to the strong lines, both horizontal and vertical, the architectural design language is maintained. To be able to convince people

Tim Knubben

Project Rietveld residence


can be encouraged, is what is currently missing at the NDSM yard in my opinion. I want to develop the Y slope into the place I have described above. Ten years from now I hope to be able to do the master I envision. During this 4-year study I hope to find an inspiring office where I am given the opportunity to further develop myself. But thinking too far ahead is dangerous. So my plan is to simply wait and see, let things happen as they happen. I think the most important thing for me to do, is to stay enthusiastic and ambitious!

Contact Celine van Meegen +31 6 21 93 44 19



the yard is managed by people from the creative industry, students who live there and it is home to a couple of offices. In my opinion, a freely accessible area, a meeting place is what’s missing at the ndsm yard. The movement across the water, the gathering of people at the launch of a ship and the trade, to me are metaphors of contemporary meeting. Modern man wants to roam free, be free to make contact with each other and to do business. We are part of a progressive society, one that develops at a rapid pace. An inspiring place where people can meet each other and where developments

Celine van Meegen

The building I chose for my graduation project is named the Y-slope. This slope was built around 1937 by stichting NDSM which stands for the ’Nederlandse Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij’ (The Dutch Dock and Shipbuilding Company). On this slope, construction and repair work was done to ships. After completion, this is where the ships were named and launched a major event that attracted a great amount of people. Shipping also stands for import and export of goods. In summary, the NDSM-yard traditionally is a breeding ground for trade, movement and labor. Currently,


Graduation assignment The old fire station at the Capucijnenstraat in Maastricht is a special building. My interest in this building arises from the clear structure of the building. I am fascinated by the concrete frame that determines the structure of the building. The industrial character, combined with the vicinity of the downtown area, makes this assignment very special. In this

reallocation assignment, the old fire station will be given a new purpose as meeting point. An inspiring place for residents and citizens, in which the original character of the building is preserved and reinforced. Internship Bruls en Co, August 2012 through January 2013.

Contact Linda Robben



My fascination for this field arose through the fundamental question of how architecture can determine the emotions of people in an area. The way an architectural design is able to impress, is what fascinates me. In my design, I look for tranquility. Symmetry, a clear structure and the pursuit of simplicity is what gives me guidance. Churches and industrial buildings are sources of inspiration.

Linda Robben

Architecture is my passion


connects the three buildings and brings the new functions together. Internship m+r Interior Architecture in Eindhoven

Contact Linda Vervoort +31 6 38 97 33 16



reorganizing the maps based on research into the structure of the buildings and the changes in it over the years, the new functions are shaped. The areas between the three buildings, that used to be connected by means of gates, are windows to a courtyard. This plays an important role in the design, since the garden

Linda Vervoort

Three patrician houses in Gemert (Noord Brabant) built around 1850, form the basis of my graduation project. Over the years, the relationship between these three buildings has become less and less visible, while they traditionally form one unit. By returning the facades into their original state and by


design as possible, to discover the area I like best. That is how I found out that I love complex graphic designs and challenging programming assignments. It is why I am looking for a programming related job. As for designing, I will always be active in that field in my spare time!’

Contact Christopher Ankomah Facebook: Geared Designs


communication and multimedia design

Internship In Melbourne at Flujo, I gained a lot of experience in the graphic design sector, which gave me enough knowledge and confidence to start working as a freelance. You can read more about this and about my designs on my blog: During my study and internship, I have seen and done a lot, and mainly tried to work on as much aspects of graphic

Christopher Ankomah

I like designing, but not as much as I love programming in html and php. Nowadays, as a freelance graphic designer, I work on designing websites and corporate identities under the name Geared Designs, but my goal is to get a job in the informatics industry. That is why I am planning on doing the study (ms) Computer Science & Engineering, majoring in Security Systems, in order to find a job in the software security industry.


‘Shit happens, just smile and go on. By which I mean that, whatever happens, you should always keep going, and the best way to do that is with a smile’.

to go for Art Director, mainly in the field of games, apps and movies. Since I live in the Netherlands, the second choice is unlikely to give me a lot of opportunities.

Contact Myrthe Bakermans Facebook: LinkedIn: Google+: Vimeo: Twitter: +31 6 50 44 92 12


communication and multimedia design

Ten years from now Where do I see myself in 10 years? That will be difficult to describe. I do hope that, by then I will have designed my Kiddy Class in an App, by myself or with a team. For me that is still the thing I would love to develop if I had the resources and the knowledge. In addition I would like to become one of the best User

Experience designers in the Netherlands with perhaps a small business on the side for organizing innovative theme parties for children and maybe other parties. But maybe I should also focus on event manager! Or Art Director at a Game design company, a film studio or a magazine company. What matters to me most is that in 10 years, I hope to be working on visual jobs or that my name is attached to wellknown projects and that, perhaps, I can cause some change in the world. That is a nice thought to look forward to.

Myrthe Bakermans

Internship During my internship at Vodafone, I chose to take a completely different direction than the multimedia/motion design work I did at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design. There, I was hired as User Experience Design trainee for Unify Digital, which is about as much as I’m allowed to say about that, because I don’t know whether the project has been disclosed (by the time you read this). Currently, I am facing an important choice, being whether to follow my passion in User Experience design or


Rick Dauvillier

Within Vodafone I establish the Employee Value Proposition and communicate it internally via a multimedia product. The Employee Value Proposition provides an answer to the question of an employee; ‘What’s in it for me?’ and forms a central location for all efforts and compensations Vodafone offers.


communication and multimedia design

Contact Rick Dauvillier LinkedIn: Rick Dauvillier +31 6 26 89 10 91


Jeroen Drummen

I will be responsible for realizing this. In addition, I will investigate which communication tools are the most effective in reaching the target audiences to an optimal extent and how to shape these.


communication and multimedia design

During my graduation project I will aid ‘lectorate social integration, CESRT’ (associated with Zuyd Hogeschool) in making the organization more widely known. Their wish is to launch a promotional video and to improve the current website.

Contact Jeroen Drummen Facebook: jeroendrummendotcom +31 6 25 07 16 77


Roel Geurts

My name is Roel Geurts, 25 years old. From my CMD training, I was trained with a major in Interaction Design. In addition to the Interaction Design field, I have a passion for graphic design, with a focus on Interface Design. Translating a concept into a multimedia end product/design is what I love. During my graduation, I therefore focus on the fields Interaction and Interface Design.


communication and multimedia design

Contact Roel Geurts +31 6 51 59 03 55


Graduation internship Company: PlattForm Advertising Country: United States Of America

Contact Tim Gillissen Facebook: Tim Gillissen Twitter: @TimGillissen LinkedIn: Tim Gillissen Hunie: Tim +31 6 14 01 49 29


communication and multimedia design

• Research documents These documents consists of research reports, functional design, technical design and user test documentation. • Design sketches The design sketches consist of Wireframes and User Interface Sketches. • Interactive prototypes The interactive prototypes consist of working website prototypes tested by users. • Designs The designs consist of a design concept and the final User Interface designs for the system. • Programming code The programming code consists of HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript code, used for the functional operation of the system • Fully functional system To make the system fully functional, the design and the code are integrated into a Content Management System.

Tim Gillissen

The last two academic years of my Communication and Multimedia Design study I mainly spent in the United States. During my study at the Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri — I got introduced to the advertising agency PlattForm Advertising. PlattForm Advertising is a Marketing agency for educational institutions in the United States. My individual internship assignment consists of creating and testing an online information system. This system informs the customers of PlattForm about the Search

Engine Optimization (SEO) options of their website. The focus on my research is in the usability of the system. To achieve optimal usability, I have developed interactive prototypes that have been tested by users. After analyzing the user tests I implemented various adjustments in my design, that have lead to a user friendly experience of the system. In addition to the usability of the system I also paid extra attention to transferring information by means of visual information. This form of information makes it easier for the user to understand the value of Search Engine Optimization. The resulting products that will be delivered at the end of my graduation project consist of:


the sales figures go up? There are countless of methods that can be used to test these things. An interesting example I encountered is Eye Tracking, a method that registers how people look at a website or application. This helps you crawls into the skin of the user even deeper. In summary, I am an interaction designer who is interested in the commercial aspect. Once I have graduated, I hope to find a job at a company that wishes to explore the needs of its customers.

Contact Melanie Hendriks Facebook: Hendriks Melanie LinkedIn: Melanie Hendriks


communication and multimedia design

think they do, but don’t know why. And that is what I love to find out, also because I consider it to be extremely important. Prototypes and user tests sometimes help you discover surprising things, leading to input that really helps. For me, developing a user-centered product is not the last step of the development process. In addition to exploring the needs, I am also very interested in finding out what motivates users to take action. Actions such as: buying a product on a website. How can I design a website in such a way that

Melanie Hendriks

During the Communication and Multimedia Design study, it didn’t take long for it to become evident that I am an Interaction Designer. Programming a website is too technical for me and creating a beautiful skin around a website is something that is not my first priority. What I like to focus on best are the needs and desires of end users. After all, complex communication issues and problems can only be resolved once you have walked in the shoes of all people involved. Sometimes, users don’t even know what they want or they


to the elderly in different, yet innovative ways. Ten years from now I hope to be employed as a communication consultant at a cool advertising agency that does not just care about projects and assignments for large commercial companies. During my internship and my visit to Zambia, I learned that I do not just want to be involved in commercial business. I would actually like to do something to make the world a better place! Whether that would be close to home, or somewhere else on the planet. Furthermore, I hope to have travelled a lot and be happy.

Contact Tessa Meulenbroek Cargocollective: Tessa Meulenbroek


communication and multimedia design

The main question of my research is: how and through what means can we communicate the ‘Brandveilig leven’ project to the elderly with the intent of raising awareness and accomplishing a change in their behaviour? A difficult task, to say the least. It is hard for me to think and act like they do. Through interviews and questionnaires I have now found out that digital communication is not a viable option. Most elderly people do not own a computer, tablet or smartphone. That is why I am currently still doing research. I am looking at the possibilities to be able to communicate the project ‘Brandveilig leven’

Tessa Meulenbroek

For my graduation project, I am an intern at the Veiligheidsregio Limburg-Noord, a large government organisation consisting of GGD, Brandweer (fire brigade) and GHOR (a regional medical aid organisation). I am specifically doing my project for the Brandweer, as they are gradually changing their policy and want to put more emphasis on prevention. This is why they took on the (national) project ‘Brandveilig leven’ (‘Fireproof Life’). The aim of this project is to create behavioural awareness among the citizens of the region and, if necessary, try to change that behaviour, for their own safety. The target audience of my project are elderly people.


realize a short film within 10 weeks. Together with 3 fellow students, I realized the film ‘Black with Sugar’ (see images). I took on the following tasks within this production; camera, production and promotion. The short film ‘Black with Sugar’ (Zwart met Suiker) had a screening in Lumière Cinema Maastricht on February 26th 2013. Currently the film is being submitted for various film festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. More information about ‘Black with Sugar’ is available at or www.facebook. com/zwartmetsuikerfilm. For me, the most important thing for the future, is that I will be able to work on making AV productions with as much passion, fun and enthusiasm as I do now, albeit for my own company or in employment.

Contact Guus Meuwissen Facebook: Guus Meuwissen Vimeo: Guus Meuwissen Behance: Guus Meuwissen +31 6 51 68 60 69


communication and multimedia design

a great deal about creating explanimations, from the concept and story board to the final animation. Customers I have had the pleasure of working with include NS&ProRail, Specsavers, NOC*NSF, SocialReferral (see image) etc. After my internship a created a video for Maastrichtnet in collaboration with a fellow student (see image). This video is still being broadcast on the regional tv network of Maastricht and vicinity. In addition I worked with ‘Strictua’ on a brief documentary about fashion designer Femke Agema called ‘The end of the beginning’(see image). During my fourth year I decided to take a term of ‘Visual Communication’ at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design. This is where I was given the assignment to

Guus Meuwissen

As student of ‘Communication and Multimedia Design’ I specialized in developing 2d animations, infographics and film productions during my study. I had always been interested in moving footages and during my study I quickly discovered that this was the part of me I would like to develop. After having made several videos and animation, I stumbled upon animation during my second year. During this year, I created my first animation ‘The Astronaut’ (see images). It was a great project to work on. Therefore, I consciously chose an internship at an animation company in Amsterdam during my third year, named ‘in60seconds’. ‘in60seconds’ specializes in explanatory animations (or explanimations) with a length of ± 1 minute. Here, I learned


realized the film ‘Black with Sugar’ (see images). I took on the following tasks within this production: • Light • Production leader • Post production. The short film ‘Black with Sugar’ (Zwart met Suiker) had a screening in Lumière Cinema Maastricht on February 26th 2013 (sold out). Currently the film is being submitted for various film festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, I am currently trying to get as much out of my comfort zone as I can by experimenting with new principles of film and photography. In addition I will further specialize in motion graphics during my graduation process (The Social Influences of New Media).

Contact Guillaume Souren LinkedIn: Guillaume Souren Vimeo: Guillaume Souren Vimeo: zwartmetsuiker/film Facebook: zwartmetsuikerfilm


communication and multimedia design

ceptual, communicative and executive work on a professional film set. It allowed me to work with customers such as Within Temptation and Boels. After my internship I made a commercial for ‘Maastrichtnet’ with a fellow student (See image). The video is still being broadcast on the regional TV channel ‘RTV Maastricht’. In addition I contributed intensively to 111 online promotion videos during the summer of 2012 (in Jonköping, Sweden) for Intel Pack4Dreamhack for the annual Dreamhack event in Sweden (See image). During my fourth year I decided to take a term of ‘Visual Communication’ at the Visual Arts Academy in Maastricht. This is where I was given the assignment to realize a short film within 10 weeks. Together with 3 fellow students, I

Guillaume Sauren

As student of ‘Communication and Multimedia Design’ I specialized in developing motion graphics, commercials and film productions during my study. Ever since 2006 I had been very interested in animation and film. Back in 2005, when YouTube was still very primitive, I discovered the power of Social Media and Online Marketing. In 2008, after 3 years I had more than half a million viewers and thousands of followers. This encouraged me to study the creation of AV works intended for online distribution etc. During my third year, I chose to do an internship at Welzen Studios, specialized in film productions, commercials, corporate films and 3D animation. It allowed me to gain extensive experience in a very short period of time. Both con-


Celine Simons

perceives it etc. After I started doing photography and creating a collages in Photoshop, my love for still images expanded to the love for moving footage. After completing the study Communication and Multimedia Design I am planning to do the master master ‘Film & Television sciences’ at the university of Utrecht, in order broaden my perspective even more.


communication and multimedia design

Ever since my first experience with Photoshop, I have always had a passion for creating images that tell a story. During the study Communication and Multimedia Design, I have only grown more interested in multimedia. I love to express myself visually. Telling a story has always interested me. How to best convey a message, what resources to use, how the user

Contact Celine Simons LinkedIn: Celine Simons Vimeo: Celine Simons Facebook: Celine Simons 18


design etc. But over the 4 years, the followed her own path towards Interaction Design. Now, 4 years later, she graduates with a very interesting project.

Bad Aachen. A challenge, for sure. Her task is to put the theory she learned during the lessons at Zuyd Hogeschool into practice. Up until now, she’s done fine!

‘timeless delight’ That is the pay-off of her graduation project. Designing an advertising campaign for wellness company Carolus Thermen

And after that … A job in the field of communication, marketing and graphic design would be great!

Contact Lucienne Wynans +31 6 50 62 15 28


communication and multimedia design

There was a girl named Lucienne Wynans. Done with HAVO but no idea what to do next in terms of a study. Something creative, for sure. By accident, she stumbled upon the Communication and Multimedia Design study. It felt like the knight in shining armor. The first year was very general with classes such as communication, marketing, ICT, graphic

Lucienne Wynans

Once upon a time …


Karlijn Rombouts 53

master of architecture


always with an personal twist. Furthermore my passion lies in research and inventing conceptual prints. I see myself as fashion designer with a growing sense for trends.

Contact Lara Beckmann +49 17 82 33 21 83


fashion and textile design • fashion design

lection is inspired by the the idea of a young, rebellious and creative gang. When it comes to gang constellations it is all about energy, vibrancy, colour, creativity and exaggerated style. The inspiration comes from some elements of the current street fashion, but

Lara Beckmann

I am a fashion designer, who finds her inspiration in subcultral concepts. I like to play with classic elements and give them an original new twist. Always with a touch of humour and iron, I like to interpret streetwear in my individual way. The concept of my final col-


elements can a garment or a collection have and still reflect the elegance of a woman of today and and show a woman’s strength without loosing her vulnerability. 


fashion and textile design • fashion design

image of wardrobes of men and woman. This collection is inspired by work, military wear and lingerie for women of the 50s and their elastics, after Lycra changed woman’s underwear. How many male

Runa Brückner

The Duality Principle in this collection describes a research for garments that are perceived as made for female or for males. Through shapes, materials colours the design is challenging you to lift the usual perceived

Contact Runa Brückner


‘Keep your distance! Because I’m not willing to divulge myself because I don’t know if you are worth it.’

‘Keep your distance! Because I’m not willing to divulge myself because I don’t know if you are worth it’. I have tried to transform the concept of the porcupine protective mechanism by a deformation of the body shape and the use of elements from safety clothes. Reflecting the metamorphosis process I used different layers of clothes which surround the body to build a safety zone. The more layers on the body the more protection is given.

Contact Anna Gregor


fashion and textile design • fashion design

the text collection ‘Parerga und Paralipomena’ in which he compares the behavior from porcupine with the behavior of society. On the one hand he describes the human desire to get affection, but on the other hand human need to protect themselves from getting hurt. Therefore, they keep their inner feelings secret and only the inner circle of people gets access to their wishes, dreams, feelings ... Hence, the more unknown in our society the less approachable we are.

Anna Gregor

Creative, colourful, and expressive, that’s me, Anna Gregor! With my prints, illustrations and clothes i try to tell stories. Where does the real world end and does the dream world begin? By making fashion I make my own fantastic world visual for others and give them the possibility to get to know me. The main theme of my bachelor collection is human behavior in private and public space. My collection is based and inspired by Arthur Schopenhauer’s short text ‘§413’ from


used. However, with the local styles and decorative details, one can tell which village the wearer is from. This is a beautiful idea, to keep the choice of silhouette very basic in my collection and to use my own signature by means of choice of material, placement, and processing. I started working based on a college technique. I used various silhouettes and images (photographed clothing from Macedonia) to create new designs. This method led to interesting lineation. The colours are inspired by black Macedonian, various shades of

black and white are uses. Also to create a graphic image . Viewing old glory in a new way’ is an important aspect of my collection. I applied this way of looking on discarded/ old material: the rubber bicycle tire. The abundant processing of various materials is characteristic for my collection and work method. I am interested in materiality and to use it differently to design garments with it. Beautiful details and different combinations.

Contact Simone Munsters


fashion and textile design • fashion design

The exhibit‘ womans chemise from a festive costume’ in the British Museum is the source of inspiration for my collection. It was about traditional customs throughout the Balkan region, but inspired me to specifically investigate the clothing of the ‘Former Republic Yugoslavic of Macedonia’, in other words Macedonia. This clothing, consisting of many layers, beautiful/crazy lineation, stately, yet feminine shapes and many different rich applications and fabrics has inspired me to create my collection. In every region in Macedonia, the same basic models are

Simone Munsters



The colours are mostly dark and vanished combined with bright red. I used materials such as wool, linen and cotton to estimate the feeling of life in soviet valleys.


fashion and textile design • fashion design

with my view on modernity. At the moment I am working on a menswear collection, which is inspired by my past, the Soviet Union. My vision is to create a strong atmosphere where the main focus is based on Russian farmers.

Julia Kaskin

I am Julia Kaskin, a young fashion designer who was born in Kazakhstan and raised in Germany. My work is influenced by different cultures all over the world, but mainly by my personal background. I always try to combine traditional aspects

Contact Julia Kaskin Pinterest: julkas www. +31 6 26 86 04 27 +49 16 09 92 93 697


every-day-thinking. The book is telling a different story — It’s good to be different and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Therefore I’ve tried to create a ‘different’, yet fashionable and new menswear collection.  Dim, shiny, sleek and hairy materials such as wool and alpaca emphasize the atmosphere as well as the colours.

Contact Klarissa Theben


fashion and textile design • fashion design

was inspired by Tim Burton and his way of thinking and scetching. To find my own ‘burtonesque’ way for my collection I took my favorite children’s book as my inspiration and illustrated it again. Throughout this process the clothes of my collection kind of developed. The necessity of being part of the society and being ‘normal’ (in society’s eyes) was always part of our

Klarissa Theben

I’m Klarissa Theben. Currently I’m living in Maastricht and I will hopefully graduate this summer from the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design with a degree in Fashion Design. I am not sure yet what my field of specialization will be or if I ever want to focus on one field but for now it is menswear ... and I love it! My final-graduation-collection is called ‘Somehow Different’. I


created and enhanced a kind of unity that no longer exists in the Netherlands. I chose Japan, because I have a great fascination for the culture, kimonos, the stories and the sense of unity that they still have today, even though it is a very closed society/culture. During my research I came across many different subcultures that arose on the internet. They developed their own visual language and have their own ideas and ideals. I found this an interesting fact and thus I came up with the idea of developing a visual language/(sub)culture for my own collection by using the internet. Hence the name of the collection: CTRL + C CTRL + V Copying and pasting interest-

ing images in order to get to something new. Another striking aspect of my collection is the use of prints. They visualize the use of the Internet and the use of CTRL + C CTRL + V. Google windows with kimono prints by using Photoshop or a mix of emoticons and Japanese symbols, embroidered on a digitally printed fabric. It is a mix of old and new, of prints and rich fabrics in order to create a unique visual language for a new internet anarchist movement: CTRL + C CTRL + V!

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fashion and textile design • fashion design

I created my collection because I wanted to turn my frustrations into something positive, but also to confront issues. I have a certain discontent about how we people treat each other, the government and my own life. Something must change, but how? How could I show this in my collection? I want to create something that could shape a new/anarchist movement that makes you look at things around you from a different perspective. As an inspiration I clashed two different cultures, traditional Dutch costumes and the Japanese Geisha culture. I chose these, because, back then, we were united people, with the same ideas and traditions, because clothes

Elke van Zuylen



inspired me to create the fabric collection you see here. I will further explore this for my graduation project. Structure and refinement have always been key words in my collections. Often, a design becomes more interesting by playing with height and depth. I have always been passionate about the pattern design course, by combining both in my designs, unexpected interesting surfaces arise.

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fashion and textile design • textile design

Mysterious things may happen in this world full of inspiring, unknown forms with peculiar colour combinations. For example, what would happen with the skin of animals and people we do not know about? If there is no colour, but in fact a lot of structure. Ernst Haeckel inspired me with his visual language. What if a human skin gets the properties of the organisms drawn by Haeckel? This fascination

Lisa Bekelaar

Is it possible to create interaction between a design and a person entering a space? Think of sensory stimuli. Am I able to communicate my own experience through a fabric? Ever since I was little, I fantasized about what happens kilometres below sea-level. A world so inaccessible that it fascinates me. For me, the deep sea represents something so mysterious that it cannot be captured. My own fairy-tale takes place here.


will also be (associated) with this company. It is my vision to enrich the world with textile, by using fantastic patterns and fabrics that will once again be appreciated like they used to, because quality, to me, has the same status as good and innovative design. In ten years I would like to be the inventor of a new type of fabric.

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fashion and textile design • textile design

curious and always looking for new combinations to make and I seek my inspiration in fashion trends for in textile design. I completed my internship at Oilily, which has fascinated me because this company is known — among other things — for its floral, somewhat childlike handwriting and its love for detail. It was inspiring to learn there and I hope my future

Gina Kalf

Hi. I am Gina, graduate student of the textile design studies. My works are characterized by opulence and floral influences, but also by attention to detail and precision. I am inspired by Baroque and individual elements of Surrealism. I find contrasts very exciting, which is also reflected in my work, especially when it comes to finding the right material. I am


country of origin is Turkey I am very interested in turkish textiles and colours. My coming collection also will be influenced by turkish culture especially the Black Sea, where my family comes from. I am going to analyse the cultureclash between east and west. In my collection I want to show

the transition of turkish culture into the western culture. Besides my passion lies in colour combinations, collages and contrasts, I hope you can feel it in my work ... I see myself as an artist who found her element in the material of textile.

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fashion and textile design โ€ข textile design

I am a young textile designer who likes to play with all soorts of material and make combinations from which in the beginning I would never expect that they would fit. I think my designs are also influenced by cultural themes which I want to invent in a new manner. Also because my

Nevcan Karagรถz

Tradition is a guide and not a jailer ...


can make it visible and catch it in a shape. I want to combine my fascination for this subject with something you always carry with you, bags. Because, on a daily basis, bags are carried by your side by invisible magnetic fields, they can thus be easily influenced. This creates a bag that never looks the same, because the material reacts to the constantly changing magnetic fields.

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fashion and textile design • textile design

collection. Within the field of physics, I am particularly interested in magnetism. A force that is invisible to the eye but has a lot of influence and at the same time can be quite powerful and strong. The world would not be the same without magnetic fields. No microphones, rockets, doorbells, compasses or cassette tapes. By adding a fabric to an invisible magnetic field, you

Carlijn Maessen

I’m Carlijn Maessen and I am currently focussing on textiles. The past few years, in the field of textiles, I have been focussing on material treatment, relief, textures, layers and shapes. With a sharp eye for detail. I did my internship at Iris van Herpen and contributed to the Voltage collection. I have always had a fascination for physics, this developed into the idea for my graduation


er. They were glued together and it looks like a real fabric. Thanks to the quality of the paper, that has insulating and washable properties, I thought of using it for table cloths. This design was developed into a pattern for a jacquard loom. Because lustre was very important for the collection, I used a lot of lurex. Textile is my life and I live for textiles. It’s my passion. In the future, I will continue making designs, also in connection with material treatment and weaving, preferably within a company.

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fashion and textile design • textile design

artists. Because of my love for design, I chose an internship that allows me to apply this. I can see myself doing this in the future. Most of my designs were done by hand. Some of them were created on my computer. Weaving is an important part of textile. I really like to experiment with different weaves and threads to discover and explore. The tablecloth collection was inspired by an earlier design collection. The theme includes minor details in combination with an elegant golden gloss. The original design was made of paper, and processed with a hole punch-

Sarah Poley

My name is Sarah and I have been working with textiles since I was a kid. Knitting, crocheting, sewing, drawing ... I learned everything. Now, my main fascination in the textile world is designing and weaving. I work in a very precise and subtle way. My designs are often determined by soft drawings and complex reports. I like drawing and painting. I was often influenced by artists. For the scarf project I get my inspiration from Escher and Magritte. During the implementation I worked in multiple layers to attain a certain depth that I also saw in the work of these


her to provide people, through her fabrics, with a sense of safety and security within their own space, without shielding them from the world outside. In order to achieve this, she works specifically with transparency that provides some sort of semi-translucence. It is very important to her that her textiles thoroughly provide privacy and protection against outside influences, but on the other hand enable the communication between the two separate sides.

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fashion and textile design โ€ข textile design

collection for Marens graduation assignment consists of curtains, that stand out because of the interaction between transparency and light refraction. Driven by her fascination with the change that the light goes through on its way through various materials and processing methods, Maren makes use of her knowledge about these processes and about production of textile that contains these specific qualities. Weaving provided her with an opportunity to develop fabrics that actively play with the light and the feeling of spaciousness that stems from it. The main inspiration and focus for this collection were filters. It was important for

Maren Schรถlzel

Maren Schรถlzel was born in 1989 in Aachen, Germany. After getting her secondary school diploma in 2009, she began to study design, focussing on textile design at the ABKM in Maastricht. In the centre of her fascination and talent is the artistic and practical design of woven fabrics and weaves. Especially in her final year, weaving was in the spotlight of her artistic work. She did her three-month internship at Malhia Kent in Paris. They design woven haute couture fabrics for renowned labels such as Chanel. Maren is particularly fascinated by the possibility of incorporating layers and plastic directly into fabric production, instead of creating the fabric afterwards. The fabric

80 80

become a part of life on earth, to achieve this they offer their bodies as food to the animals (vultures, hence ‘sky’ burials). To them, this is the ultimate way to return to the cycle of life. I find this way of thinking and dealing with the dead very poetic and admirable, a positive perspective in regard to dying. They undergo a transition to a new level in their existence. I want to use this in my graduation collection, how can I create transitions and changes?

The assignment that preceded this was also inspired by transience and the images I chose came from this collection. Designing is my passion and I also want to use this in my final collection. After graduating I would also like to continue designing and I will probably apply this in a master at ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. I do not know what else will come my way, but design will certainly be a part of it!

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fashion and textile design • textile design

Dying is a part of life. It is inevitable and unavoidable. I have always found it fascinating how people from different cultures deal with the deaths of their relatives. One ritual specifically intrigued me, the sky burials in Tibet. The monks there immerse themselves in Buddhism and devote their entire lives to accepting the fact that they will die. At the moment of death they are completely at peace with their fate. In addition, they want to again

Janou Toirkens

Circle of life



fashion and textile design •


general behaviour of advertisement and design but to reorganize the signs in a way I read them. There is a fine line between the idea of information and the experience. It is an alchemic process to make information physical apreciable, a process activated by inner changes. Materials like water and air can convey better the subtle layer of information. All this distances between me and the places where things are happening play a role in my work. To eliminate them or transform them means to go deep into these issues and to extract those elements which are basically for the information. To make people feel something like a story is like producing a certain coloured energy. To create a sublime experience it is necessary to decide which part of information is benificial and which would make it rhetoric.

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fine arts

It is an alchemic process I go trough full of inner changes . I found out that information is more than letters and spoken language. Information is colour, texture, light, smell, you could make an endless list. We are able to perceive any kind of subtle information we can read peoples mood by hearing their voice. But beside our animal talents we can talk about them, we can think about things they are not even there and communicate them. The list of things we can talk about is endless, endless is the internet. The written word is only one medium in an audivisual world. Semiotics is a systematic view on al kind of signs and how we percieve them. This science is even older than the internet is, but can be perfectly translated into its choreography. With choreography I mean the organized movement of signs. And signs are information. I want to translate those choreographies into art. Not to illustrate the

Angelica Fernandez

I experience my body as a filter. It alienates every sort of information and somehow it avoids me to understand what newspapers, television, books, people are telling to me. I miss the physical experience. So I can’t really believe them. It is weird to live in an epoque of mass media having that amount of important stories about whatever is happening somewhere outhere in the whole wide world but not to can be related to it. I decided to envolve me entirely with all that informations and find out why I am part of that. Because something in me says it: ‘You are part of that’. By dealing with informations I try to be critical. It is hard for me to feel or experience newspapers stories and translate them into art. All these layers between me and the information play a role in my work. It is an ongoing process of translation, transformation into space into form and material.


‘Everything is a moment, or actually, the passing of that moment. Want to hold on to something that is certain to pass, is very tragic. Every attempt to prevent time from running its course, emphasizes transience. I want to clearly distinguish fleeting moments, to give them meaning and to allow them to reflect on the inevitable passing of time.’

it. I want to immerse myself and others in a timely vacuum of stillness, pretend like time has stopped for a moment. I want to clearly distinguish fleeting moments, to be able to experience their essence. So that the moment gains more meaning. It is an illusion that you’ll be able to stop time and with that, your own transience. That is why every attempt to do so, emphasizes transience. It indicates my naïve, dream projection on the world around me, but in reality I am trying to generate a moment of reflection with regard to the inevitable passing of time.

The concept of ‘the moment’ determines everything. Everything is a moment, or in fact, the passing of it. The moment is so significant: the basic principle in life is that nothing remains, everything flows and is subject to the passing of time. To me, my task as an artist is to stop that multiplicity through my work. With my work, I want to offer a framework in the complexity of reality. I can capture the moment, and with that transpose the elusive by capturing it or at least try to do so.

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fine arts

Images, sounds, people, places, thoughts and emotions pass me by quickly, like a liquid stream that I cannot control. I try to gain control over the reality that surrounds me, by grabbing moments by their hair, isolating them, pulling them from their context, stretching them, exaggerating them, repeating them: focusing on one moment of stillness. I want to get the transient nature of the things — of life in general — on my side and name them. For me, it is a way to find meaning in daily noise, to add structure to reality: to literally ‘grasp’

Lucy Hannen



to constantly feed people the sensation of expectation and tension. I make use of cyclic time, the perception of time as a circular phenomenon, the belief that everything keeps repeating itself. Via loops and delays of images and sound, I try to fill the area with an unusual reality, creating a field of tension that comes from my own subconscious. By digging as deep as possible, interfaces will emerge with the deeper feelings of the spectator, who becomes part of my subconscious as a sort of voyeur. You can see it as a form of transfer or recognition. An outreach to the collective subconscious.

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fine arts

the heavy, that which you have suppressed and would rather not be in touch with, even though you’re secretly curious about it. Discovering the drives of the personality in mankind and in myself, is what intrigues me. To me it is a challenge to get it to the surface and make it visible, tangible and audible. To make people ‘sense/ experience’ my world, I try to involve the entire projection room where possible: the sound, the lighting, the temperature, in other words, the atmosphere the area breathes, due to which the spectator feels completely immersed in it. This leads to bigger spatiality and a stronger perception of the tension and/or emotion. I want

Myrthe van Hezik

The subconscious is like a voice in my head that does not go away. It’s hard to put your finger on what she wants to tell you, but she is always there. It is a separate world, one what everyone has in side, but nobody is able to define it properly. The subconscious is often impossible to capture in words. I experience the subconscious as underlying tensions, vibration and emotion. In this world, time does not pass the same way it does in the conscious world. She is endless. I work from my intuition, making it difficult to articulate what I am doing exactly. In my work, it is not the light and the pleasant that dominates, but the dark and

90 90

find someone or how stories are found... And if you’ve found something, to what extent should you intervene in what happens? How much should someone stage? To what extent does it still correspond with reality? Photos are images of light. They are drawn by light and therefore have a clear link with the colours of the world. For me, Photography is like I have found a language through which I can tell my stories. The island is not only my work but also feels like my home. It feels like desire, a longing for security, a curiosity about the world, melancholy and beauty.

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fine arts

that are told. They know the outside and the inside of an image and answer the question of ‘reality’ through their presence. Yet there are stories that have already been told. A long time ago, just left behind in places, forgotten or one cannot remember how to get there. These lost places take up a lot of space on the island. One could even say that they are kept there, like gold in a treasure chest. They are collected and the stories are sometimes retold. It’s like a white spot on a map, something mysterious that slowly fills with colour, with life. Sometimes finding itself in what is lost. How places

Gloria Jansen

My work is like an island, floating on a surface of a sea of colour. It is a cycle, a living organism, closed but still connected to the exterior through the mass of its colour. There are other shores, inner images. Colour has an elusiveness and indescribability that is so closely related to the volatility of a moment in a photo. On this island, most people close their eyes. Closed eyes as a gesture, not to block their sight, but to perceive the world differently. As a gesture that symbolizes a boundary between dream and reality, between light and darkness. The inhabitants of these pictures complete the stories


reality and to possibly enhance representations of it. Especially through the use of a format of mathematical dimensions ‘0d (point), 1d (line), 2d (surface), 3d (space)’ makes it possible to isolate (movement = time?) fundamental characteristics of our reality in a visual way (video installations), which allows us to better understand reality and to clarify the limits of human perception.

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fine arts

that is as objective as possible, but more a matter of referring to several fundamental aspects of objective reality. Of course, there are many beliefs about the nature of this objective reality. However, through science, I have found a way of searching for truth that is supported by evidence and logic, and produces the most concrete statements about the possible foundations of our reality. They serve as an inspiration; I intend to visually depict this hidden side behind our observable

Nina Kuka

There are two forms of reality, one true, unchanging reality (objective) and one reality that is defined by human perception (subjective). The shape of the objective reality is something that seems to be hidden. A riddle, of which the solution is something almost unattainable for us. This mysterious reality — that is the basis for everything and cannot be influenced by people — is also an important component of my own work. This does not mean that I aimed to create a work


of emptiness and association with the street. Playful with humour, irony and the resulting parody. For me, it raises the question of the actual roles of the space. The viewer becomes an active participant in an extreme situation in the space. At the same time, representations are created that are reminiscent of a street with a lot of traffic, exhaust fumes and fear. The fear is used as a driving force to boost a cross-border aesthetic. By crossing the ban, one crosses a border that signifies freedom to me. 1. Johan Huizinga ‘Homo Ludens’ 2. Bruno Latour ‘Der Berliner Schlüssel’ 3. In-yer-face theatre is the kind of theatre which grabs the audience by the scruff of the neck and shakes it until it gets the message. 4. Georges Bataille: voorwoorden ter overschrijding Published by Andreas Hetzel, Peter Wiechens

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fine arts

between the viewer and the event. I’m practically forced to create a solution for its propulsion. This creates a disciplinary constraint that is based on the technical communication between artist and machine. Without this communication, the machine is helpless and only exists as a video performance. The work of art cannot live without the idea of the artist and the same goes the other way. 2 The space becomes a kind of ‘White Cube’ in which the machine acts intuitively. When the engine is turned on, the extreme will immediately take place in a present tense. It merges with the visitors and the space. The workshop becomes a decor of a technical collision of space, extreme exploring and the associated traces that are left behind. Traces of subsiding senseless energy arise. The space is developing into an ‘in your face’ theatre that plays with movement and chance. 4 The uselessness of the movement that connects sound, defence, theatre, a subsiding

Arek Laskowski

The modern city, its character, the one-sided interaction and its dynamics provide me with inspiration for visualizing my installations. The associations and experiences within this framework are the starting points for my work, just like material selection and material use. It is my playful incorrect nature that lets me take, accept, transform or scan things, to let them go, to filter them and create a new environment for them. A provocation is created with the right material or concept. For instance, the installation ‘Gravity in the field of view’ and the different perception between video and space lets one experience an independent extreme. The machine should further enhance my performative interaction with architecture and confront the unexpected use of space ‘just like it happens on the street’ in a playful way. Playing is equal to the freedom of action and places one’s own thoughts first. 1 The machine serves as a performative object


of media, a wide range of topics. It speaks a clear, organized, but also a poetic and metaphoric language. I only want to show the essence. Material emerges from the thought and the thought emerges from the material. The work provides insight into my world, where recognition and alienation, but also beauty play a role; like a treasure chamber packed with gold. With the imagination in control, multiple layers of meaning arise; own interpretations are important. Through a conceptual approach, one work transcends into the next and the familiar is given the value of the unknown. Finding an answer is not important; the only thing that counts is interpretation.

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fine arts

and these are the treasures I want to show. But transforming one metal into something else is a quest that required a lot of research and experiment. That is exactly how it is for me when I am creating my work. Continuous research with the hope of discovering something and making ‘gold’. From one finding, the next question arises which in turn leads to an answer that invokes questions. My studio is a testing ground and a treasure chamber at the same time. However, the alchemy is a pseudo-science. Alchemist did not abide by the rules imposed by regular science, which is also how I perceive my artistic study. Coincidence plays a role in the variable factor in my work, but in the constant factor, nothing can be left to chance. I create my own rules and interpret outcomes my way. My work consists of a variety

Astrid Mingels

The mystery of daily life is studied and stored with curiosity as the biggest drive. The world is my hunting ground and brings me unsought findings that often remain unnoticed in their original context. These discoveries are gathered and organized; systematically supplemented by serendipity. I am a modern-day alchemist, looking for ‘gold’. Gold is the purest, most beautiful, rarest and because of that, the most valuable metal in the world. It is a perfect combination of elements. Therefore, alchemists pursued the creation of this metal. To me, gold is the symbol for that which I pursue in my work. I want to investigate the new in the familiar, and to transform that which is most familiar into something new. I want to assign value to findings that would have been forgotten in any other situation,


game, the material undergoes a transformation, in which I look for a certain beauty of the material. I relate to my work, I am often literally part of my work. But without playing the lead. I initiate the transformation to which the material is subjected. Often, this is the main component of the work. I want to whisper.

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99 99

fine arts

I wonder I adopt an attitude towards the material. The physical perception of the material is an extremely important aspect within my work, in addition to the time and space the material

takes up. A game arises between me and the material, often there is a cause and effect. In this game, I have defined the rules within which the material has nothing but freedom. This means that there are factors that I determine, but also factors that happen coincidentally. These rules and coincidences relate to the material properties of the material and are never the same. Due to this

Sanne Vaassen

My work arises from looking, sensing, tasting and listening to material. I am looking for its properties and try to understand and experience them.


‘People sometimes speak of tabula rasa, it appears that I was born blank. But ever since my birth I have been immersed in a world of tools, imagined by others. Therefore, I don’t really remember how it felt — but the thought is very appealing.’

to simple, personal and human actions. I am not looking for a way back, but to a supplement, a new tool that will help me take the next step. To me, an interesting view in this is that you shouldn’t try to change the world, you should only try to change your own life. Not one universal man who is central, but me. This leads to work linked to my mental perception. Actions that are conditioned like in a dance. When familiarization emerges, it becomes like a second nature, out of restriction and conditioning, a connection is created.

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fine arts

cost of a certain depth, everything is more superficial — the main current (progress — freedom — commerce — speed). This has caused my own work to somewhat withdraw and take a shortcut, one that takes me to the visceral undercurrent (basis — everlasting — essence — diligence). Modern society has become my new nature, which is why it is the place for me to look for my raw materials. Sketchy construction materials — seemingly worthless materials that are given new inspiration. The self-reflection and contemplation described below is reduced

Niels Verheyen

Cities are the dominant forms of society and the stage for modern construction. I have two legs firmly grounded in that current world, and I enjoy it to the fullest. I love the modern city, that comes with its fast-paced life, explosive networks, tangle of people, languages and artistic challenges. That modern life dominated by increasing digitization, technological progress, consuming and the pursuit of success. It is like salt in water, the more you drink, the thirstier you’ll be. The speed of urban life (everything keeps getting bigger, faster and more) comes at the


Role 1 Role 2 Role 3 Role 4 Role 5

the artist the skull king the people the gypsy boy the unicorn

mass glides towards us from the clear water. The water floods, like my mom’s bathtub. The tides are determined by this unicorn, she is like a primal force. Undetermined in mass, determined in role. This Unicorn is the mother of everything. The essence is reflected in the basis of her bones; the matter is volatile but strong. The movement is rigid, slow perhaps, but her skin open and elastic. I help the gypsy boy climb into her mouth and follow him afterwards. It is low tide and we are deeply underwater.

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fine arts

I enter the stage and see the king sitting on a high throne. He is looking at his audience. This man was not elected, he claimed this title. He demands to be worshipped. Since I don’t know where I stand in comparison to him, I sit down on the floor next to his chair and look up. He is blue, like my nursery used to be, without any expression. Only his feathers make him special. In fact,

he isn’t worth much more than the crowd underneath us. The audience is gold. Fake gold Then, out of the blue, a gypsy boy comes running toward us. Tears are running down his cheeks. He runs towards us, and wasn’t until now that I noticed that he has no mouth. Still I hear his sorrow. He takes my hand and I walk him through the gate of Dreamers. The glitters stick to my sweater and I shake them from my hairs. For a second, the boy stops crying, he even appears to smile. Maybe it is just an illusion. He stops at the edge of a bank, where a transparent

Susan Zwambag

Scene 1


deal with the subject ‘twins’, what are the similarities between these photographers and the differences? Internship Beroepscollege (Vocational College) Herle in Heerlen. (Teaching internship) Grotiuscollege Heerlen (Teaching internship). My internship at the VMBO school brought me a lot of learning moments; particularly in concern to dealing with students. I gained very beautiful and valuable experiences. My internship at the HAVO and VWO gave me a lot of insight in the field of art history, the CKV (cultural and artistic education) course and art in general.

Contact Maxime Busch Facebook: Twodifferentproject


lecturer of fine arts and design

Two Different Two Different is a project that arose from a personal interest. My sister and I are very much alike; we act in the same way. Or do we? Do we really look alike as much as people tell me? Originated from the same egg, and yet so different. Something that is often mentioned when it comes to twins; As twins, could we fool people?

For instance, who would notice it, if my sister went to my courses at the ABKM instead of me? These questions and theories were a reason for me to further explore the subject. I have since spoken with many different twins and had the chance to photograph some of them. Can I give a definitive answer to my question? Maybe I can or maybe I can’t; someone’s identity lies deeper than his or her ‘shell’. The fact that twins share “the same” look does not mean that they will follow the same path of life. So do you think we look like each other or not? You tell me. Arts and cultural education. For my thesis, I researched the photographers that inspired me during my photo project. How did these photographers

Maxime Busch

Graduate courses Art pedagogy and didactics — A research into three teaching styles and their influence on the art dossier of the course CKV (cultural and artistic education). Arts and cultural education — Twins: August Sander, Diane Arbus and Rineke Dijkstra. Photography — Two Different.


the winner. Students read theory cards and answer open questions and multiple-choice questions. To provide enough variety, the teaching method also includes questions that motivate students to work in a visual or technical way. The teacher acts as a coach and keeps a low profile. For the 3DT course I designed a series of futuristic, almost sci-fi like light objects from polymers. For this, I contacted CHILL (Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs). The light objects combine chemistry and art / product design. In addition to working at the academy, I also like working with my hands at home. I have designed my own jewellery collection named ‘From Dieudonnée with love’. In short, I am a young teacher who likes to let her creative spirit run free and work with her hands. I am very eager to start working in the secondary education.

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lecturer of fine arts and design

and painting), 2DT (graphic design) and 3DT (jewellery and product design). For each training course I followed another path, my main focus was ‘games’ (a favourite pastime of mine). For 2DA box I researched three theories (no effect, stimulation and reduction) in regard to aggression and games, in an autonomous work with Plexiglas plates. I looked to depict the volatility, fragmentation and reflection of gaming. In addition, I designed an educational game. The vision behind this was playful learning and ‘ludische’ pedagogy that allowed students in the lower secondary education to independently learn the visual aspects of the course visual arts through game elements. The game will be eventually published as a pop-up book. The teaching method includes four categories of questions; understanding, doing, knowledge and theory. During the game, players play to collect tokens to determine

Alexandra Hoesen

For a long time now, it has been my passion to become a teacher in secondary education. Already during my first year of secondary education, I really wanted to go on and attend the teachers education at the Art Academy. Even though I was a very shy girl who was always in the back of the class, there was nothing I liked more than combining my two passions. Teaching and being creative. Making other people enthusiastic about art courses and CKV (cultural and artistic education). At the the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design everything fell into place. The environment, teachers, fellow classmates, courses and internships during these four great years, have not only helped me progress in an artistic sense, but also as a person. I can finally say that I graduated with a focus on ‘Beeld en Praktijk’ (Image and Practice, BEE). Within this focus, I wrote two papers and I opted for the practical courses 2DA (drawing


light up in a purple glow was stunning. The densely wooded Veridi-Flavis islands were very different. There were two islands. A larger one and a smaller one with different bays. At least that is what I thought when I flew over them. But apparently, there were no less than seven. One above the other they floated in the air. The sand and the stones were as white as fresh snow and the plants no darker than the colour of a light lime. The Arboribussen,

the indigenous people living in the treetops of the many forests, took me to the furthest corners of the archipelago. After five months, however, it was time to go. I am now in my flying ship on my way to what I have heard is one of the most special and extraordinary islands that exist in the New World, the Cube islands. Afterwards, I hope to go to the Ruber islands.

Contact Nancy Janssen LinkedIn: Nancy Janssen +31 6 57 57 44 48

111 111

lecturer of fine arts and design

Message home, March 2013 Six months ago I left with my flying ship to the New World. I flew from archipelago to archipelago, in order to map them. I first landed on the Hyacintho-Purpura Islands, a small group of four islands. Six weeks I spent mapping the area. There was too much to see to remember it all. The surface of the island was divided into plateaus covered with polygonal stones in a deep blue colour. The sunset that made the Hyacintho-Purpura islands

Nancy Janssen

The New World


About how tea became a life story People’s stories have always interested me. They tell us something about who we are, about our desires and dreams, what occupies us and how we see the world. Artists and teachers are storytellers. The stories they tell through images, music or theatre serve as a mirror for our experiences and world views. Last year, storytelling was the main theme of my thesis. I want to share my fascination for stories with other people. That is how Teatells was established. At first glance, the combination of drinking tea and life stories may not be very log-

Practice of art in relation to life satisfaction for elderly During my thesis research for the Arts pedagogy and didactics course, I was introduced to elderly people in a special way. Elderly people are a loving and grateful target audience. Research shows that the practice of arts contributes to both the mental and physical health of the elderly. There should be a wider variet y of art accessible to this target audience. I would like to personally commit myself to this goal.

College Den Hulster (Teaching internship) Happiness is to be found along the way, not at the end of the road. I started this trip many years ago, and it is far from over. In ten years from now, I will stop at one of the many milestones of my life and I will look back at the years behind me, but I will also take a look at the ten years to come. Ten years from now In the next ten years I hope to see more of the world, to discover and find inspiration. I would like to learn a craft and maybe I’m doing something very strange, something totally new. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the cello. I hope that the seed I planted here at the academy will become something beautiful, something surprising.

Internships Kunstencentrum Venlo (Focus internship)

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lecturer of fine arts and design

ical. But I consider a tea break to be a moment of relaxation, a moment to just reflect on life, together or alone. Looking back is a part of this. With Teatells, I tried to interact with the viewer. On a website, people can respond to the stories and they can also submit a story themselves.

Emmelie Lindner

Graduate courses: Art pedagogy and didactics practice of art in relation to life satisfaction for elderly people. Arts and cultural education Fairy-tales: terminology, history and analysis. Product design Teatells, about how tea became a life story..


facts to get their attention; people love someone who touches the sore spots. Why do I want to communicate? Motivations, interests, an affinity with religious, political and social issues. We face a time that urges us to say things as they are, to get attention and confront sensitive topics. Topics that are avoided. I want to encourage people to think and create discussions, through provocation or not. I would rather ask questions than provide answers to ‘why’ I’m doing something. But not all my work is social criticism, this clearly shows from my papers and descriptions of my work during my education at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design.

Contact Mark Salden Facebook: Mark Salden 54 +32 474 32 92 67


lecturer of fine arts and design

how to stimulate the intrinsic motivation of students. If I don’t become a teacher, I want to continue my practical work that I enjoy most of all. I consider myself the socially critical rebel of the class and I would like to express that in my work. I am not afraid to share my opinion and I am not ashamed of it. There are a lot of taboos such as Nazism and sex which I use to provoke. Through parody, irony, cynicism, provocation, etc. Art and design are the best ways to express a message. The choice between screaming and silence, revealing or concealing, speaking or suggesting, will ultimately determine whether the messenger still achieved his goal. A message should be provocative to make a point. You need to relentlessly confront the viewers with the

Mark Salden

My name is Mark Salden, Belgian and graduate student at the teachers education of the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Whether I see myself as a future teacher is not yet clear. Hypothetically, if I would become a teacher, I would like to be able to understand the situation of young people. While many teachers still teach as they did 30 years ago, I will allow young people to use their smartphones or/ and tablets. Nowadays, social media are radically changing the way we communicate, network, live, work and learn with each other. This generation has grown up with it and education programs should tackle these challenges but also consider the opportunities. Therefore, I have written a thesis about this school and the use of social media in art education and


‘My dream is to rise above the passion of my own creativity, to share it with my students and be a great inspiration to them. In my opinion you cannot choose to become a teacher, it is a calling. With great pleasure I will realize my dream!’

I enjoy my classes, but better yet, my students enjoy them and are learning new things. When someone once asked me: ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ I didn’t need any time to think. My answer was always: ‘an Arts teacher’. And if someone asks me today: ‘What do you want to be when you grow up? An even better teacher than I am today’.

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lecturer of fine arts and design

method for primary schools. This method distinguishes itself through its unique use of IT and how it allows school children to come into contact with art, in a fun way. I am fortunate that I have found a way to convert my passion, creativity into my profession. I enjoy educating children and transferring knowledge to them. I’m always looking for new ways to excite and motivate my students. Personally,

Annick Vleugels

In my paintings I am always looking for a way to communicate with my audience. Through using video and sculptural work, I create installations. With these installations I confront the viewer with different messages at a time. By confronting them with selfharm, sadness and nurturing, I try to give them an insight into the true significance of life. As a graduation project, I developed a new drawing


Jannie Engels

I have sought to find a balance between directing and letting go, between speaking and silence. This has led to images that move viewers to look at what cannot be said.


lecturer of fine arts and design

Contact Jannie Engels


cocoon. Woven from yarns of ink on paper. A cocoon represents new life, a new beginning. This product represents where I am now. The safety of the repetition of everyday things in my life, the beginning of a new education and discovering that there is nothing wrong with the repetition of

actions as long as you’re aware of it, and are proud of the things you do. Since I became aware of my actions I am also looking for better and different ways of dealing with the everyday things. ‘So now, I weave circles in my own cocoon, to become better than before’.

Contact Chinook Wolfs

121 121

lecturer of fine arts and design

Whilst looking for rhythm, repetition of actions and volume in a plane space, I started an exploration within one shape, the circle. A discovery. This product includes many exciting visual actions. The circle is the symbol of unity, wholeness and infinity. By infinitely repeating the circle, a new form is created, a woven

Chinook Wolfs

Woven CoCon of Ink


A very interesting concept, I think. The original brush stroke becomes a part of the digital manipulation, which could make you wonder: is a digital brush stroke worth less than a real one? ‘Art Enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.’ — Thomas Merton

Contact Tom koenen


lecturer of fine arts and design

manipulating suited me very well. After having worked with digital brushes for a while, I got the idea to scan strips of paint and process them into photos, mostly of landscapes. Besides trying to create interesting effects, I have also intended to make the paint strips an essential part of the landscape, or make the strips (partially) replace it.

Tom Koenen

I am a big fan of a lively and expressive use of paint. My examples are Bacon, Kiefer or if we look a little bit further back, Rembrandt. My resources were limited as I wanted to experiment with this paint style, but yet my inner urge to control this concept was always there. The computer helped me out. The endless combining and


Ten years from now Ten years ago I had no idea where I would be now. My life has been full of surprises and I

think that is the beauty of it as well. Professionally, I hope I’ll be that one teacher that can make a difference in this fast changing world. Besides being an amazing teacher I hope I can further develop my skills as an artist. On a personal level I want to be the best father to my kids I can be. I want to keep on being amazed by life, its beauty and possibilities.

Contact Philip Lorijn +31 6 28 97 47 98


lecturer of fine arts and design

Photography Flowers and leaves have been the subject of my photographs.

Shot in extreme close-up the photographs of this deceptively simple subject often border on abstraction. Within the self-evident presence of subjects as they occur, I try to find the deeper layers, the essence.

Philip Lorijn

I graduated in fine arts, painting at HKU, Utrecht School of the Arts in 1998 and have been teaching since 2007, both primary and secondary school. Currently I am teaching arts in special education with high intelligent teenagers with a disorder in the autistic spectrum.


Floor Savelkoul

insert snow river glass of milk overturn marbles pentecost 48 hours scratch out travel in different tongues head into the wind nature in suitcases slide off


lecturer of fine arts and design

insteken sneeuw rivier glas melk omslaan knikkers pinksteren 48 uur doorhalen reizen met talen kop in de wind natuur in een rugzak af laten glijden

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Lisa van de Waterlaat

Out of an admiration for the ingenuity of nature and its animals, the natural balance and my desire for this freedom.


lecturer of fine arts and design

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lecturer of fine arts and design


for the incorporation of various cultural aspects she has come across during her travels. It is the cumulative effect of these factors that have their own unique result in her works. A broad range of ideas, methods and perspectives combined in an original manner is the best way to describe her work. Through her internship at Sander Mulder she came into contact with entrepreneurial side of design. This insight convinced her to start her own studio after graduation.


product and jewellery design • product design

The earlier studies in graphic design now combined with the new knowledge in product design have resulted in some very original works. She combines classical methods with a modern setting. The authentic meets the 21st century. You can see from every aspect of her work that she uses multiple methods and prior knowledge, making it a refreshing sight to see. Next to the extensive studies, which have created a basis for Marijn, she is also known

Marijn van Berge Henegouwen

Marijn van Berge Henegouwens roots can be found in the region of Utrecht in the Netherlands. This is where she started the initial phase of her education. There, at the ‘Grafisch Lyceum’ of Utrecht, she focused on the graphic design aspect of products. After completing her studies in Utrecht, she decided to search for a new challenge. This led her path to the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design in a slightly different area of expertise: product design.

Contact Marijn van Berge Henegouwen +31 6 28 83 34 27


types in galleries and museums while creating ready to go products for, or together with the industry. I have noticed that these Dutch designers convert their conceptual ideas and projects into commercial projects, on the commission of national and international brands. Moreover, I have seen that for these commercial projects, the designers do not give up their Dutch conceptual way of working that identifies them and above all has attracted the commercial commissioners in the first place. Dutch designers prove that their conceptual designs can be commercial as well, and at the same time that they can contribute with their creativeness to the commercial world.The latter seem to find their way to a successful collaboration with individual Dutch designers more and more, as the commercial market seems to open up for their conceptual projects. For example the collaboration of Peugot with Mieke Meijer, Erwin Olaf for Lavazza, Kiki van Eijk for Hermes, Bart Hess with Lady Gaga, and rENs with Auping.

Contact Esra Lemmens +31 6 30 44 92 83


product and jewellery design • product design

the early 90s when designers started ‘rebelling’ against the polished commercial design that dominated the design fairs at that time. Think of the Tree trunk Bench by Jurgen Bey, Hella Jongerius’ Soft rubber Washbowl and the Scrapwood furniture of Piet Hein Eek. This broadened vision, that design does not only has to be functional but also has to be able to tell a story, turned out to be one of the greatest strengths of Dutch design in the past decades: ‘Dutch designers rank among the most influential and off beat in the world. In the last decade in particular, they have turned out one quirky, conceptual hit product after another’. (McKeough, ‘New York Times’, 2009). However, when talking about Dutch design we often stop here and don’t look further than the innovating concepts created by the Dutch designers. It raises the question how this Dutch conceptual design adds value to the commercial market? Nowadays, Dutch design seems to be able to move easier from one world to theother; we see Dutch designers who are presenting their proto-

Esra Lemmens

I have always been fascinated by Product Design and the hidden aspects of the designing process. This is why I’ve placed such an emphasis over the past years of my education on these areas. Because of the diversity of the workload, concept development, PR and organizing strongly appeal to me; and this the main reason behind my decision to graduate in this field of design. My internship at Organisation in Design inspired me to write a book about the commercial value of Dutch designers parallel to their free and autonomous work. My goal is to show to show the translation of Dutch conceptual ideas into international commercial projects. This has led to my graduation title: conceptual commercialism commercial conceptualism ’We know Dutch design for its strong conceptual posture. It is often referred to as :experimental, obstinate, humorous and stubborn. How else can you describe famous furniture pieces that are set on fire and extinguished just in time to give them a burned look? The Dutch conceptualism gained its reputation in


shards. Each of these things carries a specific memory of a certain time, some worth remembering and others worth forgetting. How ever, even though I never look at them, I do not throw these objects away. I will never throw them away. I want a series of collector boxes to store these personal memories, to place or store these personal memories. The boxes symbolize the good and bad memories, the dreams and nightmares. Their appearance will also be determined by this.

Contact Jaimy Noya Facebook: Jaimy Noya LinkedIn: Jaimy Noya +31 6 22 30 19 18


product and jewellery design • product design

sources of inspiration can be anything from Norse mythology to fictional post-war scenarios. The work that I wish to use for my graduation is based on dreams and memories. Everyone dreams about and remembers the beautiful and bad times. Things we experience, places we have been to and stuff we remember, everything is connected to a memory and a dream. I myself am a collector of memories; letters, photographs, clippings, stones, hair,

Jaimy Noya

The work I do is mostly based on personal experiences and emotions. These are my sources of inspiration that I use to translate my ideas and feelings. In every assignment I find and process something personal through my minimal style. Whether it is suffering, grief or sorrow... the gloomier the feelings, the more inspiring it is for me to try and make something beautiful. Often the entire process also works as a kind of therapy. I do not only use emotions and feelings for my work, my


‘Designers must love LIFE more then they LOVE designing, otherwise you can’t make products that matter’

ferent materials. During my internship I have learned you have to take chances, own luck and accept setbacks. Ten years from now In 10 years I hope I will be able to live like I live now, full of passion for design. How will I get there? The future will tell …

Contact Irene Rothuizen


product and jewellery design • product design

cepts. My goal with my work is to let the viewer reflect upon the society now and the way people communicate in word and feeling. Children have always played a big part in my work because they are unprejudiced, are not yet formed and are always innocent in their ways. At Studio Pepe Heykoop I have learned a lot of the use of dif-

Irene Rothuizen

My eventual goal is to strive for respect for man and surroundings. I know I can never achieve this but what I can do is show the world what I see as a designer. With my work I get my inspiration from nature, the world, cultural problems and the society now. All these subjects play a great part in my studies and create strong con-


These six months have truly inspired me, thanks to the collaboration with Henry Wilson and the long journey that I made through this beautiful country. Ten years from now In ten years I will be 31, I hope that I will have my own studio then, where I can design and sell products. I also hope that I will have completed an extensive journey around the world, as I have not nearly seen enough of it.

Contact Lian van Wanrooij Facebook: Lian van Wanrooij +31 6 83 54 79 53

141 141

product and jewellery design • product design

to design new products, so I would like to use that which is already around us. I love it when products are not solely suitable for a particular space, but can also be applied in another context. Nowadays, people move house frequently and they want to adjust their environment every now and then. I think it is interesting when products contribute to this idea. ‘Everything has been designed, just not by me’. For my graduation, I went to Australia where I worked for Studio Henry Wilson in Sydney.

Lian van Wanrooij

I’m Lian Wanrooij, product designer. I collect ‘stuff’ and try to get my inspiration from them. I look for objects that I do not know or objects that have an interesting feature or characteristic that I could use as an inspiration for my products. I find it very interesting to use features and components (among other connections, movability and function) of objects and products that already exist. I for example use products that are out of production or products that we have forgotten about. I feel that it is not up to me


a hand gun (See sketch). Memories Hanger, materials: Alpaca, silver and hard plastic. This pendant shows a half horse skull in a metal bridle. It represents the memories people have when they lose their loved ones (in this case their horse). Many things face in our memory, but things that remind us of our loved ones shall always remain. Growing structure 01 Mouth jewel from a series of three: material: Alpaca. If cells in our bodies keep growing, they become ugly protruding tumors, that can be dangerous to our healthy. In these mouth pieces, a growing cell structures is considered to be beautiful as a decoration to your body.

Contact Ilona Brand BrandValue Facebook: Ilona Brand +31 6 30 39 51 59


product and jewellery design • jewellery design

ment for the contest New Traditional Jewelry (NTJ) and the theme was New Nomads. I conducted research into the weapons of the nomads and followed their development into today’s weaponry. Today, we have weapons that are able to track their target. And since the nomads are always on the go, they become the moving target. Mokume-gane Gun Double ring, materials: copper and brass. My theme was to design a new contemporary jewel based on an old technique. The old technique was Mokume-gane that was once used to decorate weapons. Nowadays, you simply have to point your figure at someone to start a fight, or worse. This Mokume-gane forces your thumb and index figure in the shape of

Ilona Brand

This year I did an internship at Atelier Sier in Landgraaf. Atelier Sier is led by DaniĂŤlle Kowollik, goldsmith and visual artist. I am very interested in goldsmithing and had a desire to improve my techniques through my internship. In the future, I would like to design and sell jewellery under the name BrandValue. I also want to further improve myself as a goldsmith, in order to be able to deliver better products. Because good quality and detail are very important to me. Double gear ring materials: Stainless steel and silver, the ring goes around your ring finger and middle finger. It displays the effect of a gear mechanism. Moving target Broche, materials: Alpaca, alumide and enamel. This was an assign-


Objects, Untitled (2012) Material: polyurethane, rubber, lacquer, thread, beads Next to that playfulness, the tension between beauty and oddness is triggering my work. In search of the border between fortitude and fragility I am curious about the individual associations, because in the end it is defined by the eye of the beholder. This fascination is also the theme of my graduation project. I got inspired by cabinets of curiosities, where jars with creatures and artworks are contrasting each other and

emit a mystical atmosphere of wonder. I focus on beetle collections and my work shall make the viewer see them from another perspective. The emphasis is on the beauty of their details which are shown detached from the whole. The beetle, which is quite often experienced as unpleasant, is positively reduced to an aesthetic image. Ten years from now Life is lovely. I am working on my jewellery in a studio that I am sharing with other people, preferably from different disciplines. This place is surrounded by a beautiful garden. A few days a week I am working as a leader of an engraving workshop.

Contact Anne Eissen Facebook: Anne Eissen Jewellery


product and jewellery design • jewellery design

Brooches, Untitled (2012) Material: paper, acryl, silver, thread Second image: The cutting of a whole range of single layers of paper is resulting in flexible forms and

motion, which comes to life when the pieces are worn on the body. The way the single layers are stringed on thread like a garland, gives them a touch of playfulness.

Anne Eissen

Sysiphos (2012) In contrast to the perception that contemporary means fast, digital and short-lived, there is another one, which is all about craftsmanship and staying busy by making things with your own hands. Thereby objects are able to constantly change under your influence. I enjoy having this influence and stay close to my work. Even if it is a never-ending business sometimes. A specific pattern in my working process, is echoed back in the finished object, as you can see in the second image as well.


happy but not satisfied, critical but not embittered, self-confident but not self-overestimated, successful but not with my head in the clouds.


product and jewellery design • jewellery design

‘Ode to Heels’ In footwear design I have found my great passion. But every coin has two sides. This foot jewellery combines the beauty of heels and the pain it causes. It shows the foot in a positive light but is not made for walking.

‘Une broche est une broche est ...’ My intention was to create a brooch without a pin that involves the fabric in a different way. The beauty lies not only in the jewellery itself but also in the imprint it leaves in the fabric. The memory becomes the jewellery.

Anika Gwosdz

My work ... is minimalistic, purist, aesthetical with plain and clear lines. The less, the better.

Ten years from now … well-known but not famous, hardworking but no workaholic,

Contact Anika Gwosdz


‘The difference between false memories and true ones is the same as for jewels: it is always the false ones that look the most real, the most brilliant.’ — Salvador Dalí

Influenced by current trends, shapes and colours, I wanted to combine fashion’s love of statements and jewellery’s interest to be precious and to tell stories.


product and jewellery design • jewellery design

my own modern vision of costume jewellery. In contrast to traditional costume jewellery, which was designed to fit and complement garments and outfits, I wanted to make jewellery, which is alike to fashion in its significance.

Lea Haueisen

For my graduation work I was inspired by fashion and costume jewellery and the latest trends in both branches. Since my vision of jewellery always interacts with fashion and I find that both fields nourish each other, I wanted to create

Contact Lea Haueisen Facebook: Wormson


Anke Huyben

I use myself as an inspiration, my own issues are my subject. These problems are presented as solutions. I focus on positions that are forced, consciously or unconsciously. These positions derive from discomfort or dissatisfaction which I borrow from certain situations.


product and jewellery design • jewellery design

Contact Anke Huyben +31 6 13 50 79 75


It makes me successful when people wear my work because they complete it and ‌ secretly ... I hope to become famous.


product and jewellery design • jewellery design

For me, a jewel should complement the person wearing it. Its portability distinguishes the jewel from an object. It is important to me that the body object is connected to the portability in order to be called a piece of jewellery. With my work I hope to provide as many people as possible with a piece of jewellery that suits them because they appreciate my visual language.

Christie Schellings

Decoration is essential and then comes the rest. Just like everyone else, of course I hope to become the best, richest and most arrogant jewellery designer of all time. Additionally, I enjoy and love my work. I never stop thinking about jewellery. The idealistic facet of my work is a reflection of my ideas as a person and I hope to show the world this side of me.

Contact Christie Schellings Facebook: Christie Schellings +31 6 42 69 93 75


My internship at ‘Hook & Matter’ in New York opened my eyes; even without being very famous and ‘out there’ you can earn money by making and selling jewellery. For example, through a shop like ‘Etsy‘. And who knows, maybe one day I could return to New York with my own work!

Contact Joske Schim


product and jewellery design • jewellery design

I would like to make affordable, accessible and wearable jewellery. Jewellery to wear, not to end up in a box, such a shame. Furthermore, I would love to make ‘socially involved’ jewellery. Quite a challenge! I am committed to achieve these goals and I am looking to use the experience I gained during the past four years at the Academy.

Joske Schim

After graduating, I, Joske Schim, may call myself a jewellery designer. Something I did not expect a few years ago, but now is a part of me. My design is characterized by simplicity and minimalism, with a recognizable line of thought that lies behind the design. Like the porcelain candy hearts with the title ‘It’s the little things that matter.’


time to leave my first fence. For me, Jewellery is wearable art. It is representative. I am my work, and my work is me. I am a conceptual jewellery maker. Each jewelry piece has a story by deep research on the theme. The idea and concept are the most important aspect of my work: concerning myself

with notions of communication, function and context of use. And I sense a narrative. I want to communicate with people through my jewellery works till doomsday. And I want to be a great teacher at jewellery design in my country in the future.

Contact Sangji Yun +31 6 43 47 88 61


product and jewellery design • jewellery design

I first trained in Microbiology in Korea, then in contemporary jewellery design at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design in the Netherlands. And the internship period in Amsterdam was good chance to think where I want to go and what I want to be after graduation. Because now is

Sangji Yun

I am from South Korea


not made to shock but to communicate subtle messages or interactions with the jewellery. I want the purity of the jewellery to speak for itself. Eventually, I keep searching for the ideal structures, materials, shapes and boundaries of these aspects.

Contact Babs Zwanink Facebook: Babs Zwanink +31 6 14 54 02 02


product and jewellery design • jewellery design

those boundaries? Due to my fascination for structures, I am always looking for the tactility and texture of a material. The sound of a material matters as well, when it moves or bumps into each other. Eventually, a balance is found in an object for the body. My designs are

Babs Zwanink

In my work, I am always looking for a certain beauty and purity of materials and visual language. Searching for the thin line between objects and jewellery. What relationship does the jewellery have in regard to the body and how far can you go within


‘In the end is the worst theatre better than the best boredom’ — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

connection with architectural forward or even as Architectural medium and extra props usually sufficient to provide a certain sense of space. What interests me is how we can create on stage, with relatively uncomplicated or existing resources, changes. Which means that the stage is

developed from an inner logic and thus creates an identity. Another aspect of my work is to confront the actor with an abstract space and to find him in this way to compel an unusual way to survive in this room.

Contact Jamil Sumiri


theatre and costume design • theatre design

My passion is the stage characterized by a minimalist, which includes a reduction of means. This creates a concentration on the essential, and a better perception of details, similar to the effect of a Black and White film. Central to my work is so often produce the material in

Jamil Sumiri

Abstract Story


remains for me the technical perfect discipline. Which allows me to create images that inspire my work in theatre to be non-perfect. I use it to carve out characters or use it as objects/design in my theatrical spaces as seen in some of my school projects. Photography also enables me to create my own personal mood boards using my own work and not a derivative of someone else. I use it as a technique that’s both at the start of something and at the end. Scenography is for me the discipline where I incorporate all of the above. It’s the assimilation of all my other disciplines influencing my spaces that make interesting designs. It’s my most conceptual work.

Contact Timo Wolthof Facebook: Timo Wolthof Facebook: t.wolthof


theatre and costume design • theatre design

through the painting of a glass for 2 years has taught me to see interesting composition and framing. Being a makeup artist is an easier way to paint. All the lines are there, but it’s your choice what you highlight or adjust. It’s a really free way to experience design in a more constrained way. Because of those constraints I tend to cross boundaries and edges. Dancing teaches me what the human body is capable of and what is interesting to see. It gives me an idea about how the body can and should move when inside a room. I use the information I learn through dancing in all my disciplines but more in photography where the persons posture or gesture is frozen in time and it still has to have the power to move you. Photography

Timo Wolthof

Various disciplines affect my work for Theatre. I consider myself to be an autonomous artist that uses different media to create my art. The grey area between these areas is where the magic happens. A painting that influences a certain set-design, by colour, motive or idea or a character-photograph that influences my brain to think about a character in a more definitive voice. It’s necessary for me to engage in other activities that influence my design language. Currently I’m a painter, a makeup artist, a dancer, and a photographer. I combine these disciplines in my work for theatre. Painting allows me to visualise colour and shape. Which inspires me when designing a theatrical space. The visual information that I have gained


a costume becomes part of the entire play. All separate ingredients mixed and blend together become ONE- that is how you can define a good play. If all this wasn’t convincing enough for you, go and have a look at my website to get a better impression of me and my work!

Contact Lise Clara


theatre and costume design • costume design

My final ‘eindexamen’ isn’t really one collection, because we at costume design don’t focus on one project only, but we design costumes for three stage-plays: ‘Carmen’, ‘Zinsbegoocheling’ and ‘Christmas at the Ivanos’. I like to think my Designs are playful, yet sophisticated enough to reflect our society today. Designing

Lise Clara

I’m Lise Clara I’m young at heart. Currently I’m living in Maastricht and I will hopefully graduate this summer from the Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht with a degree in Costume Design. I am not sure yet what my field of specialization will be or if I ever want to focus on one field but for now it is Costumes and Illustrations.


impress a spectator and take him along into an imaginary and artificial created world. My aim and wish is to create costumes which are part of that and which emphasize through almost fashionable aesthetics the physicalness of a character.

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theatre and costume design • costume design

presence of a character which I want to express with materiality, shape of costume, intensity of colour and makeup. A costume is existential because through it, a character becomes alive and vibrant. At its best stage, costumes and acting are melting into a symbiosis and thereby you can

Pina Starke

I’m looking for strong images full of intensity. Mostly it is about human morbidity, momentariness, suffering, sorrow, freakiness and physicalness. It’s a question about deep emotions and secret desires which exist in a person but aren’t visible at first sight. The essence of everything is the physical


never know what will happen, what is playing, what is serious, where are the limits? There is more theatre around us than we know, everyone wears costumes, lives on sets and tries to deliver their lines as good as possible. An auditorium is no longer necessary in order to make theatre.

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theatre and costume design • theatre and costume design

It is a playground for exploring human abysses. Your head remains awake at all times, because on a daily basis you are looking for very different solutions for your project. It is an extreme and fast-paced world, it is those moments, the experience, the meaning behind the image, or not. You

Jana Wassong

Everything is possible within my discipline as a theatre designer. I can create my own world with a lot of different people, a world that is logical or illogical, absurd or very realistic, beautiful or extremely objectionable. It is a combination between art and technique, contents and decoration.



theatre and costume design


home. She told me she was lonely. To deal with the loss of my grandfather, I am looking for models for my graduation project. I wish to depict the image of loneliness of the elderly that we don’t (want to) see. By photographing these

elderly people, I want to tell the story of my grandfather. In order to experience life and show that what we never see as a visitor. What do elderly people do if we are not there, how do they deal with the loneliness.

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visual communication • graphic design

Ever since the death of my grandfather, I feel guilty that I never wanted to see that he felt lonely. I found out when I got home from photographing my neighbour for a project. This woman had been alone for years and still lived in her own

Kim Bekkers

Feeling of guilt


‘What would you do if you knew you could not fail?’

really annoyed me at first, but: they were right! It actually helps to search for it, because it makes you more confident and the results are more personal. In my case: creating things that someone would need or at least love and be able to use. I hated making things with my fervour and euphoria, that would eventually end up rotting away in some drawer, needed by nobody. During my internship at the Dumont ‘mdscreative publishing’company, this view once again was confirmed. Real jobs and real time constraints provided me with motivation and inner power. Therefore, six months of working 9 or 10 hours was very tiring, but great at the same time.

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visual communication • graphic design

which can unfortunately not be used for anything but enjoyment by yourself or others. I managed to wreck a MacBook and I trembled for days (thanks to all the computer nerds in the world), listened intensely, I studied a lot or just fell asleep with my hand on my computer mouse and my head resting on my desk. I also found a friend for life and fell in love with the Netherlands. I still have trouble with the language (what a disgrace!), but I do understand everything the Dutchies throw at me. Regardless of where I am, hearing Dutch instantly gives me a nostalgic feeling of wellbeing. I was practically ‘forced’ to figure out how I best execute tasks and where my personal way of dealing with assignments comes from, which

Eva Carpus

I cannot yet describe the product I am making for my Bachelor’s thesis, because at this stage, (as for all of us) it is not 100% clear what it is going to end up like. As always at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design, is the research stage is essential and that is exactly what we are doing now. At the moment, the only thing I can say that is that I work with groups of people, motivation and added value. What that will lead to is yet unclear, but it should be about young and creative people and their often complex projects, drenched with their own heart and soul. My Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design time was full of ups and downs, little inventions and adaptations. I love old printing techniques,


Festival. During my graduation I’m going to focus more on human communication itself. After graduation, I intend to focus on freelancing, the further development of my shop and blog and the university master Nieuwe Media en Digitale Cultuur (New Media and Digital Culture).


visual communication • graphic design

Internships During my internship, I worked on cultural and commercial projects such as the Amsterdam Museum Night and Pitch

Beau Colin

My work was mainly inspired by human communication, how we think, speak, feel and move.

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text, making illustrations and in the end binding the book.

‘De Nieuwe Zakelijkheid’ Here you can see a corporate design I made for an event called ‘Nieuwe Zakelijkheid’.

Ten years from now Hopefully I will still work with enthusiasm in my dream job and still get the chance to improve myself and carry on learning constantly. Internships crossmedia-design, Aachen (six months) POWER + RADACH Werbeagentur GmbH, Aachen (five months)

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181 181

visual communication • graphic design

Musterschrift This is an interactive book that gives you some inspiration and some space to create your own fonts that consist or form a pattern. Apart from showing examples you find blank letters you can fill with a pattern and also patterns you can create new fonts in.

Apart from the logo I created it includes flyers, identity cards, notepads, letter papers and more.

Jana Eßer

Face this book Since the invention of the internet and especially since social networks have arisen more and more people spend a lot of time in front of their computer. But what did we do with our free time before? This book shows several alternatives instead of wasting time on the internet. By sticking in some fotos and writing down what you have experiencedsome sort of facebook in an analogue format is created.This project has been my favourite one so far because I love doing all the steps when creating a book by myself: writing the


Lynn Henderiks

I’m Lynn. I profoundly love texts and imagery.


visual communication • graphic design

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Loe Jonas, from his diary, dated 1949 ‘I don’t ask appraisal from anyone, only the process of creating gives satisfaction and appreciation’.

fits me perfectly. He was a painter and, just like me, he attended the Art Academy in Maastricht. After finishing my education, I hope to quickly find work at a design agency in order to gain experience and to further expand my network. Internship Ontwerpbureau B2B, Maastricht

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visual communication • graphic design

to a particular style, because I want to explore and try new styles. I also attempt to stay as well-informed as possible about the new developments in my field: I visit museums and lectures, buy books and every day I take a look at websites/ blogs. I find that I experience a lot of fun when I am creating a design. Therefore, my grandfather’s quote: ‘I don’t ask appraisal from anyone, only the process of creating gives satisfaction and appreciation’.

Samyon Jonas

My name is Samyon Jonas, 22 years old. Since 2002, I have been practicing the art of graffiti. This has developed my interest towards graphic design, especially typography. In my spare time I am occupied with the different aspects of graphic design and see it as a challenge to experiment a lot. The great thing about graphic design is that I can combine everything: illustration with typography or handwritten fonts with photography. At the moment I do not wish to stick


Yves Lennertz

MAAN The moon is not only the romantic bright shining planet in the sky, the moon is in a way a cryptical object that is surrounded by innumerable myths. I will try to take you on a mystical and musical journey which captures the whole universe in one chest.


visual communication • graphic design

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zine ‘Navenant’. This suited me so well that I can hardly wait to start working as a graphic designer. What I like most? Making people happy with my work! At the moment, I would not dare to guess what might cross my path. But I do know one thing for sure: I would very much like to develop my skills and gradually become a better designer.

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visual communication • graphic design

ment. This has been an extraordinary experience for me. During my internship at Holbox I found I was able to learn a lot about how things are done in a professional work environment. To me, this was particularly interesting, because this company takes care of not only the design, but of the whole process, up to and including the presentation of a finished product. At Holbox, I worked specifically for the Limburg-based maga-

Fenna Rierink

My name is Fenna and I am an enthusiastic and creative graphic designer. I’m always looking for new challenges and find it particularly interesting to combine different media. I love working with new people in order to open up new insights and make unique products. An example: together with other students, I held an exhibition at Musica Sacra 2012. We arranged the whole process, from basic idea to full deploy-


My work JFK: I created a page in JFK magazine. Jacky: I created a page in Jackie magazine. Internship report: The cover for the report of my internship.

Jar of hearts: Visualization of Christina Perry’s song Jar of Hearts. London: A poster for the London Olympic Games London (2012), themed: ‘It’s not what you win, but how you win it’. Equal: Part of the course content about an imaginary organisation ‘Gelijkzijn’ (Being Equal), that supports the struggle against inequality and bullying in primary schools.

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visual communication • graphic design

My ambition? After graduation, I would like to end up in an inspiring work environment that allows me to continue to develop my skills and experience. Ultimately, I would like to be an art director. But there still is a lot to learn until then!

Lindsey Schlenter

From September 2012 until February 2013 I did my internship at Gijrath Media Group (GMG) in Amsterdam: a publishing company responsible for the magazines Jackie, JFK and LXRY. While working at this company, I was given the opportunity to combine my great interest in fashion with my profession. I do not yet dare to say where and how I see myself ten years from now. As I don’t really like planning far ahead, I will see what the future brings.


Sharon Schlenter

and a clear view in concern to my personal goals in the foreseeable future. After my graduation I would like to work for design divisions of various magazines, but I am open to any challenges that cross my path.


visual communication • graphic design

I am a graphic designer with a particular interest in both design and fashion. Hence the logical choice for my graduation internship at elle fashion magazine: a great environment where I gained a lot of experience in graphic design

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‘A good design doesn’t need any words. A good designer only needs a few ...’ Feel free to contact me

Lieke Warmoeskerken 195

visual communication • graphic design

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(silkscreen), I tried to experiment during my graduation. Are there ways to combine (or even replace) perfection and technological accuracy with improvisation, chance and spontaneity?

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visual communication • graphic design

During my internship I have realized that another 50 years in front of a computer screen is not really my cup of tea. Based on my fascination with graphic techniques, particularly screen printing

Tim Wilders

These days, everything has to be fast and preferably effortless. But is faster always better? Coincidence, complexity and commitment should be allowed to play a more prominent role in the design process.


are my preferred design tools. My portfolio includes a mix of personal work and projects. I like telling stories, but because I am not a great writer, I choose to tell them with images. Creating illustrations for stories and educational media for children is what I like to do most. The work on

this page: mainly images that are attached to stories and the characters in those stories. I always try to make characters come to life by giving them their own personalities and backgrounds. Would you like to see more of my work? You can find it all on my website or blog.

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visual communication • illustration

My name is Sharona and I am a 22 year old illustrator. Like most artists, I have been drawing since I was a child. I used to draw on every tiny bit of whatever surface I could find, but these days I prefer to stick to paper and digital devices. Adobe Photoshop, and occasionally Adobe Illustrator,

Sharona Bessems



and my co-workers thoroughly involved me in the creation process. A nice extra during my internship: I occasionally got to do what I love to do most. Illustrating! What have I learned? During the execution of my graduation concept I will not be focussing solely on illustration, but I will implement various graphical concepts in order to optimize communication with my target audience.

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visual communication • illustration

Internship When finding a place to do my internship, I decided to set aside my illustrative comfort zone and find a place where the focus would be more on the graphical aspect of design. I think it currently is of vital

importance to develop a broad orientation. The company that I ended up was called ‘Vermeulen Brand Design’ and is now ‘Vermeulen/Coppen Design and Innovation’. This organisation specializes in brands and packaging. Working at Vermeulen was a real eye-opener for me, because it did not take long for me to notice that I really enjoy working in a team and contributing to brands, style and packaging. The assignments were all very different

Cas Janssen

I am an illustration student, in the final year of my education. My interests vary greatly, but I can safely say I am most comfortable with a cartoonish style and bold outlines.


(universal artist)

up for the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design. As I wanted to acquire different ways of looking at things and working, I opted for Illustration as my curriculum of choice. Thus, I redesigned myself as a designer who transcends disciplines. Therefore, during my graduation exhibition, it is

the first time that I will present myself as David Janssen, Homo Artifex Universalis, © 1981 Internship/Work: Art Director for Janssen Media Group Assistant sculptor at Louis Reijnen

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visual communication • illustration

As I grew up in and around my parents’ graphic design company, I trained myself to be a graphic designer in the broadest sense of the term. After managing our design division for several years, it was time for me to find new impulses. During an internship with sculptor Louis Reijnen I signed

David Janssen

Homo Artifex Universalis

204 204

my internship and I am really grateful for this and learned a lot from this. That’s why I want to take the opportunity to use the time I have for my graduating project to make a picture book for children.

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visual communication • illustration

especially love making illustrations for children. Seeing the smile on a child’s face when they look at my drawing is just priceless. In the future I would like to mostly work on children’s books. I have already had a few opportunities to work on children’s books on

Brenda Kuijpers

My name is Brenda Kuijpers. Since I was really young I have always been drawing, it is my biggest passion. In my illustrations I often try to put a little joke or surprise. I also like to work in black and white or really desaturated colors with a little pop of bright colour. I


‘Never eat shit! (If it looks like shit, and it smells like shit, and tastes like shit ... it’s shit.)’

Ricky Luijten

Do three things when you present a big idea: 1. Tell them what they are going to see. 2. Show it to them. 3. Tell them, dramatically, what they just saw.


visual communication • illustration

Over time, I have learned an important lesson, by the Academy as well as my internship at Shop Around Creative Supermarket in Amsterdam: Just a brilliant idea won’t sell itself.

Abraham Lincoln once said: ‘When i hear a man preach, I like to see him act as if he were fighting bees’.

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My purest ‘self’ as a designer will be crystal clear in the end, but it will take quite a journey to find it. My graduation hypothesis: ‘How do I position myself within my profession and where does that leave my ‘self’?

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visual communication • illustration

possible range of my capacities. Additionally, I want to set clear boundaries for my points of view and, inherently, for my profession. The most difficult question for me is to draw a distinct line between demands and supply: what can I offer?

Wesly Maatje

It is very important for me to know where I stand in my profession when I am done with my education. I would like people that visit my graduation exhibition, will get an all-round view of me and my skills. My ultimate goal is to position myself within the broadest


with images for puzzles, her own comic book, astrological patterns and character designs for an online game. She also sews her own clothing with illustrative patterns, she illustrates a German novel and draws stickers. But there is always time for different, new and exciting assignments!

Contact Sabine Matzkeit Facebook: Lani Lost Riddle Illustrations Facebook: RiddleCostumes +49 1 62 33 45 877

211 211

visual communication • illustration

of her work, modern tools like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator are more suitable. She currently works on book covers, puzzle design and illustration of comics/graphic novels. In the future, she would like to create textile products: decorating her clothing with illustrations that she made. Sabine likes to work on different assignments simultaneously. She is currently occupied

Sabine Matzkeit

Sabine Matzkeit , now 24 years old, grew up in Vaals, Limburg. She works under the artist name ‘L.L.Riddle’ for an agency in Aachen, Germany. Drawing and illustration are her main passions. She likes to explore different directions: a realist or comic style, but also surrealism and drawing/illustrating for children. She prefers working in traditional fashion, but for some


‘I’m an illustrator. I have to accept my role.’ — Maurice Sendak

analogue, I always somehow find a way to express myself with images, when I can’t find the words. Surrounded by pencils, paper and colour I feel truly at home. Different artistic genres affect my style and always lead me to new ways of

broadening my horizon. Nothing can stop me on my way to becoming an illustrator. At least not as long as I have hands, eyes and a beating heart.


visual communication • illustration

The start of my artistic life began, bizarrely, under water in 1988. A creative life journey, which I continue at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design until 2013. With my hands and my heart I shape new worlds. Whether digital or

Sonja Pawliczek


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‘Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing’ — Theodor Roosvelt

internet platform, which helps customers contact builders and vice versa. After graduating I will either continue studying in order to earn a master degree, or I will return to Bulgaria and start working. Nevertheless my plan is to live and work in my homeland.

Contact Slavena Peneva


visual communication • illustration

thus presenting Bulgarian folklore in a new light. During my internship I worked in an advertising agency in Sofia, Bulgaria. Although I am an illustrator I did a lot of graphic design related work, which was a great experience. I also worked on illustrations for an

Slavena Peneva

My name is Slavena Peneva and I am a forth year illustration student. I am currently working on my bachelor thesis. The subject I have chosen is ‘Bulgarian Folktales and Their Significance’. I intend to illustrate a Bulgarian folktale, with elements of the modern times,


a good illustration should be supportive to every single element of a story. But I also would like to allow space for the viewers to create a story for themselves, in their heads.


visual communication • illustration

fascination for symbols and I love using symbolism in my illustrations. Symbols can truly emphasize a certain feeling or emotion; provide more depth to a character or even to the illustration itself. In my opinion,

Marloes Terwisscha van Scheltinga

To me, illustrating is a way of communicating. Everyone knows the expression ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. I think that, with illustrating, you can just get so much more across, even complete stories. I have a particular

Contact Marloes Terwisscha van Scheltinga Facebook: Marloes van Scheltinga +31 6 33 93 09 73


‘Zufriedenheit ist der bizarre Lockruf des Mittelmaßes’ — Michel Montaigne

Internship During my internship at Topoli Verlag — Köln I wrote and illustrated my children’s book ‘Der einarmige Bandit’.

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visual communication • illustration

Ten years from now I see myself living in a big house with my two Irish Wolfhounds, still running marathons and working at my home

office as a freelance illustrator. Not to mention, that I earn enough money with drawing to be able to work in my own style (which I define and recreate in a floating progress) and do whatever makes me and the people around me happy. And I am as good in my job as I ever wanted to be.

Alexandra Vent

My work is inspired through many things I see in my daily life. I’m trying to visualize the fantastic aspects you can find in every day. Colour and light are therefore the tools I use to create a luminous and exciting reality.


Bregtje Groenendijk 221

visual communication • photography

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‘You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul’ — George Bernard Shaw

sometimes we think we found it. And sometimes we find people or stories and absorb them, pretend for a while to be someone different. As a photographer, I took on the role of an observer and looked for the stories other people and certain sceneries could tell me.

Contact Leah Hautermans LinkedIn: Leah Hautermans +49 1 57 89 30 05 48


visual communication • photography

tographer because I want to explore the fleeting moments that define us as human beings. We interact, we have relationships, we bond because we are family, friends or lovers. We look into mirrors and see that we change, always. We search for a purpose; sometimes we’re stuck, sometimes we’re still looking,

Leah Hautermans

Photography is freezing one fleeting, special moment so it lasts forever. That one moment, being fixed in a frame, gives you the opportunity to study it, to plunge into the given situation, to feel the atmosphere created by the pictured people and the photographer. My name is Leah Hautermans and I chose to be a pho-


‘You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved’ — Ansel Adams

emotions, that makes us quiver with desire and lets us fall for the displayed situation. My work is all about life, love and moodiness, about memories, experience and desire. This is who I am and what I love.

Contact Laura Heinen LinkedIn: Laura Heinen +49 16 29 10 90 67


visual communication • photography

my images, to make emotions come to life. I’m not crazy about common clichés in photography, such as sharpness or clearness. For that reason, I like to use elements that distort images in a way, that increases atmosphere and

Laura Heinen

My name is Laura and I’m a photographer. I’m in love with photography and I’m even more in love with portraits. I chose to become a photographer, because I want to tell stories with my work, I love to create a certain sphere in


‘I take photographs with love, so I try to make them art objects. But I make them for myself first and foremost that is important’ — Jacques-Henri Lartigue

excitement of capturing a moment in time and interpreting it as it was meant to be. Telling stories and revealing emotions attracted me to photography and these are traits I try to convey in every photo I take. I haven’t found my style yet but actually I don’t attempt to find my style so much as it finds me.

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visual communication • photography

know that you’re mad?’ ‘To begin with,’said the Cat,‘a dog’s not mad. You grant that?’ ‘I suppose so’, said Alice. ‘Well, then’, the Cat went on, ‘You see, a dog growls when it’s angry, and wags its tail when it’s pleased. Now I growl when I’m pleased, and wag my tail when I’m angry. Therefore I’m mad.’ For me photography is the

Anja Lynen

‘But I don’t want to go among mad people,’ Alice remarked. ‘Oh, you can’t help that’, said the Cat: ‘we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad’. ‘How do you know I’m mad?’ said Alice. ‘You must be,’ said the Cat, ‘or you wouldn’t have come here.’ Alice didn’t think that proved it at all; however, she went on ‘And how do you


‘Making a self-portrait is like having a conversation with yourself’ — Wiesje Peels

‘I think photography is like therapy’ — Harry Gruyaert

Suzanne van Seggelen

‘All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream’ — Edgar Allan Poe


about what they see. I really hope that in ten years, I will still be devoting my passion and love to professional photography. I prefer doing portraits, especially of animals (mainly cats). In my spare time I make self-portraits and try to capture the Texel landscape.

What I want to achieve with my photography? Continuously making myself happy with what I do best and never ever getting the feeling that I have an ordinary job. Additionally, I would like to inspire others and bring joy to them through my work.

Contact Suzanne van Seggelen Facebook: SAZUphoto

visual communication • photography

My name is Suzanne, now 29 years old and about to graduate from the academy. I am still trying to find out who I am right now. But there is one thing I know for sure: my passion for photography: creating images that touch and inspire others or make them think


in Amsterdam. In my gradation project I will combine all the elements that I have experienced throughout the years and use all the skills I have acquired until now. I am planning to continue my travel adventures and I am very excited to see where the road will take me.

Contact Alexey Silichev Facebook: Silichev Alexey Twitter: Alexey Silichev + 31 6 55 39 26 15 + 31 438 52 23 79


visual communication • photography

to use this in my photography. For me it is an intimate journey, to meet new people, learn new things and change the way one understand things. I have learned a lot from the time I have started taking pictures in Germany all the way to my internship with Cornelie Tollens

Alexey Silichev

I was born in Usolie-Sibirskoe in Russia and most of young life I have been traveling around the world. I lived in Italy, Germany and in the Netherlands. By experiencing different cultures I have learned the importance of observation, it is essential and I am learning


not to apologize. To understand is not to forgive. ‘What is it inside me that everything ridiculous, crazy, idiotic and wild sparks a burst of love at first sight? Do these poor creatures understand, maybe, that I am one of them?’ Just like with Flaubert, throughout my own life, confused spirits have been approaching me. Of course it is partially me. I get intrigued quickly and can apparently listen endlessly to the most ridiculous claims, where others would have probably been long on their way, flabbergasted. But what memorable phrases have found a way into in my head, to stay there forever.

Contact Sanne Willemsen Flickr: Sanne Willemsen


visual communication • photography

For my thesis I am actively involved in the lives of three of these ‘disturbed and dangerous misfits’. In medical terms: a schizophrenic ex-hospital detainee with multiple addictions, a homeless addict, and someone with almost all conceivable disorders, who has been in various psychiatric hospitals and rehab clinics. I have a lot of fun with all three of these great people. I would, through autonomous photography, like to tell their stories and give them a voice, in order to create an insight behind the judgments and prejudices. Everything stems from something, every act or thought is the result of something else. To explain is

Sanne Willemsen

Equal opportunities for everyone and plenty of freedom to pave your own road to success. Those who work hardest and invest most will reap the greatest rewards: prosperity and wealth. And everyone who does not is a lazy and dirty profiteer, too stupid and lazy to do anything about it. Bunch of crazy misfits! And they are dangerous too. Talk like that thrives well these days, it seems. But I do not think that the increasing amount of suicides and the growing number of behavioural, psychological and personality disorders can be explained on the basis of the profiteering model as sketched above.


‘Hate the game, not the player!’

Homa Alavi Najafi 235

visual communication • video

Contact Homa Alavi Najafi


Evelyn Fey 237

visual communication • video

Contact Evelyn Fey


Charlotte Goetze

fascinating and I can never stay at one place for too long. This is why I would like to specialize in documentary filming. Documentaries give you the opportunity to work with real people, tell real stories while at the same time the medium film gives you space to play with the material and shape it artistically.


visual communication • video

My greatest enemy is routine. This is why I chose film: it is moving photography, includes a great deal of graphic design and sometimes even illustrational work. Film ensures it never gets boring. I love to experiment as much as I can, be it in genre, equipment or content. Traveling is my great passion, I find other cultures and languages

Contact Charlotte Goetze +49 16 38 65 98 42


atmosphere. You shout, no, you scream along to every song, sometimes just pretending to know the lyrics. But in that particular crowd, that is irrelevant. They do the same. A feeling of togetherness that just keeps you going and going. And then it happens: that one note that gives you goose bumps every time, hits you like a bomb. A bomb that makes time stand still for a while and that demolishes you for just a brief moment, all by yourself. One brief moment. That makes you feel cold even though you are in the middle of a massive crowd of sweating, dancing partygoers. One brief moment of ecstasy, of euphoria? My research plan. My own moment of euphoria. Or that is what I always thought. But the more I drown in my research, the more I doubt. What is euphoria? And what does it do to people? And it is the reward that your body gives to you after a fierce performance, an a-sexual orgasm?

Contact Niels Hermans Facebook: Niels Hermans 90 Vimeo: Niels Hermans +31 6 42 02 53 07


visual communication • video

your favourite artist will be performing soon, at a convenient location even! In a city that you could easily travel to. You cherish dear memories of this specific venue. A moment of ecstasy in itself: the thought about that one time that you were cycling somewhere in the very early morning, on a warm summer’s day that started at 6 in the morning. And yet, that song sent a cold shiver down your spine. A memory of when you proudly pinned the entrance ticket to your pin-board. Every day you check if it is still hanging there. Every morning you get up, hoping for that moment to reappear. On the way to the venue, nauseous as if you were a toddler, waiting for your first birthday present. Standing in the concert hall where it’s all going to happen. You look around and you see so many people who probably have the same motivations as you do. Going crazy on the sounds of that one artist. Wait, drink eagerly. The music and the beers provide the perfect

Niels Hermans

Deafening sounds, flashes of light that burn your retinae, heat that makes you choke, smoke that will literally take your breath away, but still: a lot of fun. For many people, a night of clubbing is a negative experience, but I would like to look at it from the opposite perspective. An evening with heavy beats, great visuals, hot moments on the dance floor and artificial smoke that, even just for a brief moment, give you the feeling that you are all alone in that crowded place. For me, it is not purely about the ‘moment supreme’, but also the time before and after! After a long quest, you have finally found the tune that you once heard as a remix. It was so cool it never slipped your mind. Now, you can at last enjoy this song through your own speakers. An artist that you and many others have never even heard of. You have played all available albums over and over and then you see somewhere that


‘The Edge ... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over’ — Hunter S. Thompson

project. Afterwards, I analysed what went wrong so I could understand the technique that I used wrongly and use it in a completely different setting. My motive is to seek challenges, to have something in mind and to entirely develop that concept in a technical framework. I believe that seeking challenges is a positive quality that makes me extend my boundaries. Where will I be in ten years? I would like for me to still be looking for innovations and techniques to further explore my possibilities. My name is Jules Heynen, but you will my work if you look for ‘Seyoch’.

Contact Jules Heynen Facebook: Jules Heynen


visual communication • video

2D and 3D software. I have extensively studied animation and managed to make it one of my strengths. Sometimes, seeing and seizing possibilities means taking a gamble. I am glad I managed to learn from my mistakes. In the process of making mistakes, you learn many different techniques that can afterwards be re-applied in various innovating opportunities. An example: I digitally recreated and old-fashioned video interference by figuring out exactly what used to cause these interferences. I implemented a technique that I accidentally discovered when making a mistake in another

Jules Heynen

Video, a study focus that was not only very educational and interesting, but also gave me insights into the possibilities of the medium. What fascinates me most is the conjunction of image, time and sounds that points the viewer in endless directions. To me, the most interesting and discipline-encouraging was the post-production side of video: refining colours, adding effects etc. During my education I was intrigued by animation design. A new world opened itself to me. Years ago I tried out animation programs, but a lack of knowledge held me back. Now, I am thoroughly motivated and have mastered


‘Architecture is the confluence of contradictions: where light and darkness meet each other where open and close coexist where inside and outside are connected to each other and where male and female are in harmony Where people live, diversity will always arise, but it is unity that harbours strength’

The world, society and the Netherlands are becoming increasingly multicultural. The Netherlands have always been a trading nation. This specific commercial characteristic has a natural connection with tolerance, diversity, freedom of expression and religion. It has always drawn many strangers to our country. Over the last couple of years, politicians have debated extensively about topics like integration, segregation, naturalisation, immigration and whether or not our multicultural society has failed. This social theme is the foundation of the graduation assignment that I have formulated: designing an accommodation for the five major religions in our country

(Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism) to converge. Due to the current changes in our society, I think that I must profile myself, as an architect, on a wider playing field and therefore outside my comfort zone. With my graduation assignment I have found a way to respond to a topical social debate while using my creativity to develop a whole new architectural concept. With ‘reduction’ as my prime guideline, I think I managed to undermine all interfering factors and create my design solely around the essence. Architecture, great in its simplicity and spaciousness, wholly woven into its surroundings.

Contact ing. Lonnie M.W Koken LinkedIn: Lonnie Koken


master of architecture

Based on my fascination for architecture I have, besides my dream of becoming an architect, always dreamt of once designing a ‘sacred space’. My graduation period was a perfect chance for me to realize this dream and get to the heart of the ‘architecture and religion’ theme: scale and measurement proportions, monumentality, natural illumination and the use of appropriate materials are the architectural elements that inspired me to create a space for people from different cultures, with different traditions and religious beliefs. A sacred meeting place where confrontation, respect and acceptation, reflection and consideration can simultaneously take place, through unity in diversity.

Lonnie M.W Koken

The intercultural Home | unity in diversity


MAISON de DISCOURS, LIÈGE ture as the ‘Place’ are analogous to the public, urban circulation. Place and architecture are primarily connected with the geological conditions in which the city of Liège enrolled during the ages of habitation. The level of the excavation of the pedestal or ‘stratum’, is deliberately analogue to that of the Romanesque, the founding epoch of Liège. This intervention has simultaneously a rhetorical intention - the project draws attention as an ‘Agens’ and is a homogeneous connection to the urban circuits and history of Liège. The project, their systematics are an ‘example’ of (good) practice for the attitude of re-establishing the importance and modus of ‘Bildung’ in our contemporary Epoch and the consideration of the content and strategy of the typology of the Library.

Contact Magalí Eising Facebook: Magalí Eising


master of interior architecture

temporary and for this cultural ‘ambiente’ appropriate intellectual ‘Production’; to become a vital impulse for a city in agony. Like the cinematographers, the Dardenne brothers did with their ‘narrative’ initiatives ‘Dérives’ (‘float off’ — the documentaries) and their fictional branch ‘Films du Fleuve’. The ‘Maison’ is conceptualized on the paradox of the Formal and the Informal; there will be a diverse ‘narrative programme’ in which also a specific collection of books, the Book as an undiminished attitude of ‘Bildung’ will be displayed, beside other ‘narrative practices’ and spaces, and in the hindsight of future, prosperous productions the Informal (labyrinthic) circuits, the ‘unintended’ encounters of participants, passers, are the core of the system; both the structure of the architec-

Magalí Eising

The graduation project ‘Maison de Discours’ aims on a rehabilitation, a re-enactment, of the German originated principle of ‘Bildung’ — education or culture — and is a proposal to redefine the understanding of its most prominent typology, the Library. The project is explicitly located in Liège, a city which, in one respect, during the last decades was radical deprived by the loss of her economic foundation, the coal and steel industry, but ‘au contraire’ still has the disposal of a striking intellectual potential and institutes. Precisely on this juxtaposition the project is ‘tailored’: the ambition of the Library, the ‘Maison de Discours’, is to initiate a process in which the intellectual potential of the city of Liège can be connected, cooperate and create an con-


‘The primordial separation of humanity into nomads and settlers results in two different ways of living in the world and therefore of thinking about space’

discovery and significance of the Dutch landscape. How did we start looking differently at our landscape and what caused this change in perspective? We, at some point, started loving our surroundings and expressed that love through, among other things, our garden. The garden is somewhat like a reflection of the landscape, a vision of a ‘settler’. In the anatomical model I started working as a ‘nomad’, contrary to the thesis. During my travels in the landscape of South Limburg, I collected, documented, determined and described many traces, such as insects, leaves, marl, clay

and water. They show how the landscape is structured and how it functions. Together they form the country where I come from. The research has led to the design of a road through the area, a path that pops up somewhere and disappears somewhere again. As soon as you walk this path, you will find yourself immersed in the world of the ‘nomad’, the traveller. The path shows the variation in the South Limburg landscape and leads along contrasts, traces of the past, culture and nature. It will bring the world of the ‘settler’ and ‘nomad’ closer together.

Contact Joep Esseling +31 6 30 61 26 94


master of interior architecture

In ‘Walkscapes: Walking as an aesthetic practice’ architecture critic Francesco Careri formulates the terms’ nomad’ and ‘settler’. On the one hand there is the ‘settler’, who settles in one place and lives off agriculture. By taming nature he builds a new world and is regarded as the architect of the universe, the designer of his ‘space of being’. On the other hand there is the ‘nomad’, someone who is always on the road, living like a shepherd with lots of spare time to think things over. He is also called the non-architect, the designer of the ‘space of going’. In my project I researched the

Joep Esseling

About a landscape, a journey and a path


‘My name is Rick. In my work I examine the relationship between people and buildings, which I answer in the boundaries of architecture such as art, history, literature and psychology’

provide content to a building: context and perspective. But how do we define and appreciate a memory, especially because we are often dealing with abstract and fragmented remnants? And how do we show what happens when a

memory distorts or even disappears? ‘The demented house’ is an investigation into the (architectural) memories, and their influence on the perception of a building.


master of interior architecture

Each building is a collection of memories. Memories present in the architecture itself, but also in texts, drawings, photographs and in the memory of (former) residents. These memories are important because they provide a link to the past and thus

Rick van der Linden

The demented house

Contact Rick van der Linden


Joey Rademakers

‘When is living?’ Was the question I asked myself almost two years ago. Not to get an answer, but to explore, investigate, fathom, think over and get lost in this fundamental theme within architecture.


master of interior architecture

Contact Joey Rademakers +31 6 13 15 30 06


THE PRESENCE of ABSENCE/ THE FERTILITY of VACANCY Unveiling the identities, specific phenomenon of impotent industrial constructs to initiate a detached attitude of Realism; Identity here must be understood as a transformation that leaves the object unchanged, unveils its essential tectonics and causes a displacement in perception, ultimate change in introspection. The buildings, in their rudimentary presence, their vacancy or absence are the ‘Operandum’ in these processes. The solitude of the abandoned constructs and their immediate emplacement or environment operates as ‘Sanctuarium’, like an installation and/or as a philosophical, sudden ‘momentum’? Due to autobiographical data, the project researches the divergent attitudes in industrial heritage preservation between West and East Europe.

Contact Raimonda Guobyte Behance: Raimonda Guobyte +31 6 48 15 35 18


master of interior architecture

product, process, placement. The project about absence/ vacancy aims the autonomous, phenomenological capacities, the Agencies of a selective group of former industrial constructs which, when intervened by explicit formulation of characteristics, identities, put into effect an awareness of ‘unclosedness’, ‘unconcealedness’ [Aletheia]; by distancing — a phenomenological precondition — causing a heightened awareness of attentiveness. Finally it is a plea for a ‘permanent vacancy’. Perhaps for melancholic artifacts and inertia is the endurance implicit to this strategy. In this context these constructs are used as installations, the unfolding of the human capacity to enforce and deepened awareness of the identity; a consciousness of the ‘Where I am’ triggers a notion of the ‘What I am’.

Raimonda Guobyte

The ‘Fertile Void’, a terminology in Gestalt psychology, could be an appropriate point of departure in this project. An awe attitude of releasement or distraction is the effect that is sought out in the presence of the departed industrial complexes, which in our contemporary epoch often are considered as valuable relicts of the recent heritage. The contemporary attitude of preservation, praiseworthy in the first instance, is debatable: often the appearance of the object is the value, while the process is the essence; predominantly in consideration is the (commercial) re-use of the construct; there are hardly any criteria for conservation and, in certain area’s worldwide — a vast pool of industrial remains. What are parameters for destruction, euthanasia? This project started with a research on typology with axioms as


Eric Crins 263

master of scientific illustration

Contact Eric Crins


My motivation for becoming a scientific illustrator? Acquiring a more in-depth knowledge concerning the human and animal body shape and the visualization possibilities of medical/scientific objects and techniques.

Contact Libuse Markvart Mijehof 233 1106 HG Amsterdam 020-6974143


master of scientific illustration

Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. For a long time, I worked as a lecturer at the new teachers education in Tilburg. Besides my work as an independent artist and illustrator I started studying again, this time at the PSCI Maastricht.

Libuse Markvart

After finishing my secondary applied arts school in Prague (my curriculum was Theatre), I then attended a few art academies in the Netherlands. The Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht and the

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Malte Axler architecture

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Linda Robben architecture

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Astrid Mingels fine arts

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Lisa van de Waterlaat lecturer of fine arts and design

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Lonnie M.W Koken master of architecture

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Raimonda Guobyte master of interior architecture


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Rick van der Linden master of interior architecture

Joey Rademakers master of interior architecture

Eric Crins master of scientific illustration


Liba Markvart master of scientific illustration

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Colophon Published by ABKM, Maastricht 2013 Supervision Stefano Falco (project coรถrdinator) Student team Swen van der Sangen (graphic design) Dirk Zwaneveld (graphic design) Suzanne Janssen (graphic design) Photography Swen van der Sangen Dirk Zwaneveld Suzanne Janssen Archive ABKM Portrait photography Marcella Coppen Laura Geradts Special thanks Verena Lukas Translator UrgentVertalen Printed by Andi Druk

No portion of this book, may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without the written permission of the publisher.

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Graduation Publication 2013 Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design (the Netherlands)

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