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11| The following persons have been designated to handle inquiries regarding discrimination: Wendy Jones, SPHR Chief Human Resources Coordinator (Title IX Coordinator) Hardin Administration Building, Rm 213D ACU Box 29106 Abilene, TX 79699-9106 (325)-674-2903 J. Scott Self Director of University Access Programs (Section 504/ADA Coordinator) University Access Programs Hardin Administration Building, Rm 314 (325)-674-2699 Slade Sullivan, J.D. Vice President and General Counsel Hardin Administration Building, Rm 111 ACU Box 29125 Abilene, TX 79699-9125 (325)-674-2485 Whistleblower Policy Abilene Christian University proactively promotes legal and policy compliance by encouraging all members of the ACU community to report any financial improprieties, illegal practices or policy violations committed by university employees or agents and to protect from retaliation those who make such good-faith reports. This policy applies to members of the Board of Trustees, officers, faculty, staff, student employees, and volunteers. Members of the ACU community have the responsibility to report suspected violations either anonymously at or 325-674-2594, or to the appropriate university representative as outlined in the complete ACU Whistleblower Policy ( .html). For more information about Legal Notices, contact: Slade Sullivan, Vice President and General Counsel • ACU Box 29125 325-674-2485 •

Student Programs and Support Resources and Services Alpha Scholars Program J. Scott Self, Director, ADA Compliance Officer ACU Box 29204; Abilene, Texas 79699-9204 Hardin Administration Building, Room 314 Phone: 325-674-2667 Email: The Alpha Scholars Program is the university’s Disability Support Services (DSS). Alpha offers assistance with academic accommodations to students with documented disabilities. Alpha students receive assessment of their individual learning styles and study habits and assistance in adapting study strategies to their unique learning characteristics. Qualifications are based on disability documentation and/or a history of limitations to daily life activities. Disability documentation must be current (within 5 years) and include assessment data. These services are provided at no additional cost to the student. Disability Appeals Processes In situations where a student does not agree with a decision made in light of a disability, there are specific processes that apply. For appeals that are not directly related to disability (change of grade, exceptions to university policy, etc.), the student should refer to the Abilene Christian University Student Handbook. A. Determination of Accommodations The ADA and other regulations require the university to consider requests for accommodation related to disability on a case-by-case basis. If a student requests an accommodation that is not approved, and wishes to appeal that decision, the student (not the parent) may appeal in the following order: •

Ask the compliance officer to reconsider – any additional documentation supporting the request should be submitted, along with additional information related to performance, precedent, and conditions relating to the disability.

Ask for a review by committee – the disabilities compliance officer will convene an ad hoc committee to review all pertinent documentation and review the request for accommodations.

Ask for a review by the Provost’s Office – the disabilities compliance officer will forward all documentation related to the student’s disability and the review committee findings to the Provost’s Office, where the final decision will be made.

B. Appropriate Delivery of Accommodations If a student believes that an accommodation is not being delivered in an effective manner, the student may wish to appeal the delivery of the accommodation. The student (not the parent) may appeal in the following order: •

Discuss failure of delivery with faculty teaching the course – the most common way these conflicts are managed is with this first step.

Contact the Disabilities Coordinator – the coordinator will work with the student to try to find a more effective delivery of the requested accommodation.

Notify the Disabilities Compliance Officer - the compliance officer will determine whether there has been a failure to

2016-17 Catalog  
2016-17 Catalog