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Friday, 21 June, 2013






SHABAN 11 1434

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N NEWS Friday, 21 June, 2013

PAkistAn biggest host for refugees: unhCr ISLAMABAD APP

Pakistan hosts the largest number of refugees - about 1.6 million- according to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). The total population of concern added up to almost 2.5 million at the end of 2012. Refugees, according to the UNHCR definition, include individuals granted complementary forms of protection or those enjoying temporary protection. The refugee population also includes people in a refugee-like situation. Pakistan hosts the largest number of refugees in the world comprising mostly Afghans who settled on Pakistani territory and lived on a hand-tomouth earning basis. The figure saw a drop as the US-led invasion into Afghanistan began but return rates have stabilised since then. The UNHCR has been assisting in the return of these refugees through cash donations going up to $157 per person but many are not ready to leave in the near future. According to the report called Displaced Persons in the 21st Century, Pakistan hosted the largest number of refugees in relation to its economic capacity. The number of asylum claims lodged in Pakistan came up to 4,000, while Kenya (the second biggest refugee base in the world) saw some 20,000 claims.

PM, sPy Chief vow to uProot terrorisM ISLAMABAD ONLINE

Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Director General (DG) Lt Gen Zahirul Islam called on Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif on Thursday and both reaffirmed their commitment to mobilising all resources to curb the scourge of terrorism. According to statements, Islam and Sharif exchanged views on a set of issues including terrorism, regional stability, challenges facing national security and other matters of national interest. They also discussed the law and order situation in Karachi and expressed sorrow over loss of life in terror related incidents at Quetta and Mardan. The ISI chief also briefed the premier on the performance of his institution.

haqqanis to join omar’s taliban in us peace talks ISLAMABAD



S the US plans to hold formal peace talks with the Mullah Omar-led Taliban in the next few days, another very powerful insurgent group, the Haqqani network, will also sit across the negotiations table alongside the Afghan Taliban, a significant development that brightens the chances for peace and stability in the wartorn neighbouring state of Afghanistan. The representatives of Sirajuddin Haqqani-led Haqqani network have already participated in some past preliminary discussions between the US and Taliban in Doha, Qatar. These preliminary discussions were held with intervals for some months before they were suspended early last year. One of the Haqqanis’ representatives was said to be a close relative of Siraj Haqqani, son of former Afghan Mujahideen commander, Jalaluddin Haqqani, who had founded the Haqqani network and later announced allegiance to Mullah Omar. The US officials, for the last couple of days, have been expressing hope about the participation of Haqqanis in Doha talks after the opening of the Taliban office in the Qatari capital but

File photo

diplomatic sources in the Pakistani capital said important aspect of peace talks on future of Afghanistan had already been taken care of and now the Haqqani network’s representatives would also take part in peace negotiations whenever they take place. “Haqqanis have never distanced themselves from the Mullah Omar-led Taliban and they have always said that they would follow the word and command

of the Taliban supreme commander (Mullah Omar). As for Doha talks, the Haqqani network’s negotiators will also be there, there is all likelihood of that,” a source seeking anonymity said. Meanwhile, the sources said US officials were trying their best to impress upon Afghan President Hamid Karzai to withdraw his announcement about the boycott of Doha talks and suspension of security agreement talks with the United

Kayani says army to stay in Waziristan to ensure peace SOUTH WAZIRISTAN


President Asif Ali Zardari on Thursday visited Benazir Bhutto’s grave on the eve of her birth anniversary and laid a floral wreath as PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari urged the PPP to reiterate its commitment to the democratic values Benazir had fought for all her life. President Zardari was accompanied by his

AfghAnistAn urges PAkistAn to free tAlibAn leAders



Pakistan Army will stay in Waziristan till complete peace is restored in the region. According to a Radio Pakistan report, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Kayani said, “The army is engaged in the area to bring peace and provide protection to the people so that they could live peacefully.” Kayani was speaking during the inauguration ceremony of 50-kilometre-long road from Wana to Angoor Adda. The army chief further said that due to the efforts of the army, the operation against terrorists was completed within a month. He went on to appeal to the people of the area to return to their homes and resume their life. General Kayani added that the government was working on a plan to


ensure development of the area by providing civic amenities to the people and con-

struction of roads to link the area with the rest of the country.

President visits Benazir’s grave on her birth anniversary GARHI KHUDA BUKHSH/KARACHI

States. President Karzai made that announcement after protesting over the title of ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ that the Taliban opted for as their newlyopened office’s name in Doha and also the flag that was hoisted at that building. The sources, however, said President Karzai was actually perturbed over the proposed direct talks for peace between the US officials and Taliban representatives and he (Karzai) feared that eventually he would be left alone and out of the whole process. A diplomatic source said Pakistan, which played a key role in the opening of the Taliban office in Doha and also the agreement between Washington and the Taliban for peace dialogue, was likely to set free some more Taliban prisoners in the days to come to facilitate the Afghanistan reconciliation process. However, the source said the fate of the detained Taliban leader, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who is Mullah Omar’s deputy, was hanging in the balance. “The decision on Baradar has yet to be made by Islamabad,” he said. The source said the US was also against the release of Baradar at the current stage and in case Pakistan decided to let him go, the US would like to have a pre-notification about his release from the prison.

younger daughter Aseefa Bhutto Zardari. He also visited the graves of the PPP founder, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Nusrat Bhutto, Murtaza Bhutto and Shahnawaz Bhutto. Meanwhile, addressing party workers on the eve of his mother’s birth anniversary, PPP Chairman Bilawal called upon them to reiterate their commitment to the democratic values Benazir had stood and fought for all her life.

He reminded them that his mother’s birthday celebrations this year coincided with yet another triumph of democracy and that was the nation witnessing for the first time ever, a peaceful, legal democratic transition in the country. “We are proud that a dream of her has come true,” Bilawal said, adding, “ It was a measure of her commitment to democratic ideals that she decided to pursue the path of democratic struggle

when party mandate was stolen was limited to only seventeen members in National Assembly.” “She strengthened parliament through active participation and refused to listen to those who wanted her to reject the Parliament and adopt the path of agitation,” he said. Bilawal said treading in her footsteps, the party would play an active role as the opposition.

Afghanistan Foreign Ministry on Thursday urged the government of Pakistan to free Taliban detainees from Pakistani jails. The foreign ministry, following a statement, said freedom of Taliban detainees from Pakistan’s jails was crucial to the government of Afghanistan’s peace negotiation efforts with the Taliban group, according to Afghan media reports. The statement added that all Taliban leaders were based in Pakistan, and Islamabad should assist the government of Afghanistan in the freedom and return of these members. The statement went on to say that at this critical juncture, Pakistan should take practical steps for success of the Afghan peace process, and prove to the world that it is truly supporting peace talks. The statement comes in the backdrop of Islamabad welcoming opening of the Taliban political office in Qatar. The office was opened in Qatar’s capital Doha on Tuesday, however the government of Afghanistan had issues with Taliban naming the office ‘Taliban’s Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ and boycotted peace talks with the Taliban group.

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Friday, 21 June, 2013




VIPS to loSe SecurIty coVer!

uk police search Altaf’s house for 55 hours LONDON



The government has decided that deployment of Rangers and FC as part of the VIP protocols would be withdrawn. However, they would continue to serve the president, the prime minister and the chief justice. In a press conference, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan said a high-level meeting that deliberated on the law and order situation had finalised priorities to improve security across the country. The interior minister said that security affairs were discussed with the heads of security agencies and relevant departments during the meeting. He said that the government would soon announce the new national security policy. He further said a task force would be constituted for enhancing coordination among security agencies and between security and intelligence agencies while another task force would also be formed on missing persons issue. In the next three months, Islamabad police stations would be computerised and brought under a central command which would help to share registered FIRs across the network, Nisar said. It is relevant to note here that sitting IGP Bani Amin, DIG Sultan Azam Taimuri, SSP Traffic Dr Moeen Masood, SSP Headquarters Sajid Kiani, SSP Security Mir Vaiz have been serving in Islamabad police at least for the last five years. Even, SSP Traffic Dr Moeen Masood three time managed to get his transfer orders to Balochistan cancelled. The interior minister also announced to launch a grand operation against non-registered vehicles and underage drivers in next three days, saying that action would be taken against law violators. “We have to bring spoilt children on the right track,” Nisar said referring to the youth who loiter outside public places in the capital. Traffic laws will be strictly observed initially on three major roads of Islamabad in the first phase and later the strict observation would be unfolded onto other roads. A mass transit metro bus program from Rawalpindi to Islamabad would be formulated on an urgent basis, he said. He added that a flyover from Bara-Kahu will be constructed as a joint project between Islamabad and the Punjab government, Nisar said. The interior minister said a list of “most notorious” officials of Islamabad Capital Territory and Capital Development Authority would be prepared and they would be sidelined. Computerisation of the land record will also take place. “I have been told this will take one year but I have directed to complete it in next six months,” Nisar said. All barriers in Islamabad would be removed while toll plazas would also be shut in the federal capital. Rescue 1122 would be established, he added.


N connection with Dr Imran Farooq’s murder investigation, the British Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command Unit on Thursday concluded a 55-hour search in two North West London “residential addresses” – one of them belonging to Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain, reported a private TV channel. The New Scotland Yard, which raided the houses on Tuesday, ransacked both the apartments during the painstaking search. According to sources, Altaf is the proprietor of one of the two houses, which the police combed for more than two days leaving no stone unturned. Dr Farooq, the former convener of the MQM, was stabbed to death outside

File photo

his home on September 16, 2010 as he was returning home. It has been learnt that the raid started on Tuesday, June 19 at around 6am at

two important addresses in the area close to where Dr Farooq was killed in Edgware, London. When approached, a spokesman of

PTI lawmaker stirs controversy in NA by seeking Qadri’s release ISLAMABAD TAyyAb HUSSAIN

A lawmaker of the Pakistan Tehreeke-Insaf (PTI) triggered a new controversy in the Lower House of parliament on Thursday by demanding an “honourable release” for Mumtaz Qadri, the assassin of former Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer evoking a fiery response from the Pakistan People’s Party with its legislator, Nafeesa Shah denouncing it. However, senior PTI leader Dr Arif Alvi intervened and distanced his party from the irresponsible statement made by one of the members of his party, Mujahid Ali, saying that it was Ali’s personal view and not the party’s official stance. Moreover, eyebrows were raised within the PML-N as two treasury members, Ijazul Haq and Raza Hayat Hiraj, confronted the allegations made the other day by none other than the interior minister, Nisar Ali Khan, against the top intelligence

agency of the country, the ISI, for its involvement in the Quetta blast. Both lawmakers said accusing agencies was not right as it was "our army" and not that of India or any other state. The lawmakers from both sides of the political divide expressed their views on the Finance Bill 2013-14 as Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar is likely to make his concluding speech on the budget today (Friday), which would be followed by voting for the passage of the bill. With a strong muscle, the PML-N and its allied parties are likely to get the finance bill passed in the next week. BUDGET DEBATE: Taking part in the budget discussions, PTI President Javed Hashmi said the finance bill offered nothing to the poor of the country while the government through the budget had given a clear message that feudals were free to go scot-free while the poor would have to bear the expenditures of the government. He said it was very unfor-

tunate that the government had virtually turned the direction of the taxes from the rich to the poor. "No taxes are being levied on sugar mills, textile mill owners and feudals. The government has once again opted to go to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), hence, picking up the begging bowl which it claims to have broken a decade ago," Hashmi said. He demanded Islamabad be made a separate provinces to properly manage the affairs of the metropolitan with two million population as the Capital Development Authority (CDA) alone could not manage such a large city. PML-Zia chief Ejazul Haq said the country was facing of terrorism and energy crisis and anti-state elements were hatching conspiracies to destabilise Pakistan. “India has set up 14 consulates in Afghanistan where agents of RAW, Mossad and CIA are active against Pakistan,” he claimed.

Sri Sri to make global pitch for peace on FaceBook BANGALORE PRESS RELEASE

This is undoubtedly going to be a page with no Unlike button! As the founder of The Art of Living, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar spiritualizes Facebook by turning it into a tool of meaningful dialogue for transformation, it will be 'liked' by over a million people across the globe both online and offline. Mark the page of this electrifying event aimed at promoting his vision of creating a violence-free, stressfree society. The Face2Face event on Facebook with Sri Sri goes live 7.30pm to 9pm on June 23. The idea is to make a global connection of responsible citizens, mainly youth who are willing to do their bit for peace and harmony. This is not the first time that Sri Sri is using social media networks to share and spread his vision for a “One World Family”. On January 26 this year, he used the platform of Google HangOut to reach out to millions across the globe with his call for volunteering for a better society. The

electrifying event described as one of biggest online gatherings drew civil society members, artists, sportsmen, journalists, policy makers from countries like Oman, Taiwan, Paraguay, Zimbabwe, Slovenia, USA, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Argentina, Israel, India and Pakistan. “Technology has shrunk the

world into a global village and spirituality will turn it into a global family,” Sri Sri often says highlighting the synergy between technology and spirituality. Sri Sri is now making it happen by providing people in the technological space with a platform to participate in the spiritual pursuit of building a stress-free and violence-free world. “If we can get rid of the stress and anxiety, then the dream of a one world family is not far away,” he had remarked during the Google Hangout event. "Social media such as Facebook are a very effective medium for connecting with youth of today. The efficacy of such medium will be enhanced when it's used by influential people like Sri Sri to energizethem for a good cause. Youth all over the world are restless to make their voices heard and do something to better the world. But often their energy ebbs, as there is no sense of direction. This Facebook event will help them find their own ways and means to contribute in building a better society. It will make them feel empowered," explained Uzair Khan,

Media Rep, The Art of Living. During the Facebook event, Sri Sri will answer questions from diverse topics of interest. The event will have four segments -- Sri Sri's personal life, Success and Creativity, Global Issues and Love and Relationships. Each segment will be peppered with interesting anecdotes, cartoon strips, video clips, etc. The event will also include an online-guidedmediation, whichis expected to be joined in by over 1 million people worldwide. Participants can post their questions on the event page in Facebook, on the Art of Living website, or on Twitter with the hashtag #Ask SriSri. The best questions will be selected and grouped by a panel based on an online poll for the questions. The selected questions will be posed to Sri Sri by a host on behalf of the questioner during the event and there will be multiple moderators from around the world. The event can be viewed (like a webcast) on SriSri's Facebook page. For more details: log onto

the Metropolitan Police confirmed that officers from the MPS Counter Terrorism Command, “executed search warrants at two residential addresses in north-west London as part of the continuing investigation into the murder of Dr Imran Farooq on September 16, 2010”. There have been many searches but no arrests have been made as yet. The UK Police are investing Dr Farooq’s murder on several lines, including one strong line of investigation that he was in discussions with his colleagues and members of the public to start his own independent political career. The raid in London at two important addresses was seen as highly important as Dr Farooq’s third death anniversary approaches. These searches were carried out under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE).

PM APProves negotiAtions with ttP: fo ISLAMABAD ONLINE

The Foreign Office has said that the prime Minister has announced holding talks with the Tehreek–e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Foreign Office spokesman Aizaz Chaudhry said in his weekly briefing that Pakistan facilitated the US and its allies for opening the Taliban office in Doha, as Pakistan considered it a continuation of the reconciliatory process. He excused from giving details about the terms and conditions of the opening of Taliban office, saying he was unaware about the terms. Aizaz clarified that no untoward incident occurred in the meeting between special adviser to the PM and charge d’ Affairs of American embassy. He reminded that Pakistan always asserted holding dialogue with all factions for sustainable peace and to end the war in Afghanistan. The spokesman added that peace in Afghanistan was in the interest of all, adding that Pakistan was busy in talks with the US and Afghanistan at different levels. He said Pakistan had released 26 Taliban prisoners on the request of Afghan Peace Loya Jirga in the past. To a query, he said if America “can talk to the Afghan Taliban, why can Pakistan not talk to the TTP”. The spokesman added that US officials had told Pakistani authorities the reason for cancelling Us Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to Pakistan and the reason was the prevailing situation in the Middle East.

sC reserves verdiCt in Pol gst suo Motu CAse ISLAMABAD NNI

The Supreme Court on Thursday reserved its verdict in a suo motu case pertaining to the imposition of general sales tax (GST) on petroleum products without parliament’s approval. A three-member SC bench, led by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, had been hearing the case in which the attorney general of Pakistan and chiefs of the FBR and OGRA had submitted their replies. The bench reserved its verdict which is likely to be announced today (Friday). The CJP observed that the tax collected from the masses sans parliament’s approval was illegal which should be returned to the people. “It’s a legal requirement which must be fulfilled,” he said.

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04 N

NEWS Friday, 21 June, 2013

Pakistan, Afghanistan trade accusations at UN over extremist havens UNITED NATIONS AGENCIES

Afghanistan and Pakistan traded accusations in the UN Security Council on Thursday over the whereabouts of extremists on their porous border as the United Nations described increased tensions between the neighbours as “unfortunate and dangerous.” Afghanistan’s UN envoy, Zahir Tanin, told a council debate on the situation in Afghanistan that “terrorist sanctuaries continue to exist on Pakistan’s soil and some elements continue to use terrorism as an instrument of foreign policy.” Pakistan’s UN ambassador, Masood Khan, said “terrorists operate on both sides of the porous border” and that many attacks against Pakistan were planned on Afghan soil. He said aggressive policing and border surveillance were needed. “We must not allow terrorists to manipulate and divide the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan,” Khan told the council. He told Reuters in an interview afterward that Tanin had been “ill-advised” to raise the border issues at the Security Council as Kabul and Islamabad were already talking through other channels. Khan blamed Afghan President Hamid Karzai for stoking tensions. “When President Karzai meets our leadership he’s most gracious, engaging, he’s a statesman, but when he talks to the media he says things which inflame sentiment and that’s most unhelpful and destabilising,” Khan said.

“We have given very restrained responses.” Pakistan’s military played a key role in convincing Afghan Taliban leaders to hold talks with the United States, US and Pakistani officials said, although Afghan anger at fanfare over the opening of the Taliban’s Qatar office this week has since delayed preliminary discussions. “We were talking to multiple interlocutors behind the scenes and we have been asking them to participate in these talks, (telling them) that we think the war should come to an end,” Khan told Reuters. ‘SUCCEED OR FAIL TOGETHER’: US-backed Afghan forces toppled the Taliban in late 2001 for refusing to hand over al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States. Pakistan helped the Taliban take power in Afghanistan in the 1990s and is facing a Taliban insurgency itself. The Pakistani Taliban, known as the Tehreeke-Taliban, is a separate entity from the Afghan Taliban, though allied with them. “Stability and sanctity of Pakistan-Afghanistan border is a shared responsibility. Robust deployment of Pakistani troops on our side is meant to interdict terrorists and criminals,” Khan told the council. “This must be matched from the other side.” A spate of cross-border shelling incidents by the Pakistani military, who said they were targeting Taliban insurgents, has killed dozens of Afghan civilians in the past couple of years.

‘Parliament to be taken into confidence over talks with taliban’ ISLAMABAD ONLINE


EADER of the House Raja Zafarul Haq has said that Pakistan welcomed the dialogue between Taliban and the US in Doha and parliament would be taken into confidence regarding talks with the Taliban. Responding to a point of order raised by Raza Rabbani and others regarding Pakistan’s status in the dialogue‚ Haq said parliament would be taken into confidence on any development in this regard. He said Pakistan had always been a part of the consultations and would also have a role in the current process. The House also resumed discussion on the motion moved by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar to make recommendations to the National Assembly on the Finance Bill‚ 2013-14.

Initiating the debate‚ Farah Aqil said the steps, including programmes for the youth and enhancement in HEC funds, were worth appreciation. He proposed that more funds must be allocated for Balochistan to improve law and order situation in the province. Mohsin Leghari appreciated fifty percent increase in the Public Sector Development Programme but the extra burden on the taxpayers and one percent increase in the GST was unfair. Saleem H Mandviwala said ten percent increase in the salaries of the government employees did not meet inflationary trends. He also criticised the thirty percent cut in the expenditure of the ministries and said this would result in the collapse of the ministries. He proposed the minimum wages must be fixed at Rs 12,000.

Haji Ghulam Ali criticised the increase in the GST and said it would result in inflation in the country. He proposed that FATA must be exempted from taxes to initiate industrial activities there. Naseema Ehsan said twenty-five billion rupees had been allocated for Pay and Pension Reforms, but no relief had been provided to the government employees from the allocation. She said services tax was the prerogative of the provinces and imposition of the services tax by the federal government was against the constitution. Mukhtar Ahmad Dhamrah described the budget as antipoor and pro-investor and said no relief had been provided to the common man in the budget. He said overseas Pakistanis were contributing a lot, but no measures had been taken to provide relief to them. Muhammad Zafarullah

8 senators debate budget: FAFEN iSlAMABAD: As many as eight senators took part in the debate on budget during the seventh sitting of the 95th session on Thursday. According to a fact sheet by the Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN), starting 32 minutes late, the sitting lasted two hours and 23 minutes. Three senators of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and one each of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) Baloch National Party (BNP), Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUIF) and Awami National Party (ANP) along with an independent senator debated budget. The Standing Committee on Defence and Defence Production presented its report before the House. The chairman chaired the entire sitting. Nine senators were present at the outset while 15 were there when the sitting adjourned. A maximum of 32 senators were present at one point of sitting. STAFF REPORT

Khan said the government had presented a balanced budget in a difficult time. He said a number of steps had been taken for the uplift of the common man, including allocations for education‚ health and agriculture sectors. He said the decision to

clear circular debt in two months would help to meet the energy crisis and speed up development activities in the country. Dr Saeeda Iqbal proposed that allocations must be made for the special education and Pakistan Sweet Homes.

British Pakistani James Caan in trouble over ‘awarding work on merit’ PAf ready to He named himself after The Godfather. Born Nazim Khan in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1960, the former Dragons’ Den panellist and the British government’s newly appointed social mobility tsar decided to change his name after watching Hollywood star James Caan play Sonny Corleone in the acclaimed film. Just hours after he was announced as the face of the government’s Opening Doors campaign to pressure big business into awarding work opportunities on merit – not nepotism – it emerged that his younger daughter Hanah, 25, has worked for Caan’s companies almost since the day she left university.

Her LinkedIn profile shows she has worked as an “adviser” to his Hamilton Bradshaw private equity firm since 2009, when she graduated from the London School of Economics. She is also a trustee of his James Caan Foundation charity, and an adviser to the Start-up Loans Company, a governmentbacked organisation chaired by her father. Caan’s elder daughter, Jemma-Lia, works for a recruitment company in which Caan holds an investment. In damage-limitation mode on Wednesday, Caan appeared on the Today programme – 24 hours after he went on to promote the social mobility pro-

gramme – to defend himself against charges of nepotism and hypocrisy. His pitch might have struggled to get past fellow dragons. He said Jemma-Lia “spent four years pursuing many jobs to establish herself on her own career path” before joining the company linked to him six months ago, and said she still had to go through a “rigorous recruitment process”. Caan tried to explain that Hanah had done “four years of internships” before she landed a job at the family firm, but he was forced to concede that those internships were at his companies. MONITORING DESK

face all kinds of challenges: air chief


The regional environment demands an ever vigilant role for the PAF and in the face of the present security challenges, Pakistan’s preparedness and response has to be precise and expeditious, Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt said on Thursday. Addressing the closing ceremony of the PAF Triennial Command level Air Exercise Saffron Bandit at an operational Air Base, he said it was through the rigorous training imparted by exercises like Saffron Bandit that the PAF looks forward to maintaining the cutting edge of the force. “We are a peace-loving nation but fully prepared to defend the integrity and solidarity of our motherland,” the air chief said. The eight months long Exercise Saffron Bandit commenced in October, 2012 and is conducted in PAF since 1994. This time, the environment was unique where modern capabilities of PAF were operating under one umbrella for the first time. The Pakistan Army Aviation and Army Air Defence were also deployed for undertaking the exercise. The prime objective of the exercise was to excel in the air combat capability with focus on Air Power employment in any future conflict.

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k nine More lose The Peoples Youth Organisation (PYO) will observe the birth anniversary of ex-prime minister Benazir Bhutto at Peoples Secretariat

KARACHI Friday, 21 June, 2013

WeAther UpdAteS

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lives in city unrest

Sunrise Zuhr Asr Maghrib Isha 5:41 12:32 3:53 7:21 8:50

world bAnk teAM CAlls on Cs KARACHI: A 13-member World Bank Governance Reform Mission led by senior governance specialist Sher Shah called on Chief Secretary Muhammad Ijaz Chaudhry to discuss the matters pertaining to the sindh revenue board (SRB), excise and taxation department and PPP (public-private partnership). Welcoming the delegates, Choudhry noted that institutional arrangements were very much essential for the result-oriented services. He emphasised that bi-monthly meetings should be conducted regularly to review the follow-up and continuity. The mission referred its meeting with the Sindh governor and highlighted numerous reform options with organisations in the Sindh government. The entities initiated as reform process with the specific reference to necessary technical advice and capacity building were also discussed. Secretaries of Excise & Taxation, Social Welfare, Finance, Member Board of Revenue and MD SPPRA, briefed about relevant affairs including tax concepts, social values, financial aspects, computerisation of land records and SPPRA (Sindh Public Procurement Regularly Authority) structure. Public-private partnership necessities were also pointed out on this occasion. The chief secretary maintained that system mechanism, resource mobilisation, management values and coordinated efforts must be evolved for sufficient governance. He assured that every possible effort would be undertaken for adequate achievement of the task. The mission chief expressed satisfaction over the discussion. STAFF REPORT



T least nine people, including a woman, were killed in different incidents across Karachi. A man was gunned down in Mauripur. At the same time, a four-day old body was recovered from a house located in Lines Area. Another limb-tied body was found from Mewa Shah Cemetery. Furthermore, a school van came under drive-by shooting by assailants in Karachi’s sector 5C-2. The van’s driver 35-year-old Imran was killed in the gun assault. However, the school children escaped unhurt in the attack. Two more bodies with torture marks were found one each from Juna Market and Mauripur. Moreover, two youths heading for picnic were abducted at National Highway in the limit of Malir City Police Station. A little later, Raja Pervez’s body with torture marks was found from nearby village and the other abductee was in critical state. A man was shot dead in Bhittai Colony, Korangi. The body of a woman who seemed to have been tortured was

will igP ever look At suCh CoMPlAints? COMPLAINT BOX FIXED OUTSIDE CENTRAL POLICE OFFICE KARACHI: A complaint box has been installed outside the central police office (CPO) here, a spokesman of police announced on Thursday. He said this had been done on the directive of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Shahid Nadeem Baloch. The very purpose is to invite and address complaints regarding delay in registration of the First Information Report (FIR), behaviour of police personnel, misuse of power, any biased approach in interrogation, and identification of alleged black sheep in the police as well as about the difficulties being faced by the people. Such complaint boxes would also be installed outside the offices of the DIGs, SSPs and SPs within next 24 hours. A scrutiny committee to be headed by the AIG Operations Sindh would process these complaints and steps would be taken for a decision within two days. The monthly reports of the scrutiny committees concerned would also be sent to the IGP, it was further stated. APP found from a house in Surjani Town’s Khuda Ki Basti. Police registered cases of the incidents and started investigations. 64 HELD DURInG LAST 24 HOURS: The Karachi police in their drive against criminals arrested 64 accused from different areas of the metropolis during the past 24 hours.

A police statement on Thursday said that those arrested include 26 absconders allegedly involved in cases of dacoity and other crimes. It said that 19 weapons of different calibres were also recovered from those arrested. Action was also initiated against eight persons for violating ban on pillion riding.

five Ministers get Portfolios KARACHI: Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has finally allocated the much-awaited portfolios to the members of Sindh provincial assembly. According to an official statement issued on Thursday, Nisar Ahmed Khuhro has been conferred with the portfolio of education and literacy. Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani has got the ministry of works and services, Manzoor Hussain Wassan secured prison, mines and mineral development, Makhdoom Jamil-uzZaman was allotted revenue (excluding land utilization), relief, rehabilitation, and Ali Nawaz Khan Mahar has got the ministry of agriculture. The chief minister is yet to assign major portfolios like home, finance and local government. In a recent statement, Nisar Khuhro had said that the Sindh cabinet would comprise 19 members in the wake of 18 Amendment that bars the federal and provincial governments from fiscal year 2013-14 to keep the size of their cabinet proportionate to the size of provincial and federal legislatures - 11 percent. The MQM’s decision, which remained a coalition partner of the then ruling PPP in center and Sindh, whether or not to join the Sindh government would decide the fate of other ministries in the days to come. The MQM has long been pursuing the ministries of home and local government, but during the last five years the PPP had kept the two ministries with it. So far the chief minister himself is taking care of the home department while the finance ministers is being, practically, run by former finance minister Syed Murad Ali Shah who could not contest May 11 polls for being disqualified by a court of law due to his dual nationality. In the past, the Sindh government has been under criticism for maintaining an expanded cabinet where many of the ministers had no portfolios. STAFF REPORT

ChiCken MeAt ‘disAPPeArs’ froM MArket KARACHI: The chicken meat is not available in the city as the Sindh Poultry Association (SPA) has asked dealers not to sale the meat after the provincial government fixed new prices recently. Citizens have expressed concern over continuously rising prices of chicken meat in the city due to its scarcity and urged the local administration to take notice of the situation. Poultry dealers are interested in supplying chicken to Karachi at Rs350/kg. People of the city have demanded reasonable prices and easy availability of chicken meat in the market. NNI


Notwithstanding the Election Commission of Pakistan had barred the Sindh government from making new recruitments after December 2012, the zakat and ushr department, which disburses zakat funds among the needy, dished out governments jobs to their relatives with senior officials having the major share in such recruitments. Interestingly, the zakat and ushr additional secretary, who was chairman of the recruitment committee, got his sons, a daughter and two of his family drivers appointed in his department. Besides, the

official also made a number of extra appointments that resulted in non-release of salaries of these appointees for the last five months, insiders told Pakistan Today. There were total 24 vacant positions in the department of zakat, ushr and religious affairs. And a high-level committee comprising Additional Secretary Zakat, Ushr and Religious Affairs Haneef Mirchiwala as its chairman, Additional Secretary Services, General Administration and Coordination Department (SGA&CD) Tayyab Hussain and a section officer (admin) was made for the whole recruitment process. These recruitments, their medical fitness and police verification were done in the mid of January 2013 that

clearly shows violating the orders of the election commission. According to a confidential list of appointees exclusively available with the Pakistan Today, Hamid Hanif, son of Haneef Mirchiwala, was appointed as auditor BPS-14, his daughter Sobia Haneef as auditor BPS-14 and two of his drives were also appointed in the department. According to the list, Faizan Jalal son of Mohd Jalal, Bilawal Ali son of Aijaz Ali, Jameel Ahmed Siyal son of Ghulam Qadir, Anthony son of Parvaz, Irfan son of Fazalur Rehman and Fayaz Qadir son of Abdul Qadir Abbasi were recommended by the Chief Minister House for their appointments on different posts. The then minister zakat, ushr and religious affairs, Sajid Jokio, recommended Mushtaq Ahmed son Murad Mohammad, Ghulam Rasool son of Mohd Yousuf, Faqeer Mohammad son of Ali Khan, Zeeshan Ahmed Siddiqui son of Naseem

Siddiqui, Akhtar Ali son of Dodo Khan, Asim Khan son of Karamdad, Mohammad Aslam son of Ali Mashoq Rashidi, Babo Mehtab son of Nazakat Ali, Noman son of Amanullah Pir Sarhandi, Mohammad Aslam Khoso son of Pir Mohammad, Shafique Ahmed son of Abdul Hanan, Allah Bux son of Mohammad Sajjan, Tariq Aziz son of Murad Bux, Shahzaman son of Habibullah, Adnan Ashraf son of Mohammad Ashraf, Mohammad Khalid son of Ali Mohammad, Ashfaque Ahmed Siyal and Ali Murad and Khuda Bux for various posts in the department. The zakat and ushr secretary recommended Hameed Khan son of Anwar Shah, Nizakat Ali Soho son of Ghulam Ali Soho, Naeem Raza Jumani son of Mir Hazar Khan Jumani, Saddam Hussain son of Malik Mohammad Akram, Kamran Jumani son of Imdad Ali Jumani, Shaoibur-Rehman son of Dilshad Ali, Ahsan Nadeem son of Nadeem Nazir, Sajjad son

of Mohammad Usman Solangi, Soomal Jumani daughter of Ghulam Ali Jumani and Ravi Shankar son of Chettan Das. The additional secretary zakat and ushr, Hameef Mirchiwala, recommended his son Hamid Hanif, daughter Sobia Haneef, two drivers Ahsan Raza son of Safder Mehdi and Amin Khan son of Firoz Khan and Ghulam Ahmed son of Ghulam Akbar as accountant. Interestingly, the SGA&CD additional secretary, who was supposed to ensure recruitments on merit also recommended Zeeshan son of Iqbal, Irfan Atiqur Rehman son of Atiqur Rehman, Ghulam Akbar son of Mehbood Ali and Shahryar son of Mohammad Qayyum for different positions. The sources said there were some 24 vacant positions, however, more than 53 persons were recruited that had created salary problems for the others staff recommended by Chief Minister House and the minister of zakat and ushr.

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KARACHI Friday, 21 June, 2013

Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah has directed the KWSB managing director to resolve the problems of water shortage in the city

Altaf pays tribute to workers for holding referendum

hYDeRABAD: Daily wage labourers wait for work at a roadside on thursday. ONLINE

11 die of diarrhea in a month HYDERABAD



S many as 11 persons lost their lives due to diarrhea during the last one month while 15,897 affectees from 21 districts of Sindh remained admitted to hospitals from May 13 till date, the health department official said. No case of diarrhea has so far been reported from any part of Shikarpur and Kashmore districts of the province, however, the directorate general of health services is making all out efforts to control the disease. According to the director general health services, Badin is the worst affected district where four persons lost their lives and 2,379 male, female and children remained admitted to different hospitals. Two diarrhea patients failed to survive in Jamshoro and Tharparkar districts while one patient each from Sanghar, Sukkur and Khairpur districts breathed his last during the period under report. According to district-wise detail of diarrhea cases, 5,856 diarrhea patients were reported to the hospitals of Karachi and 694 of them were admitted to hospitals. However, in Hyderabad, 605 patients were admitted against 4,521 cases. Besides, 524 more patients were admitted to Liaquat University Hospital, Hyderabad

Branch, against 11,724 cases of diarrhea which were reported to the hospitals. In Tando Muhammad Khan, 781 diarrhea affected patients were admitted against 7,195 reported cases to different hospitals while in Tando Allahyar, 4,948 patients had been reported of whom 900 were admitted in hospitals. In Matiari, 957 patients were admitted against 3,825 reported cases from different parts of the district while in Dadu, 5,017 patients were reported and 907 of them were admitted to various hospitals. In Jamshoro district, two persons failed to survive against diarrhea from

amongst 221 admitted patients. A total of 581 persons with diarrhea were reported in the hospitals. In Badin, four persons lost their lives while 2,379 patients remained admitted to hospitals of the district against 7,053 diarrhea affected patients while in Thatta 4,890 patients were reported with diarrhea and 1,228 of them were admitted to hospitals of the district. In Mirpurkhas, 1,860 patients were reported and 624 of them were admitted to hospitals of the district while two persons lost their lives while 352 were admitted and 1,289 other patients were reported in hospitals

of Sanghar district. In Umerkot, 3,245 persons were reported with the disease and 1,922 of them were admitted to different hospitals of the district while in Tharparkar, two persons lost their lives while 249 were admitted and 697 others were reported to hospitals of the district with diarrhea. In Sukkur, one death of diarrhea patient was reported while 553 others were admitted to hospitals against 4,346 affected people who were reported to hospitals of the district with the disease. Similarly, one diarrhea affected patient died in Khairpur district, 476 were admitted and 1690 others were reported to hospitals. In Ghotki district, 981 patients of diarrhea were admitted to hospitals against 2,582 patients who were reported with diarrhea in the district. In Shaheed Benazirabad, 433 persons were admitted against 4,587 patients who reported to hospitals. Besides, 112 diarrhea affected patients were admitted against 307 who reported to hospitals of Naushero Feroze district, 482 patients were admitted against 1,797 affected people to various hospitals of Larkana district, 500 were admitted against 2,686 diarrhea affected patients who were reported to hospitals of Kamber-Shahdadkot district and 17 patients were admitted against 938 diarrhea affected persons who were reported to hospitals of Jacobabad district.

KARACHI: Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain has said the movement of truth and justice cannot be suppressed by oppression. The workers and sympathisers of the MQM have shown by their unity and steadfastness in every difficult time that they are strongly with their party. He said this while talking to the MQM workers and office-bearers via telephone on the occasion of the public referendum for obtaining public opinion on joining the Sindh government. Hussain asked about the details of referendum and paid tribute to the office-bearers and workers busy in the process. The MQM workers told him about the zeal and fervour shown by the public in expressing their opinion on joining the Sindh government. Talking to the workers, Hussain said the MQM wanted to uproot the archaic feudal system for establishing the rule of poor and middle-class people. He said the MQM was a public movement and it was nurtured by the blood of the martyrs. The MQM workers had shown once again by exhibiting exemplary unity that the movement could not be finished. Hussain praised the MQM workers and asked them not to get disappointed by the force of circumstances. He asked them to remain determined and continue their struggle. STAFF REPORT

Commissioner warns action against elements behind price-hike KARACHI: Karachi Commissioner Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui on Thursday warned of strict action against elements creating fake pricehike and artificial shortage of edible items with specific reference to milk and chicken. Chairing a meeting with the representatives of local whole sellers and retailers, he said close coordination was required among all relevant stakeholders to efficiently handle attempts being made to fleece the public. “The Karachi administration is determined to counter attempts being made by unscrupulous elements,� said Siddiqui. He said the action was underway against the hoarders and those selling edible items above the officially fixed rates. The commissioner said the administration has nothing against the retailers, suppliers and traders in general, however, any attempt to exploit the unassuming consumers will not be tolerated. He urged the representatives of the traders to exercise their influence on their respective communities and professional bodies to address the situation and ensure that officially approved price lists were strictly complied with. APP

MQM stages token walkout from assembly KARACHI: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has staged token walkout from the Sindh Assembly session against the alleged targeted killings of its workers. According to the report, the Sindh Assembly session was held with Speaker Agha Siraj Durrani in the chair on Thursday. The members of the assembly condemned the attack on Quaid-eAzam Residency in Ziarat, suicide blast at funeral prayer in Mardan and killings of polio workers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. During the session, Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon said that Karachi had been facing law and order situation for the last 25 to 30 years, however, the impression was made that the situation of the city got worse during the tenure of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). At the same time, MQM MPA Muhammad Khalid declared the imposition of tax on marriage halls as burden on the owners. NNI

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The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. — Winston Churchill


07 N

Friday, 21 June, 2013

PAlestiniAn PM offers resignAtion tel AViV: The newly appointed Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah has offered his resignation to President Mahmoud Abbas, a government source said. Hamdallah “presented his resignation in writing to the president following disagreements with his two deputies,” a PA official told the AFP news agency on Thursday on condition of anonymity. Hamdallah was sworn in on June 6 after his predecessor Salam Fayyad stepped down in April. Abbas had asked Hamdallah, the former head of al-Najah University in the Israelioccupied West Bank city of Nablus, to form a new government. AGENCIES

Protests roil brAzil desPite fAre rollbACk BRASiliA: Protesters in Brazil have continued to clash with police, even after authorities in two of the biggest cities rolled back the transit fare hikes that triggered two weeks of nationwide protests. The bus and subway fares rollback in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday marked a major victory for the protests, which are the biggest Brazil has seen in two decades. But the government’s move, which comes into effect next Monday, was not enough to placate all protesters. Riot police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at demonstrators as they moved towards the 13 kilometre bridge that connects Niteroi to the city of Rio de Janeiro across the Guanabara Bay. Protesters were trying to block access to the bridge. Later, a group of protesters overturned a bus and smashed cars despite cries of “no violence” by many protesters, who were marching peacefully. Protester Leandro Pergula called the demonstrations “an awakening”. “This is not just because of a fare hike. This is for our rights. The people woke up,” Pergula said. ‘hoSpitAlS Not StADiuMS’: Another protester, student Taina Rodrigues, said she wanted good hospitals “and not football stadiums”. The demonstrations swelled with fury at the government’s lavish spending on the football Confederations Cup, next year’s World Cup, and the 2016 Summer Olympics, which critics say comes at the expense of social programmes. The government has earmarked $15bn for the Confederations Cup and the 2014 World Cup, two events aimed at showcasing Brazil’s recent economic boom and rising global stature. FIFA President Sepp Blatter urged protesters to stop linking their anger against the government to the Confederations Cup. In an interview with Brazil’s Globo TV network, Blatter said he could “understand that people are not happy, but they should not use football to make their demands heard.” AGENCIES

MogADiShu: A soldier fires a rocket propelled grenade after gunmen attacked the united Nations compound in the Somali capital Mogadishu. AGENCIES

hezbollah urged to pull out of syria BEIRUT



EBANESE President Michel Suleiman has called on the Shia Muslim Hezbollah movement to pull its fighters out of Syria, saying any further involvement in its neighbour’s civil war would fuel instability in Lebanon. Hezbollah armed group spearheaded the recapture of the strategic border town of Qusayr two weeks ago by forces loyal to the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, which now appear to be preparing for an offensive in the northern city of Aleppo. “If they take part in a battle for Aleppo, and more Hezbollah fighters are killed, it will lead to more tension,” Suleiman told the Lebanese newspaper As-Safir in an interview published on Thursday. “This should end in Qusayr, and [Hezbollah] should return home.” The Lebanese armed group’s intervention in Syria against mainly Sunni Muslim rebels has further inflamed sectarian rivalry in Lebanon, where fighting between Alawite pro-Assad and Sunni Muslim anti-Assad gunmen in the northern city of Tripoli has killed dozens. Since the battle for Qusayr started a month ago, there have been frequent rocket attacks on Shia areas of eastern Lebanon from suspected rebel-held areas in Syria. A previously unknown Syrian

rebel faction claimed responsibility this week for killing four Shia men in the Bekaa Valley on Sunday. Lebanon is mired in political paralysis which has forced the delay of a parliamentary election and is holding up efforts to form a cabinet. The impasse, along with the influx of half a million Syrian refugees, led former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora to appeal to Suleiman this week to act to stop “state collapse”. CRITICISm OF HEzBOLLAH: Suleiman, a Maronite Christian, has become increasingly assertive in criticising Syria, which dominated its smaller neighbour militarily and politically for three decades before the outbreak of the uprising against Assad in 2011. Lebanon’s National News Agency said Suleiman sent the Arab League a memorandum on Thursday requesting an end to Syrian violations of Lebanese sovereignty. He gave a similar note to the United Nations representative in Beirut, earlier this week. Suleiman has spoken out against Syrian military incursions into eastern Lebanon against rebel forces, and become more open in his criticism of Hezbollah’s military support for Assad. After Israeli air raids on targets near Damascus last

month, Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s leader, said his group would support any efforts by Syrian authorities to launch attacks on the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, seized from Syria in the 1967 war. “From the start I told them I do not accept such behaviour and I am against going to the Golan because this exposes [Hezbollah] and Lebanon to the Israeli enemy,” Suleiman said. He also voiced concern about Lebanese Sunni fighters who have crossed into Syria to join rebels trying to topple Assad.


Monsoon flooding in northern India has claimed more than 120 lives, stranding thousands of people due to high water levels and landslides, officials say. Torrential rain and landslides since Sunday have stranded pilgrims at four revered Hindu shrines, washed away bridges and roads and caused other damage in Uttrakhand province. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said after returning from an aerial survey on Wednesday that the death toll there was 102. “It is feared that the loss of life could be much higher,” he said. An additional 17 people died in collapsed homes in neighbouring Uttar

Pradesh state, said RL Vishwakarma, a provincial police officer. The annual monsoon rains sustain India’s agriculture but also cause flooding that claims lives and damages property. The latest rains have affected several states and the capital, New Delhi, where nearly 2,000 people have been evacuated to government-run camps on higher ground. Authorities there said the Yamuna River was expected to start receding by Thursday afternoon. After Singh’s comments, Uttrakhand’s Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna told the NDTV news channel that hundreds of people had lost their lives but that the exact number would be known only after a survey. A joint army and air force operation

has evacuated nearly 12,000 Hindu pilgrims stranded in the area but nearly 63,000 people remained cut off, according to Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde. A three-storey apartment building toppled into a river and was carried away by the flood waters, said Amit Chandola, a Uttrakhand government spokesman, adding that a helicopter on its landing pad also was swept away. The government also said 40 small hotels on the banks of the Mandakini river in the Gaurikund area were destroyed. Describing the situation as grim, Bahuguna said his administration was not equipped to tackle such a massive disaster, and asked for federal assistance. The region is 400km southwest of Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh province.

HInDU pILGRImS STRAnDED: Most of those stranded in Uttrakhand are Hindu pilgrims to four revered shrines. Bahuguna said the Kedarnath temple - one of the holiest Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, located atop the Garhwal Himalayan range - had escaped major damage, but up to 10 feet of debris covered the area around it. “We are fully engaged in rescuing people who have been stranded in the higher reaches,” Bahuguna told reporters earlier. Nearly 600 people were evacuated by air force helicopters and the rest by the army using land routes. Air force spokeswoman Priya Joshi said 22 helicopters had dropped food packets and other relief supplies in addition to ferrying stranded tourists.

six syrian heritage sites declared endangered DAMASCUS AGENCIES

Six ancient sites in Syria, including the city of Aleppo which has suffered considerable damage in the course of the country’s ongoing conflict, have been added to the endangered World Heritage list, UNESCO says. The other sites to be added are the ancient cities of Damascus and Bosra, the oasis of Palmyra, the castles of Crac des Chevaliers and Qal’at Salah El-Din also known as the Fortress of Saladin and the ancient villages of northern Syria. “Due to the armed conflict situation in Syria, the conditions are no longer present to ensure the conservation and protection of the Outstanding Universal Value of the six World Heritage properties,” a UNESCO document said. All six were placed on the list of World Heritage in Danger by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation committee at its annual meeting in Phnom Penh. In preparatory documents for a meeting on Thursday, UNESCO said its information on the scale of the destruction was “partial” and came from unverified sources including social media and a report from the Syrian authorities which it said “does not necessarily reflect the actual situation”. ‘CAUGHT In THE LInE OF FIRE’: Aleppo’s old city, in particular, has “witnessed some of the conflict’s most brutal destruction”, it said, adding that the old citadel had been “caught in the line of fire”. In April, the minaret of Aleppo’s ancient Umayyad mosque - originally built in the 8th century and then rebuilt in the 13th century - was destroyed. “The immediate, near-term and long-term effect of the crises on the cultural heritage of Aleppo cannot be overstated,” UNESCO said. Clandestine excavations, including looting of ancient tombs and grave sites, have also been reported at several of the sites, it added. More than 93,000 people, including at least 6,500 children, have been killed since the outbreak of civil war in Syria in March 2011, the UN announced last week in a report that highlighted a surge in the number of deaths each month.

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NEWS Friday 21 June, 2013

heat wave to persist for next three days: Met office iSlAMABAD: Heat wave would continue to persist for next three days across the country and the weather would remain hot and dry in most parts. According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), continental air was prevailing over most parts of the country. Seasonal low lies over northeast Balochistan. The weather would remain hot and dry in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir during the next three days. Day temperatures in plain areas of the country would increase during the next few days and there were no chances of rain. Maximum temperatures recorded during the last 24 hours were: Islamabad 37C, Lahore 39C, Karachi 36C, Peshawar 38C, Quetta 36C, Skardu 27C, Murree 25C, Muzzafarabad 36C, Gilgit Baltistan 35C, Faisalabad 39C, Multan 41C and Hyderabad 41C. APP QuettA: Afghan refugee children present a tableau during a ceremony on World Refugee Day on thursday. INP

shArP inCreAse in violenCe in kP sinCe MAy 11 T PESHAWAR


HERE has been a sharp increase in violence since the new government took over despite claims by law enforcement agencies and political figures who recently assumed power. During the current calendar year, more than 460 acts of violence were registered in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and adjacent tribal regions, killing at least 1660 people. Major acts of violence were registered during months of April, May and June. However, the situation, according to data revealed, re-

mained peaceful compared to April and May. Even on May 11, when people were busy in casting votes, more than 40 acts of violence registered in KP alone and its adjacent tribal areas. In June, more than 29 acts of violence were registered in the region whereas a suicide attack on funeral procession proved most fatal, killing over 40 people. Independent MPA Imran Mohmand was killed in the tragic suicide attack, Imran Mohmand become the second MPA after May 11, 2013 election to fall victim to terrorism. Earlier, another independent MPA Farid Khan from Hangu was shot dead on June 3. Farid Khan, after winning polls had

Afghan peace talks should not cross 'red lines': india BAghDAD: India has cautioned Afghanistan over peace talks with the Taliban, saying the new initiative should not violate the "red lines" drawn by the international community. "We have from time to time reminded all stakeholders about the red lines that were drawn by the world community and certainly by the participants should not be touched, should not be erased and should not be violated," Indian External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid told reporters on Thursday. Khurshid's comments came a day after the Afghan Taliban announced opening of their political office in Qatari capital Doha and expressed willingness to hold peace talks with Afghan President Hamid Karzai's government and other stakeholders. "The talks are being held between the high peace council and the chosen representatives of Taliban. Of course, the US had its role in encouraging this, perhaps even in precipitating this," said Khurshid, who is in Baghdad on a two-day official visit. "But ultimately it's between sovereign government of Afghanistan and citizens of Afghanistan who happens to pursue the ideology of the Taliban," he said. "We have also said ultimately it is for Afghanistan to take its own decisions and to ensure that the peace initiative should be Afghanistan-own and Afghanistan-driven. I will expect the latest initiative would not depart from position," he said. INP

joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) whereas Imran Mohmand had maintained his independent position. Farid Khan was associated to banned Ahli Sunnat and his death resulted in widespread violence and demonstrations in Hangu. At least nine persons were killed in post-Farid Khan assassination protests and agitations. Besides the Mardan suicide attack, killing of at least four polio vaccinators also occurred in June. Two lady volunteers were killed in Peshawar and two male volunteers were killed in Swabi. In Swabi, a policeman, while protecting polio vaccinators, also fell victim to target killing. Similarly, six people were

killed when militants attacked NATO containers at Jamrud Khyber Agency. From January 2013 till May 31, the Regional Institute of Policy Research and Training (RIPRT) has recorded 431 acts of violence in which 1490 people were killed throughout KP and Federally Administrative Tribal Areas (FATA). It said that in 283 acts of violence KP, 699 people were killed whereas 791 were killed in 148 acts registered in FATA. PTI leaders, especially the chief minister and his cabinet members, have been vocal about negotiating a settlement to solve the issue of terrorism but they have yet to initiate practical steps for the purpose.

take Punjab MPs very seriously from now onwards, Shahbaz tell bureaucrats LAHORE NADEEM SyED

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is taking measures that will endear him to all the newly-elected parliamentarians from the province. He wants to empower his MPAs and to ensure that, he has ordered ministers and top bureaucrats to “take the MPAs very seriously from now onwards”. On Thursday, Shahbaz held a meeting with all the MPAs from Multan division. He has been interacting with the PML-N MPAs for sometime now after assuming power for a record third time. As part of the exercise, he “will reach out to MPAs from each and every division”. “If someone thought before that I had ignored politicians and relied on the bureaucracy while running the affairs of the province, I am going to make amends and am now going to put the MPAs in the driving seat,” a source quoted Shahbaz as telling the

meeting. Insiders revealed that in these meetings, the message that the chief minister has been delivering quite loudly and clearly is that from now onwards, “the MPAs will have to play a proactive role in the resolution of people’s problems to ensure good

governance”. “They will be required to attend to the people of their constituencies on a regular basis and will have the government’s complete backing,” an insider quoted the chief minister as saying in one such meeting. Shahbaz has asked the bureaucracy in the Secretariat and districts to take his MPAs’ phone calls and in case they are ever unable to do so, they must call the MPAs back the same day. All ministers are also required to attend to the MPAs. Shahbaz has also asked the MPAs to play an active role in curbing corruption in their respective areas. He has told them that inaction on their part will not be tolerated by the party. The Punjab government is devising a clear-cut policy on transfers and postings in the province to discourage the practice of pick and choose by the MPAs or other political figures. It has been further learnt that the government is putting in place a mechanism to discourage the discretionary powers of the bureaucrats.

Pti and Ji to jointly contest against PMl-n in local bodies polls peShAWAR: The Pakistan Tehreek-eInsaf (PTI) and the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) have decided to jointly contest the local bodies’ election. Insiders say both parties have decided to make an alliance for the local bodies’ election against the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz. However, at this point it is not clear whether they will be jointly contesting elections across the county or will restrict themselves just to the provincial level. The local bodies’ elections in KP are likely to be held within the next three months. ONLINE

Murder in court: student shoots and kills suspect guJRANWAlA: A middle school student on Wednesday committed murder on court premises. According to details, the young boy, of class eight, fired at an accused as he was standing outside the session court. He emptied the chamber of his pistol and all the eight bullets hit the accused who died on the spot. The police immediately arrested the young boy. When asked about reasons for killing the victim, the boy said that his father was seriously injured by the accused and he could not see the pain his father was suffering every day as he could no longer walk. INP

usA stays out of indo-Pak border skirmishes WAShiNgtoN: The US on Thursday said that there was no change in its position on Kashmir and encouraged India and Pakistan to resolve their differences bilaterally. “As always, we encourage cooperation and consultation and discussion between the governments of India and Pakistan,” state department spokesperson Jen Psaki told reporters at her daily news conference. She was responding to questions on the ceasefire violations by Pakistan along the Line of Control. “Our position has not changed on Kashmir. And those discussions are up to the governments of India and Pakistan,” Psaki said. ONLINE

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Friday 21 June, 2013



what will PM’s committee do with PiA? E KARACHI


VER since Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif constituted a four-member committee to restructure the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), endless guessing has kick-started in concerned quarters on the fate the high-profile body would bring to the loss-making entity. Last Friday saw the premier forming a committee, comprising Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, Adviser on Aviation Captain Shujaat Azeem, Shaukat Fayyaz Ahmed Tarin and Naveed Malik, to reportedly restructure the national flag carrier. The prime minister had directed the body to submit its recommendations in the next meeting on how the airline, which according to Transparency International-Pakistan (TI-P) was currently braving a whopping Rs 4 billion monthly operational loss, could be put back on track. The Supreme Court (SC), last Tuesday, hearing an application moved by the TI-P voicing apprehensions over the state of affairs and corruption in the airline, was told that PIA’s losses had in 2011 accounted for Rs 119 billion. While the committee since its formation has not taken a single step to-

wards the task it was assigned, an endless guessing game is testing the nerves of possible affectees on what the committee had in mind and if they would go for privatisation of the loss-making state enterprise. PIA employees are apprehending a likely sell-off, while high ranking officials on the airline’s board of directors think otherwise. Also, rampant are talks of what constitutional mandate the four-member team carries to undertake the daunting task of reviving the corruption-ridden entity. “We would never allow PIA to be privatised. It is the bread and butter of our children,” said PIA Collective Bargaining Agent (CBA) President Hidayatullah Khan while talking to Pakistan Today. “The government should give us the money, the fleet and most importantly the time to revive PIA,” he demanded. Khan said PIA employees, which Adil Gilani of TI-P claimed were inducted in abundance during previous government on political basis, were cautiously waiting to hear from the federal government body. Asked how his side would react to the

committee’s decisions, Khan said the response would be accordingly. “Action in fact invites a reaction. So far, there is no action on the part of the said committee,” the CBA president said. Perhaps this inaction on the part of the committee has let the rumour mill go wild on PIA’s prospect. “We have not yet received a word officially form the committee,” said a PIA spokesman when asked if the body had started working. This apathy, Gilani of TIP had warned, was

thing had even been given a mention so far. To a query about the mandate of the body, the spokesman said, “We are not currently involved as such. They may be up to a big strategy or policy.” The PIA Board of Directors too complained of being kept out of the whole process. “They have kept the board in the dark,” a director told Pakistan Today, requesting anonymity. Believing that the PM-backed body’s mandate was restricted to the revitalisation of PIA, the director said sell-off was not a solution for

costing the exchequer heavily as he claimed the airline’s weekly operational loss was running into more than a billion rupees. The PIA spokesman, however, confirmed that the PIA management, on the level of managing director and adviser, was briefing the committee per need. About privatisation, he said no such

the airline where “mismanagement” was the biggest challenge. “There should be a professional management to run the institution,” the director said. During its last meeting, he recalled, the PIA board had agreed that the airline could do well if 10 to 15 aircrafts were inducted in its fleet. TI-P had said anomalies, ranging from

supply of fuel to tendering for acquisition of new aircrafts, were deep-rooted in the airline. He said against international standard practice of 150, the PIA management had put 525 crew members aboard each of its passenger plane. “In the court they (PIA) claim this number is 450,” Gilani claimed. To the TI-P official, the committee’s mandate should be to carry out a complete “surgery” of the national flag-carrier. “Political inductions have made PIA so overloaded that even privatisation does not seem a viable solution,” he said adding that private buyers of the airline might find it impossible to go for the much-needed lay offs for the ever present political pressure in the current democratic setup. Gilani was not upbeat about the federal body being able to play an effective role to reform the dubious state of affairs in PIA. He said the committee should have comprised people having relevant expertise to ascertain the real problems. “It should have been manned by professionals like a chartered accountant etc,” the TI-P advisor suggested. Like its predecessors, the newly elected PML-N government would also make political appointments in the airline, claimed the TI-P official.

striking PiA workers wreck flight schedule KARACHI ONLINE

Numerous Pakistan Airlines (PIA) flights were delayed on Thursday as the airline struggled to overcome the travel chaos that resulted from the protest lodged by the People Unity Labour Union. According to media reports, Karachibound flight PK-214 from Dubai got delayed by one hour and a Karachi-bound flight from Damam by PK-242 by hour and a half. The sources said that one flight from Karachi to Islamabad was delayed for three hours. They said that PK-723, a New York-bound flight from Lahore was one hour behind the schedule. Many other flights were delayed at the different airports, according to reports.

baloch poet escapes grenade attack on home, wife injured GWADAR NNI

The house of a local Baloch poet was attacked with hand grenades in Balochistan’s Gwadar district on Thursday. Mubarak Qazi remained safe. Officials said the miscreants hurled hand grenades on Mubarak Qazi’s residence located in Pasni, a medium-sized town and a fishing port in Gwadar district of Balochistan. Qazi remained safe as he was not present in his home at the time of blast, whereas his wife was injured. The house was partially damaged.

Militants blow up school in hangu HANGU ONLINE

Miscreants on Thursday blew up another school at Karbogha Sharif in the suburb of Hangu city in terrorism-hit province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). Furthermore, terrorists destroyed a house with remote controlled bomb. However, no casualty was reported in the attack. Militants of banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) have blown up hundreds of schools in KP and lawless tribal belt bordering Afghanistan in a decade after US-led foreign troops assaulted into Afghanistan.

KARAChi: Family members of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah hold a demonstration on thursday against an attack on the Jinnah Residency in Ziarat a few days ago. INP

Mushahid presents defence committee report to Senate ISLAMABAD NNI

Chairman of the Senate Defence and Defence Production Committee Senator Mushahid Hussain on Thursday presented the latest report of the committee before the Senate. Speaking on the occasion, Senator Mushahid referred to the work of the committee on revival and restructuring of the Airports Security Force (ASF), including preparing and passing legislation. Senator Mushahid Hussain also referred to the defence committee's role in promoting harmony between civil-military forces and radical clerics, particularly expressing solidarity with the armed forces. He also said that the defence committee had arranged special briefings for its members on the defence budget and the Defence Housing Authorities (DHA). He said the committee had also called specialists and experts from outside the parliament to present professional briefings. The fifth report of the committee also includes a letter of appreciation from the

AJK finance minister unveils rs 55.680b tax-free budget MUZAFFARABAD ONLINE

chief justice in which he expressed appreciation for the “defence committee's resolve to present a new vision for national defence” as well as details of the interactions with visiting delegations of the Quetta Command and Staff College, the Islamabad Foreign Service Academy and various others foreign exchanges. Senator Mushahid thanked the members of the defence committee for their cooperation and support to ensure successful working of the committee.

Azad Jammu and Kashmir’s (AJK) tax-free budget of over Rs 55.680 billion was presented in the AJK Legislative Assembly in Muzaffarabad on Thursday. AJK Finance Minister Chaudhry Latif Akbar told the House that the total outlay of the budget was Rs 55.680 billion, adding that over Rs 10.5 billion had been earmarked for development projects. “An amount of Rs 10.5 billion has been allocated for development sector with Rs 45 billion is the recurrent budget for the coming fiscal year,” he told the House. The AJK Assembly was told that the development budget had been increased around nine percent for the next fiscal year, compared to

FY2012-13. In his key address to the AJK lawmakers, Akbar said the PPP government had presented a well-balanced and public-friendly budget for the fiscal year 2013-14. He said the new budget would provide a solid foundation for the socio-economic uplift of the people as it will be providing maximum facilities to them and would also accelerate the pace of development activities in AJK. Akbar said the AJK government would generate over Rs 45 billion from its own resources‚ while the remaining amount would be provided by the federal government. The AJK finance minister said their priorities were to improve and promote education‚ health‚ hydropower generation‚ forests‚ communication‚ and the agriculture sectors.

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Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind. –Bertrand Russell


COMMENT Friday, 21 June, 2013

dealing with terrorism


Government appears to have little choice but to evolve consensus

N the same week, terrorist groups had attacked Quetta and Mardan, but the political consensus appeared to still favour talks. The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman, whose party lost its second MPA in the Mardan attack, continued to insist that the way forward was perhaps the way backwards. And so the Taliban proved: first, it rejected the offer of talks out of hand, then, on Wednesday, it ambushed an army convoy on Kohat Road near Peshawar, and killed at least six security personnel. Later, a search operation was initiated in which at least four militants were reportedly killed. Five soldiers will killed in the same area on May 16. The question now is: does the government have any option but to take out a full assault against the militants? In the prime minister’s office in Islamabad, the first steps forward were being chalked out. With the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the chair, and the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Interior Minister Nisar Khan, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Advisor to Prime Minister Sartaj Aziz in attendance, stock was taken of the security situation across the country. Two main agreements were reached: one, on how to improve coordination between intelligence agencies; two, that drones were not acceptable. But it was a stark picture that no representatives from Balochistan and Khyber Pakthunkhwa were present as they were debated. On the other side, the PTI chairman in his maiden speech to the National Assembly proposed the government to begin to “oppose drone strikes” and “formulate a truth and reconciliation commission in KP”. While his point that “the impression should not go out that Pakistan was fighting the US’s war” should not go out, the question is whether Pakistan can continue to pretend it is not its war yet. As Khan’s party members came under attack by terrorists, Khan appeared to show recognition, stating, “We have to make this war our war, and it cannot become our own war unless we stop drone attacks.” To this effect, Khan suggested a “diplomatic” rather than “shoot down” strategy. The Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan responded by saying the PM was looking to convene a meeting on two agendas: sovereignty and terrorism. He also insisted that “Pakistan was dragged into the war on terror by a dictator”. After a meeting with the head of security agencies, Nisar announced the withdrawal of civil-armed forces from VIP security, apart from the president, prime minister and chief justice. A National Security Policy should be up and coming. This is a positive step. While political consensus and better intelligence sharing is required, without a comprehensive policy nothing will change. Firm action is required against terrorists even if the drone attacks do not stop. It is important that the PML-N insisted that the state support of any militant group is counter-productive in the long run.

supreme Court’s suggestion Makes sense


S severe as the problem of power shortage has become for Pakistan, any out-ofthe-box solution should be given proper consideration and if found suitable, must be followed through with its implementation. The unique indigenous nature of the problem calls for the same for its solution: a different yet practicable approach suitable for our own situation. The other day, the Supreme Court of Pakistan, of all, offered a solution that might help in containing power shortage, and that fits perfectly in our situation. A three-member bench of the SC, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, suggested the government that it should deduct at source value of power theft in each province from their share in the divisible pool of National Finance Commission Award. As provinces often fail to meet their liabilities regarding payments for the power they get from the national grid, the implementation of such a plan which consolidates the whole system at a central point makes sense. The logic behind this suggestion is simple: as provinces are responsible for law and order, they should also be held responsible for not being able to recover the amount lost through power theft and defaults. The amount thus recovered by the federal government will help it get rid of circular debt amounting to Rs503 billion. However, to streamline the whole process, the provinces should also be made to purchase power from the national grid so they know what they are paying for. Without getting into details, the suggestion is practicable, unique and begs consideration by the government. However, as with everything related to bureaucracy and politics, this might still be put under a huge stack of suggestions waiting to see the light of the day. While the politicians squabble over who hurt the system more than the other, the country continues to suffer from power shortages. As the mercury begins to rise again after a week of monsoon rains, the demand for power is going to rise again. With provinces getting much less than what they require, the case in favour of such a plan gets only stronger. Unless the government is able to inject the national grid with a healthy dose of electricity, from whatever source, the situation is not going to get any better. Meanwhile, the suggestion offered by the SC merits serious consideration as it solves some major problems, namely circular debt, power theft, streamlining of the process of purchasing power from the national grid and recovery of default amounts. Political considerations aside, along with bureaucratic hurdles, the decision should not be that tough. And with the new government promising to overhaul the system, now is the best time to take up on outof-the-box solutions, like the one proposed by the SC.

Dedicated to the legacy of the late Hameed Nizami

Arif Nizami Editor

Aziz-ud-Din Ahmad Joint Editor Lahore – Ph: 042-36375963-5 Fax: 042-32535230 Karachi – Ph: 021-35381208-9 Fax: 021-35381208 Islamabad – Ph: 051-2287273 Fax: 051-2850505 Web: Email:

Parameters of a new security policy The PML-N needs, along with a strong mandate, an equally strong political will to pursue it



N an unending series of attacks, terrorists have ambushed a military convoy killing six servicemen outside Peshawar. After Quetta and Mardan, this was the third major attack in a week. The incident would further enhance the sense of insecurity in the country and send a negative message to potential investors. When well-armed military personnel are unsafe, there is little a common citizen can do to save his life in case of a random terrorist strike. There is an urgent need on the part of the PML-N government to take measures to put an end to the killings in Pakistan in the name of jihad against the US by TTP and its affiliates. Over 50,000 Pakistanis are estimated to have fallen victim to terrorist attacks since 2003. More than 5,000 security personnel too have died in the attacks. There has to be a stop to the killings. People expect the new government to take the required measures to take out the killers. Speaking to the newly elected party MNAs and MPAs soon after the elections, Nawaz had said, “The first 30 days in government will show the nation our direction.” He had also said that the Taliban offer for talks should be taken seriously. The Taliban are once again on the killing spree while they have withdrawn the offer for talks. What is the government going to do now? Both Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan have in the past linked drone strikes with the rise in terrorist attacks. There is no doubt that the collateral damage caused by the so-called precision bombing leads to a lot of human suffering and causes resentment against the US. There are varying estimates of the number of civilian casualties in drone attacks. According to London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism, between 2,496 and 3,202 people have been reported killed by drones in Pakistan since 2004. Among them up to 832 were civilians, 175 of them children. The drone attacks have no legal or moral justification. Like the attacks by the TTP and its affiliates these too constitute acts of terrorism that must be brought to an end. But how to force the US to stop the drone operation? Before the elections both the PML-N and PTI promised to put an end to strikes if elected to power. Soon after the takeover by the PML-

Editor’s mail

N, a drone attack was reported from North Waziristan. This led some to remind Nawaz Sharif of his promise. With the assumption of power and after receiving briefings from the law enforcement agencies, the new prime minister is reacting with caution, disregarding provocations. Recently, a PML-Q Senator taunted the new government of cooperating with the US in its war on terror. After losing two PTI MPAs in KP in terrorist attacks, Imran Khan too is gradually developing a more realistic view of the situation. In his maiden speech in the National Assembly he maintained that he did not demand the shooting down of the drones but would like the issue to be settled through diplomacy. Sartaj Aziz, Advisor to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs, is hopeful that the government would succeed in bringing an end to drone strikes. But would that put an end to the terrorist attacks? Terrorist attacks were in fact taking place long before the drone attacks started. The first thing the militants did in the tribal areas after the US operation in Afghnistan was to systematically eliminate the pro-government tribal chiefs. This was years before the drones appeared in Pakistan. Similarly, the sectarian terrorists were already on the rampage in the ’90s targeting mosques, shrines and imam bargahs and killing innocent people in indiscriminate attacks. The TTP is wedded to the idea of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate and end in the Muslim world to nation states defined by geographical frontiers. They would therefore continue to confront the state, drones or no drones. One can only hope that the government will succeed in putting an end to the drone strikes through talks with the US. But policies are not made on the basis of hopes. The government has to devise a security policy that can be implemented even if the drone attacks do not end. The aim of the security policy should be to pacify the terrorists. The PML-N government has been briefed by the COAS and the DG ISI who in turn have listened to the concerns expressed by the new government. After the interior minister has held another session with the security agencies, a security policy is expected to be cobbled together in consultation with the opposition parties soon

after the budget is passed next week. There is talk about using the PPP government’s National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) Ordinance as a template. The NACTA was meant to formulate a strategy to end terrorism, monitor its implementation and prepare national threat assessment (NTA) reports. The Ordinance was issued in 2009 but there could not be any legislation for over two years on account of the dependence of the PPP on allies who threatened to resign and bring down the government every now and then. While the Ordinance was passed in 2012 by the National Assembly it lapsed in the Senate due to lack of interest. What one infers from the remarks by Ch Nisar Ali Khan is that the only hurdle in putting an end to militancy is the lack of coordination among security agencies. Once this is straightened out, everything will be alright. The lack of coordination is of course a big issue which has to be sorted out in any case. Agencies must be made to improve coordination instead of living in self-created islands. There are, however, other issues which are of even greater importance. Pakistan will have to decide whether it can afford to keep the major portion of its forces on the eastern front while at the same time fighting against the insurrection on the western front, from where the terrorists conduct attacks inside the country. Some think there is an urgent need to improve ties with India, keeping for the time being the Kashmir issue on back burner. After all many more servicemen and civilians have been killed by the terrorists than in any single war with India. The patronisation of the terror groups by the state must be abandoned as it is self-destructive in the long run. The policy of cherry-picking the terrorist groups has to be stopped. Equally important is not to allow friendly governments to encourage and finance proxy wars inside Pakistan. The political parties will have to ensure that they do not provide respectability to the extremist outfits by seeking their help in elections. A comprehensive security policy can be put into action only if the PML-N government with its strong mandate also possesses an equally strong political will to pursue it.

One can only hope that the government will succeed in putting an end to the drone strikes through talks with the US. But policies are not made on the basis of hopes. The government has to devise a security policy that can be implemented even if the drone attacks do not end. The aim of the security policy should be to pacify the terrorists.

The writer is a political analyst and a former academic.

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Acts in karachi university Karachi University is biggest university in Karachi and also world recognized institute for higher studies but this university is facing lots of problem including politics, finance and corruption. One of the biggest problems of students and Karachi University administration from past many years is illegal interference of student’s organizations in educational work. Students complain about the student wing of

political parties and have demanded that they should not interfere in every matter and KU administration must issue code of conduct for the political parties and the upcoming government should take positive step to reduce the influence of political parties in Karachi University to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. It is my humble request to the concerned department to solve this illegal acts happening in Karachi University so that the students can continue their studies well. KUMAIL HASAN Karachi

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Let me say this as clearly as I can: No matter how sharp a grievance or how deep a hurt, there is no justification for killing innocents. –William J Clinton




Friday, 21 June, 2013

balloting for balkanisation Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is neither Islamic nor a republic and post-1971, not quite Pakistan


subversive spaces Challenging gender norms in South Asia



HE development of gender regimes in South Asia is influenced by the dynamics of various social systems of organisation. In opposition to an ‘essentialist’ standpoint, South Asians have used various channels to disrupt normative concepts about gender, ranging from the existence of public identities to the symbolic deconstruction of a phallocratic order. Although, certain practices such as transsexualism might seem subversive, they reiterate the efficacy of patriarchal society while other seemingly minor customs within the private sphere grant individuals greater agency. According to historian Joan Scott, gender is an important “way of signifying relationships of power” as it reflects the hierarchical organisation of social institutions. The interplay between ‘gender’ and ‘power’ can be observed in Mughal society where elite masculinity was synonymous with public relationships of power and control over knowledge, over material commodities, over women. The existence of spheres such as the Mughal ‘mehfil’ problematised the rigid assignment of roles as it subverted the patriarchal and hierarchical norms in pursuit of emotional satisfaction. The young male performers were often singularised as objects of erotic desire, relating a homosexual element and placing the performers within a space traditionally assigned to women. In turn, the ability of the effeminate figure to temporarily “rob” the elite male of his selfcontrol and virtue” posed a threat to masculine control. The Indo-Persian discourse left a space for experimentation as what was not spoken or seen in the public arena effectively did not happen, creating a possibility for homoerotic relationships without fear of stigmatisation. The fluidity of sexual archetypes is most apparent through the inherently ambiguous position hijras in India occupy by locating themselves outside the binary frame of reference. They create separate identity as neither men nor women by publicly performing distinctive practices such as the hand clap and the lifting of their sari to expose their genatalia. Hijras present a range of sexual categories reflecting their ‘thirdness’ in a society of categorical absolutes; some of them even have families and an alternative heterosexual life outside of their interactions with other hijras. Although hijras deconstruct the relation between natural gender

and grammatical gender they also reinforce phallocentric sexuality by accentuating the difference between the effeminate kothi (penetrated) and the masculine panthi (penetrated). Likewise, other subversive categories such as transsexualism also depict traditional anxieties concerning women and sexuality and often characterise the inferiority of women or present a gynophobic attitude. In Hindu mythology, Ramakrishna’s story and his desire to experience the world as a woman is countered by his “powerfully phobic attitude towards the female body” which he views as “threatening and devouring”. Certain tradition requires the male worshipper to visualise himself as female as the goal of the devotees, who are spiritually female is to be completely controlled by the male deity, reflecting the subservient position of women of Indian marital relationships. Hindu mythology offers a critical metaphor for understanding the dichotomy between male authority and female power on the human level. While the myths reaffirm social practices, showing an inequality of power structures between male and female deities, they conversely provide a space to pervert these norms through a divine realm. Tantric mythology portrays the erotic goddess as a ‘life giving figure’ who infuses the male with her own powers, creating an esoteric pattern of power. Similarly, the divine woman can also take away life as in the story of Mahisa, where the female figure beheads him draining life’s breath through the draining of the semen. The undertaking of this action requires the woman to be stripped of traditional feminine traits such sensitivity and she insists she is really a man and her consort is a mere eunuch. The low ranking deities who attack men embody the visualisation of male fear of female sexuality as they take away the phallus or object of ‘manhood’. The dangerous goddess overturns the role of the obedient wife, presenting the female as a potentially dominant figure. The centrality of the household in Indian culture makes it a space that constructs and signifies basic gender roles. As a pretty adequate portrayal of Indian culture, Deepa Mehta’s film Fire subverts the patriarchal kinship structure by presenting the struggle of two women experiencing ‘unconventional’ homosexual attraction while being bound in heterosexual relationships. The character of Sita, a newly married girl with progressive ideals is set in diametric opposition to the older, mature Radha who is aware of her wifely duties. From the onset of the film, Sita’s attempt to renounce tradition is visualised by her adornment of male clothing and putting aside her sari. According to Reddy, an Indian writer, “clothing is the most visible marker of identity” and groups such as hijras often identify themselves as such “by their adoption of female clothing”. Sita’s resistance is visible throughout the film as she questions her husband, responds to his physical abuse and urges Radha to give in to her desire. The most blatant example of Sita’s rebellion lies at the end of the movie, where she leaves the patriarchal structure in pursuit of her desire to live freely with Radha.

In a society where social relationships appear to define one’s identity and status adequately depicted by the quote: “a woman without a husband is like boiled rice: bland, unappetising and useless”, Sita is able to construct an alternative identity by virtue of human desire. She counters the popular depiction of the ‘third world women’ as a coherent group with identical interests and desires, creating a space for women to exercise their will. The naming of homosexually inclined, dissident woman after Sita, the ideal, pure, chaste, faithful heroine of the Ramayana can be viewed as an effort to redefine Indian ideals of femininity. The Hindu woman as a mistress of the house becomes a custodian of the family ‘dharma’ and her role as a mother allows her to become a transmitter of important religious knowledge. The popular definition of the woman as a ‘wife and mother’, however, restricts the societal function of the woman and leads to the representation of woman as homogenous ideological composite other. Despite their subsidiary position, Hindu women are able to exercise control within the confined region of their households. The observance of exclusively female vows or vratas performed collectively generates a sense of ‘feminine solidarity’ and the practice of abstinence allows women to govern themselves. As the vows are typically connected with the prosperity of her family, the woman has some control over the karma of the entire household including the male members who are, in essence, spiritually dependant on her. In recent times, South Asian women have challenged institutional patriarchy by appearing as public agents of change. The women in the anti-arrack movement successfully destabilised the economy of Andhra-Pradesh exercising their capacity as political actors. The iconic image of Phoolan Devi – “The figure of a woman, arms upraised, rifle held aloft” exemplifies the inversion of the traditional woman, presenting herself as a capable leader of the community. Women’s excursion into male social spaces can be traced back to the Mughal era when Maryam Anaga, King Akbar’s fourth prime minister and wet nurse held charge of the royal household and held state administration. Although women’s involvement in the public sphere has remained significantly lower, their frequent transgression of gender boundaries indicates a progressive movement into the public sphere. The range of material evidence suggests that a variety of practices have been available to South Asians in their attempts to overturn normative conceptions of gender roles. However, contemporary understanding of transgression such as gender fluidity often reiterates strict binary functions and the subordinate position of women. A closer inspection of private spaces such as the household reveals that individuals might redefine patriarchal heteronormativity while operating within traditional frameworks. The writer is a staff member of Pakistan Today and holds a degree from Mount Holyoke College.

FTER Sir Cyril Radcliffe was given the unenviable task of carving out India and Pakistan from the Indian subcontinent within six weeks in the summer of 1947, he haphazardly sliced out the 450,000 square kilometres of the land he knew very little about. To be fair to the man, a connoisseur wouldn’t have done a prodigiously better job considering how the geographically and ethnically contiguous units had been theological blends. Had the demarcation been done KUNWAR KHULDUNE SHAHID on an ethnical basis, the slicing act would’ve been a relative piece of cake, but wedging out a Muslim homeland and a Hindu-majority secular state from the Hindu-Muslim hotchpotch was a telling task. The Radcliffe Line was the proverbial shot in the dark. 66 years down the line the western wing of Radcliffe’s patchwork, also known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, has witnessed its ideological glue intermittently come off from various segments. One fragment of the Muslimmajority hodgepodge retraced its own identity in 1971, while four other portions continue to have their differences of varying proportions as they vie to rubberstamp their ethnic superiority. With ethnic and provincial identities regularly being given preference over any national or ideological commonalities, further segments like ‘Saraikistan’ being put on the table and the centre’s inability to govern the frontiers resulting in national and regional instability, proper fragmentation of Pakistan has been proposed by many an academic, along the lines of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union as a solution to the seemingly perennial turmoil – a Balkanisation of Pakistan, if you will. The army’s dominance in Pakistan and the ensuing Islamist militancy are normally touted as the destabilising factors in the country. And so to peddle the Pakistani Balkanisation at a time when a democratically elected government safely passed on the reins to another democratically elected government, for the first time in the history of the country, might seem a bit ill-timed. However, a look at the voting patterns in last month’s General Elections further adds impetus to the call of potential Balkanisation of Pakistan. One province singlehandedly gave the current ruling party an overwhelming mandate in the national assembly, another stuck to its old guns, the third summoned the fifth party at the provincial helm in the past couple of decades, while the fourth didn’t really bother joining in on the voting party. The fact that Pakistan does not really have a national party says a lot about any concept of national unity that the patriots might want to peddle. In fact, if there’s any entity that is binding this country together, it is the military. When that’s the case, the realm under the militaristic control can be dubbed a quasi-empire, not a nation. And as Voltaire once said of the Holy Roman Empire, “it’s neither Holy, nor Roman nor an empire”, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is neither Islamic nor a republic and post-1971, not quite Pakistan. The proposed Balkanisation would see the merger of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) with Afghanistan, officially making the Durand Line what it has been for ages: non-existent. Sindh and Balochistan would break free from the shackles of subjugation to become independent states, while Punjab would be the standalone remnant of Pakistan. Any calls for the independence of any of the provinces is obviously dubbed high-treason, but to believe that one could cogently fuse units, that don’t really want to exist in unison, for considerable length of time, is medieval thinking. This week’s Ziarat attack was yet another reminder of the Balochistan question. A resource-rich region like Balochistan becoming a financial mess and in turn the hub of turbulence is a massive price to pay for delusions of national unity. 66 years worth of human rights abuse, ethnic cleansing, military operations and the myriad missing persons in the garb of patriotism, should suffice is throwing any inkling of Pakistani nationalism out of the Baloch windows. When one tries to comprehend the quintessence of “nationalism”, the irony that surfaces is that Balochistan’s call for independence is prodigiously stronger as compared to Pakistan’s call for independence from the Indian subcontinent. Balochistan is doing to Pakistan what Pakistan did to pre-1947 United India, albeit with more of a claim to being a nation. Whether Pakistan’s raison d’etre was Islamic or secular consociationalism – a term that funnily enough didn’t exist at the time – its carving out was supposed to be done on a “Muslim majority” basis, which was the instruction given to Sir Cyril Radcliffe. By defining the new realm, and distinguishing a separate nation, on the basis of the religion of its inhabitants, the founders of Pakistan not only buried any modern-day claims of secularity, but also laid the foundation of similar separatist movements in Pakistan. Castigating the use of ethnicity and venerating using religious identity for a nationalist movement uses the same double-standard gauge that highlights freedom fighters of the Balochistan Liberation Army as terrorists. With Pakistan’s own born and bred militant groups becoming more of a threat to the national security than any foreign state that you might want to point your finger at, Balkanisation is a solution to the turbulence in the country and a possible answer to regional stability. The breakup of Yugoslavia is a classic example of achieving relative stability in regions with ethnic turmoil, and South Asia is undoubtedly the Balkans of the 21st century. Even so, in addition to possible regional stability, separation of provinces and the dissolution of united Pakistan would mirror the country’s own birth and its preceding movement, and in turn provide the answers to many scathing questions that we have been dodging for the past 66 years. The concept of unity was lost on founders of Pakistan, and the irony that we expect the Baloch nationalists to adhere to that concept, seems to be lost on the modern-day Pakistanis. Through the general elections, the masses might have inadvertently balloted for Balkanisation. Whether for regional security or to collectively drag itself out of an identity crisis, Pakistan might have to cease its existence as a security state where the constituent units have been woven together through theocratic and militaristic filaments. And just like the Austrian Empire of 1815, the Pakistan of 2013 is akin to a “worm-eaten house”, if one of its parts is removed, no one can tell how much of it will fall. The writer is a financial journalist and a cultural critic. Email:, Twitter: @khuldune

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A ARTS Friday, 21 June, 2013

I will direct one day, but I have a feeling that it will be very limited. –John Travolta


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Fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were handed a 20month suspended prison sentence and a heavy fine on Wednesday for hiding hundreds of millions of euros from the Italian tax authorities. The design duo, who are nearly as famous as the stars they dress, were not present in court in Milan and will lodge an appeal against their conviction on charges that they have always denied. "We will read the reasons for the verdict, and we will appeal," said Massimo di Noia, one of the pair's defence lawyers after the hearing. Public prosecutor Gaetano Ruta had asked for a two and a half year jail term. However, the two designers will have to pay 500,000 euros (428,051 pounds) as a first instalment of a fine that could reach 10 million euros (8.5 million pounds). A spokesman for the Dolce and Gabbana company declined to make an immediate comment. NEWS DESK

i don’t like being CoMPAred with rAJnikAnth, sAys dhAnush Tamil actor Dhanush, who is awaiting the release of his first Hindi film "Raanjhanaa", says even though superstar Rajnikanth has a lot of influence on him, he doesn't like being compared with his father-in-law because he considers him a "legend". "I grew up watching his films and therefore there might be his influence on me, but I don't like to be compared with him," Dhanush said in an interview. "He is a legend and I'm only 26 films old. How can you possibly compare me with him," he questioned. Director Anand L Rai has transformed the southern star into a typical desi guy from Benaras for "Raanjhanaa". But for Dhanush, the character was no different from playing a lover boy in a Tamil film. NEWS DESK

MJ Pestered russell with PrAnk CAlls


Ken Loach. Running Oct. 14-20, the highly popular Lumiere Festival is organized by Lyon’s Lumiere Institute, which is headed by president Bertrand Tavernier and director Thierry Fremaux. Ingmar Bergman (“The Seventh Seal”), Hal Ashby (“Harold and Maude,” “Being There”) and French filmmaker Henri Verneuil (“Guns for San Sebastian”) will also be honored at the 5th Fest, which will host what looks like the world’s first classic films market.


UENTIN Tarantino will receive the 5th Lumiere Award at France’s 2013 Lumiere-Grand Lyon Festival, a unique film event held in the city of Lyon and whose program is made up almost entirely of restorations and re-issues. Prior Lumiere Award recipients were Clint Eastwood, Milos Forman, Gerard Depardieu and

Ranbir learns Punjabi Besharam


Ranbir Kapoor, who is on cloud nine after the success of 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani' (YJHD), is leaving no stone unturned to give his best in 'Besharam'. The Bollywood heartthrob is polishing his Punjabi diction for the comedy. "They are shooting a lot in Chandigarh, so Ranbir has been learning the language. It is crucial for his character, so a tutor has been hired. He's been practising to speak like the locals there - in terms of usage of words and their pronunciations," said a source. Besharam, directed by Abhinav Kashyap, also features Ranbir's parents -- Neetu Singh and Rishi Kapoor -- along with Pallavi Sharda. It is set for an Oct 2 release. "Since YJHD has released and become a huge success, he's relaxed and at ease. Besharam will be his most massy film so far, and it'll have him sharing screen space with his parents for the first time. Even when the film's poster was released, it generated a lot of curiosity," the source added.

Russell Crowe has revealed that he used be stalked by the late Michael Jackson. The 'Man of Steel' actor said that the iconic singer had his residential number and he would annoy him with prank calls, the Sun reported. Crowe, 49, asserted that Jacko used to ring him and say in a strong voice that "there is an emergency and you need to leave the building". Crowe said that when he'd ask, "Who is this?" the 'Thriller' hit maker would then reveal his identity and say "Do not worry Russell, just kidding, this is Michael". NEWS DESK

R-PATZ KISSES MYSTERY BLONDE IN NEW DIOR AD NEWS DESK Robert Pattinson, who was announced as the face of Dior Homme Fragrance earlier this month, is seen kissing a mystery blonde in a new poster that the fashion house has released. In the black and white image, the 27-year-old actor is seen grabbing the blonde model by the face and kissing her passionately, but not before gazing into her eyes, the Mirror reported. Dior hasn't revealed the model but speculations are that it could be Alma Jodorowsky or even Camille Rowe, both French models. According to, the ad was filmed in Waldorf Astoria Hotel's ballroom in New York. A source said that the advertisement revolves around a ceremony with a lot of guests dressed fancy. The insider said that during the scene, Pattinson and the model held hands and danced a little before they split up so that he could dance with the older lady. The source said that the scene looked like the two were crashing a ceremony.

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Acting is like lying. The art of lying well. I'm paid to tell elaborate lies. –Mel Gibson

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13 A

KATRINA KAIF IN ABHISHEK KAPOOR'S CArell returns in ‘desPiCAble Me 2’ As A dAd with doubts He may now be a doting dad marketing a range of jams and jellies, but Steve Carell's Gru character in the sequel to the animated super-villain children's comedy "Despicable Me" still longs for a little bit of the old criminal fun. Gru's redemption, in the form of his love for adopted daughters Margo, Agnes and Edith, hasn't spoiled his taste for gadgetry and plotting in "Despicable Me 2", due out next month, US comedy actor Carell said on a television (TV) channel on Wednesday. "There's a side of him that still wants to be in the villain game, that wants the excitement and is fulfilled by that, if you will, so he's having growing pains as a father," he said. Carell, 50, is probably best known for his bumbling office manager character Michael Scott in the US version of the hit TV show "The Office". But his big-screen appearances have included starring roles in "Date Night" (2010), 2008's "Get Smart" and "The 40 Year Old Virgin" (2005). As Gru, the former evil genius with the exotic accent who once tried to steal the moon, Carell's character in "Despicable Me 2" struggles with pressure to go on dates as well as something most fathers with a daughter must eventually face: boys. "His oldest daughter (Margo, voiced by Miranda Cosgrove) is becoming interested in boys, which is a complication he doesn't really know how to deal with," Carell said. "His kids want him to date and that's an area he has no interest in at all." The latest film, directed by French duo Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud, follows in the footsteps of their endearing 2010 creation that earned around $543 million worldwide, according to repots. Carell said his role as Gru amongst his loveable yellow, goggle-eyed minions has earned the actor a lot of credibility with his own children, who loved the minions. "I think it's impossible not to love the minions," he said. "And in this one the minions have an evergreater presence. "Without giving anything away, there are some minions you wouldn't expect in this second one," he added. NEWS DESK



‘duMb And duMber’ seQuel gets green signAl


BHISHEK Kapoor has often said that he cast newbies in 'Kai Po Che' because he was done chasing the stars. Things seem to have changed very quickly for the filmmaker, as his next will star Katrina Kaif as the female lead. Recently, the director approached the actress for the role and after a fourhour long meeting, Katrina gave her consent. Apparently, she has loved the script and is pretty kicked about the project. The film is an adaptation of a Charles Dickens classic- Great Expectations. He has his cousin Ekta Kapoor in the producer's seat. Set in early Victorian England, the bildungsroman that charts the journey of Pip, an orphan, was the most autobiographical novel of Dickens, apart from David Copperfield. A source said: "Abhishek was going through a lean phase after Rock On, but after the success of Kai Po Che things are looking good for him again. After all Katrina is one of the top stars." TOI had previously reported that Abhishek wanted his protege Sushant Singh Rajput to play the protagonist--the orphan Philip Pirrip. However, there were no confirmation from Sushant's end and rumours surfaced that he might not be able to take up the project due to date issues. But at the time of going to press a friend of Sushant called up and rubbished the claims, saying, "Sushant is indeed doing the film. He is sorting out the dates for his mentor. The shooting is scheduled to start this September."

The sequel to 1994 film "Dumb and Dumber" is back on track and it will be filmed this summer. Actors Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels will be seen in their roles as hapless heroes Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne in the sequel after the project was passed on to Universal Studios, reports "Dumb and Dumber" directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly have also been confirmed to direct the follow-up, which was dropped by Warner Bros., who produced the original film. The duo shared the news on Twitter. They wrote: "It's official: 'Dumber and Dumber 2' is going to production with Red Granite Pics and Universal Pics!!! (sic)" The sequel is expected to centre on a road trip, much like the original, which was a huge hit and is set to be released next year to mark the 20th anniversary of the first film. NEWS DESK

Bollywood and its people have been kind: Ali Zafar CTOR-SINGER Ali Zafar, who has acted in Bollywood films like 'Chashme Buddoor', 'Mere Brother Ki Dulhan' and 'London Paris New York', said the industry has been very kind to him. "Bollywood and its people have been very kind, loving and welcoming. I am happy that my work is getting appreciated. I am delighted to work with good directors and actors," Ali told . He believes that an actor should be flexible and versatile and not remain stuck in groove. "I want to do different kind of roles. For me the script of the film is very important, followed by who is backing it. Today, marketing the film in right way is also very important," Ali said, adding that he is devoted to his work. Ali has been roped in for Yash Raj Films (YRF) latest venture 'Kill Dil', being directed by Shaad Ali


of 'Saathiya' fame opposite actors Ranveer Singh and Parineeti Chopra in lead roles. The actor says he will be seen in a rugged avatar in the upcoming movie. After 'Mere Brother Ki Dulhan', this is his second film YRF. Ali's other project is 'Aman Ki Asha' also starring Yami Gautam of 'Vicky Donor' fame. He is all praise for his co-star. "Yami is a delight to work with. She is a fabulous actress. In reality, she is a simple girl," the 33year-old added. teRe BiN lADeN SeQuel: Ali Zafar, who debuted in Bollywood with 2010 film "Tere Bin Laden", will be seen doing a cameo in the comic satire's sequel. Directed by Abhishek Sharma, "Tere Bin laden", a spoof on the 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden, featured Ali in the lead. Tentatively titled "Tere Bin Laden 3", the sequel

stars TV anchor Manish Paul in the main role. "I am only doing a cameo in the sequel. I am very excited about the film. Most probably, I will shoot for this film in August," Ali said. Meanwhile, Ali, who has done films like "Mere Brother Ki Dulhan", "London, Paris, New York" and "Chashme Baddoor", expresses happiness over good scripts coming his way. He said: "I am in a happy phase right now. Really happy that I am getting to read some outstanding scripts...I want to be known for my good work and good films and not just for the box office success." NEWS DESK

James Gandolfini aka ‘Tony Soprano’ dead at 51 James Gandolfini, who brought a balance of intensity and vulnerability to his portrayal of conflicted mob boss Tony Soprano that made him among the most respected actors of his generation, died Wednesday in Rome. He was 51 and was believed to have suffered a heart attack. According to the Taormina Film Festival, he was on his way to the film festival where he was expected Thursday. He had been expected to participate in an onstage conversation with Italian director Gabriele Muccino on Saturday at the Sicilian festival. Gandolfini’s commanding screen presence was the driving force in

establishing “The Sopranos” as the most influential TV show of the past generation. The actor was praised for his deft juggling of the character’s violence and sensitivity, making the murderous crime lord a sympathetic figure that set the mold for the flawed anti-heroes that populate cable dramas today. Underscoring the show’s continuing influence, “Sopranos” was voted the best-written series of all time in a recent Writers Guild of America survey. Gandolfini had an active career in movies, TV and on stage before he inhabited Tony Soprano. But it was the role created by David Chase of the New Jersey mob boss

who decides to see a psychiatrist to deal with his emotional issues that catapulted him into mega-stardom. Balding and beefy, Gandolfini was not conventionally handsome but became a sex symbol through the show’s immense popularity. “He was a genius. Anyone who saw him even in the smallest of his performances knows that. He is one of the greatest actors of this or any time,” Chase said in a statement. “A great deal of that genius resided in those sad eyes. I remember telling him many times, ‘You don’t get it. You’re like Mozart.’ There would be silence at the other end of the phone. For (wife)

Deborah and (children) Michael and Liliana this is crushing. And it’s bad for the rest of the world. He wasn’t easy sometimes. But he was my partner, he was my brother in ways I can’t explain and never will be able to explain.” Gandolfini later acknowledged that he was surprised to have landed the lead role, given his history as a supporting player. Others considered for Tony Soprano include Anthony LaPaglia. But Chase responded to Gandolfini’s naturalistic style and the authenticity he brought as a native son of New Jersey. Like the character, Gandolfini was known to have a prodigious appetite for eating and drinking. NEWS DESK

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INFOTAINMENT Friday, 21 June, 2013

wAnt to tweet At


now you CAn As of today, you can fire off a tweetlength message to a farflung solar system, but you'll need patience—it won't get there for about 18 years, and it will take just as long to receive any extraterrestrial response. As the Seattle Post-Intelligencer explains, a startup called Lone Signal has begun sending submitted text messages in all languages to the Gliese 526 solar system. The first one is free, and then a group of four will set you back 99 cents, reports CNNMoney. The company is making use of the Jamesburg Earth Station in California's Carmel Valley to send the messages, and it hopes to expand its operations in the coming years to every

hemisphere. Along with the text messages, the company is sending up missives written in binary code that explain our understanding of physics. Also fair game? Animated GIFs, and the Verge has a peek at the first one going up— of a guy scratching his ear. NEWS DESK

The belief that human beings can be separated from their histories and traditions makes it possible to urge a Europeanization of the Islamic world. And by the same logic, it underlies the belief that the assimilation to Europe's civilization of Muslim immigrants who are--for good or for ill--already in European states is necessary and desirable. –Talal Asad

28-yeAr-old runs reCord-breAking 100 MArAthons



ADIA Ruiz ran her first marathon at the age of 14, beginning a stretch of 14 years of racing 26.2 miles that culminated in her record-setting 100th marathon in San Francisco on Sunday. Ruiz ran both her first and most recent marathons with her father, who she credits for getting her through the first one. Before her initial marathon, her longest training run was 6 miles. “He told me, ‘You can do it, you can do it,’” she told Runner’s World. “I thought, ‘I can’t let him down.’ We took walk breaks … My dad taught me the power of mental strength that day.” Ruiz doesn’t come from a running background; her family moved to the United States from Ecuador just before she was born. But her enthusiasm for distance running has been infectious: everyone in her family has run a marathon, and her father has run 49. “The more I did, the more my family exercised,” she said. “It’s a positive feedback system. They supported me, but as I was reaching my goals, I was encouraging my family to be healthy.” Why 100? “It was an arbitrary goal,” she said. “But then I started looking to see if there was a record and came across the Guinness

world record and I realized that if I ran between 15 and 20 marathons a year, I could break it way before 30.” The current Guinness record-holder is a British woman who completed her 100th marathon at age 34. Others may have accomplished the feat as

APPlAuse resPonse hAs little to do with PerforMAnCe

well, but haven’t applied for the official Guinness record. Next up, she’s hoping to run a sub 3-hour marathon; she’s already run 3:15. And, she’s hoping others will find inspiration from her record. “I teach at an inner city school and lots the best performers receive the most applause, right? Wrong, suggests a new study that foundapplause dynamics takes on a life of its own during a concert or other event. the research, presented in the latest Journal of the Royal Society interface, found that applause is more like a disease in terms of how it spreads. Applauding turns out to be a form of what’s known as “social contagion.” During the study, “clapping increased in proportion to the number of other audience members already ‘infected’ by this social contagion, regardless of their spatial proximity,” wrote lead author Richard Mann of uppsala university and his colleagues. “the cessation of applause is similarly socially mediated, but is to a lesser degree controlled by the reluctance of individuals to clap too many times.” in other words, we don’t want to be perceived as idiots for clapping too much. the study involved filming groups of 13-20 university students

of kids think that because they come from an immigrant family or a poor family, they can’t go for such goals,” said Ruiz, who teaches high-school biology in Los Angeles. “I want to show them anything can be done no matter what their background.” attending an oral presentation. the findings could likely apply to any kind of mass gathering — even a big family birthday party — where people might applaud. Mann and the other researchers determined that applause dynamics is all about the sound and not about seeing other people clapping. So if you hear other people clapping, you’re likely to applaud too. “the time the audience spends clapping can vary considerably,” the researchers wrote, “even in the absence of any differences in the quality of the presentations they have heard.” the bottom line is that applause appears to have more to do with social dynamics than with how well the singer, speaker, athlete or other on-stage individual is doing. Additional factors, such as whether or not alcohol is consumed, can come into play as well. laughter in groups serves as yet another example of social contagion, as this woman at a televised British game show shows. NEWS DESK

MYSTERIOUS DIE-OFFS IN FLORIDA LAGOON NEWS DESK At least 111 manatees, 300 pelicans, and 46 dolphins — emaciated to the point of skin and bones — were all found dead in America’s most biologically diverse estuary. Something is seriously wrong. The northern stretches of the Indian River Lagoon of Florida has a mass murder mystery that biologists are racing to figure out. The lagoon contains more species than anywhere else in the U.S. It is a barrier island complex stretching across 40 percent of Florida’s coast, around Cape Canaveral, and consisting of the Mosquito Lagoon, the Banana River and the Indian River Lagoon. The lagoon has always been polluted by nutrients and fertilizers running off lawns and farms, but in recent years it appears to have reached some sort of tipping point, says Marty Baum of the Indian Riverkeeper. “The lagoon is in a full collapse, it is ongoing,” he said. In 2011, an algae superbloom covered 130,000 acres that killed off an unprecedented 60 percent of sea grass. A sea grass meadow serves as a shelter and spawning grounds for fish, and in terms of diversity, rates up there with tropical rainforests and reefs. It is also an important food source for manatees.

Manatees began dying in July 2012, 43 of them in just one month. A total of 111 have died, and many of their stomachs were filled with various species of macro-algae. Given their primary food source of sea grass was no longer available, their deaths could have been liked to the diet change, says

Kevin Baxter, spokesman for Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWCC). In August 2012, a brown tide of the algae Aureoumbralagunensis spread through the lagoon. The situation has not improved this year. The brown tide began in April and has crept through the water body.

People have reported between 250 and 300 dead pelicans since January to the FWCC. The birds are emaciated and have heavy parasite loads. Since January, the number of dead bottlenose dolphins has reached 46. Researcher Megan Stolen at the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute

calls this an unusual mortality event, with numbers more than double the average recorded in previous years. The dolphins also look emaciated, similar to the pelicans. This is not the first dolphin mortality event in the Indian River Lagoon. There were die-offs in 2001 and 2008 where the cause of death was undetermined, says Stolen. It has been difficult to isolate a cause because there may not be any one particular smoking gun, she says. “If lots of bad things are happening all at once, we may not find a consistent cause of death,” she says. And bad things are happening in the Indian River Lagoon, Baum stresses. There is so much farmland and laws in Florida that fertilizer is flooded into coastal waters. This is ideal for algae, which need high levels of nutrients and salinity to survive, and which triggered the death of the sea grass. Florida has historically not set stringent limits for the amount of nutrients, such as phosphorous and nitrogen, allowed in its estuaries. That changed in March when Governor Rick Scott signed a law that will set some limits for nutrient loading by the end of 2014. Baum, however, says the law has too many loopholes that could prevent water bodies including the Indian River Lagoon from getting nutrient limits.

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vettori undergoes surgery on Achilles tendon

SPORTS DESK Daniel Vettori underwent a surgery on his troublesome Achilles tendon in London, in a bid to prolong his career. Vettori has been suffering from a chronic Achilles tendon problem and was dogged by the injury during the Champions Trophy. “I did indeed have surgery on Wednesday,” Vettori told New Zealand Herald. “I’m hoping it once and for all clears up my persistent and chronic Achilles problem and lets me train and get fit again.” Vettori, who has been rested from the Twenty20 squad for the two matches against England, admitted he had no set plans related to his recovery and comeback. “In regards to my future, I will see how my rehabilitation goes before I speculate on my career. I have no set plans,” he said. New Zealand’s Group A match against Sri Lanka was Vettori’s first ODI match in two years in which he bowled six overs, picking up one wicket and conceding 16 runs. However, he experienced discomfort while fielding and needed saline injections to help with the pain. Vettori also played the final group match against England but left the field after bowling five overs.

Albie still has some close connections with the area – Karl Krikken

legend Ponting to say goodbye in october SPORTS DESK


ICKY Ponting will retire from all forms of cricket in October. The former Australia captain retired from Test cricket last December to bring his international career to and end but he has continued to play at domestic level since. Ponting, who is currently playing for Surrey in all three formats of the game, will retire after playing for Mumbai Indians in the Champions League in October. The 38-year-old Tasmanian said: ‘While I’m enjoying my cricket as much as ever, it just feels like the right time to finish playing. ‘My body and mind are in great shape and I know I’m going to really enjoy these last few months before the next stage of life begins.’ Ponting has played non-stop cricket since his international retirement and he expressed his pride at winning the Sheffield Shield - Australia’s equivalent of the County Championship - this year. He said: ‘To win the Sheffield Shield with Tasmania in my last game in Australia played at Blundstone Arena, will forever be a memory close to my heart. It’s one of a lifetime of memories that will become even more special to me in retirement. ‘I’m so grateful for the opportunities that the game of cricket has given to me. I’ve played with so many outstanding people at all levels of cricket with lifelong friendships made.’ Ponting will play for Surrey until late July before he heads to the West Indies to play for Antigua Hawksbills in the inaugural Carribbean Premier League. The batsman will then play for Mumbai Indians - who he

represented in this year’s IPL - in the Champions League in October before calling it a day.

Ponting says he is excited at the prospect of spending more time with his family and on the golf course once he retires. ‘I’m excited about what lies ahead,’ he added. ‘We are moving to Melbourne which will be like a new beginning as a family leading a more normal life. ‘I’ll be able to spend more time with family and friends, play a lot more golf and see more of North Melbourne footy games. ‘Rianna and I will continue to build the work of the Ponting Foundation and, with more time on my hands, I’m intending on spending more time

with children with cancer and their families. ‘I’m considering a couple of options in the cricket media and I’m very fortunate to have a wonderful group of commercial partners that I will be continuing to work with. ‘My

autobiography comes out in late October so I’ve also got a couple of busy months on my Book Tour when I get back. I got a taste for the off field demands of coaching, mentoring and leadership at Mumbai. I‘d like to do more of this in the future.’ Ponting played 168 Tests and 375 one-day internationals for his country, averaging 51.85 and 42.03 with the bat respectively. He will play in Surrey’s County Championship match against Yorkshire at Headingley starting on Friday.

iPl probe panel to meet on friday SPORTS DESK The two judges who comprise the panel appointed by the BCCI to inquire into the complaints against Gurunath Meiyappan and Raj Kundra, and the owners of Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals, will meet in person for the first time in Bangalore on Friday. Nearly a month after they were appointed, Justice T Jayaram Chouta and R Balasubramanian will discuss with Ratnakar Shetty, BCCI’s general manager of game development, the working of the probe. The judges are likely to specify their requirements to the BCCI during what Chouta, the chairman of the commission, called a “preliminary” meeting. If they feel they require office space and administrative staff in Bangalore Chouta’s hometown - it will be provided. “The panel will discuss its preferred mode of operation,” Shetty told ESPNcricinfo. “It will be provided with all the operational and administrative assistance.” Shetty, along with members of the BCCI’s legal team, had met Chouta at his residence on June 15 and handed over the necessary documents to begin the process. Since the BCCI had not set a deadline for the panel to submit its findings, it remains to be seen if the judges try and make up for the time lost due to BCCI’s administrative unrest. Following the arrests of three Rajasthan Royals cricketers and that of Meiyappan, a Super Kings management member and BCCI president N Srinivasan’s son-inlaw, the following week, the board had announced on May 28 that a threemember commission would conduct the internal inquiry against both the teams and Meiyappan. However, following Sanjay Jagdale’s resignation from the panel and as BCCI secretary, it was reconstituted on June 10. Since Rajasthan Royals co-owner Raj Kundra had allegedly admitted to his involvement in betting on his team’s matches to Delhi Police, the panel was also asked to look into the complaint filed against him. Chouta had retired after serving as a judge of the Karnataka and Madras High Court. Balasubramanian was a judge at the Madras High Court from 1996 to 2007. After his retirement, he has been practising in the Supreme Court.

Anderson the catalyst for crushing win THE OvAL AGENCIES

It was not, perhaps, the scenario spectators expected when they bought their tickets. The result was hardly in doubt by 11am; the result was decided before 5pm and several snoozed in the sun for long periods in the afternoon. For the impartial onlooker, this was probably a rather boring game. But from an England perspective, this was wonderfully, gloriously, beautifully boring game. After many years where success in ODI cricket has been a brief interlude in a general drama of pain, England secured their place in the final of a global ODI competition for the first time since 2004 and the second time since 1992. They may never have a better chance of shedding the embarrassing tag as the only team in this competition not to have won such a title. The uncharacteristic show of emotion from Jonathan Trott upon hitting the winning runs was telling. It has been an ambition of his for some time to play in the final of this competition at his home ground of Edgbaston and here he produced a typically calm innings to ensure it will happen. Nerveless and apparently unhurried, he still managed to score at close to a run-aball and, in his last 12 ODIs, has now registered one century, five half-centuries and been dismissed for under 37 only once. He has averaged 75.77 in that time. He will never win over all his critics but, in this situation, there is no more reassuring sight

in English cricket than Trott scrapping his mark. It would be easy to take Trott’s runs for granted. But, when Alastair Cook and Ian Bell fell, England were 41 for 2 and only another wicket away from seeing their slightly vulnerable middle-order exposed. Pressure appears to bring the best out of Trott, though, and he led the run chase with the remorselessness of a hunter pursuing its prey. “It was quite a high pressure situation,” Cook said afterwards. “Trotty played a great innings,” But this was not a victory set-up by England’s batsmen. It was set-up by England’s excellence in the field and a woefully poor performance with the bat from South Africa. Winning the toss on a humid morning was, doubtless, an advantage and James Anderson, in particular, exploited it expertly. But there is no getting away from the fact that South Africa’s top-order folded with pathetic weakness. So England were fortunate. They were fortunate that South Africa were without Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel and Graeme Smith and Jacques Kallis. They were fortunate to win the toss. And they were fortunate their opposition played so badly. Good fortune tends to follow when a team plays consistently good cricket. It tends to follow when a team applies consistent pressure. It exploits any weakness and forces mistakes. The very best teams may not always be beaten by such a tactic, but it is the best plan England

have and they follow it with precision. They will not start the final as favourites, but there are certainly not no-hopers either. If Anderson were the sort to care about such trifles, he might consider himself unfortunate not to be named the Man of the Match. He bowled an excellent first spell that set the tone for the entire game. There has been precious little conventional swing available in this competition, but Anderson found just enough to account for Colin Ingram and Robin Peterson, both of whom were set up by out swing and trapped by deliveries that swung in amid a spell that threatened consistently and offered the batsmen almost nothing. While Steven Finn and Stuart Broad were disappointing, James Tredwell sustained the pressure with a spell that won him the match award. While only the odd delivery turned, it was enough to plant a seed of doubt in the minds of the batsmen and Tredwell, varying his pace subtly and bowling a tight line, benefitted as the ball sometimes turned but more often skidded on to batsmen playing without conviction. There were other impressive performers for England. Jos Buttler, who has enjoyed a fine tournament as a wicketkeeper to date, equalled the England record for the most dismissals in an ODI by claiming six catches - one an excellent diving catch down the legside; another a good diving catch to his right to dismiss Hashim Amla and a couple of neat efforts standing up to Tredwell - while Cook

captained with ever increasing confidence and individuality. It would be premature to compare Cook to Mike Brearley or similar but, just as he improved as a Test and then ODI batsman, he showed here that he is developing into far more than a ‘captain by numbers.’ His decision to allow Anderson a seven-over opening spell was unusual, if hardly groundbreaking, while his use of

three slips at times showed a welcome desire to attack when appropriate. England may face some tricky selection decisions ahead of the final. Tim Bresnan, his baby now safely delivered, will be available and may well replace Steven Finn, while Tredwell will be hard to omit even if Graeme Swann is fully recovered. They are not the worst issues with which to wrestle.

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This will just really focus the guys and when we come back into pre-season we know we have to hit the ground running – Rio Ferdinand




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NDIA passed their first test of genuine English conditions on an overcast Thursday evening as they seamed out Sri Lanka by eight wickets to enter their third Champions Trophy final. After restricting Lanka to 181/8 through a combination of astute swing and spin, India romped home with 15 overs to spare as Shikhar Dhawan continued his impressive run with 68 and Virat Kohli hastened the inevitable with a blistering unbeaten 58. Dhawan was reprieved by captain Angelo Mathews at slip when he had scored 18 - a costly miss - and he went on to smash his second half-century of the tournament, to go with the two centuries he plundered in the first couple of matches. Kohli then reeled in victory in a great hurry, peppering his fifty with disdainful boundaries against Sri Lanka’s trump card Lasith Malinga and a towering six off nolonger-mysterious spinner Ajantha Mendis, the last 50 runs of the chase coming in just five overs. India will face hosts England in Sunday’s final – arguably the two best sides over the last fortnight meeting for the title – with an unblemished record of four wins in as many matches. Sri Lanka’s paltry total was an outcome of an overall good bowling show. Paceman Ishant Sharma and off-spinner R. Ashwin picked up three wickets each, while Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav and Ravindra Jadeja bowled with marked control and economy. CRUCIAL TOSS A wet outfield delayed the start by some thirty minutes with India assured of making the final in case of a wash-out, on account of having topped their league

friendly cricket match commemorates world refugee day


Society for Human rights and Prisoners Aid (SHARP) organised a friendly cricket match between Afghan nationals as a part of World Refugee Day events. This cricket match was arranged in Model Town Park. The main objective of arranging friendly cricket match was to celebrate world refugee day with full enthusiasm in order to make them feel important and worthy and to spread awareness among masses about the rights of refugees. SHARP Lahore office Field Manager Zainab Raza Jafri welcomed cricket teams, honorable guests from different NGOs and worthy audience. She gave a brief introduction of working and strategy of SHARP for the promotion and uplift of rights of refugees. Cricket match started with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran and national anthem. An awareness session was also arranged in order to give awareness about Refugee and World Refugee Day by distributing the pamphlets and material about SHARP. The Afghan Commissionerate Commissioner appreciated the efforts of SHARP for working the right of refugees over a decade and arranging a healthy activity for Afghan nationals. At the end trophy was given to the winning team.

group. As it happened, they took the honorable path into the title clash. Movement away from the left-hander spelled early doom after Dhoni elected to field. And such was seam’s dominance that the captain himself forsook the big gloves to have a bowl, as Dinesh Karthik did duty behind the stumps. SEAm ATTACK Bhuvneshwar drew first blood by snaring Kusal Perera (4) on the outside edge. Ishant then aimed one across Lahiru Thirimane (7) for Raina’s second catch at second slip. The lanky fast bowler followed it up anther slanter to Kumar Sangakkara (17), who looked utterly displeased at being lured into what became Raina’s third catch. Sri Lanka’s 41/3 after 18 was rendered worse as it came after Tillakaratne Dilshan’s fifth-over retirement. Mahela Jayawardene (38) and Angelo Mathews (51) made a slow progress to normalcy, the captain coloring play with a straight six off Ishant’s good length ball. DHOnI BOwLS The introduction of Ravindra Jadeja and - would you believe it! - MS Dhoni’s leg cutters eased the pressure somewhat.Dhoni appeared to have struck second ball as he trapped Jayawardene on the backfoot. But the indignant Sri Lankan was acquitted on the review, which revealed a thick inside edge on to the pad. Mathews too survived after a successful review when replays indicated that Jadeja’s delivery would have sizzled over the stumps. No sooner did Sri Lanka opt for the Batting Powerplay that the 78-run union was severed. Jadeja castled Jayawardene early into the restricted phase as just 12 came from the crucial five overs. ASHwIn ExCELS R. Ashwin was now in his groove, a prolonged pause heralding each delivery, and in conjunction with the newlymustachioed left-arm spinner Jadeja, allowed no space for stroke play. Mathews reached fifty and almost on cue perished to the carrom ball with about

SCOREbOARD SRI LANKA 4 MDKj Perera c Raina b Kumar 18 TM Dilshan not out KC Sangakkara† c Raina b I Sharma 17 HDRL Thirimanne c Raina b I Sharma 7 DPMD jayawardene b jadeja 38 51 AD Mathews* c Kumar b Ashwin 25 bMAj Mendis st †Dhoni b Ashwin NLTC Perera c Dhawan b I Sharma 0 KMDN Kulasekara b Ashwin 1 7 SL Malinga not out 13 EXTRAS (lb 2, w 11) 181 TOTAL DID NOT bAT HMRKb Herath FALL OF WICKETS 1-6 (MDKj Perera, 2.4 ov), 1-17* (Dilshan, retired not out, 4.3 ov), 2-36 (Thirimanne, 15.2 ov), 3-41 (Sangakkara, 17.6 ov), 4-119 (jayawardene, 36.1 ov), 5-158 (Mathews, 45.5 ov), 6-160 (NLTC Perera, 46.5 ov), 7-164 (Kulasekara, 47.5 ov), 8-171 (Mendis, 49.1 ov) bOWLING b Kumar 9-2-18-1, UT yadav 8-2-30-0, I Sharma 9-1-33-3, RA jadeja 10-1-33-1, MS Dhoni 4-0-17-0, R Ashwin 10-1-48-3 INDIA RG Sharma b Mathews 33 68 S Dhawan st †Sangakkara b Mendis 58 V Kohli not out SK Raina not out 7 16 EXTRAS (b 1, lb 5, w 10) 182 TOTAL DID NOT bAT KD Karthik, MS Dhoni*†, RA jadeja, R Ashwin, I Sharma, b Kumar, UT yadav Fall of wickets 1-77 (RG Sharma, 16.6 ov), 2-142 (Dhawan, 31.5 ov) bOWLING KMDN Kulasekara 10-0-45-0, SL Malinga 8-0-54-0, NLTC Perera 6-0-25-0, AD Mathews 4-0-10-1, HMRKb Herath 4-0-14-0, bMAj Mendis 3-0-28-1 Match details Toss India, who chose to field Series India advanced Player of the match tba Umpires Aleem Dar (Pakistan) and RA Kettleborough TV umpire Nj Llong Match referee bC broad Reserve umpire Ij Gould

four overs remaining, Sri Lanka on 158 and going at barely over three per over. Dilshan hobbled out after Ashwin bowled Nuwan Kulasekara around his legs and saw the Chennai off-spinner add a third when he had Ajantha Mendis stumped, himself remaining unbeaten on 18. pERFECT CHASE India suffered the first jolt when Rohit Sharma, until then the epitome of caution, charged Angelo Mathews and was bowled

for 33 in the 17th over, ending the 77-run opening partnership between him and Dhawan. The openers had lived dangerously. Rohit edged Kulasekara to the third man fence and survived a huge ‘lbw’ appeal, thanks to an inside edge. Dhawan was all over Malinga before before uppercutting him magnificently for six. DHAwAn DROppED The dangerous left-hander was dropped on 18 at slip by Mathews off Nuwan

Pietersen makes england return SPORTS DESK Kevin Pietersen, who returns to firstclass action for Surrey against Yorkshire at Headingley on Friday, is poised to make his England return against New Zealand next Thursday on his home ground at The Kia Oval. He has been named in a 14-strong squad for two T20 internationals against New Zealand, but is only scheduled to play in the second match on June 27. Eoin Morgan captains a squad which includes two uncapped players in Yorkshire’s Gary Ballance and the Warwickshire fast bowler Boyd

Rankin and which, Pietersen apart, does not include any player likely to figure in the first Investec Ashes Test against Australia at Trent Bridge on July 10 It would be his first match for England since the Wellington Test against New Zealand in March after which he broke down with a bruised knee bone, causing him to miss the IPL, start of the English season and the Champions Trophy. Pietersen will join the squad for the second match provided he successfully completes what will be a rare Championship outing for Surrey back on the Headingley ground nearly

rutherford, lAthAM PiCked for t20 sQuAd SPORTS DESK New Zealand have picked batsmen Hamish Rutherford and Tom Latham, along with left-arm spinner Roneel Hira in the squad for the two Twenty20 matches against England next week. New Zealand have excluded the injured trio of Daniel Vettori, Tim Southee and Grant Elliott, while Kane Williamson and the out-of-form wicketkeeper Luke Ronchi will also return to New Zealand. Rutherford, who scored a century on his Test debut earlier this year, has played all three of his T20 matches against England during their tour to New Zealand in March earlier this year. Latham has played three T20s, while Hira has played 13 games for New Zealand. Vettori underwent surgery on his Achilles tendon injury, after he struggled through the Champions Trophy, his first ODI tournament in two years. Vettori bowled 11 overs in two matches but looked in discomfort, even receiving saline injections for pain during the match against Sri Lanka. Elliott suffered a calf injury prior to the Group A match against England and was replaced by Corey Anderson in the Champions Trophy squad. Southee, too, missed the match against England after he was ruled out due to an ankle injury. The two T20 matches will be played on June 25 and June 27 at The Oval. Squad: Brendon McCullum (capt), Corey Anderson, Doug Bracewell, Ian Butler, James Franklin, Martin Guptill, Roneel Hira, Tom Latham, Mitchell McClenaghan, Nathan McCullum, Kyle Mills, Colin Munro, Hamish Rutherford, Ross Taylor.

11 months after his complaints about dressing room tensions led to a prolonged stand-off with officialdom. The squad is also notable for the inclusion of Ben Stokes, who was sent home from the Lions tour of Australia in February after two breaches of discipline, and Alex Hales, who was disciplined but not sent home after an incident on the same tour. Rankin announced his retirement from Ireland cricket at the end of 2012 but, until he plays for England, could reverse that decision without serving any qualification period. Aged 29 in a couple of weeks and with a history of injury problems, his inclusion in an England team would be highly likely to close the door on a Ireland return. Geoff Miller, England’s national selector, said: “With an intense period of cricket coming up we are conscious that we need to manage the workloads of our players throughout the summer and this NatWest series gives an opportunity for players who have performed well in domestic cricket and on the England Performance Programme and with the Lions to step up and test themselves in an international environment. “New Zealand are a talented limited-overs side and with a World T20 competition less than a year away this series gives us a chance to look at a number of different options.” England squad: Eoin Morgan (Middlesex, capt), Gary Ballance (Yorkshire), Ravi Bopara (Essex), Danny Briggs (Hampshire), Jos Buttler (Somerset), Jade Dernbach (Surrey), Alex Hales (Nottinghamshire), Michael Lumb (Nottinghamshire), Kevin Pietersen (Surrey), Boyd Rankin (Warwickshire), Ben Stokes (Durham), James Tredwell (Kent), Chris Woakes (Warwickshire), Luke Wright (Sussex).

Kulasekara. In the next over, Rohit’s edge off Perera fell just short of first slip, as India reached exactly 40 after the mandatory Powerplay. Dhawan was finally out when he failed to read the wrong ‘un from Ajantha Mendis, with India needing 41 to win in 18 overs. Kohli, whose mastery of Malinga was apparent yet again, switched gears and guided India to victory with 90 balls to spare.

200 plus golfers to participate in 5th independence day Cup

KARACHI: The four days 5th Independence Day Cup Open Golf Championship 2013 has commenced at Defence Authority Country & Golf Club from Thursday, 20th June’ 2013. The coveted tournament is being held from 20th to 23rd June 2013 in which a large number of golfers from all over the country are participating. The tournament is open to all Associations/Golf Clubs affiliated with Pakistan Golf Federation (PGF). Professionals registered with PGF, senior professionals of age 55 years & above, juniors (under 16), master (under 14), veterans and a large number of ladies are also participating in the tournament. A total of 200 plus golfers are participating in the tournament which also include 120 professionals from all over the country. 150 golfers will participate in the main match. The celebrated national golfers Shabbir Iqbal, Matloob and Muneer who have participated in South Asian racket are also playing the tournament. The main match being played is of stroke play over 54 holes (18 holes everyday). However the cut will take place after 36 holes for professionals and for amateurs it will be decided on number of entries. The overall total prize money for the tournament is Rs. 1.7 million. Rs. 1500,000/= prizes will be given to the professionals while the senior professionals will be given a prize of Rs. 200,000/=. In addition to this, a 1300 CC car will be given to the first winner performing the feat of hole in one. The prize distribution ceremony will be held at the end of the tournament at 1800 Hours on 23rd June 2013 at Defence Authority Country & Golf Club. AGENCIES

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My prayers and support always goes out to the rape victim. In this case, most especially, to an innocent 16-year-old child – Serena Williams

17 S

SPORTS Friday, 21 June, 2013

Players commit to playing in dhaka league SPORTS DESK Bangladesh’s professional cricketers have withdrawn their threat to boycott the Dhaka Premier Division Cricket League. The decision was taken after assurances from the Bangladesh Cricket Board that the new gradation- and rotation-based system of players’ transfers would only be applicable to this season. Former Bangladesh batsman Tushar Imran confirmed the development after some of the players met the Cricket Committee of Dhaka Metropolis chairman, Jalal Yunus on Wednesday. “We have informed them that we will play from July 3,” Imran said. “But we have some demands, one of which is to get rid of the gradation and rotation system from next season. We have also asked for 70% advance payment.” On June 17, the cricketers had threatened to “stay away” from the league to protest against the new transfer system, which allowed Dhaka clubs to pick players in a process similar to the draft system in American sports.

geoff Cook in hospital after heart attack SPORTS DESK Geoff Cook, Durham’’s head coach, has been was taken to hospital and is undergoing treatment for a suspected heart attack. A Durham club spokesman has confirmed: “Geoff Cook was taken ill at Chester-le-Street this morning. He was taken to hospital and is undergoing treatment for a suspected heart attack. The club is awaiting further news on his condition and our thoughts are with Geoff, Judith and his family.”

india to play five odis in zimbabwe SPORTS DESK SCHEDULE July 24 - 1st ODI, Harare July 26 - 2nd ODI, Harare July 28- 3rd ODI, Harare July 31 - 4th ODI, Bulawayo August 3 - 5th ODI, Bulawayo India will tour Zimbabwe for a series of five one-dayers starting July 24 and ending on August 3, the BCCI has confirmed. It will be India’s next international assignment after their tri-series in the West Indies that concludes on July 11. The first three one-dayers will be played in Harare, with the last two in Bulawayo. India had confirmed their tour following a BCCI working committee meeting earlier this month. The trip had earlier been put on hold, with the board citing the ‘fatigue factor.’ It is uncertain at this stage if the selectors will stick to a full-strength squad. When India last went to Zimbabwe, in 2010, Suresh Raina captained a young side, and didn’t make it to the final of the one-day tri-series.

Chandila sent to judicial custody until July 2 SPORTS DESK Ajit Chandila, the only Rajasthan Royals player yet to be out on bail in relation to the IPL spot-fixing case, was remanded to judicial custody until July 2. A Delhi court had sentenced Chandila to police custody for three days on June 17 and also deferred his bail plea, along with five others’, including former Ranji player Baburao Yadav, till June 22 after being informed by the police that some statements of the bookies arrested in the same case had to be placed on record. The Delhi Police said they had completed their custodial interrogation, following which a vacation judge ruled that Chandila would be sent to Tihar jail for 12 days. Ajit Chandila, Sreesanth and Ankeet Chavan were arrested, along with 11 bookies on May 16 and charged under the Indian Penal Code section 420 and 120B, which deal with fraud, cheating and conspiracy.

robson, bAltAChA And wAtson All lose EASTBOURNE



AURA Robson dropped out of the WTA Eastbourne event as she lost to fifth seed Caroline Wozniacki 6-4 6-4 in the second round. Robson showed patches of quality in the match against the former world number one but ultimately produced too many unforced errors to sustain her upset bid. Wozniacki sealed the victory with a break of serve, but Robson will be cursing herself as she fired two double faults in that final game. “I love it here. The crowd is always amazing. I love playing on grass and Eastbourne is such a home tournament,” Wozniacki told the BBC. “I think I’ve been here 10 years in a row. I love it here and I want to come back every year. Laura was serving very well today. She was putting the pressure on me when I was serving too.” It was the second big win for Wozniacki over Robson this month as she also beat the British number one at the French Open and she seemed to be boosted by having her famous boyfriend – golf star Rory McIlroy – watching her from the stands. Maria Kirilenko ended Elena Baltacha’s good run of victories with a three-set win. Baltacha had won a challenger in Nottingham last week and her first round match at Eastbourne but was defeated by the sixth seeded Russian in a tight contest 4-6 6-4 6-3.

Baltacha, working her way back from a foot injury, will be pleased that she pushed the world number 10 all the way in the hot conditions in East Sussex ahead of Wimbledon next week where she has been awarded a wild card. She even broke Kirilenko in the first game of the second set but the Russian struck right back before claiming the win. “If I said to you maybe eight weeks ago that I was going to win Nottingham and come here and lose to Kirilenko, I wouldn’t have grumbled. It’s a great platform for me to move forward,” Baltacha told the BBC. “She had everything to lose and I knew I had everything to gain. I gave everything I could. I tried hard not to get pushed around, I gave it absolutely everything.” To cap a bad day for British players, Heather Watson was then beaten by Elena Vesnina as she ran out of steam losing 6-1 3-6 6-2 to the unseeded Russian. Kirlenko will next face Yanina Wickmayer of Belgium who upset former Wimbledon champion and fourth seed Petra Kvitova 3-6 6-4 7-5. Second seed Li Na also moved into the quarter-finals of the event although the Chinese star didn’t even have to play as her opponent Marion Bartoli withdrew with illness. She will next face Vesnina. In-form American Jamie Hampton is also in the last eight as she followed on her surprised win over top seed Agnieszka Radwanska with a 6-4 7-6(2) win over Hsieh Su-Wei. She will next face Lucie Safarova who beat former US Open champions Samantha Stosur7-6(5) 6-3.

hewitt suMMoned to APPeAr in Court on sexuAl Abuse ChArges Former Wimbledon doubles champion Bob Hewitt has been served a summons to appear in a South African court following allegations he sexually abused young girls. The 73-year-old Australian, who won five men’s doubles titles at SW19 with Fred Stolle and Frew McMillan, has been ordered to appear at Boksburg Magistrate’s Court near Johannesburg on August 16. South Africa’s National Prosecuting Authority would not say what the charges are against Hewitt but he has been at the centre of a long investigation into accusations he abused and raped girls as far back as the 1970s and through to the 1990s. Hewitt, a winner of 15 Grand slam doubles titles, was indefinitely suspended from the International Tennis Hall of Fame last year because of the allegations. SPORTS DESK wTA EASTBOURnE SECOnD ROUnD RESULTS ekaterina Makarova (russia) beat 3-Angelique Kerber (Germany) 6-3 6-4 elena Vesnina (russia) beat heather Watson (Britain) 6-1 3-6 6-2 5-Caroline Wozniacki (denmark) beat Laura robson (Britain) 6-4 6-4 yanina Wickmayer (Belgium) beat 4-petra Kvitova (Czech republic) 3-6 6-4 7-5 6-Maria Kirilenko (russia) beat elena Baltacha (Britain) 4-6 6-4 6-3 Jamie hampton (U.S.) beat hsieh Su-Wei (taiwan) 64 7-6(2)

Lucie Safarova (Czech republic) beat Samantha Stosur (Australia) 7-6(5) 6-3 2-Li na (China) beat Marion Bartoli (France)Wo WtA ‘s-hertogenbosch second round results Simona halep (romania) beat 1-roberta Vinci (Italy) 6-0 6-1 2-dominika Cibulkova (Slovakia) beat Anabel Medina Garrigues (Spain) 2-6 6-4 6-3 4-Kirsten Flipkens (Belgium) beat Michaella Krajicek (netherlands) 7-6(6) 7-6(3) Garbine Muguruza Blanco (Spain) beat Lauren davis (U.S.) 6-2 6-0 Lesia tsurenko (Ukraine) beat Stefanie Voegele (Switzerland) 6-1 7-6(4)

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In the closing rounds when you’re gasping for breath and short of energy, hearing the crowd cheering me on will lift me and push me on – Danny Butler

sky AnnounCe

Chris’s support cast




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wAtCh It LIve PTV SPORTS 2nd Semi-Final: India v Sri Lanka

02:30 PM

Ahmed bill passes Australian senate



Paul graham looks forward to July 28 SPORTS DESK After a few changes to the line up, Prospect Boxing supremo Paul Graham still expects his June 28th show at Cleland Miners Welfare Club in Motherwell on Friday June 28th to be a success. “Its no secret we’ve had a few changes to the line up, but in some cases this has definitely worked to the shows favour as we have ended up with more entertaining fights. I have been involved in a few shows now, so I am definitely getting used to the merry-go-round that is promoting” Making his professional debut is Ayr’s Martin McCord, who takes on Dundee’s Mike Towell over six rounds. After a few non starts the promoter is looking to forward to see McCord get in the ring “Martin has been raring to go for a while. He has had a few offers to fight away and has taken them only for the show to be cancelled at late notice, so its good to be able to get him out and fighting.” With a points loss in his last outing, Wishaw’s Mark Parvin will be looking to get back to winning ways as he takes on Cumbria’s Martyn King in a six round contest. With a full training camp under his belt, Parvin is looking to write the wrongs of his loss: “I have studied the fight and been working on making improvements to ensure I am the winner. I have seen a little bit of Martyn King and he’s durable. So he’s perfect comeback for me.” Hoping to stretch his unbeaten run to three fights, Fauldhouse’s Sean Watson takes on Manchester’s Abdul Rashid over 4 rounds. Rashid replaces Michael Stupart, but the former professional referee expects a tough nights work: “I picked Rashid as he has never actually been stopped in a fight. Sean had a few personal problems which lead to us having to reschedule the date, but he has thrown himself into his training and is telling he cant wait to get in the ring on June 28th.”

EAM Sky have named four British riders in their line-up for the Tour de France with a strong line-up assembled to support Chris Froome in his bid for the coveted yellow jersey. Geraint Thomas, Ian Stannard and Peter Kennaugh are joined by Richie Porte, Edvald Boasson Hagen, Vasil Kiryienka, David Lopez and Kanstantin Siutsou. Eight of the team raced at the recent Criterium du Dauphine, where Froome came first and Porte - who will be Froome’s chief lieutenant in the mountains - second, with Belarussian Siutsou joining that line-up for the Tour de France challenge. Only Froome, Boasson Hagen, Porte and Siutsou return from the team that helped Bradley Wiggins win the race last year. Team Principal Sir Dave Brailsford said: “Making the final selection of riders has been especially tough this year but we believe that we’ve found the right combination for the Tour de France. We have a group of nine riders that are all in great form and ready for the challenge ahead. “The Tour de France has been the main goal for Chris this season and he goes into the race in great shape. With four stage-race wins this year Chris has not only grown as a rider but also importantly as a leader. “Around him are eight quality riders who have each earned their place in the team. They will add the climbing ability and the engines to provide the perfect support for Chris, especially in the crucial mountain stages. “We’ve seen what this group are capable of at the Dauphine and all have raced with Chris successfully at some stage this year. “We have got a very strong squad for the Tour and we’re all looking forward to getting underway.” Froome, who was second last year and is looking to go one better after a stand-out season, was delighted with the balance in the team. Froome said: “I’m delighted with the balance in this team and every one of these riders is going to play a pivotal role once the racing begins. Most of us were at the Criterium du Dauphine and I was hugely impressed there with the way the team came together in control of the leader’s jersey. It gave me huge faith and I could not be happier with the selection. “Ian, Vasil and Kosta each possess


huge engines that you can’t go into a Tour without. They will be controlling things on the front for long periods of the race and pacing me once the climbing begins. Geraint, David and Pete will then take up the reins. Those guys have really improved their climbing abilities and will be a massive help when the pace really ramps up in the mountains. “In Richie we simply have one of the strongest climbers in the world. He is another rider who’s more than capable of winning a Grand Tour in his own right. Having him in our ranks gives us a number of different options to play. The same applies with Edvald – he is flying after his victories in Norway and the Dauphine, and he has already proved he can win stages at the Tour. “We’re ready, excited and can’t wait to get going.” RIDER pROFILES: Chris Froome - Great Britain – age 28 He heads into the Tour as team leader, with a string of stage-race wins in 2013 at the Tour of Oman, Criterium International, Tour de Romandie and Criterium du Dauphine. Previously on the podium in two Grand Tours; last year’s Tour de France and the 2011 Vuelta a Espana. Richie porte - Australia – age 28 An integral part of Team Sky’s successful Tour de France team in 2012, he is currently in his most impressive season to date. The Tasmanian climber captured his biggest win to date at Paris-Nice in February and was second at both Vuelta al Pais Vasco and Criterium du Dauphine. Edvald Boasson Hagen - norway – age 26 The Norwegian all-rounder has linedup at each of Team Sky’s three Tour de France appearances – the only everpresent – winning two stages, including the team’s first Tour stage win in 2011. He can contest sprints and turn into a powerful climbing domestique.

peter Kennaugh mBE - Great Britain – age 24 He makes his Tour de France debut this year after impressing at the Tour du Dauphine joining. Born on the Isle of Man, he won Olympic Gold for Britain in the team pursuit at London 2012, alongside team-mate Geraint Thomas. Vasil Kiryienka - Belarus – age 31 New to Team Sky this year, the Belarusian has gained wide recognition for tireless stints on the front of the peloton and is a key asset on the climbs. He will mark his 32nd birthday on the eve of this year’s Grand Depart in Corsica. David López - Spain – age 32 Joined Team Sky this season and has played a key part in Chris Froome’s victories at the Tour de Romandie and Criterium du Dauphine. This will be his third Tour de France but his first in Team Sky colours. He brings invaluable experience and a relaxed demeanour. Kanstantsin Siutsou - Belarus – age 30 One of two Belarusians in the line-up, he brings both power and climbing prowess in equal measure. ‘Kosta’ has made four previous appearances in the Tour de France but his last, in 2012, ended early after he broke his leg in a first-week crash. Ian Stannard - Great Britain – age 26 A second rider making his Tour debut, the 2012 British national road champion has earned legions of fans due to his unwavering work ethic and dedication to the cause. One of the most powerful men in the peloton, Stannard is a huge asset over three weeks. Geraint Thomas mBE - GB – age 27 After making his Tour debut in 2007 he wore the white jersey for Team Sky during both 2010 and 2011. The Welshborn rider has won two Olympic Golds in the team pursuit, in Beijing and London, and returns to the Tour after a year spent focused on the track.

Fawad Ahmed is expected to be eligible for the full Ashes series after the Australian Senate passed a bill that would allow his citizenship to be fast-tracked. The legislation has now passed through both houses of parliament and after it is rubber-stamped by the governor-general Ahmed will be eligible to obtain an Australian passport, which should make him available for the first Ashes Test. However, although it is likely that Ahmed will be called into the squad it is by no means certain. On Wednesday, he and the 19-year-old left-arm spinner Ashton Agar were named in the Australia A squad to tour Zimbabwe and South Africa in July and August, while the Ashes is being played, and both men will be in contention if another spinner is added to the Ashes touring party. “We’ve got a couple of spinners we’re mulling over at the moment,” the coach Mickey Arthur told the ABC. “We’ve got Nathan Lyon in the squad. If the weather stays like this we might consider another spinner. There’s been no clear-cut decision on that as yet.” Arthur discuss the possible inclusion of another spinner with fellow selectors John Inverarity and Rod Marsh this weekend in Bristol, where Australia A will play against Gloucestershire in the final match of their tour of the British Isles. While it is unclear at this stage whether Ahmed will travel to Africa or remain with the Ashes squad, a Cricket Australia spokesman said the progress of the bill through parliament was encouraging. “This is pleasing news for CA and a big step forward in a process that will help enable Fawad Ahmed become an Australian citizen,” the spokesman said. “Pending royal assent by the governorgeneral, the Bill will become law and Ahmed will be considered for Australian citizenship, subject to the normal tests and assessments that any citizenship applicant would go through.”

Woods out of action until the open due to elbow strain SPORTS DESK Tiger Woods has been diagnosed with a left elbow strain that will keep him out of competition until next month’s Open at Muirfield, the world number one said on Wednesday. Woods had been suffering minor discomfort before last week’s U.S. Open at Merion, where he aggravated the problem and was seen wincing and shaking his left arm on several occasions. “I was examined after I returned home from the U.S. Open, and the doctors determined I have a left elbow strain,” the American said in a statement on his website. “I have been advised to take a few weeks off, rest and undergo treatment. I’ll be ready to go for the British Open and I’m looking forward to playing at Muirfield.” The 14-times major champion was a big favourite to win the U.S. Open but poor putting and iron play left him 12 shots behind winner Justin Rose. Woods had been scheduled to play in

the June 27-30 AT&T National at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Maryland, where he triumphed

last year to move past Jack Nicklaus into second place on the all-time PGA Tour winners’ list.

The July 18-21 British Open at Muirfield in Scotland is the third of golf’s four annual major championships.

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karzai eases opposition to peace talks KABUL AGENCIES


HE Taliban offered to free a US soldier held captive since 2009 in exchange for five prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, while Afghan President Hamid Karzai eased his opposition Thursday to joining planned peace talks. The idea of releasing some of the Taliban’s most senior operatives has been controversial over fears they would simply return to the battlefield. The proposal to trade US Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for the Taliban detainees was made by senior Taliban spokesman Shaheen Suhail in response to a question during an exclusive phone interview with The Associated Press from his newly opened political office in Doha, the capital of the Gulf nation of Qatar. The prisoner exchange is the first item on the Taliban’s agenda before even opening peace talks with the US, said Suhail, a top Taliban figure who served as first sec-

retary at the Afghan Embassy in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad before the Taliban government’s ouster in 2001. “First has to be the release of detainees,” Suhail said Thursday when asked about Bergdahl. “Yes. It would be an exchange. Then step by step, we want to build bridges of confidence to go forward.” Bergdahl, 27, of Hailey, Idaho, is the only known American soldier held captive from the Afghan war. He disappeared from his base in southeastern Afghanistan on June 30, 2009, and is believed held in Pakistan. Afghan and US officials have said the Taliban being considered for any exchange deal are: n Mohammad Fazl, a former Taliban chief of army staff and the deputy minister of defence. n Abdul Haq Wasiq, former Taliban deputy minister of intelligence, who was in direct contact with supreme leader Mullah Mohammed Omar during the Taliban rule, according to military documents. n Mullah Norullah Nuri, who has been

described as one of the most significant former Taliban officials held at Guantanamo. He was a senior Taliban commander in Mazar-e-Sharif and previously was a Taliban governor in two provinces in northern Afghanistan,— Khairullah Khairkhwa, a former Taliban minister of the interior and military commander. According to military documents, he had direct ties to Mullah Omar and Osama bin Laden and was also a friend of Karzai. n Mohammed Nabi, former chief of security for the Taliban in Qalat, the capital of the southern province of Zabul. If the Taliban hold talks with American delegates in the next few days, they will be the first US-Taliban talks in nearly 1 1/2 years. US Secretary of State John Kerry was expected in Doha ahead of a conference there scheduled for Saturday on the Syrian civil war. He was not expected to meet with the Taliban although other US officials might in coming days. On Wednesday in Washington, State De-

partment spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the US had “never confirmed” any specific meeting schedule with Taliban representatives in Doha. Prospective peace talks were again thrown into question Wednesday when Karzai became infuriated by the Taliban’s move to cast their new office in Doha as a rival embassy. The Taliban held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday in which they hoisted their flag and a banner that evoked the name they used while in power more than a decade ago: “Political Office of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.” Later, the Taliban replaced the sign to read simply: “Political office of the Taliban.” The US expectation had been that US-Taliban talks would be followed several days later with direct talks between the Taliban and a Karzai peace delegation. But on Wednesday, Karzai announced that his government would not participate, apparently also angered by the way Kabul had been sidelined in the US-Taliban bid for rapprochement. The Afghan president also suspended negotiations with the United

States on a bilateral security agreement. That left US officials scrambling to save the talks, and Kerry spoke with Karzai in phone conversations in an effort to bring him back on board. On Thursday, Karzai spokesman Fayeq Wahidi said the Afghan president is willing to join peace talks with the Taliban if the US follows through with promises he said were made by Kerry over the phone. Wahidi said Kerry promised Karzai that the Taliban flag and a nameplate with their former regime’s name would be removed and that the US would issue a formal written statement supporting the Afghan government and making clear that the Taliban office would not be seen as an embassy or government-in-exile. On Thursday, the “Islamic Emirate” nameplate had been removed from the Taliban office. The flagpole inside the compound was apparently shortened and the Taliban flag — dark Quranic script on a white background — was still flying but not visible from the street. Journalists gathered at the office shot images of the flag through the gaps in the walls.

Rs 198b Balochistan budget unveiled QUETTA SHAHzADA zULFIQAR

The budget for Balochistan province for the year 2013-14 worth over Rs 198 billion was presented in the provincial assembly on Thursday. Presenting the budget in the House‚ Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch said every possible step had been taken to provide relief to the people. He said that despite resource constraint‚ the government had decided to give 15 percent raise in salaries of government employees and in pension of retired government employees. Giving details of funds allocation to various sectors, the chief minister said over Rs 43 billion had been allocated for development sector, while a sum of Rs 34 billion had been earmarked for the education sector. Baloch said over Rs 16 billion had been allocated for maintenance of law and order in the province, while more than Rs 11 billion would be spent on the health sector. Agriculture projects would receive more than Rs 5 billion. He said Rs 37 billion had been reserved for capital expenditure and over Rs 117 billion have been earmarked for revenue expenditure. “A sum of over Rs 8 billion has been earmarked for new communication schemes. More than Rs 1 billion and 80 million have been allocated for development programmes of irrigation sector and Rs 2 billion and 600 million have been allocated for the livestock sector,” he said. The CM said revealed that Rs 1 billion

and 500 million had been earmarked for fisheries and Rs 4 billion and 500 million for public health services sector. Baloch also announced 4,500 new jobs in the budget. “A sum of Rs 4 billion and 500 million has been set-aside for investment in the mineral sector and Rs 2 billion and 500 million reserved for investment in the power sector,” Baloch added. The CM did not mention whether his government would follow the example of previous government of Nawab Aslam Raisani of distributing the entire PSDP among his MPAs or it would be spent through the Planning and Development Department for joint welfare development schemes. He said that Balochistan would receive Rs 123.274 billion from divisible pool, Rs 14.201 billion under straight transfer, Rs 4.505 billion under GST on Services, Rs 12.950 billion from grants, while Rs 6.468 billion would be shared from Balochistan’s own resources in the revenue receipts. The CM in his budget speech did not identify from where the government would manage such a big revenue as the budget documents were not given to journalists till late in the evening which left many aspects of the budget unexplained and confusing. Baloch announced that it would be a deficit budget of around Rs 8 billion. He did not mention in his speech that how the budget deficit will be met. The CM also informed the House that for the first time the government will constitute a Public Accounts Committee making all departments accountable before the Assembly.

US hails rising India, to support inclusion as permanent UNSC member: Kerry WASHINGTON INP

The US welcomes India as a rising power and backs its inclusion as a permanent member of a reformed and expanded UN Security Council, Secretary of State John Kerry has said ahead of his maiden visit to New Delhi. In a video message for Indians ahead of the next week’s Indo-US strategic dialogue, Kerry said this was a critical ongoing conversation between the two countries. “It’s one that demonstrates our firm belief that a strong India is in America’s national interest. The United States not only welcomes India as a rising power, we fervently support it,” Kerry said in his nearly five minute video message, which he starts with Namaskar. “That’s why President Obama and I support India’s inclusion as a member, a permanent member, of a reformed and expanded United Nations Security Council (UNSC),” he said. Published by Arif Nizami at Plot No 79, Sector 24, Korangi Industrial Area Karachi.

He said it was safe to say that India-US collaboration had never been more important than it is today. “As President Obama has said, the friendship between our two nations is one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century,” Kerry said. “Today, the US and India collaborate closely in almost every field of human endeavour. Together, we are tackling shared challenges and making the most of new opportunities. “From higher education to clean energy, from counter-terrorism to space science, we are seizing new opportunities to work together, and in doing so, we’re increasing the prosperity and security of both of our peoples,” he said. He said the US and India shared a strong and enduring commitment to Afghanistan’s peace and prosperity. “India is making important contributions through its reconstruction and development work. And we also welcome India’s leadership in the Asia-Pacific region,” Kerry said.

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